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xnoxcan libimobiledevice be denewed ^ it's api/abi transition which i'd like to complete whilst patch piloting14:36
seb128xnox, looking14:37
xnoxseb128: thanks a lot!14:37
bdmurraycjwatson: How would you find the publishing history here? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/i386/apport  I'm specifically interested in the Superseded record with p-u-p set to 10%.15:22
bdmurrayusing the Launchpad API15:22
slangasekinfinity: precise ISOs are all listed as oversized... do we have too many kernels again?15:27
ogra_cant have anough kernels15:27
cjwatsonbdmurray: You mean something like this?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5962969/15:28
bdmurraycjwatson: yep, but is there anyway to get there from getPublishedSources?15:31
tseliotany admins around who can reject some packages for me?15:31
stgrabertseliot: sure15:31
tseliotstgraber: nvidia-prime fglrx-pxpress and jockey in precise-proposed, thanks15:31
stgrabertseliot: done15:32
tseliotstgraber: thanks again15:32
wgrantbdmurray: spph.getPublishedBinaries()15:33
cjwatsonbdmurray: You could go through each published source and call getPublishedBinaries on it, I suppose, but it would be slow if you had to go back very far15:33
slangasektseliot: reject> hmm, so are you prepping a reupload?15:37
tseliotslangasek: yep, I wanted to add a fix for bug which has already landed in saucy. I'll reupload in a minute15:38
tseliot*for a bug15:38
tseliotslangasek: I can give you the relevant diffs if you want15:39
slangasektseliot: ok15:39
tseliotslangasek: you can find the patches in the three directories here: http://people.canonical.com/~amilone/1198942/15:48
cjwatson^- one-line fix for a v-failed SRU; should be a quick review for somebody16:55
stgrabercjwatson: I'll take a look17:03
stgraberbdmurray: any idea why ./sru-review -s lucid debootstrap doesn't work?17:08
cjwatsonworks for me17:08
bdmurrayDid you get the warning about it already being published?17:11
stgrabernope, just what I pasted above17:11
* stgraber tries on another machine17:11
stgraberbdmurray: ok, on another machine it seems to work (and indeed I'm getting the already published warning there)17:12
stgraberso maybe some caching problem on my laptop, will investigate later17:13
stgrabercjwatson: there you go17:14
bdmurraystgraber: okay, weird17:14
bdmurrayDoes anybody have an idea why ogmrip is in the SRU queue for raring?19:57
bdmurraythe changelog just says "New upstream release"19:58
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AmpelbeinUps. I accidently uploaded to precise-proposed, can that upload of tboot be removed please. Sorry sorry sorry.20:58
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infinityslangasek: We shouldn't be overly kerneled, the fix last time around should still be valid.  Stuff might have just gotten bigger again.  Time to drop English? :P22:29
infinityslangasek: Or, more realistically (if it's not something obvious we can fix), time to say "if you want CD-sized ISOs, install from 12.04.1" and stop guaranteeing it for point releases?22:30
slangasekinfinity: wasn't 12.04 already oversized for CDs?  I don't remember now22:35
infinityslangasek: Nope.22:35
infinityslangasek: http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/22:36
slangasekanyway, if everything has just gotten bigger, then yeah we should raise the limit and call it good; but I think we want to check first that we don't have spare packages on the images22:36
infinityslangasek: Those are all CD sized.  But easy enough to diff some manifests and see if something went obviously awry or if it's just that firefox/tbird/etc grew again.22:36
slangasekinfinity: would you mind having a look at that?22:36
infinityslangasek: I think we're down to a point where we can no longer remove any langpacks, so we're running shy on options to shrink precise.22:37
infinityslangasek: Yeahp, I can haz look.22:37
infinityslangasek: Nope, doesn't look like we've added anything (though, we've removed a few packages), so it's just that stuff got bigger.22:48
slangasekinfinity: ok, thanks for checking22:48
infinityslangasek: I'll poke at it and see if there's any sane path to shrinkage before we decide to give up and tell people precise point releases ain't gonna fit on CDs anymore.22:48
