snap-lmathomastech: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9058804/BTa2e.jpg00:23
rick_hbwuhahaha, <3 bookmarklet bookie users should be happy. Nearly instant content loading and fulltext indexing now03:10
rick_hupdated the celery setup so things are instant queue'd worked on.03:11
rick_hvs time based03:11
rick_halso some admin friendly bits, import fixes, error notifications03:11
rick_hsorry for the downtime :/03:11
Blazeixi want my money back03:11
rick_hheh, I'm out of checks :(03:12
rick_hfixing bookie from the car in the closed caribou parking lot ftw!03:12
Blazeixhaha, nice03:12
rick_hahhhh, and nice new admin api end points for rerunning imports and indexing.03:13
rick_hnow let's hope I can get the new rackspace servers up before memory becomes a problem now that redis is running :/03:14
greg-gis there a good reference explaining "you're doing it wrong"?03:15
greg-germ, forgot the first part of that :)03:15
greg-gugh, my bank does bad user agent string matching/blocking :(03:15
Blazeixmaybe http://foaas.com/03:19
snap-lGood morning13:34
jrwrenwhat is so good about it?13:34
jrwreni guess it is good.13:35
jrwreni'm watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9kobkqAicU13:35
jrwrengood morning to you.13:35
snap-lWell, we're still here to talk about it13:35
snap-lso that's good to hear.13:35
brouschGoing to a model rocket launch event Saturday13:37
brouschIn the middle of a wastewater treatment plant13:37
* snap-l just moved some more bookmarks to Bookie.14:18
snap-lNow the only bookmarks I have are work-related, links to some personal sites, and bookie-stubs14:18
snap-lie: bookmark that says "news" that points to https://bmark.us/craig/recent/news?count=50&page=014:19
snap-lI think it's a service I can trust, especially the level of support I receive from someone who fires his laptop up in the Caribou parking lot. :)14:21
rick_hand it's good because my branch is up for review finally!14:21
brouschHe seems kind of sketchy. I heard he doesn't even run a real desktop environment.14:21
rick_hand that explains why my pebble just went nuts with new bookmarks :P14:21
brouschYou get an alert for each new bookmark?14:22
rick_hbrousch: yes, I use ifttt to turn the bookie rss feed into text messages to google voice14:22
snap-lOh that's no good. :)14:23
rick_hbrousch: makes me feel good as traffic pics up14:23
rick_hused to get a couple a day, been a bit more lately14:23
* brousch redoubles his Django bookmarking14:23
snap-lYou should have it do a "yabba dabba do" for each bookmark, like Steve Gibson14:23
rick_hyea, sometimes it's fun to play "name that bookmark-er"14:24
rick_hbut mainly it's just good to have a daily reminder that there's this thing out there that would like some attention14:24
snap-lAnd a nice positive way to learn that14:25
snap-las opposed to nagios alerts14:25
rick_hat some point I'll turn it off, but then I'll have to throw a party that there's too many bookmarks to not be annoyed by it14:25
brouschrick_h: I started 2 projects with Pyramid to give it a try. It's easier than I remembered. I'm not sure if the docs improved or if my Django use has made things more obvious14:30
snap-lProbably both14:34
snap-lThat and you're better looking now14:34
rick_hyea, understand how a framework works better14:35
brouschI had a similar experience with Python. I looked at it in about 2004, but via Zope and Plone. Then I did Java for a couple years and went back to Python and I saw how great it is14:37
brouschHm, I should go look at Zope and Plone again. They might be the most awesome things ever now14:38
rick_houch, chromecast order updated from tomorrow until Oct 17-30th :/14:41
snap-lbrousch: I wonder if that means when you head back to Java that'll make Java more awesome?14:42
snap-lor is the inverse true. ;)14:42
brouschWell I looked at Android, and it was not awesome14:42
snap-lyeah, every time I look at Java I think of turd polishing14:42
snap-lI hope soma.fm never gets rid of the defcon channel15:26
snap-lBeen loving the hell out if it15:26
snap-lBlazeix: Would you pass this link along to mathomastech: http://i.imgur.com/qq9Ofpi.jpg16:40
snap-lCurrent Wallpaper: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9058804/spy_vs_spy_3360x1050_wallpaper_Wallpaper_3360x1050_www.wallpaperbeautiful.com.jpg16:44
Blazeixsent. that will be 5ยข17:35
rick_hman, postage prices have gone down17:36
brouschThat's email postage17:37
brouschAll email postage fees go directly to the NSA so they can help to protect your freedom17:38
brouschsnap-l: I'm not feeling the legendary Ting love. I ordered my phone 9 days ago, no tracking number has been sent, and an email to support yesterday has not been answered.17:58
snap-lbrousch: Patience18:07
snap-lBlazeix: Thanks. I'll send it via Paypal18:07
snap-lOh, sorry, they took it all in service fees18:07
brousch8 days with no notice seemed pretty patient to me18:10
brouschThey took the money right away!18:10
snap-lWhich phone did you order?18:12
brouschHm, maybe they didn't take the money yet18:16
jrwrenjuju is agplv3??? WTF?!?!18:45
rick_hmost of our stuff is18:48
jrwreni guess that is fine :)18:49
jrwrenmy first reaction was insane freakout, but i'm over it. :)18:50
brouschOH, now the phone is back order18:57
snap-lbrousch: Ugh19:00
snap-lI think you need to contact them again. That's crap.19:00
brouschI have19:00
brouschMight as well wait for my Edge19:01
snap-lNow now19:01
snap-lIt's worth the wait. Trust me19:02
snap-lbut yeah, they're not large enough to really have the shipping devices bit down yet19:02
brouschI responded that the confirmation email should mention the back order instead of saying it will ship the next day19:03
greg-gsnap-l: totally agree re DEF CON somaFM station22:17
greg-g"and whenever a fed said something that was bullshit they'd way the pendants like this, and those pendants were always waving"22:22
greg-gsnap-l: the DJ list is pretty impressive sounding, too http://somafm.com/events/aboutyourdj.html22:40
greg-gsnap-l: a bad sign though, that all of the urls for it are "event" eg that page and the playlist :/22:40

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