zykotick9MercX: try #c++00:01
MercXquiet over there00:01
barbara____ugh I just installed ubuntu 12.10 for my grandmother lol and ubuntu one is not showing up on the system tray00:01
barbara____im using gnome-fallback-session00:02
barbara____package manager shows it installed00:02
zykotick9barbara____: you might want to try the #ubuntu-one channel?00:02
barbara____but i figured it was an ubuntu issue00:02
MrLahey Hey thereI am running Lubuntu 13.04 and can't seem to resolve a monitor issue. I am on a laptop with a 1280x800 display, and connected an external monitor with a 1920x1080 display. On the large external display the lxpanel bar is the width of the screen, but program windows such as Firefox etc are behaving as if they are on the laptop monitor with a 1280x800 resolution-in other words they open as smaller windows in the upper left han00:04
MrLaheyd corner of the screen. I have been playing around with arandr but cannot fix it00:04
robin0800barbara____, Don't think it will show until you have set it up00:05
barbara____any idea how i can launch it00:05
MercXMrLahey: are you clonginy our monitors?00:05
frinottMercX: shoot00:05
barbara____alright im logging in lets see if it goes to the tray00:06
zykotick9MrLahey: TPBs rules!  best of luck with your issue.00:06
robin0800barbara____, From the menu its in system preferences00:06
MercXfrinott: I am getting undefined reference errors, i believe from the X11 library00:06
MercXi just installed all the libs (packages) required by the source code,00:07
barbara____good news is it's syncing bad news is... still not in the tray00:07
MercXwhat is a good way to find where these functions? exist00:07
frinottpaste gcc output to paste.ubuntu.com00:08
detlyI actually now have an installed ubuntu system on /dev/sda00:10
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:10
detlyit just won't boot00:10
barbara____i did add to panel and ubuntuone isnt a choice00:10
MrLaheyMercX  I'm not sure if I need to be cloning...I just want it to work fullscreen when I am hooked up to the monitor and work normally on the laptop when not using the external monitor00:10
trismMercX: you need the -llibrary lines at the end after the objects they reference00:10
detly/dev/sda1 is a 0xEE GPT partition, which seems to be right from what I've read (although it's impossible to tell obsolete info from correct info)00:11
jman074so i added the netflix and wine combo on my ubuntu 12.4 and it loads netflix but when you click on the show or movie it crashes :( help00:11
detlydoes anyone know how I make it boot?00:11
trismMercX: g++ -Wall -Weffc++ -o xrr-events xrr-events.cpp -lX11 -lXrandr00:11
MrLaheyzykotick9 thanks lol yeah love TPB00:11
robin0800barbara____, Make sure indicator applet complete is on the task bar00:11
MercXtrism: genius!00:12
barbara____=[ that just showed the same icons twice robin00:12
RumPointBATT MAN00:12
RumPointBAT MANN00:13
FloodBot1RumPoint: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:13
* RumPoint suicides00:13
reazemfrinott, I downloaded netbeans from the official website and it worked. The repo version dosen't work...00:15
fOmeyanyone actie00:17
=== Arbition_ is now known as Arbition
fOmeywilling to give me a hand ?00:17
kroq-gar78!ask > f0mey00:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:17
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_andyj_but can I ask to ask about asking?00:18
Guest19355HELP, am looking to see how to install / enable toshiba-acpi kernel module.  Was told to do sudo modprobe toshiba-acpi this results in no return and nothing.  I am trying to see my battery charge level.  acpi -v returns acpi version 1.06 installed00:18
tharkunI need to download the package that contains the slapd source files and ubuntu patches. My /etc/apt/sources.list is all screwed up for this task, Any url where I can get the right info ?00:18
tharkunGuest19355: acpi -V00:19
jribtharkun: why is your sources.list "screwed up"?00:19
fOmeyfair call, im having issues booting into ubuntu. iv booted into recovery mode from grub... attempted to run  "startx", althrough it dies with erro "fatal server erro: no screens found".00:19
tharkunjrib: Please don't make me humiliate myself. Spare me the pain00:19
_andyj_Guest19355: http://memebeam.org/toys/ToshibaAcpiDriver00:19
RoDiMuS-XDoes anyone know of a way to go from Ubuntu-Gnome 13.04 to Ubuntu 13.04 using the package manager?00:19
_andyj_old patch prolly in main line kernel now00:19
kroq-gar78fOmey i've just had these issues on my desktop and have fixed it. do you have proprietary drivers installed?00:20
Guest19355how do i find out what kernel version i have ?00:20
jribtharkun: well depending on the answer, you may want to reinstall.  Anyway, you just need the deb-src line for the repository slapd comes from and then issue « apt-get source slapd »00:20
jman074so i added the netflix and wine combo on my ubuntu 12.4 and it loads netflix but when you click on the show or movie it crashes :( help00:20
fOmeykroq-gar78: i was using open source drivers, although i did attempt to install gnome3 last night.. since then, it carked it.00:20
_andyj_Guest19355: uname -r00:20
jribtharkun: apt-cache policy slapd will give you information about the repository it comes from by the way00:20
fOmeykroq-gar78: iv also ran a "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" to make sure I have all the needed packages00:20
BreetaiI have a samba question about file permissions.  So lets say my group is mp3 who do I want to have own the folder in linux? root? nobody? myself? also make a user mp3?00:21
Anonymous_ I was wondering if I could cancel downloading packages using wubi  I have it downloading and I want to cancel it.00:21
tharkunjrib: thanks, guessing about time, fixing this system will take longer than reinstalling.00:21
kroq-gar78fOmey have you tried to uninstall gnome3 yet and autoremove anything left? looks like your problem isn't the same as the one i had, unfortunately00:21
DoverMoAnonymous_, ??00:22
fOmeykroq-gar78: how do i get networking enabled via recovery root console ? i have not attempted to remove gnome300:22
amccloudI don't understand why this won't work sudo su - amccloud -c "export COW=moo; echo $COW" (it echoes a blank line)00:22
saschagehlichhey, my first attempt on running a manually compiled kernel failed hard. any hints on what could've gone wrong? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216604600:22
DoverMoAnonymous_, just kill it in task manager or shut off your system?00:22
Anonymous_Dover, is there a cancel button for downloading Ubuntu with wubi?00:22
Anonymous_Will that corrupt the hard drive possibly?00:23
kroq-gar78fOmey if you're talking about LAN, then you can run "sudo ifconfig eth0 up" (could be eth1, depending on your system). it should work then00:23
DoverMoAnonymous_, I don't know00:23
lauratikaon secure shell i have a openshh key generated that i dont remember set at any time, what is this for?00:23
Anonymous_Also I was wondering if I could dual boot XP and Ubuntu with Ubuntu on one hard drive and XP on the other?00:23
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:24
fOmeykroq-gar78:  just attempted to run both eth0 & eth1, still no avial.. "failed to fetch" when attempting to run a "sudo apt-get update"00:24
Guest19355andy-j : i am lost when it says apply patch to kernel source and compile it.. How what when where00:24
Anonymous_So will that work?00:24
kroq-gar78fOmey i'm assuming you can't ping anything then, right? like ubuntu.com or google.com ?00:25
Anonymous_XP on my C:/ and Ubuntu on my E:/?00:25
fOmeykroq-gar78: correct, unknown host00:25
kroq-gar78fOmey ok. you can make sure of the ethernet interface's name by running "ifconfig".00:25
_andyj_Guest19355: you need to check your kernel configuration, the mainline (may/or may not have) included that ACPI patch at some point.  Reading for you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile00:26
DoverMoAnonymous_, do you have 70$?00:27
fOmeykroq-gar78: iv got quite a few interfaces coming up here, unable to scroll00:27
fOmeykroq-gar78: iv got an idea, ill drop back into recovery and enable networking throught there00:27
Anonymous_Dover, why do you ask?00:27
_andyj_Guest19355: when you have the kernel downloaded you need to run make menuconfig and check if it has your ACPI option, if it doesn't you'll need to patch the kernel00:27
kroq-gar78fOmey shift+pg up/down should let you scroll. ok, try that i guess00:27
UbuntuHelp_Ok, So i have two harddrives. I want to have ubuntu on one and windows on the other. Is that possible?00:28
DoverMoAnonymous_, cuz if you did, you could just buy a external hard drive and put your ubuntu on there00:28
saschagehlichhey, my first attempt on running a manually compiled kernel failed hard. any hints on what could've gone wrong? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216604600:28
Anonymous_I currently am using an external hard drive00:28
Anonymous_Also is a 1 gb flash drive enough to boot to ubuntu?00:28
kroq-gar78Anonymous_ as a live boot, yes it's enough00:28
WulfAnonymous_: how are we supposed to know when you use windows-terms like 'C' and 'E'?00:28
Guest19355thnx andy-j, but that seems WAY above my lvl of skill.. am thinking 1 step wrong and system turns to brick mode.00:29
fOmeykroq-gar78: doh shift+pgup, ill remember that.. ahh no luck with networking still00:29
Anonymous_Do you guys think I should go for the live installation or the dual boot off my External drive?00:29
bootthanooI have a question about making an app using the Ubuntu SDK00:29
kroq-gar78fOmey hmmm. can you tell me which interfaces come up after you run ifconfig? not all the addresses or anything, just the names00:29
bootthanooIs this the right place?00:29
fOmeykroq-gar78: eth1 definately connected to my network. although no activity00:29
xmetalhmm @ newegg issues00:30
BosiHello everyone, I'm trying to adjust the clock on Xubuntu 13.04. I'm trying sudo date 080719292013 and it works just fine, but once in a while it goes back to my old time when I reboot... is there another way to adjust the clock so it won't go back?00:30
DoverMoAnonymous_, do you not have an internal HD?00:30
Anonymous_I do00:30
kroq-gar78bootthanoo #ubuntu-phone might be a better place00:30
Anonymous_I have an internal and an external00:30
UbuntuHelp_He has an internal to boot windows00:30
WulfBosi: buy new battery00:30
Anonymous_My Internal is booting to Windows XP00:30
UbuntuHelp_and external to boot ubuntu00:30
Anonymous_My external isn't booting to anything right now00:30
DoverMoAnonymous_, and you have a cd/dvd drive?00:31
kroq-gar78fOmey hm then i'm pretty much out of the basic ideas. "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" might solve the problem, but i don't really think so. it's worth a try, i'd think00:31
bootthanooI see I can develop using HTML500:32
bootthanoothat includes JS/CSS3 si?00:32
fOmeykroq-gar78: hmm00:32
fOmeykroq-gar78: this is interesting, "unable to write to /var/cache/apt00:33
Anonymous_Oh, and I am on 32bit00:33
DoverMoAnonymous_, so you could burn a live cd, wipe all the partitions on your external drive via fdisk, then install ubuntu on it. or where you thinking of something else?00:33
fOmeykroq-gar78: looks like its not mounted as rw..00:33
Picibootthanoo: #ubuntu-app-devel would likely be a better place00:33
Anonymous_I was thinking of just making a 32gb partion on my external00:33
Anonymous_I have about 400 mb of data on it ATM00:33
kroq-gar78fOmey yep, from what i recall sounds right. "sudo mount -o remount /" if i remember correctly00:33
kroq-gar78Pici thank you, that's a better place ;)00:34
DoverMoAnonymous_, that's completely doable via the liveDVD00:34
Marleneeany programmes that clean all logs on linux for CLI use like clean login and last login all thing like that00:34
reisioMarlenee: sure but why bother00:34
Anonymous_Could someone help me make a live usb?00:35
reisioAnonymous_: sure00:35
reisioAnonymous_: on Windows?00:35
Anonymous_Windows XP00:35
UbuntuHelp_Best OS00:35
reisioAnonymous_: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows00:35
Deu_what all?00:37
reisioDeu_: what all00:37
Deu_how do all?00:37
reisiojust fine, how do you?00:37
Deu_thx me good00:37
Deu_and u?00:37
fOmeykroq-gar78: hmmm this is very strange, im attempting to enable networking via recovery once more.. ok finally have networking00:37
blaircseHey ppl, just installed ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop and my Ethernet connections seems to not work,  i can get an ip but no surf, everything seems fine when using wireless from the same router   any suggestions would be awesome00:37
Anonymous_Will I have to format the USB?00:37
Anonymous_The USB is Fat3200:37
Anonymous_Is that a problem?00:37
detlyso I can execute a shell in the rescue mode of the installer00:38
reisioAnonymous_: probably not00:38
detlyeither on /dev/sda2 (my new ubuntu root) or /dev/sdb1 (the installation media)00:38
Anonymous_Do you know how to format a USB drive in windows?00:38
detlycan I make my ubuntu system bootable from here?00:38
Deu_i have big penis00:38
Deu_for ikonia00:38
UbuntuHelp_Goto my computer, right click your usb, should say format. Then format.00:39
UbuntuHelp_Not sure if FAT3200:39
kroq-gar78fOmey cool! so we still have to fix the monitors problem. can you pastebinit "/var/log/lightdm/x-o.log"? unless, there's sensitive information, which i don't really believe there is.00:39
fOmeykroq-gar78: how would i do that via recovery console ?00:40
Marleneereisio : what is that programmes00:40
UbuntuHelp_Anonymous_: How big is your usb?00:40
reisioMarlenee: why bother?00:40
reisioNeo: hi00:40
fOmeykroq-gar78: nevermind, theres a package "pastebinit" installing now =p00:40
NeoI LOVE IKONIA!^^00:41
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kroq-gar78f0mey do you use lightdm? i didn't ask00:41
Anonymous_1000 mb00:42
=== FreakingTea is now known as PekingTea
Anonymous_But it refuses to be formatted.00:42
reisio'lo its00:42
UbuntuHelp_I think it needs atleast 2gb to boot ubuntu from it00:42
fOmeykroq-gar78: im not entirely sure to be honest... i was using the stock open source ati drivers installed with ubuntu00:42
Itsnotmeikoniatrwhat all do how?00:43
kroq-gar78fOmey i'm talking about the login screen. did you change it from the default? if not, then it's lightdm.00:43
fOmeykroq-gar78: no, i dont believe so..00:43
kroq-gar78fOmey unless you installed an ubuntu derivative.00:43
Itsnotmeikoniatri go sleep00:44
Anonymous_Will a 700mb Live CD work?00:44
Itsnotmeikoniatrbb ikonia and other my virtual friends00:44
fOmeykroq-gar78: preferably what i want to do is just bring ubuntu back to default unity with default settings..00:44
climagistehi, I'm here to see if anyone knows why an upgrade to 13.10 is failing: it's throwing an error on pkgProblemResolver: resolve generated breaks00:45
fOmeykroq-gar78: or gnome, im not fussy..00:45
kroq-gar78f0mey ok. "sudo cat /var/log/lightdm/x-0.log | pastebinit" should work.00:45
kroq-gar78f0mey basically, there could be an error farther up in the xorg log that could shed more light on the issue.00:45
climagisteI had tried the pf-linux kernel recently, and it was crashing on resume, so I followed the instructions to uninstall it00:45
fOmeykroq-gar78:  excellent00:45
climagisteand I got ambitious, trying to install 13.1000:46
kroq-gar78f0mey tell me the pastebin link after you ran the command00:46
fOmeykroq-gar78: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5960886/00:46
climagisteI don't need to install, just wondering why it might be failing00:46
Marleneereisio : no bother just for my privacy00:47
reisioMarlenee: encrypt your filesystem/s00:48
Marleneereisio : there others user have to login to my root00:49
fOmeykroq-gar78: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5960886/00:49
reisioIncrease: hi00:49
fOmeykroq-gar78: just incase, you didnt recieve that =p00:49
Marleneereisio : i can encypt with truecrypt but i perfer cleaner00:50
reisioMarlenee: you just want to clear shell history?00:50
reisiobecause that's easy00:50
kroq-gar78fOmey yeah i see it ;) i know it's bad practice, but i think I have seen the issue of installing gnome and it not coming up on google before00:50
reisioalthough a lot of terms store data in /tmp00:50
reisiobut most people don't know that00:50
reisioand if you protected against things most people didn't know, you'd never be done protecting yourself00:51
fOmeykroq-gar78: mmm, i ran a "sudo apt-get remove gnome00:51
fOmeykroq-gar78: gnome-shell*00:51
fOmeykroq-gar78: but i dont think that is whats is causing it..00:51
kroq-gar78fOmey do "sudo apt-get purge gnome-shell" and "sudo apt-get autoremove" to clean things up after that.00:52
fOmeykroq-gar78: running that now00:52
Marleneereisio : tell me that00:52
fOmeykroq-gar78: startx still failing..00:53
reisioMarlenee: for bash, for example, you just run echo '' ~/.bash_history && history -c00:53
kroq-gar78f0mey after restart? prob won't fix things, but it might help other things00:53
reisioMarlenee: which you can probably put into ~/.bash_logout to be run automatically00:53
fOmeykroq-gar78: ill reboot now00:53
reisioMarlenee: erm, echo '' > ~/.bash_history, that is00:53
fOmeykroq-gar78: i wont go into recovery mode tho this time, will see what happens00:53
reisioor I s'pose you could just rm it, too00:53
Marleneereisio : -bash: /root/.bash_history: Permission denied00:54
jKlausAnyone else having serious issues with Ubuntu x64 and the NVS 5400M graphics card?00:54
reisioMarlenee: hrmm?00:54
lauratikahow can i change thename of the pc?00:54
fOmeykroq-gar78: i see ubuntu !00:54
kroq-gar78f0mey :D00:54
fOmeykroq-gar78: dam it..00:54
fOmeykroq-gar78: lol, "could not write bytes: broken pipe"00:55
kroq-gar78fOmey where does that error come up?00:55
fOmeykroq-gar78: ubuntu logo got me excited there, though i was home clean00:55
IncreaseDoes anyone know if reaver is useable on ubuntu instead of backtrack??00:55
fOmeykroq-gar78: clear*, that pops up after the ubuntu logo00:55
Marleneereisio : what can i do for changing permission00:55
kroq-gar78Increase if i'm not mistaken, i've seen an article on using it on 13.04 through a PPA00:55
IncreaseI've been trying to use it on ubuntu, but it just seems like it won't work. It keeps limiting the AP or something00:56
failmasterguys, i have a problem trying to switch passphrase to keyfile authorization for root partition, while it works flawlessly for others on 13.04, however, the end-goal scheme used to work fine on 12.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?00:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]00:56
SonikkuAmericaIncrease: reaver is in the Ubuntu repos.00:57
fOmeykroq-gar78:  im running 12.04 ltes00:57
fOmeykroq-gar78: hmm this is so confusing, im thinking i might just reinstall ubuntu..00:57
reisioMarlenee: be root?00:58
fOmeykroq-gar78: might be easyer...00:58
hellokittySo my computer has been freezing repeatedly, this is the kernel log just before the last freeze. http://pastebin.com/qLpSa5QSsdf any suggestions as to what may be the cause?00:58
kroq-gar78fOmey if there's nothing much to lose on that machine, i don't see why not. it'll take time though00:58
fOmeykroq-gar78: i hate giving up on it, but iv spent like 3 hours on it now.. lol my home directory is on another partition any how so its not too bad.. ill jus have to reconfigure my android build enviroment which is going to be a pain00:59
fOmeykroq-gar78: i appreciate the help kroq, i really do mate.. thanks for taking some time to run me through it all.00:59
detlyperhaps my mistake was installing GRUB00:59
jKlausIf ubuntu is failing constantly.. what OS would you advise?01:02
lauratikajKlaus: what issues you have that ubunut fails01:03
jKlausissues with my 5400M01:03
jKlausit'll boot alright one time.. then if I stop moving the mouse for more than a minute the whole thing freezes up01:03
lauratikadual booting?01:03
jKlausthen when i try to reboot it'll just stay at the black screen with the flashing white bar01:03
jKlausthe hdd is split but I'm not bouncing into windows between01:04
jKlausafter X number of attempted restarts eventually it'll load to the UI01:04
jKlausbut then as soon as I stop moving the mouse around it freezes up again01:05
chaluhello friends. my wubi installation is failing to load after I resized some windows partitions01:07
Rexodus1644 nicks...01:07
RexodusMoses kriebel!01:07
chaluI just installed ubuntu 13 in a new partition01:07
hellokittySo my computer has been freezing repeatedly, this is the kernel log just before the last freeze. http://pastebin.com/qLpSa5QSsdf any suggestions as to what may be the cause?01:07
jKlauschalu, I hope you have better luck than I did01:07
jKlausI went back to LTS01:07
jKlausbut.. I'm still having issues getting nvidia driver working properly on LTS01:07
jKlausubuntu used to be awesome.. wtf01:08
chaluis there a way to move my files to the new installation ?01:08
jKlausmount the other hdd?01:08
chalusince the old one cannot boot ?01:08
failmasterguys, i have a problem trying to switch passphrase to keyfile authorization for root partition, while it works flawlessly for others on 13.04, however, the end-goal scheme used to work fine on 12.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?01:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]01:08
jKlausyes, mount the partition01:08
chalujKlaus: they are all in one HDD01:09
jKlausyes, I corrected myself to say partition01:09
jKlausdo you know the partition id?01:09
jKlaussda3, hda4, etc01:10
chaluI just ran the wubi installer and rebooted to complete the installation01:10
robotdevilsorry to ask this here but my last ten questions in #kubuntu have gone unanswered, by change does anyone here no where to get the kubuntu 13.04 alternate images?01:11
jKlaussure you didn't wipe out the drive chalu?01:11
chaluand there was an ubuntu boot-loader option, which now fails01:11
chaluI did not wipe out the drive01:11
jKlauschalu open gparted (install it if need be)01:11
ZIPYrobotdevil: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/precise/release/01:11
jKlausyou should be able to figure out the partitions identifier that way01:12
breedAnyone know why Unetbootin won't accept my root password?01:12
ZIPYchange to 13.401:12
jKlausthen google "linux" and "mount"01:12
jKlausyou'll figure it out01:12
jKlausZipy are you telling someone to change to 13.04?01:12
breedIs there something wrong with 13.04?01:12
ZIPYthe link01:12
jKlausI had nothing but trouble with that turd01:13
breedI've had...relatively...little trouble with it01:13
robotdevilZIPY: so the alternates are only for lts releases?01:13
breedThere's some quirks, but I find it manageable01:13
hellokittySo my computer has been freezing repeatedly, this is the kernel log just before the last freeze. http://pastebin.com/qLpSa5QSsdf any suggestions as to what may be the cause?01:13
jKlausI just want to go back to slackware 10.1 .. best install i've ever had01:13
ZIPYrobotdevil: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/raring/release/01:13
ZIPYi meant change precise to raring ^^01:13
breedI started with 12.10, so I don't have much of a referenc e01:13
jKlausI don't understand why ubuntu is just pushing crap out the door01:14
jKlaushold a release until its ready to go..01:14
robotdevilZIPY: yes that link only has desktop images01:14
jKlausputting shit out there is just making more people leave the community01:14
failmasterrobotdevil, change it in a more effective way http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/01:14
breedAnyways, does anyone here have experience with Unetbootin?  I just installed it and it asks for my root password, but won't accept my root password01:14
fellayaboyhow do i merge two folders together using commandline.. say i have 2 User folders..each is located in a different directory how do i move them and merge all files and subfolders together01:14
robotdevilZIPY: and there is a bug in manual partitioning in the installer in the desktop image01:14
failmasterbreed, try gksudo "untebootin"01:14
Mace268i'm coming from red hat based distros. how much different is ubuntu under the hood?01:15
shoosahdo u have any idea how to change sudoers file without root password?!01:15
breedfailmaster:  that worked.  Do I need to do that every time I start it?  Do you mind telling me why that worked -- I'm tryna learn bash01:15
reisioMace268: they all do the same things deep down01:15
reisioshoosah: that would defeat the purpose01:15
Mace268like is init stuff very similar?01:16
zykotick9shoosah: obviously, you can't.01:16
fellayaboyMace269 you'll use ubuntu software center to install programs and basically you'll use sudo apt-get install "a program" to isntall any program from commandline... ubuntu uses .deb isntallation files rather than rpm01:16
failmasterbreed, until it works without root privileges - yes01:16
reisioMace268: depends on when you left red hat01:16
Mace268still run centos on my game server, and run sme server here at home01:16
SonikkuAmericaMace268: The basics are still GNU/Linux, but once you hit packaging, things change fast.01:16
Marleneereisio : the command clean bash only what about clean login and "last" cmd01:16
zykotick9shoosah: well, there is not root password in ubuntu.  but you need sudo (aka root) access.01:16
shoosahI have the admin permission but not the root password, I just modified one of the files in sudoers and now it doesnt work out anymore!01:17
failmastersome common red hat difficults seemed to me way much more tough01:17
failmasterespecially packaging-related )01:17
fellayaboyMace269 sudo apt-get install gimp will install gimp fromt he repos..meaning that "gimp" is recognized they ahve it on the server and it will isntall it...say you download a .deb and double click that .deb.. you'll get a gui installer.. u could also use sudo dpkg -i "the program" to install a .deb file01:17
zykotick9shoosah: 9 times out of 10, modifying sudoers is the wrong method anyways.  what do you want to acheieve?01:17
reisioMarlenee: what does it matter when people were logged in?01:18
kdawgI TRIED MAKING A MULTI ISO WITH XBOOT however the thing only puts for if the images iun the main image folder01:18
reisioMace268: http://nakedape.cc/wiki/PackageManagerCheatsheet :)01:18
kdawgand then i find it has another image folder inside the image folder01:18
fellayaboyhow do i merge two folders together using commandline.. say i have 2 User folders..each is located in a different directory how do i move them and merge all files and subfolders together01:18
shoosahaykotick9, I do need to change it in order to give the right previlage for installing ceph01:18
Mace268seems ubuntu is a "have your cake and eat it too" distro :D01:18
failmastershoosah, maybe you should have start with sudo su and passwd?01:18
shoosahI just entered pkexec visudo01:19
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kdawghow would one load the other os if there not in the menu01:19
zykotick9shoosah: what?  that doesn't make much sense.  do you have a user that can run sudo?  if you, you have "ubuntu's version of root"01:19
failmastershoosah, root doesn't have password by default, the whole thing was planned to do via sudo01:19
shoosahthe root password is simply different from the admin pass!01:19
ZIPYkdawg: u need to update grub: sudo grub-update01:20
zykotick9s/if you/if so/01:20
zykotick9!root | shoosah01:20
ubottushoosah: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:20
shoosahI have two different users on my system01:20
failmasterbut nothing stops you from reviving it until you 100% sure that you need it01:20
ZIPYkdawg: it will search for other os'01:20
kdawgi am on a windows 7 machine using xboot to make the image and checking it with QEMU emulator that comes with xboot01:20
edgari have a question i am trying to connect my laptops harddrive to this laptop via a usb but my laptop cannot install it or see it...anyone knows how to fix01:20
Mace268friendly enough not to be a pita but can still open it up and make it do all the custom stuff. Is this about right?01:20
failmastershoosah, due to above fact it basically wants you to provide not "root password" in most cases, but the one which is set for common user account in order to grant permissions on sudo execution01:21
zykotick9shoosah: if you want a 2nd user to use sudo, use the 1st user to add the 2nd to the "sudo" group.  don't mess with sudoers.01:21
failmasterthat's why they are different01:21
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=== AWW is now known as Aww
hellokittySo my computer has been freezing repeatedly, this is the kernel log just before the last freeze. http://pastebin.com/qLpSa5QSsdf any suggestions as to what may be the cause?01:21
failmasterhellokitty, This paste has been removed!01:22
shoosahzykotick9: it is not under my control!01:22
zykotick9shoosah: good luck then.01:22
Marleneereisio : what is the command or the programme that can remve login and "last" cmd history01:22
hellokittyfailmaster: sorry http://pastebin.com/qLpSa5QS01:23
failmasterMarlenee, history -c? .bash_history file, /var/log/wtmp01:23
kdawgtrying to put 8 version of ubuntu on one bootable iso01:23
failmasterMarlenee, packetstormsecurity for log viping tools to expand the knowledge on the subject01:23
ni652336kann einer Hier deutsch?01:24
ZIPYkdawg: i dont know xboot but i guess u create a ubuntu usb image with it right? so when u install from that it will install a menu to let u select ur os01:24
kdawgja aber nicht so gut01:24
Mace268is ubuntu just as customizable as any other distro?01:24
kdawgyesh unfortunately it only created menu linux for 4 of them01:24
kdawgir creates a usb/iso01:25
reisioMace268: just as open source, so yes01:25
failmasterhellokitty, i guess that would be a good idea to bring here "dmesg" output, the whole thing01:25
ni652336does anyone know much about edubuntu?01:25
zykotick9reisio: with Unity, i question that...01:25
Mace268ok i've made my decision: gentoo-no ubuntu-yes01:25
ZIPYni652336: its an extension for ubuntu, for educational purposes01:25
reisiozykotick9: Unity is open source, too01:26
failmasterMace268, there is a system of building from source-packages in debian, so in ubuntu01:26
zykotick9reisio: yes, but is it very customizable? </ot>01:26
reisiozykotick9: being open source, it's as customizable as people want it to be01:26
zykotick9reisio: s/people/canonical/01:27
failmasterMace268, you may want to investigate it around apt-src01:27
Mace268thanks for the tip i'll definitely look that up01:27
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
ni652336can someone Tell me how to install ubuntu os on my s3?01:28
kdawgjust read this "3)   Sometimes Multiboot USB\ISO doesn't work on vmware, virtualbox, qemu etc. but works on real PC. So If you01:28
kdawg       are testing Multiboot USB\ISO on vmware,virtualbox, qemu etc. and it didn't boot .Then please do check it01:28
kdawg       again on Real PC." might be my problem so going to put it on the usb stick lol01:28
ni652336use y.u.m.i01:28
reisiozykotick9: it's free software, anyone can modify it any way they like01:28
failmasterMace268, there is only one remark about using debian-based distros, they have pretty much the same, common and shared bugs and using non-LTS version or not stable in debian terms for servers and production purposes is a bad idea from start01:29
kdawgusing xboot cause it can create iso files from other iso files01:29
kdawgSARDU and YUMI cant01:29
ni652336yumi can for shure01:30
Mace268non-LTS is ok for desktop installs though right?01:30
failmasterMace268, depends on your courage and ability to fix stuff01:30
aashuhi ni01:31
xmetalback ... just sent newegg support an email01:31
Mace268i don't mind getting my hands dirty, i'm just real rusty... been on windows for the last several years.01:31
failmasterMace268, my subjective perception on things in context of the question is that it will be fine, there is a backup in case of ubuntu, hordes of people, which makes it easier for maintainers to troubleshoot things01:32
jmson311anyone know how to add a user in bash and get instant access to all of the folders in home/user without having to manually login to the account?01:32
failmasterMace268, but it applies mostly to desktop-oriented stuff01:32
xmetali  wonder if i should give vlc on a different non-debian distro a shot (will be a pain to get all the dependencies though)01:32
Mace268makes sense01:32
xmetalhave to do them all by hand01:32
zykotick9jmson311: ahhh, that's the default - read access for everyone?01:32
failmasterMace268, i came from dark ages of slackware and i'm also too rusty for some modern stuff like gtk3 and network-manager01:33
reisioxmetal: why would it be a pain?01:34
jmson311if i add the user from the shell and then try to cd into the new users home directory all i can see is examples.desktop, I would like to be able to immediately write field to their Documents /Downloads, etc01:34
jmson311trying to make a script for some of our training VMs01:34
zykotick9jmson311: write is another matter...01:34
reisiojmson311: you can make those directories/files if you want01:35
failmasterguys, i have a problem trying to switch passphrase to keyfile authorization for root partition, while it works flawlessly for others on 13.04, however, the end-goal scheme used to work fine on 12.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?01:35
reisiothey probably won't exist otherwise until you install a desktop01:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]01:35
dr_willisjmson311:  how are you making the user? it normally clones whats in /etc/skel for their home01:35
jmson311useradd <username> -c "info" -p password -m01:36
Mace268failmaster, thanks for the infos :) i think i'll get going on it and turn my current windows install into a VirtualBox VM.01:36
dr_willisi allways use adduser.01:36
zykotick9jmson311: it's not going to help you in your case, but i'd suggest using adduser over useradd myself.01:37
failmasterMace268, np, at least give it a try, in case of troubles get rid of stuff you're not familiar with, like i do :D01:37
w30jmson311, change all the users folders to a group of your choice and then give write permission to the files and folders marked that group01:37
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c^^c^^meh I installed ubuntu on my 80 year old grandmas laptop and desktop she couldn't figure out unity lol01:39
najci was wondering if anyone might be able to answer a question for me.01:39
c^^c^^but gnome classic took her two seconds01:39
failmasternajc, just ask it01:39
najcThank you.01:39
* xmetal shakes fist in air @ unity01:39
ianananananso I've got a hard drive i'm pretty sure is busted, but i can't get it to read in a livecd01:39
xmetaltht is the one "desktop" i do not like at all01:39
jmson311@wm30 ill try that01:40
dr_willis4yr old here can handle unity.01:40
iananananandisk utility shows me unknown partitions and errors01:40
jmson311sorry @w3001:40
c^^c^^dr_willis: If you come from a windows background and know nothing about computers I think gnome is the easiest transition01:40
dr_willisiananananan: what was on it?01:40
failmasterdr_willis, because it's out of wisdom environment01:40
