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jthanwyattderp: Do you know my name? :-p03:28
wyattderpjthan, I dont think so o.O03:28
jthanIt was on your list!03:28
jthanDoes andrew not even idle here anymore?03:29
TheLordOfTimejthan:  been away for a while...?03:31
jthanYeah, kind of.03:31
jthanActually yeah.03:33
jthanTo be honest, I don't know why I idle here.03:33
jthanNone of the "originals" that I met here are even here anymore, minus a few that are also in other channels. so.03:34
TheLordOfTimeI lurk here because men03:34
TheLordOfTimethe channel's usually  inactive 99% of the time so...03:35
* TheLordOfTime shrugs03:35
TheLordOfTimei'm usually in #ubuntu-server or #ubuntu-bugs or some bitcoin channel more often than not.  or #ubuntuforums xD03:35
jthanYeah. It used to be just the opposite. Used to be able to come here at any given hour of the day and there was a lot of active conversation03:35
jthan*sigh* the good ol' days.03:36
jthanI don't even use Ubuntu anymore. Such is my life.03:37
jthanbts3685: MAKE KEJAVA COME BACK03:38
jthanpleia2: and you can get andrew.03:38
TheLordOfTimejthan:  heh.  i still use Ubuntu primarily, mostly on servers, and since the last time I saw this channel active I've moved into specializing with bug triage.03:39
TheLordOfTime(even more specifically, bug triage for nginx :P)03:39
jthanOh that's nifty. I'm a fan.03:39
jthanAnd by "i'm a fan" I mean, I haven't tried nginx yet, but I have menat to.03:40
TheLordOfTimei do the triaging of ubuntu bugs for nginx03:40
TheLordOfTimei also maintain their PPAs, but i'm a little behind03:40
TheLordOfTimealthough I'm going to apply for upload rights for the nginx package here on Ubuntu at some point03:40
jthanI wish I had more time to be active. There is so much I want to delve into and try.03:40
TheLordOfTime... maybe after this Critical SRU goes through03:40
TheLordOfTimejthan:  honestly, this is my "ubuntu activity" when i'm here03:41
TheLordOfTimebut i've been active less and less03:41
TheLordOfTime(BUT STILL KICKING!)03:41
jthanI think it counts :-p03:41
jthanI used to hang out in #ubuntu offering a hand whenever possible.03:41
TheLordOfTimei do support on Ask Ubuntu nowadays03:42
TheLordOfTimeoccasional support in #ubuntu-server because nginx03:42
jthanAsk Ubuntu?03:43
jthanOh that's really cool.03:43
jthanI want to contribute :-p03:43
TheLordOfTimeyou can, it's free!03:45
TheLordOfTimehttp://askubuntu.com/users/10616/thomas-w  <-- that's me03:45
jthanI don't even have an install though, so most times checking into a solution is pretty difficult :-p03:45
TheLordOfTimejthan:  you can just help newbies then03:45
TheLordOfTimewith basics03:45
jthanThat's true. What languages are you proficient in?03:45
TheLordOfTime"languages" as in...03:45
TheLordOfTimespoken language or coding?03:45
jthanCoding. Sorry.. was reading your bio. It made sense in my head.03:46
TheLordOfTimethat's an old bio03:46
TheLordOfTimeuse my LP information instead03:46
jthanYou should fix the link in your bio then03:46
TheLordOfTime"proficient" is a relative term, i'm by no means expert in each03:46
TheLordOfTimeyes i should03:47
TheLordOfTimeas i said, old bio03:47
TheLordOfTimejthan:  and i've updated my bio a little now.03:47
TheLordOfTimebut... i don't keep that stuff up to date03:48
jthanYou go to Pitt?03:48
TheLordOfTimenope, Penn State.03:48
TheLordOfTimePenn State Harrisburg Campus if you want to be specific03:48
TheLordOfTimebut still Penn State03:48
jthanGot it.03:48
jthanI'm on the other side of the state, Hellertown... About 20 minutes East of Allentown.03:48
TheLordOfTimeyeah you're on the far other side of the state from me :P03:49
jthanYes, indeed.03:49
TheLordOfTimeI'm in Pittsburgh right now, but I go to school in Harrisburg03:49
jthanPittsburgh is a legit city.03:49
TheLordOfTimeyou're kinda in prime position to go to FOSSCON though03:49
TheLordOfTimeme, well...03:49
jthanI go to school out in Boulder, CO.  About to head back next Thursday.03:49
* TheLordOfTime can't afford it at the moment03:49
jthan:-/ Been there, done that.03:49
TheLordOfTimei need to go to FOSSCON.. can't this year :/03:50
TheLordOfTimebecause E: No Money.03:50
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JonathanDMorning rmg5109:22
KyleYankanTheLordOfTime: Too far away from fosscon?10:59
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:10
InHisNameTheLordOfTime: try to check if someone else is leaving from Harrisburg for fosscon with empty seat in vehicle.  Check with JonathanD.  You might luck out with only $0 cost space to fosscon, if the driver wants to be generous.13:21
JonathanDTheLordOfTime: you're only in hburg?13:22
InHisNameHi JonathanD and everyone else13:22
JonathanDHey InHisName13:22
InHisNameWill fosscon doors be 'open' at 8:30, if I arrive that early ?13:23
JonathanDWe might still be doing some setup.13:23
JonathanD(you can help :P)13:23
InHisNameI could help13:23
InHisNameOh you said that13:23
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jedijfrmg51: how are we on cd's/dvd's?13:55
jedijfi have sticks for usb installs - vm's to play with - can use sticks for that too13:56
rmg51I just bought 25 dvds13:56
jedijfdon't burn - we'll do onsite when we know what they want'13:56
rmg51still have plenty of cds13:57
jedijfsound like a plan?13:57
rmg51it's what we did last year13:57
jedijfcan't remember yesterday, let alone last year13:58
rmg51now all I have to do is get out of the apt early ebough13:58
jedijfwell, i mean you can get there whenever - i should be there by 8 to setup - pastry first then our stuff -13:59
jedijfgonna defer to fedora and gentoo and let them setup if they're there14:00
jedijfsince they're supporting fest too14:00
jedijfbbiab bid opening in 15 minutes in brick nj14:02
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* wyattderp Is glaring at teddy-dbear "Darn knife weilding bear..."18:15
teddy-dbearI may have to dig out my sword for fosscon ;-)18:17
wyattderpOh so you will be there... o.O18:17
teddy-dbearor my tommygun18:18
wyattderpREMATCH BEAR! I'll bring my.... lighter.18:18
teddy-dbearmaybe my pitchfork18:18
wyattderpHmm... We will have to see...18:19
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