RobbyFit's not just yet00:00
RobbyFI think someone was working on a version of it at one point00:01
cjohnstonAdrianTobon: you may want to try waiting more than 2 minutes before continuing to ask the same question over again00:01
AdrianTobonyup, sorry cjohnston00:02
AdrianTobonother question, if I install the actual version of ubuntu touch, I will be able to use Android and ubuntu touch?00:28
RobbyFAdrianTobon, nope. just ubuntu touch01:04
cjwatsonogra_: hmm, no, I must be wrong since it's showing download failures in the cdimage log.  Still, you seem to have got something built since you asked me01:08
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jdstrandrsalveti_: fyi, verified the problem. I have a fix and am uploading it shortly03:10
rsalveti_jdstrand: awesome, thanks03:11
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Hashcodeogra_ what's the compression on the ubuntu-ramdisk?03:17
jdstrandrsalveti_: telepathy-mission-control-5_5.14.1-1ubuntu2 uploaded03:22
rsalveti_jdstrand: great, thanks!03:22
Hashcodersalveti_ is the ubuntu ramdisk file gzip compression?03:24
rsalveti_Hashcode: yes03:24
Hashcodeah k hrm03:24
Hashcodetime to bust our serial and see why this isn't booting on saucy03:25
SparkyFlarywhen will the ubuntu phone come out?03:25
Hashcodersalveti__ is there a gerrit yet?03:37
HashcodeI have a small patch to build for the android HAL.03:38
Mirvmhall119: you mean saucy archives + SDK default install? the former would be desktop team's turf to polish the packaging, and the latter indeed SDK team.04:32
Mirvmhall119: and what about daily release system or individual uploads?04:34
Mirvadded a short note on our (desktop team's) todo list as a first measure04:35
SparkyFlarywhen will the ubuntu phone come out?05:03
AskUbuntuI cannot install ubuntu-sdk | http://askubuntu.com/q/33002506:09
ogra_cjwatson, 07.2 was the one without the links ... i copied the file instead of linking it to work around it06:49
ogra_(thats why .3 worked then)06:49
mfischdmj_nova: thanks06:55
dmj_novayeah, it's good to get attention for the project06:57
dholbachgood morning07:02
dkesselgood morning dholbach07:08
dholbachhi dkessel07:08
diwicHi, is anyone having a Manta / Nexus 10, and can send me the output of alsa-info ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/AlsaInfo )?08:19
ogra_diwic, i think Saviq is the only european who has one08:21
diwicogra_, okay - it's not a hurry. I've got N4 and N7 here, and Arun showed me UCM files for the GN which I just pushed to the pulseaudio image ppa, so that leaves the N1008:22
Saviqdiwic, coming right up08:22
Saviqassuming I can power it up...08:22
diwicogra_, I do get the feeling that N10 is the one we tend to care the least about08:22
diwicSaviq, thank you08:23
ogra_well, i wonder when we will realize that it is the only device we can test the sidestage on :P08:23
Saviqogra_, btw, tsdgeos and mzanetti have n10s, too08:23
ogra_ah, cool, thanks08:24
tsdgeosi do, the image is quite old otoh08:24
tsdgeosdiwic: want my info too or Saviq's enough?08:25
diwictsdgeos,  one is enough, thanks08:25
Saviqdiwic, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=4e2737c4e9bec1f8cc3d705679ad3116687c8c1b08:31
Saviqdiwic, lspci didn't work, though08:31
Saviqdiwic, and /proc/asound/modules doesn't exist08:31
diwicSaviq, all right, thank you. It's the card name and mixer settings I was mostly interested in, and that is present.08:33
Saviqdiwic, cheers08:33
diwicSaviq, does the N10 have a SPDIF output?08:33
Saviqdiwic, it does have HDMI08:34
Saviqdiwic, I doubt SPDIF is there08:34
Saviqdiwic, would have to be part of the minijack08:34
diwicSaviq, right. I guess HDMI audio is not our first priority at this point, but it would be good to fix at some point08:35
ogra_Saviq, heh ... no PCI busses on arm SoCs :)08:35
Saviqogra_, I'm a UI person, ya know! ;)08:35
Saviqogra_, but it does kinda make sense (especially the "PC" at the beginning of "PCI") ;)08:36
ogra_hmm, the termianl app should really take arguments so it can act as x-terminal-emulator for console apps08:38
ogra_lshw works btw ... but doesnt know abouot all devices08:39
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Happiness Happens Day! :-D08:50
nik90mehow: Do we have the design meeting today as usual?08:57
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tsdgeosany idea why i get09:40
tsdgeosCannot find /data mountpoint09:40
tsdgeoswhen phablet-flashing a Nexus10?09:40
tsdgeosSaviq: ogra_: ↑↑09:40
Saviqtsdgeos, tried -b yet?09:41
ogra_are you on the latest phablet-tools ?09:41
tsdgeosno, but isn't -b for "the first time"?09:41
ogra_and how old is that install ? might be the recovery image is outdated09:41
tsdgeosi mean i already have ubuntu there09:41
Saviqtsdgeos, if you haven't flashed flipped on it yet, you need -b probably09:41
ogra_(-b updates recovery)09:41
tsdgeosso yeah it's not flippled09:41
tsdgeoslet me try -b09:42
tsdgeosmore downloading :D09:42
asacoSoMoN: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3400/ :)09:48
asacgallery-app bounced back slightly09:48
ogra_lovely, filters !09:48
asacoSoMoN: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3401/ camera-app is still flaki with the one test09:49
ogra_http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/touch/ is so much better to monitor09:49
asacwonder if rsalveti_ and sergiusens managed to figure something09:49
asacogra_: yeah. now i would like to see for each line here: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3401/ and entry "Last succeeded: never,date, etc."09:49
asacwith Last succeeded meaning "NEW TEST"09:49
asaci meant :)09:49
asacogra_: did you lurk info about the camera crash issue?09:50
oSoMoNasac: bug #1204260 hasn’t been fixed, so the failure in camera-app is to be expected09:51
ubot5bug 1204260 in touch-preview-images "[camera-app][mako] switching cameras crashes mm-qcamera-daemon" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120426009:51
oSoMoNasac: and note that the failing test in gallery app has been fixed and released, so the next run should be all green (except for camera-app on mako)09:51
ogra_asac, nope09:52
ogra_but apparently oSoMoN did :)09:52
asacoSoMoN: nice... so todays image will be back :)09:52
asacogra_: well, he has no news about latest findings by rsalveti_ and sergiusens :)09:53
ogra_well, i dont either ... i was to busy with the images last night09:53
tsdgeosogra_: what's the file that has the build number in a ubuntu touch system?10:03
ogra_(like in every other ubuntu install :) )10:03
tsdgeosyeah well10:04
tsdgeosbut that says Kubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot"10:04
tsdgeosfor me10:04
tsdgeosnot really "accurate" of what i have :D10:04
ogra_erm, on your image it says kubuntu ?10:05
tsdgeosno, i mean on my pc10:05
tsdgeoson the image it's ok because i just installed it10:05