fOmeyiananananan: your partitions may be corrupt01:40
w30jmson311, add yourelf to that group01:41
reisioUnity is pretty Mac OS-y, indeed01:41
ianananananfOmey: dr_willis music, photos of a family member01:41
fOmeyiananananan: i would suggest downloading gpart live cd, great little tool to have on ahnd.01:41
Mace268oh one more thing, how reliable is linux with r/w to ntfs partitions these days?01:41
najcI have a server that multiple users have sftp access to the server. The same server hosts apache, but there are instances where I want apache user to be able to access /home/someuser/ dirs to read/write files. I've tried adding the user to the apache group without luck.01:41
ianananananfOmey: is it significantly different enough from runninga livecd ubuntu and gparted thru that?01:41
dr_willisiananananan:  ddrescue to clone it to a file. then try to recover from that file01:41
failmasterMace268, things got waay much better01:41
wilee-nileeMace268, fine unless you write to much to windows better to have a shared ntfs partition01:42
c^^c^^i'm just thrilled you can change interfaces in two seconds flat with linux01:42
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions01:42
w30jmson311, add your users to that group if you want them to muck with eachothers files01:42
fOmeyiananananan: not really, although it does come with a few goodies ubuntu does not.. have a read of this: http://geexhq.com/recover-partition-table/01:42
c^^c^^crisis was adverted and another windows user has been converted gogo 2% marketshare01:42
failmasteriananananan, if you suspect there is a firmware/hardware related issue the best thing i know for this purpose in context of civil usage is mhdd tool which works under live dos environment, give it a try01:43
xmetalinever said i couldn't "understand it" ... i said i didn't like it01:43
Mace268i was just concerned about my data drives, they're separate from the system partition01:43
bigbadbenI am trying to set up fail2ban, I want it to email me every time it bans a user and it is not, it only emails my gmail account when fail2ban starts or stops01:43
ianananananare there keyboard shortcuts for the workspace switcher in unity?01:43
bigbadbenanyone have any idea01:43
failmasterMace268, i remember when it was painful sometimes, but it's not like that anymore01:43
Mace268great to know thanks :D01:44
failmasterbigbadben, but your email will be full of garbage...01:44
jmson311i don't want them to mess with each others files i just want to be able to add stuff in there when creating the vas, then they just have access to their own01:44
c^^c^^the nail in the coffin for me would be a photoshop port but thats never happening01:45
saiarcot895iananananan: Hold the super key (start menu key) to see a list of shortcuts01:46
saiarcot895iananananan: I think workspaces would be under the Windows section01:46
saiarcot895scratch that01:46
bigbadbenfailmaster, thats fine I can filter it into a folder I just want it set up correctly can anyone help01:46
najcif my apache conf is using User: ec2-user, Group: apache. What would i need to do to linux user "backup", so that HTTPD can read files from the /home/backup dir?01:48
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jrib!permissions | najc01:49
ubottunajc: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:49
wilee-nileebigbadben, There is a tiny #fail2ban channel if that helps.01:49
jribnajc: needs read permissions on the files and executable on all parent directories3.01:49
bigbadbenwilee-nilee, yep I just asked them not even 2 seconds ago thanks for some help though01:50
wilee-nileeno problem01:50
najci set them 75501:50
najcchown 755 /home/backup/*01:51
najceven recursive01:51
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:51
failmasternajc, maybe put them in one shared group created for that purpose and start from this point?01:51
najcwould this mean i change the group from apache to something else on apache.conf?01:52
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:52
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/01:52
fOmey!kick fOmey01:53
saiarcot895the bot doesn't do *everything*01:53
fOmeyi realize01:53
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".01:54
nbros652I'trying to use "import -window root01:55
nbros652I'm trying to use "import -window root ..." from image magic, but it doesn't work if firefox is in full screen mode. Any suggestions?01:56
luis__ola alguien habla español??01:56
wilee-nilee!es | luis__01:57
ubottuluis__: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:57
failmasterguys, i have a problem trying to switch passphrase to keyfile authorization for root partition, while it works flawlessly for others on 13.04, however, the end-goal scheme used to work fine on 12.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?01:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]01:58
wilee-nileenbros652, Is this an image save?01:58
nbros652wilee-nilee: yes01:58
wilee-nileenbros652, Not sure if it will work but try the prtsc key.01:58
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kdawgdammit doesn't work at all if i use the xboot image with SARDU01:59
kdawgtime to formate the usb again02:00
nbros652wilee-nilee: that would work, but I need to script the event, and I don't want the screen to "flash" because I'm taking screenshots on regular intervals of a computer running announcements.02:00
kdawglucky only doing one at a time for now02:00
wilee-nileenbros652, I figured it was more than a simple image, not sure otherwise myself.02:00
nbros652wilee-nilee: thanks anyway02:01
wilee-nileenbros652, My thoughts are though that a bash with a key prompt might work, but that is a guess02:01
nbros652wilee-nilee: it makes the screen "flash" because it uses the gnome-screenshot program. I can't have the screen "flashing"02:02
kdawghere is a question for you ubuntu bros02:02
wilee-nileenbros652, Makes sense.02:02
kdawgdo all ubuntu iso boot from ntfs partitions02:03
wilee-nileekdawg, No02:03
wilee-nileekdawg, I believe not anyway, an iso will boot from grub though.02:03
kdawgxboot says to make sure all iso are bootable via  ntfs partitions02:05
kdawgsince its going on an ntfs usb stick02:05
wilee-nileekdawg, ntfs with a boot loader right, that's not windows.02:05
kdawgcause the ubuntu image i used before yet it was only one of them02:05
kdawgworked with sardu02:06
kdawghowever the image i created with xboot doesn't seem to work at all02:06
wilee-nileekdawg, What boot loader does sardu use?02:06
kdawgXboot use Grub4dos02:06
kdawglet me check SARDU02:06
wilee-nileekdawg, I figured as such, so what is the ultimate goal here?02:07
kdawgwell ultimate goal is to have all the linux distrobutions in the own menu02:07
kdawgotherwise i'd have like 60 os's in one menu02:08
kdawggonna try formating the drive again02:08
kdawgand using yumi see if that works02:08
wilee-nileekdawg, Just use the multisystem loader as actionparsnip gave you hours ago, your using an app that seems better might be in some situations but the multisystem loader is what I would use.02:09
wilee-nileekdawg, Only loads in linux thoufg.02:09
kdawgnot just linux02:09
kdawgi also will have antivirus recover tools and and everything on it sardu does most of it02:10
peteywhat exactly does | less do?02:10
wilee-nileekdawg, The multisystem runs in linux and boots windows iso's as well02:10
peteyif i do a command like ping google.com | less02:10
peteyim not following02:10
peteywhy is it better than just doing ping google.com02:10
kdawgwilee-nilee multisystem loader which one was that02:10
DoverMopetey, it says, test google.com and output it so you can read everything02:10
wilee-nileekdawg, From vista up a usb will boot an iso with a ntfs active and the iso exstracted to it anyway.02:11
kdawgI no of 3 programs i have yet to use yumi except for looking at the options02:11
ttystealepetey, that will redirect standard output into the command less, this is best used when reading large files such as logs, it will allow you to read output without having to scroll up a thousand lines, it isn't thate useful for a ping command02:11
DoverMopetey, you only need | less, when you have too much text on the screen at once02:11
peteyoh okay02:11
peteythat makes better sense02:11
peteythanks ttysteale, DoverMo02:11
kdawgso u saying if i just put the images on the usb dos will not what to boot02:11
wilee-nileekdawg, format the usb with grub is all it is a bit picky a fat32 http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/02:12
wilee-nileekdawg, Doh not grub gparted.02:12
kdawghas a file size limit02:12
wilee-nileekdawg, "so u saying if i just put the images on the usb dos will not what to boot" I do not understand this question.02:13
wilee-nileekdawg, I have it on a 32 gig usb, never had a file limit you have iso's more than 4 gigs02:13
kdawgwell it sounded like initially stated that how you worded it. All i would need to do is put the iso in the root directory of the usb and it would work. however that makes no size02:14
kdawgwell for instance the ubuntu8versions of it is just over 5 gigs02:14
curatrixIf you just copy the iso's to a disk it wont boot....you have to use a prog to make a bootable drive with the iso's02:14
nbros652wilee-nilee: I found an answer to my problem... scrot works just fine.02:15
kdawgyeah there are 3 programs for windows i have found so far none seem to be perfect but the linux tool u mentioned by looking at the instructions seems a lot more complicated02:15
wilee-nileekdawg, ah not sure really you would have to see if that is a problem, the app is pretty modern it may have setups to deal with that and the maker is easily accessed via email.02:15
wilee-nileenbros652, Cool.02:16
kdawggonna try yumi first cause i am diffinately more comfortable on windows02:16
wilee-nileekdawg, Yumi will be a problem I guarantee I have used it you will be doing a slow and I mean really slow contigent defraggs often, tha is a the bane of using a windows usb loader when multiloading.02:19
wilee-nileeat least that I found with yumi anyway.02:19
xirreSay you have a program that has limits by applying a parameter as -safe. While in safe, it shouldn't be able to run other programs of itself. However, there's a security flaw that allows it to use a different code to start up another instance of itself in -trusted mode which then gives it 100% privledges. Meaning it can access the root folder, delete it, and format all drives. How do you go about limiting this program to the folde02:19
xirrer its in and only giving it access to that part?02:19
kdawgyeah i am only trying one iso right now since its unlisted anyways02:20
jmson311I tried all of the different ways to change permissions, and using adducer vs user add, but it still doesn't instantiate all of the appropriate directories for a user. I just get examples.desktop and thats it. Only when i log out of admin and log into the user account does it actually create the subfolders for home/user02:20
SparkyFlarywhen will the ubuntu phone come out?02:22
jmson311i am fine with leaving it as is, but the higher ups really want a fully automated proc that prevents any real user interaction. just click and there you go, VM is created with all apps installed and user accounts ready02:22
luciaHi everybody02:23
luciaI'm new on linux02:23
jmson311its pretty awesome02:23
luciathis is my first ubuntu instalation02:23
DoverMolucia, hey hey02:23
kdawgurg this one doens't seem to want to work at all and automatically formats to fat3202:24
prompt32histo, does anyone knows if there is a way to run macchanger on my wlan0 interface, before wlan0 is up ?02:24
kdawgif you select format option cant it tell how big the size of the iso is02:24
prompt32i mean hi ....02:25
luciaI'm trying to configure my wireless card, but I'm not lucky02:25
yelloI'm trying to find a very light and clean verison of linux02:25
luciasome expert to gimme a hnad?02:25
yelloI want something that will allow me performance wise to be alright I have used Windows 7 and Ubuntu02:25
kdawgthis might work02:25
kdawglet me try that02:25
wilee-nileelucia, Run in the terminal lspci and find the wifi info and post that to the channel.02:25
SparkyFlarylucia make sure it's compatible with your hardware too02:26
wilee-nileeyello, tiny linux, puppy linux come to mind02:26
p0rkI'm trying to have OpenVPN connect on boot but I'm having trouble. Once I restart the service, it seems to work just fine.02:26
luciaIntel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)02:26
xirreI need help. Say you have a program that has limits by applying a parameter as -safe. While in safe, it shouldn't be able to run other programs of itself. However, there's a security flaw that allows it to use a different code to start up another instance of itself in -trusted mode which then gives it 100% privledges. Meaning it can access the root folder, delete it, and format all drives. How do you go about limiting this program02:26
xirre to the folder its in and only giving it access to that part?02:26
wilee-nileelucia, There is an additional drivers section in the software center-edit-preferences run a update and look there for any drivers shown.02:27
luciaIntel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02) || when i put rfkill list all I get 0: phy0: Wireless LAN02:27
luciaSoft blocked: yes02:27
luciaHard blocked: yes02:27
lucia1: hp-wifi: Wireless LAN02:27
luciaSoft blocked: yes02:27
luciaHard blocked: no02:27
FloodBot1lucia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:27
yelloHEy wilee will they allow me to use firefox and play videos such as youtube02:28
DoverMowilee-nilee, lspci -k is more helpful02:28
wilee-nileeDoverMo, I have been here a long time, you can correct others please.02:28
DoverMowilee-nilee, I wasn't trying to be imposing02:29
wilee-nileelucia, here is a askubuntu thread set that may be helpful. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=3945ABG02:29
prompt32hi , does anyone knows if there is a way to run macchanger on my wlan0 interface, before wlan0 is up ?02:29
wilee-nileeDoverMo, unless you want me correcting you often I can. ;)02:30
MrLaheyHi I am running Lubuntu 13.04 on a laptop connected to an external monitor. on the external monitor windows do not fully maximize and are stuck on the upper left hand corner. here are screen shots of what the screen looks like and what my arandar setup looks like  http://imgur.com/sWRqrsl,Stk6v12,wjD6lIS#1   http://imgur.com/sWRqrsl,Stk6v12,wjD6lIS#202:30
DoverMoyello, you can search for puppy based distros. aside from puppy, archlinux would be another option, but requires lots of configuration02:30
DoverMowilee-nilee, I haven't asked for such02:30
wilee-nileeDoverMo, neither did I02:31
wilee-nileeif I'm wrong I don't mind02:31
* Speedfranca Hi!02:32
kdawgyumi seems to work however the images inside the image don't all disable02:33
kdawgso my initial thought was wrong02:33
kdawgtime to delete the multi iso and try again02:34
SpeedfrancaI would like to know if there is another AV although Clamtk that I can install, and how?02:34
lucia<wilee-nilee> thanks a lot02:34
Runemororeleases.ubuntu.com is down...02:34
wilee-nilee!virus | Speedfranca02:34
ubottuSpeedfranca: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus02:34
luciaI'm gonna read and try to solve02:34
suyaseI have a USB network card connected to a wifi network - I constantly get a pop-up asking which network I would like to connect the integrated card to - I set the integrated card state to down already but this didn't stop the pop-up - it's annoying as hell please help.02:36
=== pv1std is now known as Rexodus
wilee-nileeRunemoro, Something is strange looks like a redirect possibly02:36
Speedfrancatnks Ubottu02:36
wilee-nileelucia, No problem, good luck.02:36
kdawgubottu i disagree with that some virus are programed to work in linux systems02:37
ubottukdawg: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:37
kdawghowever its rar02:37
kdawgtypo but i cant remember what i was typing02:37
wilee-nileekdawg, Not a virus, rootkit maybe.02:38
Runemorowilee-nilee, the files seem to be hosted by cloudfront.net and it's down...02:38
wilee-nileeRunemoro, opens for me but I get a untrusted key is all, opens in IE10 as normal and downloads02:39
wilee-nileeuntrusted in firefox but I have https everywhere in addons02:39
IncreaseHello guys02:40
Runemorowilee-nilee, It just got fixed...02:40
IncreaseI'm using the pendrive linux to make a live USB and the persistant file is not working.02:40
wilee-nileeRunemoro, Cool.02:40
IncreaseDoes anyone know how to make it save?02:40
wilee-nileeIncrease, Did you click that option, and how big is the usb, persistent is very limiter as well.02:41
Increasewilee-niee Yes I pulled the bar all the way to the side.02:42
Increase8 gigs02:42
Runemoroilee-nilee, You told Speedfranca that Linux is virus free, but a virus could upload your home folder or delete it02:42
wilee-nileeIncrease, you might look here, you can make a whole ext3 a persistent as big as you like by naming it casper-rw, and have the iso in another fast32   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:43
IncreaseWhat is an ext3?02:43
IncreasePretty much everything you just said didn't make much sense to me. Llol02:43
wilee-nileeRunemoro, This is an old argument, I'm not going to bother to be honest.02:43
wilee-nileeIncrease, ext3 is a partition type used for linux.02:44
wilee-nileeRunemoro,And it was the bot that made that statement to them.02:45
DoverMoRunemoro, indeed it was a bot. And I assume it's more of a community choice to deny the existance of such things02:46
wilee-nileeIncrease, THat pendrive only makes a 4 gig persistent you would have to make another partition as I describes to have all of that space used.02:47
prompt32hi , does anyone knows if there is a way to run macchanger on my wlan0 interface, before wlan0 is up ?02:47
prompt32does anyone knows if there is a way to run macchanger on my wlan0 interface, before wlan0 is up ?02:47
Increasewilee-niee Is it in the link you provided?02:48
wilee-nileeIncrease, You will have to look thats the idea here, it is a wiki on using that app and other info.02:48
* prompt32 NObody knows02:49
* prompt32 ^ .... :)02:49
wilee-nileeIncrease, I will be glad to help you but some you have to research is all.02:49
xirreI need help. Say you have a program that has limits by applying a parameter as -safe. While in safe, it shouldn't be able to run other programs of itself. However, there's a security flaw that allows it to use a different code to start up another instance of itself in -trusted mode which then gives it 100% privledges. Meaning it can access the root folder, delete it, and format all drives. How do you go about limiting this program02:50
xirre to the folder its in and only giving it access to that part?02:50
Increasewilee-niee Alright, I'll read and get back to you02:50
wilee-nileeIncrease, Col it can be confusing, so I'm on your side there. ;)02:51
pvl1i have a pci ide adapter, im not sure if its working. what module would that be02:52
chielementMy screen will not lock...can anyone help me figure out why?02:53
Runemorochielement, Go to system settings, Brightness & Lock, and turn Lock on if it's off.02:55
wilee-nileechielement, Which release and desktop?02:56
chielementRunemoro, thanks, but it's on. I installed gnome-screensaver as well and it's still not working.02:56
chielementwilee-nilee: 12.04 on a Chromebook (samsung ARM)02:56
pvl1run the command from a terminal02:56
pvl1see what happens02:56
funksteris anyone familiar with cups/gutenprint in here. im having a 25-30 second delay when i issue an 'lp' command to print a image. any advise would be appreciated.02:57
wilee-nileechielement, chrome runs on a special kernel I believe but look in settings-screen lock I think should be where the screen brightness is gui.02:57
MrLaheyHi I am running Lubuntu 13.04 on a laptop connected to an external monitor. on the external monitor windows do not fully maximize and are stuck on the upper left hand corner. here are screen shots of what the screen looks like and what my arandar setup looks like  http://imgur.com/sWRqrsl,Stk6v12,wjD6lIS#1   http://imgur.com/sWRqrsl,Stk6v12,wjD6lIS#202:57
wilee-nileechielement,THe ubuntu install on a chrome laptop anyway02:58
chielementwilee-nilee, it works manually...it won't kick in if let my computer go idle. I think however that this will work for me.02:59
wilee-nileechielement, Cool.02:59
goddardsooo I have 32 gigs of ram03:00
goddardwhat should i do03:00
chielementhas anyone had a problem with unity lens closing unexpectedly?03:00
DoverMogoddard, well you certainly dont need swap03:01
chielementexact message is: "Sorry, the application 'unity-lens-video' has closed unexpectedly"03:01
WulframnOr does he need 32 gigs of swap? =P03:02
WulframnCache all the things!03:02
failmasterguys, i have a problem trying to switch passphrase to keyfile authorization for root partition, while it works flawlessly for others on 13.04, however, the end-goal scheme used to work fine on 12.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?03:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]03:03
Wulframn!hi | alex22703:03
pvl1how do i tell if im running 32 or 64bit03:03
goddardDoverMo: ya for sure03:03
alex277wulramn hi03:03
goddardDoverMo: unless for some odd reasons I wanna put my system to sleep?03:03
Wulframnpvl1 uname -m iirc03:04
goddardWulframn: i was gonna try it03:04
DoverMogoddard, well according to this chart I found online, 8gb of swap is what's recommended in that range03:04
pvl1Wulframn: thanks, shoulda manpaged that. clearly -r wasnt the right flag03:04
chiquesUpgraded an old machine from 10.04 to 13.04 and now it runs sow SLOWWWW03:05
alex277[pvl1] in satar- equip -click rigth after properties03:05
DoverMochiques, so you went from the gnome-themed ubuntu desktop to unity?03:07
DoverMochiques, unity is slow03:07
chiquesDoverMo, Ridiculously slow03:08
chiquesDoverMo, I have to reformat and switch back. This makes my machine unusable.03:09
DoverMochiques, you could install all of the xfce4 stuff03:09
DoverMochiques, and work from that03:09
kdawgthink i might have to run a live cd on my comeputer03:09
kdawgnot the other one03:09
researcher123Apllication open too slowly.Sometime dont open at all. I am on Ubuntu 13.04.Any HELP?03:09
chiquesDoverMo, That sucks. I really like Ubuntu, it's a bummer they  turned Unity into such a hog03:12
RunemoroWhy does "ps -er" list only one process?03:12
researcher123Ubuntu 13.04.Recently ran autoclean,autoremove.But no improvement.PC responds too slowly.HELP?03:12
wilee-nileeresearcher123, This hardware is up for the OS, you have checked whatb is running, what apps?03:13
DoverMochiques, indeed it does. But the best solution is to install a different DE or switch to a spin03:13
SparkyFlarywhen will the ubuntu phone come out?03:13
wilee-nileeSparkyFlary, #ubuntu-touch is the pace to be03:13
Azelphurresearcher123: neither of those commands will improve performance, you should be looking at system monitor and seeing what processes are using high amounts of CPU or RAM.03:13
researcher123wilee-nilee: ALl application open slowly03:13
AzelphurSparkyFlary: if you've got a compatible device you can try it, I've ran it on my ne...aww.03:13
wilee-nileeresearcher123, I asked three questions03:13
chiquesDoverMo, Thanks03:14
caiyuehello boys03:14
researcher123wilee-nilee: Ubuntu 13.04.Browser, Office docs and Files open very slowly.03:15
DoverMoRunemoro, "ps re" was what you were looking for?03:16
wilee-nileeresearcher123, Have you checked what is running, do you have a lot open, install htop and run htop in the terminal to check usage.03:16
pvl1i installed a 32 bit system on a 64 bit processor. can i install 64 on top03:16
RunemoroDoverMo, No, all running processes03:17
wilee-nileeresearcher123, Is the computers hardware up for the challenge?03:17
DoverMoRunemoro, "ps -ax" should suffice03:17
researcher123wilee-nilee: what does it mean?Im quite new03:17
wilee-nileeresearcher123, Ubuntu has some minimal hardware requirements, be specific on what you do not understand. ;)03:18
Xolani_ChijindumHello everyone, Xolani_Chijindumhere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.03:18
researcher123wilee-nilee: I was on 12.10 months ago03:19
wilee-nileeresearcher123, If english is a barrier there are channels with languages besides english if needed.03:19
RunemoroDoverMo, doesn't that list processes that aren't running too?03:19
researcher123wilee-nilee: on 12.10 my system worked well.It was working well on 13.04 until a fortnight ago03:19
wilee-nileeresearcher123, What is your native language?03:20
pvl1eh ill just keep 3203:20
researcher123wilee-nilee: Marathi03:20
researcher123wilee-nilee: english no problem for me03:20
researcher123wilee-nilee: but I am a civil engineer. Dont know much about Ubuntu terminology03:21
wilee-nileeresearcher123, Seems like it is we are not communicating, #ubuntu-in might help just saying.03:21
researcher123wilee-nilee: tell me how I can paste htop output for you to view03:22
Runemororesearcher123, Whois says you're from Romania, I know Romanian.03:22
wilee-nileeresearcher123, Yu have to say what is not understandable not just make comments, and some of this you will have to work through, I can;'t hold your hand, others may though, I think others will be better help. ;)03:23
researcher123Runemoro: Im from India03:23
DoverMoRunemoro, i'm not sure what to say. you just get whatever is listed in the manual "man ps"03:23
kdawgi may see u when i reboot getting ready to reboot into ubuntu on this computer via life cd03:24
wilee-nileepvl1, 64 bit is a fresh install.03:25
* wilee-nilee is afk03:25
pvl1wilee-nilee: i just read there is a way, but its too much work and not enough benifet for what i wanted itfor03:26
wilee-nileepvl1, Can I see that way?03:30
sid0418i want to install sublime text 2 in my os ubuntu 11 , please anybody help , I tried different ways from tar.gj and from terminal also nothing works03:32
* wilee-nilee read elvis and jim morrison have a bar in Cancun, does not mean it's true03:32
wilee-nileesid0418, The usual first response here if you are aware that 11 anything is end of life, and do hyou have to use it.03:35
sid0418yeah , i must use it at any ccost03:36
wilee-nileesid0418, Why?03:36
sid0418wilee-nilee: i am a webdesigner03:37
wilee-nileesid0418, Well, not supported here technically, ks all, so you might check your priorities, does not mean no one will help though.03:38
sid0418wilee-nilee : can i update my os03:38
wilee-nilee!eol | sid0418 with a specific yes be backed up.03:39
ubottusid0418 with a specific yes be backed up.: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:39
wilee-nileespecific path*03:39
=== kacey is now known as Guest94613
wilee-nileesid0418, That will take awhile is all, it goes from lts to lts are up one release at a time isall.03:40
wilee-nileeor are*03:40
sid0418can i prefer eol release03:40
wilee-nileesid0418, If you start from one yes, the good thing is that 12.04 has 5 years support.03:41
wilee-nileesid0418, Sorry prefer eol release?03:42
sid0418can you tell me simple steps to upgrade my system03:42
wilee-nileesid0418, The bots message has that info.03:42
wilee-nileesid0418, Backit up and or clone it first I would say for safety is all.03:43
sid0418i am not aware of it much while i am reading  , can you help me simple steps from terminal or gui what can i do now to upgrade my  system with patience , please03:44
wilee-nileesid0418, I am a bit hesitant to give you every command a mistake can be made leaving me feeling responsible, I am not fond of that. This is exactly what you need to read to do this and clone your setup first. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Upgrade03:46
sid0418thanks for ur support  . xchat is more useful for me03:47
wilee-nileeI have never bricked another's OS from about 12,000 posts at the ubuntu foeums and to many to count here, I would not like breaking that trend. sid0418 ;)03:47
tones  that's a lot of posts, call guiness03:55
failmasterguys, i have a problem trying to switch passphrase to keyfile authorization for root partition, while it works flawlessly for others on 13.04, however, the end-goal scheme used to work fine on 12.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?03:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]03:55
wilee-nileelol to much free time03:55
failmastertrue -.-03:55
wilee-nileethat was while getting a bachelors totally unrelated03:56
frezeany guides for a first time vps03:58
frezeI mean I'm automatically root03:58
wilee-nileefreze, automatically root? in ubuntu?03:59
wilee-nileefreze, Cool not sure myself was just curious.04:00
wilee-nileefreze, If you want to run the #ubuntu-server this is the channel.04:01
frezeoh tahnks04:01
droopusing magnet files with deluge. ive researched around in forums but cant download. what torrent client can i use on ubuntu 12.04 to download magnet files? thanks :)04:10
reisiodroop: deluge04:10
reisiobut they're not files, that's the whole point of them :)04:11
uvalahello, sorry for this non-ubuntu question, but I couldn't find where to ask; does anyone know why I may be receiving this message when I click on the webmail link of my mail provider: "Not Found The requested URL /apps/webmail/src/login.php was not found on this server." ?04:11
wilee-nileeuvala, ##linux maybe if you are registered04:12
uvalafirst login page was there, and returned a  maintenance alert after login. then the login page was totally gone04:12
goddardis there a way to make apps stay in full screen mode when switching between desktops?04:12
MrLahey Hi I am running Lubuntu 13.04 on a laptop connected to an external monitor. on the external monitor windows do not fully maximize and are stuck on the upper left hand corner. here are screen shots of what the screen looks like and what my arandar setup looks like  http://imgur.com/sWRqrsl,Stk6v12,wjD6lIS#1   http://imgur.com/sWRqrsl,Stk6v12,wjD6lIS#204:13
uvalawilee-nilee, thank you, posted there, but I dont know if I should be registered04:13
reisiogoddard: sounds like a Unity specific problem04:13
wilee-nileeuvala, I thought you had to be registered with freenode to post there is all.04:14
uvalawilee-nilee, I don't know, seems like I can post there just like I post here04:14
wilee-nileegoddard, How are you changing desktops, this within the desktop, or to another completely?04:15
wilee-nileeuvala, Groovy man. ;)04:15
eph3meralhi, so I have purchased and pieced together a rig originally intended for gaming though otherwise a fairly standard intel z77 rig (at least so I thought), asrock extreme4 mobo, gtx 680 - however I can't get a USB stick to boot correctly, seems to be a video related issue04:16
eph3meralI've installed 13.04 64 bit on a USB stick that I previously had 12.04 installed on04:16
holsteinnomodeset | eph3meral04:16
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:16
wilee-nileeeph3meral, Black screen blinking cirsor?04:16
___anon___is anybody having trouble installing ubuntu?04:16
wilee-nileeeph3meral, If so follow holstein's bot prompt.04:17
holstein___anon___: depends on the hardware.. usually no troubles04:17
eph3meralwilee-nilee, hmm, sort of - it somewhat depends on if I select "USB: Multicard" or "UEFI: PNY FD 2.0", but both cases are close to the same, the screen goes black (or in the former case just shrinks into the top left corner as if the resolution has changed, and I get a bright pink vertical line on the left edge of my screen04:17
eph3meralbut otherwise it could probably be described as black with a blinking cursor, yes04:18
eph3meralcome to think of it, hitting keys generates control sequences like ^[[a04:18
eph3meralreading link now04:18
wilee-nileeeph3meral, You want uefi or is this a dual with W8 using gpt partitioning in general or the HW needs a uefi?04:19
eph3meralwilee-nilee, I do have windows 8 but I bought a fully separate physical HD on which to install ubuntu04:19
eph3meralit's on SATA 3.0 6gbps04:19
wilee-nileeeph3meral, Cool, and you understand what uefi is?04:19
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI04:20
goddardwilee-nilee: i am using ctrl+alt+ arrow keys04:20
eph3meralroughly, think, it's the fancy new graphics version of "Ye Ol' BIOS" right?04:20
failmasterguys, i have a problem trying to switch passphrase to keyfile authorization for root partition, while it works flawlessly for others on 13.04, however, the end-goal scheme used to work fine on 12.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?04:20
goddardthis is when in full screen mode in terminal or something04:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]04:20
goddardwilee-nilee: not a huge deal, but I am unsure why my computer is doing something I didn't tell it to04:20
wilee-nileegoddard, Ah so in the OS, not sure.04:20
goddardwilee-nilee: I figured as much oh well04:21
wilee-nileeI use the gnome shell04:21
HeetWhat's the easiest way to automatically mount a drive on startup?04:21
goddardwilee-nilee: i would gladly switch to gnome shell if they got the Unity top menu04:22
wilee-nilee!fstab | Heet04:22
ubottuHeet: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:22
goddardevery linux user should know about fstab04:22
goddardits pretty handy04:22
wilee-nileegoddard, Actually the shell has a bunch of cool extensions I think many have not discovered this.04:22
HeetWell, boom, I am now a part of that mass04:22
wilee-nileewelcome to the fold. ;)04:23
eph3meralwilee-nilee: I noticed one rather significant difference: when I choose "USB: Multicard" as the boot option I get a blue background text interface list with "Default" as the first option and several other install related options… when I choose "UEFI: PNY FD 2.0" as my boot option, I get the familiar grub/lilo boot loading screen but the options are only 4 the first one being "try without installing" and I forget the other 304:23
eph3meralwilee-nilee: I don't know if that illuminates anything important regarding which boot option I should be choosing but they both seem to suffer from the same issue ultimately04:23
goddardwilee-nilee: yeah I used gnome shell for awhile and the extensions rock.  Some one was workin on the gnome universal menu project but stopped04:24
goddardit worked in like ubuntu 11.xx04:24
wilee-nileeeph3meral, I have only done standard mbr use installs so not sure what is up, other than a nomodeset boot.04:24
* keyzs http://youtu.be/x_qJxpA3_pc04:24
HeetI have no idea how to configure this thing04:25
___anon___guys, i installed xfonts-jmk, how can i use these fonts in terminal04:25
wilee-nileekeyzs, Please don't just post stuff04:25
___anon___guys, i installed xfonts-jmk, how can i use these fonts in terminal04:26
___anon___or not terminal, i meant konsole04:26
___anon___and in KDE04:26
* ___anon___ shoots chat04:27
___anon___yup, its dead04:27
UbulostWhere do I find the channel topic?04:27
eph3meralwilee-nilee: where does the nomodeset go? the default boot line looks like "ubnkern initrd=/ubninit file=/cdrom/pressed/ubuntu.see boot=casper quiet splash --"04:28
wilee-nileeUbulost, Ubuntu support is the topic, more info in the header.04:28
