neuroyeah, i've no idea, good luck!00:00
Azelphurneuro: I see a ceiling?00:08
Azelphurnow I see an IRC00:10
Azelphurustream is fun, eh ;)00:10
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MooDoohello all06:31
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brobostigongood morning everyone,08:47
MartijnVdShi brobostigon08:47
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS08:47
MooDoomorning morning08:47
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:48
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:48
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Happiness Happens Day! :-D08:50
bigcalmThat's nice08:50
MartijnVdSJamesTait: does it, though?08:50
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, it does!08:50
JamesTaitYou know it to be true!08:50
MartijnVdSnot often08:51
JamesTaitMy happiness this morning happened when I got a fly-past from a brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and escort.08:51
JamesTaitIt was quickly followed by annoyance that I hadn't known about it in advance and got my camera ready - but for a brief moment there, happiness definitely happened!08:52
MartijnVdSJamesTait: cool :)08:55
MartijnVdSJamesTait: One of the approaches to Schiphol passes over motorway between my home and work: http://goo.gl/maps/XVtA608:57
MartijnVdSJamesTait: (and if I take the train, I pass Schiphol on the other side, passing the approaches to 18R and 18C)08:58
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, :-D08:58
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, there's a video now: http://www.thisisderbyshire.co.uk/VIDEO-British-Airways-Dreamliner-perform-fly-past/story-19625884-detail/story.html#axzz2bMkkbIqR09:03
JamesTaitAnd I managed to snag a couple of photos as they were flying off back home.09:03
MartijnVdSJamesTait: cool09:07
arc__hi how do i get back into ubuntu after installing XP09:25
MartijnVdSarc__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows09:25
arc__ok i will have a look09:25
arc__looks like i will be using boot-repair then09:28
arc__are there any good torrent clients on ubuntu 12.0409:40
lubotu3piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o09:43
MartijnVdSarc__: but Ubuntu comes with "Transmission" by default, so you can download other Linux ISOs easily09:43
arc__i haven't checked but can you get utorrent09:43
MartijnVdSarc__: I have no idea, transmission works great though09:44
arc__ok cool09:44
MartijnVdSYou can even get a web interface for it, so you can control it remotely09:44
arc__it ask where the helper program is for transmision09:46
MartijnVdSarc__: what do you mean?09:46
MartijnVdSjust click on the .torrent file (or open a magnet link), and transmission will open09:46
arc__firefox open with09:46
MartijnVdSmaybe it's not installed, in that case, install it through the software center09:46
arc__it i have it open09:47
arc__ok i have found a way09:48
directhexfirefox has no useful default open withs right now, because firefox is dumb09:54
directhexin the general case, open with /usr/bin.xdg-open09:54
directhexthis uses the default app on the system, or the one you set09:55
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davmor2Morning all10:15
davmor2bigcalm: what time did you get home in the end?10:15
bigcalmdavmor2: midnight10:19
bigcalmdavmor2: bit tired today10:19
davmor2oh 10 minutes before the rest of us left the pub then :D10:19
arc__does anyone know how to make utorrent faster in ubuntu10:35
SuperMattdon't use utorrent?10:38
SuperMattTransmission is very good10:38
shaunogive your isp moar moneys10:38
SuperMattis there even a utorrent for linux?10:38
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shaunohalf the time, the sensible answer to that one is simply patience.  torrents 'warm up' as they discover more peers10:42
SuperMattI've had torrents which take longers to find the metadata then it actually took them to download10:43
neurodepends on the source, really10:43
neuroand how popular the torrent is10:43
neuroi've had *cough* certain torrents warm up within about 30 seconds to full pace10:43
SuperMattand finish downloading in 15 ;)10:43
neuro... not really ;)10:44
neuro$ du -sch .10:45
neuro 73G.10:45
davmor2neuro: I'm assuming the cough is a fedora iso rather than an Ubuntu one right :D10:45
neuroright, right10:45
neuro73G in one folder/torrent10:45
neurono idea what it is10:45
neuroit just appeared one day10:45
neuroi really should stop smoking10:46
neuros'making me cough10:46
davmor2neuro: the ubuntu and fedora cd repositories :D  You a mirroring service right10:46
arc__I use utorrent10:47
arc__why is utorrent so bad10:47
neurowho said it's bad?10:48
arc__SuperMatt said not to use it10:48
neuroit was a glib retort10:48
arc__i assumed it was bad10:48
neuroi'd suggest talking to the utorrent community, they will know more about what you need to look at, e.g. port forwarding, optimal configuration, etc10:50
arc__ok what is the irc channel10:50
MartijnVdSWhy use utorrent if the default (transmission) works fine?10:50
neuroirc channel?10:50
neuroi dunno :)10:51
arc__I have utorrent when i was on Xp and it has been reliable10:51
neuroi have office 2013 on win7 and it has been reliable, doesn't mean it'll work all that well on ubuntu10:51
arc__you know like /join #*******10:51
neuroi know what an irc channel is10:51
arc__just checking10:51
neuroi was using irc when you were but a twinkle in your daddy's eye10:51
SuperMattarc__: I had no idea there was a linux version of utorrent. My only experience with it was running it under wine10:52
neuroSuperMatt: yeah seems there's a "server", probably like transmission-daemon10:52
arc__SuperMatt: that is what i am doing10:52
neurooh wait, you're running the windows build under wine?10:52
SuperMattright, that could be an issue.10:52
SuperMattif there is a native version, always go with that10:53
arc__why ?10:53
SuperMattbecause the wine version has to jump through hoops, etc, to work10:53
SuperMattnative just works10:53
arc__I don't want to do a radomly hard linux install of a program (complicated)10:53
neuroif you want to go 150MPH, do you buy the Ferrari California, or do you buy the fibreglass kit version to put on top of a Ford Mondeo chassis?10:54
arc__what ?10:54
SuperMattinstalling linux software ins't too difficult these days10:54
neuronever mind, just run native when you can, like SuperMatt says10:54
SuperMattseems a bit weird that you think installing in wine is easier than installing natively10:55
neuroit's because it has a setup.exe ;)10:55
SuperMattwell if there's a .deb version, that's *even easier* to install10:55
arc__it's a .tar.gz10:56
davmor2neuro: Let me help you there old timer, irc is what you're talking on now :P10:56
SuperMattah, the liunx version of utorrent is headless10:56