ogra_well, your PC was obviously installed from an 11.10 kubuntu media then :010:05
tsdgeosbut that wouldn't be much useful if i was to report a bug saying "this is my system"10:06
tsdgeosbecause it ain't that anymore10:06
spanner3003hi I'm having  a problem compiling, I'm trying to port cm10.1 to my padfone 2(A68) and i get this error http://pastebin.com/LNmKyFF110:06
spanner3003the port is so a can run ubuntu-touch on my phone/tablet please help10:08
rickspencer3\o/ my phone still has about 75% battery after being "on" for about 16 hours, according to the indicator10:09
ogra_diwic, bug 1210083 for you10:11
ubot5bug 1210083 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "volume control does not work on Galaxy S2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121008310:11
ogra_tsdgeos, lsb_release -a10:12
ogra_tsdgeos, and there is /etc/os-release now (since silly systemd requires that)10:12
rickspencer3bzoltan, Kaleo I think I hit an sdk bug, but I'm not sure how/where to report bugs like that these days. little help?10:13
davmor2Morning all10:14
davmor2hey ogra_ what happened with the images in the end I noticed the daily builds will be delayed message10:15
ogra_images build on schedule10:15
ogra_the daily-builds message was referring to package builds10:15
davmor2ogra_: oh okay threw me when I saw it on the phone mailing list :)10:17
ogra_davmor2, thats didrocks' french conspiracy, trying to steal the daily builds term from the cdimage team ;)10:19
rickspencer3popey you might know ... popey if there is a bug in the ubuntu components, what package do I log that bug against?10:20
didrocksogra_: \o/10:20
didrocksogra_: you will see soon rebuilds of sdk and other components10:21
MrLobsteris there a stable version of ubuntu touch for the galaxy s3?10:21
didrocksogra_: this is for the hybris stuff, shouldn't impact you/no need to rebuild the image10:21
ogra_MrLobster, there is a device page ...10:21
ogra_!devices | MrLobster10:21
ubot5MrLobster: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices10:21
davmor2ogra_: time to setup madame guillotine,  pretty sure that's how French conspiratists were dealt with in the past10:21
ogra_see if it is there10:21
MrLobsterah thanks10:21
ogra_didrocks, yeah, i'm not worried ... the hybris bug was breaking non touch bits only anyway10:22
* diwic goes for lunch, bbl10:22
didrocksogra_: right, just don't be surprise and think you need to do another image build once you see them in -changes :)10:22
ogra_nah, no worries10:22
* didrocks waits for his fixed qtbase to be built10:22
ogra_though i might do a few manual builds anyway today10:22
ogra_unrealted to that10:22
davmor2ogra_, didrocks: it can just land in tomorrows daily image right :)10:23
ogra_which reminds me ...10:23
ogra_cjwatson, so ... even though i worked around the link issue by copying the file, i think it would still be intresting to know why the links dont appear ... sadly there is nothing in the logs10:23
MrLobsterso does "Cellular Radio" mean phone calls?10:24
ogra_yes and SMS10:24
MrLobsterah :(10:24
ogra_(and 3G if it isnt listed separately)10:24
spanner3003hi I'm having  a problem compiling, I'm trying to port cm10.1 to my padfone 2(A68) and i get this error http://pastebin.com/LNmKyFF110:24
MrLobsterguess i'll be waiting a bit then10:24
ogra_spanner3003, probably better to ask in a CM channel ... we are mostly just consumers of CM10:25
ogra_(though it looks like you want to disable omx)10:25
spanner3003ok but i'm porting port hopefully run ubuntu-touch10:26
ogra_right, but we dont port *to* CM, we usually port *from* a working CM port so you might be more lucky in a CM channel, forum or mailing list10:27
spanner3003ok thank you10:28
cjwatsonogra_: Yeah, not sure what's going on there, although it should have been ln -sf not ln -s; dunno if that was the problem10:28
ogra_well, there shouldnt be existing destination files ... waht else does -f do ?10:29
cjwatson(seems unlikely)10:29
cjwatsonyeah, it's probably not that10:29
cjwatsonshrug :)10:29
ogra_its not important for me, the current hack will do until cdimage knows the new filenames (and i have fixed them to not have weird extensions)10:29
ogra_but still a curious thing10:30
ogra_especially in the light that the versioned files are links, arent they ?10:30
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bzoltansergiusens: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins11:10
ogra_cjwatson, aha ... i think it is line 148 in BuildLiveCD11:20
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cjwatsonogra_: I don't see why it would be.  -f returns true for non-dangling symlinks11:29
cjwatsonWell, non-dangling symlinks to regular files, anyway11:29
ogra_oh, i thought it only does files not links11:29
cjwatsonogra_: however, try four lines below that11:29
cjwatsonogra_: I bet it's only moving the symlink, not the target11:29
cjwatsonogra_: This is probably why we generally use ln, not ln -s11:30
cjwatsonSince then you can move it around independently11:30
ogra_right, well, myth solved :)11:30
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timppaHi, I've just installed the ubuntu sdk and did the currency converter example. But while running it on phone the keyboard does not pop up.12:09
timppaWhat do I need to do to get it working?12:09
Chocantonik90: ping12:14
nik90Chocanto: pong12:16
Chocantonik90: Just saw your post on g+12:16
nik90Chocanto: was it you who replied to it?12:17
Chocantonik90: Yes, that's me12:17
nik90Chocanto: so I understand that the document viewer also need to read/open files12:17
nik90Chocanto: Which is the basic functionality that I need as well for the clock app12:18
Chocantonik90: But you can already read a file without a plugin :)12:18
nik90Chocanto: What do you mean? How?12:18
w-flotimppa, someone had the same problem yesterday. IIRC they opened a bug report about it but it wasn't clear if the bug was  in the app or in the toolkit12:20
timppaok, thanks12:20
Chocantonik90: With XMLHttpRequest12:20
Chocantonik90: Have a look : http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-docviewer-dev/ubuntu-docviewer-app/trunk/view/head:/TextView.qml12:20
Chocantonik90: I used this trick when I started the docviewer, but now we need a plugin to replace our special launcher12:21
ogra_timppa, i think rickspencer3 ran into the same bug yesterday12:21
nik90Chocanto: What do you need the special launcher?12:21
Chocantonik90: Our launcher was used to get the arguments passed to the command line (but now the SDK give the possibility to read it) and then we used it to read file info like mimetype12:22
nik90Chocanto: Also when using the XMLHttpRequest, I am assuming that the file it reads does not need to have a XML format?12:23
timppaI just flashed yesterdays image12:23
Chocantonik90: Yes, it don't have :)12:24
Chocanto*don't need to12:24
Chocantonik90: But a plugin will be better12:24
