hatchhey huwshimi you have IE right? Can you QA something for me?00:24
huwshimihatch: Sure00:27
hatchthanks! https://codereview.appspot.com/12683044/00:27
hatchit fixes drag and drop in IE00:28
hatchI coudln't make it break but....ya know....ie00:28
hatchso I was hoping for another QA :)00:28
huwshimihatch: Sure, give me a few minutes to get it all set up00:31
hatchyeah no rush, just comment on the review when you're done00:31
hatchIm not going to do anything more on it until tomorrow00:31
huwshimiugh, the vm needs to do updates00:33
huwshimihatch: Just QAing that we can drop a charm onto the "start adding charms!" message?00:35
hatchhuwshimi: that's the specific bug that this fixes yes01:02
hatchIE has a odd issue where depending on where you drag from it'll either drag the whole element, or just one of the text blocks01:02
hatchthat's not fixed and not a priority right now01:03
huwshimihatch: Updates look like they might have killed my vm :(01:05
huwshimiMight have to rebuild it01:05
huwshimiOh, now it's doing more updates01:06
rick_hhey huwshimi, having fun?01:20
huwshimirick_h: Soooo much fun01:21
hatchhaha that happened to me earlier this week01:23
hatchthe updates just.....stopped it from working for a bit01:23
huwshimihatch: Yeah working now01:33
huwshimihatch: I can't get past the "Your browser is not fully supported" screen with the inspector flag turned on...01:33
huwshimiOr even with the flag turned off now...01:36
huwshimiOh, I clicked some kind of compatibility mode thing01:41
huwshimihatch: QAs OK01:49
hatchhuwshimi: son of a B I did the EXACT same thing02:09
hatchthat's a blog post!02:09
hatchseriously I spent like 20mins trying to figure out why the heck it wouldn't load02:10
huwshimihatch: :)02:17
teknicogary_poster: pong08:19
teknicogary_poster: sorry about yesterday afternoon, had to leave a little early08:20
gary_posterteknico, np08:20
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gary_posterteknico, are you available for a hangout?08:24
teknicogary_poster: yep08:24
gary_posterteknico, ok will be using ipad so not guichat08:24
teknicogary_poster: do you want me to setup one?08:25
gary_posterteknico, I've tried to hangout with you twice :-P sure you try now08:27
teknicook, switching google accounts...08:27
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rick_hyay friday11:04
sinzuiHi jujugui. I am seeing this error for every test ftest when I test the charm on canonistack11:04
sinzuiERROR Missing config 'username', 'password', 'project-name' required for userpass auth\n"11:04
sinzuiAny clues?11:05
hazmatsinzui, OS_ env vars for creds11:08
* sinzui looks at novarc11:08
hazmatsinzui, just source it, if you haven't already11:09
hazmatenv | grep OS_11:09
sinzuihazmat, I did. I think I soured the wrong one11:09
sinzuihazmat, I have confirmed I did source properly. I think my env is not ignored my make ftest. I can see that running that will destroy the juju environment I previously bootstrapped and deployed to11:28
rick_hluca__: ping, around?12:46
rick_hgary_poster: luca__ I'm trying to match up the design image as best I acn without actual dimensions and the fact that the category icons don't look like the ones used in the mock up. http://uploads.mitechie.com/lp/autocomplete_design.png is where I'm at. Please give it a look over. I've got some tests to write and then I'll put it up. 12:54
rick_hjujugui review time please. Autocomplete for all. notes and qa instructions included along with link to the design reference. https://codereview.appspot.com/1254504413:42
jcsackettrick_h: looking.13:42
rick_hgary_poster: I'll hold off on landing until the screenshot is ok'd by design. 13:42
rick_hthanks jcsackett 13:42
jcsackettrick_h: confused about the "is Category" check. is the id this is looking at a charm id, e.g. soemthing like "cs:foo/bar"?13:45
rick_hjcsackett: sorry, previous branch. We manually add categories into the results and build a manual id to make them work with charm-tokens13:45
