BigProblemikonia just to keep you informed i am so damn leet i got it working my self with only a few commands i remounted write able edited some stuff and tada all works01:17
BigProblemeven in 13.1001:17
BigProblembut the mass server dhcp had compiling errors that it don't got befor ^^01:18
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SuperLagIn Saucy, how do you set $APPLICATION to start on boot?07:46
SuperLagI expected to see something obvious in System Settings, but I didn't.07:46
SuperLagahh.... Unity to the rescue?07:48
wilee-nileeSuperLag, An application?08:11
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SuperLagwilee-nilee: yeah... was just trying to get Glipper to start on boot08:23
SuperLagwilee-nilee: and in the XFCE variant, in the Settings panel, you can set up startup options. I figured it'd be the same with the mainline Ubuntu08:24
SuperLagwilee-nilee: but I just brought up search and typed "startup" and then I saw the "Startup Applications" option08:24
wilee-nileeSuperLag, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ShowHiddenStartupApplications08:24
SuperLagwilee-nilee: sorry, I guess I should have been less cryptic with my Unity comment. I did figure it out, with Unity... but Unity is still a hard pill to swallow for me. Not sure yet, if I like it. Hence my "to the rescue?" comment. :)08:35
wilee-nileeSuperLag, I used it for awhile seems okay I use the shell instead at this point.08:39
wilee-nileegood luck it is 1:40 am here time to crash08:39
SuperLagWhere are you?08:42
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BluesKajHi folks10:10
rockyso... in raring i had to manually activate hibernate for my laptop (and it worked fine) ... but now in saucy that same change doesn't work, there's no hibernate option in my dropdown... do i need to do something different?13:45
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Touhou11It has been deprecated14:12
rymate1234my usb headset isn't working under ubuntu 13.1015:20
rymate1234however hdmi audio is now working15:21
rymate1234is this a known issue?15:26
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sqrt7744is it just me or can you no longer roll the mouse wheel over the volume icon to change the volume in saucy? This is really a deal breaker UI change if it's just like this now.20:20
sqrt7744i'm really hoping it's just a bug20:20
wilee-nileeslow rsync today21:36
DaekdroomAre Mir/XMir being used by default already?21:51
TheDrumsDaekdroom: No.22:58

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