zeokilaHey guys, could anyone help me with this please? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18138287/call-function-to-a-non-parent-object00:27
BmanDesignsI am wondering if someone can help me with a keyboard issue. While running my app on my nexus 7, focusing a text field doesn't display the keyboard01:07
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Mirvrenato_: I don't see what would have been the qtpim question in itself, but hopefully you found an answer or will ask again :)04:31
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dholbachgood morning06:49
oSoMoNgood morning06:56
oSoMoNhi gusch, first MR of the day, for your reviewing pleasure: https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/limit-thumbnail-cache-size/+merge/17924706:56
guschoSoMoN: \o/ ;)06:56
guschoSoMoN: quick question - did you test using jpeg instead of png?06:58
mihir_Good Morning all :)07:01
oSoMoNgusch: no, but given the thumbnails are really small, I don’t expect that would make any signific07:03
oSoMoNsignificant difference07:03
oSoMoNgusch: also, I’m not trying to reduce the size of individual thumbnails, just trying to ensure that the overall size of the cache never grows bigger than a given limit07:04
oSoMoNgusch: I guess I could experiment with jpg separately though, out of curiosity07:04
guschoSoMoN: well - those thumbnails might ne different (having text etc), but generally, jpeg is quite a bit faster on mobile devices07:05
oSoMoNgusch: interesting, for what type of operation is it faster?07:07
guschoSoMoN: loading07:07
guschoSoMoN: and I guess writing as well (best is to have it in a single 4kB block)07:08
guschoSoMoN: at least for the N9 ;)07:08
oSoMoNgusch: thanks for the suggestion, I’ll put it on my list to experiment with jpg and see if that makes a difference07:09
guschoSoMoN: ok07:11
guschoSoMoN: wrote some comments07:23
oSoMoNgusch: thanks, let me address them07:25
oSoMoNgusch: all addressed07:49
guschoSoMoN: ok - need to run the tests - might take a while, but is looking good08:00
dpmhi mihir_, how are you getting on with your calculator branch?08:00
mihir_Hi dpm08:01
mihir_I have resolved the issue you mentioned in MR review but facing new issue08:01
mihir_after done with the calculation it just behave weird08:02
mihir_like , When user is done with calculation and without tearing off if you click on pervious result it just remove all the operands one by one08:02
mihir_and the function which is currently used is adding it to memory08:06
nik90good morning everyone :)08:06
mihir_nik90: Good morning :)08:08
mihir_dpm: this is what I have understood , you can copy from previous result only once for only first operand correct ?08:09
dpmI think it should be fine to copy from any operand, if that makes it easier08:10
dpmsorry, I meant to "copy for any operand"08:10
mihir_Okay so if my previous result is 408:10
mihir_so first I tap it will have only 4 then i tap + then if again i tap on previous result it should copy 4 correct ?08:11
dpmmihir_, yeah08:11
mihir_dpm: so user only can use the final result to copy right they can't use the oeprands to copy08:12
mihir_if my previous calculation is  4+ 4 = 808:12
mihir_then user can copy only 8 to the new calculation is it correct ?08:12
dpmmihir_, that's the current behaviour, but it's a good question. Let me see if I can get someone from the design team to discuss this08:12
dpmmihir_, they're not there yet, but I'll get someone to come to the channel soon08:13
mihir_Sure thanks :)08:13
mihir_dpm:  I'll be back in hour will ping you back is it okay ?08:13
nik90dpm: I am trying to get the design images into a google docs, however it is not allowing me to upload images higher than 2000x2000 pixels. The images I got from the design team have a higher resolution but only few kb in size.08:22
dpmmehow, could you help nik90 and provide images of a lower resolution?08:23
nik90mehow: I would need only the wireframe designs in a lower resolution. The rest of them should be fine.08:24
nik90dpm: Do you have few minutes to discuss the timer design implementation with me?08:35
dpmnik90, sure, although I might have to resort to someone from the SDK team08:36
nik90dpm: I just need an opinion or advice on how to go about the implementation from the dev point of view08:37
dpmok, sounds good08:37
nik90dpm: I sent you the wireframe design to your email08:37
nik90can you open 1.png in that email08:38
dpmok, looking at my inbox08:38
nik90I sent it to your canonical email08:40
dpmnik90, yeah, I got it. What particular part of the timer were you looking at?08:41
