SuperLagwilee-nilee: where do you live? when you mentioned the time on your last post, it was 12 hours away.... and from where I am, that would put you in AK or HI00:05
wilee-nileeSuperLag, Pacific NW00:05
wilee-nileefiddy miles from the ocean and the mountains00:06
SuperLagwilee-nilee: haha. We might be neighbors them (when I'm home). I live in the Portland suburbs00:06
wilee-nileewe would be yes00:06
SuperLagwilee-nilee: I'm in NL for a month, thankfully this trip is half over00:07
wilee-nileeever been to frrgeek00:07
SuperLagwilee-nilee: looooooooooooong time ago00:07
SuperLagwilee-nilee: still down in the Hawthorne area?00:08
wilee-nileeI used to clean there carpets pro-bono git my first computer there about 6 years ago, yeah same place.00:08
SuperLagwilee-nilee: you live in PDX too?00:08
SuperLagwilee-nilee: small world :)00:08
wilee-nileeit is I see people I don;t even all over the place repeatedly, ;)00:09
wilee-nileeI graduated from PSU about 2 years ago as an older adult.00:10
SuperLagwilee-nilee: what's older?00:10
* SuperLag is going to be done with college in 10 days.00:10
SuperLagI wish I'd have gone to PSU.00:10
wilee-nileemiddle aged, you will have to wait for me to turn up my hearing aid, and get off my lawn, lol00:11
SuperLagI'll hit 40 in November... so I'm not that far behind you.00:11
wilee-nileeAlmost free school for undergrad with the pell and oregon opportunity grant00:11
SuperLagYeah... I really wish I'd have done PSU instead.00:12
SuperLagInstead, I fell for the bullshit spiel of University of Phoenix.00:12
wilee-nileeMy grad school is on the reed campus in the summer, so I just you know follow the trend, hint, hint00:12
wilee-nileeon occasion anyway00:13
SuperLagwhat are you studying for grad work?00:13
wilee-nileeintercultural relations the undergrad is Black Studies with a minor in psych00:13
wilee-nileeI'm a former Jazz musician I started at MT Hood CC in 198300:14
SuperLagwilee-nilee: what's the end goal?00:14
SuperLagyeah, I started at Peninsula College in Port Angeles, in 1992. It's only taken me 21 years to get my undergrad done.00:15
wilee-nileepossibly clinical psychology, but I may just go back to my business carpet and upholstery cleaning, quite profitable.00:15
SuperLagI should have my grad degree by the time my daughter has kids :)00:15
SuperLag(at this rate)_00:15
wilee-nileeI'm a slacker so all this work is not my style, I returned to college after developing epilepsy from a earlier head injury, and could not drive anymore.00:16
SuperLagoh damn00:16
wilee-nileethe epilepsy seems to have receded though so I may drive soon.00:17
SuperLagepilepsy can really do a number on you00:17
wilee-nileeyeah, no biggoe though I had petty-mals looked like I fell asleep with my eyes open kinda creepy I suspect.00:17
SuperLagwilee-nilee: I'd do the self-employed thing, if you already have a good customer base00:18
wilee-nileeSuperLag, I used to do same day service before most others did that was where the money was, people spilling stuff or pets throwing up on persian rugs.00:19
SuperLagwilee-nilee: so what got you interested in open source stuff?00:19
wilee-nileeI needed a computer for college and my therapist a clinical psychologist, heard someone metion it at best buy00:20
wilee-nileefreegeek was what she heard00:21
wilee-nileewiped home 3 times in the first 6 months00:21
wilee-nileeI had never used a computer regularly, so I had no clue, but it has been an advantage to learning open source I think.00:22
SuperLagI have a Cadillac of a machine now. I learned a *long* time ago, how painful wiping ~ is. It lives on another drive, permanently, now.00:22
wilee-nileeI clone all the OS, I rarely need to reload but one never knows, and I hate asking for help.00:23
SuperLagIf you would have told me then, that I'd end up owning a laptop that I could put 3 drives into... involving no modification to the stock hardware, I'd have laughed at you.00:23
SuperLagI love this ThinkPad.00:24
wilee-nileeSuperLag, Many parts of my life as well carpet cleaning is one, but I ran out of money on a refurb on a hose I owned and a roomate did this at sears and I saw within in a week all they did was advertise I left and never looked back, I average 100$ per hour when I work, just not 8 hours a day isall.00:25
wilee-nileeanyway we are way into offtopic, let me know if you hit the town.00:26
SuperLagwilee-nilee: I'll be back home in PDX on the 22nd00:27
SuperLagI miss my girls. I didn't get to bring my wife and daughter with this time. :/00:27
SuperLagwilee-nilee: I asked a question in the main channel once... got a workaround type of answer, but I just got the right answer.00:27
wilee-nileethat is tough missing family, I have never been married and have no children being artistic driven I'm just a child in some ways and like my freedom.00:28
SuperLagwilee-nilee: I was installing some apps that had bugs that required you to export an environment variable before starting, for them to work properly.00:28
wilee-nileeooh fun00:28
SuperLagso... what I was told initially, was a workaround00:29
SuperLagpoint Exec= to a script in another dir, that exports the env var, and then runs the binary00:29
SuperLagbut you don't have to do that00:29
wilee-nileetime for a starbucks run here to use my 2$ iced coffee receipt, viva the caffeine00:29
SuperLagyou can do: Exec=env FOO=/bar/baz pidgin00:30
SuperLagand that will work00:30
SuperLagno extra script necessary00:30
wilee-nileeah cool, talk with you later00:30
fetoegaAfter installing saucy netboot iso all i get is a black screen. Should i disable KMS to get it working?02:59
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