jcsackettmaybe i'm not so much confused as surprised that "cat:foo/bar" is a valid charm id we get, if that's the case.13:45
jcsackettah, ok.13:45
rick_hjcsackett: that id is cat:~gui/13:45
jcsackettso this is more about shoe-horning in categories so they work with the charmtoken for autocomplete display.13:46
rick_hjcsackett: see line 158 in that file/diff (expand all)13:46
rick_hjcsackett: correct, this way categories get an icon, behave/look like charm-tokens13:46
jcsackettrick_h: dig, that makes sense. thanks.13:46
rick_hjcsackett: http://uploads.mitechie.com/lp/autocomplete_design.png for a screenshot (but please qa)13:46
gary_posterrick_h, here.  just had one of those...interesting meetings. :-)  jamie will look at it in a few minutes13:47
rick_hgary_poster: hah, it is friday where the most interesting ones take place :)13:47
jcsackettah, the ever growing use case of the charm token...who knew it would end up in so many palces ...13:47
rick_hjcsackett: charm-token is the most reusable widget in the history of canonical widgets :)13:47
jcsackettrick_h: whoo!13:47
jcsackett(as long as you're willing to beat some data with a hammer for it)13:47
rick_hjcsackett: hey, you have to agree to its API :)13:48
jcsackettfair. :-P13:48
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adeuringabentley: could you have a look here: https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/charmworld/1204985-address-key-error/+merge/179443 ?13:52
abentleyadeuring: Sure.13:53
jcsackettrick_h: code looks good, QAing now.13:58
jcsackettrick_h: not a bug per se, but when i do 'apach' apache2-passenger is above apache2, which seems like an odd sorting.14:01
rick_hjcsackett: yea, it's based on weighting from the server and such. We can file something upstream in charmworld but I just take it as I get it14:02
jcsackettrick_h: review up. LGTM, QA ok, some notes.14:05
abentleyadeuring: Please update the comments to indicate that Charm.store_url has a revision and Charm.address does not.  With that change, r=me.14:09
adeuringabentley: ack, thanks14:09
benjiabentley: I'm doing final QA of my branch; how do I give myself admin access to my local charmworld?14:16
abentleybenji: Admin access to the web site like charmers have?14:17
abentleybenji: log in.  Anyone who's a member of juju-jitsu can log can act like a charmer on dev instances.14:18
abentleys/can log can act/can act/14:18
abentleybenji: including staging.14:20
benjiabentley: "403 Forbidden"; from https://launchpad.net/~juju-jitsu: "You are an indirect member of this team"14:26
abentleybenji: Wacky.  I am also an indirect member of the team.14:27
abentley(but it works for me)14:27
benjiabentley: I'm visiting /charms/precise/apache2/featured/edit, if that makes any difference14:27
abentleybenji: The login operation should work the same everywhere.14:28
abentleybenji: I was able to mark a charm featured locally.14:30
abentleybenji: I did it just now.  (precise/apache2, in fact)14:31
benjiok, thanks.  I'm building a fresh trunk to see if it is a problem on my branch.14:31
benjiI get a 403 on trunk too.14:31
abentleybenji: You get that error when you click "login" on your dev instance?14:32
benjiabentley: nope, after I login and I visit t/charms/precise/apache2/featured/edit14:32
benjiabentley: I figured it out: the team membership checkbox is not automatically checked when loggin in through two-factor auth so it wasn't sent to the app (that seems like something we should fix)14:34
abentleybenji: We have it fixed for production.  For dev instances, login.ubuntu.com does not trust your dev instance like it trusts launchpad, so it lets the user decide what info to communicate.14:35
benjimakes sense14:35
benjiin that case a big-ole message on login.ubuntu.com would be nice 14:35
abentleybenji: Sorry, I lied.  We have it fixed for *staging*, but not *production*.14:37
abentleybenji: What would the message say?14:40
