BosiHello everyone, I'm trying to adjust the clock of my Xubuntu 13.04. I'm trying sudo date 080719232013 and it works just fine, but once in a while it goes back to my old time... is there another way to adjust the clock?00:24
ArthurZeyI got booted a few times. If anybody responded since I mentioned having no trouble installing Ubuntu, I'd appreciate a re-post. Thanks!00:45
D7xwhich package replaces the lubuntu startup splash screen with the xubuntu one?01:37
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DoverMokgb, how do you make rinux 10 times faster?03:32
kgbDoverMo: how many times faster? :))03:33
DoverMokgb, 4003:34
kgbDoverMo: come to #xubuntu-offtopic, pls03:34
kenneth__hi all! ubuntu 13.04 is awesome!04:06
HelmetDoeHey is anyone awake? I need a bit of help06:24
HelmetDoeI just installed xbuntu 12.04 for my bitcoin miner system and I get at this like loading screen and its just a top bar in the corrner,06:25
HelmetDoeHey, Elfy, I have a problem could you be able to help?06:28
HelmetDoeor anyone?06:28
Unit193HelmetDoe: You have a screenshot or more description?06:33
HelmetDoeWell When I started the first boot I get stuck at a gray screen with a loading bar in the top left corrner,06:37
HelmetDoeNow i just rebooted while pressing the left arror and alt and I found out im in my desktop and the screen is a bit messed up, about 1\8th of the left side is on the right, I'll grab a pic of it how06:38
HelmetDoeI got to the desktop but its kind of broke as you can see06:41
HelmetDoe...I can't beleve how well i broke this lol06:44
HelmetDoegive me a minuit im going to install the amd drivers though comand line06:48
HelmetDoealright i think i got this under controll, Im in the prosess of complining this I guess.06:57
Sysiis there any way besides compiling to get current saucy kernel on precise?07:52
baizonSysi: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/07:53
SysiI could give that a run with my ati hd 4870 since fglrx isn't good enough07:57
pmjdebru1jnah, the fun of using blob drivers :)07:57
Sysi(I actually installed windows after games didn't run)07:58
eph3meralSysi: or you could just buy an nvidia card and call it a day :P08:48
theghostHi, how can i make gnome-keyring to automatically unlock using lightdm and autologin (keyring password is blank / gnome compatibility mode activated) in Xubuntu 13.04 + 13.10 ?09:53
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jonzentried everything i can find on forums to disable screen blanking every 10 min   can ne1 tell me how to turn this off13:22
jonzenjust install 12.10 on new laptop   disabled power manager  disabled screensaver uninstalled xscreensaver   still every 10 min screen blanks  any help13:25
jonzenlooked thru bios tomake sure it wasnt the prob13:26
pmjdebru1jnwhat did you set in xfce preferences?13:26
xubuntu903I have a question. Why does xubuntu run beautifully on my 2006 vintage macbook, but almost not at all on my 8 core amd desktop?13:27
bgardnerxubuntu903: What does 'almost not at all' mean, specifically?13:27
lderanxubuntu903: is something using up all the system resources? have you installed any graphics card drivers?13:28
jonzenxfce preferences?13:28
pmjdebru1jnjonzen: yes13:28
xubuntu903it takes forever to install and then works only hesitantly13:28
pmjdebru1jndid you check  your dmesg?13:28
pmjdebru1jnmaybe an issue with your disk?13:28
pmjdebru1jnit's not the first time i've heard "something is dead slow" and it turns out to be a dying disk13:29
pmjdebru1jnsmartctl can tell you13:29
xubuntu903No. I've since gone back to KDE (kubuntu) and the desktop is running fine. For some reason or other, it didn't like xubuntu, or vice versa, at all.13:30
pmjdebru1jnxubuntu903: I assume kubuntu is on a different part of your disk, so that doesn't mean anything13:31
pmjdebru1jnseriously check smartctl and dmesg13:32
jonzenby xfce preferences do you mean settings panel13:32
pmjdebru1jnjonzen: yes13:32
xubuntu903kubuntu is loaded on the same disk that I installed xubuntu on. Go figure.13:32
xubuntu903the disks are fine.13:32
jonzeni even uninstalled xscreensaver   turned off power manager in autostart13:32
pmjdebru1jnxubuntu903: it's not the same disk area of  course13:32