SuperMattjust use transmission then10:56
SuperMattI'm having to look this up on my phone cos work blocks this kind of stuff10:56
neuroyeah, it's headless like transmission-daemon10:56
arc__i could utorrent is only 30%10:56
SuperMattarc__: just because it's a tar.gz, doesn't make it difficult10:56
arc__yeah but ?10:57
SuperMattI'm just checking out more details10:57
SuperMattvery slowly10:57
neurogotta learn this shiz yo10:57
SuperMatton my phone10:57
davmor2SuperMatt: haha10:57
arc__i will just transmison10:57
SuperMattit's installed by default10:57
neuroseems utorrent for linux is actually built *for* ubuntu10:58
neurowith an older debian build10:58
davmor2arc__: if you click on a torrent it will open transmission by default10:58
SuperMattdon't know why my phone is going so slowly10:58
arc__yeah that is what i'm doing now10:58
neuroproblem with it is that it's old10:58
SuperMattelinks time10:58
neurodoesn't look like they're that interested in it10:58
neurowhereas transmission is still constantly being developed and has a strong history on linux10:59
* mgdm listens to Transmission10:59
neuroNOT THAT ONE11:00
arc__Yay only 4hours remaining11:00
mgdm♫♪ Dance dance dance dance dance to the radio11:01
neuroi'm thinking of setting up a website to answer the questions that keep getting posed on the front page of bbc news11:01
neuro"Is there any evidence slimming clubs work?" No.11:02
neuro"How did the Netherlands become a cycling utopia?" Because it's flat.11:02
neuro"Have pub beer gardens now become smoking gardens?" No.11:02
MartijnVdSsounds more like a tumblr11:02
neuroit does actually11:03
dwatkinsneuro: there is evidence that slimming works, initially, but that's mainly due to the reduction in carbohydrates - see /r/keto 's FAQ11:03
neurodwatkins: you seem to miss the intended frivolity of the answers11:03
dwatkinsit's the BBC news site, I don't expect proper journalism anymore, sadly.11:04
arc__Make your own news site11:04
dwatkinsmy one-line reply was probably better researched than anything they might have written about slimming.11:04
MartijnVdSdwatkins: it's better than the tabloids though11:04
dwatkinsarc__: I already have one, it's called reddit.11:05
dwatkinsI'm often more interested in reading the comments, seeing as they're often both for and against a particular point of view and there's generally some good discussion on there.11:05
MartijnVdSdwatkins: also, lots of bad discussion11:05
neuroi actively try to avoid comments now11:06
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: agreed11:06
neurothey seem to be the breeding ground for morons11:06
SuperMattbut if you avoid comments, people will be wrong about something and continue to think they're right... FOREVER11:06
dwatkinsit must be lunchtime, back later11:06
arc__Indian food time11:06
neuroyoutube and the daily mail are especially bad11:06
neuroi've added *.dailymail.co.uk to adblock so that i can't even click on a daily mail link anymore11:07
SuperMattand slashdot11:07
SuperMattdon't forget slashdot11:07
neuroi haven't read slashdot in more than a glancing manner for years unfortunately11:07
mgdmWhatever you do: don't read the comments11:07
Seeker`or the articles11:08
SuperMattin fact, we should all stop reading all together11:08
SuperMattit's more hassle than it's worth11:08
SuperMattno one shold habe an opinion on anything11:09
neurointeresting ... the irish edition of the Sun has dropped topless photos from Page 311:09
neuroone reader has complained so far11:09
davmor2but neuro how will you ever know what Diana would think without reading the dailymail11:10
mgdmIsn't that the Express? :-)11:11
directhexneuro, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/kitten-block/11:11
neurodavmor2: i think you're thinking of the Daily Express11:11
davmor2</mock the week>11:11
neurodirecthex: easier to just add a line to adblock rather than switch browsers ;)11:11
neuroi don't even want to read the text11:11
directhexneuro, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kitten-block/dicomhebenajaeajoaehlhebjjehjahd?hl=en-GB11:11
neuroas i said, i don't even want to read the thing11:11
directhexneuro, no text, it just redirects *.mailmail.co.uk to tea and kittens11:12
neuroadblock blocks the click as well as all images if i make it to a dm page by accident11:12
neuroso it's hard to unwittingly click through to the dm site11:12
dvrrhow  are you11:19
neuroi've come to an epic conclusion11:19
neurothe next series of doctor who with peter capaldi will be bloody brilliant11:19
neuronot because of anything actually done in the show11:19
dvrri have  problem apache server11:20
neurobut because, hopefully, there will be who/thick of it mashups in the days after11:20
dvrrneuro :  today  i have configured apache + mod_jk +tomcat +mysql + cluster but  i apache  some server problem11:20
neuroum, ok?11:20
dvrri have taken 3 systems   2 servers app tomcat1, tomcat2   3 server  mysql & apache  run but  i am not able to access  application servers   another machine11:24
dvrrneuro : how to access application servers11:32
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neurodvrr: i have no idea dude11:41
MartijnVdSneuro: REALLY?!11:46
neuroit's still possible for some sort of hail mary publicity thing to pull in additional funding11:47
MartijnVdStheverge: the "daily fail" of the internet11:47
neuroyou think?11:47
neuroi find them pretty even handed11:47
MartijnVdSneuro: never seen a good article on there11:47
neuroi've found loads11:47
MartijnVdSaren't they the same as gawker etc.?11:48
neuroum no?11:49
MartijnVdSlike lifehacker and gizmodo11:49
neuronothing to do with them11:49
MartijnVdSOh, it looked similar to me.11:50
MartijnVdSI tend to read arstechnica myself11:50
* neuro cancels his amazon xbox one preorder :P11:51
MartijnVdSsanity prevails again11:51
neuroneed to do it again, apparently there's no headset in the box11:51
neurocrazy preorder placeholder pricing ...11:53
MartijnVdSneuro: "pre-order price guarantee"!11:53
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neuro"Wireless Controller With Play and Charge Kit (Xbox One)" - £89.9911:54
neuro"Chat Headset (Xbox One)" - £89.9911:54
MartijnVdSneuro: wow.. MS really need money don't they11:54
neuroplaceholder pricing11:54
MartijnVdSor so you hope11:54
neuroamazon didn't know what to charge for them, so they priced all the accessories at 90 quid11:54
neurojoypad is $60 in the US, headset $2511:55
neuroso probably 45-50 quid for joypad here, 20 for headset11:55
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directhexcould be worse11:59
directhexlittlewoods are charging 25% above rrp on actually known, published RRPs on next-gen HW12:00
diddledanneuro: see the latest announcement from edge/gogo?12:04