* ___anon___ puts a shovel and the channels dead body in the back of his pickup, and hides the dead body.04:28
reisioUbulost: /topic04:28
___anon___yup, its dead04:28
wilee-nileeeph3meral, boot=casper nomodeset quiet splash --"04:28
___anon___guys, i installed xfonts-jmk, how can i use these fonts in konsole?04:28
dr_willisor we have you on ignore now04:28
* ___anon___ shoots chat04:29
dr_williskonsole has font settings in its menus last i looked04:29
eph3meralhey, sorry I logged in from a diff terminal, wilee-nilee would you post that ubuntu forum link again please?04:29
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | eph3meral04:29
ubottueph3meral: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:29
wilee-nileeeph3meral, and added like this is all. boot=casper nomodeset quiet splash --"04:30
Ubulostdoes anyone know where to set the client password on ubuntu host for network log in?04:30
eph3meralwilee-nilee: hmm, did that, the screen simply flashes once and I still get a blinking cursor04:32
wilee-nileeeph3meral, Not sure than, sorry. ;)04:32
dr_willisUbulost:  clarify what you mean04:32
eph3meralwilee-nilee: what does the -- at the end signify btw?04:33
UbulostI have to ubuntu VMs on my linux box here and I'm trying to learn to network them.  I've gone thru about 15 tutorials.  I can see each from the others filemanagers but when I try and access it asks for a password, and none of the tutorials said anything about setting up a password and I'm stumped04:34
wilee-nileeeph3meral, Not sure exactly, but you can remove the quiet splash and see the text and maybe see the problem, you keep the kernel the same with nomodeset just adding it is all.04:34
dr_willisUbulost:  you mean samba shares?04:35
eph3meralwilee-nilee: yeah I get ata8.00: exception Emask …. frozen04:35
eph3meralata8.00: failed command: IDENTIFY PACKET DEVICE04:35
eph3meralI did install a new hard drive04:35
wilee-nileeeph3meral, All I could do is google that but at least it is info.04:36
UbulostI believe so, but I've tried so many different ways I cant say.  Though I did set it up in smb.conf04:36
dr_willisUbulost:  sudo smbpasswd username      for samba password s04:36
eph3meralhrm, yeah oh well04:36
dr_willissee the samba docs books04:36
dr_willis!info samba-doc04:36
ubottusamba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.6.9-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 5615 kB, installed size 13734 kB04:36
wilee-nileeeph3meral, Not sure but there is a #hardware channel if it is in the build maybe04:37
dr_willisUbulost:  for ubuntu tu ubuntu or other linux'  its seaier to use  ssh or sftp or sshfs   not samba04:37
Ubulostdr_willis: been thru samba docs over and over.  I think I'm missing something simple.  I'll try that again now, though04:37
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
dr_willisuser has no samba password by default.04:38
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carlzulaufAnyone know what license the ubuntu icons are released under?04:42
carlzulaufIf I wanted to use the icon at /usr/share/icons/Humanity/apps/64/utilities-terminal.svg in 13.04 for an open source chrome extension, is that alright?04:42
eph3meralwilee-nilee: haha, I was just a bit of a doofus and I had my new drive plugged in the wrong SATA port04:43
eph3meralwilee-nilee: works fine now :)04:43
Ubulostdr_willis:  is this correct?> you set user share in smb.conf, then password with smbpasswd?  are there other steps?04:44
dr_willisUbulost: thats the core of it.04:45
carlzulaufguess I should have googled better or searched the docs better: "The Humanity Icon Theme is licensed under the GPL v2." - /usr/share/doc/humanity-icon-theme/copyright04:45
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frezewhen I dpkg --get-selections  how come some packages are not listed in there like apt-cache etc..04:49
eph3meralwilee-nilee: I have 8 gigs of ram, how much swap should I afford?04:50
frezeis it because apt-cache is provided by apt04:50
frezeby *the apt* package04:50
eph3meralI can't remember, I feel like I recall reading I shouldn't bother going above like 1-2G ?04:50
reisioeph3meral: 8GB could theoretically be useful04:50
reisiobut no more04:50
eph3meralalso, should swap go at the beginning or end?04:50
eph3meralreisio: ok, I mean it's a 500GB disk and I'm not likely to use more than 50G of that in reality :)04:50
eph3meralsmallest I could find at best buy :/04:51
reisioyeah I hear you04:51
reisiosometimes one needs a cheap drive, and not an expensive data center :p04:51
carlzulaufshould have gotten like a 64gb SSD then04:51
reisiothey're probably preparing for Windows 9, which will require 500GB to install04:51
eph3meralmeh, I plan to do the SSD soon04:51
carlzulaufthose are comporable in price to 500GB04:51
eph3meraland when I do I will go all out04:51
reisiolet's see, I bought some 2TBs for $100 a piece04:52
reisioso 500GB _should be_ $25 :p but of course that's not how things work, heh04:52
carlzulaufnah, they are like ~$60 i think04:52
reisiodemand, etc.04:52
carlzulaufyeah, and there is a floor on how cheap you can make a HDD04:52
reisiolot of manufacturers focus too much on demand and not enough on reliable profit margins04:53
reisiobut we digress :p04:53
wilee-nileeeph3meral, I put the swap at the end as I have multiple OS's changing at times keeps the partitions in numerical order if you want to hibernate a slight more than ram is suggested.04:53
wilee-nileeeph3meral, If I actually ever really the swap O might put is closer to the front of the HD.04:54
neo1691Hello Folks!04:55
eph3meralwilee-nilee: good point04:56
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carlzulaufeph3meral: ubuntu's auto option would make the swap 8GB and at the end of the disk04:56
eph3meralwilee-nilee: does it matter of swap is a primary or a logical drive?04:56
carlzulaufI suspect wilee-nilee told them to04:56
eph3meraldoes it matter if*04:57
carlzulaufeph3meral: no04:57
derrikis sda3 = hd0,2 in grub?04:57
wilee-nileeeph3meral, Since I multiboot with W8 I have it in a primary, it has no boot partition, and all the linux in an extended.04:58
reisioderrik: nope04:58
derrikthen what it is?04:58
reisioderrik: >=GRUB2 counts devices from 0 and partitions from 104:58
reisiodo not ask04:58
reisiome why04:58
derrikso its hd0,3?04:59
reisioneo1691: hi04:59
reisioand then there's swap _files_04:59
reisiosometimes it can be really handy to have a disposable few-gig partition though05:00
reisioyou can use it for all sorts of things05:00
eph3meralwell, screw it, I went with 10GB on my swap just cuz I know 8G is like more than 8000MB technically I thin, so in order to be safe in possible hibernation, screw it05:00
reisiodump in a rescue OS, copying & resizing05:00
eph3meralI won't miss it05:00
reisioeph3meral: heh05:00
reisioI'm pretty sure the hibernation will not explode if it's a few megs short :)05:01
reisiobut nor will your disk with a few extra gigs of swap :p05:01
eph3meralbut JUST in case05:01
wilee-nileeeph3meral, Heh, live real. ;)05:01
reisiolahwran: you pass05:01
eph3meral"My ram is full and I want to hibernate! why can't this free software hibernate when my ram is full! Ubuntu sucks!"05:02
wilee-nileeeph3meral, That a troll practice. ;)05:02
eph3meralyeah, gotta keep my teeth sharp ya know05:03
dr_willisvs  my ram is all used up with nothink loaded05:03
eph3meralI bought a mac because they are perfect, Apple is perfect!05:03
dr_williswith a  ssd   hard drive and 10 sec boot times. i dont hibernate05:04
wilee-nileesame here05:04
reisiowhy do you even reboot? :p05:04
wilee-nileejust for the rush05:04
eph3meralif only, if only, I could open all the same programs that were open before, with all the same windows on all of the same of my 15 desktops05:04
eph3meralthen life would be good05:04
eph3meraland I wouldn't need hibernate05:04
eph3meralhmm, fair point05:05
dr_willissession managers.05:05
eph3meraldr_willis: that's about as big of a joke as compiz05:05
dr_willisDon't see them used much any moar05:05
frezewhat happens if the directory is set as read and execute and the file as read only  for the group?05:05
eph3meralnice idea though05:05
frezecan the group execute the file?05:06
baumyI just setup msmtp with my university's mail server, and it's appearing to successfully execute (I'm returned to a shell with no error), but email isn't being sent. I have no idea how to debug this, help?05:07
eph3meralwell holy nuck farts, I think it worked05:07
eph3meralnow for the updates :/05:07
eph3meraland to get rid of unity (*shudder*)05:07
wilee-nilee"unity makes the world prettier" hippie quote05:09
Mace268Any ideas how I might tell why my install is stuck on configuring hardware? The skip button has no effect either.05:09
wilee-nileeMace268, This a dualboot using the slider?05:10
eph3meralis sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop the way to go for xfce?05:10
Mace268No fresh install on an ssd drive...05:11
eph3meral(I'm an XFCE guy… it's pretty much GNOME2 without as many bugs)05:11
wilee-nileeMace268, Did you tick the update box?05:11
eph3meralI can't remember, I had some issues wherein XFCE was installed, but none of the icons :/05:11
wilee-nileeMace268, Stuck or just running long?05:11
wilee-nileeMace268, What release?05:12
Mace268Well the system is responding still but the dropdown says the last activity was an ipv6 config timeout.05:12
wilee-nileeMace268, That would be a bit if update if you did not get the daily, my guess is that.05:13
Mace268I had to start the install with nomodeset because the gpu was locking05:14
wilee-nileeMace268, This computer up for the task hardware wise?05:14
Mace268I checked my nic activity05:14
Mace268Yes for sure05:14
Mace268The drm was locking up on my gtx58005:15
wilee-nileeMace268, It's up to you on what to do really since it is an install. I suspect a long update load, depends on the net speed the other comments I would not know.05:16
Mace268Thanks I'll give it a while longer05:16
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Mace268Although the iso downloaded in much less time than this05:17
Mace268But my net is spotty05:18
eph3meralISO downloads on torrent are insanely fast… sooo nice05:18
Mace268Yuh for sure05:19
reisiopeak torrent ftw05:19
wilee-nileethrottled here gotta get a modem not from the provider05:19
Mace268Now it just ran a cron command, I guess it's moving along05:21
Mace268Why would it run cron-hourly during an install though?05:22
neo1691I am using ubuntu 13.04 and these day I get a lot of system errors. Can someone please suggest me how to debug such errors or get to the bottom of such errors05:24
wilee-nileeneo1691, You ever click the more info and look at what they are?05:25
SorathAnyone know about creating a personal livestream with an Ubuntu server?05:25
neo1691wilee-nilee: Yes, they are different each times, sometimes its unity-scope-cities, or it is apport-resume05:26
rothamhey .. is there a channel for libre office?  I'm trying to figure out if its possible to convert 8:03 time in [HH]:MM format to a decimal.05:27
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azerty_a bon merci05:28
wilee-nileeneo1691, not exactly sure, you would have to debug each individually if you think that is the fix, I just remove the popup setup.05:28
orwellazerty_: bonsoir05:29
wilee-nilee!fr | azerty_05:29
ubottuazerty_: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.05:29
neo1691wilee-nilee: how do you remove the popup setup05:29
orwellRingingEars: hi05:30
wilee-nileeneo1691, I just purge apport. http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-disable-apport-error-reporting-in-ubuntu05:31
RingingEarsIs anyone here familiar with audio issues?05:31
wilee-nileeRingingEars, state the actual issue for help.05:31
wilee-nileeto the channel05:31
dr_willis! Sound05:32
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:32
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RingingEarsUnfortunently none of it worked.  My laptop speakers are ringing with headphones in after being suspended.  The laptop had no changes and suspended before without issue.05:36
RingingEarsI reinstalled because it happened before.05:36
AcidRain2012whats a good tool for encrypting/decrypting files?05:38
berto-how can i listen to all upstart events?05:39
reisioAcidRain2012: encfs05:39
RingingEarsAcidRain2012: Depends, what do you want to encrypt?05:40
AcidRain2012RingingEars, pictures. doesnt need to be a complex encryption. im protecting from junkies. not hackers05:40
RingingEarsTruecrypt can make a contained, like a folder, that you can put them in.05:41
RingingEarsGnuPG could individually encrypt pictures05:41
berto-AcidRain2012: what are you trying to do?05:41
RingingEars* a container05:41
AcidRain2012berto-, stop junkies from stealing sensetive data and trading it for crack05:42
reisiojunkies aren't that smart05:43
reisiothey need the crack too immediately05:43
reisio$5's for a stolen laptop is crack in the hand05:43
reisiothere are always more laptops, after all05:43
AcidRain2012reisio, :/ i just need file encryption. if i could encrypt an entire folder that would be great05:44
reisioAcidRain2012: encfs05:45
reisioigor_: hiyo05:45
igor_hi reisio05:45
igor_where are you from?05:45
reisiodark side of the moon, you?05:45
neo1691wilee-nilee: Thanks a lot, it helped.05:45
igor_of my house05:46
wilee-nileeneo1691, No problem.05:47
neo1691I am using compiz since ubuntu 12.04 days, and I feel its causing much of my errors in ubuntu, can anyone tell me how to completely uninstall compiz>?05:47
Mace268Trying again with 13.04. Should I use LVM?05:48
eph3meralneo1691: yes, it is causing your errors05:48
eph3meralunfortunately I don't know enough to tell you how to uninstall! XD05:48
igor_sudo apt-get purge compiz05:48
wilee-nileeneo1691, unity is a plugin in compiz running ontop of gnome 305:48
wilee-nileeigor_, Bad advice05:48
dr_willisJust use a different desktop05:48
neo1691wilee-nilee: so that means I should unninstall it?05:48
dr_willisJust use a different desktop  neo169105:49
wilee-nileeyep on the don't remove and try a new desktop neo169105:49
dr_willisDon't uninstall it05:49
AcidRain2012how do i permanently delete files off an external hdd. they keep going into .trash-005:49
AcidRain2012im using nautilus05:49
wilee-nileeAcidRain2012, dconf-editor has a bypass thrash option05:50
neo1691dr_willis: I like unity? is compiz enabled by default in unity?05:50
dr_willisShift_delete key  I think also05:50
wilee-nileethat sound rigt05:50
igor_come to install Sytem opr05:50
dr_willisneo1691:  unity is a compilation plugin05:50
eph3meralugh, unity is so bad, I deleted the ubuntu I just installed and downloaded xubuntu instead05:50
eph3meralso worth it05:50
AcidRain2012dr_willis, thx. your solution was easiest05:50
igor_use ubuntu lucid05:51
dr_williseph3meral:  overkill05:51
RingingEarsXFCE is nice for a lightweight05:51
eph3meralactually gnome3 is about as bad as unity05:51
wilee-nileeigor_, You are just posting garbage do we have to call the ops?05:51
eph3meralRingingEars: actually XFCE isn't really just lightweight, it just works better, in so many ways05:52
reisioeph3meral: pity all those mint converts didn't realize that (re: gnome)05:52
eph3meralGNOME3 went the Apple "you use it like we say you use it" route, and I can't stand it05:52
neo1691I am trying to avoid a complete fresh install again, as I have just one / partition, any help?05:52
eph3meralyeh I worked with a mint user recently… haven't tried it myself05:52
reisioGNOME was already pretty Mac OS oriented, but abandoning all that code was drastic05:52
reisioneo1691: what's up?05:53
eph3meralI prefer server usually and package upgrades, and actually I really do like having the xubuntu install at the base - I think this is the first time I've ever actually done this fresh05:53
eph3meralI usually install xfce after the fact but the packages never seem to work out right in the end05:53
eph3meralneo1691: "I am trying to avoid a complete fresh install again" <- words of doom05:54
igor_what time is it?05:54
eph3merallol, just, srsly, from experience - you don't use linux because it's easy or doesn't require time05:54
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reisioigor_: time for you to be quiet? :p05:54
reisiommm, and IME you don't reinstall05:54
igor_es q no los entiendo05:54
reisiounless you change hardware architecture05:54
igor_arquitectura hardware05:55
neo1691eph3meral: Any way to backup my data? /home partition, or should I just install a different desktop like gnome?05:55
RingingEarsI've had no issues with GNOME 3.6, but that's just me.  3.8 is buggy (for me)05:55
eph3meralneo1691: sure, buy a backup drive?05:56
dr_willisIt's trivial to install other desktops  neo169105:56
igor_bye friends05:56
eph3meralneo1691: buy a thumb drive? burn a CD? burn a DVD? upload it to the cloud?05:56
igor_more capacity05:56
igor_the cloud?05:56
igor_spy in the cloud05:56
neo1691I will first install a different desktop, if it works, I will stick to else, else a fresh install seems inevitable05:57
dr_willisYeah..  Right...05:57
eph3meralneo1691: I highly suggest starting to use separate system and "files" drives - ideally completely separate physical drives, but just separate partitions is fine as well05:57
dr_willisExternal use hd are very handy and affordable05:57
neo1691eph3meral: I learned that after installing ubuntu, the hard way :P05:58
eph3meralneo1691: that's what she said05:58
reisioeph3meral: yeah, why do you suggest that?05:58
reisioigor_: music05:59
igor_hablen español06:00
reisio(just like)06:00
eph3meralreisio: actually I don't even do that myself :P06:00
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:00
eph3meralreisio: just cuz he seemed worried about it06:00
reisioeph3meral: not sure why you would, unless you could afford one SSD and not two06:00
eph3meraltrying to use the same /home is like suicide06:00
eph3meralit's mostly settings06:00
reisiothe same /home? For what06:00
eph3meraland they get all muckered up if you overwrite06:00
frezeanyonegot sshd running06:01
reisiofreze: yup06:03
frezereisio do you know why there are more than 2 processes runnign of sshd06:04
frezeis one ip4 the other ipv6 and other ...06:04
RingingEarsMaybe you have a point.  This ringing did not happen before I switched to GNOME06:08
DevotedBoyfriendHello, My girlfriend recently purchased a desktop computer with Ubuntu operating system and she is trying to access the internet wirelessly, but06:09
DevotedBoyfriendshe cannot, ( she believes she needs to download certain drivers )06:09
kariNo i have nvidia-96 drivers installed and i can go to "nvidia-settings", but still my flash isn't working. I get this "###!!! [Parent][RPCChannel] Error: Channel error: cannot send/recv" error in console06:09
kariusing firefox06:10
kari12.04 lts06:10
eph3meralwilee-nilee: what is the advisable route for installing flash?06:11
kenneth__DevotedBoyfriend what is the laptop model? and how do you say that it can't connect to internet?06:11
karieph3meral,  it should be sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer06:11
eph3meralI have gone about this in myriad different ways, I know there are at least like 2 different types of packages in the repos (usually) and also the option of just going to adobe.com (sometimes)06:12
eph3meralkari: k06:12
eph3meralI'm on 13.04 I guess I'll give it a shot06:12
eph3meralkari: what about for MP3? for whatever reason neither install checkbox works for me during install06:14
eph3meralso I have to download updates and non-free after06:14
bhper community/SoundTroubleshooting: I can play sound as root, but not as myself and I'm in the `audio` group. What else could I try?06:14
theadminbh: Remove yourself from this group. It's not intended for users to be in.06:22
karieph3meral,  what mp3?06:23
bhtheadmin: hrm, that's at odds with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting#Sound_Output_Troubleshooting06:24
karieph3meral,  you mean you dont have sound in your flash? or?06:24
theadminbh: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/TheAudioGroup06:24
santhoshhai what type of problems get in ltsp cluster in ubuntu06:28
eph3meralkari: flash has sound just fine actually06:29
eph3meraljust tested it on youtube06:29
santhoshhai what type of problems get in ltsp cluster in ubuntu06:34
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kdawgAny way to speed up YUMI06:36
kdawgI no for a fack my usb drive and all my computer componets can go faster then 300KB/s on 7zip iso extraction06:37
kdawgbutting ubuntu to usb cause i was having mint issues with my cdrom i accidentally burned mint instead of ubuntu lol was tired lol so when i got out of bed from my nap it was messed. so i figure i just put a few of the os's on a different usbthumbdrive and boot from that it should be faster then blueray drive06:39
kdawgbut the extraction is taking for ever like i was warned06:40
kdawggoing to try this with ubuntu live cd http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/06:40
kdawghopefully its not a huge headache06:40
z8zare there full set of dvd iso of the whole ubuntu packages repos like Debian has?06:45
kdawgz8z what you mean?06:46
kdawglike multiple version of the same os on one dvd?06:46
z8zubuntu has at most the dvd installation which contains most popular packages06:46
z8zDebian has 10 DVD which contains all the packages of any standard repos06:47
kdawgyou looking at deploring these were there is no network connection?06:47
z8zbut i need to make sure i have everything with me06:48
z8zany possible package06:48
kdawgwow i think that extremely hard to do06:49
kdawgbut someone in here might no a better answer06:49
kdawgbut if you can point me in the right direction for this debian copy06:49
kdawgi don't see it on debian.org06:50
iceroot_z8z: you could sync the repo and create a local repo06:50
iceroot_z8z: apt-mirror06:50
AugurnzIs there a way to process a text lof file with the "sed" command if the text to replace with contains an "&" ampersand symbol?06:50
karimore info! now when i actually installed flash straight from clicking the link (middle of black flash screen) , in the middle of installing i get flash video to work, but when the install is complete. Video will  vanish. Not so good way to watch videos06:50
iceroot_Augurnz: what should be the problem there? dont understand the question06:50
z8zyeah i know that. I just wanted to know if dvd iso exist06:51
iceroot_z8z: not will all packages06:51
Augurnziceroot: the ampersand is reserved for something in sed06:51
iceroot_Augurnz: escape it06:51
iceroot_Augurnz: see also #sed06:51
Augurnzthanks iceroot06:51
z8ziceroot_: sad :(06:52
iceroot_Augurnz: i guess it would be s/he\&llo/hello/06:52
iceroot_z8z: normally there is no need06:52
iceroot_z8z: and you can use apt-mirror06:52
iceroot_z8z: the dvd will contain old packages after some days and then you have security issues and so on06:52
Augurnziceroot: yeah, I should have thought of that, been trying for a while now06:52
dr_willisapt-cacher-ng  is a handy tool also z8z06:52
z8ziceroot_: so with apt-mirror i can create a folder full with packages and carry around right?06:53
iceroot_z8z: yes06:53
iceroot_z8z: it will create a local repository06:53
kdawglooks like the debian package your were selecting if you buy the cd from on of the venders06:54
iceroot_z8z: you can add it then in your /etc/apt/sources.list06:54
z8ziceroot_: cool...so i'd better try that06:54
iceroot_z8z: but it may be something like 50GB06:55
z8ziceroot_: yeah i'm expecting something like that :D06:55
z8ziceroot_: sorry to annoy you but i have last question that i always asked myself... is there a way to download all the sources of every package at the same time?06:56
dr_willis there are source repos06:57
iceroot_z8z: you mean the source packages?06:57
z8ziceroot_: yeah ... how those works?06:58
iceroot_z8z: i guess "sudo apt-get source *"06:58
iceroot_z8z: it will not work with normal packages because of conflicts06:58
iceroot_z8z: but with sources packages it should work06:58
iceroot_z8z: maybe bash will not execute it because of "too many arguments"06:58
z8ziceroot_: lol06:58
z8ziceroot_: ok so i'll give a try to that too thanks06:59
iceroot_z8z: but you really mean source package? it is something different then a *.deb package06:59
z8ziceroot_: yeah i mean that06:59
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goddardanyone know if crossfire works with 7950s07:06
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MeanKittyHi guys. I use Cryptkeeper to encrypt files. Where can I modify the "strength" of the encryption?07:17
jostI've got a fakeRaid running on my machine, using dmraid. There are two devices listed in /dev for each partition on that RAID: /dev/dm-x and /dev/mapper/nvidia_asdadadax. The latter is a symlink to the first one. The latter is used in /etc/fstab. Is it save to change the fstab to use the /dev/dm-x device?07:18
Ultimate4Hello there. I am currently on ubuntu 11.10, and i have downloaded ubuntu 12.04 LTS from another source due to my erratic network connection. Can i somehow upgrade my current version to latest one using ISO?07:19
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Ultimate4I can't boot using live media since my CD Rom is broken and my pc don't support USB booting.07:20
* CrashMcGee likes to ^ÂÊÎÔÛâêîôûĈĉĜĝĤĥĴĵŜŝŴŵŶŷˆ̭̂᷍ḒḓḘḙḼḽṊṋṰṱṶṷẐẑẤấẦầẨẩẪẫẬậẾếỀềỂểỄễỆệỐốỒồỔổỖỗỘộ⨣⨶⩯ꞈ^󠁞07:21
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Xirre_I was wondering, if I have a program and have 5 of them, then write the PID of them all in a .txt file, how do I read the text file and also check every few seconds if another process with their name has started and also how do I end it(not kill) via a shell script?07:23
wilee-nileeUltimate4, You have a grub boot on the computer perchance?07:25
Xirre_Basically I only want the initial 5 up. The ones whose PIDs were in the .txt file.07:25
iceroot_Xirre_: have a look at #bash07:25
Ultimate4wilee-nilee: yes07:25
dr_willis   bash can read from files Xirre_   then send a dignal07:25
snusXirre_, sounds like you should learn some coding/scripting07:25
snusYou could make a script/program that automates that pretty easily in almost any language really07:26
wilee-nileeUltimate4, Two easy options, booting the iso from grub for an install or a eol upgrade using a specific path. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot07:27
wilee-nilee!eol | Ultimate4 look closely at upgrade link07:27
ubottuUltimate4 look closely at upgrade link: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:27
rhumbothi all, i installed ubuntu 12.04 on my asus laptup from an usb stick. when trying to start the laptop i can choose between ubuntu and ubuntu recovery. after choosing a version, nothing happens. the laptop refuses to start unless the usb stick is plugged in. is there any configuration i need to change?07:28
ken-the-whizrhumbot, try reinstall07:28
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | rhumbot take a look gere07:28
ubotturhumbot take a look gere: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:28
wilee-nileerhumbot, If you decide to reinstall check the ISO's/cd/usb's md5sum first.07:29
sal_Does Ubuntu support rollbacks to undo a system upgrade?07:29
rhumboti did reinstall before. i think it might be connected to the installation of bumblebee though.07:30
wilee-nileesal_, Not really07:30
wilee-nileerhumbot, try the nomodeset boot option and see if you get to the desktop.07:30
=== dstevens is now known as Shakespeare
Gold267is there any way to boot ubuntu from software raid partition??????07:36
Gold267I'm trying to do it and it is just doesn't boot after ubuntu installation07:37
Gold267Grub rescue, that's what I get07:37
Gold267Started installer in a rescue mode, and trying to set /dev/md127 as a root file system07:38
Gold267it says "Error occurred while mounting the device"07:38
Gold267anybody has any ideas?07:39
Gold267if I mount separate partition as a /boot - does this mean that it is gonna contain all the required files needed to boot ubuntu?07:41
Gold267during the insallation07:41
gordonjcpGold267: no07:41
gordonjcpGold267: well, *kind of*07:41
Gold267what is that for07:41
gordonjcpGold267: it has the kernels and initial ramdisk, sufficient to get the OS started to the point where you can begin to fiddle about with disks, RAID arrays, networking and so on07:42
Gold267I'm thinking of mapping /boot to the separate partition that is not on raid07:42
Gold267what do you think is it gonna work?07:42
Gold267so can I map /boot and / to separate partitions on a hard drive?07:45
gordonjcpGold267: yes, although you don't need to07:45
Semor Package linux-image-3.5.0-23-generic-dbgsym version 3.5.0-23.35 does not match version of currently running kernel: 3.5.0-23.35~precise107:45
gordonjcpif / is on raid, it might be a good idea07:45
Gold267any thoughts?07:45
reisioGold267: about?07:45
Gold267yes, I'm trying to use / on software ubuntu raid07:46
Gold267to make it faster07:46
Gold267raid 007:46
Gold267did anybody use UEFI partitions for newer motherboards?07:48
=== darkapp_ is now known as darkapp
Gold267curious how does it work07:48
reisioafter jumping through hoops07:49
auronandace!uefi | Gold26707:49
ubottuGold267: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:49
reisiokind of like how New Coke was meant as a replacement for Coca-Cola Classic07:50
Gold267thank you, ubottu, I saw this article. I was wondering if anybody actually use it?07:50
wilee-nileereisio, Jump, higher, higher!! ;)07:51
reisiowhy would there be an article otherwise07:51
dasDinghyhi. can anybody help me with a question about /cow?07:51
reisiodasDinghy: no, but some people probably can07:51
Gold267reisio, I'm curious if it works on practice?07:51
reisioGold267: what, Ubuntu with UEFI?07:52
reisioit needn't not work07:52
dasDinghyI booted a live usb stick and want to use the system for some work within infering the original system on that server -- there is a /cow that is mounted to /.  /cow is 126GB, is that a ramdisk? oder is is using the hdd? I cannot find any information what is behind /cow.07:52
Semorhow to install systemtap on ubuntu precise1 kernel ?07:52
prakash_I just win8 to ubuntu, how can i install vlc in ubuntu.07:52
wilee-nileeprakash_, sudo apt-get install vlc07:53
silverlionaah good morning07:53
reisioSemor: it's in the 'universe' repository: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu07:53
reisioprakash_: ^07:53
silverlionI need help regarding update thunderbird it says "installation needs sources that can not be trusted"07:53
reisioSemor: actually you too :p07:54
prakash_wilee-nilee: thanks :)07:54
Gold267after reparing the system it still unable to boot :(07:55
wilee-nileesilverlion, You sure it is thunderbird and not a ppa you have added, uh, maybe the thunderbird one.07:55
silverlionwilee-nilee: nope i installed it via the software centre07:55
silverlionnot via an ppa07:55
wilee-nileeprakash_, no problem.07:55
Mace268how do I tell which device /dev/dm-3 is using?07:55
wilee-nileesilverlion, Can you run sudo apt-get update and pastebin all the text.07:56
silverlionwilee-nilee: will do. gimme a sec pls07:56
silverlionwilee-nilee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5961775/ << there you go. pls note that thunderbird is currently not installed on this machine. i wanted it to install via the software centre07:59
wilee-nileesilverlion, What is the OS?07:59
silverlionwilee-nilee: its Ubuntu 12.04 LTS08:00
silverlionwilee-nilee: or 12.04.1 to be more currectly08:00
reisioSemor: ?08:00
wilee-nileesilverlion, Thunderbrd is installed on a install with a desktop.08:01
Semorwhat is precise1 kernel?08:01
silverlionwilee-nilee: pardon me?08:01
wilee-nileesilverlion, Thunderbird in on a stock install of ubuntu that has a desktop, not a server though, wht is it not there?08:02
wilee-nileesilverlion, Unless you removed thunderbird it is already there08:03
silverlionwilee-nilee: checked in software centre. nope its not08:03
wilee-nileesilverlion, search in the dash08:03
silverlionwilee-nilee: no results08:04
silverlionif thunderbird would have been there everything would be fine08:04
wilee-nileesilverlion, That makes no sense can you elaborate on this more.08:05
silverlionwilee-nilee: ok08:05
wilee-nileesilverlion, Run sudo apt-get install thunderbird and pastebin it if there is an error08:06
silverlionwilee-nilee: will do08:06
haze__how can i encrypt twice using openssl? i have tried: echo "test" | openssl aes-256-cbc -salt | openssl aes-256-cbc -salt but the second openssl doesn't seem to get called08:06
silverlionwilee-nilee: installation process pending08:07
wilee-nileesilverlion, You have the software center open?08:07
silverlionwilee-nilee: that was the mistake. just closed it .. installation proceeding08:08
wilee-nileesilverlion, Cool, that is strange it should of been there.08:08
wilee-nileeI wonder what else is missing08:08
silverlionwilee-nilee: i know that this sounds strange. but if it would have been "normal" i could have handled it myself08:08
silverlionwilee-nilee: feel free to ask what you want to know. I've got time till 10 AM UTC08:09
wilee-nileesilverlion, I'm fine but thanks. ;)08:09
bobz_zghi, anyone can help please. I have trouble with permissions on files i upload over FTP, i'm in group www-data, but when I upload filss over FTP they have have permissions 600, instead of 644 or 755. any advice?08:10
silverlionwilee-nilee: problem 1 solved ^^ thunderbird is back and updated08:11
silverlionnow i'll have to figure out how to get the german language-pack installed ...08:11
FishForYouhi@ll,.... topic:LinuxServer --- is it the best choice to have an own useraccount for for every service that the server provides(10 accounts for 10services)?08:13
ActionParsnipFishForYou: if an account has the access that a server need, you can run it as the same user08:14
=== zorael^nubcake is now known as zorael
alekseyвсем привет08:15
ActionParsnipFishForYou: you need to analyse access which the service needs (and does not need) as to if it needs its own account, or will need to run as its own. If it can run as another account efectively then you wil reduce effort08:15
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.08:15
kenneth__FishForYou that would depend on what service you would like to run08:15
Gold267jeez, I've pointed /boot into the separate partition, installation finished successfully, and I'm still can not boot :(08:17
Gold267ubuntu suck08:17
ActionParsnipGold267: and?08:17
ActionParsnipGold267: if you say stuff like that you reduce probability of support08:18
ActionParsnipGold267: try being constructive and without a lousy attitude and you will appear more approachable08:18
ActionParsnipGold267: what do you see when you try to boot the OS?08:18
Gold267will try to boot from live cd and see with gparted what's going on08:18
ActionParsnipGold267: have you tried without Plymouth showing so you can see boot messages?08:19
Gold267Grub recovery>08:19
FishForYoubut it's the usually method and just a sandbox would not secure/effectiv as an own acc, right?08:19