pmjdebru1jnin theory you could have error on the specific part of the disk13:33
pmjdebru1jnhaving a dmesg will be very helpful13:33
xubuntu903Both were installed on the same disk as the only OS.13:33
pmjdebru1jnxubuntu903: ah ok13:33
jonzenhow to dmesg pls13:33
pmjdebru1jnas I said, dmesg is likely to be helpful regardless13:33
pmjdebru1jnjonzen: that was for xubuntu90313:33
jonzenoh  sorry13:34
xubuntu903thank you. i'll check it out if i decide to try it again.13:34
pmjdebru1jnI assumed you wanted too13:34
pmjdebru1jnwithout more info this conversation is rather pointless13:35
pmjdebru1jnjonzen: if you uninstalled xscreensaver i doubt it's the screensaver13:35
pmjdebru1jnbtw does your screen blank (but it's still on)? or does it go off?13:36
pmjdebru1jnalso keep in mind that uninstalling something does not mean a running copy is stopped, so rebooting might help (if it IS still xscreensaver)13:36
jonzenhehe  i can really be dumb sometimes  ty  lemme reboot and try  ty much13:37
gfdgdfgdfgdhow the hell do i go about installing beautiful soup i tried everything and still it wont work??14:36
TheSheep!language | gfdgdfgdfgd14:37
ubottugfdgdfgdfgd: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:37
TheSheepgfdgdfgdfgd: also, please describe what you tried and how it didn't work14:37
gfdgdfgdfgdyea sorry im just stressed out bcs of problem14:37
gfdgdfgdfgdok so i tried installing it from terminal and from their site14:38
Unit193python-beautifulsoup for python 2.7, python3-bs4 for python3.14:38
TheSheepactually there is also python-bs4 for python 2.714:39
gfdgdfgdfgdi think i downloaded that python-bs414:39
pmjdebru1jngfdgdfgdfgd: generally speaking "installing something from someone's site seldomly is a good idea:14:39
TheSheepgfdgdfgdfgd: you think?14:39
TheSheepgfdgdfgdfgd: unless you tell us exactly what you did and what error you got, we can't really help much14:40
TheSheepwe are not physic14:40
SpeccyManneither psychic nor in possession of a dictionary :P14:41
Unit193I ate mine...14:42
gfdgdfgdfgdbeautifulsoup4-4.2.1.tar.gz this is version14:42
gfdgdfgdfgdso i extract it on desktop and then go to terminal and type : sudo python setup.py isntall, and it still wont work14:43
Sysi!info python-beautifulsoup14:43
ubottupython-beautifulsoup (source: beautifulsoup): error-tolerant HTML parser for Python. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.1-1 (raring), package size 33 kB, installed size 160 kB14:43
TheSheepgfdgdfgdfgd: just install it with the software center14:44
gfdgdfgdfgdthey dont have it14:44
TheSheepgfdgdfgdfgd: you do, it's in ubuntu's repositories, already packaged14:44
pmjdebru1jngfdgdfgdfgd: as I said, avoid installing from source14:44
pmjdebru1jnsudo apt-get install python3-bs4 # doesn't work ?14:45
TheSheepgfdgdfgdfgd: ubottu just displayed the information about the package, so it's there14:45
Sysiit's also in every other supported version14:45
gfdgdfgdfgdno that doesnt work neither pmjdebru1nj14:45
pmjdebru1jnwhat exact error do you get?14:45
pmjdebru1jnoh wait you don't have the universe repos enabled I suppose14:46
TheSheeppmjdebru1jn: it's in main14:46
Sysiyou used wrong package name14:46
rawrmonsterIs there a command to tell you every installed program or library that is using "backports"?14:46
gfdgdfgdfgdto enable it i go to software center?14:46
pmjdebru1jngfdgdfgdfgd: what's the exact error you get?14:46
gfdgdfgdfgdasd@asd-A6VMX:~/Desktop$ python BS.py Traceback (most recent call last):   File "BS.py", line 1, in <module>     from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup ImportError: No module named BeautifulSoup14:47
pmjdebru1jngfdgdfgdfgd: no14:48
pmjdebru1jngfdgdfgdfgd: we alraedy told you multiple times. installing from source is not a good idea14:48
pmjdebru1jnoh wait14:48
pmjdebru1jnI was confused14:48
pmjdebru1jnthat's the program14:48
gfdgdfgdfgdi tried with that pip installer too14:48
Sysisudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python-beautifulsoup14:48
pmjdebru1jnto get the old beautiful soup14:49
pmjdebru1jngfdgdfgdfgd: basically you need to be mindful of which version of python you're using and which version of beautiful soup14:50
