Anonymous_I was wondering if I could cancel downloading packages using wubi00:19
Anonymous_I have it downloading and I want to cancel it.00:19
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pip__how do I access my file system from nautilus in 13.04 please?10:01
pip__did it not used to be in the side pane?10:01
pip__nevermind I've found it.  I was just being stupid :)10:01
meisterjoanHi. I am trying to set up a twin monitor arrangement - using my motherboard's integrated video, plus a PCI video card (Matrox MGA 1064SG).14:27
meisterjoanUbuntu 12.04 doesn't recognise the newly added video card.  In the display configuration window it labels the display as "Laptop",14:29
meisterjoanand only allows two resolutions (832 x 624 or 800 x 600) - both of which are much less than this monitor usually can display14:30
meisterjoanAny ideas?14:30
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oz__How do i make a syslink?18:00
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rostamHi I have installed unbuntu LTS 12.04 update 1 on my system successfully. I think some how accidentally I have upgraded the kernel. I realized this since after last reboot the kernel version is updated. How could I go back to the older kernel? thx20:32
Unit193rostam: Should still be in grub, if you didn't remove it.  dpkg -l | grep linux-image  outputs what?20:33
rostamUnit193: http://pastebin.com/kHGjrjZi20:36
rostamUnit193: I do not see in grub menu..20:37
Unit193Nothing in that list should be pulling in 3.5 kernel.20:38
Unit193linux-image-server depends on the 3.2 images.20:39
rostamHere is the output of the uname -a20:39
rostamuname -r : 3.5.0-23-generic20:39
rostamI am sure originally was 3.2.0 version..20:40
Unit193Of course, the kernel is installed.  apt-cache rdepends linux-image-3.5.0-23-generic20:40
Unit193and if you sudo update-grub you don't see the 3.2 kernel?  If you can boot into that, you can continue on with the 3.2 series with their updates.20:44
rostamI have not tried the update-grub I will do and reboot my system, let me thank you in advance since reboot causes I loose my connection.20:46
Unit193Did you see it pick up 3.2 in there?20:47
rostamyes :http://paste.debian.net/23732/  thanks20:48
Unit193Cool, have fun.20:48

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