dholbachgood morning06:58
iulianMorning dholbach.09:07
dholbachhi iulian09:07
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ESphynxHey guys, what's the Unity dev channel again?20:11
ESphynxAlso, is anyone coming to FOSSCON this weekend? :)20:11
ESphynxthis weekend/20:15
Unit193Debian Conference.20:15
ESphynxIn Switzerland??20:15
tumbleweedthis week was debcamp. debconf starts sunday20:15
ESphynxthat is nice20:15
ESphynxyou guys from the US are going there?20:15
ESphynxtumbleweed: drop in a word about eC/Ecere for me , will you :P20:16
ESphynxDebCamp is in Switzerland as well?20:16
ESphynxUnity dev chan? :P20:17
NoskcajHow should i package a program that now needs automake1.14? (gthumb)20:26
tumbleweedESphynx: yes, in switzerland. it doubles as a chance to set up infrastructure20:31
ESphynxnice! :)20:32
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