NCommanderpleia2, ping, skaet recommended I get in touch with you; I've heard that you're the person to get involved with volunteering to help do Edubuntu installed in05:37
pleia2NCommander: installed in where?13:53
alkisgstgraber, highvoltage: me and Phantomas were looking at samba 4 for school user management (ltsp, windows clients etc), and we saw that you guys are doing something similar for edubuntu 14.04, do you have some time to chat to see if we can share some of the workload (either the same goals, or similar ones...)?16:36
stgraberalkisg: I'm a bit busy for the next week or so (at Debconf) but after that, sure, we can talk. I haven't done much Edubuntu Server work lately but I have some scheduled for when I get back so I can get the first version in the archive.16:38
alkisgstgraber: cool, we'll ping you after that to at least check if our plans overlap :)16:39
alkisgWe have some gtk app for user management, we can probably i18n it like epoptes and use your python backend to offer a good user management tool16:40
alkisg...it supports multiple user/group creation, user signups in ltsp environments etc etc16:40
alkisg...shared folders... it's currently only working with /etc/passwd, but we wanted to add samba 4 support for it16:40
alkisgAnd of course we could implement LTSP 6 with samba 4 instead of libpam_sshauth16:41
stgrabernot interested in a web frontend?16:43
alkisgWeb front ends are nice but we already have a gtk frontend that does much much more16:44
alkisgE.g. with a web front end it's very difficult to "drag" 20 users into a group, to make them member of it16:44
alkisgWe already have 3-4 different forms for mass user creation etc...16:45
alkisgUser editing forms, group editing forms...16:45
stgraberok, so I guess we won't be sharing much code then. Edubuntu Server is entirely web managed and I already have user/group management done though not the shiny javascript bits to make mass edit work yet.16:45
alkisgYou have mass user creation scripts?16:45
alkisgLike, userXXclassYY with automatic groups=classYY creation?16:46
alkisgAlso, LTSP 6 with samba 4 will need a lot of joined effort to work correctly...16:46
alkisgMonths of work16:46
stgrabernope, currently the web UI is fairly simple, though the LDAP code we have behind it makes that kind of stuff pretty easy for someone to implement (just dump an extra plugin)16:47
stgraberI'm first trying to get the web UI to cover all the bits we need, so user, group, machine, DNS, sudo, SSH, ... then will work on making it more user friendly ;)16:47
alkisgRight, we already have all the GUI + /etc/passwd code, we're just missing the i18n and the ldap backend16:47
alkisgBut the frontend doesn't matter much, it's just a tiny part of the code16:48
alkisgI don't mind about that part much16:48
alkisgLTSP 6 will need a lot more time to get right with samba 4...16:48
alkisgstgraber: btw, do you have an ETA for samba 4? Currently the ubuntu packages for it are broken...16:49
alkisgWill it be trouble-free for 14.04?16:49
stgraberalkisg: ah? have they changed recently? they were working fine for me last month16:51
alkisgPhantomas says the postinst scripts are broken, there are some bug reports for them16:51
PhantomasIt has some issues with the postinst16:51
stgraberwell, as long as you skip most of the postinst but that's fine as I don't like the debconf deploy stuff anyway and just call domain-tool domain ...16:51
alkisgOK, next week when we talk I'd also like to ask you about the plans for windows clients, samba DNS (bind or embedded samba), LTSP 6 etc etc16:52
alkisgThanks :)16:52
stgraberthe goal for Edubuntu Server is to have a central web UI that can be used just as well against AD as against samba4, making migrating from one to the other pretty easy, with all the services in LXC containers and no user interaction with those (everything is scripted)16:53
alkisgNice, but the details there would matter for the tools we're developing, so that they can be used in an edubuntu server default installation too, instead of our customized ubuntu installations16:54
* alkisg would like to upstream as many of the tools as possible16:54
alkisg(meaning, to i18n them instead of just using them here locally)16:55
alkisgE.g. for 12.04 we resorted to shipping remastered CDs with gnome-fallback, fixes for greek keyboard, local PPAs, user management tool etc etc, but if we could directly use the edubuntu DVD as the installation media it'd be better for all, not only Greeks16:57

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