nik90the one were we transistion from alarm to timer tab08:41
nik90so we are shown the digital timer and the timer preset list below it as the default view shown to the user08:42
nik90Now this is easy to implement08:42
nik90When you press on a preset it shows you the analogue timer face with the preset name below it. And below the preset name is the preset list header08:42
nik90this is where I am not sure how would I go about implementing this.08:43
nik90This new edit preset is not in a new page but in the same page as when the user switched to the timer tab.08:43
nik90Does this mean I have to hide/show the necessary components as and when required?08:44
nik90dpm: if you want we can do a hangout to explain the situation more clearly08:46
dpmnik90, that's fine, I understand it. My initial thought would be hiding, yes, but I'd like to get confirmation from the SDK team, just a sec08:47
dpmzsombi, could you help us with this question about implementing a design wireframe? It's about this wireframe: http://ubuntuone.com/6SsRwCIesKyT0Q18YnKtCV08:48
zsombidpm let me see...08:48
dpmzsombi, in particular, the transition from the 4th screen on the top row to the next one on the bottom08:48
dpmon the first screen we've got a clock face (off-screen) with a list of timer presets08:49
dpmand we click on one of the presets to transition to the next screen at the bottom row, which essentially edits the pressed preset08:50
dpmnik90 and I were thinking that the easiest thing to do might be to hide all the other presets and show any required controls for editing, but it'd be good to hear your opinion08:50
nik90zsombi: You have to also note that these are all present in the same page. So the design does not indicate any pagestack which brings us to current dilemma08:52
zsombidpm: nik90: I'll be back in a minute08:57
dpmno worries, thanks!08:57
nik90zsombi: sure. thnx08:58
zsombinik90: I'd do it with a pagestack still09:07
zsombinik90: dpm: so, when you bring in a preset, what should happen when tapping on header? should it go to some other tab?09:08
nik90zsombi: that behavior was not mentioned by the design team. So not sure what should happen when you press on the header09:10
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Friday and happy Book Lovers' Day! :-D09:10
zsombinik90: another way is to have two page contents, one with the template list and one with each template and flip them by loading them on request09:11
nik90zsombi: So in the main timer page, you will have the digital timer along with preset list. And then in another page (pagestack), you will have the analogue face, preset name and the preset list09:11
zsombinik90: the page stack would have two levels, the first page would be the preset list, and each preset would push the analogue faces09:12
zsombinik90: the "Preset" labeled tool button would pop back to the presets09:13
nik90zsombi: the design team said that in the 2nd level, you should be able to swipe up to reveal the entire preset list.09:14
nik90zsombi: which is why I was a bit confused on its implementation on just one page.09:14
zsombinik: so a swipe shoul ddo the page flip?09:15
nik90zsombi: yeah09:15
zsombinik90: huhhh???!09:15
nik90zsombi: that's the thing, they believe that this should all be in one page09:16
nik90and the analogue timer face appears when required09:16
nik90by making space within the digital timer and the preset list09:16
nik90zsombi: Should I ask them to change the behavior such that this can be done using 2 page levels?09:17
zsombinik90: well, I like when design points what component should be used in what circumstances...09:17
zsombinik90: the thing is that whatever action can make you to pop a page from a pagestack, it doesn't have to e a button press...09:18
nik90zsombi: I am bringing a designer mehow here to the discussion09:18
zsombinik90: ok... however, if the swipe is required to bring the templates, the two-page content flipping would do the job09:18
nik90mehow: me, zsombi and dpm were discussing the implementation of the timer page design09:18
nik90mehow: we are okay with the main view which is the digital timer and the preset list.09:19
nik90mehow: However when you press one of the timer presets, you require that the analogue timer face is shown along with the preset header beneath it.09:19
nik90mehow: Should this be shown in a separate page?09:20
nik90mehow: Also should the user be able to swipe up to reveal the entire timer preset list?09:20
mehowin the beginning there was only one clock face and it was anlog09:20