abentleybenji: In some cases, the site will continue happily along, in other cases, it will prompt you for the missing data.  Maybe we could trigger it on the teams extension, since that's a case where having the user supply the data later is not an acceptable alternative.14:44
benjithat would be nice14:45
jcsackettjujugui: weekly now, right?15:01
benjijcsackett: I figured we were skipping weekly because of no Gary, and having the daily at the same time15:02
jcsackettbenji: i'm just going by what's on the calendar.15:02
benjipfft, calendars!  the next thing you know you'll be wanting style guides and tests15:03
rick_h'by the book' suckers :P15:03
hatchjcsackett: sorry I was waiting until 9:#015:04
hatchkeep it the same as the rest of the wk15:04
hatchbecause we wont' really have much of a retrospective15:04
bcsallermore time for coffee then15:04
jcsackettthis has been a week of mutiny.15:05
rick_hhow dare you attempt to cage me with your schedules, limits, and rules!15:06
hatchjujugui guichat in 8 kanban now15:22
benjicall at 9:#0 huh?  I guess the capital "3" really emphasizes the time15:23
hatchexactly what I was going for!15:24
hatchjujugui guichat in 115:29
hatchjujugui starting without you15:31
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abentleybenji, bac: Do you want to have another sync call today?15:43
bacabentley: sure, after lunch?15:43
benjiabentley: sure; how about after you review the branch that I haven't proposed yet?15:44
abentleybac: Works for me.15:44
rick_hbcsaller: https://codereview.appspot.com/12545044/ is the link for the review15:44
abentleybac: My lunch is in 15 minutes.15:44
bcsallerrick_h: thanks I was looking15:44
hatchbcsaller: can you do that reviewon the ie branch? https://codereview.appspot.com/12683044/16:30
benjiabentley: when I visit /api/2/charms/interesting I get an error about "No mapping found for [downloads] in order to sort on".  I expect there is something I have to run to create and populate that index, do you know what it is?16:33
abentleybenji: charmworld/jobs/cstat.py will update that.  We should really add downloads to the mapping, though.16:51
benjiabentley: cool, thanks16:51
abentleybenji: np.16:52
hatchhey do we have a guide to get the Go dev env up and running somewhere?16:52
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hatchwhat the shit ie is now giving me an 'unspecified error' on identical code from yesterday17:00
rick_hthanks bcsaller 17:10
rick_hhatch: you load IE in anger, you might be bitten :P17:11
hatchI'm so bloody pissed off right now17:11
hatchthe error number is .... get this ...  -214746725917:14
hatchwho uses NEGATIVE Numbers for error numbers17:14
benjiabentley-lunch: I would appreciate a review of my feature breakout branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/charmworld/featured-breakout/+merge/17950317:18
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abentleybenji: I just got back.  Are you psychic?17:19
benjiI get that a lot.17:21
abentleybenji: Your branch reintroduces the 'qa' attribute that I've removed.  Is that an accident?17:25
benjiabentley: yep; ignore that I must have fixed some conflicts wrong17:25
abentleybenji: at 215, I don't think CharmTestCase needs to derive from MongoTestBase17:27
hatchjujugui can someone with IE10 pull down my ie branch and QA it? I can't get this branch to run at all anymore, even on revno's that passed QA17:30
abentleybenji: This looks good as far as it goes, but it doesn't introduce a migration, so it's not landable.17:37
abentleybenji: Also, I think I suggested using a modified construct_charm_id to generate revisionless charm ids.  I'm doing that in my upcoming branch, and it would be nice for the ids to line up.17:38
abentleybenji, bac: I'm up for a sync-up whenever you are.17:40
bacabentley: sure17:41
bacabentley: guichat now?17:41
abentleybac: sure17:41
hatchI was finally able to get it working again...17:47
benjiabentley: I forgot to bzr add the migration file, I've pushed a fix.  Lunching now.17:56