DoverMoGold267, could be, /boot isn't bootable, or your grub is misconfigured to the wrong hard drive. I don't use a /boot on ubuntu anyway cuz it's not required for the default config08:19
Gold267I was trying not to use /boot but I'm trying to make it work with *linux* software raid 008:20
Gold267and it is still not working :(08:20
Gold267sorry guys I'm just tired08:20
=== el is now known as Guest98589
DoverMoGold267, try doing root (hdx,x) to see which partition the boot is on08:21
DoverMoGold267, within grub08:21
amireldorAs LoCo team, can we print and sell Ubuntu CD? Of course without changing and branding or name or anything, I just don't feel like searching for the relevant info page on Ubuntu/Canonical's website08:22
Gold267interesting, thnak you DoveMo, I'll give it a try08:22
gregor3005hi, i have installed xubuntu and configured the network card with the gui so it should start automatically but it doesn't. "sudo dhcpclient eth0" worked08:23
Weziredola bruda08:24
DoverModios mio08:24
WeziredDoverMo bro ola08:24
DJonesamireldor: Probably better asking that in #ubuntu-locoteams They will probably have a better idea08:24
gregor3005i set in the interfaces file the value from manually to dhcp, hope this helps08:25
gregor3005hm, wired. why can i click restart in xfce, only shutdown? there are no restart button08:25
reisiogregor3005: can't?08:26
gregor3005reisio: lol. right click helped and i added the restart button :-)08:26
reisiok, gj08:26
mJaykgz :)08:26
gregor3005i'm new in xfce. normally i use gnome but on the old machine i have to switch (3ghz pentium 4)08:27
DoverMogregor3005, p4 aw yeah!08:27
reisio3GHz is enough for anything08:27
ath1is it possible to install ubuntu with pxe boot?08:28
reisioyes of course08:28
k1lath1: yes08:28
DoverMogregor3005, restart gets put in the 'log out' dialog by default08:28
ath1do you guys know a good walkthrough?08:28
DoverMogregor3005, it's kinda funny. In lxde all the commands are in the log out screen so you dont have any seperation08:29
gregor3005DoverMo: now its time to test youtube on that old workstation08:30
xeonixHello penguins!!!08:31
DoverMoxeonix, i am a penguin08:31
reisiohello penguin08:31
skippy_Can someone tell me what the # and $ character mean in Linux08:32
skippy_Can someone tell me what the # and $ character mean08:32
reisioskippy_: they are frequently used to signify running a command as root (#) and as non-root ($)08:32
skippy_Wat u mean08:33
reisioskippy_: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/l-tip-prompt/08:33
xeonixI am facing a weird issue, 12.04, when ever i connect my earphones to my lap (Acer), the sound plays on both earnphones and the lap-speakers, i had to remove the speacker sound to null with alsamixer command.08:33
somsipskippy_: context would be helpful08:33
reisioskippy_: I mean if you see '# foo' it means run the command 'foo' as root08:33
reisioskippy_: and if you see '$ foo' it means you needn't necessarily be root08:33
skippy_What does root mean08:33
xeonixHey, DoverMo and reisio  :]08:33
Kuwaitgeneral qustion , if i have nvidia card that support 3d and monitor that support 3d , is that not enough ?08:34
gregor3005how can i fully disable the update notifications? this will be a workstation for a friend who has a limited download amount per month and so he didn't get unintended over his limit. i will update the workstation from time to time with my mobile internet connection08:34
reisioskippy_: kind of like admin or superuser08:34
=== rahul is now known as Guest66506
DoverMoskippy_, it's the grass roots man. you gotta start from the bottom08:34
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
skippy_What does grep ^d mean08:35
Twenty-threehi, i think a recent kernel update was incompatible with my graphics card or something, someone Dr_willis suggested trying to create a new user and testing whether the problem persisted, i tried that and the problem persisted, i am not sure how to restore unity08:35
reisioskippy_: it means see if the letter 'd' is the first character of any lines grep is fed08:35
llutzskippy_: homeworks time?08:36
reisioskippy_: ^ means the beginning, $ the end, in that context08:36
reisiomore at #regex08:36
xeonixI want to switch to headphones whenever I connect my headphone.08:36
reisioxeonix: laptop?08:36
skippy_What about nl?08:37
reisioxeonix: lsmod | grep -i hda08:37
xeonixreisio, http://pastebin.com/J9W05Fka08:39
reisioxeonix: check https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto specifically the stuff about specifying a model08:39
frezeif i use adduser  does that new user get root privalges by default?08:39
llutzfreze: no08:40
manowar3DJones, oh! forgot about that channel! thnaks08:40
frezellutz: strange because I added the user and I can type: sudo apt-....    just fine with the new user08:41
frezeI checked visudo and all that is in there is :# User privilege specification    root    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL08:41
llutzfreze: "id <username>" does it show him as member of groups sudo/admin?08:41
frezeuid = gid=groups 100008:42
=== manowar3 is now known as amireldor
skippy_Can someone tell me what this line means08:42
skippy_grep –v ‘^#’ login.defs | grep –v ‘^$’ | nl​08:42
skippy_grep –v ‘^#’ login.defs | grep –v ‘^$’ | no08:42
=== CamC_ is now known as CamC
ActionParsnipxeonix: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload08:43
xeonixreisio, thanks, but, I am not having any issue with the sound. I just want to switch the sound to headphones, whenever I connect the headphones to my laptop. Not both speaker and headphones.08:43
christos_anyone know about programming>?08:44
reisioskippy_: it means output the contents of the file login.defs without comments (they tend to start with # chars)08:44
llutzfreze: uid=1000 usually is the primary user you created at installation time, which in fact is sudo-user08:44
mJaykchristos_: wrong channel08:44
kdawgfor some on reason i can boot to ubuntu live cd, get some [56123.12245][drm] nousie errer says something to do with updating channel or soemthing08:44
reisioskippy_: and then remove lines that are empty08:44
reisioskippy_: and then number what's left08:44
ActionParsnipchristos_: try ##programming08:44
reisioskippy_: although it looks like whatever you copied it from mangled some of the chars08:45
christos_where is this?08:45
mJaykchristos_: type /join #programming08:45
christos_thanks guys08:45
anoneehello ubuntu, I've recently made the bluetooth visible and used the DUN profile a couple of times with the phone, and each time I selected the PAN/DUN profile it was adding an instance of my phone's name to the wireless menu for connecting to the internet through the phone's connection (but this is exactly the opposite of what I selected), i tried to get help regarding this issue to no avail, and now I suddenly have the bluetooth icon disappeared, and when I08:47
anoneego to bluetooth settings it shows I have no bluetooth devices... I don't know what's my bluetooth device it's a dongle on a desktop... any help is highly appreciated.08:47
skippy_What you mean number whats left?08:47
mika__I did dual boot with windows XP and ubuntu, but now windows doesn't start anymore. I mean that it always boots to selections screen where is "last known good setup...". Any choice i choose, it will reboot again and again and again...08:48
anoneemika__ this is a windows issue08:49
xeonixActionParsnip, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=13e88691e0cf3766aecd6419f83fe56e94891b5b08:49
anoneehowever, you can try reinstalling grub.08:50
kdawghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/203333/12-10-unable-to-install-or-even-run-from-live-cd-with-nvidia-gtx-580 this might be my problem08:50
kdawglol good old google took 20 minutes but whatever08:50
frezethanks llutz never new about groups and all that I must look into it. Tough it probably is irrelevant to me since I''m the only user08:52
frezeBTW for symbolic links under bash  if I see something like this:   default  -> /hello/default. Does the original file live in /hello/default ?08:53
ActionParsnipxeonix: and what is teh sound issue?08:53
ActionParsnipfreze: yes08:54
skippy_So does grep ^d mean list all the lines where the first character of the like is d?08:54
reisiofreze: file default; file /hello/default08:54
reisioskippy_: yup08:55
reisiothink I said that08:55
ActionParsnipxeonix: try:  echo "options snd-hda-intel model=auto" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf > /dev/null08:56
xeonixActionParsnip, the is no sound issue, i want the sound should shift to only headphones when ever I connect headphones, but when even if I connect headphones, the sound appers to be on both headphones and laptop speakers, I had to mannually do a alsamixer command and remove speaker sound to 008:56
ActionParsnipxeonix: reboot to test08:56
ActionParsnipxeonix: source: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/91825408:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 918254 in linux (Ubuntu) "Realtek ALC269VB, needs to manually edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf to work" [Undecided,Fix released]08:56
skippy_And grep ^$ means list all lines where the first character is $?08:57
ActionParsnipxeonix: if that fails, try changing the line in the alsa-base.conf file to: options snd-hda-intel position_fix=108:57
Shadow}}Are there any free VPN apts?08:57
kdawgpeace booting back to live cd see if i can get it to work with nomodeset08:57
llutzskippy_: no, grep ^$ is "all lines starting with newline (aka empty lines)08:57
skippy_What about grep^#08:58
llutzskippy_: man grep08:58
llutzskippy_: read the man-page08:59
llutzskippy_: type "man grep" into a terminal and read08:59
xeonixActionParsnip, what does fix=1 do?08:59
ActionParsnipxeonix: it can help when headphones dont cut out the speakers09:00
ActionParsnipxeonix: you may need to have BOTH options set09:00
ChrisRileyHello Chaps09:01
reisio'lo ole chum09:01
ChrisRileyIs this a place I can ask a question regarding hdparm and the different types of hardware i'm testing it on?09:02
ChrisRileyTearing my hair out09:02
skippy_llutz all I wanna know is what does grep ^# mean09:03
skippy_Does it mean show the lines that start with # aka comments?09:03
llutzskippy_: as you've been told, yes09:03
reisioskippy_: yes, unless you add -v09:04
reisiothen it means don't show them09:04
skippy_I understand09:04
ActionParsnipxeonix: yes, the model and the position_fix one09:04
llutzskippy_: read the man-page to see what are special characters/what aren't and what the options do09:04
ActionParsnipxeonix: those are TWO module options, so both makes sense...right?09:04
DJonesChrisRiley: If you're using Ubuntu give it a try here, somebody may point you to a different channel if they think you'll get more support/advice there (eg ##hardware)09:04
skippy_That's all I need to know for grep really09:04
ChrisRiley<DJones>: Many thanks!!!09:05
skippy_ grep –v ‘^#’ login.defs | grep –v ‘^$’ | nl​09:05
ChrisRileyI'll give it a crack. Things don't add up to me but i'm really not a Linux/Unbuntu expert09:05
skippy_That's the only line I don't understand09:05
GreekFreakhi all09:05
skippy_What's the nl on the end mean?09:05
llutzskippy_: type "whatis nl" into a terminal09:06
skippy_Can u just tell me man09:06
ChrisRileyI'm building a new generation of our linux servers09:06
GreekFreakI have an ubuntu server. last night it crashed and shut down. I'd like to find out why, but I'm not sure which log file I'm supposed to check....09:06
reisioskippy_: dude I already told you...09:06
=== martijn is now known as Guest12253
skippy_Could u repeat it?09:06
nathanbzhow do you work out what you should set shmmax and shmall to ?09:06
ChrisRileyAnd the hdparm -tT /dev/sda results i'm getting for 'timing cached reads'09:07
reisioskippy_: it means output the contents of the file login.defs without comments (they tend to start with # chars), and then remove lines that are empty, and then number what's left09:07
ChrisRileyAre much better on my old 1366 socket server09:07
skippy_What you mean number whats left?09:07
skippy_Like number the lines?09:08
ChrisRileyThan my new gen 1155 - 115009:08
ActionParsnipGreekFreak: try /var/log/dmesg.0.log09:08
reisioskippy_: yes09:08
reisioskippy_: nl09:08
xeonixActionParsnip, I don't find that line on alsa-base.conf09:09
skippy_So like print all the remaining lines with their sequential number in front of them?09:09
reisioskippy_: echo -e 'one\ntwo' | nl09:09
=== Shakespeare is now known as Skatspeare
ActionParsnipxeonix: yes, thats why you are _adding_ it09:10
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
=== kalaukan is now known as hashashin
ActionParsnipxeonix: your sound chip needs extra options to work right, so you are adding them09:11
skippy_I just dont understand if u mean print the lines and number them or just state how many lines there r09:11
christos_anyone who know the  chanel of programmer?09:11
GreekFreakActionParsnip, thanks. looking at it now, but doesn't say anywhere "SHUT down". I'm new to servers. Am I supposed to look for something specific, or should something "pop out" as irregular??09:11
xeonixOh, I got it ActionParsnip, do i need restart?09:11
skippy_If u could answer that question I would really appreciate ir09:11
ActionParsnipchristos_: ##programming  or try the channel for the language you code in09:11
DJonesChrisRiley: Thats way beyond me, I'd be tempted to join ##hardware and ask them, or possibly the people in #ubuntu-server09:11
reisioskippy_: run this: echo -e 'one\ntwo' | nl09:12
ActionParsnipxeonix: yes, its easier09:12
skippy_I can't run anything man09:12
skippy_Can u just tell me plz?09:12
ActionParsnipxeonix: if it doesn't work, try the other combinations of the options09:12
ChrisRileyDjones: Many thanks for that, i'll give them a shot09:12
ActionParsnipxeonix: one, then the other, then both09:12
reisioskippy_: number the lines09:12
skippy_So nl means list the lines sequentially or say how many lines there r ?09:12
skippy_Ohhh k09:13
Shadow}}This is likely a dumb question; But can you play lineage on xubuntu? o.o09:13
ActionParsnipchristos_: type "/join ##programming"    without the quotes09:13
xeonixOh, great, its worked, without restart, thank you, thank you very much. ActionParsnip :]09:13
ActionParsnipShadow}}: is it a windows game?09:13
reisioskippy_: :p09:13
saschagehlichany tips on how to debug a kernal that is unable to boot? i just get a black screen09:13
skippy_So still lost the lines but just with a sequential number in front od them ?09:13
reisioShadow}}: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22lineage%22%20site%3Aappdb.winehq.org09:14
Shadow}}Really not sure... I didn't bother to check when it was brought up a moment ago since I had this window open, I just asked in the hopes someone already knew. Ah thanks reisio09:14
reisioShadow}}: so probably not, short of running it in Windows in a VM09:15
Shadow}}A VM?09:15
reisioa virtual machine09:15
reisiopretend hardware for a contained OS installation09:15
Shadow}}Thought so, New to linux so most of these terms fly over my head09:16
ActionParsnipShadow}}: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?bIsQueue=false&bIsRejected=false&sClass=application&sTitle=Browse+Applications&iItemsPerPage=25&iPage=1&sOrderBy=appName&bAscending=true09:16
ActionParsnipShadow}}: Lineage 2 gets a mixed functionality, Lineage does not run09:16
Shadow}}It would be Lineage 2, So its possible?09:17
reisiomoreso than 1 :p09:17
purezenHey guys ! I have an EVDO modem from Teracom.. T-U500.. It gets detected in Ubuntu after removing the usb_modeswitch packages.. but does not connect after configuring in Network Manager.. Also Gnome-ppp does not connect it as well..09:17
ActionParsnipShadow}}: check the link I gave........09:17
purezenPlease help..:-)09:17
reisiono, check the link _I_ gave you :p09:17
Shadow}}Sorry, Didn't notice it. Alot of windows~09:17
histopurezen: try searching for your model on askubuntu.com09:17
reisiosays some versions of Linueage 2 get platinum rating, that's as good as it gets09:18
purezenhisto: Hey..! Well.. I saw there but the solutions don't work for my modem..09:18
histopurezen: who is the service provider?09:19
histopurezen: nvm just read it09:19
purezenhisto: Its BSNL.. Btw, hope you can point me to a spcific solution..09:20
ActionParsnippurezen: run:  lsusb    use the 8 character hex ID to find guides09:21
purezenhisto: Btw.. does it have to do something with '/sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers'..?09:21
histopurezen: http://www.draisberghof.de/usb_modeswitch/bb/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=160109:22
purezenActionParsnip, Hey..! Well.. I have been trying that..09:22
purezenhisto: That's me..!09:22
purezenhisto: I am the one who started the thread..09:22
histopurezen: ahh09:23
purezenhisto: Also, the modem gets detected fine after uninstalling the usb_modeswitch packages..09:23
ActionParsnippurezen: what is the ID?09:23
purezenActionParsnip, 15eb:715309:23
histopurezen: it may not work with linux I'm not seeing anyone having success09:23
chris213how can i change my name here?09:24
purezenhisto: Ok.. can you tell me why..?09:24
histopurezen: have you tried wvdial?09:24
skippy_What does man -p mean09:24
llutzskippy_: we're not supposed to do your homeworks09:25
purezenhisto: yep.. been trying that.. It spends a lot of time on connecting.. and then disconnects..09:25
DJoneschris213: Type /nick newnick09:25
purezenhisto, Shall I show you the log..?09:25
=== chris213 is now known as EZRAK52
skippy_Calm down llutz09:25
histopurezen: sure09:25
skippy_Im just askin fir helps from nice peeps:)09:25
skippy_Man -p?09:25
ActionParsnippurezen: http://www.patenpisan.com/2013/01/cara-instalasi-modem-cyrus-mc400-esia.html09:26
llutzskippy_: this is ubuntu support09:26
llutzskippy_: http://linux.die.net/man/09:26
ActionParsnippurezen: http://deokumentasi.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/setting-modem-ce610-di-ubuntu-1204.html09:26
skippy_Ohh nice09:26
ActionParsnippurezen: what version of usb-modeswitch-data do you have?09:27
ActionParsnip!info usb-modeswitch-data09:27
ubottuusb-modeswitch-data (source: usb-modeswitch-data): mode switching data for usb-modeswitch. In component main, is extra. Version 20120815-2 (raring), package size 26 kB, installed size 207 kB09:27
dr_willisskippy_:   run     man  man      to read the man programs man pages09:28
histopurezen: I'm having trouble even seeing a support page for that product09:28
ActionParsnippurezen: according to http://pkgs.org/ubuntu-12.10/ubuntu-main-i386/usb-modeswitch-data_20120815-1_all.deb.html    it has added your device09:28
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
ActionParsnippurezen: if you are running Raring09:28
purezenActionParsnip, I tried it using the default version.. and then I downloaded the latest one from the site itself.. However, the modem didn't switch in both the cases.. Finally, I tried it after removing the modeswitch packages completely and now it detects fine..09:29
histopurezen: what version of ubuntu are you running?09:29
purezenActionParsnip, I tried it on both quantal and raring..09:29
purezenhisto, Am currently talking from quantal..09:30
purezenBtw.. there is one thing..09:30
histopurezen: Have you tried raring or a more upstream distro?09:31
purezenThe storage in the modem did contain a .deb file for installation on Linux.. and I have been trying to reverse program it to get the modem working..09:31
purezenShall I show you the .deb guys..?09:32
ActionParsnippurezen: have you reported a bug?09:32
purezenhisto, Yes, I have tried everything on raring as well.. You can check the modeswitch forum post for that as well..:-)09:32
purezenActionParsnip, where btw..?09:32
histo!bug | purezen09:32
ubottupurezen: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:32
angsI have a windows 8 PC. I see that wubi does not work on it. is there an easy way to make it dual boot?09:33
angswin8 and ubuntu09:33
purezenOh so you mean in Ubuntu guys..? No...09:33
purezenTill now, I thought that the problem had to only deal with usb_modeswitch and in that package in Launchpad, bug-reporting is disabled..09:34
purezenWhere shall I file a bug in this case..?09:34
dr_willisa normal install can work  angs09:34
angsdr_willis, I have never done it before. is there any specific instruction that I can follow?09:35
angs*is there any specific one that you suggest09:35
dr_willisno idea. i dont use win8 at all.09:35
angsok, thank you09:36
dr_willisaskubuntu.com would be the place to look first09:36
histoangs: yes use the install cd and dualboot09:36
histo!dualboot | angs09:36
ubottuangs: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot09:36
histo!uefi | angs09:36
ubottuangs: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI09:36
angshisto, do you know if these methods work with windows 8?09:37
histoangs: yes09:37
histoangs: they do09:37
angsthank you histo09:37
purezenSo guys, under which package shall I file my bug..?09:39
ActionParsnippurezen: usb-modeswitch09:41
purezenHere's my dmesg output and gnome-ppp log.. http://pastebin.com/r0ww8NGQ09:41
purezenActionParsnip, Can I just ask why in usb-modeswitch..? Because the modem does not work even after being detected..09:42
purezenActionParsnip, This shall mean that something besides is at fault as well.. because usb-modeswitch is only responsible for getting the modem detected.. Am I right..?09:43
purezenActionParsnip, Just curious..:-)09:45
ActionParsnippurezen: then the kernel I guess, the device is a USB storage first because Windows users have issues installing drivers (apparently), so once the driver installs the OS flips it to a serial modem (which arent new in any way)09:45
ActionParsnippurezen: so either the device isnt getting flipped, or the modem is not correctly detected after the flip09:46
skippy_what is the difference between w and W SWITCHES?09:47
skippy_what is the difference between w and W SWITCHES09:47
purezenActionParsnip, You mean something like the usbserial driver is concerned here..?09:47
ActionParsnipskippy_: check the man page, case is significant in Linux09:50
ActionParsnippurezen: something like that09:50
streulmaUbuntu on Retina screen :)09:51
streulmadoes someone tried it here?09:51
purezenActionParsnip, Ok.. so can you tell me the exact package where I shall file a bug..? A kernel modem or modemanager or something else..?09:51
xeonixYet, another doubt, I am having nvidia geforce gt 540M card, but, in the addition drivers I don't find any drivers there, and somehow I feel, when i scroll long pages, the it not feel like I have a graphic card or something.09:51
reisiostreulma: probably someone09:51
streulmareisio: I get a very high resolution, 2280 pixels...09:52
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
reisiostreulma: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro last one09:54
ActionParsnippurezen: use the modeswitch package, the bug guys will move it if necessary09:54
ActionParsnipxeonix: do you also see an Intel GPU if you run:  sudo lshw -C display09:54
ActionParsnip!away > dpac|away09:55
ubottudpac|away, please see my private message09:55
purezenActionParsnip, On it..09:55
linushi i have added rtl8723au_bt and rtl8723au driver in kernel 3.6.9,and i try to compile for my x86 arch,it shows the following error http://pastebin.com/sD9wHxcM can you please tell me what is that issue, my pc is ubuntu 3.5.0-23-generic #35~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 25 17:15:33 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux09:55
DJones!ru | aleksey201309:56
ubottualeksey2013: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:56
ActionParsniplinus: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue     please09:56
linusActionParsnip ya sure09:57
xeonixActionParsnip, ^09:57
ActionParsnipxeonix: you will need bumblebee as you have a switchable GPU09:58
linusActionParsnip it shows Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l , but i have already used ubuntu 12-04, i just tried to compile and got above pastebin error09:59
xeonixActionParsnip, thank you, do i need to install bumblebee or something? Please guide me or link me please.09:59
linusthe below error for wifi driver http://pastebin.com/LHiFnap110:00
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
ActionParsniplinus: how have you installed the 3.6.9 kernel?10:01
ActionParsnipxeonix: there are guides all over the web10:01
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:01
linusActionParsnip still i trying to compile,not installed yet,and i just download from kernel.org and add those two drivers in staging directory and compile for x8610:02
ActionParsniplinus: does it work in the current kernel, or is that the actual issue?10:03
spanner3003hi I'm having  a problem compiling, I'm trying to port cm10.1 to my padfone 2(A68) and i get this error http://pastebin.com/LNmKyFF110:03
skippy_What is the default value of umask10:03
DJonesskippy_: What exactly are you trying to do10:03
skippy_That's the question.10:04
skippy_Q5: how we can know the umask value? What is default value of umask?10:04
skippy_Q5: how we can know the umask value? What is default value of umask10:04
skippy_Plz assist10:04
DJonesskippy_: This isn't a channel to help you with your homework10:04
skippy_I know10:04
skippy_I just need help with this one that's all10:04
DJonesskippy_: This is a support channel, please stop asking10:04
ActionParsnipskippy_: umask value of WHAT? the question makes no sense10:05
linusActionParsnip actually those drivers are worked correctly in my system kernel,which is 3.5.0-23-generic, but araised issues with 3.6.9 which i downloaded from kernel.org on today itself10:05
ActionParsniplinus: we can only support the kernels from the repos here10:05
skippy_Well I dont know10:05
ActionParsniplinus: try in #linux10:06
skippy_I didn't write the question10:06
ActionParsnipskippy_: then how do you expect us to know, if you don't?10:06
=== gac_ is now known as gac
linusActionParsnip it shows like some undefined refernce problem right?, but i  worked exactly in my system kernel,do you have any idea about that?10:08
=== jackie is now known as Guest40982
ActionParsniplinus: as the issue is not with a package from the official repos it isnt supported here10:09
BluesKajHi folks10:10
reisiohi BluesKaj10:12
BluesKajhey reisio10:12
xeonixActionParsnip, I installed bumblebee, but I does not open.10:14
Goatmanxeonix, what do you mean it doesn’t open?  Aren’t they unofficial drivers for the Nvidia Optimus?  How are  they supposed to ‘‘open’’?10:19
santhoshDHCP........... PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received. PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent this is the error in ltso login10:20
santhoshsorry ltsp login10:20
santhoshDHCP........... PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received. PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent this is the error in ltsp login10:22
=== Thor^^ is now known as Thor
LopeI'm getting this error creating a truecrypt volume using "sudo tcplay --create --device=/tmp --cipher=SERPENT-256-XTS --pbkdf-prf=SHA512" I get the error "could not get disk info | could not create new volume on /tmp"10:23
SupaplexLope: device != mount point ?10:24
santhoshDHCP........... PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received. PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent this is the error in ltsp login10:24
LopeSupaplex: why does it want to know the device?10:25
SupaplexLope: I think that'll format it. do you mean to umount /tmp and crypt it's /dev/ entry? (you'll probably lose any saved data that was in /tmp, and it will have no filesystem).10:26
tgaryHi! First I've installed ubuntu, but later put up the kde packages, and use kde. How can I update all file associations? (Like pressing enter to a jpg in mc open gwenview and not feh; double clicking a pdf in Eclipse open okular and not evince, etc.)10:26
LopeSupaplex. no I want to create  a truecrypt file thats all. I don't want to mount it yet.10:27
ath1after booting ubuntu for installation on an old laptop I get a garbled screen. Is there a boot parameter to force vesa mode?10:28
SupaplexLope: I don't have that installed (I use luks myself). sorry :)10:28
Lopewhat is luks?10:28
BluesKajtgary, are you choosing the kde desktop at login or have you merely installed some kde pacjages10:28
ActionParsniptgary: right click file -> open with then select the app and that the association should be remembered10:29
ActionParsnipLope: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Unified_Key_Setup10:29
tgaryBluesKaj, ActionParsnip: I logged in to KDE. I thought about an "automatic file association change". I.e. mc has its own file extensoin editor; Eclipse has a "System editor" option, but I don't know where it finds out exactly the programs to be opened.10:31
tgaryBluesKaj, ActionParsnip: I think in a basic kubuntu install mc would open gwenview, okular, and the same for Eclipse, etc. (KDE programs like dolphin, etc. opens the right file.)10:32
Rapid2214Any got experience with HP DL360p Gen8, Ubuntu 12.04 and bonding?10:33
Joliekittenhave you ever tried to run netflix on ubuntu, using wine?10:33
JoliekittenI really need it, because I'm doing film research10:33
Joliekittenand can't seem to make it work10:33
JoliekittenI installed this http://www.iheartubuntu.com/2012/11/ppa-for-netflix-desktop-app.html10:33
BluesKajtgary, have you installed kubuntu-desktop ?, that would be your best bet10:33
Hanumaanhow to mount windows 8 parition in ubuntu ? it seems that it is not getting mounted automatically ?10:33
Joliekittenand it seems to open fine, until I actually try to play a film10:34
Joliekittenand then it just closes10:34
Joliekittenno error message as far as I can tell :/10:34
tgaryBluesKaj: Yes, its on the latest version.10:35
Joliekittenany  idea what may be wrong with it?10:35
cfhowlett!ubuntu-server|Rapid2214, might have a response10:35
ubottuRapid2214, might have a response: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server10:35
Rapid2214I shall go there, thanks :)10:36
LandswellsongGuys, a quick question. I want to use Ubuntu Mono font in a LaTeX presentation, but its metadata is broken and fontspec fails to load it. Is there a newer version of the font anywhere? I tried the development page, but it's so complicated there.10:36
LandswellsongI mean, any build higher than 0.810:36
=== Dawn_ is now known as Rarity
Lopewhy is this creating a 0 bytes file? (I want a 20GB file) sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/foo.test bs=1 count=0 seek=20G (I also tried 20000M and still got a 0 byte file)10:41
LandswellsongLope, because count=0?10:42
ActionParsnip!ppa | Landswellsong10:42
ubottuLandswellsong: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge10:42
LopeI copied that command off a website10:42
LopeLandswellsong: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Tcplay10:43
BluesKajtgary, for example if you wat to open a music file then choose open with "other" then choose the player (amarok for example) in the multimedia menu , and check the "Remember app association" box.10:43
LandswellsongLope, this doesn't make it correct, does it? :D 2GB times 0 would be 0.10:43
Lopeokay well now I just tried as a test, count=1G (and left out seek)10:44
LandswellsongLope, however it does work at my setup at least with 2M10:44
LandswellsongLope, probably your FS automagically handles sparse files?10:44
SupaplexLope: try skip= instead of seek=10:45
LopeI'm using LVM10:45
Lopelol I tried count=1G and left out seek. the file size looped up to 10MB and reset itself over and over. was weird.10:45
Lopekilled it10:45
tgaryBluesKaj: mc has a spec. extension editor, there is no other...use always... as in e.g. a browser. Same for Eclipse: spec editor. I "think" it reads these default apps from somewhere, and would be nice to update all apps to "kde apps" instead of "gnome apps" (not jus these two).10:47
Lopefound a better command: fallocate -l 10G gentoo_root.img10:47
LandswellsongLope, what filesystem are you using? If you use count, you would actually copy bytes from /dev/zero. I'm sorry I was misleading, your command was ok since it would just produce a sparce file, not copyin from /dev/zero but just declaring filesize, but the filesystem layer may optimize that out.10:47
Alphanerdanyone know who is this ?10:47
ikoniaAlphanerd: why post that ?10:47
BluesKajtgary, mc?10:47
ikoniaAlphanerd: this is #ubuntu - an ubuntu support channel10:47
DJonesAlphanerd: Does that have anything to do with Ubuntu?10:47
LopeLandswellsong: ok will give fallocate a go.10:48
ubottuAlphanerd,: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:48
Lopeoh lol, ignore what I said earlier about the filesize going up to 10MB and down to zero again in a loop. was using gnome commander and it was truncating the number without giving me any idea that it was doing that. (silly UI)10:49
LopeOkay fallocate is super fast :)10:49
FourFireHello, my sound is cutting off after half a second10:50
FourFireany audio source10:50
FourFireI am using pulse audio10:51
tgaryBluesKaj: The Midnight Commander.. It has F9->Commands->Edit file extensions; and I get a 689 lines long file with "cryptic" regular expressions. I even didn't find feh that opens for png extensions by default.10:51
FourFirewhen I mute via Rythmbox, then change the configuration setting on Pulseaudio to "Analogue stereo output" then unmute the sound comes back10:52
FourFirebut only for half a second10:52
FourFire"it works all the time 50% of the time"10:52
FourFireI am using Ubuntu version 12.0410:52
tgaryBluesKaj: and not only mc the question, but all browsers, other editors, etc.10:54
BluesKajtgary, I'm not familiar with mc , I use dolphin for most of my files /paths etc10:55
BluesKajor krunner10:55
tgaryBluesKaj: Ok, thanks the help anyway!10:56
BluesKajtgary, what you're doing is most unusual , compared to ordinary users10:57
=== rahul is now known as Guest44100
FourFirethe sound Only comes back when I switch the configuration profile (in pulsaudio) from HDMI Stereo output to analogue stereo output10:57
FourFirebut again only for half a second10:57
BluesKajtgary, the kde version of midnight commander is called krusader , I think10:58
BluesKajor the newest version in kde10:58
coderrr13hi all11:00
BluesKajFourFire, install pavucontrol , it solidifiies the audio outputs and inputs11:00
cfhowlettcoderrr13, greetings11:00
SicpI want to install a version of NodeJS that is higher than the default which I got (0.6.19)11:00
Sicphow do I do that?11:00
Sicpdo I have to add their repository to my sources and then update/upgrade?11:00
Dr_Willissipior:  look for it in a ppa or use source.    their repo would be a ppa - yes.11:00
BluesKajFourFire, pavucontrol is the pulseaudio gui11:01
FourFireyes i see11:01
aleksey2013Dct cltkfk pfuhepxbr11:01
aleksey2013все сдела груб11:01
aleksey2013устанаволи бург и все норм терь11:01
FourFirethat's what I installed to be able to put audio through my HDTV11:01
BluesKaj!ru | aleksey201311:02
ubottualeksey2013: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:02