mehowso when it moves up it was just cropped version of the analog one09:21
mehowthere was no digital clock at any point09:21
mehowbut I think we did stubble with the space and thats why Linas wireframes look like the digital is different than analog09:21
mehowwhen it is the same thing09:21
mehowbut shifted up09:21
nik90so the spacing between the digital timer and the preset list is the same as before with the analogue face?09:22
nik90mehow: so when the timer preset is pressed, the analogue timer which is not present until now, appears in the place of the digital timer without having to move the other components?09:23
mehowno th analog and digital is the same thing09:23
mehowwhen it scrolls up you don't see the whole analog clock but only the digital part of it and the bottom part09:24
nik90mehow: I understand that the analog and digital is the same thing. But the analog clock is hidden in the default view?09:24
mehowno it is just cropped09:25
nik90mehow: ah then the wireframes dont show that and is a bit confusing :)09:25
mehowI know09:25
mehowit is our fault09:26
mehowand I guess the fact tha Lina picked it up after Mika left09:26
mehowand there was not enough time09:26
mehowsilly excuse sorry ;)09:26
nik90okay I am now beginning to understand the designs much better09:26
nik90so not much have changed with repect to the old design except for positioning09:27
zsombinik90: mehow: okay, as we are all here, do we have a list of requirements what comes to the alarms? Last time I saw the alarms was a bit short what comes to features, but this wireframe shows me more now...09:28
zsombinik90: mehow: like we had repeat alarms but had no tone, message or vibrate settings set09:28
mehowI don't think we need vibrate on the alarm ?09:29
mehowdo we ?09:29
mehowwould it wake anyone up ?09:29
zsombinik90: mehow: http://ubuntuone.com/6SsRwCIesKyT0Q18YnKtCV this one has09:29
nik90zsombi: A user must be able to create an alarm where he is able to set the time, days (on which it repeats), alarm ringtone09:29
nik90mehow: I suppose it would be alarm ringtone + vibrate09:29
nik90or just alarm ringtone09:30
mehowlets stick to ringtone ;)09:30
nik90mehow, zsombi: Although I strongly feel that this should be the general setting the user has put the phone in. Whether it is set to ring or ring+vibrate or silent09:30
nik90so lets remove the vibrate option09:30
guschoSoMoN: I got one fail from 3 test runs https://pastebin.canonical.com/95680/09:31
guschoSoMoN: seems to be unrelated to the MR, so I'll approve09:31
nik90zsombi: Also the message you see there is the alarm description set by the user.09:31
mehowok lets keep ring + vibrate09:31
zsombinik90: mehow: also, I see here "weekdays" i.e. work days. Do we have a setting where these days are defined?09:32
nik90zsombi: I was thinking of doing that on my end and then set the days manually to the Alarms API.09:32
oSoMoNgusch: looks unrelated indeed09:32
nik90zsombi: However the weekdays are different in different countries. So we may need to use locale to define them09:33
zsombinik90: mehow: I'm particularly interested about the repeat interval: daily, weekly (on a given or a set of given days), monthly, yearly...09:33
zsombinik90: the weekdays is pretty specific to a culture :) so the weekdays for me might be different than for a Zulu dude :)09:34
mehowwhat do you mean ? that weekdays are different in different countries ?09:34
nik90zsombi: agreed09:34
zsombimehow: ^ yep, it can be09:35
mehowweekdays are mon-friday globally ?09:35
nik90mehow: yes weekdays are differnt in different countries09:35
mehowreally ?09:35
zsombimehow: not necessarily09:35
nik90mehow: in Bahrain, other gulf countries, the weekend is on Friday and Saturday09:35
nik90so the week starts on Sunday09:35
zsombimehow: nik90: that's why there is usually a setting for that09:35
zsombinik90: +109:36
nik90zsombi: since mehow wasnt aware of this, I suppose we would need a slight design modification here. Although shouldn't be something present as a univeral setting since the calendar app also needs this?09:37
mehowok :) that means we have to thing about the naming convention ;)09:37
zsombinik90: so back to my question: the repeat is either none, or on a set of selected days? (like in iOS)09:37
zsombimehow: either weekdays or working days09:37
nik90zsombi: From what I saw it was none, all days, weekdays, weekends09:37
nik90or just "Tue Wed Thurs" etc etc09:38
mehowI would love to sort all this issues but I don't think I can do it without Lina since this is more ux than visual :(09:38