bacabentley: does promulgated=true imply the owner is ~charmers?18:46
abentleybac: It is common, but not always the case.18:46
bacabentley: i'm wedged then.  in my current version i'm using the basket_id to be ~owner/basket/revno18:47
bacabentley: for a promulgated bundle the url is /api/2/bundle/api/2/bundle/basket/revno/name18:48
bacabentley: i mean: /api/2/bundle/basket/revno/name18:49
abentleyRight.  Well, I think it would make sense if the basket ID was not affected by promulgation.  Would that help?18:49
abentleybac: An example of promulgated=True, owner !charmers is http://manage.jujucharms.com/charms/precise/juju-gui18:56
bacabentley: right.  so i need to extract the owner from the basket_id.18:57
abentleybac: I don't understand why.18:57
abentleybac: The owner is in the payload/basket_data, so why not use it directly?18:58
bacabentley: for the promulgated case i showed above, the query is:18:59
bacquery = {'basket': basket_id, 'name': path[2], 'promulgated': True}18:59
bacabentley: the basket in mongo will be prefixed by the owner name.  in this lookup i don't know the owner's name18:59
abentleybac: I had hoped you wouldn't need to basket itself when retrieving a bundle.  Can we fix it so you don't?19:01
bacabentley: we have to support URLs like /api/2/bundle/basket/revno/name so we only have (basket, revno, name) to work with for the query.  i'm open to suggestions19:02
abentleybac: Okay, so what data do you need, that's currently in the basket?19:04
jcsackettjujugui: is anyone else getting a string of 304s when they run test-server? i've just updated from trunk, and hadn't yet today. observing the behavior in trunk as well as my own branches that updated.19:04
bacabentley: chat?19:05
bacmight be faster19:05
benjiabentley: I pushed my branch with the un-added migration file added.19:05
abentleybac: sure.19:05
hatchjcsackett: yup lots-o-30419:05
abentleybenji: I saw that, but not a fix for the QA stuff.19:05
benjiabentley: oh, I forgot that :) 19:05
benjifixing now19:05
jcsacketthatch: does it move past hitting those two files over and over with 304 for you? i just keep getting test timeouts with that.19:07
hatchGET /test/charm%20icon%20url 404 2ms19:08
hatchGET /juju-ui/assets/svgs/service_module.svg 304 5ms19:08
hatchlemme run the full suite19:08
hatchjcsackett: the tests appear to be running as expected19:08
jcsacketthatch: hrm. not for me.19:08
jcsacketti do 304 on js-yaml over and over and then get a timeout.19:09
abentleybenji: Also, I posted earlier: I think I suggested using a modified construct_charm_id to generate revisionless charm ids.  I'm doing that in my upcoming branch, and it would be nice for the ids to line up.19:10
hatchyup 100% finished on a very slightly modified version of trunk19:10
benjiabentley: will do 19:12
abentleybenji: I am just putting up a branch that modifies construct_charm_id19:12
benjiabentley: this is how I did it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5967438/19:14
abentleybenji: This is how I did it: https://pastebin.canonical.com/95719/19:14
benjiabentley: given that we'll always be hardcoding the boolean parameter, two functions makes more sense to me; but it won't kill any kittens19:16
jcsackettalright, clean checkout time.19:18
abentleyorangesquad, bac or benji: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/pre-versioned-ids-for-charms/+merge/179521 ?19:19
benjiabentley: I'll take a look19:19
hatchjujugui looking for 2 very quick reviews and a quick qa on https://codereview.appspot.com/12704043/ plz and thx19:24
* hatch lunching19:25
abentleybenji: I've never really heard this "always be hardcoding" rationale before.  What's the virtue having two functions to avoid hardcoding?19:47
benjithe hardcoding rationale is mine, but the "a single boolean that changes the way a function works is an anti-pattern" thought has been around for a while19:49
benjithe virtue would be that having two named, straight-line (i.e., no loops or branches) functions is more straight-forward than one function that can do two things19:49