gfdgdfgdfgdoh i think i think it works now finally14:50
gfdgdfgdfgdis this older version of BS i installed?14:50
gfdgdfgdfgdso is BS4 some kind of beta or unstable or what?14:51
pmjdebru1jnapt-cache python-beautifulsoup # will tell you the exact version14:51
pmjdebru1jnno, it's just a different package14:51
pmjdebru1jnyou are probably referencing the old version in your code14:51
pmjdebru1jnfrom bs4 import BeautifulSoup14:51
pmjdebru1jnso it's different code for v414:52
gfdgdfgdfgdoh got it14:52
pmjdebru1jnand then there's python versions14:52
pmjdebru1jnapt-cache search is your friend :)14:52
gfdgdfgdfgdyeah i installed requests on my own with pip. This thing is great!14:54
gfdgdfgdfgdIm new to linux so this is achievement to me14:55
pmjdebru1jnbasically everything on your system is managed by the dpkg/apt package manager14:56
pmjdebru1jnmost language modules are packaged that was too14:56
pmjdebru1jnusing this single system it's easy to install/uninstall stuff and keep track14:56
pmjdebru1jnif you use pip or whatever system a language provides, may cause conflicts with the system apt/dpkg package manager14:56
pmjdebru1jnso try to use apt where possible, and fallback to pip when something can't be gotten via apt14:57
gfdgdfgdfgdsudo apt-get install requests is code to install requests modules?14:58
pmjdebru1jnit requests to install packages, whatever is in them14:58
pmjdebru1jnit's for everything14:58
pmjdebru1jnnot just python14:58
pmjdebru1jnthe whole operating system consists of such packages14:59
gfdgdfgdfgdyea i would get a error of not found packages when i run it?14:59
pmjdebru1jnyou need to know the package name, which is where apt-cache search comes in14:59
pmjdebru1jnthere are many good books on this topic :)15:00
pmjdebru1jnwhich reminds me15:00
gfdgdfgdfgdso in example how could i go about to download chrome apt get way?15:00
pmjdebru1jndoes anybody get this (on 13.04) http://files.pcode.nl/temp/xfwm-border.png15:00
pmjdebru1jngfdgdfgdfgd: chrome is propreitary and thus not in apt15:01
pmjdebru1jnbut chromium-browser is15:01
gfdgdfgdfgdyea that15:01
gfdgdfgdfgdwhen i try to download it on software center i get error15:02
gfdgdfgdfgdSoftware can't be installed or removed because the authentication service is not available. (org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed: ('system-bus-name', {'name':  ':1.43'}): org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages15:02
pmjdebru1jnjust use pat15:19
pmjdebru1jnapt-get install15:19
brainwashpmjdebru1jn: the visual glitch is caused by SNA (default accel method since 13.04) on systems with intel gfx15:44
brainwashpmjdebru1jn: the latest intel driver (git or PPA) might fix it, or you can simply switch back to the old method UXA15:45
xubuntu783I upgraded to Raring Ringtail 13.04, and now flash player does not work properly15:56
pmjdebru1jnbrainwash: ah, that's quite helpful16:08
pmjdebru1jnnow you mention it I vaguely recall discussion about that "default"16:08
infamyAnyone know where I can get Xubuntu on CD? My burner is broken. I know you can get Ubuntu on CD but I'm not seeing Xubuntu on CD (I may be overlooking it).16:18
bazhangfor purchase?16:21
infamyI was hoping there would be a one-time free disc like with ubuntu.16:22
pmjdebru1jninfamy: you can create live usb drives too16:22
pmjdebru1jninfamy: those have been axed for some time now16:22
pmjdebru1jnthe only place to get them for free is conferences I guess16:22
infamypmjdebru1jn: How do I make it live install from USB storage?16:23
infamyJust put the iso on there?16:23
pmjdebru1jnit's well documented on the ubuntu website16:24
infamyThat works, thank you kindly.16:25
infamyOK I see now. This is easier than I thought it would be.16:27
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oelsenhi. I noticed this kernel parameter for ext4 and it showed that I wrote way over 300GB on this netbook. I don't see how that is possible, I download to and on another drive.18:44
oelsenanyone knows something about that?18:44
oelsenis it a reliable metric?18:45
TheSheepoelsen: consider stuff like the web browser cache18:45
oelsenand chromium does not behave so i moved his cache into a tmpfs18:46