neuroBLOODY HELL12:05
neurowait, WHAT?12:05
diddledanis that good or bad bloody hell? :-p12:05
* MartijnVdS takes away neuro's "shift" and "caps lock" keys12:05
neurothey're going to refund EVERYONE who pledged for an edge at a higher tier?!12:05
diddledanseems that way12:06
neuroso yet again they're going to lose money12:06
neuroall money to go to building phones, except for the hundreds of thousands we've decided to give back to people12:06
neurothis is a fiasco12:07
neuroso what, next week, another magical unicorn event occurs and they drop the phones down to $600?12:08
diddledangerroff moy land!12:08
diddledanthey seem to state that there's not going to be any further reductions12:08
neuroshyeah, right12:09
dvrrneuro: i have two application servers two different machines running (tomcat1, tomcat2 applicatin servers   clustering  & section replication  also complected ) another machine running apache2 server how to biend or (access) that two application servers  using this apache server(using hostname) please help me12:09
neurodvrr: i don't know what you want me to do12:10
neuroit all sounds very complicated, with very little information given, and i'm not a tomcat expert by any means12:10
dvrrok  sorry if you know12:11
SuperMattdvrr: what is your first language?12:16
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: his first language is /quit12:51
SuperMattI was gonna suggest he go to whatever channel speaks his first language12:53
SuperMattI'd much rather people have *easy* support, than try to tackle the language barriers myself12:53
SuperMattif all else fails, I will step up though12:53
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: I think he's been here before, but his English isn't good enough to explain his problem12:54
SuperMattI remember someone a shot while ago said they couldn't get any help in -fr, but I looked in there and there was just as many people as in here12:56
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neuroSuperMatt: he's from hyderabad in india13:45
SuperMattfun times13:46
neurothere's 14 people in #ubuntu-in apparently13:47
neuroand the topic says "talk in english"13:47
SuperMattoh dear13:47
SuperMattnot fun at all13:47
MartijnVdSneuro: that might be because they speak about 2387423 languages in all of India?13:48
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
SuperMattthough I find it quite funny that he's managed to cluster a lot of tomboy stuff, etc, but doesn't know how to set up an apache proxy (I think that's what he was asking)13:48
MartijnVdStomcat != tomboy13:48
SuperMattsorry yes13:49
SuperMattI was being a bit funny with my typing13:49
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ali1234are there any large open source projects written in a language other than english? (for variable names etc)13:52
ali1234i think there's one fairly famous one written in french but i can't remember which one13:52
MartijnVdSStarOffice had German comments13:53
MartijnVdSwell the first OpenOffice branched from it, anyway13:53
ali1234i think the french one is a CRM system written by/for the french government, but also open source and fairly well known13:54
ali1234or it might be french-canadian13:54
MooDoothursday funny - http://31.media.tumblr.com/6cea63a841b80239a07e887ff2eebb9c/tumblr_mr4y5tzmRf1qdlh1io1_r1_250.gif13:55
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neurodepends on your definition of "funny", i guess :)13:56
ali1234i lol'd13:56
Azelphurpopey: did my own take on the popey cam http://www.ustream.tv/channel/Azelphur :)13:57
Azelphurthat's my edimax ip camera pointing out the window, bridged into ustream with ffmpeg13:57
MooDooyou live that close to the sea Azelphur ?13:58
AzelphurMooDoo: shall I turn the camera around for comparison? XD13:59
ali1234yes, clean those windows!14:00
AlanBellthose are funny looking chickens Azelphur14:00
Azelphurali1234: haha14:00
AzelphurAlanBell: indeed :)14:00
MooDooAzelphur: go for it14:00
MartijnVdSsea chickens!14:01
SuperMattoh, that reminds me, I want to create a google+ hangout of my budgies14:01
MartijnVdSuh, that's actually a thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_of_the_Sea14:01
SuperMattmy housemates tell me they never make a sound when I leave the house, I want to test it out14:01
MooDooAzelphur: ha ha ha ha14:01
AzelphurMooDoo: :D14:01
AlanBellas is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_of_the_VNC14:01
AzelphurI been tempted to move the cam to the other room actually, I think the view might be better.14:02
SuperMattAzelphur: any reason why you use ustream and not google+ hangouts?14:03
AzelphurSuperMatt: ustream supports rtsp so I can do this all on a server14:03
SuperMatthangouts can be pumped straight to youtube14:03
ali1234so how do you bridge an IP cam to ustream?14:03
MooDooAzelphur: I might admit I was playing with motion last night14:03
SuperMattah, so no need for an x server?14:03
Azelphurali1234: ffmpeg -r 12 -i "http://admin:1234@" -f flv "${RTMP_URL}/${KEY} flashver=FME/2.5\20(compatible;\20FMSc\201.0)14:04
* SuperMatt starts hacking14:04
SuperMattI know all your passwords now, bwa ha ha ha, etc14:04
AzelphurSuperMatt: xD14:05
AzelphurIf I move it to the other window, there's a load more people14:05
Azelphurwhere as where it is, hardly any people14:05
Azelphurdecisions :P14:05
SuperMattjust stream porn to us instead14:07
SuperMattugg, I hate when you have a parcel on the way, and it's getting closer and closer to home time and it's still not here and dammit I just want to play with it14:08
Azelphurthat's what it looks like out the other window atm14:08
SuperMattooh, a beach14:08
SuperMattaren't you lucky14:09
SuperMattstill, I love this central london malarky14:09
Azelphurwhatcha think, move the ip cam over there?14:09
diddledanand there's me stuck in amazingstoke14:09
SuperMattwhy not?14:09
* Azelphur moves it over14:10
Azelphurgah it's playing up and not wanting to connect to wifi now14:13
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Azelphurthere we go, stream is back at the new location14:28
MooDoobetter view14:29
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
Azelphurhmm, it's apparently doing 30fps now14:31
AzelphurI wonder if that means I can up the frame rate on ffmpeg without getting the crazy hyperspeed playback14:31
Azelphurnah bit naf14:32
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
Azelphurthere we go, managed to fix the aspect ratio now too, much better image http://www.ustream.tv/channel/Azelphur :D15:10
Azelphurgah, looks like I've re-encarnated whatever caused the frame rate to be messed up, though.15:12
MartijnVdSstop torrenting :P15:17
AzelphurMartijnVdS: haha, the problem is that ffmpeg is stupid15:17
Azelphurit basically says mjpgs are all 25 fps15:18
