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Noskcajmicahg: Ok08:21
NoskcajI've got a PPA, and cjwatson is working on fixed a launchpad bug that stopped i386. I'll ask for a call for testing when mir get's finished08:23
ochosiyeah, i mean we've had 4.11 settings in the 4.12 devel ppa for a while08:25
ochosii was more hoping that since the 4.12 release doesn't have a clear date and the 4.11 settings are stable by themselves (we tested the new display dialog quite a bit) that we could make an exception and allow a devel version in xubuntu08:26
Noskcajochosi, +1 for that. I forgot that there was a 4.12 PPA08:38
NoskcajCan someone please try and explain http://paste.ubuntu.com/5961965/09:18
lderanlibrary linking madness09:27
Noskcajnever mind, i'd named my directory wrong09:27
lderanah okay09:29
bluesabreknome: Do I need to have somebody else approve https://code.launchpad.net/~smd-seandavis/xubuntu-default-settings/lightdm-gtk-greeter-updates/+merge/17795909:51
ochosibluesabre: knome is away until fri or sat, but i think you mainly need someone with merge-rights to do the merge (either mr_pouit or micahg i assume)10:49
OvenWerksetherpad don't like me... anyway, I get Segmentation fault (core dumped)15:28
OvenWerksP4 with older nvidia graphics (TNT2)15:29
Unit193Just a quick note that 0.0.8r945 is up and contains a few fixes.17:56
Unit193https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/mir/0.0.8+13.10.20130808.1-0ubuntu1#mir_0.0.8+13.10.20130808.1-0ubuntu1 will list at least the interesting ones, like VTs.17:56
elfyUnit193: 64bit is still slow17:57
Unit193Uploading?  Could be, more so if seeding to the same Poland guy.  If it's download, I'm wondering if whatever client you use switched off the main tracker?  I'll rotate mine to all trackers in a sec.17:58
elfyoh both are just seeding now :)17:59
Unit193OK, I should be on all the trackers now.18:04
elfy64bit more like I expected it to be now 18:06
Unit193Heh, if I had half a social mind, I'd make a note on G+ and/or Facebook, but since I don't login to facebook, and hide from G+...  (Been thinking I should  setup a "Unit193" on G+ so I can "troll better" :P )18:09
elfywe could tag troll :p18:10
Unit193I could paste the magnet links for jackson, but he's not here and they're rather long.18:13
Unit193cub: Howdy, quick followup, was the 64bit issue you had related to a "/lib/udev/hwdb.bin" by chance?18:37
cubYou mean for the xmir iso test?18:38
Unit193Yes sir.18:38
cubI don't know. Could I check that somehow? I never got the USB to boot at all18:38
cubbut it read alright when plugged in when I had my usual OS running18:39
Unit193OK, no bid deal, that's the only other non-xmir related 64bit issue I heard of.18:39
Unit193Thank you, and thanks for testing.18:39
cubnp I will try when there is a new version out18:40
cubwill also try Ubuntu Studio when I get the time18:40
Unit1930.0.8r945 is up today, but not a ton of changes.18:40
cubyeah I saw, but you wouldn't make a new iso right?18:40
Unit193I did.18:41
Unit193I have scripts that make it easy, for any Ubuntu flavor. :P18:42
cubI'll make a another shot at 64bit again then18:42
Unit193Cool, good luck.18:42
drcUnit193: I just started torrenting the 32 bit...you need someone to try the 64 bit...I could do that instead?18:44
Unit193drc: Generally more "outside of people I get feedback from" try the 64bit, but as the 64bit here just craps out...  Do which ever you like better, but could be handy with 64.18:45
drcok, 64 bit it is18:46
elfyI didn't see jackson join the channel? 18:47
Unit193Hah. :D18:48
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Guest70545Unit193, drc here....64 bi xmir latest iso.19:13
Unit193Any changes for the better?19:14
Guest70545graphics still look good for me, but thetyping lag is proncoued.19:14
Guest70545can't to audio/video (codecs) :(19:19
Unit193Thought parole picked them up and offered to install?19:21
Guest70545It did...then it crashed :(19:21
Unit193VLC. :P19:21
Guest70545To be fair, even the non-mir isos do that to me (iirc)19:21
Guest70545that was next19:21
* Guest70545 uses vlc anyway...parole lack s<one> feature I like19:22
Guest70545huh...vlc works, but does not add itself to the app menu.19:29
Unit193Can no longer ctrl+alt+del when mir craps out, but can swtich to a real tty and reboot.19:33
Guest70545pithos works, but again doe not add itself to the app menu19:34
Guest70545Changing themes appears to work, as does changing fonts/size/dpi19:40
Guest70545this typing lag is a pain19:40
Guest70545Unit193, anything else you want me to check out?19:41
Unit193When you power down, see if you see everything you typed, did you the first time?19:41
Guest70545dunno, lets try :)19:42
drcUnit193: nope, no text, just the blue xubuntu screen with the oroborus-wannabe :)19:46
drcbut I did see something that bothers me (boot back here).  The sensor plugin showed a high temp, much higher than normal for this machine.  I'm going to reboot to xmir, add the sensor stuff and see what happens.19:48
drcThis laptop suffers from hi-temps when <not> using the nvidia drivers.19:49
Unit193Noskcaj: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:eb34f5ca03263465c6aa803883a9be4500233326&tr=http://unit193.tk:2710/announce|udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce|udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80/announce|udp://open.demonii.com:1337/announce There you go!  Because it's sooo much longer. :P19:49
Unit193And this'll be not nvidia drivers. :/19:49