slangasekcjwatson: ^^ any objections to just letting 12.04.3 spill over beyond CD size?22:49
slangasekhmm, this may be my favorite typo ever: DEB_BUILD_POTIONS22:49
xnoxslangasek: https://plus.google.com/+FlorianRohrweck/posts/KAgNuNKQHgJ22:51
slangasekwgrant, infinity: hey, so do you guys know if launchpad is ok with :any build-dependencies, or if there's more work needed to support that?22:52
slangasekxnox: hah22:52
wgrantslangasek: Our sbuild will break on that.22:55
wgrantI believe.22:56
slangasekwgrant: fiddlesticks22:59
cjwatsonslangasek: spill over> I have minimal ability to care just now, I think22:59
cjwatsonpeople can always use .2.  of course it would be nice to avoid it22:59
slangasekwgrant: so, ah, how about that plan to upgrade away from a fork of a nine-year-old version of sbuild? ;)23:00
slangasekwgrant: the reason I'm asking is that we're at the point where this blocks having stock packages in the archive be cross-buildable, for things like unity: https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/prepare-cross-build/+merge/17925023:04
slangasekcjwatson: ack23:04
wgrantslangasek: The main blocker is getting Soyuz ddeb support switched on, which is waiting on librarian space, which is waiting on a physical SAN move.23:06
wgrantWe went through it all in London, and it looks like the upgrade should be pretty painless.23:06
slangasekwgrant: ok.  Do you have an ETA from IS on this?  (Is there as RT I can play along with at home?)23:06
wgrantslangasek: I'm not sure of an ETA.23:10
slangasekI guess I'll pester IS then :-)23:13
slangasekwgrant: btw, how does soyuz ddeb support relate to the sbuild upgrade?23:39
wgrantslangasek: ddebs are currently implemented by a hack in sbuild which copies them to public_html.23:41
wgrantITYM eww23:41
slangasekso... supposing we needed :any support sooner than IS was going to get us the newshiny librarian... how much work would it be to forward-port that patch?23:42
wgrantIt's possible that we can do it from outside sbuild.23:42
wgrantOr hack it back in23:42
wgrantBut we also either need to backport precise's sbuild to hardy, or get the remaining buildds off hardy.23:43
wgrantAnd we can't do the latter yet.23:43
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slangasekwe... can't?23:44
wgrantIt's complicated :)23:44
cjwatsonneeds builderstack23:44
cjwatsonwe should draw a diagram, the dependency graph is non-trivial23:45
infinityslangasek: Doing any support in our sbuild is trivial.  And may already work.23:51
infinityslangasek: Because the right answer when you're always building natively (as we are) is just to stip off :foo and pretend you wanted native.23:51
slangasekinfinity: right, that's a much better shortcut23:51
infinityAnd we already do.23:52
infinity        # For the moment, we treat multiarch-annotated build-dependencies as23:52
infinity        # the same as any others because we're not implementing a23:52
infinity        # cross-buildd.23:52
slangasekah, spiff23:52
infinity        $deps =~ s/:any//g;23:52
infinitySo, sbuild supports it, as long as LP doesn't choke elsewhere.23:52
infinity        $deps =~ s/:native//g;23:52
slangasekso unity isn't going to explode suddenly :)23:52
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infinityWait, didn't we already have a bunch of :any build-deps before?  (gettext?)23:53
infinitySo, this is provably tested and known working.23:53
slangasekah, yes; I think those wound up being backed out and handled differently because *Debian* wasn't ready to cope with them yet at the time23:54
slangasekbut they did go through once already in Ubuntu23:54
wgrantOh, I just remembered that we got rid of some in the not too distant past, but it could quite possibly be that it was a Debian issue... oops.23:54
infinitySo, yes, the "use a sane sbuild" thing is on the roadmap, but not urgent.23:54
slangasekinfinity: right, thanks for setting me straight before I started burning the curtains23:55
* infinity wonders why lib32asound2 and libc6-i386 are on the precise CDs.23:57
infinityNot that this is new, they appear always to have been.23:57
slangasekinteresting question23:58
infinitysl-modem-daemon, apparently.23:59
slangasekhorrifying answer23:59

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