Azelphurand totally ignores the command line arguments15:18
MartijnVdSAzelphur: you need to put the framerate before the -i15:18
Azelphurso I have to tweak the output frame rate to get it just above realtime, and let it catch up15:18
Azelphuryea, I do15:18
Seeker`hmm, I wonder what the candidate GPUs are for the Ubuntu Edge15:18
ali1234none that are available on the market today15:20
Seeker`ali1234: why do you say that?15:20
ali1234because it won't be released until next year15:21
AzelphurI wonder if mark shuttleworth is gonna step in to bulk up the shortfall15:21
Seeker`that doesn't mean it won't use anything currently on the market15:21
ali1234if they use a GPU on the market today it will be a year out of date by next year15:21
AlanBellnope, unless indiegogo let them drop the funding total15:21
Seeker`ali1234: define 'on the market'?15:21
ali1234on the market = OEMs can buy it15:22
ali1234or ODMs15:22
Seeker`nah, there is stuff available to licence now which isn't in any phone products15:22
ali1234yeah, that stuff will be in phones released in Q415:23
MartijnVdSI say we get it to £20M and buy Brompton Road15:24
MartijnVdSmuch cooler15:24
Seeker`ali1234: hmm, not convinced15:25
ali1234the choice is basically powervr, nvidia, or mali15:25
Seeker`ali1234: The products that are going to be used in the next year or so have already been announced by those companies15:26
ali1234the edge itself has been announced too15:26
ali1234it doesn't mean it exists15:27
Seeker`ali1234: doesn't change the fact that I was wondering what canonical are considering for the GPU for the edge15:27
ali1234(16:25:56) ali1234: the choice is basically powervr, nvidia, or mali15:28
Seeker`yes, it doesn't mean that they are considering all of those though15:28
ali1234nobody who knows will tell you because of NDAs15:29
ali1234given the poor reputation of powervr i would say that one is the least likely15:29
Seeker`'poor reputation'?15:30
ali1234yes. everyone hates powervr because of their terrible drivers15:30
MartijnVdS"but it has power in the name"15:30
* Seeker` probably can't comment on powervr drivers15:30
Azelphurmy crazy ffmpeg line at present, btw ./ffmpeg -r 7 -i "http://admin:1234@" -filter:v "scale=640:480,crop=640:360:60:0" -f flv "${RTMP_URL}/${KEY} flashver=FME/2.5\20(compatible;\20FMSc\201.0)"15:30
Azelphurforcing 7 fps, the output runs slightly slower than the input, so it seems to stop to catch up every now and again15:31
Azelphurbut apart from that it's ok \o/15:31
Seeker`ali1234: a lot of people use PowerVR devices for something that 'everyone hates' though :P15:31
ali1234where everyone = open source developers?15:32
RaycisCharlesAm I reading this wrong or are they suggesting the phone is $695?15:32
ali1234it is15:33
RaycisCharlesHow does this compare to existing smartphones in the US, such as the HTC One or Galaxy S4?15:33
ali1234cheaper than S415:33
ali1234no idea about HTC One15:33
ali1234of course that makes about as much sense as comparing the S4 to the S315:34
Seeker`ali1234: you mean people that write stuff for the atoms?15:34
ali1234i don't even know what that means15:35
Seeker`Admittedly I've not been looking, but the last major complaints I saw about powervr drivers were from people writing stuff to run on intel atoms15:35
ali1234nobody at all writes stuff specifically to run on atoms15:36
ali1234except for moblin, which was written by intel specifically to run on atoms15:36
ali1234but since they are intel they have access to the NDA'd documentation to make that work15:36
ali1234of course only one atom chip even used powervr, the rest had integrated graphics with open source drivers15:37
ali1234also that powervr chipset used in atom motherboards is completely different to the mobile powervr used with arm chips, and has a totally different driver15:37
Seeker`like I said, the last complaints I saw about the drivers in open source stuff were from when powervr was used in atoms15:39
mibofrahi, I'm an Italian user but can I ask here? (#ubuntu is too busy and on #ubuntu-it they didn't find a solution)16:20
mibofraPlease :)) ?16:20
daftykinsjust ask16:21
daftykinsbut a channel being 'too busy' is not really a problem16:21
mibofraI'm asking only if I'm a problem here o no16:22
mibofrabut if it's all ok I start to write the question:16:23
davmor2mibofra: just ask we will help if we can16:24
mibofraI'm a minecraft player. (I'm running ubuntu 13.10 dev branch 32bit with linux 3.10.0-5-lowlatency and java oracle 7, I've also installed and tried oracle 8 and openjdk 6-7). Since 2 days ago I get an socket exception error with connection reset form java (on minecraft client) and on my minecraft localhost server too (1. I've tried the aliases too, 2.I've tried with other servers too, 3)server side I get a connection lost form (alias lo16:32
mibofracalhost)). After that I thought it was minecraft to I've joined to the official minecraft channel for technical issues. After hours they (minecraft support) said me (I've reinstalled java and minecraft too) it's the SO (ubuntu) closing the connection. So they said me to ask on ubuntu channels. I've asked first on my common ones #ubuntu-it-chat and #ubuntu-it but with no results. So can I test if the matter is generated by Ubuntu and How can I fi16:32
mibofrax it?16:32
mibofraSorry but it's a long question xD16:32
neurois the server actually listening on localhost?16:35
neuromaybe it's listening on your LAN IP instead?16:35
neuroi'm guessing, i've never used the minecraft server before16:35
neuro(where's popey when you need him)16:36
mibofraneuro, nmap and netstat says the port is open and the server listen on (all interfaces)16:36
neurowhat happens if you telnet to the port?16:37
neurodoes it close the connection immediately, or does it wait16:37
mibofraI've thing I'll did the test but let's repeat16:37
neuroif you've done it already, what was the result? :)16:37
mibofraIt's connected16:38
mibofraspf@spf-laptop:~$ telnet localhost 2556516:38
mibofraConnected to localhost.16:38
mibofraEscape character is '^]'.16:38
neuroyou can use CTRL and ] together to bring the telnet prompt back16:38
neuroand type quit to exit telnet16:38
mibofrayep I know xD16:38
neurosorry :)16:38
mibofranothing thanks anyway :)16:38
neuroaren't there any logs to look at?16:39
mibofrathe server: 18:39:14 [INFO] Disconnecting / Took too long to log in16:39
neurominecraft server logs? or system logs such as /var/log/syslog16:39
ali1234i've seen this problem before16:39
miboframinecraft server dosen't support all commands xD16:39
mibofraand the client16:39
ali1234it can be caused by ISP traffic shaping16:39
ali1234we had this problem on popey's server16:40
mibofraon localhost xD16:40
neuroali1234: but it's on the same machine16:40