drcgoing now...bbl.19:49
NoskcajI've just found why gthumb 3.2.3 won't work on xubuntu. It needs automake-1.1419:50
NoskcajUnit193, what's that?19:50
Unit193magnet link.19:51
Noskcajoh, xmir19:53
xubuntu_huh...inxi is now installd by default?  cool.19:58
Unit193xubuntu_: Nope. :D19:59
Unit193I added that, mir, and the log that pops up.19:59
xubuntu_really, I DL'd it from the website, tried to install it the SC said a newer version was already installed19:59
Unit193Yep, I addded it.20:00
Unit193(It's in the saucy repos.)20:00
xubuntu_Sorry...drc here trying xmir...forget to say :(20:00
xubuntu_and ye, the latop run about 10C (cpu) and 15C (gpu)hotter than normal :(20:01
xubuntu_guess that means no x/mir for me until they get nvidia drivers (if ever)20:03
* drc is now sad :(20:08
Unit193I thought you wanted to hate it. ;)20:12
drcI did...then I decided I just <something> to work (cause I really like xubuntu)20:13
Unit193pgrep -f bin/unity-system-compositor >/dev/null && echo "XMir is running" || echo "XMir is not running"20:14
drcso, no I have wait and see what canonical can come up with...but really, I 'mnot optimistic, based on recent history.20:15
drchuh...typing lag seems to have followed me :)20:15
Unit193Already works loads better than I thought it would, but still not ready.20:16
drcbut seeing as how canonical has already commited, they're stuck :(20:17
drcat least you guys hedged your bet :)20:18
Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/ZvIpTVLrxXsj1lIP64tF  I suppose I shouldn't drop that in. :P20:22
drcI assume you're talking about the (colored) TEXT at the bottom :)20:23
drcwhy not?20:24
Unit193It's a .conkyrc file, if xmir is running desktop text is green, red if not. :D20:24
Unit193Because it's silly.20:24
drcSo, knome will appoint you Minister of Silly Walks.20:24
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Guest27938drc here20:37
Guest27938Decided to look at somthing (related to the nvidia drivers).20:38
Guest27938the x/mir Software& Updates will let me install the nividia drivers, and tell me I'm using them, but the nvidia Settings  say I'm Not :)20:39
* Guest27938 can't type to begin with and this lag doesn't help20:39
elfyI tried updating/grading the one I installed the other day - get the greeter screen looping 20:40
* drc thinks Canonical would have to sell it's corporate soul to the devil (hmmmm...) to have x/mir ready by the 22nd.20:45
ochosi"corporate soul"? isn't that a bit of an oxymoron?20:51
ochosi(or are you part of those who think that corporations are people? :D)20:51
ochosidrc ^20:51
Unit193I'm still not convinced knome is a person.20:53
elfyI'm not convinced anyone is 20:53
drcochosi: Doesn't matter what I think. The US Supreme Court says they are :)20:53
Unit193Can't kill 'em.20:53
drcsure you can...where's Rambler?20:54
* drc can't remeber the name of the corp that made it, but it's dead as a doornair.20:54
drcer doornail.20:54
drcochosi: actually, it does matter what I think, but I accept the Supreme Court's rulings as binding...anything else leads to anarchy.20:56
drcbut that's OT :)20:57
Unit193knome, pleia2: Will you please put the next meeting on the Xubuntu team calendar, for the 22nd?20:57
elfyglad I'm due to not be working that day20:59
drcUnit193: I've always thought of knome has having a gnome father and a kobold mother :)21:00
* Unit193 wonders what elfy is going to vote... :P21:00
Unit193(Technically too early to decide.)21:01
* elfy always keeps powder dry21:02
jonopleia2, knome hey, just sent a mail to xubuntu-devel re. tracking Mir bugs21:28
jonomight need approving21:28
Unit193jono: Nope, it went.21:30
jonoUnit193, oh awesome21:32
Unit193For anyone else having issues with the link: http://bit.ly/19eP49121:34
Unit193jono: You seen the pad as of late?21:37
jonoUnit193, about a week ago21:40
skellatUnit193: Please be very loud, so to say, if we've got enough new code to do another spin of Experimental21:46
jonoUnit193, hey22:14
jonodid you set up the XMir image?22:14
Unit193Depends, if it's a request, then GridCube did it.22:15
jonoUnit193, so Mythbuntu are interested in doing the same, but are curious how you did it with the PPA22:15
jonocan I copy you into a thread to provide some guidance for them?22:15
Unit193You could, but I don't respond to email much at all.22:17
jonoUnit193, so you recommend they ping you on IRC?22:18
Unit193Fastest way to get a response at least, though I'm going to be busy here coming up on the weekend.22:19
jonoUnit193, I am sure just a few general pointers would really help22:19
jonocould you summarize how you did it here and I can paste it into an email and send it?22:19
jonothat might be the quickest method22:19
jonoI am sure they will really appreciate the guidance22:19
Unit193In the most basic form, mounted; unsquashed the fs; chrooted in; mounted proc, dev, etc; added the ppa and packages without breaking stuff; configured a few things for startup; exited; umounted everything; squashed it back together; created iso and made it hybrid.  I also of course got an md5sum and zsync out of it.22:22
jonothanks Unit193, will pass that on22:23
jonomany thanks!22:23
Unit193(Might be missing a couple things, but that's the jist.)22:24
Unit193jono: It's really not as hard as it seems, even easaier if you can script it (which also gives you the same result every time, and keeps it clean): http://vanir.unit193.tk/mir/pending/mythbuntu-13.10-xmir-i386.iso22:30

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