ikthey jared 10:24
jaredEvening ikt 10:24
ikthow's going?10:26
jaredNot too shabby, busy as a one armed bill poster in a storm but otherwise not too bad10:26
jeait is a bit like that10:27
jaredHow's life down there10:29
iktreminds me i need to signup for uni10:29
iktinternode had their internal network intergrated into iinets10:30
iktand it's ruined a lot10:30
jaredAs time consuming as uni is it's the only thing keeping me sane right now.10:30
jaredOh, sounds like helpdesk fun10:30
ikthelpdesk are arguing with management10:30
jaredNever ends well for anyone.10:30
iktwe can't use remote desktop or ssh anywhere anymore10:30
iktit's like the great firewall of iinet10:30
iktthey've blocked all ports to everything except the web10:31
iktsorry needed someone to complain to10:33
jaredHah no worries mate10:33
jaredRanting to people is what IRC was made for10:34
jeait certainly is10:34
jeajared: you haven't heard anything about the dvds, have you?10:34
jaredjea: to be honest, I'd forgotten.10:34
jeathat is alright10:35
jaredI've asked in another channel, I'll let you know what happens.10:36
jeaoh, thanks10:37
jeahave finally set a date, for tuesday in 2 weeks10:37
jaredAh, probably won't be getting them if they haven't already been sent10:37
jeayeah, that is alright10:37
jealuckily UQ is the host of the AARNet mirror, so it is quick to download10:38
jaredOr do what I do, carry it on an external USB :P10:38
jeathat is another option10:38
jeai will probably do some pre-made VMs10:38
jaredMy suggestion is to always have lots of toys and installed stuff for people to play on. As many devices as possible.10:39
jeai am hoping there is a way to do an OEM-like install, like you get on a new windows laptop10:39
jeaso they can just take a copy, and set it up like a new machine10:39
jeayep, i think i will install it on my nexus 710:39
jeabe a nice demonstration10:40
jaredVery cool indeed. If I were financially able to I would have put in for the Ubuntu edge purely for the hardware side of things.10:40
jaredjea: regarding the DVDs, if you wanted to respond to the shippit email I originally sent asking about the DVDs apparently they're organised by the same group of people10:41
jeaoh ok. I shall look that up. Can't remember if I got that email or not10:42
jaredI'm sure I CC'd you, hang on I can double check10:42
jeajared: i have the one about the conference pack. would that do it?10:55
jaredjea: yeah, just ask if the DVD request that went through at about the same time was processed. If it hasn't been I'd probably add not to now (depending on what you think) but at least they could say if they're in transit.10:56
jeaok, shall do10:57
jeajared: should it go to shipit, or the lady who replied, or both?10:58
jaredIn that situation I send to both and apologise for ignorance but unsure who it was best suited to be directed at.10:58
jaredAlrighty, I'm off for the evening11:28
jaredikt: good to see you around again11:28
jaredjea: sing out to the mailing list if you wanted help with the event11:28
jeajared: ok, will do11:29
jaredjea: oh and if you want some of the disks I have here (12.04 and 12.10) let me know.11:29
jeaok, i might do that11:29
jaredYou're welcome to whatever I have left.11:29
jeawill talk to you about it later11:29
jeaok, that will be good thanks11:29

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