ali1234ok, that is extremely unusual16:40
neuroor did you miss the constant mentions of the word 'localhost'? ;)16:40
mibofraclient side : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5963079/16:40
ali1234it *might* be something to do with the minecraft login server?16:42
ali1234both the client and the serer tries to verify you have a paid minecraft account with login.minecraft.net16:42
daftykinsthere's a parameter in the configs to have it an online public or not one or something too - that generally affects things16:43
daftykinsi helped set one up once, never play it though16:43
neuromaking sure the client and server versions are identical is important, from what i've just read16:44
neurolots of google hits for that error, with lots of annoyed minecraft players :(16:44
ali1234i would break out strace and wireshark16:44
mibofrathe same questions of minecraft staff16:45
mibofraanswers xD16:45
daftykinsthe log would disconnect due to version mismatch if so16:45
daftykins*show a16:45
mibofra1)when it can't verify the registration minecrat gives me another error16:45
neuroali1234: so you think it's definitely necessary to break out emacs and modify that perl script? </quote=thesocialnetwork> :D16:46
mibofra2)the same version (1.6.2) server and client (server is or minecraft vanilla o bukkit but I get the same with both)16:46
mibofradaftykins, default the parameter is true16:46
mibofraali1234 nothing important on wireshark16:47
neuroif this started happening 2 days ago, i would be asking this question: what changed 2 days ago?16:47
neurodid you update Ubuntu?  did you update Minecraft?  did you change anything on your system not related to Minecraft?16:48
mibofra(And I've stopped postfix, dovecot, smpamassassin, amavis, apache ecc)16:48
neuroi doubt any of those would matter16:48
mibofraneuro I make the upgrade every day so everything maybe16:49
mibofranero I've said that for the woreshark log, (less services = more legible log)16:49
neurogood point16:49
neurothis may be silly16:50
neurobut have you tried switching off apparmor temporarily?16:50
neurooh well :)16:54
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
Azelphur"When you're dying of malaria, I suppose you'll look up and see that balloon, and I'm not sure how it'll help you." RE Google Internet balloons, Bill Gates.17:01
AzelphurI thought he was a tad smarter than that, maybe he's loosing it in his old age ;)17:01
Azelphurmy view on that is that the old proverb "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" applies. :)17:02
daftykinsno, i'm afraid you've got it all wrong there17:06
daftykinsi think combatting the disease is far more sensible than providing what amounts to a luxury17:07
mgdmdaftykins: +117:08
Azelphurdaftykins: it's not a luxury, as I said, you're providing them with the information to be able to treat it themselves17:08
Azelphurteach a man to fish seriously applies here, you keep throwing food/medicine at them, they'll last till tomorrow17:09
daftykinsno, we're talking about countries where that's not practical17:09
daftykinswell, i don't know Google's plans but i know Bill Gates does work in places where it's not practical17:09
Azelphurwhy not?17:10
daftykinsbecause the infrastructure isn't there to go from how they are now to solving it themselves17:10
Azelphurdaftykins: google is building the infrastructure...that's the point17:10
daftykinsno not *that* infrastructure17:10
daftykinsthe one to reduce disease and so on17:10
daftykinsor generally self-help17:11
Azelphurthen we need to be helping to get that infrastructure in place :)17:11
daftykinsyep, which i'm pretty sure is what the kind of work he does is17:11
Azelphuri see17:12
Azelphurso basically the only complaint is that google is jumping the gun a bit ;)17:12
neuroso, my question is, are google charging to do this?17:12
neuroor are they just doing it for free?17:12
daftykinsAzelphur: to me Google's plan sounds a lot like giving a thirsty person lost in the dessert a sextant (if that's the device) and a wikipedia article on how to work out your latitude and longitude.17:13
daftykinslol desert ;/17:13
daftykinsi have cake on the brain17:13
Azelphurdaftykins: the problem here is that you've, literally, got millions of people stuck in the desert17:14
Azelphurand giving them the information on how to work out their longtitude and latitude is the only answer that has a chance at saving the vast majority of them17:14
daftykinshaha, no because it's bypassing the base requirement of water to begin with17:16
daftykinsthey're delirious and can't read to learn17:16
Azelphurmaybe I'm a little uneducated then, is it literally because of the climate out there that these problems exist?17:17
ali1234you know what? even gates doesn't have views as simplistic as you're claiming17:18
ali1234he knows very well that one of the biggest impediments to his vaccination programs is lack of education17:19
ali1234and you know what enabled education? communication17:19
neuroi went to eat one17:23
daftykinsthe interview i read with him the other day must've been an imposter then17:23
neuroi ate 617:23
daftykinscall it a rounding error17:26
daftykinsNOTHING TO SEE HERE17:26
DJonesAs Obi-Wan would say, this is not the terminal you were looking for17:31
MartijnVdSthanks for your passwords though17:37
* MattJ wonders if directhex's cat is learning to type IP addresses17:41
directhexthat was the boy17:42
directhexthe cat greeted #debian-uk17:42
mibofrahi guys :)17:45
daftykinsoh you came back17:46
ali1234the biggest problem i can see with internet balloons is that it seems rather impractical17:46
mibofrano xD17:47
diddledandoes anybody here access an amazon vps from a saucy sausage desktop? for some reason the private key created by amazon isn't being recognised by my saucy serenade openssh client and I can't work out why.17:47
mibofrabut I notice a thing17:47
mibofraI don't know if the command is built in (an for this thing the server stop the connection) but If I type help on telnet I get a connection closed by foreing host and a connection lost server side17:49
mibofrabut also on servers on the net...17:49
ali1234that's because of protocol error17:50
mibofraok fine17:50
mibofraso I dind't solve the problem xD17:51
ali1234can you connect to other servers on the internet using minecraft client?17:51
mibofrasame eroor17:51
ali1234can other people connect to your server?17:51
mibofraP.S. the internal software firewall is closed/stopped17:52
mibofraali1234, I've to try but they can connect to other services like ircd, openfire (xmpp), postfix, dovecot ecc17:53
MattJXMPP \o/17:53
ali1234you are running a lot of services?17:54
ali1234have you checked for port collisions?17:54
mibofrausually yes and yes they works fine... anyway to be sure I've deactivated all of them17:54