FourFirebut the issue (which only began after i had done that) seems to be caused by it11:02
Sicpwill that overwrite the NodeJS that I have currently, Dr_Willis ? I do not want the 0.6.19 any longer11:02
BluesKajFourFire, what's your audio chip in alsamixer ?11:03
FourFireI don't have alsamixer11:03
FourFireI have something called rythmbox though11:03
BluesKajtype alsamixer in the terminal , FourFire11:04
Sicphas nothing to do with your problem, FourFire ; it's just a music player, not the sound mixer11:04
FourFire"Intel IbexPeak HDMI "11:04
BluesKajFourFire, how are you connecting the audio to your tv , thru your HDMI ?11:05
FourFirethrough HDMI yes11:06
FourFirebut I have no issue with the TV, sound works fine if I switch config11:06
FourFireI am trying to use my computer normally with headphones11:06
Dr_WillisSicp:  if you installed it via the package manager. yes11:06
christos_\logging ##programming11:07
Sicpit did, now nodejs -v produces a newer version11:07
FourFireand the sound is cutting out after half a second, the only way to get it back is to toggle between HDMI and analogue11:07
FourFirefrom HDMI to analogue*11:07
FourFireok, I randomly toggled the settings again11:10
FourFireand it just works11:10
BluesKajFourFire, add this line to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf with root permissions , options snd-hda-intel model=auto ...you may have to reboot11:10
FourFire(which is just like last time I had the issue)11:10
FourFireI'd like to figure out what is causing this periodic "sound stops working weirdly for a time, then comes back" issue11:10
FourFirethanks for your help11:11
BluesKajFourFire, did you read my posy above ?11:11
FourFireyes, but I'm not sure what you mean: you want me to write "options snd-hda-intel model=auto" into the config file?11:12
christos_programming group?11:12
DJoneschristos_: The same one you were twice earlier today, ##programming11:13
BluesKajFourFire, yes , then save it11:13
christos_ii am writting the samee twice11:13
christos_and nothing11:13
christos_for this i am asking11:13
DJoneschristos_: Type '/join ##programming' without the '11:14
FourFirehmm it won't let me open that file even with root?11:14
FourFireLemme try again11:14
christos_i was writting log11:14
BluesKaj!pm | wang7396,11:17
ubottuwang7396,: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:17
ActionParsnipFourFire: use:  echo "options snd-hda-intel model=auto" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf > /dev/null11:17
ActionParsnipFourFire: easier11:17
=== christos_ is now known as hi
pbaseI was wondering who bears the cost of development of ubuntu?11:17
=== hi is now known as EZRACK52
FourFireok it didn't return anything11:17
=== DenBeiren is now known as zz_DenBeiren
FourFireso that's it?11:18
ActionParsnipFourFire: then it worked, cat the file to check it was added11:18
FourFireyes it worked!11:18
ActionParsnipFourFire: it wasn't meant to output anything :). Tee outputs to the stdout as well as the thing you add to, so I piped to /dev/null to keep things tidy11:18
FourFireThanks ActionParsnip and BluesKaj !11:18
ActionParsnipFourFire: np bro11:19
ActionParsnipFourFire: tee on its own will make the text the only content, like '>'11:19
BluesKajFourFire, thank me after it works for you :)11:19
ActionParsnipFourFire: tee -a is like >> and appends11:19
ActionParsnipFourFire: its how you can add to root owned files, pipe text to 'sudo tee -a' :)11:19
BluesKajActionParsnip, once the file path is in the run command dropdown , it's easy to find for subsequent edits , at least it is for me :)11:21
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: or bash history :)11:22
BluesKajActionParsnip, bash history ?11:24
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: sure, if you use CLI a lot you get commands in bash history which you can copy / edit and run similar commands over and over11:25
Ultimate4Hello there. I was upgrading from ubuntu 11.10 to ubuntu 12.04 LTS via Update Manager. At the instant when updates were being downloaded(probably 1.2 GB were downloaded and 200 MB more to go), my pc shut down because of electricity fluctation. Can i resume the upgrade from the point  where i left earlier?11:26
cfhowlettUltimate4, not adviseable11:26
cfhowlettUltimate4, best practice is to torrent the 12.04 ISO, make a boot usb and clean install11:27
ActionParsnipUltimate4: could drop to root recovery mode and run:  sudo apt-get -f install11:27
ActionParsnipUltimate4: if its only the download stage then you should be ok11:27
cfhowlettUltimate4, best to assume the aborted upgrade is fragged but you could try it.  expect unforeseen consequences11:27
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: its only the download stage, not install11:27
Ultimate4ActionParsnip: Yes, it was only in download stage and it wasn't even completed. I am sure about that.11:28
cfhowlettActionParsnip, noted.  I figure scrambled packages are the order , but it is his machine ...11:28
BluesKajActionParsnip, I do use the cli quite a lot , and do use the arrow keys to find previous commands, but I mostly use a text file for a lot of those commands .What is the path for bash history ?11:31
llutzBluesKaj: "history" command, or ~/.bash_history  file11:32
=== linuxuz3r_ is now known as linuxuz3r
ActionParsnipUltimate4: try:  sudo apt-get -f install     so you know packages are square then rerun the upgrade like you did before11:34
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: you can also pipe history to grep to search for old commands11:35
Ultimate4ActionParsnip: Can i run this command in normal user mode or should i reboot my PC and enter into recovery mode?11:35
ActionParsnipUltimate4: try on the normal desktop11:35
chaluI recently installed the new ubuntu 13 in a new partition, because my previous wubi installation failed to boot after I adjusted my windows 7 partiton. Now I need to retrieve my files from the old wubi-based installation. any hints where wubi kept my files ??11:36
ActionParsnipchalu: why do you not have a backup of the files?11:36
BluesKajyeah ActionParsnip , I keep a text file with categories that use certain commands as a quick reference guide  and have done so a for quite a few yrs now11:37
chaluI have some, but there are some I forgot to backup. I did not know the wubi installation will fail to boot11:37
ActionParsnipchalu: if you mount your NTFS, you can then mount the wubi disk file and access the data11:37
ActionParsnipchalu: I suggest you review your backup regime, it is clearly not fit for purpose11:38
cfhowlettchalu, wubi has a documented history of being suboptimal.  you might want to do a normal dual boot or consider virtualbox for ubuntu11:38
BluesKajhe already has done11:39
chaluyes, I installed gparted and could eventually see the partitions. Its all in a single HDD, but I could not see the files11:39
MonkeyDustchalu  wubi is a windows application, it's not a real ubuntu installation11:39
chaluok, if wubi is a windows application, then it certainly keeps my ubuntu-based files somewhere11:40
gp5st`sudo tail -f /var/log/apache2/example.com/access.log | grep -v "/favicon.ico"` works, but `sudo tail -f /var/log/apache2/example.com/access.log | grep -v "/favicon.ico" | grep -v zite.com` filters everything and gives no output. I switched the second grep to "grep A" (which should match Aug in ever line's date, and I still get nothing. (yes, I am forcing requests via curl, so I know I should be seeing something). removing the `grep -v favico11:41
cfhowlettchalu, inside a wubi based folder in your windows subdirectory11:41
chalusorry am very new to ubuntu11:42
ActionParsnipgp5st: is the log file not readable by user?11:42
chaluok. so if I boot into windows and locate the wubi installation folder, how do I proceed from there pls?11:42
ActionParsnipchalu: in the wubi.dsk or root.dsk file. I forget which11:43
gp5stActionParsnip: It's an apache access log, so no, it's not11:43
chaluthanks a lot11:43
ActionParsnipchalu: the files are in the wubi folder in the root of your windows partition11:43
chalulet me try it11:43
ActionParsnipgp5st: just checkin11:43
ActionParsnipgp5st: why not use:    sudo tail -f /var/log/apache2/example.com/access.log | egrep -v 'favicon.ico|zite.com'11:44
chaluok, I just saw a root.disk file that is about 32GB, guess thats the file ?11:45
gp5stActionParsnip: ::shrug:: didn't think about it. I normally build up a command at a time. Still a confusing problem:-\11:45
gp5stActionParsnip: good workaround though. That does work11:46
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frinottchalu: boot native linux, mount windows partition, then lo-mount root.disk11:50
llutzgp5st: you might use "grep --line-buffered ..."11:50
gp5stllutz: i'll check that11:50
chaluok, thanks frinott. I've mounted the windows partition already. I guess lo-mount root.disk is a command meant for my terminal ?11:51
gp5stllutz: cool, that worked:)11:51
llutzgp5st: common problem, programs buffer output and don't write byte by byte immediately. that's why grep fails then11:53
frinottchalu: sudo mount -o loop /win/c/../root.disk /some/folder/you/access11:55
zetheroo1someone installed nconf on a system and I am trying to find out where it actually located ... how might I go about this?11:55
frinottchalu: paths are not literal, informational, change accordingly11:57
chalugiving it a trial11:57
DJoneszetheroo1: Maybe "dpkg -L nconf" will show where its installed11:57
BluesKajor locate nconf11:58
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
zetheroo1DJones: what if it was installed from a tar and not from the repos ...  would that make a diff?11:59
=== kcristiano_ is now known as kcrist
DJoneszetheroo1: I suspect dpkg wouldn't know about the package in that case12:00
zetheroo1is there then a way to search for nconf on the root filesystem?12:00
DJoneszetheroo1: Have you tried the command BluesKaj suggested12:01
llutzzetheroo1: find / -name nconf*12:01
ubottuflying: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:01
zetheroo1DJones: ah just saw that now ...12:01
zetheroo1ok I found it12:02
zetheroo1it was installed into /root/nconf12:02
frinottchalu: check output of mount command if you cant find win partition path12:03
chalufrinott, I got a no such file or directory error on the console. So I cd into media/Acer/ubuntu/disks and did ls and saw the root.disk file there12:03
chalusudo mount -o loop rook.disk /opt also failed with the same so such file / directory error12:04
frinottchalu: use full paths, and dont use  /opt, create something in your home folder12:04
zetheroo1does anyone have experience with Nconf? I am trying to get the changes I made in Nconf to be reflected in the web interface of icinga ....12:05
DJoneschalu: Not sure if that was a typo, you've got rook.disk rather than root.disk12:05
ActionParsnipchalu: did you cd to the containing folder first?12:05
ActionParsnipchalu: use TAB to autocomplete file names12:05
chaluyes, am inside media/Acer/ubuntu/disks which contains the root.disk file12:06
ActionParsnipchalu: sudo mkdir /media/wubi; sudo mount -o loop ./root.disk /media/wubi12:06
ActionParsnipchalu: if you get no output, it worked12:07
ActionParsnipchalu: can you see why a good backup is a good thing now?12:07
cfhowlettchalu, or perhaps it's time to remind you: wubi is for TESTING ubuntu not for long-term or permanent installation.12:08
chachanhi guys, my SSD drive is not being reconized by kubuntu installer, any idea?12:11
chachanit says that I don't have enough space for installation. And it's a 120GB drive12:11
frinottI never use Wubi. just guessing lo mount may work... or not.12:11
chachanfrinott: what do you mean with that?. I'm running a live session now12:12
frinottthe way wubi mounts disks is not stable. something experimental.12:13
chachanshouldn't I format it before mount it?12:13
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
chachanwhat's wubi?12:13
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:13
chaluok. I made a wubi folder in my current location /media/Acer/ubuntu/disks12:14
chalusudo mount -o loop ./root.disk /wubi gave an error12:14
chaluwrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0,12:14
chalu       missing codepage or helper program, or other error12:14
chalu       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try12:14
chalu       dmesg | tail  or so12:14
FloodBot1chalu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:15
chaluooops, sorry12:15
frinottchalu: are there other files next to root.disk? if yes, what are their names?12:16
chaluok, there's a boot folder, root.disk, swap.disk and the new wubi folder I just added12:17
frinottyou did wrong12:17
frinottwubi folder was not meant to be created there12:18
sharpshooterhai friends when i unzip a file using command line like unzip <filename.zip> the folder inside archive is not extracting but i can do it by right click and uncompress how to do it in command way12:18
zeahello, which firewall should i use for ubuntu/kubuntu?12:18
chaluok, removing it12:18
ubottuzea,: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo12:18
zeacfhowlett: is there a kde gui?12:19
MonkeyDustzea  gufw or fwbuilder12:19
cfhowlettzea, probably.  look in the software center.  I'm on xubuntu so ...12:19
layer8_Debian FTW. Ubuntu Suxx :-D12:20
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chalufrinott: here's what I did and the outcome  - http://ur1.ca/eyd4l12:24
Lopewhats the simplest way to asymetrically synchronize 2 dirs on linux? (meaning right dir will be exactly the same as the left, any extra files/dirs on right get wiped out, and only newer files will be overwritten, old files with same timestamp will be kept)12:27
ziemhow can i stop internet when my vpn disconnects?12:27
ikoniaLope: rsync12:30
baisuwhich vpn do you use?12:30
ziembaisu: openvpn with network-manager12:30
blzHello, I have no idea how/why I have apache2 installed, but I do, and `cat /etc/services | grep 80` shows http/https as being open.  Does this mean port 80 is open to everyone on my local network?12:31
MonkeyDustLope  rsync -a --delete12:31
=== vincent is now known as Guest96471
blzAnd if so, how do I block it so that it can only be reached from the localhost?12:31
chalufrinott: the wubi folder is now directly under the windows (Acer) partition12:32
ckknightHi guys12:34
d][mhello all12:34
ckknightI need some help... anyone?12:35
d][mI need some help with a dependency problem, some care to help ?12:35
ubottuckknight: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:35
ubottud][m: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:36
d][mI am trying to get rid of gnome3 ppa with apt-purge, but it fails with numerous dependency problems12:36
blzd][m, could you please post the error on pastebin?12:36
=== akshay__ is now known as akshay_r
d][mblz: sure thing, give me a sec12:37
d][mblz: here goes: http://pastebin.com/Y6JDRsXS12:39
d][mthanks you12:39
blzd][m, if you read the error it's fairly clear that purging that PPA will break dependencies12:40
blzd][m, so that's your problem12:40
blzd][m, so you should downgrade those packages or else select one of the options presented to you.12:41
d][mblz: no way to get aroud it ? by removing packags for instance ?12:41
blzd][m, yep. that would work12:41
blzd][m, just make sure they aren't packages you actually need12:41
blzlike plymouth12:42
d][mblz: should I remove  them before apt-purging ?12:42
blzd][m, that's the idea, yes.  But again, make sure you don't remove something critical12:43
d][mblz: is critical, but what prevent me to reinstall it aftwer apt-purging via ssh ?12:44
d][mblz: "lightdm"12:44
blzd][m, I guess that depends on the package in question12:44
blzd][m, but indeed you can reinstall stuff afterwards12:45
d][mblz: ok, I am removing those packages just right now12:48
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matrixa1http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge?c=activity "Ubuntu Edge now $695, thanks to major industry backing!"12:50
d][mblz: btw, there is a weird bug with apt-purge, it fails to work twice on the same ppa if the first time was canceled..12:50
blzd][m, does it give you an error?12:51
blzd][m, apt-get is known to leave it's lock file hanging around on occasion12:51
chalufrinott: this also failed - http://ur1.ca/eydlj12:52
d][mblz: yes, it says there is no such ppa, wehereas this aformentioned ppa is still in /etc/apt/sourcelist.d12:52
blzhmm... then you should just be able to remove the lines from /etc/apt/sourcelist.d12:52
blzd][m, try commenting them out first, though12:52
blzjust to be sure12:52
d][mok . ppa-purge didn't complete, there's a warning12:55
d][mblz: Errors were encountered while processing:12:56
d][m /var/cache/apt/archives/libgraphite2-3_1.2.1-1_i386.deb12:56
d][mE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)12:56
d][monly this one.. strange, I was sure I had deleted it12:56
cellardoorIf anyone could shed light on why my Synaptics touchpad isn't working? When I run synclient it says the driver isn't even loaded.12:57
frinottchalu: what sw you used to resize your windows disk? describe what you did12:59
cellardoorMy Xorg log is here http://bpaste.net/show/121068/12:59
d][mblz: so far so good, I am now reinstalling unity package13:00
d][mblz: and lightdm13:00
d][mblz: and now rebooting: still a black grub screen and a blue booting screen from ubuntu gnome.. weird..13:03
ActionParsnipd][m: what GPU do you use?13:05
d][mblz: crap, I can't log on, I am send back to logging screen entering password13:05
d][mreinstalling ubuntu-desktop13:05
blzd][m, hence my warning about plymouth13:06
blzd][m, reinstall plymouth13:06
ActionParsnipd][m: can you log on as guest?13:06
d][mblz:nvidia Gforce13:06
d][mblz: I m doing all this through ssh13:07
blzd][m, reinstall plymouth13:07
d][mblz: ok,13:07
tneohello, after the hack ubuntu wanted me to change my pw, which I wanted to do, but I was required to sign up with the SSO page13:07
tneonow my account is set to tneo2 instead of my original nick tneo13:08
tneohow can i fix that?13:08
d][mblz: no need to reinstall plymouth, installing ubuntu-desktop must have fix it, I am logged now. lost my theme, but that's nothing.13:09
Picitneo: We only do OS support here.  You could try asking on the forums themselves or in #ubuntuforums13:10
=== ramiro_ is now known as _rg
MonkeyDusttneo  you mean the ubuntu-forums thingy?13:10
=== vincent__ is now known as Guest33264
blzd][m, yeah I was 99% sure that ubuntu-desktop included plymouth13:10
blzd][m, but that was your problem13:10
d][mblz: thank you for your help, it was getting infuriating13:11
blzd][m, no worries =)13:11
blzd][m, ppa purging is sometimes quite tricky =/13:11
d][mnice and valuable people here, have a great day all.13:11
peglerhi.  can someone take a look at a short syslog entry and point me in the right direction?  the errors stem from being out of memory, but I am unsure of where to start looking13:14
blzpegler, you should post the log so that somebody can actually have a look =)13:15
peglerblz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5962541/13:15
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=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
ckknighthelo guys in troubleshooting on the DNS server using dig and nslookup.. why is that it is sucessfull in dig but in nslookup failed?13:29
Pumpkin-ckknight: going to need to give more detail than that to be useful. What are you doing with each, how does it fail etc ?13:30
Pumpkin-(also, don't use nslookup, just use dig. nslookup has a bunch of stuff about it that sucks)13:30
ckknightdig mydomain.com13:33
ckknight; <<>> DiG 9.8.1-P1 <<>> mydomain.com13:33
ckknight;; global options: +cmd13:33
ckknight;; Got answer:13:33
ckknight;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NXDOMAIN, id: 2219213:33
FloodBot1ckknight: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:33
ckknight;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 1, ADDITIONAL: 013:33
ckknightnslookup mydomain.com13:33
blzhello =)13:34
jakubCan anyone please help my solve a little problem I can't find answer to13:34
jakubI am a new user13:34
MonkeyDustjakub  if you're sweet13:34
jakuband using the 11.04 version13:34
ubottujakub: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:35
jakubis there a way to update FIrefox?13:35
MonkeyDustjakub  sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade13:35
blzjakub, there's a firefox ppa that has the latest version if the version in the repos is out-of-date13:35
MonkeyDustjakub  ah, not for 11.0413:35
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.13:35
jakubOh sorry I was not aware of that13:35
jakubSo the only way to update is to get a new version of Ubuntu right?13:36
blzOh wow, 11.0413:36
blzjakub, yeah that's the gist of it13:36
MonkeyDustjakub  it's normal if you're new, ypi don't know such things13:36
reisiojakub: not the only way, but the proper way13:36
blzjakub, it's also the only way to get security updates =)13:36
peglerCan someone take a look at this log and tell me if my assessment that beam.smp is the likely source of the out of memory error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5962541/13:36
jakubThank you for your help I am grateful for this13:36
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
blzjakub, any time =)13:38
Felishiased s/'\n'/','/g doesn't work13:40
FelishiaI need to substitute newlines by commas13:40
Felishiabut it doesn't change them13:40
PiciFelishia: Use tr. Sed won't process across newlines.13:41
ActionParsnippegler: have you tested RAM using Memtest86+ from Grub?13:41
FelishiaI use tr but I can't seem to be able to do substitution13:41
reisio'\n' ','13:41
peglerActionParsnip: no, it's an AWS EC2 instance13:41
Felishiatr -d '\n' ','13:41
ActionParsnipFelishia: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10748453/replace-comma-with-newline-in-sed13:42
FelishiaI did it with tr thanks :p I should have read tr --help first13:42
PiciFelishia: :)13:42
FelishiaActionParsnip, I'll see that :o13:42
ziaahi everyone, i'm having a firewall problem; i'm trying to only allow connections to and from my vpn; so i set ufw default deny for both incoming and outgoing, and then added four rules (one by one): sudo ufw allow (in|out) (to|from) VPN_IP, but when i do that, i cannot surf anymore. i can ping VPN_IP, but not google.fr; my VPN is connected with network-manager13:46
DrekalotsI'm trying to install Ubuntu on a Dell 660s. According to the Ubuntu site it should work. Alas, it is not. I've tryied 13.04 and 12.04. CentOS and Gentoo. Nothing works. Ubuntu installs but fails to load saying there is no bootable medium detected.13:46
reisioDrekalots: maybe it's not the distros13:47
DrekalotsCentOS panics. Gentoo just does nothing. lol.13:47
MonkeyDustDrekalots  then it must be the hardware13:47
Drekalotsreisio: It shouldn't be the machine. It's brand new.13:47
dtcrshrIs there any video player on linux as bsplayer thats capable to search and download automatically subtitles from the web?13:47
chaluI am trying to mount my  wubi root.disk file. Can someone pls help with it - http://ur1.ca/eydlj13:48
ziaadtcrshr: try command-line scripts addic7ed or subliminal13:48
* dtcrshr googlin13:48
frinottpegler: yes that seems to consume most memory, some db process, but other process invokes oom killer13:48
reisioDrekalots: well the only other thing in common is you :)13:49
Drekalotsreisio: I know it's not me... lol. At least i hope not...13:49
ziaadtcrshr: then you can make a small script of yourself which takes as argument a video file, calls the subtitles download scripts, and finally calls vlc13:49
MonkeyDustDrekalots  if it's not the software, not the hardware and not you, there's not much left13:49
wingnut2626is there a pcsx2 for ubuntu 64 bit that actually works?13:49
DrekalotsMonkeyDust: Planetary alignment?13:50
MonkeyDustwingnut2626  would that be sony playstation? if yes: pcsxr is in the repos13:51
EDinNYwhat is the name of the program that probes the system, then install proprietary drivers?13:52
dtcrshrthanks ziaa im working here on the python script13:52
=== vincent__ is now known as Guest46660
wingnut2626MonkeyDust : no playstation 213:53
EDinNYHow do I install proprietary drivers?13:53
MonkeyDust!info pcsxr | wingnut2626 I don't know the difference13:53
ubottuwingnut2626 I don't know the difference: pcsxr (source: pcsxr): Sony PlayStation emulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.92-4 (raring), package size 817 kB, installed size 2285 kB13:53
DJonesEDinNY: It used to be jockey-gtk but I think thats been taken into another app, there may still be jockey-text that runs from a terminal13:54
EDinNYDJones: thanks. minimal system here. what is the name of the GUI?13:55
wingnut2626MonkeyDust : pcsxr does not play playstation 2 games13:55
EDinNYthere it goes...13:55
Puma1337I am running ubuntu server and I have lfd installed -- every few minutes I am getting "Suspicious process running under user www-data" and also the same for mysql.  I know I can set lfd to ignore those users, but I feel like just ignoring them is a security risk.  Is there any way to resolve these messages so I get alerted for real suspicious activities and not just normal operation?13:58
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ziaahi everyone, i'm having a firewall problem; i'm trying to only allow connections to and from my vpn; so i set ufw default deny for both incoming and outgoing, and then added four rules (one by one): sudo ufw allow (in|out) (to|from) VPN_IP, but when i do that, i cannot surf anymore. i can ping VPN_IP, but not google.fr; my VPN is connected with network-manager with openvpn14:00
kerimDrekalots: Do you have a spare Windows CD somewhere? Maybe try that?14:00
Cattolico90is there an italian chat?14:00
kerimDrekalots: Also, if you have an USB drive, install a distro on that and try to boot off of it with your machine14:01
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:01
kerimDrekalots: Does the LiveCD work?14:01
utfans05ziaa, when you do iptables -L does the allow rules come first/14:03
utfans05ziaa, if not, then your traffic will not come through. you need to make sure the things you want to come through are at the top of that list.14:03
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ziaaufoman: i don't see reference to VPN_IP on iptables14:04
ziaaufoman: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5962698/14:05
ziaautfans05: ^14:06
ziaasorry ufoman wrong user14:06
Mace268woke up to my brand new ubuntu install locked up tight as a drum, is there anywhere i can look to see what might have happened?14:08
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noob7hi, can someone please tell me what happens when I select "shared to other computers" in the IPv4 tab of the network manager? how is the ip assigned to the "host" machine and others? static or dhcp?14:09
blzMace268, the files are *inside* the computer </zoolander>14:09
noob7have the "clients" to use dhclient to get an ip or just setting static ones14:09
ziaautfans05: any idea what's wrong?14:10
noob7(connecting using command line)14:10
Mace268i don't have /var/log/messages what is ubuntu's equivalent?14:10
napscMace268: syslog14:13
noob7setting static adresses I can't ping the "host" machine, using dhclient takes long and does not assign an ip address14:14
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FelishiaI'm really tired of these computer science experts that ask me "OMG how the hell are you root?"... and don't wanna give me a job...14:17
=== BitchCoin is now known as SuperSkunk
mintonmanHow can I get Ubuntu 12.04 to recognise a Matrox MGA 1064SG video card I have just added?14:18
Mace268woke up to my brand new ubuntu install locked up tight as a drum, is there anywhere i can look to see what might have happened? I looked at syslog and the only error was "signond[4803]: ../../../../src/signond/signondaemon.cpp 360 init Failed to SUID root. Secure storage will not be available."14:19
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akira2014i'm in troubles with a softraid RAID5. I'm unable to put it online to recue some information14:21
akira2014can some one tell how to force the riad to become online?14:22
=== hydra is now known as Guest9311
akira2014riad = raid sorry14:22
=== decipherstatic__ is now known as decipherstatic
Mace268I think it might have locked up when the system tried to power save my displays14:23
wang7396where are you come from ?14:25
wang7396i found there are many people speak english.14:26
FelishiaI have this file a,b,c,d,e....14:26
Felishiawhich is only one line14:26
Felishiait's a text file14:26
Felishiaand I want to splice it14:26
Felishiaeach three comas to add a \n14:26
Felishiacat dictionary.py | awk -F',' '{for(i=1;i<NF;i++)if(i%3==0){$i=$i"\n"}}' > dict.py14:27
Felishianot working14:27
vir_why not use sed14:28
mregg964Hi, I'm trying to relay a magic packet to the broadcast address. Any idea?14:28
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=== MichaelJordan is now known as Michael_Jordan
MonkeyDust!details | mregg96414:30
ubottumregg964: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:30
fgdfgwetrw53can somebody help me with installing beautiful soup i cant somehow get it to work properly14:30
fgdfgwetrw53i have xubuntu 13.04 and when i try to install it from terminal either from pip installer or direct download and install i still dont have it on my computer14:32
pinqvinis ti possible to watch stream videos via vlc? on xubuntu14:32
ForageI've got this USB device (jarba link 350) which should be seen by ubuntu as an audio input and audio output device. In the sound settings I do get to see it as an output device but not as input. This use to work on I believe it was Ubuntu 10.x or 11.x but it doesn't on 12.10 as well as 13.4 any longer. Any idea's on how to check what is going wrong or suggestions on where to get more help on this?14:33
Felishiahow do I tell bash that ' is to reffer to an aposthrofe14:34
Felishiabecause \' is not working14:34
FelishiaI'm saying -tr -t \n '\',\''14:35
Felishiaand it doesn't work14:35
Felishiaalso '','' doesn't work14:35
Pinkamena_DIn ubuntu 12.04 I get the "waiting for network config...waiting up to 60 more seconds for network config" messages at bootup, does anyone know how to fix that?14:36
wang7396close your network14:41
=== ponbiki is now known as Guest37797
Guest24884Pinkamena_D, I get the same message in Kali Linux I just hit Esc and the network is loaded14:42
FelishiaI can't14:43
Felishiait doesn't work14:43
FelishiaI can't change newlines to something like ','14:43
Felishiawith the aphosthrophes14:43
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
Drekalotsahaha. I had to go back to 12.04 LTS to get it to work the 660s.14:46
mschanyone know where I can ask for lxc 0.9 to be backported to 12.04?14:48
jpdsmsch: You can't.14:49
mschjpds why?14:50
jpdsmsch: Because 12.04 is frozen.14:50
mschjpds but there's precise-backports that has lxc 0.8 while precise ships with 0.7514:50
jpdsmsch: Ah, -backports.14:50
ZIPYmsch: deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu lucid-backports main restricted universe multiverse u can try this replace lucid14:51
mschjpds and the daily builds have 0.9 for 12.04 https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-lxc/+archive/daily/+packages14:51
jpdsmsch: Right; I was thinking of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates14:51
pseubodotIs it possible to restore the mouse-highlight clipboard for copying and pasting between CLI windows? This behaviour seems to have gone away.14:53
reisiopseubodot: gpm?14:53
riiddihi, i am running Ubuntu on my Mac. How can I map the apple/cmd key to the control key?14:54
pseubodotreisio: now installed.14:54
pseubodotreisio: I need to restart X, I take it?14:54
reisiopseubodot: nope14:55
reisiopseubodot: thought you were talking about something else14:55
reisiopseubodot: check that your ctrl/alt/shift/windows/meta keys aren't stuck, give them all a good smack14:55
reisioalso your mouse/pointer keys14:55
pseubodotreisio: I'd see14:56
pseubodotreisio: no evident input issues14:56
ZIPYriiddi: which one is the "apple/cmd" key and what does it execute14:58
pseubodotreisio: hrm. lost middle-button-paste altogether. whee.14:59
gordonjcpZIPY: on Ubuntu it normally functions the same way as the flag key on a normal keyboard14:59
widonhow to compile ncurse devel15:01
ritesh_can any tell me how can i contribute to open source15:02
reisioritesh_: /msg ubottu contribute15:02
Kuwaiti have gtx 570 support 3d and i have 3d monitor with wireless glasses , but i cant run 3d movies15:03
reisioKuwait: why not?15:04
Kuwaitreisio, i dont know :x15:04
Simon-v__I played with miredo for a few minutes, and now i can't connect to Internet servers (local ones work). I reset /etc/gai.conf to default, purged miredo and rebooted a few times, with no results. ifconfig shows an ipv6 link starting with fe80: -- is there anything to do besides blacklisting ipv6 in modprobe altogether? Ubuntu 13.0415:04
Kuwaitsome ppl tell me it not work with ur monitor and some other tell me buy hdmi cable support 3d and some tells buy another glasses and im confused x_x15:05
reisioKuwait: did the same hardware have it working with another OS?15:06
Kuwaitreisio, no only os in my pc is linux i remove windows :x15:07
reisioKuwait: did it work with Windows?15:07
Kuwaitreisio, im thinking to install windows :x to try but i dont wanna grub problem staff :x15:08
reisioyou didn't try back when you had it, then?15:08
Kuwaitreisio, no15:08
Kuwaitreisio, do u advice o try windows 8 :x ?15:12
AqDiiKuwait: if  there is space, you can try it. grub problem can be solved by simply re-run grub installer15:15
Kuwaitaha AqDii ok15:15
myouhi there guys15:15
reisiopost on geforce.com from three years ago suggests it might be supported15:15
reisiomyou: hi15:15
myouI'm using usb to hdmi adapter with the kernel 3.10.  it works quite well.  the problem is that every time I suspend the machine.15:16
myouthe output name changes15:16
myou DVI-0 then DVI-1 then DVI-2 and so on15:16
myoudoes anybody know how to fix this? Is it possible to add a udev rule to pin the output name?15:17
reisiomyou: if it's a /dev thingy, probably15:17
myouI'm using kernel 3.1015:17
myouit supports displaylink15:17
myouit works actually15:17
myouthe problem is that the name of the output changes15:17
reisioyou said15:18
myouso it is an udev problem I geuss15:18
reisioquite possibly15:18
myouwhich channel should I ask? the guys from udev pointed me here, actually their channel message did15:19
BoogeryWhat should I permission my samba files as on the server? I am concerend with group access. So valid users @mp3 and chmod ???:mp3. should I use root? or nobody? or my user or something else?15:19
MotherMGAHello, I have a weird issue with the character encoding and display of special characters in gnome-terminal. Basically, special characters are rendering a square with the utf-8 code in it, rather than not displaying at all. This is important because readline uses special characters \001 and \002 to block of untracked characters for prompt analysis. This only occurs in gnome-terminal; xterm is fine. Also, running screen inside gnome15:19