nik90Chocanto: okay. I am not really sure if XMLHttpRequest is the proper way to go. I understand it works, but wouldn't a C++ plugin designed just to read the file and its metadata help us both?12:24
nik90Chocanto: The best part is that if this plugin turns out to be useful, we could even suggest merging it into the SDK.This way any app wanting to read a file can do so.12:25
Chocantonik90: Yes, I started the plugin 2 days ago, maybe we can start with it ?12:25
nik90Chocanto: yeah definitely12:25
Chocantonik90: The I/O api is excepted in the ubuntu SDK, but there didn't start to work on it12:26
nik90Chocanto: true12:27
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rickspencer3w-flo, is there a bug report for that "no osk" issue? (presuming that is what you are referring to)12:34
ogra_rickspencer3, i thought you filed one last night12:35
rickspencer3ogra_, I did not12:35
ogra_ah, someone should :)12:35
laudoi am trying to update my galaxy nexus to the latest ubuntu phone release via the update gui on the phone. After rebooting i always get stuck in the cmw recovery as it complains that it can find /cache/recovery/ubuntu_command12:35
rickspencer3because I don't what package to file it on, or how/if to you use ubuntu-bug for it12:35
rickspencer3ogra_, yeah, I keep asking how12:35
ubot5Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch12:35
rickspencer3but bzoltan and Kaleo haven't answered here12:35
ogra_stgraber, see laudo ^^^12:36
didrocksrickspencer3: you want to file a bug against the sdk text component itself?12:37
rickspencer3didrocks, I would think ubuntu components12:38
laudoits a fresh install. Everything worked fines unless i try to update12:38
stgraberlaudo: hey there, I'm assuming you have adb access to the phone right? can you get me "adb shell cat /proc/mounts" and "adb shell cat /etc/ubuntu-build"?12:38
didrocksrickspencer3: ok, so: ubuntu-ui-toolkit12:38
rickspencer3but, whatever12:38
rickspencer3didrocks, so, package does not exist12:38
didrocksthis is the package containing all Ubuntu Qt components12:38
rickspencer3ubuntu-bug doesn't work on it12:38
didrockshum? this is the source package name12:38
* rickspencer3 goes to launchpad12:38
didrocksthe binary package is qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin12:38
rickspencer3didrocks, that's the first one I tried12:39
ogra_easy to remember :)12:39
didrocksogra_: I type it everyday to train! :)12:39
ogra_yeah, we should add another paragraph or two to the title12:39
didrocksrickspencer3: should be the right one, it's the binary package containing all ubuntu components12:39
rickspencer3not an official package12:39
didrocksdo you have any ppa?12:39
didrocksapt-cache policy qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin12:39
rickspencer3could be12:39
* rickspencer3 looks12:39
didrocksogra_: well, in fact, it miss a version, so can be longer :p12:40
rickspencer3I have the sdk team ppa still12:40
laudostgraber: http://pastie.org/821845412:40
didrocksrickspencer3: delete that with fire! :-)12:40
stgraberlaudo: I meant when the phone is booted on Ubuntu (that output looks like recovery partition)12:41
laudook, will reboot now12:41
rickspencer3didrocks, or ppa-purge? ;)12:41
didrocksrickspencer3: ppa-purge --with-fire ;)12:42
didrocksogra_: high 5!12:42
* didrocks quickly adds the option before rickspencer3 runs it12:42
a_testso... i just installed ubuntu touch on my nexus 1012:43
a_testhow to set up a user account?12:43
laudostgraber: here the proc mount when booted http://pastie.org/821845912:45
stgraberlaudo: that's not an image based install, that's a flipped install, so image updates indeed won't do anything on there12:46
stgraberogra_: ^12:46
ogra_oh, wow12:47
ogra_i wonder why he could run the updater at all then12:47
stgraberwell, the updater does most of its work in /tmp, it's just the final copy that must have failed (as /android/cache doesn't exist)12:47
stgraberanyway, I'm surprised that we even show the UI in that case12:47
dholbachsergiusens, well done12:48
laudostgraber: ok how would i go for the image  based?12:48
stgraberlaudo: can you confirm that /etc/ubuntu-build doesn't exist on your system? (just to triple check that I'm right)12:48
laudoyes it does not exist12:48
seb128stgraber, the system settings panel has no conditionnal UI display, if the service is there and working the Ui is driving it12:49
laudostgraber: any documentation on flashing the image for the galaxy nexus?12:49
seb128didrocks, ^ jfyi, seems like it's possible to apply an update to a non system-image image12:49
stgraberlaudo: so if you want to use the system images, you need to rebootstrap your phone with phablet-flash --ubuntu-bootstrap, note that this will WIPE EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE. Once you do that, you also won't be able to install extra apps until we have click packages ready (as the phone will mostly be read-only).12:49
stgraberlaudo: so in short, unless you're happy with just what's provided in the default image and you don't mind loosing all your data in the initial flash, stick with flipped (and use phablet-flash to update it) until we make this the default12:50
laudostgraber: thats fine. its my play phone :)12:50
stgraberseb128: I wonder how many people are currently trying to use the system image upgrader on devices that can't be updated that way ;)12:51
seb128stgraber, why do we install the service if it's not working?12:52
didrocksseb128: stgraber: I think the daemon should reply "no update available"12:52
seb128seems a barry issue12:52
didrocksrather than having various UI having the logic12:52
stgraberseb128: we use the same rootfs for flipped and system-image, so the daemon is there for everyone, though we indeed should make the code conditional on /etc/ubuntu-build being present.12:53
stgraberseb128: I assume barry's code currently considers a missing /etc/ubuntu-build as version 0 which means download the latest full image and install that (so a pointless 250MB download for anyone attempting it)12:53
* stgraber disappears for 5min, UEFI secureboot testing12:53
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w-flois there an easy way to test sound? I know there are vids, but video decoding is definitely broken for me, now I'm trying to figure out if audio works13:03
w-floshould system settings -> sound -> ringtone play a sound when selecting a ringtone?13:05
w-flook so I need to fix sound, thanks :)13:06
timppaabout the currency converter problem, after installing the package to phone it works ok13:10
laudostgraber: thats fine. its my play phone :)how do you close an open app?13:14
dholbachsergiusens, I'll mark the ports in bold which can be flashed using phablet-flash on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices13:16
dholbachsergiusens, do you know when your branch will be merged?13:16