mibofra*work lol17:54
ali1234check "sudo netstat -npl --protocol=inet"17:56
ali1234weirdly enough minecraft does not appear on that18:00
silner1Seems like mbpurple no longer works with Twitter18:00
ali1234but if you do "sudo netstat -npl"18:00
ali1234then it appears as ipv618:00
ali1234tcp6       0      0 :::25565                :::*                    LISTEN      9335/java18:00
MartijnVdSali1234: that means it listens on both v4 and v618:01
ali1234yeah. but you have to specify --protocol=inet6 to see it on netstat18:01
MartijnVdSunless you set that sysctl variable to un-couple v4 and v6 listening or something18:01
mibofrayes there is18:03
neuromibofra: did you try temporarily disabling apparmor?18:03
mibofrano, sudo service apparmor stop?18:03
mibofraok disabilited18:04
mibofralet's try18:04
mibofraconnection reset xD18:06
neuroah well18:06
neurodon't forget to restart apparmor18:06
mibofrayep I've done this :P18:07
mibofrathat's incredible xD18:07
neuroit's working?18:08
mibofrano xD18:08
ali1234i've got mail to root: Subject: Cron <www-data@headfuzz> [ -x /usr/share/awstats/tools/update.sh ] && /usr/share/awstats/tools/update.sh18:09
ali1234i looked in the crontab for root and www-data but that line isn't in there... where is it?18:09
mibofrausually me to ali123418:09
neuroali1234: ls /etc/cron*18:09
neuroin fact18:09
ali1234yeah found it, thanks18:10
ali1234i'm trying to do the initial run of awstats but it seems to by stomping all over itself because it takes longewr than 10 minutes (the log is really big)18:10
ali1234100MB in fact18:11
MartijnVdSstop having such a popular web site!18:22
Azelphurhttp://www.gizmag.com/sol-solar-powered-ubuntu-laptop/28611/ this seems pretty swish18:29
MartijnVdS"Let me unfold my laptop"18:30
MartijnVdSwhat's with this new trend of opening an in-page popup after 10 seconds?18:30
diddledandabs.com have just emailed me their regular spammage of offers. they've got a dlink wireless ac750 dual band "cloud router" <-- wtf is a "cloud router"?18:32
MartijnVdSdiddledan: that means you can change its settings on a website18:33
MartijnVdSdiddledan: even if you're away from the device18:33
MartijnVdSdiddledan: (it connects to the vendor to retrieve its settings)18:33
Azelphuryou mean...like...remote access that every router ever has?18:33
diddledansounds like a privacy nightmare18:33
MartijnVdSthat's what it meant for Linksys18:33
Azelphurseems silly18:33
MartijnVdSdiddledan: 'tis18:33
Azelphurdiddledan: Check out the Asus RT-N16 for current decent bang for buck router18:34
* MartijnVdS always buys OpenWRT-capable routers. Just 'cause18:34
Azelphurthose things are evil as hell >:)18:34
MartijnVdSTP-Link 430018:34
MartijnVdSuntil their 4900 gets better support in OpenWRT :)18:34
diddledanI quite like mikrotik routers except for the closed nature of them18:35
MartijnVdSdiddledan: have a look at Ubiquity then :)18:35
AzelphurMartijnVdS: that's a nice box too :)18:35
Azelphurare the antennas detachable?18:36
MartijnVdSAzelphur: yes, but they're dual-band, so if you replace them you need to use dual-band ones18:36
MartijnVdSor disable either 2.4 or 5GHz18:36
Azelphurseems similar to the RT-N16 but more expensive :P18:36
MartijnVdSAzelphur: the 4900 or the 4300?18:37
Azelphuralthough the WDR4300 has a better chipset18:37
Azelphurthe 430018:37
Azelphurwoa, that 4900 is beastly18:37
AzelphurI'll probably upgrade when it gets to 802.11ac properly18:38
MartijnVdSAzelphur: RT-N16 is currently "work in progress" for OpenWRT, 4300 hardware support is amazing :)18:38
Azelphurcool :)18:38
diddledanlol @ marketing, aparently 1000Mbps is 10 times bigger than 100Mbps18:38
MartijnVdSis it now18:38
Azelphurbigger xD18:38
daftykinsit angers me when units are put up wrong18:38
daftykinsso, 90% of the time18:39
diddledanhttp://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/?model=TL-WDR4900 <-- note the second image with the massive "speeds can be 10x faster"18:39
MartijnVdSdiddledan: welcome to the world of marketing18:39
MartijnVdSdiddledan: where reality does not really exist18:40
MartijnVdSmuch better infoz18:40
daftykinsALL THE ANTENNAS18:40
Azelphurwtf, 6 antenna?18:40
MartijnVdSyeah that's the Chinese model18:40
daftykinsthat thing looks pricklier than a Cactus18:40
MartijnVdSthey don't do dual-band antennas in China or something18:40
MartijnVdSanyway, it's *ppc* instead of mips or arm18:41
MartijnVdSbecause.. why not18:41
MartijnVdSprobably because it's faster :)18:41
ali1234mips is pretty lame tbh18:42
MartijnVdSali1234: most consumer routers are mips18:42
ali1234yeah, and they are trash :P18:42
MartijnVdSthough arm ones are becoming available18:42
AlanBellPPC just became mildly more open did it not?18:42
AzelphurI want that router now lol18:43
ali1234it's a cpu architecture... how can be become more open?18:43
AlanBellhttp://www.businesscloudnews.com/2013/08/07/ibm-opens-up-power-architecture-to-bolster-cloud-at-chip-level/ it is using a definition of the word "open" that I am not familiar with18:44
ali1234ah, openwashing18:44
diddledandoes anybody even buy anything from IBM these days?!18:46
diddledanapart from ppc chips18:46
AlanBellthe government of Australia did18:46
MartijnVdShaha, "oops"18:46
MartijnVdSWe (work) tried to get IBM to implement something a few years ago18:47
diddledanI get the impression that IBM are "a shadow of their former self"18:47
MartijnVdSThey were sent packing when they hadn't delivered anything (except a huge bill) after more than a year18:47
MartijnVdSdiddledan: that's what you get when management thinks "making things" isn't your core business -- look at HP18:47
MartijnVdSJust sell consultancy, and be bad at everything while raking in the money.18:48
diddledanyeah, so HP still arguably has a server business, but I get the impression they'd rather not18:48
diddledanseems servers aren't worth having  unless they're dell-branded18:49
MartijnVdSdiddledan: Léo Apotheker made sure of that18:49
MartijnVdSdiddledan: "During his tenure as chief executive at HP, the company lost more than $30 billion in market capitalization after a series of strategic missteps by the company, leading to his resignation."18:49
diddledanit used to be that compaq (later bought out by hp) were the _only_ brand of system you'd see in public AND private sector deployments around year 200018:50
diddledansince the buyout hp have killed the entire business18:50
diddledanseems oracle are trying hard to do the same18:50
MartijnVdSdiddledan: IBM Thinkpads to Lenovo18:51
MartijnVdSdiddledan: another example18:51
diddledanoracle are doing it differently tho - they're suing anybody who has investment in their products/techs18:51
shaunowe've still got ~2003 thinkpads that just won't die18:52