zsombinik90: uhh... honestly I'd be glad if I would be able to set specific days, like Monday and Thursday for instance...09:38
mehowmaybe we should do it like that ? set specific days, like Monday and Thursday...09:39
nik90zsombi: Would you be providing such options in the Alarms API?09:39
zsombinik: ok, so the UI can keep presets (weekdays, weekends, etc) but I should be able to provide free hand to select whichever day for you :)09:39
zsombinik90: ^ sorry, typo09:39
zsombinik90: yes, Alarm API will provide ability to set kick days freely09:40
dpmnik90, zsombi, I think the start of the week setting should be taken care of by the locale, the clock app should just read that09:40
nik90zsombi: You will be able to. The text "Weekdays or Weekends" etc only appear when you select those specific days through the UI. The user wouldn't be able to click Weekends or Weekdays manually. It has to go through the manual day selection09:41
zsombinik90: and will have possibility to set monthly alarms (i.e. First Friday of each month) and yearly alarms09:41
zsombinik90: yes... I mean the current API does that already, it's just I'm struggling with the backend...09:42
mehownik90: could you send me an email with these question so I could forward it to Lina ?09:42
mehowshe is not in today not sure what happened09:42
nik90zsombi: We do not have the design for setting montly recurring alarms like first friday of the month etc.09:42
zsombinik90: and now as I saw the wireframes, I started to have the feeling that I need to update the API a bit...09:42
nik90zsombi: We only have it for day recurring such as every tuesday etc09:43
zsombinik90: yes, but the API will have. Not in the first version though...09:43
nik90zsombi: okay. Then the design can be adjusted when the API gets it.09:43
dpmnik90, mehow, seeing that the clock app design seems to affect the alarms API, I think we should probably have a hangout with zsombi when lina is back09:43
nik90dpm: agreed09:44
mehowcool lets do that !09:44
zsombinik90: the first version will have whatever you need (apparently nave to add more fields to be supported as few things were added since we made the plans)09:44
zsombinik90: mehow: dpm: +109:45
nik90zsombi: I got these designs only last week. So I wasnt aware of these when the originial plan was made.09:45
zsombinik90: good that we spotted these out :)09:45
nik90zsombi: However we can cut certain features for the first version to provide a basic alarm functionality by the end of this month.09:45
dpmok, cool, let's get that organized. nik90 if you could just give me a link when you've got the google doc with the latest designs, and mehow if you could tell me when lina is back, I'll set something up09:45
nik90dpm: I am already drafting the doc. Should be ready by the end of the day.09:46
dpmnik90, \o/ thanks!09:46
zsombinik90: I'd say whatever extra fields we add to the API would not really affect the API itself, however the alarm triggering may be affected, like notifications, etc09:46
nik90zsombi: ah ok. We will try to hit the common ground where things work as expected. And if it not supported by notification etc, we leave them out for the first version. Only basic alarm functionality should be supported for the 1st version.09:48
nik90zsombi: that way the user does not face any unknown or unexpected situatio09:48
zsombinik90: the notification part is not in my hand... :)09:48
nik90zsombi: who is in charge of that?09:49
zsombilemme check...09:49
zsombinik90: charles was the last one I spoke to about this09:52
nik90zsombi: do you know his irc nick or email?09:52
zsombinik90: charles :)09:52
nik90zsombi: okay. thnx I wil contact him to find out09:53
* zsombi bbl09:56
nik90dpm: do you try out the ubuntu tasks application? A very good start by iBeliever10:09
dpmnik90, I haven't yet. I looked at the code when it was first announced, but there wasn't much to be seen, I'll definitely give it a go now :)10:13
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guschoSoMoN: another review for the autopilot tests? https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-autopilot-uitk-toolbar-buttons/+merge/17940911:01
oSoMoNgusch: sure, I’ll do it after lunch if you don’t mind11:04
guschoSoMoN: cool11:04
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WebbyITdpm, popey, shall you try https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/1203090 on your device, please?13:01
WebbyITIt's about #120309013:02
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1203090 in Ubuntu Calculator App "[Calculator app] Tapping on numbers should exit label edit" [Medium,In progress]13:02