reisiomyou: where do you see the 'output name'?15:19
mjaykBoogery: i wouldnt use root15:20
myou xrandr  | grep ' connected' | grep DVI15:20
myouthis oututs the display name15:20
reisiomyou: can you paste the line?15:20
myouwhich changes every time I suspend the machine15:20
Mace268how do i get ubuntu to generate /dev entries for partitions on my drives?15:20
myouDVI-0 connected 1440x900+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 408mm x 255mm15:20
reisioMace268: what makes you think it hasn't?15:20
myouright now is 015:21
columbAnyone tried photoshop with wine? Or should I setup  virtual machine with windows to use it without problems?15:21
Mace268fdisk shows the partition but it's not listed in /dev15:21
myounext time I suspend is going to be DVI-115:21
auronandace!appdb | columb15:21
ubottucolumb: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help15:21
Boogerymjayk: kind of my thought. all the examples I see show root creating some foldes someplace like mkdir /var/mp3 but using root seems like a very BAD idea. But is noboby just as bada?15:21
myouall my window manager rules then get broken15:21
reisiomyou: and then you run some command to fix it?15:22
columbauronandace, could you confirm that you run photoshop under wine without issues?15:22
myouright now I run a script that changes the i3 configuration and restarts the window manager15:22
compdoccolumb, I have a friend that uses illustrator with wine. its been a while, but he said a few things like certain dialog boxes had minor issues, but they might have fixed that stuff by now.15:22
auronandacecolumb: i don't run photoshop at all, try asking in #winehq15:22
myouit works but is quirky15:22
mjaykBoogery: ok so maybe yes you use root to create the dir then you assin a user read only or read write permissions using chmod15:22
reisiocolumb: works fine in a VM for certain15:22
myouI was hoping to solve the problem with a udev rule15:22
reisiocolumb: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=17 lists several platinum ratings, which means perfection15:22
myouand was wondering if it was possible15:22
Boogerymjayk: but what user? I am doing Active Directory. So my group will be an AD group.   is any normal id good? ie use my user account or the nobody account. I am not sure nobody is beeter to use than root. from a security stand point.15:24
mjaykBoogery: I would usually create an account for the purpose15:24
mjaykBoogery: but its always a trade of from usablility to security15:25
Boogerymjayk: I was thinking "smbuser" fos an account name. But yes, it is one more account to be hacked15:26
Boogerymjayk: thanks for the help.  I think smbuser with no shell access will do the job.15:27
mjaykBoogery: nps hope it helps hf15:27
myoudoes anybody know if it is possible to pin the monitor output name by using a udev rule. My displaylink monitor changes the name every time I suspend the machine. The first time is DPI-0 then DPI-1 ecc . Thank you.15:27
reisiomyou: any use? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5469828/how-to-create-a-callback-for-monitor-plugged-on-an-intel-graphics15:27
Mace268how do i get ubuntu to generate /dev entries for partitions on my drives? fdisk shows the partitions but they're not listed in /dev15:29
myouThat enables the user to execute the script when the monitor is connected. My monitor stays connected always. The problem is that the name changes every time I resume from suspension. Thank you for your time.15:29
myouI was searching online but all I find are rules for block devices or ethernet ports15:30
myouno display outputs15:30
reisioMace268: pastebin fdisk output15:30
myouI'll continue to search15:30
myouthank you guys =) bye15:31
reisiomyou: right, but it explains how to make a rule quite similar to what I imagine you'd want15:31
myouI'll check that agian reisio15:32
myouthank you15:32
Mace268the partitions seemed to have disappeared. any way to get them back?15:32
raubMace268: in fdisk?15:32
Mace268with any method, is there a partition rescue for ubuntu?15:33
raubPossibly; it depends on how brave you feel like15:33
Mace268or should i boot with my acronis disk manager15:34
raubRule 1 is make an iso of the disk and then work on it15:34
raubSo to avoid making it any worse15:34
reisioMace268: partition? No, but IIRC it installs by default with a rescue _mode_ (that is, boot options)15:35
raubThen you can start light and throw fsck at it. ext4/3/jfs?15:35
Mace268ntfs :S15:36
napscMace268: did you run sudo  with fdisk?15:37
Mace268i just looked and i do have a current backup of the data on that partition. probably just as easy to repartition and restore.15:38
raubnapsc: I was wondering if his MBR got boinked15:38
Mace268they did have old software raid metadata on them15:39
Mace268from years back15:39
=== SuperSkunk is now known as TalkingToGoofs
Shadowandlighthow do i set notifications on question responses on askubuntu.com15:41
=== TalkingToGoofs is now known as BitchCoin
Shadowandlightsomeone responded to a question i had but i never got an email15:41
napscdunno, been half paying attention to posts... is this the computer that froze overnight?15:42
LopeI've got my /home mounting like this: /home/bob/.Private on /home/bob type ecryptfs(ecryptfs_check_dev_ruid,ecryptfs_cipher=blah,ecryptfs_key_bytes=blah,ecryptfs_unlink_sigs,ecryptfs_sig=blah,ecryptfs_fnek_sig=blah)15:43
LopeI'm trying to allow winuser to access it via samba, but I'm getting access denied as is. (I've double checked all the samba stuff (testing paths on other filesystems) and the problem is not there, there's some kind of ecryptfs blockage)15:44
reisioLope: because FUSE filesystems are only accessible to the user that mounted them15:46
spanner3003hi I'm having  a problem compiling, I'm trying to port cm10.1 to my padfone 2(A68) and i get this error http://pastebin.com/LNmKyFF115:47
ewookyo. Anyone know where to find the wiican.deb, or isn't needed in 12.04 anymore? :D15:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:48
ewook!apt wiican15:48
ewookLet's re-ask the question in a different way - how do you guys go about setting up the wii-mote with ubuntu?15:50
HukkinenI loost ctrl commands after configuring laptop volume keys in lxde/opebox15:50
Hukkinenany hints?15:50
wilee-nileeewook, what release are you running, I see debs possibly on the web.15:50
wilee-nileeis it 12.04?15:51
ewookwilee-nilee: ^^15:51
flipper88_flewook: Which vierant?15:51
ewookflipper88_fl: what flavor? believe that one runs xubuntu.15:52
wilee-nileeewook, looks like a 64 bit wget here use at your own risk. http://pkgs.org/ubuntu-12.04/getdeb-apps-amd64/wiican_0.3.4.1-1~getdeb1_amd64.deb.html15:52
ewookwilee-nilee: I found the getdeb-site, but it gives me blank when I try to locate the package.15:52
flipper88_flewook:  /join #xubuntu for further questions15:52
wilee-nileeewook, The wget is the key and adding a repository it seems15:53
ewookwilee-nilee: you google better than me ;). Lol. No thank you, no need to. The package is not tied to any flavor of ubuntu ;)15:53
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
ewookflipper88_fl: well, thank you mr echo ;).15:53
mschhow long does it usually take for the first upload to show up in a PPA?15:55
ActionParsnipewook: if you add the getdeb ppa you will get updates too15:55
pnglHi, my laptop shut down hard when its battery died and now grub says "unknown filesystem". I'm donwloading a LiveCD now; how will I be able to assess the state of my drive?15:55
ActionParsnippngl: use fsck from liveCD15:55
ZIPYpngl: sudo fsck /dev/sdX -y <-- put in the correct path for ur hdd you want to check15:56
pnglActionParsnip, ZIPY thank you, I'll try that as soon as I boot the LiveCD15:57
ZIPYpngl: or use the disk utility and then choose check filesystem if you dont want to use the terminal15:57
ewookActionParsnip: I know ;).15:57
viktori installed fallout3 via playonlinux, and the sound doesn't work, can anybody tell me how to set a new sound driver on wine?15:57
ewookActionParsnip: sadly, the PPA I found is dead - so I got lazy and asked instead of searched for another rep ;).15:57
ewookI guess no one remembers me anymore, since you kindly tell me things I already know ;).15:58
=== om26er is now known as om26er|away
wilee-nileeewook, Lets see 3 feet tall 6 fingers and toes am I right. ;)15:59
ewookwilee-nilee: yeeees. that's me :p.16:00
ewookwilee-nilee: but, since I'm on the metric system, I have no idea if you just said that I'm tall and handsome, or short and sturdy :p. oh well, thanks again!16:01
wilee-nileeewook, ohh, good comeback.16:01
foreverphysicsCould I have a bit of help here?16:02
ewookforeverphysics: shoot!16:02
ewookwilee-nilee: I'm good at that sometimes ;)16:02
gordonjcp!help | foreverphysics16:02
ubottuforeverphysics: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:02
foreverphysicsI am trying to install Ubuntu, but it's not working very well.16:02
foreverphysicsI have a secondhand computer, which previously crashed16:02
foreverphysicsAs in, the entire hard disk crashed, but the data wasn't erased16:03
ewookforeverphysics: history of ill behaviour? Laptop?16:03
=== BitchCoin is now known as TerryTibbs
foreverphysicsYes, laptop.16:03
=== TerryTibbs is now known as Guest9586
foreverphysicsIt's a pretty old laptop, I think maybe 9 or 10 years16:04
foreverphysicsAnyways, I can't seem to wipe or reformat the drive16:04
ewookforeverphysics: Have you checked the wiki/forum for any specific issues on that model? Oh. The drive is missbehaving?16:04
foreverphysicsRight now, I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS via a 3.73 GiB flash drive16:04
foreverphysicsYeah, I'm pretty sure the drive is the thing with the problem...16:04
gordonjcpforeverphysics: open a terminal, type "dmesg"16:05
gordonjcpforeverphysics: if there are disk errors, there will be pages and pages of stuff about sense codes16:05
=== Guest9586 is now known as StateTerrorism
viktorcan anybody help me change the sound driver in wine/POL?16:06
checoimgCan anyone help to get the latest GStreamer installed on RR. I see it is in the repositories but I don't get the update.16:06
viktorthe other driver is missing16:06
ActionParsnipforeverphysics: tried dban?16:06
gordonjcpforeverphysics: you don't have to understand what the errors mean.  The fact that there are errors like that at all indicates your hard disk is on the way out...16:06
=== ese is now known as Rope
ActionParsnipforeverphysics: you can wipe it with dban :)16:06
foreverphysicsI tried dban16:06
foreverphysicsthe computer wouldn't boot dban16:06
checoimgCan anyone help to get the latest GStreamer installed on RR ? I see it is in the repositories but I don't get the update.16:06
ActionParsnipforeverphysics: as gordonjcp says, the drive is old and dying, replace it and you'll have a new system :)16:06
foreverphysicsEh, that is another problem--I can't replace the hard drive16:07
foreverphysicsfor several reason, I'll not go into them16:07
ActionParsnipviktor: do you have sound everywhere else?16:07
foreverphysicsso right now I am just trying to fix all the problems16:07
=== Rope is now known as ese
viktorActionParsnip: i have sound in regular desktop, in other POL games, and i had sound the first time i played16:08
=== ese is now known as Guest43518
viktorActionParsnip, think it might make a diff if i changed the wine-version to 1.4?16:08
foreverphysicsUm, there is another problem...when I ran fdisk and gparted, it didn't show up anything except for my flash drive.16:09
ActionParsnipviktor: depends which version your app likes?16:09
ActionParsnipforeverphysics: does the drive show up in BIOS?16:09
=== ivo is now known as Guest21027
rebarhmm this is wierd16:10
eph3meralnot sure how OT this is, but I still haven't found a good conclusion on the intergoogles (and I know what my personal conclusion is)... anyone know a decent high rez (CPI) mouse that doesn't go all whacko on linux? so far all the "gaming" mice I've ever used pretty much behave like they're stuck at the highest DPI setting when I plug them in to a linux machine of any kind16:10
foreverphysicsYes, I think.16:10
=== Guest43518 is now known as ese
viktorActionParsnip, it used to be 1.26.liveless. i don't think this s gonna make a diff, but try anyway16:10
zukeprimeHey all. Anyone get an "empty" update notification? i.e. nothing in the update window.  Makes me a little suspicious.16:11
=== ese is now known as Rope
viktori had a similar problem with doom3 a very long time ago and fixed it by changing the sounddriver, but don't know how to do that16:11
rebarwhen installing ubuntu 13.04 and choosing to install along side with windows 7 does it installs automaticly on my only free partition?16:11
=== ivo_ is now known as Guest50367
oz__I've just installed Apache server (lamp) but when i go to '/var/www' in PCmanFM it wont give me permission the create a file. help16:11
=== Rope is now known as ese
viktorActionParsnip, doesn't even start now, might work to change the audio driver, alsa to oss. can you tell me how to do that?16:13
=== ese is now known as Rope
viktorActionParsnip, the sound only goes if i load a saved game16:15
guy3guys, can I use gnome without a videocard?16:16
irreverantwell look what I found!16:17
irreveranta screen shot with nonother than our very own actionparsnip on google!16:17
ActionParsnipviktor: I'd ask in #winehq16:17
ActionParsnipirreverant: huh?16:18
irreverantwell the ubuntu room too16:18
sudarshanhi can anyone suggest a messenger for using and searching yahoo groups16:18
FloodBot1irreverant: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:18
oz__how can i alter the file permissions so i can make changes in /var/www apache16:18
oz__apache folder*16:18
viktorActionParsnip, i'll try that16:18
ActionParsnipirreverant: haha I get around16:18
sudarshanmr oz___16:18
sudarshanyou can use terminal16:19
irreveranti was looking for screenshots of irssi to use and-lo-and-behold... i was like Iknow that guy!16:19
ActionParsnipoz__: if you add your user to the group with ownership of the folder, you will get that access16:19
ActionParsnipirreverant: you just made my day16:19
irreverantyour welcome...16:19
irreverantlater guys16:20
=== nik is now known as Guest70605
ActionParsnipirreverant: you're    as in 'you are'16:20
sudarshanoz: go into terminal>>sudo -s>>enter your root password>>then cd to the folder www16:21
ActionParsnipsudarshan: -i    is advised, uses the user's profile16:21
=== Rope is now known as ese
AlHafoudhhi all16:22
sudarshanthen you can change the file permissions using "chmod 777 *.*" for changing all permission to accessible to all16:22
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!16:23
AlHafoudhi have disable ipv6, I see no ipv6 address on my ethX, but curl, wget and apt still want to access DNS hostname by their IPv6 addresses, what is wrong? what did I forget?16:23
llutzsudarshan: don't suggest chmod 777, its nonsense in most cases16:23
sudarshanok then what is preferable?16:23
sudarshaninstead of 77716:23
llutzsudarshan: depends on the situation, keep it as restricted as possible16:23
ActionParsnipAlHafoudh: have you added the boot option:  ipv6.disable=116:23
ActionParsnipsudarshan: using correct groups and access16:24
raubsudarshan: least access16:24
ActionParsnipsudarshan: 777 is not suitable for 99.9999999999999% of what people suggest it for and you can break OSes and/or make them unsecure16:24
sudarshansometimes *.js files becomes not accessible by apache webserver.16:24
sudarshanok sorry dont use chmod 777 even I also will stop using it.16:25
ActionParsnipsudarshan: it is especially bad for public facing services like apache. Yeah give EVERYBODY full access.... think about it16:25
raubThen make sure the files are either owned by the apache group (www-data?) or www-data is part of the other group16:25
llutzsudarshan: webserver runs as www-data/www-data, so just make sure that user/group can _read_ your files16:25
llutzsudarshan: no need to give write-access etc.pp16:25
raubYou are not running WinXP16:25
sudarshancan anyone suggest me some good place where to get reference of all this.16:26
foreverphysicsHere's a question: I help run a website completely run by an Ubuntu server16:26
foreverphysicsso would it hurt if we moved some stuff over to something...not Ubuntu?16:27
ActionParsnipforeverphysics: 1) install LAMP   2) Rejoice16:27
ActionParsnipforeverphysics: html is a defacto standard so as long as the server can access the code etc, it should be fine16:27
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Lopesudo -s | useradd foo | passwd foo | mkdir /home/bob/foo | chmod 777 /home/bob/foo | chown foo:foo /home/bob/foo | su foo -c 'ls /home/bob/foo' | << permission denied? If I do it anywhere else it works. (/home/bob is ecryptfs) how can I allow foo to access /home/bob/foo?16:28
raubforeverphysics: paths and some small config stuff might change16:28
AlHafoudhyeah, that did the trick ActionParsnip16:28
foreverphysicsNah, it's more that the server keeps crashing...16:28
raubbut otherwise you are good16:28
ActionParsnipsudarshan: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2338641/in-a-php-apache-linux-context-why-exactly-is-chmod-777-dangerous16:28
ActionParsnipLope: why 777 ?16:29
ActionParsnipis it 777 day today or something??16:29
zigmunshould i type the two commands: "sudo ufw allow X on tun0 from any to any" with X=in and X=out, in order to allow all connections from and to my VPN (openvpn with network-manager)?16:29
LopeActionParsnip: to leave no doubt that its a Posix permission issue.16:30
sudarshan777 is full access of file to everyone.. As suggested don't use it16:30
ActionParsnipLope: what is the output of:  ls -l /home/bob/foo16:30
raubsudarshan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_permissions is a good start16:30
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
LopeActionParsnip: nothing, its empty. but there is no error.16:31
sudarshancan anyone tell me how can i search and access yahoo group from messenger on ubuntu?16:31
ActionParsnipLope: what is the output of: ls -la /home/bob/foo16:31
llutz ls -ld /home/bob/foo16:32
Lopedrwxrwxrwx 2 foo foo 4096 Aug  8 17:13 /home/bob/foo16:33
Lopeperhaps bob needs x permission on /home/bob16:33
PiciExecute is always needed in order to traverse into a directory.16:33
javier_hi. I need to install windows 7 aside of ubuntu. I have a prepared partition for that in nfts format, but when I start the installation dvd, it says there is no suitable partition where to install windows. Which are the requirements of the partition that I might be missing? Thanks!!!16:36
daftykinsjavier_: you can't do it like that, Windows likes to have two partitions (a 100MB one prior to the C:) so just let it create them in empty space itself16:37
LopeBasically I want some general purpose storage space on my PC that is encrypted. I run windows VM's I want to give them access to some of the dirs (via samba shares)16:37
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ActionParsnipjavier_: leave unpartitioned space, it'll be ok. Not sure how this is Ubuntu related as you are installing WIndows16:38
javier_daftykins, so, I should just delete the partition (using gparted for instance) and tell the installer to use the free space...16:38
javier_ActionParsnip, I'm sorry, I thought was the right place to ask about it. My apologies16:39
javier_daftykins, thanks!16:39
ActionParsnipjavier_: try in ##windows16:39
javier_ActionParsnip, thanks for the advise, won't happen again16:39
ActionParsnipjavier_: if you already have Ubutnu installed, you will need to put grub on the MBR as the Windows installer will blindly overwrite it16:39
sudarshanjavier_: before doing so just install boot repair in ubuntu. As after installing windows ubuntu will not work. You will have to use boor repair from live usb.16:40
javier_sudarshan, thanks! I was counting on that from my previous experience :) but thanks for the advise!16:40
sudarshancreating live usb installing boot repair into it and replacing grub using boot repair is the easy way.16:41
dirac306 games run whit wine, 110 linux native games instaled in my kubuntu 10.0416:41
javier_sudarshan, yes, I will do exactly like that. My boot cd is already waiting16:41
ActionParsnipdirac: shame 10.04 is EOL and no longer supported16:41
wilee-nileeActionParsnip, If you install in a free space windows will make 2 partitions 1 a boot, be sure to not go past the limitations of primaries and make that disk dynamic, a pre-formatted ntfs with a manual install to it will cut out the boot partition.16:42
ActionParsnipwilee-nilee: might be XP ;)16:42
ActionParsnipwilee-nilee: oh it is 716:42
ActionParsnipwilee-nilee: yeah the boot recovery partition, or whatever its called16:42
wilee-nileeActionParsnip, Heh yah. ;)16:42
wilee-nileeActionParsnip, Lets call it the bit defender partition, thats all its for except maybe a recovery on a oem.16:43
wilee-nileeor whatever that windows encryption is called16:44
oz__sudo chown {username} /var/www16:45
oz__does anyone know the command to stop LAMP16:46
oz__apathe php and mysql16:46
Picioz__: sudo service apache2 stop16:46
ikoniaoz__: you stop apache and mysql as two different things16:46
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ikoniaoz__: lamp is not a service, it's a group of applications16:46
oz__oh , true16:47
=== Thor^^ is now known as Thor
wilee-nileeActionParsnip, I meant that first post at the user, its a bit early here, no caffeine yet. ;)16:47
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rebarcan I install ubuntu on a hardrive where one partition is used by windows for storage?16:54
wilee-nileerebar, Sure.16:54
rebarhmm, how do I choose that partition to install to from the 13.04 installasion?16:55
oz__im after a nice gui to stop and start all lamp applications. Does anyone know anything?16:55
rebarI just get option to "install along windows" "replace windows with ubuntu" and then "something else"16:55
reisiorebar: I'd do something else myself16:55
daftykinsoz__: you're performing actions that are typically command line level server administrator ones, you should really learn to do it right or not at all16:55
rebarthe partition is unallocated16:55
reisiorebar: the something else implies "manual" partitioning, which amounts to saying where you want / and swap to be, basically16:56
rebarokay, I dosen't understand how this part work. I know wht swap, home, root etc is16:57
oz__daftykins: ok. i'll take that on bord16:57
rebarI guess I have allocate the "free space" with a file system first?16:57
rebarbut what should I choose?16:57
researcher123I use Ubuntu 13.04.It was working well 2 weeks ago but suddenly slowed down.Browser & all application open too slowly.ANy help?16:58
reisiorebar: ext4 is a good default choice16:58
daftykinsrebar: yep make a / (root) partition of ext416:58
reisiorebar: you'll see something like http://radu.cotescu.com/uploads/wpuploads/2009/06/Ubuntu-partitions.png16:58
reisiorebar: one will be ntfs already, that's your Windows' storage partition, leave that alone16:58
reisiorebar: and make two new ones, one ext4 with Used set to '/' (root), and one swap16:58
reisioand any others you might want16:59
rebarmaking the swap partition now, what type should it be? ,primary, logical and beginning of this space or end of this space17:02
daftykinslogical, equal to your RAM size or to a max of 4GB17:03
ScriptonautCould somebody explain to me how I remove all my old wireless drivers and exclusively use b4317:05
Guest32093my battery slows down faster on ubuntu ! can you help me ?17:05
ScriptonautI think I have a bunch installed like wl17:05
daftykinsScriptonaut: were they modules or installed packages?17:06
ScriptonautI got them all through sudo apt-get install17:06
Scriptonautso packages?17:06
Scriptonautnot sure17:06
Guest32093my battery slows down faster on ubuntu ! can you help me please17:06
reisioGuest32093: what makes you think that17:06
Guest32093there is a difference when using Windows817:07
reisioGuest32093: what makes you think that17:07
Guest32093reısıo there is a difference when using Windows817:08
daftykinsScriptonaut: yep packages, so run sudo apt-get remove <those> <packages> <here>17:08
daftykinsScriptonaut: to be doubly sure you may even sudo apt-get remove --purge <packages>17:09
reisioGuest32093: what makes you think that17:09
Guest32093ı told you17:09
oz__I thought phpmyadmin would have a .php interface to graphically alter the sql data?17:10
ActionParsnipGuest32093: do you mean discharges faster in Ubuntu than Windows?17:10
Scriptonautdaftykins, could you tell me how to see which drivers I have installed thus far?17:10
geri_hi i look for a pdf writer to edit pdf documents...any recommendations?17:10
Guest32093Yeah exactly17:10
ActionParsnipgeri_: pdfedit17:10
ActionParsnipGuest32093: what does that have to do with "slowing down"?17:11
reisiogeri_: inkscape might be more appropriate, depending17:11
geri_ActionParsnip: ok?17:11
ActionParsnipgeri_: libreoffice perhaps17:11
reisioediting PDF is kind of hell, regardless17:11
Guest32093sorry  about the englısh17:11
daftykinsScriptonaut: if there is a way, i don't know it17:11
ActionParsnipGuest32093: does the system have a make and model?17:11
ActionParsnipGuest32093: does it have a switchable GPU?17:12
ActionParsnipgeri_: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/list-of-pdf-editing-tools-for-ubuntu.html17:12
ActionParsnipGuest32093: what is it!?17:12
Guest32093Samsung serıes 5 ultra17:12
Guest32093no swıtchable gpu17:12
Scriptonautso, I did purge, but under "additional drivers" the sta broadcom driver is still there17:13
kostkongeri_, here you go :P https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/pdf-studio-8-pro/17:13
ActionParsnipGuest32093: so if you run:   sudo lshw -C display    you don't see an Nvidia and an Intel GPU? I'm seeing it only having Intel online but I want to be sure17:14
geri_pdf edit is not in the tree?17:14
Guest32093ın fact ı dont know ı am usıng wındows17:14
ActionParsnipGuest32093: and what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue17:15
Guest32093ı wıll try thıs commandes later17:15
reisioholy $130 batman17:15
Scriptonautdo you guys know the term in lshw that refers to wireless interface17:15
Guest32093but ıs there a dırect cause of thıs17:15
Scriptonautso I can grep17:15
ActionParsnipGuest32093: also make sure you are fully updated and update the BIOS if possible17:15
ActionParsnipGuest32093: if its still bad, report a bug17:16
ActionParsnipScriptonaut: sudo lshw -C network17:16
Guest32093sudo lshw -C network what thıs do17:16
ActionParsnipGuest32093: shows the network interfaces in a system17:17
Scriptonautso here is my output17:17
chrs_anyone running an x server with ubuntu on the arm chromebook17:17
Scriptonautdoes anybody know why I can't get my wireless to work17:17
netlargeri_: There is Master PDF Editor17:17
chrs_can't seem to get mine to work17:17
ActionParsnip!broadcom | Scriptonaut its a cheap broadcom17:17
ubottuScriptonaut its a cheap broadcom: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:17
chrs_after startx: Fatal server error: AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for driver 017:17
Guest32093so what ıs the command should ı type17:17
Scriptonautubottu, I know I've read through that entire thing17:17
ubottuScriptonaut: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:17
geri_netlar: its not for free!17:18
netlargeri_: Oh sorry did not know you wanted free17:18
ActionParsnipScriptonaut: its unclaimed, no driver loaded17:18
geri_netlar: free :)17:18
ActionParsnipScriptonaut: if you run:   sudo modprobe b43    does it work?17:18
Scriptonautwth, I have b43-fwcutter installed17:18
Scriptonautlet me double check17:19
Scriptonautwow that worked17:19
ScriptonautI'm confused how17:19
ScriptonautI did this yesterday17:19
anildigitalAnyone know how to acceess iPhone 5 photos from Ubuntu 12.1017:19
Scriptonautso what exactly does modprobe do17:19
ActionParsnipScriptonaut: ok, to make it stick, run:   echo b43 | sudo tee -a /etc/modules > /dev/null17:20
Scriptonautand what does passing an -r do17:20
ActionParsnipScriptonaut: loads the module you name, plus its deps17:20
ActionParsnipScriptonaut: the opposite is:  sudo modprobe -r b43     -(r)emove17:20
Guest32093ActionParsnip what should ı do exactly one by one please17:20
ActionParsnip!iphone | anildigital17:20
ubottuanildigital: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod17:20
ActionParsnipGuest32093: I gave you 2 commands, we need the output17:21
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions17:21
Scriptonautthanks actionparsnip17:21
anildigitalActionParsnip, thanks.. but those link aren't helping17:21
anildigitalnot working17:21
Guest32093ActionParsnip please can you repeat ı am sorry17:21
Scriptonautwhat exactly did that echo command do17:21
ActionParsnipGuest32093: you can use  pastebin like http://pastie.org to host all the text17:21
CarlFKinkjet printer is out of black.  is there an easy way to say "print everything in blue" ? (it's a pdf I am printing, so I can't just edit it and select blue"17:21
ActionParsnipGuest32093: you could scroll up and save me the effort17:21
ActionParsnipGuest32093: sudo lshw -C display; cat /etc/issue17:21
Guest32093ActionParsnip thx17:22
Guest32093ActionParsnip thx a lot17:22
ActionParsnipGuest32093: your IRC client will scroll up so you can review17:22
Guest32093ActionParsnip and the output of thıs would be17:22
ActionParsnipGuest32093: your GPU(s) and release of Ubuntu, please pastebin the text so we can see it (you will need the URL of the paste to post in here)17:23
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Guest32093ActıonParsnıp ok GPU = CPU17:24
Guest32093ok ok17:25
netlargeri_: Are you just looking to annotate the file or actually edit the pdf content?17:26
canolucashi, i have 3 network cards. 2 for internet, and one for LAN. i'm trying to configure one subnet to work with the two internet cards (if one network connection is down, to be able to use the other one automatically). is there a way to achieve this with iptables? right now i'm using this, but it doesn't work: http://pastie.org/821921417:28
geri_netlar: yes i want to edit the pdf file17:29
daftykinscanolucas: #networking would probably be better. are you trying to use the same 0.0 subnet on more than one interface O_O17:29
geri_netlar: yes edit the pdf content17:29
netlargeri_: Pretty sure there are no "free" solutions for that, not on any OS17:29
netlargeri_: I already looked into that few months ago. Was trying to find something for mac at time.  Even linux does not have that.  It may be cause pdf is a proprietary format owned by Adobe17:31
geri_netlar: damm17:31
oz__i'm getting a error 404 when trying to access localhost/phpmyadmin . In '/etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf/etc/apache2/apache2.conf' i added 'Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf'. Before i added that i was getting forbidden access17:31
netlarI know its is dissappointing17:31
Crindleare you able to replicate the error from a second machine, oz?17:31
netlargeri_: Is it for an office?17:32
oz__crindle, i have been on the ubuntu forum17:32
netlargeri_: What is the reason you want to edit pdf docs?17:32
geri_netlar: bc i wrote my cv and need to edit one date....17:33
pnglAfter a hard shut down I got GRUB rescue and "unknown filesystem". Now I'm booting from a LiveCD, trying to mount my hard drive I get: "Error mounting ... wrongs fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1, missing codepage or helper program or other error in some cases useful info is found in syslog -try dmesg"17:33
geri_i dont have the latex files here17:33
angshas anyone here installed ubuntu after windows 8? how can I boot windows 8 from a bootable usb stick?17:33
pnglActionParsnip, should I fsck immediately?17:33
netlargeri_: Then I would just do that in Libre office and then create a new pdf17:33
netlargeri_: See what I mean? First make the Libre doc then make a pdf doc out of that17:35
oz__crindle: before i added that line i was getting error 403 Forbidden. Did some googling and it said to add that line, then i was getting 404. Dont know what to do next17:36
Crindleoz_, I assume this is a recent occurrence and your installation was working at one time?17:37
Crindleor is this after a fresh install?17:37
pnglZIPY: your command gives me no such file or directory. Could it be because my partition is ext4 (I think) ?17:37
oz__crindle, after a fresh install17:38
ActionParsnippngl: if youcan17:38
netlarSome Distros are out to make a profit right? Does that not make them a pure GNU/Linux distro?17:38
Crindleoz_, ah okay. that makes sense. phpMyAdmin can be a pain in the butt sometimes17:39
Crindleit's done this silly thing for me before, where it didn't add a link into the web folder17:39
frinottnetlar: license determines free software status, not the price17:40
Crindleoz_, try accessing your web folder's root  and add a link17:40
pnglZIPY: my bad, I misspelled the device name17:40
Picioz__: You should just need to drop a symlink from /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf into /etc/apache2/conf.d/17:40
netlarfrinott: So Ubuntu has what license?17:40
CrindlePici: exactly17:41
geri_netlar: hm17:41
rebarjust curios why windows boot manager isn't activated when I boot from my windows drive when grub is activated for the linux drive17:42
=== om26er|away is now known as om26er
ActionParsnipnetlar: http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/licensing17:42
pnglfsck fixed everything, thank you!17:42
Crindleoz_: also, it's a super common error and there's a ton of documentation on it, if that fix doesn't work.17:42
ActionParsnipnetlar: went to google and searched for: what license does ubuntu use17:42
ActionParsnipnetlar: that is the top hit.....17:43
daftykinsrebar: that's more of a Windows question i'd wager17:43
netlarActionParsnip: thanks17:43
rebaryeah, just thought it was wierd, shoudl be activated I think17:43
ActionParsnipnetlar: should try doing that sort of thing, works well17:44
DrDittersdorfHi all. Does anyone knows how to send html with sendmail?17:44
ActionParsnipDrDittersdorf: as in the html to text then email that17:45
dirtdawgI just tried to log on to ubuntuforums.org. I need an Ubuntu One account for that now?17:45
zepis there a command that a testuser that belongs only to the group testuser can run (maybe he needs to be listed in sudoers first) in order to mount usb stick as if he belonged to the group plugdev/floppy. So he can't access the mounted usb stick dirctly but can cp to it (if he is in sudoers and can run cp as floppy group member).17:45
dirtdawgBeen a member since 2005. I have no idea what email I used to sign up and there doesn't seem to be a way to contact forum support. Can someone help me, please17:46
DrDittersdorfActionparship - what ?17:46
ActionParsnipdirtdawg: you mean an ubuntu member?17:46
Picidirtdawg: You can ask in #ubuntuforums17:46
dirtdawgNo, ubuntuforums.org member17:47
dirtdawgthanks, pici17:47
Crindlepici: You're super helpful. Very appreciated.17:47
