cubOvenWerks, I studied some of the copyright files on https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev . But I'm not quite sure how to handle the old ones. I figure I might give one a go, send it to you and/or smartboyhw to check?07:17
smartboyhwcub, sure, send it to me and OvenWerks for checking will be good07:17
cubThe ones that have old or outdated GPL license texts, should we change those the newer ones?07:18
smartboyhwcub, if it's GPL-2 it is still OK.07:19
cubfor instance one I was looking at specified "GPL 2.1" and it said "2.1" in the LIcense text several times, but when comparing to the new one OvenWerks did it just states "GPL 2+"07:19
cubOk, so I don't need to amend that.07:19
smartboyhwcub, no no no wait (in this case)07:20
smartboyhwShow me one example of it07:20
cublp:~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio/ubuntustudio-installer and lp:~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-artwork/ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme07:20
cubthe installer OvenWerks updated, the lighted-theme is older and made by falkTX07:21
smartboyhwcub, show me one file that has GPL 2.1.07:21
smartboyhwbusy packaging here, so give me a link to one specific file plz07:22
cubno hurry, I should start up my work-apps. :P07:23
smartboyhwcub, um that's LGPL-2.1+07:24
smartboyhwThat's what you are supposed to use when writing the copyright file...07:25
cubAh true.07:26
cubI haven't had my coffee yet.07:26
smartboyhwHmm, the packaging shouldn't have been LGPL though, weird07:27
cubIsn't that up to the author?07:31
smartboyhwcub, well yes, but it is just weird07:33
smartboyhwPackaging should not be LGPL, should be GPL, I will have to talk to falktx it seems07:33
cubperhaps I should start with another package. :P07:33
smartboyhwcub, LOL07:33
smartboyhwcub, don't get distressed:P07:34
cubJHas anyone heard anything more about his plans to port to Debian?07:34
smartboyhwNot from me07:36
zequencecub: smartboyhw: If it's GPL 2.1, then it's 2.107:48
zequenceespecially if we are not the authors, it is not our job to upgrade to a newer license07:49
zequencebetter respect the initial intention07:49
smartboyhwzequence, it's LGPL, not GPL:P09:45
zequencesmartboyhw: The point was not what license it is09:50
smartboyhwzequence, yeah09:51
smartboyhwI know it is not our responsiblity09:51
smartboyhwBut, he should use GPL more:(09:51
cubOvenWerks, seems someone already have made a test run with Ubuntu Studio on Xmir: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2165595 check the second post12:02
smartboyhwcub, :O12:31
cubI don't know, grahammechanical in the thread might be someone in here since I don't know everyone here.12:33
smartboyhwcub, no...12:35
smartboyhwNot anybody here I suspect12:35
cubI ran the xubuntu xmir test iso on my two laptops and it worked. So if it's stable and use less or the same amount of resources as it does today I don't really care what runs12:44
smartboyhwWe can probably add mir then12:45
smartboyhwBut, Xubuntu's decision will be the key to it.12:45
smartboyhwcub, how's your current status on the packages?13:15
cubquite slow. At the moment I only have an hour or two in late evenings if my daughter falls asleep fast….which she seem to prefer not to do.13:25
smartboyhwcub, LOL13:25
cubright now I*m at work13:25
smartboyhwSure, take your time;) 13:25
cubyeah if everything's already done when I've read everything on how to fix them, at least I've learned something new13:26
smartboyhwcub, good.13:27
cubIt's busy times here when everyone comes back from vacations, both at work and at home.13:28
smartboyhwcub, ha, I'm still in vacation:P13:28
OvenWerkscub: the lightdm package seems to be a slightly modified "mythbuntu-artwork lightdm theme" I suspect that falktx stuck with the original lic. so there would not be two lic. to list.14:07
OvenWerksThe packaged by line seems to be non-standard and really adds no new information.14:08
OvenWerksIf the package content is mostly from mythbuntu, then it may be a good idea to check if the copyright should include those authors as well.14:10
OvenWerksHmm, mythbuntu-artwork is gpl-2+  The package is "abandoned"14:18
OvenWerksThere is no lightdm theme in this package. It was last updated aug 2007 (maybe before lightdm?)14:19

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