Guest68418the goal of lubuntu is to increase productivity and efficiency, meaning lightweight and user friendliness right?02:36
Unit193Are you looking for something?02:39
Guest68418aren't we all? :P02:46
Unit193Your question seems to lead to something, I was wondering what that might be.  I'd be looking for cookies, but I  know they are either all gone, or now right next to me. :D02:51
Guest68418when using an external monitor as the sole main monitor with a laptop, upon login, it seems to mess up open box in the background, as if the laptop monitor is overlayed in the background which messed up the background image and ssometimes the conky i am running03:25
Guest68418it seems to be a bug03:36
Guest68418and also when when switching users and relogging back to a session you have to enter your password twice with lightDM and xscreensaver, but this probably won't be a problem in the next release since lubuntu is getting rid of xscreensaver for screen locking03:39
Unit193This is the released version?03:40
Unit193You should be able to disable the xscreensaver one.03:40
Guest68418screen locking is a good feature, but is it just redundant since you already just logged on with lightDM03:41
Guest68418but the openbox problem when switching to another external monitor is a bigger bug, and when switching from one monitor to another it is best to do the process one at a time since if you do it simultaneously both screens black out and since you can't see anything on either screen the only way to fix it is to restart03:45
Guest68418right now if i click on the desktop background it is as if it is an openbox desktop with the menus03:46
Guest68418please, change the lightDM theme to the standard Ubuntu theme. thanks04:21
holsteinGuest68418: you mean, you want to change the theme?04:21
Guest68418of the LightDM, yeah04:21
Unit193Guest68418: You can install unity-greeter, may pull in extra deps.04:21
holsteinGuest68418: you can have *exactly* what the main version has.. but it is heavier04:22
holsteindanmackay: deps = dependencies04:22
holsteindanmackay: sorry04:22
holsteinGuest68418: ^^04:22
Unit193Yep, has quite a few more.04:22
holsteinGuest68418: meaning, it'll be heavier than it is now04:22
Guest68418but my computer isn't that heavy right now, i can carry it with one arm04:24
Guest68418lol jk :P04:24
Guest68418it shouldn't be that heavier since when Windows XP has a nice login theme04:24
holsteinGuest68418: if you are comfortable with the additions, add it04:24
Guest68418can this be found in the lubuntu software center?04:26
holsteinGuest68418: lubuntu *is* ubuntu.. the same sources.. so *any* packae manager will have access to all the software04:26
Guest68418its not on there, i'll try synaptic04:27
holstein!info unity-greeter04:28
ubottuunity-greeter (source: unity-greeter): Unity Greeter. In component main, is optional. Version 13.04.2-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 139 kB, installed size 500 kB04:28
holsteinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unity-greeter04:28
Guest68418do you recommend an alternative greeter that is lightweight but with a similar interface?04:29
holsteinGuest68418: i recommend the one that is used by default04:30
Guest68418such as Razor Greeter, Pantheon Greeter... etc?04:30
holsteinGuest68418: its look/feel is fine with me04:30
holsteinGuest68418: if you prefer another one, you are welcome to use one04:31
holsteinGuest68418: i dont think razor or pantheon are in the default repos yet.. so, you are still welcome to them, but they are not officialy supported04:31
Guest68418why does it install plugins for facebook, twitter, flickr and google?04:34
holsteinGuest68418: the main ubuntu has social additions.. could be dependenies..04:35
Unit193Could try with --no-install-recommends04:36
Guest68418how does that command look04:37
Guest68418sudo apt-get install unity-greeter --no-install-recommends ?04:37
Unit193sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends unity-greeter04:37
Guest68418i'll reinstall it after its done04:38
Unit193You'll still have the extras.04:38
Guest68418its a big install tho, about 140MB04:38
holsteinGuest68418: whats a "big" install? the greeter?04:38
holsteinGuest68418: thats the "heaviness" i was commenting on..04:38
Unit193lightdm-remote-session-freerdp sounds interesting...04:39
Guest55146the lightDM login theme is still the same04:45
holsteinGuest55146: same as?04:46
Guest55146before, nothing changed04:46
holsteinGuest55146: are you still using the lubuntu greeter?04:46
holsteinyou'll want to switch to the ubuntu one04:46
Guest55146how would i do that04:47
holsteinsudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm maybe04:48
Unit193sudo dpkg-reconfigure -f dialog unity-greeter04:49
holsteinGuest55146: ^04:49
Unit193Or just purge the lightdm-gtk-greeter. :P04:49
holsteinyeah, if you dont want it04:49
Guest23983its not working04:54
holsteinGuest23983: its?04:54
Guest23983so i guess "sudo apt-get purge unity-greeter" is the right command?04:55
holsteinGuest23983: the unity-greeter? or the command? or the theme?04:55
holsteinGuest23983: if you want to purge the greeter you wanted to add, yse04:55
Guest23983all of the above is not working04:55
holsteinif you want to *not* use the other one. you should purge it04:55
Guest23983yeah, it installed a bunch of stuff like rythembox that i don't use04:56
holsteinhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/75755/how-to-change-the-lightdm-theme-greeter might be relevant04:56
holsteinGuest23983: the "additions" are the additions i referenced in the beginning.. when i said "heavy".. that was what i was talking about04:57
Guest23983hopefully, in future releases lubuntu login screen will be a lightweight version with a similar interface to Ubuntu or Windows OSes so that i can install Lubuntu on computers for family who are not computer savvy04:59
holsteinGuest23983: why would it be similar to ubuntu?.. you can always just get ubuntu05:01
