jm2buenos dias!11:36
jm2good morning!11:36
BobJonkman1Hello aruna!21:48
arunaHey.. Hiya.. :-)21:48
BobJonkman1In reply to you Q about ISPs, I'm perfectly happy with Teksavvy.21:48
BobJonkman1I'm not in the best place for high speed; only getting 3 Mbps on a 5 Mbps service. But that's Bell's fault, not Teksavvy21:49
BobJonkman1I expect you'll get better speeds in Toronto21:49
BobJonkman1And Teksavvy service has been good. Can21:50
BobJonkman1Can't really tell because I almost never call them.  That's a good sign21:50
arunaOk great I will definietly explore teksavvy and possibly change over soon, thank's. Where ARE you anyways ? Kitchner or Waterloo ?21:51
BobJonkman1Neither.  I'm slightly north, in Elmira21:51
BobJonkman1You might want to check Teksavvy's cable offering too.  Even faster than DSL, but now Teksavvy has to deal with Rogers infrastructure21:52
arunacable would be nice but can't afford it, will go through what teksavvy has to offer and see ya ? I think your roughly 123km away from Toronto ?21:55
arunaSince you liked the cube I am looking for a drum machine I ported sometime back, will send when I locate it. Something they can actually use and have fun with..21:57
arunaToo many hard disks lying around :-)21:57
BobJonkman1I think 123km is probably an overestimate.  But maybe 123km taking the scenic route22:09
arunaI just google mapped and checked coz I had no idea where Elmira was and thanks for making me realize OSM was out there22:14
BobJonkman1Less than 123 km according to http://osrm.at/4BE23:53
BobJonkman1But not by much23:53
azendBobJonkman1: hard core foss user23:55
azendI approve :)23:55
BobJonkman1Gotta let people know it's available.23:55
BobJonkman1Nobody need be beholden to commercial content providers23:55
BobJonkman1azend, are you following the SFD conversation on the KWLUG mailing list>23:58
azendI don't happen to be on their mailing list23:58
BobJonkman1Paul Nijjar is trying to set a date for the Kitchener SFD; lots of discussion from  Guelhite John Kerr23:59
BobJonkman1Guelphite, that is.  Maybe Guelphonian23:59

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