benjithis is a bikeshed, though, so we've probably already spilled enough digital ink over it ;)19:50
hatchbcsaller: replied, and class changes being re-proposed20:24
bcsallerhatch: thanks20:24
hatchbcsaller: ok repropose finished20:28
hatchjujugui also if there is anyone else available to review it, it's only like a 8line diff20:30
benjihatch: I'll look20:31
hatchbenji: lol20:34
hatchthanks for the review - I'd like to use a real name but 80chars20:35
hatchI suppose I could store the string in a smaller var20:35
benjihatch: you can use a longer name and split the line instead20:38
hatchyeah it's fixed :)20:40
hatchbenji: do you know if we have a 'get started with go' guide for juju?20:41
benjihatch: I don't think we have anything company-made20:42
hatchahh ok - I was thinking this weekend I might give Go a go20:42
hatchI'll find something online20:42
hatchdon't know what I'll make20:44
hatchwhat do people make with serverside languages now?20:45
hatcheverything I do has a gui20:46
abentleyhatch: I prefer to think of them as non-JavaScript languages :-)20:50
hatchabentley: lol even my serverside is done in js now - but it's job is to respond to a gui lol20:51
hatchoo a console based todo app20:52
hatchthat's what I'll do20:52
hatchjcsackett: you should probably make sure the tests CAN fail ;)20:53
bacabentley, benji: you're both near EOD but if you'd like to do a review: https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/charmworld/bundles-display/+merge/17954121:12
benjibac: sure21:13
bacthanks benji.  i'll bbiab21:13
hatchbcsaller: so on the settings inspector page when I change a field it's background turns a light grey and I get a red star21:22
hatchafter clicking save, it should clear those ui changes no?21:22
bcsallerhatch: yes, it should, the model should be set, that was working fine before21:24
bcsallermaybe I broke something moving the viewlets about, there was a bit of merging there for that21:24
hatchok I'm on a fresh trunk checkout - the model is being updated on save21:24
bcsallerI'll look into in a few if you're not on it21:24
hatchI'm just working on the button bug right now21:25
hatchthat might expose the issue as well21:25
hatchbcsaller: ahh this button issue does look related to the conflict stuff21:31
bacdogwalk cut short by monsoon21:37
hatchbcsaller: hey there must have been a bad merge if this ever did clear on save21:42
hatchbecause it looks like that only happens on conflict resolution21:42
hatchwould you have an idea of where that method may be? Or if it was just forgot21:43
bcsaller  hatch: this is vs trunk or should I look at your branch?21:44
hatchbcsaller: might as well just look at trunk21:44
hatchI only changed one string so far heh21:45
bcsallerok, checking into it now21:45
bcsallerhatch: it looks like the config/constraints callbacks do trigger clearChangedValues still21:48
hatchbut it's not responsible for clearing the UI21:48
hatchthe conflict method in the viewlet is responsible for that21:49
bcsalleryeah.. its not bound21:49
hatchso do we have a slight architecture issue here?21:49
bcsallerwhich has already been invoked21:49
bcsallerlooks like a minor one, I can cook up a fix for that 21:49
hatchwell I'm wondering if we shouldn't define a clear conflict UI method21:50
hatchso kind of normalize this conflict method a bit21:50
bcsallerI think in my testing I always pushed it down the conflict pipeline and that resovled it21:50
hatchoh ok, do you want to tackle this bug?21:51
hatchor would you like me to?21:51
bcsallerhatch: either way, tell me what you'd prefer21:52
hatchumm I can do it, lets have a quick chat in a minute to make sure I'm on the right page21:52
bcsallerhatch: thought syncedFields might be the proper place21:53
bcsallerlook like you could loop the <input>s and clear that state21:53
hatchin guichat21:53
bacthanks benji22:31
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