dholbachI'd just work on a blog post / mailing list post / etc.  to let folks know about it13:18
w-flolaudo, long press the open app (in the apps lense), then tap it when the red X appears13:22
w-floI think there are plans to auto-close apps if required (like android), but not sure about that13:23
sergiusensdholbach: as soon as rsalveti gets to it (he has the most nitpicky comments :-) so I want to address them)13:35
rsalvetiwill get to it later today, can review & test it properly without a good internet connection13:35
sergiusensdholbach: I would need to send a big heads up anyways for everyones workflow13:35
plarsballoons: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3421/ weather app seemed to get the same failures on both maguro and mako13:36
ogra_asac, 08 has improved by one test on maguro and mako ... should we publish or do you want to wait for the community apps to be fixed first13:45
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asacogra_: get someone to retry camera app13:52
asaconce its green we push it13:52
MaxWallstedtHi, I was wondering if 3G data is working in the flipped images. Using this: https://plus.google.com/100264483712374857174/posts/3o1tjYo9Ghx I somehow got it working in my non-flipped port to i9100 but it does not seem to work in the flipped port13:53
ogra_it should (definitely does on the nexus devices)13:53
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asacogra_: can you try to find someone to get this job rerun?13:54
asacjust the mako camera app?13:54
ogra_plars, ^^^ ?13:54
asacballoons: you improved, but not there :)13:54
asaccheck out latest failures13:54
sergiusensdholbach: can you add something to click roadmap? What to do with ubuntu-bug or how to replace/fix it13:54
asactwo/three apps still failing completely/a-bit13:54
ogra_asac, do we expect the camera app test to have improved ?13:54
asacogra_: no. but it should work after trying a few times13:55
asacif not, its a regression over what we had13:55
asactwo/three times13:55
asacand yes, its high on agenda13:55
plarsasac: sure, let me see13:55
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asacsergiusens: what came out of the camera app crashes? any lead?13:55
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dholbachsergiusens, I'll bring it up13:56
sergiusensasac: I'm working on hybris tests... I know why the camera crasshes in one scenario... opening camera's before the previous one is closed13:56
sergiusensasac: I have a thought fix for it which I will work on now and then focus on one of the big rocks we have13:57
* sergiusens builds his synced phablet-saucy13:57
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seb128tedg, mardy: settings meeting?14:01
seb128cyphermox, ^ if you want to join14:01
tedgseb128, Oh, shoot.  Be right there.14:02
asacogra_: seems we are there14:06
asaccheck the build on your phone and then push the button :)14:06
* ogra_ has meetings for the next 2h ... wont be able to do an install 14:06
asacguess we can wait :)14:07
ogra_i'll do one afterwards14:07
cyphermoxseb128: just having some issues, I'm joinging now14:07
seb128cyphermox, ok14:08
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alecucjwatson: ping. Inside the manifest, "hooks" is a dictionary with "appname" as keys. Is there currently a way to tell which one is the primary appname?14:15
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
alecucjwatson: I'm assuming there's no way yet, so I'll just pick whatever comes out first.14:16
cjwatsonalecu: We haven't defined a notion of a primary appname14:20
cjwatsonSo no14:20
alecucjwatson: is there a plan to do it? In the design document I'm following, the click preview shows "Open" and "Pin to launcher" buttons after installing. And afaict, those should apply to only one of the appnames.14:23
cjwatsonalecu: I haven't seen it mentioned before14:25
cjwatsonalecu: (though multiple apps are a future-proofing thing anyway ...)14:25
dholbachsergiusens, just documented what you said in the mail on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/MakingPortsAvailable14:26
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cjwatsonogra_,asac: enjoy your new 30-minute ubuntu-touch livefs builds14:32
cjwatsoncadejo -> kishi0014:32
ogra_cjwatson, moved to a calxeda box ?14:32
* ogra_ dances 14:33
cjwatsondown from 56 minutes14:33
cjwatsonoutput looks sane from file sizes and manifests and such, obviously haven't actually tried it on a device14:33
oSoMoNdpm: calendar design meeting?14:33
ogra_well, the dashboard will14:33
cjwatsonI only ran a livefs build, not a full image build, so you'll probably just get it in tomorrow's daily14:34
ogra_ah, k14:34
ogra_well, i plan to do the cdimage changes for the packaged android bits ... but might not have it ready before tomorrow14:35
cjwatsonI'll be away tomorrow FWIW14:35
balloonspkunal-parmar, so we discovered that we can no longer remove topics as of yesterday in the rss reader14:35
seb128stgraber, hey, do you have a bit of free time to discuss system image stuff?14:36
stgraberseb128: sure14:37
seb128stgraber, so,  some of the system settings we edit with the settings app live in /etc (e.g /etc/timezone that we edit through datetimed) ... is that going to keep working on the read only images?14:38
balloonspkunal-parmar, carla opened a bug I can go find on it, but are you still making underlying changes that is breaking the UI? We keep finding things that stop working, making it difficult to get a working test14:38
stgraberseb128: you'll need to add /etc/timezone (and any such file) to /etc/system-image/writable-paths so they're diverted to userdata on first boot, after that, yes, they'll work pretty much as usual14:41
seb128stgraber, do you have a scalability issue there? (lool suggested that you might want to avoid too many mounts)14:42
seb128stgraber, or is adding a dozen of files fine (rough guess estimation of the total we might need at the end)14:42
seb128ev: ^ btw, not sure if you considered that for whoopsie settings14:43
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
seb128stgraber, what source is owning the writable-paths? e.g where do I send bugs/merge requests to add files to that list?14:43
stgraberseb128: lxc-android-config14:43
pkunal-parmarballoons, yes14:44
stgraberseb128: I'm not too concerned about the number of mounts, I have machines running LXC containers that in total have maybe around 5000 bind mounts and I'm not seeing any actual performance hit14:44
seb128stgraber, ok, great, thanks14:44
evseb128: ooh, noted14:44
pkunal-parmarBalloons, I recently found that her test case was not working, due to time picker14:44
diwicseb128, hi, I have working sound on the pulseaudio image I'm working on, but the sound indicator just says "Empty!". Any idea of why?14:46