MartijnVdSshauno: Along with Nokia 3310s?18:52
diddledanoracle can't innovate - they've just stagnated BDB, MySQL and their own OracleDB18:52
diddledanand Solaris too18:52
diddledangod, thankyou for reminding me of that god-awful "nokia tune"18:53
directhexdiddledan, i can make it worse18:53
shaunoMartijnVdS: 3510's :)18:53
directhexremember when they started shipping phones with the contest-winning dubstep remix of the nokia tune?18:53
diddledanno, must, not, click18:54
* diddledan clicks18:54
ali1234directhex: funny you should mention that18:54
daftykinssuch dire noise.18:54
ali1234that new jingle was chosen in a user-vote competition18:54
ali1234it wasn't the most popular entry though18:55
ali1234click on "the great marvelous" - that's what actually won18:55
directhexali1234, lol18:56
shaunolol @ nokia chinese18:56
ali1234the worst thing about that dubstep remix is how "safe" it is18:57
diddledanhow do I submit a bug on launchpad that can only be replicated by using my private key?18:58
ali1234it's like dubstep for people who don't like dubstep18:58
daftykinsit's horrific even still18:58
ali1234this makes it even worse18:58
daftykinswhich continues to support my view that the entire 'genre' is noise18:59
ali1234i mean if you're going to have a horrible noise, at least make it a properly horrible noise18:59
ali1234it's classic executive meddling basically19:01
daftykins'you know what'd make the youth of today love us? if we trashed our product!'19:06
ali1234it's not designed to appeal to "youth"19:07
daftykinsyou're taking that way too seriously19:08
ali1234it's literally not though19:10
ali1234it's like the mid 2000's when literally everything had an amen break slapped on it19:10
daftykinsa what?19:11
Azelphurgenerated a timelapse of today from my camera, https://www.dropbox.com/s/l901jp1es6trtwf/out.mp4 :D19:12
Azelphurindeed xD19:13
ali1234daftykins: https://www.youtube.com/watch&v=e8ZH9JifNrQ&t=8819:16
MartijnVdSitym https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8ZH9JifNrQ&t=8819:16
ali1234anyway, this is the most egregious thing about this type of advertising. it's not aimed at kids - they'll immediately see through it. it's aimed at adults trying to be cool19:17
ali1234no actual dubstep fan will think that nokia thing is good19:18
mibofrahi xD19:26
mibofrahow are you XD ?19:27
daftykinsi'm ok ty, how are you?19:29
mibofrafine thanks :)19:32
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
popeyEvening all.19:45
MartijnVdShi popey19:45
MartijnVdSback from the deep south again? :)19:45
ali1234awstats is slow :(19:48
MartijnVdSali1234: again, stop having such a popular website19:50
ali1234it's not even that popular19:50
ali1234access.log is 400000 lines19:52
ali1234awstats seems to process around 100 log entries per second19:53
MartijnVdSturn off DNS lookups19:53
ali1234but then the stats won't tell me anything interesting :(19:54
ali1234does anyone use google analytics?19:55
ali1234does it tell you things you can't get from the apache logs?19:55
ali1234like ... demographics of visitors like age, sex, median income?19:55
popeyyou get stuff like screen res19:59
popeyi haven't looked at it for ages20:00
ali1234hmm... well, i could get that with a bit of javascript if i wanted to20:00
ali1234basically, anything i couldn't get any other way?20:00
ali1234(short of having a questionnaire for users)20:00
ali1234basically the guys are asking me to put google analytics on the webpage. i don't really want to because of the cookie law - it means i have to add one of those annoying banners too20:01
shaunoI think you'd have to abuse adwords to get anything demographic-y out of them20:02
shaunonot sure how you'd go about that either, but analytics hits a pretty low ceiling if it's not part of a campaign20:03
daftykinsali1234: i heard that the banner thing isn't law20:04
daftykinsali1234: from the guy that works privacy, who was part of bringing it about20:04
ali1234from paladine?20:04
daftykinsthat's the one20:04
ali1234that doesn't sound like something he would say :)20:04
daftykinshe told me it was something sites do to complain about the law20:05
daftykinsby going all obtrusive about it20:05
ali1234oh yeah, it's not the law that you have to have a banner20:05
daftykinsnah, seriously20:05
ali1234you can opt to not use tracking cookies20:05
ali1234ie not use google analytics at all20:05
daftykinsseriously hate them :/20:05
ali1234tat's his point20:05
ali1234that's what i want to do - i don't want to use google analytics, so that i don't need to have the stupid banner20:06
diddledanthe eu directive states that you MUST inform the user about your use of cookies and give them the option to turn them off20:06
ali1234yeah. most people don't even give the option to turn it off, so are not even in compliance anyway20:06
shaunohttp://www.ico.org.uk/for_organisations/privacy_and_electronic_communications/the_guide/cookies   ^F  Implied Consent20:06
daftykinsdoubt it involves something sticking in your face though20:06
ali1234well it's not about the banner20:07
ali1234it's about havin to implement *something*20:07
ali1234if i can get all the same info from awstats, then i'd rather do that and not have to worry about it20:07
daftykinsThe Register's gets on my chest20:07
ali1234yeah me too20:08
diddledanthere's two conflicting methods - 1) set cookies and tell them after the page has loaded and explain how to remove the cookies, 2) ensure no cookies are set until the user has agreed to their use. opt-in vs opt-out20:08
daftykinsi'm a browser cache clearer type too, so it'll always be there :(20:08
ali1234our site has 0  tracking rubbish on it now20:10
diddledandifferent opinions are raised about what constitutes "explicit consent" - some take the fact that the user has not turned off the setting in their browser combined with visiting site x as explicit consent. others say that the user has to click a button on the site in question to qualify as explicit consent20:10
ali1234even the facebook like buttons are implemented using the http link api, ie they are inert unless you click on them20:10
ali1234and if you click on them it opens facebook in a new window, hence it's not our problem20:11
ali1234oh, awstats finished20:12
diddledanthe big hole that the eu didn't consider, however, is if it's optional and cookies are to be prevented if the user hasn't chosen to receive them, then how do you store their choice of not wanting the cookies?20:12
diddledan+1 for catch22 law making20:13
shaunothey're exempted :P20:14
diddledannot according to the rules20:14
shauno"user interface customisation cookies, eg language preference cookies to remember the language selected by the user.20:15
diddledanI've spent a good deal of time examining the various options, and haven't a clue what is the most appropriate method, and it's my job to know20:15
