infinitysrwarren: I'll be at Plumbers.  Though, to be fair, I'm mostly cool with you and robher in that thread, which is why I've not bothered to pipe up yet.00:05
stgrabercjwatson: hey, got a minute for a grub2/UEFI question?12:35
stgraberI'm spending some time on that shim bug that prevents my machine from booting unsigned kernels12:35
stgraberwhile tracking this down by having the shim dump debug information in a persistent nvram variable, I ended up with the conclusion that the shim gets stuck on a Print() call12:36
stgraber(I'm using http://paste.ubuntu.com/5962449/ and I get "verify_buffer: debug 1a" in the variable after the boot hangs)12:36
stgraberdo you know if grub is doing anything which would make the EFI Print() call fail/hang somehow?12:36
stgraber(the equivalent of closing fd 1/2 comes to mind)12:37
cjwatsonI can't think how - it does plenty of EFI console writes of its own, and while the console might get closed down at some point during handover to the target kernel, that should be well after shim12:40
stgraberhmm, odd... I think I'll do a simple shim test build where I drop all the Print() calls and see if this somehow magically works ;)12:41
cjwatsonGRUB doesn't use Print as such, but it writes to the output console in ways which I'd have thought would be more or less equivalent12:43
cjwatsonThe Tiano implementation of Print does memory allocation - don't suppose it could be an alloc bug?12:43
cjwatson(In which case, um, good luck)12:44
stgrabercould be, IIRC that specific bug doesn't happen on Tiano, so it may be Lenovo/AMI messing up the memory allocation code in their firmware...12:44
cjwatsonOr it could even be that nothing else ever calls Print12:47
cjwatsonYou never know12:47
cjwatsonYou could also try some other loader that uses Print - I think efilinux does12:48
stgrabercjwatson: that was it! I commented that Print() in the code and my laptop happily booted an unsigned kernel!12:56
stgraberyeah :)12:56
rostamHI I am trying to create kickstart/preseed image for Ubuntu 12.04. I studied how to create preseed file at this location:   https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/amd64/preseed-contents.html              Now I would like to know how to go to create usb installer with custom preseed file. Is there a wiki or link I can access to please? thanks22:06

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