oelsenalso there is almost no swap, even after days of running18:47
TheSheepchceck iotop to see what is writing, maybe18:47
oelsenah, that is not in the base. I just thought...18:48
oelsenthanks for the tip18:49
TheSheepit's useful, along with powertop18:49
* O-Pumpkin is away: Away18:50
oelsenah well, I have my netbook plugged into the wall18:51
oelsenbut thanks for that too18:51
TheSheep!away | O-Pumpkin18:51
ubottuO-Pumpkin: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also Ā«/msg ubottu GuidelinesĀ»18:51
oelsennice to see that nothing changed the last 15 years on IRC18:53
uberki cam here to ask about a problem with my display. the screen is wrapped around the monitor and separated by a big black line18:54
TheSheepuberk: is that a crt or lcd screen?18:54
TheSheepuberk: there should be options in the monitor menu to tweak the geometry of your screen18:56
uberkyou mean move it left or right?18:56
TheSheepuberk: yes18:56
uberkthat just moves it but it doesnt wrap back around when i do it18:57
TheSheepuberk: did you try setting different resiltutions in display settings?18:58
uberktheyre bothy at 1600x90018:59
uberki cant even think of what the problem may be]19:01
TheSheepuberk: both?19:01
TheSheepuberk: are you not telling us something?19:01
uberki only have one monitor, if that what your implying19:02
uberki meant the os and the monitor19:02
TheSheepuberk: what happens when you change the resolution in the os?19:02
uberkeverything gets bigger but a fifth of the display is still on the wrong side of the screen19:03
TheSheepuberk: what graphics card?19:03
uberkidk how to check for that on here19:06
uberkits an apu19:06
uberkwith radeon graphics19:06
TheSheepthe 'lspci' command in terminal will list your cards, the graphics card included19:07
TheSheepdo you use the proprietary radeon driver?19:07
uberki would imagine so.19:08
uberki didnt rice anyhting19:08
uberkim just using the livecd because i had this problem with fedora too19:08
TheSheepthen you are not using the proprietary driver, it has to be installed separately19:08
TheSheepyou would go to system -> hardware drivers19:09
uberkid have to install first19:09
uberkfuck it ill just do that19:09
uberkmaybe itll find the driver or something19:10
TheSheepit can also be a hardware issue, unfortunately19:10
uberkthis is why people dont use ganoo+loonix19:12
uberkif its a hardwaRE problem, then what?19:12
TheSheepthen you need to fix your hardware, obviously19:12
TheSheepdid you check that screen with a different computer?19:13
uberkit works fine with windows19:13
TheSheepdo you get the same problem when it's still booting, before it load the operating system?19:13
TheSheepok, then it's not a hardware issue, the worst it could be is some bug in the drivers that wasn't yet fixed19:14
TheSheepbut it may just work fine19:14
TheSheepyou have to try19:14
TheSheepuberk: the default open-source drivers for radeon are not too good, because there is no good specification released by the manufacturer19:15
TheSheepuberk: but they provide their own, closed-source, binary drivers, just like on Windows19:15
TheSheepyou can install them via that 'hardware drivers' menu19:16
uberkso what would the solution be? download their drivers?19:16
TheSheepof course I don't know 100% that this would help19:16
TheSheepbut it's quite likely it will19:17
bgardnerinfamy: Hello19:51
infamyI have xubuntu installed, but am having an issue that I can't find a fix for on Google.19:51
infamyCheck it out here19:51
infamyMy screen is split very weirdly19:52
infamyAnyone seen this before?19:52
Sysican't find anything from from the pic19:53
bgardnerinfamy: Looks okay to me19:53
infamyhmm weird19:53
infamythe screen shot took correctly19:54
infamybut on MY display, I see half the screen on one side, half on the other19:54
infamyI wish the screenshot showed you what I see :/19:54
elfytry different words infamy :)19:55
infamyWhat's on the left should be on the right, and what's on the right should be on the left19:55
infamyand the mouse goes past where it normally would and rolls over to the other half of the screen19:56
bgardnerinfamy: So like if you sawed your monitor in half vertically, then swapped the two pieces?19:56
