BigProblemi am more good then you00:01
BigProblemi found out why i got that error coz the maintance shell is user root00:01
BigProblemi needed to su frank first then running the command asks for a password00:01
BigProblemthat works he adds sig to keyring00:01
BigProblembut then comes a fail00:01
BigProblemthere we are again at the point encryptfs files arn00:02
BigProblem't demaged so the passpharse is stored there00:02
BigProblemand working00:02
MrLaheyHey thereI am running Lubuntu 13.04 and can't seem to resolve a monitor issue. I am on a laptop with a 1280x800 display, and connected an external monitor with a 1920x1080 display. On the large external display the lxpanel bar is the width of the screen, but program windows such as Firefox etc are behaving as if they are on the laptop monitor with a 1280x800 resolution-in other words they open as smaller windows in the upper left han00:04
MrLaheyd corner of the screen. I have been playing around with arandr but cannot fix it00:04
BigProblemMrLahey you need to install additonal software to support two monitors with diffrent res00:05
MrLaheyBigProblem what software do I need?00:05
phillwMrLahey: lxrandr that comes with lubuntu is a slimmed down version as to our goals00:05
BigProblemsudo apt-get install arandr00:06
MrLaheyI already have arandr00:06
BigProblemhelps with a guy tool00:06
phillwMrLahey: have a look at grandr00:07
phillwit brings in gnome stuff, but is easier GUI00:07
MrLaheyok I will try it00:08
phillwMrLahey: grandr is no longer in the repos :'(00:10
phillwlet me try to find a tutorial on arandr00:10
phillwMrLahey: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/arandr-a-simple-visual-front-end-for-xrandr.html ubuntu geek are pretty okay (just ignore the language on the drop down page! )00:16
phillwBigProblem: and arandr is better than lxrandr?00:17
MrLaheyI looked at the tutorial but I don't understand why windows will not fully maximize. they automatically dock to the upper left hand corner of the screen in a smaller rectangle00:30
MrLaheycould this be an issue with openbox rather than arandr00:32
MrLaheyin arandar there is a box representing the laptop monitor.over that is the larger box representing the larger vga monitor. although the vga monitor is displaying at full resolution, windows open and dock at the same location of the smaller box that represents the laptop monitor in arandr00:34
BigProblemI got it working even with alpha and no passpharse downwriten00:44
BigProblemha ha ha ha00:44
BigProblemok just to keep it clear the solution was about 8 lines of code i am so motherfucking leet that i am better then the NSA :P but thx phillw and sure holstein that you gave me the power to solve it without the hate about your comments i wouldn01:16
BigProblemthx a lot01:16
SonikkuAmericalol what just happened?01:22
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MrLaheyHi I am running Lubuntu 13.04 on a laptop connected to an external monitor. on the external monitor windows do not fully maximize and are stuck on the upper left hand corner. here are screen shots of what the screen looks like and what my arandar setup looks like  http://imgur.com/sWRqrsl,Stk6v12,wjD6lIS#1   http://imgur.com/sWRqrsl,Stk6v12,wjD6lIS#202:30
AscavasaionCan someone please point me in the direction of the audio control application?  Trying to listen to music using headphones and they are only playing in mono.11:09
Ascavasaionxfce4-mixer ?11:11
jaredAscavasaion: I'd suggest having a play with a few different oness from the repository to see which one you like best11:12
HukkinenI loost ctrl commands after configuring laptop volume keys in lxde/opebox, using either ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml and/or xbindkeys15:53
Hukkinenany hints?15:54
Unit193Hukkinen: So if you unbind, does it fix it?16:06
HukkinenUnit193: hey. how I unbind and what?16:21
Schrodinger`Cati just installed lubuntu i386 with alternate iso, and for the first boot, i got a white screen21:29
Schrodinger`Cati cant join any tty21:29
Schrodinger`Catdo you know this issue?21:29
ianorlindid you check md5sum?21:29
ianorlinbad burn maybe?21:29
ianorlinor bad download21:29
Schrodinger`Cati check MD5sum, and on the usb key, i have done an integrity check, all ok21:30
Schrodinger`Catits not the i386, but amd6421:31
ianorlinoh the install where it said to restart?21:32
Schrodinger`Catinstaller say to me to remove the usb key and reboot21:32
ianorlindid you put the boot flag on the hard disk you installed it on?21:34
Schrodinger`Cati installed lubuntu on a logical partition, so the installer tell me it was not good to set bootable an logical parition, so i dont set this partition as boot flag21:36
Schrodinger`Cati do wrong?21:36
ianorlinI think boot you don't have boot flag on the partition with lubuntu then I am not sure you can boot from it21:42
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:45
bennypr0fanehello, would someone have a look at this? http://frozenbyte.com/help_humble/linuxfaq.html  scroll down to "sound problems". the fix described here doesn't work for me as I don't have that lib I'm supoosed to copy over. I suspect it may be referring to an old version of Alsa, the Alsa lib on my system is libasound221:49
bennypr0fanepreliminary question: how do I find a library I know to be present on my system?21:55
Schrodinger`Cati solve my issue but going to the grub menu, select recovery, and after that i been able to apt-get upgrade and dist-upgrade the kernel, now all is ok22:09
Schrodinger`Catianorlin: it was not the boot flag the problem :)22:09
Schrodinger`Catthanks !22:09

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