pkunal-parmarballoons: and I am still expecting some more UI changes, UI team is going to release new version next week14:46
pkunal-parmarso as such UI is not stable now14:46
seb128diwic, I think the indicator is broken, but I'l not sure ... you can try to remove it and install indicator-sound instead14:47
seb128rsalveti, ^ do you know if the phablet sound indicator is known to be broken/supposed to not be working with pulse?14:47
seb128diwic, it might be that they just use audiofinger in the current touch one, since they didn't switch for the archive indicators yet14:47
diwicseb128, it seems to be non-empty on another very similar installation14:47
seb128ok, all I know is that it's empty on my n7, but audio is broken on that device so...14:48
rsalvetidiwic: even with pure pulse?14:48
balloonspkunal-parmar, hmm.. UI changes are ok I guess, it's just that when the changes happen the functionality of the app also breaks14:48
plarsasac, ogra_, pmcgowan: camera seems to have passed on mako now14:48
diwicrsalveti, seb128, I'm running the pulseaudio image on both N4 and N7. On the N4 it comes up as empty, but not on the N714:49
diwicrsalveti, seb128, and I've seen it non-empty on the N4 before.14:49
pkunal-parmarballoons, functionality like ?14:49
diwicseb128, anyway, maybe it's simplest if I have a look at the relevant code, do you know where it is?14:50
balloonspkunal-parmar, like I can't delete topics. Last week I couldn't add feeds, etc. I'm just wondering if we can stay more consistent to keep things working while the changes happen14:50
seb128diwic, I wouldn't bother debugging that code, it's going away soon in favor of indicator-sound14:51
pkunal-parmarballoons, Ahh you are talking about rss reader, I am from calendar14:51
balloonspkunal-parmar, facepalm.. I'm sorry..14:51
diwicseb128, okay14:51
pkunal-parmarballoons, its ok :)14:51
diwicseb128, so install indicator-sound, and remove something else?14:52
pkunal-parmarbut anyway I told you about current calendar status, i think we still need to wait14:52
balloonspkunal-parmar, yes that's helpful.. Sorry I got confused, not sure why14:52
pkunal-parmarno problem, do you need me then ?14:53
ogra_plars, yeah, i already got asac approval if i do a manual test (which has to wait until i'm done with todays meeting whirl)14:53
seb128diwic, I'm not sure, you might need to rm /usr/share/dbus-1/services/com.canonical.settings.sound.service14:54
pkunal-parmarballoons, do you have any test case for testing time picker ?14:54
diwicseb128, hmm, okay14:54
balloonspkunal-parmar, do you think a calendar test for say adding an event could be added right now?14:54
seb128diwic, do you need the indicator, or you are just trying to get things to work?14:55
diwicseb128, the latter.14:55
diwicseb128, the indicator is one of all things that should work :-)14:55
pkunal-parmarballoons, that test case already exists, but its broken because of time picker, so I wanted to check if you already have such test case which can use TimePicker ?14:55
seb128diwic, don't spend too much time on the indicator, I think you need unitymenumodel and indicator-sound to land first before you can check the audio side14:56
diwicseb128, all right14:56
seb128diwic, I just installed indicator-sound and rebooted the device, I get a mute item and a settings property entry ... I think it needs unitymenumodel to land to have a slider14:56
seb128dednick, ^ is that right?14:56
seb128tedg, ^14:56
balloonspkunal-parmar, yes we can write it if it's possible to do manually.. I know the time picker changed -- we can fix that14:57
balloonspkunal-parmar, I believe carla already has a branch that does fix it, but it was waiting on it being possible14:57
tedgseb128, I'd imagine you're right.  Hopefully that'll be tomorrow after larsu's and dednick's branches land.14:58
pkunal-parmarballoons, fix that can work with time picker ?14:58
pkunal-parmarnow its ready,  I guess we can merge14:58
seb128tedg, ok, thanks14:59
seb128diwic, wait until next week and you should be in a better position to test the indicator14:59
dednickseb128, tedg: it needs unitymenumodel and unity8 which supports the model14:59
pkunal-parmarballoons, I mean now Calendar branch is ready, if she has fix for that test case it can be merged15:00
balloonspkunal-parmar, ok excellent.15:00
balloonspkunal-parmar, so I'll try out the app later today and push forward the merge to add the test15:00
pkunal-parmarballoons, great15:01
seb128boiko, just as a fyi, I updated https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/telephony-service/sounds-events-from-gsettings/+merge/178344 to respect silent mode as well (and CI is happy since the gsettings-qt fix landed)15:01
seb128stgraber, and how are those overlay working? can we group them in categories? does removing the file gives you back the version that's on the image at the same path (if there was one)?15:05
seb128stgraber, I'm asking because we need a way to "reset all settings"15:05
stgraberseb128: reset all settings/factory reset simply wipes the userdata partition where all those files are stored. As a result, the next boot will use the values in the read-only image15:06
seb128stgraber, no15:10
seb128stgraber, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemSettings#A.2BIBw-Reset_Phone.2BIB0-15:10
seb128stgraber, we have 3 reset options15:10
seb128stgraber, one is only to reset settings15:10
stgraberseb128: rm -Rf /userdata/system-data should do it then15:13
stgraberseb128: well, that and a reboot15:14
seb128stgraber, is that directory going to going files that are not settings maybe?15:18
stgraberseb128: it's the directory containing anything that's been made writable and which isn't android data or user data, so maybe15:19
sharpshooterhi friends15:20
seb128stgraber, ok, I might have to just rm files then15:20
stgraberseb128: yeah, rming specific paths in system-data + reboot is fine. /userdata/system-data/etc is probably a good guess15:21
seb128stgraber, great, thanks15:21
seb128stgraber, I'm going to play with that once the new images are default15:21
ogra_MaxWallstedt, bug 1210083 btw ...15:25
ubot5bug 1210083 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "volume control does not work on Galaxy S2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121008315:25
ogra_(in case you want to watch it)15:25
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om26erxnox, hey! how do you tests if a service is running using initctl ?15:56
ogra_om26er, status15:57
om26erogra_, cool, is there a pythonic way to check that ?15:57
ogra_uh, dunno ... i prefer shell usually15:58
=== om26er is now known as om26er|away
johnfluxHey all15:59
johnfluxI want to talk to someone about a large contract with the ubuntu edge phone16:01
johnfluxAnyone know who I could contact?16:01
johnflux(I work for a phone company)16:01
ogra_mhall119, pmcgowan ^^^ do you guys know ?16:01