elfymultiple monitors?19:56
infamythat's kind of what it looks like19:56
infamybut this is a laptop, just one monitor19:56
bgardnerinfamy: Can you paste.ubuntu.com your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file?19:58
infamySure, give me one moment19:58
infamy<bgardner> infamy: So like if you sawed your monitor in half vertically, then swapped the two pieces?20:04
bgardnerinfamy: Bear with me, you have some strangeness in this log file.20:04
infamySure, thank you.20:05
bgardnerinfamy: Did you take the default video drivers that come with Ubuntu, or did you try to install drivers from ATI?20:10
bgardnerinfamy: Could you please paste.ubuntu.com the output of: sudo lshw -class display20:12
bgardnerinfamy: Um.  Is fglrx installed?  dpkg -L fglrx20:16
infamyit's not20:17
bgardnerinfamy: I'm a little bit out of my depth, but it looks to me like your copy of X wants to load fglrx for your card, which seems appropriate, but fglrx isn't installed.  If I were you, I would try installing it and see if X picks it up.  Anyone here think my advice unwise?20:18
infamyI'm installing it now. After it's done just a simple reboot?20:19
bgardnerinfamy: And cross fingers, yes.20:19
infamyFingers crossed. Waiting for it to finish installing the package now.20:20
infamyGoing down for reboot. brb.20:23
bgardnerinfamy: Good luck!20:23
infamybgardner: It worked. Thank you very much :)20:25
bgardnerinfamy: Glad to hear it!20:25
dorianhello.  I'm having trouble getting my broadcom 4311 wifi to work in my laptop.  can anyone help?20:26
doriani tried following some online guides, but i get errors when i try to do modprobe -r wl "FATAL: wl in use"20:27
David-Adorian: i dont know what wl is, but if it is a wireless driver it is obviously in use, and you should disconnect or disable wireless first. i dont know if the networkmanager gui or ifconfig or something else is best for that. what guide did you read, and what does it say how to disable it first?20:39
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peyamI remove xfce4-panel21:47
peyamand I reinstall it now th valume icon is gone and when try to add the notification area21:47
peyamit doesnt com eback21:47
peyammissing indicator plugin21:51
infamybgardner: You still around?22:06
kingnick42eh what?22:07
kingnick42Was that me?22:07
infamyHow do I install a video driver that ends with .run?22:33
infamyMy graphics are a bit glitchy so I went to get the exact driver from AMD.22:33
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pmjdebru1jninfamy: wait22:57
pmjdebru1jninfamy: did you try to proprietary driver installer?22:57
pmjdebru1jntry the packages first22:58
infamypmjdebru1jn, thanks23:31
infamytime to reboot and see if what all i've done is working23:31
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dw5304im having issues with their being no audio output over hdmi on an ati intergrated hdmi graphic card. i have allready verified that the device is listed in aplay -l and is also listed in alsa however their is no audio comming out over it.23:46
dw5304i have also read about chageing the boot options in grub readon.audio or something like that howver that didnt help23:47
GridCubedw5304, when youplay a sound stream open pavucontrol and choose the stream to go trhough hdmi23:48
dw5304i will try23:49
dw5304hdmi device not listed23:52
GridCubewhats in the last tab of the pavucontrol you should see something like this: http://i.imgur.com/FjCywml.png23:55
dw5304em28xx audio23:56
dw5304built-in audio23:56
dw5304analog stero input23:56
dw5304analog stereo duplex23:56
GridCubedw5304, do not paste all the option23:57
dw5304thats it though23:57
GridCubeso only analog its there?23:57
GridCubebut you said you tinkered with the sound card settings previously?23:58
dw5304only thiing i tinkered with was the grub option23:58
dw5304alsa still shows it23:58
GridCubeoh thats a virtual machine23:58
dw5304no its no23:59
dw5304its pysical23:59
dw5304its a remote session i just joined to take a pic23:59
GridCubeoh ok23:59
dw5304as im on anouther box :)23:59
GridCubeyou dont need to sudo pavucontrol tho23:59

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