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dmj_novais there a way to trigger a build of packages in a ppa?08:37
dmj_nova(aside from increasing the version number)08:37
lifelessdmj_nova: upload a new package08:43
dmj_novawill all rebuild if one new is uploaded?08:49
geserwhat do you mean with "all"?08:55
cjwatsonYou'll get new builds for all architectures, yes09:18
cjwatsonThere's no way to trigger a rebuild for just one architecture at present09:18
cjwatson(Well, not while also avoiding the package being potentially garbage-collected for the other architectures)09:18
shadeslayerAdityab: get a zenbook11:41
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rektidehello. is there a PPA for this graphite launchpad thing? i'm not sure where i'm suppoesd to look. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/graphite-carbon/+index15:04
cjwatsonThat indicates that it's in the Ubuntu archive; no need for a PPA15:06
cjwatson(assuming you're running >= 12.10)15:06
cjwatsonI don't think there's anything Launchpad-specific about that package15:07
cjwatsonIf you're running 12.04, you can expand the "Other versions of 'graphite-carbon' in untrusted archives." bit at the bottom and there appear to be several backports floating around15:08
rektidethanks cjwatson, apologies for being in the wrong place. thanks again15:08
rektidei'm running 12.04 but i don't see any graphite packages listed doing apt-cache search graphite, or apt-cache search carbon15:14
rektideoh, i follow, 12.04 is ofc old & needs the backport15:16
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qenghoHi. I'm writing an exporter for translations in a project to send to Launchpad. Do I need to know what languages LP supports and export empty PO files for those?20:48
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