SuperRoachjohnflux, the contacts on the page on indiegogo, did they have an email on there?16:01
ogra_johnflux, the edgs is actually not planned to go to stores or some such ...16:02
pmcgowanogra_,  I would say Victor Palau16:02
mhall119ogra_: victorp I would think16:02
ogra_johnflux, so your cmpany would have to do it through the indiegogo campaign16:02
johnfluxogra_: I want to talk technical with someone first16:02
johnfluxwe have some specifical technical requirements16:02
johnfluxAt this stage I just want to test the waters16:03
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
ogra_if it is something regarding the software here might be the best place then ... if its something regarding HW i guess that has to go through victor palau16:04
johnfluxyeah it's all about the hardware16:04
johnfluxwhich graphics gpu will be used etc16:05
ogra_that will be decided based on the CPU decision :)16:05
ogra_which hasnt happened ... and i think will only happen after some benchmark testing in discussion with the founders16:06
ogra_(afaik final decisions are planned to be made with the people that paid :))16:07
sharpshooteri just want to know about the ubuntu touch for nexus 7 is there any cellular feature in it I mean can I make call or text with 3g/2g ?16:20
Hashcodew-flo Do you have a sample anywhere of your build adjustment which repacks the ubuntu-rootfs (after possbile changes)?16:21
w-floHashcode, yes: https://github.com/w-flo/rootfs-modifier16:22
HashcodeThank you16:22
HashcodeI think this is a great mod to the Android build, and probably needed by many devices atm.16:22
sharpshooteranyone ?16:22
w-floHashcode, the possibility to flash with small data partitions is probably important for a few older devices, yes. There's an open bug report about that16:23
heynoq_Hey Hashcode16:23
Hashcodew-flo although, i think this could be built right into the build portion.. like it would download the .zip and extract to ubuntu-root (like it down now) then later in the build repack and build the boot.img16:23
HashcodeSimilar to how the regular root dir is handled16:24
w-floHashcode, there will be more changes with image based upgrades etc, so the old zip flashing will go away anyway16:24
HashcodeI saw the system.img loop method16:24
HashcodeBut you'd still need to flash the initial .zip I think16:24
HashcodeThen upgrades after that go into /data16:25
Hashcodeheynoq_ alo16:25
w-flosharpshooter, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArLs7UPtu-hJdDZDNWliMmV1YUJ3Zk1pQlpDdGp4VFE#gid=0 says voice/sms/... is "NA"16:25
heynoq_I've been trying to build on the mb886 and someone on XDA mentioned that you already did.  I tried flashing yours this morning and wifi/cell did not work.  Though, I am still trying to get a build working for myself.16:26
heynoq_Do you have any tips on building for the mb886, or would you be willing to answer a few questions I have?  w-flo was helping me yesterday, but thought since you already made a working build, you might have some info :)16:27
w-floHashcode, hm, the initial flash.. yeah maybe :)16:27
Hashcodeheynoq_ Weve gotten the build working and then each time, the platform has changed and build is broken :P16:27
Hashcodeheynoq_ I'm re-configuring for the saucy build now.16:27
tomreynhi there. i've justed watch shuttleworth's ubuntu edge presentation, the design goals refer to LTE (4G) and GSM (2G?) support. what's unclear to mei s whether this device will also provide 3G support (UMTS, HSxPA)?16:27
w-flotomreyn, "The Ubuntu Edge is an unlocked device that works in all countries with GSM/3G/LTE network services. For GSM, which covers a lot of countries but not all operators, the Edge will support the 850, 900, 1800, 1900 and 2100 MHz frequencies"16:28
w-flo(that's from the indiegogo campaign)16:28
heynoq_Ah nice,  I've been mainly following this guide. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting16:28
tomreynw-flo: thanks. but your quote seems to no longer be present in the exact way you quoted it there. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge now says this:16:30
tomreynThe Ubuntu Edge is an open device, not locked to any particular network. It works in all countries that provide GSM/3G/LTE-based network services. It will also support the two LTE standards to provide 4G mobile broadband connectivity around the world (subject to network availability and data fees)16:30
Hashcodeheynoq_ that guide is a bit outdated for the new saucy build16:30
w-flotomreyn, yes, I quoted that from the "Updates" page16:31
Hashcodeheynoq_ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress16:31
heynoq_Oh, could be why I'm struggling in some spots, is there a better one you know of?16:31
HashcodeLet me work out the needed touch script changes and how to bundle them into the flash .zip automatically and then I think we're good.16:32
heynoq_Opps, didn't see your message, I'll look at that.  I believe w-flo sent me that yesterday and if I had troubles to try looking at the guide16:32
HashcodeSeems to mount our /userdata partition and then I get a init syncing error and a panic.16:32
tomreynw-flo: is this "updates" page accessible by URL? I found this http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge?c=activity but it doesn't mention "3G" here.16:33
boikoseb128: hi, sorry for taking so long to review it, this morning was very busy on my side, I'll just give it a try on the phone and then approve it16:33
seb128boiko, thanks!16:33
w-flotomreyn, click "show more activity"16:33
w-floHashcode, I think I misunderstood your earlier question... perhaps you were looking for something like this to modify the init ramdisk? https://github.com/w-flo/android_build/commit/522aee7be3503cb9c6db65b8163cdc3e73fbfc9c (using sed to modify the touch script)16:36
Hashcodew-flo yes :)16:37
HashcodeI wonder if this couldn't be reworked into 2 steps in the Makefile16:37
w-floyou probably want to keep adbd and libcrypto though, it's a pain to debug the boot process when there's no adbd in the initrd16:37
Hashcodew-flo 1 to download and unpack the ubuntu-root16:38
Hashcodew-flo then later repack and use it16:38
HashcodeWhy not treat the ubuntu-root similar to the root dir where you can make changes to it during the build16:38
w-floHashcode, yeah, this is just a dirty hack.. :-)16:38
HashcodeI messed around with it last night for about an hour and couldn't find the right spot to repack it where my changes would end up in there16:39
w-flooh, I've never looked at those parts of the build16:39
w-floHashcode, it seemed like the changes are never actually repacked when I tried to figure it out16:39
w-floso I added the cpio right there16:39
HashcodeYeah this makes sense16:39
tomreynw-flo: thanks, found it. to me this statement still doesn't state that HSxPA will be supported by the device, just that it will be able to operate on 3G networks. which can mean as little as falling back to GSM for voice and data, or can mean as much as full speed HSxPA support. it's quite ambiguous, and might cause potential backers to loose interest.16:40