dpmWebbyIT, thanks! It might take me a while, as I'm on a slow internet connection and I need to update my device13:07
WebbyITdpm, no problem, unfortunately I can't check if it's work on pc...13:08
WebbyITdpm, thanks in advance :)13:08
dpmWebbyIT, yeah, I see what you mean. Could you submit the merge proposal in any case? There we can record the comments after testing13:09
WebbyITdpm: sure :)13:10
dpmperfect, thanks :)13:10
dpmWebbyIT, are you attending the calculator design hangout later on?13:10
WebbyITdpm, 90% yes, I'm  not sure because I have the painters in the house...13:11
dpmok, no worries13:12
WebbyITHi boiko :)13:12
boikohi WebbyIT!13:12
WebbyITboiko, shall you try https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/1203090/+merge/179431 on your device, please? :)13:13
WebbyITIt's about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/120309013:13
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1203090 in Ubuntu Calculator App "[Calculator app] Tapping on numbers should exit label edit" [Medium,In progress]13:13
mefriois normal that ChackBox element does not show any text even if the text property is correctly set?13:15
boikoWebbyIT: I didn't try on the device, but I have a feeling it won't work, there is no mouse hover, there is just clicks and long presses on touch devices13:15
WebbyITboiko, yes, I know, but with hoverEnabled maybe can work. Because there are no Event that can help to solve this bug, I have to write something "onClickedOutside"13:18
WebbyITboiko, or there is a better way?13:18
boikoWebbyIT: good question, let me think about it13:18
mihirdpm:  Hi dpm13:19
dpmhi mihir13:21
WebbyITboiko:  I tried also to create a MouseArea that encompassing the entire app, but doesn't work13:23
mihirdpm:  did you get chance to speak with design team ?13:24
boikoWebbyIT: there is an inverse mouse area, let me check if that is something we could use13:24
dpmmihir, not yet, but we've got the design hangot in about 1h, where we can discuss it. Are you going to attend?13:24
mihirI don't have that in my calendar :)13:24
mihirI don't have that in my calendar ..13:25
mihirWebbyIT: is your branch ready for review ?13:26
mihirthe one you just pushed13:26
WebbyITmihir, if you have a device, yes13:26
WebbyITmihir, but I'm talking with boiko to have a working(?) implementation13:27
mihiri tried to run on my machine i am not able to type any comments13:27
mihirWebbyIT: okay then I'll leave it :) thank you :)13:27
dpmmihir, you should have an invite for the design hangout now13:31
mihirokay lemme check :|13:32
mefriois normal that ChackBox element does not show any text even if the text property is correctly set?13:36
WebbyITa wild Nexus S appears13:39
* WebbyIT grab it13:39
* WebbyIT is going to install U-Touch13:39
* WebbyIT is happy now :D13:39
boikoWebbyIT: :D13:44
mihirWebbyIT: Congo :-D13:50
guschoSoMoN: if it's ok for you to have that warning, then I remove that code13:51
guschoSoMoN: and look at the total bottom of http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/tutorial/advanced_autopilot.html#writing-custom-emulators13:51
oSoMoNgusch: looking13:53
mefriohi guys. Is there any UbuntuOne API to sync my app with the cloud database?13:53
oSoMoNgusch: interesting, I didn’t know that, thanks for the tip13:53
oSoMoNgusch: I added a few more comments, the rest of the changeset looks good to me13:57
dpmhey mihir, can you hear us in the hangout?14:37
mihirdpm:  yeah i can hear you guys...can you hear me ?14:37
WebbyIThey dpm, I'm there, if you want invite me ;)14:38
dpmmihir, no, I think you are muted14:38
dpmWebbyIT, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/32f5d7e7aa06e6c29c8b0d7820cff00d613089d0?authuser=114:38
WebbyITthanks dpm, you weren't in my circle O.o14:40
boikoWebbyIT: I need to test your MR, was busy with meeting this morning :/14:54
WebbyITboiko, np :)14:54
oSoMoNgusch: one more comment on your MR14:54
guschoSoMoN: ok - thx15:01
WebbyITdpm: so, finally I have a device that work :) How can I install apps?15:04
WebbyITunfortunately, the rom is old, so I have the fakes app15:05
dpmWebbyIT, \o/15:08
dpmWebbyIT, the first thing you'll need to do is to use phablet-flash to get the latest image15:08
WebbyITdpm: is not an official device, is it works?15:09
dpmThe core apps should all be installed on the device and updated "daily" as a rule of thumb, although depending on how image tests go, it might take a day or two to see the latest updates15:09