holsteinGuest23983: i would try xubuntu for those users. maybe something a little more "mainstream"05:02
holsteinthe folks i have installed lubuntu for seem to just login fine05:02
Guest23983actually Ubuntu is a good choice, but i prefer Lubuntu because the computers will just be basic computers, and Ubuntu has a lot of bloat that they will never use05:03
holsteinGuest23983: thats why i said "xubuntu" and not ubuntu05:04
Guest23983holstein, the purge command didn't work to complete remove all the stuff it installed, i still have rhythmbox and all that other stuff05:04
holsteinGuest23983: but, they are all ubuntu... and have ways any user can easily login05:04
holsteinGuest23983: feel free and manually remove whatever you like05:05
ianorlinwait they can't log in really05:05
holsteinianorlin: they cant "easily" login like in ubuntu and windows?05:05
holsteinianorlin: not sure about the details...05:05
Unit193Guest23983: sudo apt-get autoremove --purge && sudo apt-get autoclean05:05
Guest23983sudo apt-get autoremove --purge unity-greeter ?05:06
Guest23983thanks, it said it removed about 50MB of the plugins from google, facebook, twitter and rhythmbox and stuff...., but i thought the initial install was about 140MB05:11
holsteinmaybe 140mb's of disk space05:12
Guest23983so i should be fine?05:12
holsteinGuest23983: fine in what way?05:13
Guest23983that everything it installed was actually removed05:13
holsteinGuest23983: i look at the list.. and make a note if i want to be sure05:13
holsteinGuest23983: i dont konw what all got installed or why...05:13
holsteinGuest23983: it'll be "fine" having any of those packages...05:14
Guest23983i'll have faith that it was purged properly05:15
Guest23983thanks for your help guys, ttyl05:15
holsteinGuest23983: why? just look in the future, and make a note it you want.. then you *know*05:15
Noskcajone of the mint devs has sent a huge number of lxde fixes into debian. Once they get out of mentors, we might be able to sync some. http://mentors.debian.net/packages/uploader/mati75%40linuxmint.pl08:59
shlomihello can i get some help ?13:28
shlomisome1 here and can help me ?13:30
Guest74987honestly, which is more lightweight Windows XP or Lubuntu?18:02
leszekGuest74987: define lightweight18:05
Guest74987uses less resources and is faster at booting up and doing basic computer things18:06
holsteinxp is nearly EOL.. and lubuntu is currently actively developed18:08
holsteindont know if its "fair" to compare an OS that is released 4 months ago to one 10 years old18:08
holsteinboth should be "light", depending on use case.. hardware support might be a factor18:08
Guest74987yeah, but there is problems with hardware drivers, so i'm just wondering if it is worth changing it to lubuntu18:09
holsteinGuest74987: no prooblems18:09
holsteinGuest74987: you have an agreement with the hardware you purchased.. that you would run windows on it, and that the vendor will provide you drivers.. going with linux, you decide to take that responsibility on18:10
holsteinGuest74987: what do i suggest? try it live, and see how the hardware is supported.. the linux kernel is modular and supports most hardware "out of the box"18:10
Guest74987if it is my personal computer i wouldn't mind as much18:11
Guest74987yeah, i'm testing it right now18:11
holsteinGuest74987: this has nothing to do with what you 'mind'.. this is fact18:11
Guest74987the disk test utility doesn't seem to work in Lubuntu19:10
Guest74987it just keeps loading, it has been loading for almost 40 mins now19:11
Guest74987same problem this guy has http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213965419:11
Guest74987same problem this guy was having http://askubuntu.com/questions/321363/safe-to-install-lubuntu-from-livecd-after-force-quitting-check-disk-for-defects19:13
Guest74987no real solution was provided19:18
holsteinGuest74987: i use diagnistic live CD's.. i just have them laying around19:37
holsteinGuest74987: we should get someone to confirm that issue19:37
ianorlin loads for me19:44
Guest74987so the current stable version of Lubuntu will only be supported for about 4 more months?23:35
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0423:36
Unit193Yep, 9mo.23:36
holsteini think the term is 9 months total23:36
Guest74987so it would be better to install the older version23:40
Guest74987now you tell me!23:41
semitonesI love you all :D23:41
holstein"better" is a matter of opinion.. 13.04 is the current supported version23:42
Guest74987if you install the older version, at least you will have full support up until the LTS version comes out23:42
holsteinGuest74987: there is not official LTS from lubuntu23:43
Guest7498714.04 probably will be23:44
Unit193Yep, but that's not out yet, or in development.23:44
holsteinGuest74987: as i stated, lubuntu has no official LTS, and AFAIK none are planned23:44
Unit193holstein: 14.04 they may go for it, actually.23:44
Guest74987i win! :P23:44
holsteinGuest74987: currently, there is no LTS> i am not tring to argue or "win"23:45
Guest74987IMO, Lubuntu should just focus on LTS23:45
Guest74987Ubuntu has 2 year LTS releases now i think23:46
holsteinGuest74987: 523:46
holsteinGuest74987: these are documented.. you can look it up23:46
Guest74987i mean, isn't Ubuntu going to release LTS every 2 years now?23:46
holsteinGuest74987: that is the plan, and has been for a while23:47
holsteinGuest74987: could always change that, if needed, in theory23:47
Guest74987a new release twice a year or a new release every 2 years, which would you prefer? or lubuntu could just be released once a year on xx.04 to be in line with LTS releases from Ubuntu23:50
Guest74987developers would be spread too thin with 2 releases per year, even with reducing support to only 9 months23:51
Guest74987i rather have at least a full 1 year support for any distro i choose to install23:57
Guest74987so chances are i'll only be installing the LTS versions23:58

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