w-flotomreyn, yeah, I remember I've told someone that the edge won't support 3g.. because that statement is not very clear to me16:42
tomreynif that's so, i guess people who buy into it and missed the potential fact might be quite disappointed.16:43
heynoq_Hashcode, for this message echo "Don't forget to add the adreno blobs from" echo "https://developer.qualcomm.com/download/Adreno200-AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_VANILLA_04." echo "blobs from jf, and mako blobs from https://dl.google.com/dl/android/aosp/qcom-mako-jdq39-c89670ca.tgz" echo "to vendor/motorola/msm8960-common"16:43
heynoq_do I extract the data from those blobs and put them in msm8960-common?16:43
Hashcodeyes, you'll need to grab that and extract16:43
Hashcodeit's a .tgz file16:43
w-floI'm not backing it, so I don't really care :) tomreyn if you back it, then notice it's only using GSM, I guess you could just send it back within 28 days16:43
tomreyni couldn't afford to, am just a poor open source developer. ;-)16:44
heynoq_Adreno is a zip of a folder and in that folder contains other folders,  the mako extracts out to a sh file and the "jf" I am not sure about16:44
Hashcoderun the sh file16:45
Hashcodeyou need to agree to the license16:45
Hashcodethen the normal folders are created16:45
w-floI can't justify it, already bought the nexus 4 this year.. in 2-3 years I might need a new phone, not now :)16:45
Hashcodemove those to the vendor location16:45
heynoq_Ah, yeah,  I looked further up in the script, it makes the folders for you and then you just add them there.  thanks!16:46
w-floHashcode, if you plan to change the makefile so the ubuntu-ramdisk changes can be made from a device specific file, let me know so I can use that too :D16:48
HashcodeThat's the goal16:48
HashcodeOr at least make it so that changes to the ubuntu-root dir are repacked before use16:48
HashcodeI know the answer is probably not to copy out the "touch" script and make local changes to it..16:49
Hashcodebut that would solve a lot of problems :P16:49
w-flothat stupid sed one-liner took me like 30 minutes to get right. Something with escaping I guess..16:49
w-floit worked on the command line, but not in the makefile..16:50
Hashcodeyeah debugging that stuff is terrible :p16:50
w-floso I just used "." for non-ASCII characters :)16:50
HashcodeI want this to work:16:50
HashcodePRODUCT_COPY_FILES += $(DEVICE_FOLDER)/touch:$(PRODUCT_OUT)/ubuntu-root/scripts/touch16:50
HashcodeFor a modified version of touch script to go into the ramdisk16:50
Hashcodeon the fly16:50
w-floyeah.. not sure what needs to be changed so it repacks the ramdisk :(16:51
HashcodeI've been looking at how the root dir gets indexed16:51
HashcodeThe trick is that there's no separation between the download of the ubuntu ramdisk and then it's use16:51
HashcodeThe download portion needs to move up in the build16:52
Hashcodedownload / extract16:52
heynoq_Hashcode, do you know which file needs to be modified for the mb886 for the "Device changes / SUID" section  Example: The path to fstab is:  device/[manufacturer]/[codename]/fstab.[codename]16:52
Hashcodeheynoq_ for the most part all of this is working, I'm just fixing the boot issue16:52
Hashcodeheynoq_: https://github.com/razrqcom-dev-team/android_device_motorola_msm8960-common/commit/8e48ba250d111e95771758cb6bd904e7cf39508b16:53
HashcodeWe have all of the Moto QCOM devices setup for the phablet branch using the flipped build method for saucy16:54
HashcodeIt just bails during the boot atm.16:54
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Hashcodeheynoq_ And I need to make some tweaks to the build because I did this setup before they were downloading the ramdisk on the fly16:55
Hashcodeheynoq_: I was using a static download ubuntu-ramdisk that I had pre-edited w/ the right userdata partition and it booted just fine.16:56
heynoq_Ah ok, so my build might be working, except for the boot issue you are indicating.16:57
Hashcodeare you building on the phablet-10.1 branch or phablet-saucy?16:59
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
w-floI hope someone finds some time to fix bug 1199084 soon. Unfortunatelly I'd still need to remove adbd from the initrd ...17:01
ubot5bug 1199084 in initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) "mount support via cmdline parameters: systempart= datapart=" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119908417:01
Hashcodew-flo: yeah that bug affects my Moto OMAP phones which run ext3 fs17:02
HashcodeI'm sort of "just waiting", too many devices to really worry about it for now17:03
w-flooh.. Hashcode, so the missing partitions labels are due to ext3? I was wondering why my partitions are called "mmcblk0p26" when most devices have /dev/block/..../UDA or userdata or something like that17:03
Hashcodew-flo all my ext3 devices don't have a "by-name" alias17:04
Hashcodewhere my ext4 devices do17:04
HashcodeIn Android I use an init.target.rc file to symlink in the /dev/block dir the names of the partitions17:05
Hashcodew-flo: moto ships with a modified init binary which does the same thing using a cmdline parameter instead, but I'd rather not mod every single ROM's init binary for that17:06
w-floHashcode, yeah..17:12
heynoq_I am using the phablet branch17:13
Hashcodeheynoq_: yeah that's broken on the boot up, I'm looking at it.17:14
heynoq_Ok sounds good, I'll hang on17:16
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jdstrandChickenCutlass: hey, I was thinking I could add bug tasks to bug #1197134 for the various items moving to HAL17:57
ubot5bug 1197134 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu Saucy) "SDK applications require access to /dev/binder" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119713417:57
jdstrandChickenCutlass: but I don't know what those packages would be17:58
ChickenCutlassjdstrand, let me take a look17:58
jdstrandChickenCutlass: what source should I use to track the move away from surface flinger, audio flinger and mediaservice? I guess we can throw camera in there, but wouldn't target that to saucy17:59
jdstrandChickenCutlass: thanks17:59
ChickenCutlassjdstrand, so the issue is, these things are not just one package but rather a bunch of things coming together.18:00
ChickenCutlassjdstrand, for example18:00
ChickenCutlassjdstrand, surfaceflinger goes away once we have mir, platform api, app manager all set.18:00
jdstrandI see18:00
jdstrandChickenCutlass: maybe blueprints would be enough for me so I can coordinate our apparmor policy as stuff lands?18:01
ChickenCutlassjdstrand, right, that would be better.  we just need to make sure we have all of it captured.18:01
ChickenCutlassjdstrand, it is very cross team dependent.18:01