ali1234hmm... 58% mac, 31% windows, 9% linux - that's after filtering out my own accesses20:16
shaunothat's a preference option that's "not used for additional purposes" - can't be used to id/track/etc, so I'd use it as an exemption20:16
diddledanali1234: before you saw those stats what would you have said was your target audience most appropriately using as an os?20:17
diddledanthat engrish sucks20:17
ali1234well, the target audience is musicians so i'm not particularly surprised20:17
diddledanyeah, that'll explain why max is so high20:17
ali1234also i happen to know the other two people who run the site use macs, but i don't know what their ips are so i can't filter them20:18
ali1234more surprised linux is so high20:18
diddledanhaven't you heard, linux is awesome!20:18
ali1234i heard it20:18
=== ivanka_ is now known as ivanka_train
diddledanis there a program available anyplace that will pretend to be an extra monitor for my ubuntu desktop to extend the desktop area onto my laptop monitor?20:50
AlanBelldiddledan: not exactly (as far as I know) but you can use synergy to seamlessly share mouse and keyboard20:53
AlanBellso you have laptop things on the laptop and you move the mouse across and just use them20:53
diddledanAlanBell: I'm already using that, but I want to be able to pull windows across onto a non-native display20:53
AlanBellyou just can't drag windows between machines20:54
AlanBellI think this is the not-quite fulfilled promise of network transparency of X20:54
AlanBelland I don't think Mir/Wayland will improve things much20:55
ali1234fine, be like that :S21:00
AlanBell!info xdmx21:02
lubotu3xdmx (source: xorg-server): distributed multihead X server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:1.13.0-0ubuntu6.2 (quantal), package size 835 kB, installed size 1924 kB21:02
ali1234also http://xpra.org/21:02
ali1234the problem with these types of solutions is they don't work with acceleration21:02
ali1234so they don't work with "modern" desktop interfaces21:03
ali1234wayland will almost certainly make things a lot worse21:04
ali1234and afaik mir is wayland by a different name21:04
AlanBellI knew about xpra, it is neat, but slow (or it was)21:05
ali1234yeah, well, pushing the UI over the network is never going to be fast21:05
AlanBellxdmx sounds like it is more likely to use accelleration21:06
ali1234i think it grew some support for it at some point21:06
ali1234i've never used it21:06
ali1234i use synergy quite a bit21:07
ali1234i don't see the need to move windows across screens21:07
ali1234just open another one :P21:07
ali1234did i ever tell you guys about my last synergy hack?21:07
diddledanI don't so much need the window to move, but I want the window on one pc to be tied to the other pc21:08
diddledanI figure it's easiest if the screen was extended21:08
ali1234i made a hardware bus mouse emulator, now i can control retro computers using synergy, without installing any software21:08
ali1234huh? that's really easy, just xhost it21:09
ali1234on laptop: ssh -X desktop, then run the program21:09
ali1234you might also like synergy-bluetooth... it's like roaming synergy with auto service discovery21:11
ali1234and it doesn't flake out if you use all your wifi bandwidth, cos it's ona side channel21:12
ali1234i would put that on github but synergy insists on using svn21:13
diddledangithub really needs a synchronisation with svn feature21:13
ali1234git has it... but it's very annoying to use21:15
diddledanergh, the bugs are coming in21:15
diddledangotta close the winda21:15
ali1234"checkiing out" an svn repo takes forever because you're not supposed to take a whole copy of the repo with svn21:16
ali1234you just have a working copy21:16
diddledanyeah, you have to checkout each commit separately21:16
ali1234you also can't do a patch series properly that way21:16
diddledangit-svn can automate it, but still takes forever on long histories21:16
ali1234it's all or nothing21:16
ali1234basically svn is awful if you don't have commit access to the repository21:17
diddledando I recall that google are shutting down code.google.com?21:18
ali1234no, they shut down the downloads21:18
diddledanor did I invent it?21:18
ali1234because people were abusing it21:18
ali1234so you can't put your compiled exe there21:19
ali1234but the source is still fine21:19
ali1234you can put downloads in google drive of course :)21:19
ali1234so what other stats programs are there than webstats and webaliyzer?21:25
ali1234awstats sorry21:25
ali1234botnets :(21:30
ali1234we got more traffic in an hour from a distributed brute force login attempt than we got from legit users in two months21:30
neuroali1234: just catching up from before (was watching Vanishing Point)21:37
neuroyou don't need to do one of those annoying cookie banners any more21:37
neurothey relaxed the legislation21:37
ali1234i'd still rather not have google analytics21:47
ali1234i wish wordpress had a failed login log21:47
ali1234i have a suspicious looking entry in the access logs. looks like someone got in by brute force21:47
ali1234but i have no idea what user they got in with21:47
neuroali1234: http://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-login-log/22:01
ali1234yeah, i know about those now :)22:02
ali1234no one got in anyway. there was only one successful login during the attack and it appears to be a coincidence that that person has the same browser as the one the attack bot is spoofing22:07
ali1234if they did get in they didn't do anything - backups show the database and www files didn't change22:10
ali1234what's the state of the art with roguelikes these days?23:34
Adriannomi've been using gnome fallback on 12.10, just upgraded to 13.04.  even before the upgrade both chrome and firefox would regularly uhm... fail to refresh the graphics within the window.  you can still interact with the pages (albeit blind) and if you resize the window it usually refreshes the graphics to show you what has happened.  sometimes resizing to a narrower size "fixes" the problem, as long as i don't make it bigge23:54
Adriannomr again.  tried to upgrade to fix it, but it's become more frequent instead.  any ideas?23:54
Adriannomtried google but i don't really know how to disambiguate my search23:55
daftykinsAdriannom: what kind of system is it? what graphics, in particular? sounds old to be struggling with unity23:58
Adriannomnah i'm the one who struggles with unity23:58
Adriannomis that not common?23:58
AdriannomVGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G72 [GeForce 7300 GS] (rev a1)23:59
Adriannomnot sure about cpu etc.  i have a bad memory.  is there a way to check?23:59

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