ActionParsnipDrDittersdorf: if you have html code, do you want to see it as text as it would show in a web browser, or do you want to send the file as-is as an attachment?17:47
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DrDittersdorfOh. I what to send email in html code, because i need it to be right to left text17:49
p0wp0w|AWAYwondering if anyone can recommend a cheap second machine to run Ubuntu. I'm a thinkpad fan. Needs to be slim. Cheap, very cheap. Used is fine - only because I have to put my desktop into storage17:49
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ActionParsnipp0wp0w: fitpc is cheap17:50
p0wp0wActionParsnip: thanks, will take a look17:50
p0wp0wneeds to be a laptop unfortunately17:51
ActionParsnipp0wp0w: check ebay17:51
DrDittersdorfAcionparship: I need the content of the mail to be html17:51
area51pilotWhen trying to browse a windows workgroup Im unable, respomse is failed to retrieve list from server, connection timed out.  Any ideas on how to correct ... Ive googled and tried many things and to no avail nothing works17:52
llutzDrDittersdorf: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3966470/how-to-include-html-code-in-mailx-mail-body17:53
area51pilot... used to work fine in 12.04 ... have this problem all the time from 12.10 on17:53
y0shianyone have nmap/nping experience?17:53
llutzDrDittersdorf: or http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/15405/how-do-i-send-html-email-using-linux-mail-command17:54
sheaptrying to run HL2 on debian7, but i need mesa 9.0, which will not configure without libxml2 (python module) which I already have installed....anyone gone through this before?17:55
bazhangsheap, #debian for debian support17:56
sheapbazhang just improving my chances since the two systems are similar.......17:57
area51pilotI can browse an NT domain but not a Workgroup?17:58
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angsI boot windows 8 from usb pendrive that has ubuntu (bootable). I selected "try to install ubuntu", then the screen goes to black and nothing appears. what's wrong with it18:01
gordonjcpangs: how long did you leave it?18:02
CaptainQuirkHi there18:02
angs5-10 min18:02
=== companion is now known as Companion
CaptainQuirkI'm launching a command in gnome-terminal from inside a shell script18:02
CaptainQuirkproblem is, when the command executed by the terminal ends, the terminal closes18:02
angsis it installing or is it failing I could not understand. doesn't it suppose to show this window http://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1347270713.png18:02
=== lux_ is now known as Guest90687
CaptainQuirkI would like to set a prompt for that, so that I can see what has happened in the terminal window during the command execution18:03
rebardoes the sudo apt command only search for packages in the ubuntu software center?18:03
area51pilotrebar .. in the repositories you hold18:03
CaptainQuirkI run the command like this in my script « gnome-terminal -e titanium sdk update »18:03
jointall the ops on freenode are a bunch of gay faggots18:04
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geri_how can i add a user to sudoers?18:12
geri_sudoers is a group?18:12
darghorgeri_ type visudo on terminal18:15
geri_ok i did18:15
darghorfind the 'root' entry18:15
geri_why root?18:15
geri_i want to add user gerald to run sudo..18:15
darghorjust to organize the file18:15
Picigeri_: you can add them to the 'sudo' group if this is a recent verion of Ubuntu18:15
Picigeri_: or if its an older version, it is the admin group.18:15
geri_pici there is no sudo group exisiting18:15
Picigeri_: Which release of Ubuntu is this?18:16
geri_pici red hat :)18:16
WulframnIsn't the sudo group "wheel"?18:16
area51pilotWhen trying to browse a windows workgroup Im unable, respomse is failed to retrieve list from server, connection timed out.  Any ideas on how to correct ... Ive googled and tried many things and to no avail nothing works, I can browse an NT domain but not a local Windows network, can ping local machines ... used to be able to see ... but now I cant .. this happens often since 12.04 ... currently on 13.0418:16
geri_i found wheel18:16
Picigeri_: Then why are you asking in here? This is #ubuntu18:16
Wulframngeri, add user to wheel18:16
geri_pici i know should be simillar18:16
Picigeri_: they're not18:16
geri_Pici: i found wheel18:16
geri_so next?18:16
WulframnTry using sudo with that account18:17
=== benjamino is now known as benjamisto
govinda_is umuntu better than linux?18:18
geri_who kicked me out?18:18
reisiogovinda_: pardon?18:18
darghorgeri_ i always used the sudo including the username to visudo command18:18
DJonesgeri_: Redhat isn't supported in this channel18:18
Picigeri_: We do not support redhat here. End of discussion.18:18
darghorlocate the "root    ALL=(ALL) ALL" entry18:18
WulframnGovinda, Ubuntu is a Linux distro18:18
geri_darghor: root?18:19
darghorand add a new line with user ALL=(ALL) ALL18:19
darghorgeri_ just to keep the organization of the file18:19
Picidarghor: IF you want to support geri_ in PM, thats fine, but please keep redhat support out of this channel.18:19
PiciThey have their own channels for support.18:19
darghorok, sorry18:19
govinda_can i istall umunto on my phon?18:21
oz__Pici, Crindle: cd /etc/apache2/conf.d/18:21
oz__ln -s /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf phpmyadmin should this do it?18:21
OerHeksgovinda_, what is umunto?18:22
govinda_the other windows18:22
govinda_for hackers18:22
Picioz__: do phpmyadmin.conf instead of something without an extension18:22
minidinoSo I have a bit of a dilemia. In an attempt to back something up (irronic huh) I ran tar -xzvf only I put the name of the file in which I wan't to archive first then the nonexistant file I wanted to create after by mistake. Thus I believe I  partially overwrote the important file I intended to backup (oops). Would there be any way I could mabey recover at least some of the data? I don't believe I completly overwrote it.18:23
oz__pici: to the phpmyadmin in the www folder?18:23
=== rahul is now known as Guest79209
Wulframnminidino, that command unzips a file. If it wasn't zipped it shouldn't have done anything.18:24
Picioz__: just no...   do: ln -s /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf18:24
Picioz__: with sudo of course18:24
minidinoWulframn: my bad I ment -czvf18:24
=== jackie is now known as Guest77046
minidinowas what I ran18:24
minidinogrr im making /all/ the mistakes today...18:24
WulframnHave you attempted to verify the contents of the file? They are corrupt?18:25
reisiominidino: data is likely gone forever18:25
minidinowhat if it was not completely overwritten?18:25
minidinowouldn't some of it still exist just be counted as free space?18:26
WulframnWas it a single file? Or a directory?18:26
minidinosingle file18:26
minidinoit was actually a truecrypt container though so I'm thinking it might be gone at this point18:26
WulframnIt is probably corrupt enough to warrant writing...18:26
reisioFFR, attempting to tab complete files you expect to NOT exist will confirm whether they truly do not exist18:27
reisiojust tab completing in general will remind your brain of reality18:27
WulframnWell, if it was previously encrypted then it was corrupted it's gone.18:27
oz__pici: localhost/phpmyadmin Forbidden18:27
Picioz__: did you restart apache2 after making that symlink?18:27
minidinoWulframn: what do you mean corrupted exactly18:27
oz__pici: no. i'll do that now18:28
WulframnWait, do you have a really powerful electron microscope, a lab full of top-notch computer forensics experts, and more money than you know what to do with?18:28
minidinoWulframn: lol18:29
reisioand the ability to pretend any of that matters18:29
nicksloanhttps://gist.github.com/nicksloan/0289208ef15552f77dd3 df and du seem to be having a disagreement on math18:29
WulframnIf not then it's worth just writing off. Sorry buddy18:29
reisiowhen data is overwritten, it is gone, 99 times out of 10018:29
minidinobut what if it wasn't completly overwritten?18:30
nicksloanit should be noted that a separate device is mounted at /mnt18:30
reisiominidino: then some of it is left18:30
reisiominidino: was the cumulative file size of the second param less than that of the first?18:30
oz__pici: now it's a 40418:30
jefgymy root device is /dev/md5.  it's defined in fstab as /dev/md5.  I'm receiving a warning when I run update-intiramfs "cryptsetup: WARNING: failed to detect canonical device of /dev/md5"  should I be referencing the uuid for md5 instead of the device itself? I.E.  $ blkid /dev/md5  /dev/md5: UUID="5d79c9fb-b720-4895-b48a-4404b1ec9358" TYPE="ext4"18:30
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
frinottminidino: there's testdisk, may help. or not18:31
geri_what is ldap?18:31
Wulframnjefgy, UUID is preferable18:31
Simon-v__I tried playing with miredo, and now i can't access the Internet (PCs on the LAN are OK). I suspect some config file got broken, but i can't figure out which. Ping by name fails with a DNS error, ping by IP has 100% packet loss. I tried reinstalling and removing packages, dpkg-reconfigure -a, disabling and blacklisting IPv6 and rebooting. What, besides reinstalling, should i try next?18:31
reisionicksloan: well they are different programs...18:31
minidinoSo am I correct to think that the size of the first minus the size of the second file would mabey still be on the HDD just counted as freespace by the filesystem?18:33
nicksloanreisio: that's fair. I'm just trying to figure out why df can tell that my file system is full, but I can't find what is taking all of the space up18:33
reisionicksloan: on Ubuntu?18:33
reisiouse 'baobab'18:33
Picioz__: hmm. What does ls -l /usr/share/phpmyadmin/index.php say?18:33
Wulframnminidino, you may get better help over in #linux. None of us here are really data recovery experts AFAIK18:34
jefgyWulframn: should I be using the uuid displayed by mdadm --detail /dev/md5 or the uuid from blkid /dev/md5?18:34
Me_Hello, hello! You are all cordially invited to the legendary humour website YTMND.com! Please register today!18:34
jefgyand thank you18:34
Wulframnjefgy, I am unsure18:35
reisionicksloan: it's real close to 6.6G by my math18:35
oz__pici: ls: cannot access /usr/share/phpmyadmin/index.php: No such file or directory18:35
Picioz__: How did you install phpmyadmin?18:35
nicksloanreisio: excluding /mnt, which is /dev/sdb118:36
Picioz__: Thats an acronym. Thats not an install method.  Did you use tasksel? Did you use apt? Did you download some random thing off the internet and try to install it?18:36
reisionicksloan: no including18:37
nicksloanthat's the issue here… I can't see how it's getting there at all without including /mnt18:37
oz__pici: apt18:37
reisionicksloan: what makes you think /mnt is /dev/sdb1 ?18:37
Picioz__: What does apt-cache policy phpmyadmin say?18:38
oz__pici: i used sudo apt-get install lamp-server^18:38
=== jack is now known as Guest97864
oz__pici: should i have used 'sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ phpmyadmin'18:39
Picioz__: the lamp-server task doesn't include phpmyadmin.18:40
nicksloanreisio: sorry, /dev/sdb. See update: https://gist.github.com/nicksloan/0289208ef15552f77dd318:40
Picioz__: so I'm not sure why you have anything in /etc/phpmyadmin/ if thats the case.18:40
reisionicksloan: are these commands you ran at various random times pasted together, or did you just rerun them all one after the other, just now?18:41
oz__pici: i must have had it installed before and removed it using package manager18:42
nicksloanthe last two were run at the same time.18:42
nicksloanwell, sequentially18:42
Picioz__: thats possible.  So just do sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin and then you should be set.18:42
nicksloan(I'm manually obscuring my hostname, in case you noticed that.18:42
reisiothat makes the last two relevant to one another, and not what precedes them18:42
reisiorun them all at once please18:42
reisiohey, killer18:43
* reisio always wanted to say that18:43
killerffmpeg is unable to convert mp4 to avi format , I think I need some gstreamer plugins18:43
reisiokiller: or a proper ffmpeg install18:43
reisiokiller: but why would you want avi, mp4 is better18:43
nicksloanreisio: hmm, well, in the meantime, I've stopped postgres, and umounted /mnt/pgstorage and /mnt18:44
BluesKajkiller, just use VLC to play the mp4 files18:44
reisionicksloan: when trying to make things add up, you should really only care about the present18:45
reisiobecause things change over time18:45
=== Companion is now known as companion
nicksloanand now df is reporting that /dev/sda1 is 22%, instead of 88% immediately prior to unmounting18:45
=== alexander is now known as Guest14100
oz__pici: thanks man!18:47
nicksloanremounting them left it at 22%18:48
nicksloanvery weird18:48
uberkim havbing a problem where my display isnt being show correctly18:49
bkfitzanyone here familiar with iptables persistant w/in ubuntu18:49
uberkits being wrapped around the screen and separated by a black line18:49
Wulframn!ask | uberk18:49
ubottuuberk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:49
uberkwhen i take a screencap, it appears fine though18:49
=== qos is now known as qos|away
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
uberknicksloan, was that directed to me?18:51
bkfitzanyone here familiar with iptables persistant w/in ubuntu -> seen multiple ways with multiple persistant files /etc/iptables-up.rules, /etc/iptables.up.rules, /etc/iptables/rules, /etc/iptables/rules.v4 -> which of these is correct if I want to use the iptables-persistent service to enable them upon reboot18:51
angsI have windows on my laptop and I would like it to have double boot windows and ubuntu. I inserted a bootable ubuntu usb pendrive then selected "install ubuntu alongside windows8".when I reboot the laptop, it does not show the boot menu and it only boots from windows 8. how can I make it doal boot?18:53
joehello everybody18:53
_andyj_bkfitz: are you using ufw?18:53
nicksloanuberk: nope18:53
daftykins!grub | angs18:54
ubottuangs: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub218:54
ezra-sbkfitz, you can just add iptables manually and then do "iptables-save"18:54
bkfitz_andyj_: no18:54
_andyj_bkfitz: as ezra-s said...  iptables-save and iptables-restore18:54
reisiohey joe18:54
joei need help with my computer18:54
_andyj_bkfitz: ufw does this for you18:54
reisiowhat's wrong?18:54
bkfitz_andyj_: yeah ufw blows18:54
joei want to install a theme on gnome18:55
geri_i run fdisk -l but it does not show any output!?18:55
Wulframn!ask | joe18:55
ubottujoe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:55
Frogging|workHow do I get cron to stop spamming my syslog with job announcements that run every single minute?18:55
joebut i didnt have a .themes folder18:55
ezra-sgeri_, try it with sudo first18:55
joeso i made one in the correct dictionary18:55
angsdaftykins, is it a valid documentation to install it on windows 8?  as I see all methods (wubi, pen drive installation ,etc.) are not working on windows 818:55
_andyj_bkfitz: to each their own, all of the firewalls use iptables on the back end pretty much18:56
joethen, i looked for it at tweak tools but  i cant find it18:56
bkfitz_andyj_: yeah... i mean ufw is fine but i had problems getting it to run on reboot18:56
daftykinsangs: can you tell if you installed ubuntu in UEFI mode?18:56
_andyj_bkfitz: that's odd, it should have added itself to your init when you installed it18:57
=== mathisen is now known as Mathisen
bkfitz_andyj_: agreed... but for whatever reason mine never did... even tried reinstalling it... didn't want to write init scripts myself so I said forget it I'll just use iptables18:57
joei installed gnome but when i went to install a theme i didnt know how. so i made th e .themes folder and put my theme in there. but when i opened tweak tools and went to themes it didnt have the theme all it had was defult18:58
angsdaftykins, no I have not installed anything. I was following the instructions that google shows but those instructions are not working. do you suggest a valid instruction to follow?18:59
daftykinsangs: you said you installed ubuntu alongside windows 8 - correct?18:59
angsubuntu did not ask any option, just language, keyboard, location, name, password, etc. then hard disk size18:59
bkfitzso does anyone know which rules file iptables-persistant loads upon reboot in ubuntu18:59
angsdaftykins, yes after all it did not ask any other option19:00
daftykins!uefi | angs19:00
ubottuangs: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:00
daftykinsangs: have a look there, it'll show you whether you would've booted in UEFI mode or not19:00
angsdaftykins,ok thank you. If I have UEFI, will I be no longer use the current bios?19:01
angsthe one that I have one19:01
KenSharpRemote Desktop Viewer - is there a way for me to send a specific key combination to the server? For example, CTRL+ALT+F2? obviously if I do that now then my client machine switches to VT219:02
joei installed gnome but when i went to install a theme i didnt know how. so i made th e .themes folder and put my theme in there. but when i opened tweak tools and went to themes it didnt have the theme all it had was defult. help?19:02
daftykinsKenSharp: you can't view a TTY over a remote graphical protocol.19:02
daftykinsangs: the BIOS is most likely EFI, so windows 8 and ubuntu will likely be installed in EFI mode. so you'll need to find a guide on installing grub-efi to fix it19:03
KenSharpdaftykins: yes I can, it's a virtualbox image19:03
rebaranyonne having problem with 13.04 craching when using the file manager?19:04
ezra-srebar, not me19:04
ezra-srebar, try apt-get update && apt-get upgrade19:05
rebarreally wierd, works perfect on my laptop but jsut craches on my pc19:05
joei guess no help19:05
ezra-srebar, sometimes .config or something bellow goes wild19:05
ezra-srebar, in the same pc try creating another account19:06
ezra-sand see if file manager crashes the same for that other user19:06
ezra-sif not.. then your cconfig is screwed19:06
rebargonna try the apt-get19:06
_andyj_bkfitz: I don't think iptables has a default init script, you'll have to make one19:06
ezra-schecking .xsession-errors might help too19:07
ezra-s_andyj_, I believe it does when you do iptables-save19:07
ezra-sit's been a while since I used it19:07
ezra-sso I can't say for sure19:08
rebarfuu crached agin at the home screen19:08
_andyj_iptables-save > "your rules file goes here" ...  and iptables-restore < "your rules file goes here" ?19:08
_andyj_iptables-save just outputs current loaded rules19:09
ezra-srebar, I gave you a few tips already, commenting in the channel all the crashes you are having realtime won't help you19:09
rebaryeah, but I tried apt-get update and it crached during that19:09
rebarbut ye, gonna try again19:09
_andyj_oh nevermind it is saving to a default location19:09
bkfitz_andyj_: I believe iptables itself is loaded automatically by ubuntu at startup, but it will resort back to the default rules... so you can either write a script to edit the rules and put that into an init script, or use a service like iptables-persistant which reads a file, overwrites the iptables rules, and is loaded on reboot by default19:10
bkfitzso I'll put the iptables-persistent in an init script and let it load the rules19:11
bkfitzonly prob is i don't know which file to put the rules in... differing opinions here... but the iptables-persistent site seems to indicate /etc/iptables/rules19:11
_andyj_well that script says to put them at /etc/iptables/rules19:13
_andyj_so iptables-save > /etc/iptables/rules19:13
bkfitz_andyj_: yep...  should have googled it before coming here :)19:15
_andyj_bkfitz: no worries, I do that sometimes too19:15
OranHello guys, iam a bloody noob and need some help please: i mde a ubuntu server 12.04  and now i want to connect to it via ssh, ssh is installed at the server but which is the right ip i need to connect to the server from external devices?19:18
_andyj_Oran: run ifconfig and check for an address not in 192.168.x.x, 172.16.x.x, 10.x.x.x19:19
llutzOran: on server "curl ifconfig.me", use the ip shown19:20
Oranandyj_ i checked for the external ip every device got its like 77.x but it doesnt work (but i can ping it)19:21
rektidehi. an /etc/init.d/ script uwsgi is failing to start. how can i get more information about it's failure?19:21
_andyj_Oran: did you start the ssh service?19:21
rektidei'd love to try to run whatever ubuntu's init script does, but it's a fucking insanely complicated script and i have no idea how to hack it to tell me what the frell it actually runs19:21
Orani installed it and restarted the server andyj_19:22
area51pilotWhen trying to browse a windows workgroup Im unable, respomse is failed to retrieve list from server, connection timed out.  Any ideas on how to correct ... Ive googled and tried many things and to no avail nothing works19:22
area51pilot<area51pilot> I can browse an NT domain but not a local Windows network19:22
area51pilot<area51pilot> can ping local machines ... used to be able to see ... but now I cant .. this happens often sinc 12.04 ... currently on 13.0419:22
IdleOnerektide: No cursing in here please19:22
rektideIdleOne: help me and i go away19:23
_andyj_Oran: sudo service ssh restart  just to make sure it's running19:23
_andyj_Oran: if it is, you may need to allow ssh traffic through your firewall19:23
rektidei'm very curious whether this is uwsgi's overmechanization or whether ubuntu is to blame for this monstrosoity19:23
rektidefrelling frak-bolted contraption is not easy to debug19:23
rektidethere's more code in /etc/init.d/uwsgi than there is in most of the webapps it runs. :/19:24
_andyj_Oran: if you didn't change the default port and are using ufw.  you can use: sudo ufw allow ssh19:24
Oranandyj_ i made portforwardinbg from port 22 to the server19:24
Oranwhat is ufw?19:24
_andyj_Oran: default firewall wrapper for iptables19:25
Orani can tell u the names of the routers or where does this this ufw runs?19:25
_andyj_Oran: it's part of the default ubuntu server install19:26
_andyj_I think19:26
Oranandyj_ ohh than the firewall gonna block me i guess19:27
=== fizban__ is now known as ElFizbanio
ElFizbanioare there any recording apps that are not 'recordmydesktop'19:30
wilee-nileeElFizbanio, You might be specific for help, in the channel, linux has a lot apps in general, however recording the desktop is a bit this I believe19:36
wilee-nileebit thin*19:36
ElFizbaniojust something better to record my screen19:36
jhutchinsElFizbanio: Try aptitude search ~drecording19:38
Pici!screencast | dunno how updated this is, but19:40
ubottudunno how updated this is, but: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.19:40
kostkonElFizbanio, Kazam or vokoscreen19:45
Mace268should i keep brassero or go with k3b?19:45
ElFizbaniothanks all of you19:45
lonewulf85Hey does anyone in here have experience using Playonlinux?19:45
reisiolonewulf85: nope, but some people have19:46
BluesKaj!info playonlinux19:47
ubottuplayonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.1.1-1 (raring), package size 1436 kB, installed size 3507 kB19:47
WulframnThere you go19:47
reisioyup, ubottu clearly has experience19:47
BluesKajyup , surprised there's no url attached19:47
reisioa url to experienced people? :p19:48
reisiosomeone really should have thought of that earlier19:48
BluesKajI assume he's inexperienced, otherwise he wouldn't be asking :)19:49
WulframnJust a failure in the scripter's part really19:49
lonewulf85I just am wondering if I would be able to mod Skyrim with the nexus mod manager in playonlinux19:49
WulframnI don't see why not.19:50
reisiolonewulf85: not likely: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1377719:50
Mace268i don't feel like making coasters here and have a lot of data to burn... should i use brassero or k3b. I just want to get some general opinions.19:50
* Wulframn stands corrected19:50
reisioMace268: cdrecord -v speed=4 dev=/dev/cdrom path/to/image/file19:51
=== alexander is now known as Guest48892
reisioor: growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd=path/to/image/file -speed=419:52
jhutchinsMace268: You should use whichever one you're comfortable with, or are already running the environment for.  There are no notable problems with either one doing the job correctly.19:52
reisioor get a usb stick19:52
jhutchinsMace268: The CLI utilities are what actually do the work.19:52
Oranhey guys i still cant connect to my ubuntu server, iallowed ufw19:52
Mace268thanks jhutchins i heard some bad about brassero but i figured it wouldn't be default for ubuntu if it was junk19:52
Oranbut how to configure the router?19:53
jhutchinsMace268: Yeah, pretty much any problems were worked out a long time ago (as software goes).19:53
jhutchinsMace268: That's not saying there aren't inherent layer 8 problems.  k3b's been good to me.19:54
jhutchinsOran: What sort of device is the router?19:54
angswhat is the difference if I run ubuntu on VMware or install it on a hdd then boot it from the hdd?19:55
reisioangs: performance, hardware access (graphics acceleration)19:56
cpaaschhello, I have a problem with linux-crashdump on ubuntu 13.04. The crash-kernel does not get loaded... I tried out to remove the arguments as described in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/CrashdumpRecipe#Troubleshooting, but it does not help...19:56
reisioreliability (not relying on the host OS)19:56
Oranu mean the vendor? jhutchins19:56
lonewulf85angs, with vmware you are stuck with the specs that vmware gave you with the hdd you get the specs your system should have.19:56
Oranits a tplink19:56
angsreisio, what hardware would be inaccessible?19:56
reisioangs: the better parts of most graphics hardware19:56
=== barbara is now known as barbara______
barbara______How do I disable the password for when I go into suspend mode?19:57
barbara______when the computer turns on it asks for none which is what i want19:58
reisiobarbara______: hrmm?19:58
KenSharpbarbara______: do you mean it automatically logs you in on boot?19:59
KenSharpbarbara______: and there should be an option in the power settings "ask for password on resume" or such19:59
barbara______it says to go into configuration editor20:00
barbara______i typed gconfi-editor in terminal it doesnt launch20:00
=== crondd is now known as crond
=== sas is now known as sasik
KenSharpbarbara______: I think it's in preferences --> power. I THINK.20:01
barbara______let me look20:02
KenSharpugh, can't find it. something else that's changed when I wasn't looking20:02
Mace268it's under Brightness & Lock on 13.0420:02
barbara______i just found it thanks20:03
KenSharpbarbara______: I don't think gconf-editor is installed as default, you might need to install it20:03
KenSharpoh well20:03
lonewulf85Thinking of building my dream pc with Ubuntu only any recommends on where to start?20:07
KenSharpRemote Desktop Viewer - is there a way for me to send a specific key combination to the server (Virtualbox)? For example, CTRL+ALT+F2? obviously if I do that now then my client machine switches to VT220:07
andriihi all , guys I need you help...20:07
reisioKenSharp: chvt can be handy in that situation20:07
andriiI've just installed LM15 to my laptop20:08
reisiolonewulf85: #hardware20:08
andriiaspire 4810t20:08
DJones!mint | andrii20:08
ubottuandrii: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org20:08
sqrt7744is anyone here on saucy? I upgraded out of necessity a few days ago, and not being able to roll the mouse wheel on the volume icon to change the volume is really annoying. Am I experiencing a bug or is this just a poor design change, ala Nautilus?20:08
arminok it's really like that - when doing an /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon start/stop, the permissions on /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json are being reset to transmission:transmission / 0600, i just double checked that.20:09
wilee-nilee13.10 | sqrt774420:09
DJonessqrt7744: You should ask that in #ubuntu+1 the people there are most likely to be using Saucy20:09
armincould anyone point out where this is being set and how to fix this madness?20:09
KenSharpreisio: the problem being that it's a knackered X session so I can't enter any command at all :(20:10
KenSharpbut i agree, that would be useful! :)20:10
sqrt7744armin, you have to stop the daemon first20:10
andriiactually I think it doesn't matter , I understand that LM isn't supported here, but firstly I was trying ubuntu20:10
sqrt7744armin, sudo service transmission-daemon stop20:10
andriithe problem is the same..20:11
andriiI just need some good advice20:11
sqrt7744armin, wait sorry i read your comment wrong20:11
arminsqrt7744: http://krypton.darkbyte.org/foo.png20:12
arminsqrt7744: that's what happens.20:12
jkyleI installed the virtualenvwrapper package, but it didn't install the init scripts (at least from what I can see from dpkg -L output)20:12
arminsqrt7744: i stop the daemon, change the permissions on settings.json to my liking, i start the service and it changes that back.20:13
jkylepip puts virtualenvwrapper.sh into /usr/local/bin, can't find i tthough20:13
arminsqrt7744: and i would really like to know where that happens because it doesn't seem to occur in the init-script.20:13
sqrt7744armin, yes i understand. i had a similar problem, trying to remember how I changed it. what exactly do you want to do?20:13
sqrt7744armin, maybe you want to run the daemon as a different user?20:15
sqrt7744armin, if so, ust edit /etc/init/transmission-daemon.conf and on the line after kill timeout 30, add (without quotes) "setuid yourusername"20:16
Cattolico90italian chat?20:17
DJones!it | Cattolico9020:17
ubottuCattolico90: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:17
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
AscavasaionIs the HP Proliant dl380 a worthwhile toy to get?20:20
DJonesCattolico90: Its "/join #ubuntu-it" without the quotes20:21
Cattolico90i have done20:21
=== Guest50367 is now known as menwar
wilee-nileeAscavasaion, For ubuntu?20:25
Ascavasaionwilee-nilee: Yes, unless it cannot be run on the machine.20:26
wilee-nileeAscavasaion, Not sure here, you might look on the web to see.20:26
Ascavasaionwilee-nilee: Aaaah, okay.20:27
=== menwar is now known as menwar-m-bg
andriiguys could someone explain how can I to install wifi driver into ubuntu .. I've already copied a needed *.ucode file to the /lib/firmware , rebooted but it doesn't help....20:28
wilee-nileeAscavasaion, Top of the list on google with a "HP Proliant dl380 ubuntu" search, http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/200810-1117/20:28
wilee-nileeandrii, Identify the wifi hardware to the channel.20:29
andriisure , there is Intel Corporation WiFi link 5100 agn20:30
Ascavasaionwilee-nilee: Thanks a stack :)20:30
gregor3005hi, does use cisco asdm with an asa on ubuntu 13 x86_6420:30
ESphynxHey guys... where is the Unity dev chan?20:31
andriicould I put the link there I used for downloading ?20:31
gregor3005on my side the javaws crash weather i use oracle java or openjdk20:31
MonkeyDustESphynx  start in #ubuntu-app-dev20:31
MonkeyDustESphynx  start in #ubuntu-app-devel20:31
wilee-nileeandrii, If you run lspci in the terminal you should see the wifi info if this is an internal device.20:31
ESphynxMonkeyDust: I mean the actual developers of Unity...20:31
=== steven_ is now known as cspeak
ESphynxor is that what you meant? :)20:32
andriiIntel Corporation WiFi link 5100 agn - I'm retyping the info20:32
wilee-nileeandrii, WE have no idea you have the correct driver, it helps us to see what is up from the lowest level, the hardware.20:32
ESphynxthanks MonkeyDust20:32
flipsI assume ubuntu (12.04LTS Desktop) has the option of enabling a guest account. Is it possible easy to limit (set allowed apps) and will it wipe/forget everything upon logout?20:33
wilee-nileeandrii, Here is a askubuntu.com link might help. http://askubuntu.com/questions/202444/wlan-drivers-not-preinstalled-wifi-5100agn-do-not-working20:35
spinnerwhat do i need for playing WMV files?20:35
andriithanks !20:35
andriiI will try20:35
wilee-nileeno problem andrii20:35
wilee-nileespinner, I believe wmv can be a number of types of media, some play some don't, do you have the restricted extras installed or vlc?20:36
spinnerwilee-nilee, not sure20:37
OerHeksspinner, if VLC can't play wmv, due to DRM, you can not.20:37
wilee-nileespinner, you have the unity desktop?20:37
reisioVLC can play almost anything20:38
spinnervlc, says VLC does not support the audio or video format "MSS2".20:38
andriiactually it can't help as there is only one file iwlwifi-5000-1.ucode in the archive , other two are just some kind of instruction20:38
andriiLicense and Installation guide20:38
ChrisWereHi folks. I've noticed that whenever I try and use key spill mop-up kdenlvie crashes. I'm using the latest version from the kdenlive.org repos and ubuntu 13.04. Would anyone happen to know how to fix this?20:38
andriithere is no install files20:38
spinneryes unity20:39
OerHeksChrisWere, contact the PPA owner, ppa's are unsupported here.20:39
ChrisWereOerHeks: I've also tried the ubuntu repo version.20:40
andriithere is also an information 'You can determine if your kernel currently has firmware loader support20:40
andriiby looking for the CONFIG_FW_LOADER definition on your kernel's20:40
andriibut I have no idea how to check it20:40
wilee-nileeandrii, From what I see at best that card is problematic, you might consider a cheap usb plug and play wifi, I would.20:40
andriiok, thanks20:41
wilee-nileeandrii, Just a suggestion, I'm not an expert here on  wifi, so take that with the appropriate grains of salt. ;)20:42
spinnerSo what you say is, if vlc donst play it. It is unsuported?20:43
andrii:) no problem )20:43
Oranu mean the vendor? jhutchins20:44
wilee-nileespinner, First thing I do with a wmv is convert it to a readable if it does not work winff works well in some instances.20:44
DreamPCsHey guys, can anyone help me get my bluetooth working? I have some generic bluetooth usb dongle and I can get my mobile phone to connect but I can't hear streaming audio on the PC.20:44
DreamPCsIn the sound settings I can see my phone as an input device. I also see the input level meter moving as if it can hear the music but I cannot hear it on my PC.20:44
DreamPCsMode is set to High Fidelity Capture (A2DP) but changing it has no effect.20:45
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=== johntash_ is now known as johntash
alexGlais it still possible to upgrade emacs 23 to 24 having ubuntu 10.04 machine?20:49
=== Kerim is now known as IwoulblametheAme
thunder-stormhello :) is there a way to upgrade aqbanking and qnucash in ubuntu 12.04? aqbanking crashes in my version :(20:53
MonkeyDustalexGla  maybe in the !backports20:53
arrrghI just got an ubuntu VPS, how do I point my domain (from godaddy) to that server?20:54
arrrghI should add that the nameservers ubuntu gives are just ip's not domains so godaddy doesn't accept them20:55
=== IwoulblametheAme is now known as IblametheAmerica
MonkeyDustarrrgh  try asking godaddy if there's a work around20:57