jdstrandlike so much of what we're doing :)18:02
jdstrandChickenCutlass: if you can point me at blueprints, then I can watch those rather then polling individuals :)18:03
ChickenCutlassjdstrand, ack, let me find them18:04
balloonsm-b-o, since your around, did you see the weather smoke test run?18:33
balloonsm-b-o, http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3422/ubuntu-weather-app-autopilot/18:33
m-b-oyes, some still red18:33
m-b-othe one with http calls18:33
balloonsm-b-o, it's all to do with http calls.. the failing tests?18:34
m-b-oballoons: yes, definitely18:34
balloonsm-b-o, I was afraid of that ;-)18:35
balloonsplars, is http external web calls an issue with running the smoke tests in the lab?18:35
plarsballoons: nope18:35
m-b-oballooons: the openweather api had some serious problems the last days18:36
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mhall119bzoltan: Kaleo: how can I use VisualLabel inside a custom component that extends Base?19:16
mhall119it can't find the type when I try to use it19:16
mhall119LabelVisual I mean19:17
Kaleomhall119: it's not a public API19:20
balloonsm-b-o, so you think it's the site itself causing the issues, and they should clear up?19:21
m-b-oprobably yes, but since it seems to happens always, I can't say19:22
m-b-oballoons, they failed already all on monday for example. So I guess it should not relate the API, but to HTTP19:25
balloonsm-b-o, I'm a little confused.. like you I just want to do whatever we need to keep it green :-)19:25
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ogra_asac, oh, i nearly forgot, image looks fine locally ... i'll release it19:36
nerd345i haven asus memopad 719:36
nerd345is ubuntu running on it?19:36
wilee-nileenerd345, looks like android, there are no pads with ubuntu installed stock on the open market that I know of19:53
MathanHi any body running ubuntu in S3??????20:00
Mathani need to migrate to ubuntu20:00
mhall119Kaleo: thanks20:03
cariflooks like the answer's yes, but if I want to go the html5 route for a U Touch app, I would read http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tutorials/html5/ to start?20:06
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
heynoq_For Hashcode's build: phablet-20130710-cm_mb886.zip, what preinstalled touch image would I use?20:24
heynoq_I have tried a few, but wifi doesn't work on mine and someone else is saying theres is, so I'm wondering if it is releated to what preinstalled I am using20:24
=== ivanka_ is now known as ivanka_train
w-flohah, that sounds pretty bad.. OMX_COMPONENT_GENERATE_HARDWARE_ERROR20:39
robert_ancellmterry, who talked about u-s-c not being root? I don't think that's feasible20:58
mterryrobert_ancell, I thought you were a part of that discussion...20:59
robert_ancellmterry, last I was I said it wasn't feasible20:59
mterryrobert_ancell, there was thoughts that we needed to access the drm device20:59
mterryrobert_ancell, but you said to check on that20:59
mterryrobert_ancell, and we did, and they said it was possible now.  I can't remember who that was21:00
robert_ancellmterry, even if that is so, the structural changes to make this work are too complex for the 13.10 timeframe21:00
mterryrobert_ancell, that's what I was thinking.  :-/21:01
robert_ancellmterry, so I was going to ask anyway, how is u8 greeter going? Are you still blocked on that issue you emailed me about21:02
mterryrobert_ancell, but it points to a good solution for the generic-client-in-greeter problem for 14.04 I guess21:02
mterryrobert_ancell, I'm just getting back to it (updating branch against trunk, etc)21:02
mterryrobert_ancell, I expect that will block me again, will have to spend some time debugging21:02
mterryrobert_ancell, I don't suppose anything jumped out as a likely culprit to you?21:03
robert_ancellmterry, I haven't had time to investigate, I was just going to start looking again at Mir sessions today/next week21:03
robert_ancellNow u-s-c seems all sorted21:03
seb128sforshee, hey, are you there (I've questions about powerd)?21:10
sanderAnyone know how ubuntu edge is supposed to be docked to a keyboard/screen and mouse?21:24
k1l_sorry, correction, its bluetooth for mouse/keyboard and hdmi for screen21:24
sanderk1l_, Is there a docking station for it?21:25
k1l_i dont know21:25
sanderk1l_, wondring if I can use switch between my existing pc and ubuntu.. without pulling cables.21:25
guest12046hey ;D21:27
sanderideally.. a docking station where all cables goes in and out.. so my existing pc works without pulling cables.21:27
guest12046will it get a ubuntu touch version for the new nexus 7?21:28
guest12046join #ubuntu21:30
sanderk1l_, or it could be solved in software.. with some sort of virtual desktop.. so wlan and an existing pc is enough.21:31
wilee-nileeguest12046, It runs on the original, there is little hardware changes to the new one I think you are safe.21:33
guest12046ok thanks :D21:34
wilee-nileeguest12046, still in development is all, and there is a saucy install as well.21:34
wilee-nilee13.10 ubuntu is saucy21:34
guest12046oh that is a good information21:35
wilee-nileehelps to know. ;)21:35
guest12046how can i write apps for ubuntu touch?21:40
mh0guest12046: using QML. See the documentation on developer.ubuntu.com21:40
mh0You can alternativley use HTML521:41
guest12046what apps already exist?21:46
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ryukafalzIn my opinion, the 7-inch version of Ubuntu Touch should have support for multiple user profiles as well.  Android has it on 7-inch tablets now.23:08
ryukafalzI haven't tried it myself (will be getting a Nexus 7 for development soon) but I think I remember seeing that Ubuntu Touch on 7-inch tablets was basically just an upscaled phone version?23:09
wilee-nileeryukafalz, This is a support channel.23:10
ryukafalzwilee-nilee: Ah, okay.  Then this would be better suited to the mailing list then?23:10
* ryukafalz slaps himself for redundant "then"s23:11
ryukafalzThough the topic does say "support and discussion"...23:12
slangasekit certainly is for discussion too, but if the people you want to discuss with aren't around at the time, that doesn't tdo much good :-)23:15
slangasekanyway, I think we certainly will support multiple users on tablets at some point, but right now things are focused on the phone23:15
ryukafalzslangasek: Haha, good point.  And thanks for the response. :)23:21
fati want to install ubuntu touch for galaxy s2 (i9100) and it can now be flashed by using phablet-flash community. i was wondering, does calls / sms work?23:25
AskUbuntuUbuntu Touch/Phone Nexus 4 - 'No Data Sources Available' | http://askubuntu.com/q/33037623:29
AskUbuntuHow to install Ubuntu Touch for Galaxy nexus toro? | http://askubuntu.com/q/33037723:29
fatwhat about for i910023:30
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