dpmWebbyIT, ah, in that case it depends on the device. Recently phablet-flash added support for non-official ports, so it depends on whether the device maintainer added it to the phablet-flash list of devices and if he/she keeps the image up to date15:10
nik90WebbyIT: that pencil icon in the calculator, where do you find it? I need it as well :-)15:11
WebbyITnik90, I don't know :P There was when I started to collaborate ;)15:11
nik90WebbyIT: ah ok. I wish I could find Paolo now. I have many icons that need to be designed15:12
WebbyITdpm, so, where i can check the list of non official ports supported by phablet-flash?15:12
WebbyITnik90, he is a fantastic guy!15:12
nik90WebbyIT: yes!15:13
dpmnik90, have a look at the ubuntu-mobile-icons to see if you find it there, otherwise probably mehow should know where to get a pencil icon for the touch apps15:14
nik90dpm: do you know where ubuntu-mobile-icons installs to?15:14
WebbyITdpm, unluckly crespo is not supported :-/15:15
dpmnik90, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966715/15:16
seb128dpm, nik90: edit.svg is a pencil15:16
seb128dpm, nik90: wget https://launchpad.net/icon-library/trunk/lucid-release/+download/iconlibrary02052010.tar.gz; tar xvf iconlibrary02052010.tar.gz; cd iconlibrary; ./icon-library.py15:17
seb128dpm, nik90: that small software rocks15:17
* dpm thinks seb128 rocks too15:18
seb128it lists all the icons in a theme and they variants, and let you filter out the ones inherited by other themes15:18
seb128dpm, ;-)15:18
* seb128 hugs dpm15:18
* dpm hugs seb128 back15:18
dpmah, I've actually used it once, yeah, it's an extremely useful piece of software when you're looking for icons15:19
nik90seb128: wow awesome! thnx a lot!15:22
seb128nik90, yw ;-)15:23
dpmWebbyIT, hm, sorry to hear that :/ - you might want to talk to the maintainer to see if they add support for phablet-flash15:23
WebbyITThere is a way to remove a file from device with adb?15:23
WebbyITdpm, maybe I found another way...15:24
nik90seb128: how is this not in saucy? It is amazing.15:24
seb128yeah, we should package it...15:24
dpmWebbyIT, yeah, you can install the image manually, but I'm not sure if the procedure works with all devices -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Manual_Installation15:25
WebbyITdpm, I found a launcher for my device, so I tri to use last daily with the launcher, and not the image that XDA suggests...15:26
dpmWebbyIT, I'm not sure what you mean with launcher, but let me know how it goes15:27
nik90seb128: thnx for your discussion about timezone with pmcgowan. I have also replied to your comments in g+ to dpm's post.15:27
nik90seb128: as ogra aptly pointed out relying on an online api is not the way to go. Also I cannot afford to create my own database simply because of day light saving rules and so forth15:29
WebbyITdpm, I think is something like bootloader + kernel, but I'm not sure to have understand...15:29
nik90seb128: it complicated the matter too much to handle by myself :)15:29
seb128nik90, yw, and indeed those are issues15:29
seb128nik90, I would recommend you check with the security team to know if clock can be privileged15:29
seb128nik90, this way you could access tzdate/dbus15:30
nik90seb128: can you list their nicks for me?15:30
dpmnik90, you can ping jdstrand or mdeslaur15:30
dpmon #ubuntu-touch15:31
nik90dpm: thnx15:31
seb128mdeslaur is not working today15:31
seb128but jdstrand is around, if you read the backlog he commented earlier during the discussion15:31
nik90I will prepare a doc or something and then discuss this with him15:33
nik90dpm: I tried using the mobile theme but am getting some error. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966773/15:35
nik90dpm: I copy pasted the code from the api examples15:35
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dpmnik90, you can also send an e-mail to the ubuntu-phone mailing list and CC the core apps mailing list, the security guys should be in there15:35
nik90dpm: okay. That would be a better idea.15:36
dpmnik90, I think I encountered the same bug a while ago, I think you have to explicitly specify the path or use the gicon provider. Let me see if I can find the bug, I can't remember how I exactly ended up doing it15:37
dpmnik90, bug 1184569, although I'm not sure it actually helps15:38
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1184569 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Gicon schema does not load scalable icons for toolbar actions " [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118456915:38
