phillwAlanBell: please meet krismaguire the TL of lubuntu comms team10:41
AlanBellhi krismaguire10:41
krismaguireGood morning AlanBell :)10:42
phillwto repeat what was very briefly discussed:10:42
phillw(11:28:53) phillw: I had some one challenge another team leader to being sexist / bigoted/ etc.... all the stuff against CoC. That was dealt with us, without invoking the CC (although I did seek advice)10:42
phillw(11:29:33) phillw: you will most likely have some questions at this point?10:42
phillw(11:31:37) phillw: Linda had her mod / admin privs removed. And just to be sure, we also removed them from the Ali, the male of the species.10:42
phillw(11:32:19) AlanBell: ok, well I don't know the background to this obviously, but fine10:42
phillw(11:32:45) phillw: This was done by the team leader of that group, I've known Ali too long and it is not my team for to be the boss of.10:42
phillw(11:35:04) phillw: The team leader of comms (lubuntu) was then blocked, as she was still registered admin / mod. I then had a frantic time removing her...... But... that was in the past..... 3 days ago, the sun has risen each day and I thought things were ok.10:42
phillwkrismaguire: would you add anything to that (not the current issue) so that AlanBell can get up to speed?10:43
krismaguireShe's an angry, condescending woman.10:44
krismaguireShe doesn't like that I'm a TL and I'm younger than her, she hasn't said it but that's the way it comes across. I tried to be as fair as possible as neither at definitive, concrete evidence by removing both of them.10:45
AlanBellsetting all that aside for a second, what has actually happened here?10:46
phillwAlanBell: Two things I will not tollerate10:46
krismaguireDrama, accusations, it's like an episode of Eastenders.10:46
phillw1) stating that some one who has sighned the CoC may be randomly accused of breaking it10:47
phillw2) stating some one else has done so.10:48
phillwwith no proof, just pulling their name down. AlanBell I know the the CoC means a lot to you, as it does to the two people accused of breaking it. This is what makes me so annoyed.10:49
AlanBellhmm, so what is the thing that has happened, that I can do something about?10:49
phillwno, AlanBell the 2nd accusation is that "Phill Whiteside if you sent me all that spam, in the last half hour -- I am TRULY not impressed with you. Unlike yourself, I do not find it funny. Nor am I bored enough to want to start filtering my mail. GO TO YOUR CORNER."10:51
phillwwould actually be for you to assure the TL of comms that I am of good nature and long standing and would never send spam :)10:52
AlanBellwell indeed, I am quite confident you didn't send a truckload of spam to anyone10:54
AlanBellI am a bit confused still, was this happening in the #lubuntu channel or something?10:54
phillwI know I wouldn't, he knows I wouldn't... but I do have now tremors of "hajor" who really created may-hem... I just do not want that to happen again, and we would really appreciate some advice on this one....10:55
krismaguireAll of this has taken place across our various Facebook communities for users10:55
phillwAlanBell: http://pastebin.com/R5j50zBy10:55
phillwalso on teams10:55
AlanBellthat is a user resigning from some teams10:57
phillwAlanBell: shortly after this.... Linda Lubu Phill Whiteside if you sent me all that spam, in the last half hour -- I am TRULY not impressed with you. Unlike yourself, I do not find it funny. Nor am I bored enough to want to start filtering my mail. GO TO YOUR CORNER.2 hours ago · Like10:57
phillwPhill Whiteside Rezwanur Rakib Chowdhury I've just spent the last hour mowing the 2nd section of a rather large garden. As for sending spam messages, not only do I hate, I am pro-active in having a system, or two, that capture such people. Linda Lubu has made a serious accusation against me that could lead to 'oh, he sends spam' accusations. This, I will not permit. Linda, either provide facts or retract you accusation...10:58
phillwphillw@ubuntu.comabout an hour ago · Like10:58
phillwAlanBell: which Is why I am here now....10:58
phillwthe resignations appeared shortly after my posting10:59
phillwIRC is the nearest thing I can think to for social media, I do apologise AlanBell, but this time... I;m the one accused.11:00
AlanBellwell that appears to me to be an unfortunate coincidence of timing between some kind of spam flood and whatever else was going on11:02
phillwkrismaguire: I'll have to learn to post up in the correct order!11:02
phillwAlanBell: so some one happened to get hold of my account for one hour and send spam to one person? Get off it... even ubuntu forum didn't try that excuse.11:04
AlanBellhuh, the spam was from your account?11:04
AlanBellor just random regular email spam?11:05
phillwAlanBell: I do see your point....11:05
phillwyou're a good m,an!11:05
phillwshe did not actually say it had come from me11:06
phillwAlanBell: Thank you for your wise words, I hope that we have not taken too much time up out of your day11:07
AlanBellso the point of the CoC is to make this a welcoming community for everyone, it is a shame to lose anyone to a disagreement11:10
PabloRubianeshi I am looking for someone from the IRC council14:58
Unit193AlanBell: Poooooke.14:59
AlanBellhi PabloRubianes15:06
PabloRubianeshi AlanBell I am looking to help CarlosNeyPastor15:07
PabloRubianeshe become Ubuntu Member last week and want his IRC cloak15:07
AlanBellsure, he just has to pop in here some time and ask15:08
PabloRubianesAlanBell: the thing that that CarlosNeyPastor don't speak english15:08
AlanBellthat is fine15:09
PabloRubianeshe is here15:09
AlanBellCarlosNeyPastor: hi15:09
AlanBellso you want a cloak, this appears to be your launchpad page https://launchpad.net/~carlosneypastor15:10
AlanBelland that all looks fine, staff can we have an ubuntu/member/carlosneypastor cloak for CarlosNeyPastor please15:11
=== Exio is now known as Exio4
=== Exio4 is now known as Exio
PabloRubianesAlanBell: should carlos do anything else?15:15
=== Exio is now known as Exio4
AlanBellno, that is all fine, please just hang about here for a while and the cloak will be done15:20
PabloRubianesthanks AlanBell15:23
* AlanBell wonders if there are any staff about18:02
Unit193Poke yano, 1 because it's fun, and 2, was online a minute ago.18:03
josePricey: ^20:02
PriceyAlanBell: Here.20:03
Priceyjose: What's up?20:03
jose<AlanBell> and that all looks fine, staff can we have an ubuntu/member/carlosneypastor cloak for CarlosNeyPastor please20:03
PriceyAlanBell: That was applied.20:05
Priceyjose: Thanks!20:05
josethanks to you :)20:06
AlanBelloh, thanks Pricey :)20:26
PriceyAlanBell: Feel free to ping me.20:26
PiciPricey: poke22:12
IdleOneOMG an awesome talking muffin22:14
Unit193He's not said anything, thus not talking.22:15
IdleOneyou are not listening close enough22:15
PriceyPici: hey22:20
IdleOneyou left an open invitation to pings :)22:25
PiciPricey: I'm poking you for the ubuntu/member/carlosneypastor cloak22:26
PiciPricey: er.. I guess I missed it?22:27
* Pici wanders off22:27
PriceyNo problem :122:29

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