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wrstOmnifrog:  its been a while thought someone needed to break the silence :)17:06
wrstgotta do what we can17:11
Omnifrogtoday is kids first day back to school17:42
wrstmy wife (kindergarten teacher) started on Tuesday17:52
average_guyI going for open-house tomorrow17:53
wrsthowdy average_guy!17:53
average_guyhi wrst17:53
average_guylife good?17:53
wrsthow have things been going?17:53
wrstyep good for me17:53
average_guysame here man, worried about my brat in school though17:54
average_guy1st grade17:54
wrstwhat grade ?17:54
wrstI have a few years before school for ours17:55
average_guyMine is a terror at school17:57
wrstaren't they all? :)17:58
average_guysuspended from boys n girls club this week, which I didn't even know was possible17:58
Omnifroghi average_guy18:12
average_guyhello Omnifrog, how goes things your way?18:15
Omnifrogpretty good here too :D18:16
Omnifrogtrying to decide what to play this evening18:16
wrstany luck yet?18:18
Omnifrogeh, my playlist is a mess18:19
Omnifrogit's all over the place18:19
average_guywhat kinda croud are you playing to?18:24
Omnifrogextremely eclectic18:26
OmnifrogI can get away with just about anything18:27
average_guynice, sounds easy then18:27
Omnifrogit should be18:28
average_guyyeah, sounds good18:28
Omnifrogbetween trying not to play the same things show after show and also making it somewhat fun to listen to I get bogged down sometimes18:29
average_guyI listen to a broad range of music myself.  Just depends on the mood. Could be Cannibal Corpse, could be Simon and Garfunkle18:31
Omnifrogyeah. same here18:31
Omnifrogthere are some DJ's on the station who are fine with playing several ACDC hits on every bloody show they do18:33
wrstback in black  is great but... you could eventually get too much18:34
Omnifrogand I have to actually listen to what I'm playing , lol18:35
average_guythis is why I can't take the radio very long, classic rock stations are the worst to me.  You get 50 years of music to pick from and yet they play the same 25 songs EVERYDAY18:38
Omnifrogyeah. that gets tedious18:38
OmnifrogI have the opposite problem18:38
Omnifrog80k tracks to choose from18:39
average_guyyeah, that seems like a lot, at first....18:39
Omnifroghuh, I didn't know the Thompson Twins covered the Beatles 'Revolution'18:46
wrstOmnifrog: and with madonna http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaCUl8F14XU18:50
wrstwow this is awful18:51
Unit193Eww, can tell by the name alone...18:52
wrstoh no Unit193 just listen its horrible18:52
Unit193Your fault if I try to kill you in your sleep, though...18:52
wrstif you cover a beatles song you don't need to suck at it18:52
Omnifrogdeeeear lord it sucks18:52
wrstOmnifrog: is that not one of the worse cases of suck you have ever heard?18:53
wrstwere they high?18:53
Unit193The Beatles?  Maybe. :D18:53
Omnifrogthe studio version was actually not bad. I put it my stand-by playlist for now18:53
Omnifrogbut that live performance was awful18:54
wrstand granted the sound and what not is generally not wonderful that thos type of things but vocal pitch... wow18:54
OmnifrogI seem to be stuck in the 80's18:57
wrstOmnifrog: I didn't exactly see this coming for a beatles cover either: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ptd0D4Y18-U18:57
wrstthat's weird also18:58
wrstI actually know a guy that went to high school with gwen stefani out in the LA area18:59
OmnifrogI like her19:04
wrstmay have been actually jr high regardless said she had not grown into her current look19:04
wrsthe advised a guy not to go out with her19:05
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siducerwrst u here23:13
siducercyberanger u here23:15
wrstI was here!23:30
wrstUnit193: we need a special alarm that will dial my phone for him :) he did stay 7 minutes23:37
wrstwow ipv623:38
DJOmnifrogpeople are using that now??!?!?23:44
wrstdynamic dns services will certainly get a boost when that gets adapted no one will ever attempt to remember an ip address again23:45

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