nik90dpm: do you remember the workaround u did?15:40
dpmnik90, I ended up using inkscape to render the icon at the resolution I needed and I shipped it with the app :)15:43
mefriohey guys is there any API for Ubuntu One integration in an ubuntu touch app?15:43
nik90dpm: that's exactly what I have been doing as well until now :)15:44
dpmhahaha, great minds think alike ;)15:44
nik90Is florian on holiday? I have not seen him in irc15:44
seb128dpm, nik90: where do you run it?15:44
maarten_Hi, I am looking at the packaging howto for submitting apps15:44
dpmmefrio, http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/qml/u1db-qt5/overview.html15:44
dpmseb128, run what?15:45
maarten_The example show a binary but in the needed steps it tells me to submit a source package15:45
dpmnik90, I believe he's on leave, yes, but I don't know when he's back15:45
seb128dpm, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966773/15:45
maarten_Do I need to build from source or can I just ship a binary15:45
seb128dpm, nik90: on a desktop, the mobile theme is not in use, it might be that edit is not available in the theme you use15:46
mefriodpm, are they available in Ubuntu 13.04?15:46
nik90seb128: so it could be that it works on mobile not desktop? too bad :(15:46
seb128dpm, nik90: Icon{} does the gicon provider15:46
maarten_I wouldn't mind showing sources to ubuntu employees, I have an open source app. But it makes packaging a bit harder15:46
nik90seb128: it works for the search icon but not edit or anything else15:47
dpmmefrio, the U1DB API, yes, but you should check with kalikiana15:47
seb128nik90, try changing your desktop theme...15:47
mefriodpm, ok thanks. What should I do with kalikiana??15:47
* nik90 is installing unity-tweak-tool to change desktop icon theme15:47
seb128nik90, gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme <name>15:47
seb128nik90, the issue is bug #109857815:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1098578 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "On Ubuntu Desktop, the icon theme used by Qt is always 'gnome' (instead of the user set one)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109857815:48
seb128nik90, in system-settings we use QIcon::setThemeName("ubuntu-mobile"); ... but I'm not sure you can do that from qml15:48
dpmmefrio, you can buy him a beer, for example. But now more seriously, he's the developer of the U1DB support in the Ubuntu SDK, so if you've got specific questions on how to use it, he's probably the best person to ask15:48
dpmmaarten_, can you tell us what you're trying to do? This way we can probably better help you. E.g. are you trying to upload a commercial app to MyApps?15:49
mefriodpm, ok thanks :)15:49
seb128nik90, that bug suggests that there is a qt bug, changing theme is not going to work ... I guess you are down to ship a copy of the icon and hardware the path in your source...15:50
nik90seb128: yes,15:50
nik90seb128: will have it wait for the qt bug to be resolved, otherwise desktop users will find it not possible to use clock until then15:51
maarten_dpm: Thanks. I have an open source app (thumbnailer) that I would like to sell on the ubuntu app store.15:54
maarten_Following the example on (http://developer.ubuntu.com/2012/02/how-to-prepare-a-compiled-application-for-ubuntu-software-center/) I have now packaged a binary.15:54
maarten_But to submit my app I need to build a source package. Can this be done with a binary?15:54
maarten_I would assume not but thats how it looks in the example.15:54
maarten_If instead of just shipping a binary my app needs to be built from source I'll have to change my buildsystem.15:54
maarten_In short: I'm confused :)15:55
dpmmaarten_, let me see if I can find someone from the MyApps team to help15:58
dpmhi davmor2, thanks for joining, maarten_ had the question about submitting binaries to MyApps16:01
davmor2maarten_: so I think there is a little confusion going on because of the old ARB rules,  for the commercial queue you are more than able to upload a binary file as long as we know what dependencies are needed to run it.16:03
maarten_davmor2: Hi, thanks. So what is meant with a source package in this context?16:04
davmor2maarten_: where are you seeing source package, I think dpm pointed me at a doc16:05
maarten_davmor2: Under packaging fun: building the package16:06
maarten_step 6 and 716:06
maarten_It's probably the naming that got me confused..16:07
