bkerensanathwill: yo00:04
bkerensanathwill: didnt see you in here... so many channels/servers00:04
nathwillhow goes?00:09
bkerensanathwill: good00:12
bkerensanathwill: getting ready to go to sunny california00:13
bkerensathen Hong Kong00:13
bkerensathen Cali again ;p00:13
nathwillgoing to hong kong?!00:14
nathwillexplain yourself!00:14
bkerensanathwill: OpenStack Developer Summit ofc00:16
bkerensaI wish I could go to NYC for KalturaConnect but maybe next year00:17
nathwillalright, peace out00:50
bkerensaoh balls01:00
* bkerensa runs to a client property to do work01:00
bkerensaBrian_H: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bkerensa/9361242427/19:17
Brian_Hbkerensa: :)19:19

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