=== nilatac1230912-3 is now known as zmokey
Dr_WillisalexGla:  ppa, or backports, or use source.21:02
ClientAliveFor 2 days I've been trying to install (and verify installation) of Caliper in Blender on Ubuntu 12.04.  Been on #blender for last 2 days too w/ no progress. Can anyone help?21:02
alexGlaDr_Willis, gonna use source, have problems with downloading dependencies sudo apt-get build-dep emacs24 can't find a source package21:03
ClientAliveAnd yeah, I've googled around but have only found a couple, out of date, references.21:03
mh0arrrgh: You would need to add a A record on your godaddy DNS21:04
mh0An A record says that domain.com goes to the ip x.x.x.x21:04
mh0if your ubuntu vps is ipv6, try a AAAA record21:04
arrrghmh0 i thik its ip v4, and I've added the a record, now what?21:07
mh0you should be able to use your domain, as it will point to your server21:07
=== The_Reaver is now known as Heet
mh0but for it to display web content, you need a web server and such21:08
arrrghoh ok, then ill just wait for the zonefile to update on godaddy's side... just wanted to see if there were any other steps21:08
arrrghyes i have apache running already21:08
zorg24What's a good pull down terminal?21:15
guest12046hey :D21:16
dawnHow can I specify jar file to load in a .properties file21:17
OerHeks!info yakuake21:17
ubottuyakuake (source: yakuake): a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.9.9-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 337 kB, installed size 2026 kB21:17
Dr_WillisHmm. Anyone noticed a way to disable or legenth the 'delay' time for the Spring-to-open folders feature of nautilus - I can barely move files around  these days - the wrong folders are always opening up automatically as i mouse around21:17
yeats!info guake | zorg2421:17
ubottuzorg24: guake (source: guake): Drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.4-1~exp1 (raring), package size 167 kB, installed size 756 kB21:17
BogardoIs there anyone that can help me with Ubuntu LVM? I need to extend a volume but I can't find the 'LV Path'.21:18
yeatsBogardo: what have you tried?21:18
zorg24cool thanks yeats21:18
Bogardoyeats: I'm following a tutorial from my VPS hosting provider.21:18
dawnIs there anyone who can help me with .properties file ?21:19
Bogardoyeats: It says that the command 'lvdisplay' should display the LV Path but it doesn't.21:19
Bogardoyeats: I just get LV Name, VG Name, LV UUID etc...21:20
Bogardoyeats: And I need to run the following command: ''lvextend -l +100%FREE [LV Path]''21:20
blzHello, I have no idea how/why I have apache2 installed, but I do, and `cat /etc/services | grep 80` shows http/https as being open.  Does this mean port 80 is open to everyone on my local network?  And if so, how do I fix it so that it's only accessible from the localhost?21:21
yeatsBogardo: look in /dev/mapper?21:22
Priceyblz: `cat /etc/services | grep 80` doesn't tell you the state of the firewall.21:22
sanderAnyone know how ubuntu edge is supposed to be docked to a keyboard/screen and mouse?21:22
reisioblz: apt recommends insanity, mebbe21:22
blzPricey, oooh I thought it did =/21:23
Bogardoyeats: $ ls /dev/mapper ==> control  vps-root  vps-swap_121:23
reisiosander: -touch21:23
wilee-nileesander, #ubuntu-touch21:23
blzPricey, what should I be using instead?21:23
Bogardoyeats: Should I use vps-root?21:23
k1l_sander: its bluetooth and the channel for that specific device is #ubuntu-touch21:23
Priceyblz: For information on that file, "man services"21:23
yeatsBogardo: yeah if that's the one you're trying to resize21:23
sanderk1l_, reisio wilee-nilee thanks :_)21:23
Priceyblz: I believe Ubuntu has 'ufw' maybe.21:23
blzPricey, d'oh!21:24
blzPricey, thanks =)21:24
Bogardoyeats: Yes I think that is the one. You are sure it's not the path mentioned in LV Name '/dev/vps/root'?21:25
yeatsBogardo: does /dev/vps/root exist?21:25
guest12046will it get ubuntu touch for the new nexus 7?21:25
yeatsBogardo: 'mount' should tell you this too21:25
Bogardoyeats: 99% sure it's the mapper dir though. Since the tutorial also mentions /dev/mapper as an example.21:25
Bogardoyeats: Can I just run the command 'mount'?21:26
yeatsBogardo: yep21:26
ZIPYBogardo: try dev/mapper/vps-root21:26
wilee-nileeguest12046, There is a #ubuntu-touch channel21:26
guest12046oh sry :D21:26
Bogardoyeats: First line after running mount ==> /dev/mapper/vps-root on / type ext4 (rw,errors=continue)21:26
yeatsBogardo: yeah - that would be it then21:27
arrrghmoh thanks again, working perfectly :)21:27
Bogardoyeats: Thank you so much!21:27
yeatsBogardo: happy to help21:27
Bogardoyeats: "Extending logical volume root to 148.76 GiB Logical volume root successfully resized" You are my hero.21:29
Vivekanandaa very naive question . Can I set up a lan wifi if I have a router but no internet ?21:31
reisioVivekananda: yup21:31
Dr_WillisVivekananda:  should be able to.21:31
Dr_WillisTry it and see. ;)21:32
=== nerdcustoms is now known as nerdcustoms_afk
VivekanandaDr_Willis: oww not this time. You see my uncle bought a cable to run tv screen via his iphone using the net for things21:35
methods1did -ldl use to be included by default when using gcc on 12.x vs 13.x ?21:35
Vivekanandanow he plans to get an apple tv and use the router to create a home network. I dont wish to ask him to get it and then worry why he invested so much for nothing :)21:36
Dr_WillisVivekananda:  you can get home routers for like $20  not a lot of money21:36
Dr_Willisfor someone who buys an iphone... thats cheaper then a chargeing cable for the iphone..21:36
jimi_Is there a portuguese/brazilian ubuntu channel?21:37
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.21:37
wilee-nileejimi_, That do yah. ;)21:38
jimi_wilee-nilee, thanks mate21:38
failmasternot quite ubuntu-related question, but what if someone could say a word about it, is it even possible to have one physical wlan adapter with 2 vlans working in ap mode? soz for being so noob =)21:38
wilee-nileejimi_, no problem21:39
jimi_wilee-nilee, i speak english :P21:39
VivekanandaDr_Willis: the iphone is already there and so is a netgear router. He wants to buy an apple TV and connect it so it can give a wireless lan21:39
wilee-nileejimi_, On a good day me to and I'm an american. ;)21:39
Vivekanandatell me something. Is there a way that I could connect an iphone to a regular router and get internet on all home devices ?21:39
wilee-nileecorrect english anyway21:40
jimi_wilee-nilee, im american to :D21:40
geri_can i create a new partition from sda1 or sda2? http://pastebin.com/bTvD8Gfs21:41
Dr_WillisVivekananda:  iphone doesent have wired networking.. so no idea how that would be possible.. wirless is needed21:41
=== maxx is now known as Guest2192
Dr_WillisVivekananda:  its POSSIBLE the apple-tv miught have some wireless - direct to the phone. id check in the apple channels21:42
wilee-nileegeri_, Yes just use gparted and make it what you want, just refomat them there.21:42
Dr_WillisVivekananda:  i know my Android devices can do it with no router. ;)21:43
geri_wilee-nilee: sda1 or sda2?21:43
wilee-nileegeri_, Whichever you want, has to be unmounted though so from a live cd generally, and you will loose what is there.21:43
wilee-nileegeri_, I see sda2 is a lvm is sda1 a boot partition, do you want whatever is on that HD to still be there or boot?21:45
geri_i want to be able to boot after that21:45
geri_and dont delete linux21:45
wilee-nileegeri_, I'm not up on lvm, but I suspect you need sda1 as a boot partition for sda2, you can resize sda2 maybe check on that for sure and make more partitions, the limit is 4 primaries, or a extended with logicals for many more partitions.21:47
geri_unable to open sda221:48
geri_using sudo fdisk sda221:48
wilee-nileegeri_, Make sure what you are doing is a good thing is all I would say, ask the channel, if you are not completely sure21:49
geri_ok wait21:49
=== weylin is now known as weylin-
djapohello world, i em setting quelen  too 100 and would like to know how to safe this between reboots, the command i used is sudo ip link set xqueuelen 100 dev wlan021:52
wilee-nileedjapo, quelen?21:53
Aprelhi need to transfer a 10GB file to server running ubuntu. Keep dropping the connection. Is there a smart program that can reestablish the connection when it breaks and pick up the transfer where it left off?21:54
djapowilee-nilee: qlen21:54
djapoAprel: wget21:54
tangomikeAprel: wget -c21:54
wilee-nileedjapo, This ##networking stuff this is their channel if it helps.21:55
MonkeyDustdjapo  is that a mySQL thing?21:55
sk1specialhey how do i get iheartradio to work?21:55
VivekanandaHey everyone this might not be a directly ubuntu issue but I had a vm vbox with ubuntu 12.04. my host system stupid win7 restarted and then stupid vbox does not open ubuntu. gives me this http://www.pastebin.com/KEztyh4121:55
sk1specialin the browser* 13.0421:55
Vivekanandawhat do I do ?21:55
AprelSorry, I meant upload TO the server. afaik, wget can't do the transfer unless my client is running a http/ftp server.21:55
icelitehi Vivekananda21:56
icelitereply :(21:56
djapoMonkeyDust: no thats a qdist thing for network inerfaces21:56
iceliteU never reply21:56
ddsscI'm accessing remote system over ssh in nautilus. I have sudo root privileges on the remote system. how do I access dirs with sudo root in nautilus? (or nemo)21:56
FloodBot1icelite: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:56
AprelBeen trying nc, but it doesn't resume the transfer where it left off, or I'm not using the correct command line switch21:56
MonkeyDustdjapo  it's not in the repos and nobody seems to know it21:56
jribddssc: probably can't.  Why do you want to?21:56
Vivekanandaicelite: hey. :) as you see I am currently in a bit of trouble with vms21:56
wilee-nileesk1special, All I see on the web are links about 3 years old, can you give some details.21:57
Vivekanandaicelite: I told you I keep pretty busy with stuff and when I get a chance I do.21:57
djapoMonkeyDust: its a setting for the kernel network interface21:57
sk1specialwilee-nilee, ah im just trying to play iheartradio online..and the play button doesnt do anything21:57
wilee-nileesk1special, Link?21:57
Vivekanandaanyone care to comment on vbox malfunction :(21:57
sk1specialwilee-nilee, *21:58
ddsscjrib:  I wanna copy some dirs from remote system to my localhost. but I'm not the owner of the dirs. I do however have root access through sudo.21:58
flipper88_flVivekananda: pastebin the error message please?21:58
link15how do i install the sun / oracle jdk on a ubuntu install?21:58
link15are there no packages offered for it?21:58
MonkeyDust!jdk | link1521:58
wilee-nileesk1special, Works here in FF do you have any flash block running like noscript, and or the restricted extras installed?21:59
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.21:59
sk1specialwilee-nilee, ah no extras installed21:59
jribddssc: don't use nautilus; you would either have to change permission or be root for you to access those directories through nautilus21:59
link15fuuu, so i have to manually install then? :(21:59
link15i cant use openjdk22:00
wilee-nileesk1special, If you are running unity run sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras22:00
ddsscjrib: what's the best way to copy a dir through terminal? I wanna copy it to my local machine... and I got root privileges in ssh22:00
frinottAprel: rsync22:01
jribddssc: do you have ssh server running on the machine you want to copy TO?22:01
ddsscjrib: yes.22:01
sk1specialwilee-nilee, yeah that did it.. i guess upgrading to 13.04 removed some stuff i had.22:01
jribddssc: then you can ssh into the machine you want to copy FROM, sudo -i, then use scp to copy to the machine you want to copy to22:01
wilee-nileesk1special, No problem, enjoy.22:02
wilee-nileelink15, That bots link tells you the numerous ways to install java.22:03
ddsscjrib: ok thanks22:03
link15i know, unfortunately the oracle ones are manual processes22:03
link15i'm hoping i can get it to build with openjdk22:03
link15don't get why oracle / sun are such asshats about people installing their dev kit22:04
link15guess its better than xcode22:04
wilee-nileelink15, you have not done the research needed obviously.22:04
link15i'm confused by your statement22:05
Vivekanandaflipper88_fl: already did -- Hey everyone this might not be a directly ubuntu issue but I had a vm vbox with ubuntu 12.04. my host system stupid win7 restarted and then stupid vbox does not open ubuntu. gives me this http://www.pastebin.com/KEztyh4122:07
CelticswyndHello? can anyone help me please, I am very upset right now. I partually updated to Ubuntu 13, and it's been nothing but headaches. It's always giving me errors and when I try to complete the update with the update manager, it just closes.22:12
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, Partially updated?22:12
CelticswyndApparently I had to restart the comp like halfway through because it just kinda froze up. And it hasn't been running right since.22:13
CelticswyndI get Error: Broken count >022:13
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, Try running sudo apt-get -f install22:13
whirlybirdhi, is there anyway to re-whitelist the panel in ubuntu 13.04. the recent update from yesterday broke the 13.04 whitelist patch.22:14
CelticswyndE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.22:14
wilee-nileewhirlybird, whitelist patch?22:14
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, Run that command then the one I gave.22:14
Aprelfrinott: thanks, reading over rsync man page and will try it22:15
Celticswynddoes that command help with the dependency problems?22:15
whirlybirdwilee-nilee, yes there was a patch for 13.04 that renabled whitelisting of apps that didn't conform to the unity indicator requirements. and with yesterdays unity update that patch broke allowing only java, wine and unity applets22:16
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, seems you have broken a distro upgrade, if you are lucky the one I gave you will finish it, what you have done inbewtween I do not know, nor any dependecies problems you may have.22:16
dk_I have windows 8 on my laptop and disabled fast boot and safe boot. Then, I installed ubuntu on a hdd partition. however when I boot the laptop, it does not show grub2, it boots only from windows. does anyone know how I can get the boot option?22:17
Celticswynda whole bunch of text is  filling the screen.22:17
wilee-nileewhirlybird, Where did you get this patch I run 13.04 and have not heard of it.22:17
Celticswyndway too much to copy paste over22:17
Celticswyndthis a good sigen?22:17
whirlybirdwilee-nilee, here is the link. http://www.webupd8.org/2013/05/how-to-get-systray-whitelist-back-in.html. but the patch no longer works.22:18
wilee-nilee!PPA | whirlybird contact the ppa developers22:19
ubottuwhirlybird contact the ppa developers: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge22:19
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, Probably, just a guess though.22:20
Celticswyndit's saying 'setting up' a bunch of things22:20
whirlybirdwilee-nilee, thanks. i will just have to wait. its amazing how diminished the experience of using ubuntu with unity becomes without the whitelisted systray. will go to xfce for a while i guess. thanks.22:21
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, For direct answers here we need actual accurate information. However you had a distro upgrade break, and now with these two commands I assume which are widely used in just this sort of situation are run your getting setup indicators, seems normal, inspite of no real good details from you.22:22
KalelI'd like to install the new kernel 3.10 in my Ringtail. I have the latest beta amd eta driver and I don't know if everything will support it..22:22
link15i've installed openjdk but my JAVA_HOME is still pionting to the jre22:22
wilee-nileeKalel, The channel wont.22:23
CelticswyndSorry about the vaugness on my end, when I get upset all hopes of minute detail goes out the window. The command is still running though22:23
link15is there a command line tool for switching htat or should i hard set it22:23
Celticswyndand I calmed down so thankyou on that end.22:23
Kalelwilee-nilee: What are you talking about what I'm talking?22:23
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, I yhink you are fine, the best thing is these sort of situations and always are good backups and clones if you have the space.22:23
wilee-nileeKalel, The only kernels technically supported here are the stock ones.22:24
randomvisittry chaning java_home path "export _JAVA_HOME=dir to jdk folder"22:24
CelticswyndI should be able to make a clone, I should have the space22:24
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, Preferably on a external HD.22:25
CelticswyndGood idea, I'll have to save for one.22:25
Kalelwilee-nilee: The updated automatically?22:26
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, Always the cloud depends on the size is all, I use clonezilla it save everything in packages, just needs an equal or larger partition for reloading.22:26
wilee-nileeKalel, Basically yes, however in certain circumstances some computers or setups might need one from the repos that is different, not a beta from the web.22:27
randomvisitDoes anyone know if the ubuntu edge is compatible with AWS( 1700Mhz) frequency? I wouldn't want to donate and figure out that phone does not work on my carrier(if project is success)22:27
Kalelwilee-nilee: I appreciated.22:27
wilee-nileeKalel, Does ot mean you will get no help, just info, as far as will this work is a try it out scenario really.22:28
Dr_Willisrandomvisit:  i doubt if theres much known at all about the device at this time. the official site may have some specs.. but theres only like 3 'made'  right now. ;)22:28
bennypr0fanehow do I find the location of a library I know to be present on my system?22:28
Kalelwilee-nilee: Ok. I will not install the 3.10 kernel so. Empirically, I already crashed systems installing packages like that.22:29
randomvisitIs there anyway i can find out. I have unlimited everything from plan and at very low price. So i wouldn't switch my carrier for that phone.22:29
btiplinghow do I update /etc/passwd /etc/shadow if all I have is the user name and their encrypted passwd, is there an easy way to do that without rewriting the entire password files?22:29
wilee-nileeKalel, It happens, sounds like you are savvy enough to deal with all this. ;)22:29
ejcWhen I ssh into my Ubuntu server, sometimes my connection breaks with 'broken pipe' (when left idle). When I log back in and look at the running processes, it looks like the ssh daemon and bash session are still running. Should I kill them myself, or will they eventually disappear?22:29
ejc(I don't think there's a way of getting back to my bash session?)22:30
Kalelwilee-nilee: Yes.. I think so.. :-)22:30
pozorihow can i set menus to be visible all the time?22:30
Celticswyndthe two commands are done runing22:30
Celticswynddo I have to restart?22:30
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, If you do it will tell you.22:31
Celticswyndit didn't so22:31
CelticswyndI'll leave the chat up to see if Ubuntu runs now22:31
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, I suspect you are good to go run a suso apt-get update and look.22:31
btiplingpasswd should take a literal encrypted password argument :(22:32
btiplingso I don't have to know the passwords and I don't have to manually write passwd/shadow files22:32
btiplinger the hash22:34
CelticswyndAn error occoured while attemptint to process this problem report: _init_{) takes from 1 to 6 positional arguments but 7 were given22:35
=== marc_ is now known as Guest84966
l3dwas wondering if there was a tool to set custom keys combos to do or start apps22:35
CelticswyndTHis popped up when I tried to run the Ubuntu software center22:35
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, How about the update command I gave you the software center has had small problems at times.22:38
=== kb3gtn|away is now known as kb3gtn
CelticswyndThe update command seemed to have fixed most things, I can't get the Linux Secondlife to run now, When I click the file instead of giving me a popup asking weather I want to run it, or run in termenal, it just opens the file itself with a box with a bunch of text in it.22:39
CelticswyndWhat can I do to fix the software center?22:39
wilee-nileeCelticswynd, I would look on the net for bugs I had one a while back that came up on the web.22:40
CelticswyndI found the command to reinstall the Software center22:42
CelticswyndAttributeError: 'gi.repository.GObject' object has no attribute 'GObjectMeta'22:43
geri_can i partition a hard disk with the ubuntu install dvd?22:47
k1l_yes, it includes gparted22:47
geri_without installing an os?22:47
CelticswyndDoes anyone know how to get Secondlife to work on Ubuntu 1.04?22:47
Celticswyndgah 13.0422:48
zerickIs it possible to resize, create partitions on hot ?22:52
failmasterzerick, depends on if they are "busy"22:52
Celticswynd*head desk* now I have no sound22:52
CelticswyndWhat the heck?22:52
failmasterCelticswynd, alsa force-reload?22:53
ap3xare you using the original viewer Celticswynd?22:53
zerickfailmaster, "busy", how is that ?22:53
CelticswyndOrigonal veiwer to what?22:53
failmasterzerick, e.g. mounted22:53
Celticswyndforce reload?22:53
ap3xthe second life viewer22:53
CelticswyndI use Singularity22:54
failmasterCelticswynd, Usage: /sbin/alsa {unload|reload|force-unload|force-reload|suspend|resume}22:54
ap3xfirestorm worked just fine for me22:54
failmasterbut before that - alsmixer22:54
CelticswyndIs that a command?22:54
failmasteri give up22:54
CelticswyndI tried it and this is what I get22:55
Celticswyndbash: suspend: cannot suspend: no job control22:56
Celticswyndforce-reload: command not found22:56
Celticswyndforce-unload: command not found22:56
Celticswyndresume}: command not found22:56
CelticswyndUsage:: command not found22:56
Celticswyndreload: missing job name22:56
CelticswyndTry `reload --help' for more information.22:56
FloodBot1Celticswynd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:56
failmaster"alsa force-reload"22:56
zerickfailmaster, so, is not possible to do it if they are mounted22:56
CelticswyndI'm really frustrated right now, there's no sound on this thing.22:57
failmasterzerick, as far as i know - it's not possible22:57
MichaelPWednesday, August 7, 2013: KDE SC 4.11 Final Tag...    August 14, 2013: KDE SC 4.11 Release.. Anyone know when something other then beta 2 will be in the repo ?22:57
wilee-nileezerick, btrfs partitions I believe the only ones you can resize mounted.22:58
failmasteryeah i would give it a try22:59
zerickok young wilee-nilee22:59
wilee-nileeMichaelP, Number of kde channels maybe they know.23:00
wilee-nileezerick, What;s that sonny let me turn up my hearing aid. ;)23:00
wilee-nileeand get off my lawn23:00
MichaelPwilee-nilee: everyone in #kubuntu has not been able to speak for the last hour.. i think they died23:01
geri_does the ubuntu install dvd support DVI? :)23:01
wilee-nileeMichaelP, With a quick channel search I saw kde channels you might look yourself.23:02
reisiogeri_: pretty impossible to imagine otherwise23:02
geri_reisio: ?23:02
CelticswyndIs there any way to get sound working on Ubuntu 13.04?23:02
MichaelPwilee-nilee: how do i do that ? never done it befor23:03
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ubottuSearch factoids for term: !search <term>23:04
wilee-nilee!search channels23:04
ubottuFound: logs-#ubuntuforums, en, ubotu, logs, nickfork-#ubuntu-offtopic, guidelines, channels, shells, nickspam, homie and 28 more, see http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=channels23:04
geri_i only get a black screen when i boot ubuntu 13.4 live dvd...why? I use a DVI connection23:04
wilee-nileeMichaelP, I use an app that will do it I think that is the bots info you might need.23:04
geri_i already have another linux installed when i boot from the hdd it works fine23:04
reisiogeri_: /msg ubottu nomodeset23:04
MichaelPok thanks23:04
geri_so some live dvd issue?23:05
geri_reisio: whats that?23:05
reisiogeri_: some too-much-loaded-in-the-kernel issue23:05
geri_black screen now..what should i do?23:05
reisiogeri_: /msg ubottu nomodeset23:05
DrekalotsI'm using a static IP on ubuntu server 12.04 LTS and the resolv.conf file keeps getting wiped on reboot. How can I prevent that?23:06
daftykinsDrekalots: no need, specify your nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces instead23:06
geri_ubottu: ?23:07
Drekalotsdaftykins: Really? Same syntax?23:08
fearfulfuzzyHi! I am attempting to install HandBrake on my Ubuntu 13.04. I added the ppa and did apt-get install handbreak-gtk, yet I am receieving an error message of: handbrake-gtk : Depends: gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad but it is not going to be installed. I followed the instruction here (http://askubuntu.com/questions/140246/how-do-i-resolve-unmet-dependencies) making sure sources were enabled and cleaning out repos. No luck. Could someone poi23:10
wilee-nilee!PPA | fearfulfuzzy23:11
ubottufearfulfuzzy: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge23:11
geri_reisio: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset acpi_osi=\"Linux\"" ??23:12
geri_to avoid the black screen?23:12
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failmasterfearfulfuzzy, got one installed from getdeb.net23:15
fearfulfuzzyfailmaster, thanks. So you think maybe the one I got from the handbrake ppa is not correct?23:17
Traccyis this command to kill tcp : tcpkill host
Traccyi am facing problem for reconnection for host in background23:18
failmasterfearfulfuzzy, i'm not sure about ppa, but i'm just saying that adding "deb http://archive.getdeb.net/ubuntu raring-getdeb apps games" to /etc/apt/sources.list could be another way to get it as well as other things23:20
* _UsUrPeR_ tips his hat23:21
_UsUrPeR_is anyone here familiar with hylafax, or faxing in general?23:22
holsteinwe should have one of those.. probably23:22
holsteinubottu: i fax with web applications23:22
ubottuholstein: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:22
holstein_UsUrPeR_: ^^23:22
_UsUrPeR_holstein: was that meant for me?23:22
_UsUrPeR_holstein: so want a breakdown in here, or PM?23:23
_UsUrPeR_I may be a little long-winded23:23
holstein_UsUrPeR_: no need... i litrerally google "fax servce" and just go with what fits my needs23:23
holstein_UsUrPeR_: some allow you to just email a fax.. outside the machine.. thats what you will likely want to do23:24
_UsUrPeR_holstein: sorry dude. I'm looking for honest-to-god faxing for a DR's office23:24
_UsUrPeR_actually, I am looking for a function in hylafax to test a USB > Serial adapter23:24
holstein_UsUrPeR_: i would buy a fax machine.. otherwise, you'll want to setup dial up23:25
_UsUrPeR_I have one modem working already23:25
_UsUrPeR_It's the second one that I need to get up and running :P23:25
Jeruvy_UsUrPeR_ have you reviewed https://wiki.debian.org/HylaFax23:25
JeruvyI only mention it because its a good doc.23:25
_UsUrPeR_Jeruvy: no actually. I was working off the man page23:26
goddardcan some one help me with this issue http://askubuntu.com/questions/327249/2-amd-7950s-do-not-work-in-crossfire-mode?noredirect=1#comment420184_32724923:26
_UsUrPeR_I'll check it out23:26
goddardit will really help23:26
goddardits like the last step to my awesome setup23:26
_UsUrPeR_goddard: can/have you checked /var/log/syslog or /var/log/Xorg.0.log?23:27
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_UsUrPeR_goddard: Those logs probably will hint at a solution23:27
Traccyi have application run in background and it keep running even i "tcpkill"23:32
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failmasterTraccy, "kill" maybe?23:33
Traccyfailmaster, try it before and not work23:34
failmasterTraccy, try kill -0923:34
Traccywhat is the application that shom hidden procces run in back ground23:34
mmercerdoes ubuntu create a preseeed file each time you install it, so if I have a bunch of servers all the same, I can just install one, grab the generated config, and proceed23:35
failmasterTraccy, "ps"? or "htop"23:35
mmerceror am I forced to do this manually and then preseed it23:35
fearfulfuzzyfailmaster, thank you for the info. I added getdeb via the instructions on the website. I tried to apt-get install handbrake-gtk again; however, with the same dependency negative results.23:35
failmasterfearfulfuzzy, 13.04?23:35
fearfulfuzzyfailmaster Yes, I am 13.04.23:36
arooni-mobile__is there an advantage to moving from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS?23:36
mmercerarooni-mobile: newer packages?  longer survival ?23:36
wilee-nileearooni-mobile__, 10.04 the desktop is end of life23:36
arooni-mobile__mmercer, how could i upgrade23:36
mmercersecurity improvements, processor improvements...23:36
arooni-mobile__i have it on a server23:36
wilee-nileearooni-mobile__, This a desktop or sever on the server?23:37
arooni-mobile__wilee-nilee, i need to do it on my server23:38
arooni-mobile__its the server version23:38
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wilee-nileearooni-mobile__, The server is still supported, you would upgrade to 12.04 normally, if that is optional in this setting.23:39
goddard_UsUrPeR_: i can't boot my system freezes23:39
goddard_UsUrPeR_: i would probably need to try and boot and then run a live cd?23:40
_UsUrPeR_goddard: does the live CD boot properly?23:41
mmercerok, ill assume that preseed must be manually generated23:41
jakslisis DMZ is like block all connections to outside23:41
jakslisonly set specific ports in DMZ zone which are accessible for specific servers?23:42
daftykinsno a DMZ is an 'open everything to this'23:42
daftykinsthat's why it's called the de-militarised zone23:43
jakslisdaftykins: Thank you!23:45
TherapySup. Anyone out there?23:45
daftykinsthere is life in here23:45
Therapyglad to hear that. im a newcomer and have encountered a problem during installation of the system23:46
Therapymay you help me a little? ill provide any info you'd need23:46
daftykinsyep ask away on one line with as much detail as you can23:47
_UsUrPeR_Jeruvy: ok, read through the hylafax site you suggested. addfaxmodem seemed to be what I need, but it seems like the speed cannot be detected. Further, when I run "cu -l /dev/ttyUSB0" I get an error stating that something is using the modem already23:47
wilee-nilee!details | Therapy To the channel please23:47
ubottuTherapy To the channel please: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."23:47
_UsUrPeR_Jeruvy: I know that's not the case though. These are serial modems using a USB > Serial passthrough23:48
_UsUrPeR_Jeruvy: The passthrough is detected properly, and it assigns it to /dev/ttyUSB0, so that seems to be a "good thing"23:48
Jeruvy_UsUrPeR_ I would suggest maybe ensuring your using 9600 or 19.2k as a fixed rate23:49
TherapyI'm sittin on a pretty old machine: asus mn68plus motherboard, amd phenom II x2 560, nvidia geforce 9600 videocard. I am using a usb stick and tried to install 12.04 and 13.. huh dun remember versions of the system23:49
daftykinsTherapy: ubuntu 13.04?23:50
_UsUrPeR_Jeruvy: Hmm. ok, I can do that with addfaxmodem -s to set the rate. 9600 seems like a safe rate. These modems are rock solid when plugged directly in to a serial port, so I imagine this is a USB > Serial converter issue23:50
TherapyIt loads, I am able to select the language. When I try to install the system to a hard drive or run in without installaion (tried both), it starts doing something for a few seconds (too afst, cant read) and then my monitor just died, and the only option is to reboot23:50
Therapyyes, 13.0423:50
daftykinsTherapy: hmm, weird. does the system memtest ok?23:51
wpbogdanMy son donated 2 $ via paypal and I want my money back. Can I get a refund?23:51
failmasterwpbogdan, oh srsly?23:51
daftykinsfailmaster: don't feed the trolls23:51
wilee-nileewpbogdan, this is ubuntu support.23:52
wilee-nileenot paypal support23:52
Jeruvy_UsUrPeR_ likely, I have seen issues with certain hardware preffering certain types of USB/Serial but that I'm not nearly experienced enough with.23:52
Therapydaftykins: I have not ran it. Should I?23:52
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wpbogdanI already reque23:52
wpbogdanI already requested a refund but I did not get it23:53
_UsUrPeR_Jeruvy: Do you have any recommendations toward a more suited irc channel on freenode?23:53
daftykinsTherapy: that and checking that your downloaded ISO was good might be a good idea23:53
daftykinswpbogdan: nobody here represents the company direct, so it's unlikely this is a wise approach to make to try and ask for refunds23:53
k1l_wpbogdan: this is not a paypal support23:53
wpbogdanHow can I contact the company?23:54
Jeruvy_UsUrPeR_ ##hardware could be a choice about the hardware device.23:54
daftykinswpbogdan: i have no idea, i'd imagine the website has some detail23:54
_UsUrPeR_Jeruvy: awesome. Thanks for the tip23:54
wpbogdanI just found this irc server on the site, nothing more.23:54
rreedThe funds are not dispersed to Canonical until after the funding period is over, if it succeeds. You would need to direct your inquiry to Paypal, or IndieGoGo. Paypal support should be able to process the refund.23:54
Therapydaftykins: Well, I've tried it with two different versions, and i've redownloaded / rewrote them to the stick twice, so they were fine, I guess. When running the test, what should I look on in the first place (or it will be obvious enough, like "Everything's fine" message)?23:55
wpbogdanWhat means "troll" ?23:55
rreedTrolling means riling people up intentionally.23:55
daftykinsTherapy: hmm. that's a fair point. if you know the flash drive is good you could try full formatting it and trying to put the OS on again - what did you use to write the ISO's to the USB?23:56
k1l_wpbogdan: if its about the ubuntu-edge crowdfunding talk  to indiegogo. the contacts are on the site.23:56
wpbogdanI already requested a refund on paypal 20 days ago but still didn't get a refund, I contacted them and they said to contact you.23:56
k1l_wpbogdan: this is a technical ubuntu support for the ubuntu operating system. not that what you are searching for. talk to indiegogo. its their business23:57
rreedwpbogdan, Canonical/Ubuntu has nothing to do with the funds as of yet as they have not been released/dispersed. If Paypal directed you to another party, contact IndieGoGo directly.23:57
wpbogdanOk thank you.23:58
Therapydaftykins: I've tried formatting / rewriting (although I could try with another flash drive). I use universal-usb-installer-9.3.9 to write the iso to the usb.23:58
rreedwpbogdan, http://support.indiegogo.com/entries/21081743-Refunds23:58
TherapyBut, huh, I guess the drive is fine it I manage to get to the language selection.23:58
daftykinsTherapy: that'd be worth a go, and the memtest, just to rule out a problem with the system. you've tried different USB ports too i suspect? one directly on the motherboard would be good23:59
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