davmor2ah right so this doc I think was most written from the perspective of the ARB which were free licensed apps that are 0 cost.  Those will tend to need the sourcecode for as most of the free licenses require it.  If you have a binary deb then you can just submit it.  If however you have are releasing under gpl we would probably need the source to be available16:10
davmor2maarten_: as long ass the license is a proprietary one of some sort then just the binary deb will be fine for the commercial queue16:12
dpmdavmor2, this is a commercial open source app. The instructions followed were those in http://developer.ubuntu.com/2012/02/how-to-prepare-a-compiled-application-for-ubuntu-software-center/ which was aimed at commercial apps16:13
maarten_davmor2: it is a gpl app. Do I have to package the source or is a link to a github page fine?16:13
davmor2dpm: ah okay16:13
davmor2maarten_: so in dev portal there is a section to add a home page.  I would recommend using that to point at you github (wiki style) page unless you have a separate home page for the app and that should cover you.16:16
davmor2maarten_: does that help you out?16:19
maarten_davmor2: Awesome, that's what I needed to know!16:19
maarten_Thank you for the help.16:19
davmor2maarten_: you're welcome16:19
mefriois there any way to create a file selector for my mobile app? I want to let the user to select/grab some photos16:36
mihirboiko: Ping !!16:55
mihirboiko: you there?16:55
mihirI am facing some issues in mergeing branch from bzr anybody could help me out ?16:57
nik90mihir: I could try17:07
mihirnik90: I have my working branch that is 3 days old17:17
nik90mihir: okay17:18
mihirnow I am trying to merge that with latest code it gives me confiltcs I did manually resolved that lines17:18
mihirbut still not able to remerge one file17:18
nik90did you remove all the >> and << from the code?17:20
mihirnik90: This is what i got http://paste.ubuntu.com/5967054/17:20
nik90mihir: okay this should be relatively simple :)17:21
nik90mihir: did you fix the conficts in Simple/Screen.qml?17:22
nik90mihir: forget about the .BASE, .OTHER and .THIS files for now17:22
mihirnik90: yup I did17:22
nik90mihir: after that do you do "bzr resolve" ?17:23
mihirI am unble to understand the pending merge tips: (use -v to see all merge revisions)17:23
mihirnik90: yeah that with that now i get All conflicts resolved.17:23
nik90mihir: okay now commit it and then push :)17:24
mihirpending merge tips: (use -v to see all merge revisions)17:24
mihir  Riccardo Padovani 2013-08-08 [merge] Created a new function to upgrade database and avoid problems adding new version of db. F...17:24
mihirWhat does this eman?17:24
nik90mihir: It means that that commit by Riccardo after you branched the trunk code conflicts with the code you wrote.17:25
nik90mihir: By fixing the conflicts and then doing bzr resolve, it should now work17:25
nik90are you still getting the error message?17:25
mihirnik90: I am not getting any error now I guess I am good to go17:26
nik90mihir: wonderful17:26
mihirnik90: Just getting Pending merge tips that I should ignore correct ?17:26
nik90mihir: mind pasting the output again for me?17:27
mihirnik90: here is the output of bzr status :- http://paste.ubuntu.com/5967087/17:28
nik90mihir: that's fine17:28
mihirnik90: Thank you :) now I'll make my change and commit it :) thank you for your help :)17:28
nik90mihir: in the future for more info (better understanding) refer to http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/development/en/user-guide/resolving_conflicts.html17:28
nik90mihir: np :)17:29
mihirnik90: sure thaks for your help :)17:29
mihiri did refer that only :| but got confused so asked17:29
nik90mihir: hehe17:30
boikoWebbyIT: I will unapprove the pep8 MR for awhile, because I want continuous integration to run on that branch18:45
boikoWebbyIT: ok?18:45
WebbyITboiko, ok but didn't you say that we have to approve it? Or I have undestand nothing?18:46
boikoWebbyIT: so, continuous integration is a step that runs before merging to do some sanity checking18:47
WebbyITboiko, ok, but Jenkins always does it?18:48
boikoWebbyIT: for MRs that are submitted from team members, yes18:49
WebbyITboiko, ahhh, ok, now it's all clear!18:49
WebbyITboiko, so, thanks again ;)18:49
boikonp :)18:51
ahayzenmhall119, popey, ping19:10
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crankhardersorry if offtopic.. looking for an upstart config that can manage a process that is expected to have its PPID change.  not fork, not daemonize... it'll actually spawn a replacement process. anyone seen something like that?22:37

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