BobJonkman1I thought maybe you had a horse in that race00:00
azendI attract attention on lists I barely knew existed :) http://kwlug.org/pipermail/kwlug-disc_kwlug.org/2013-August/010798.html00:00
azendI don't yet but I wouldn't mind getting some00:02
BobJonkman1Anyway, my guess is the first person to definitively claim the 21st for SFD wins, and the other group probably has to make do with the 28th.00:08
BobJonkman1Last year John Kerr had an SFD presentation on the economics of Free Software, but my presentation and the one following went overtime, and John ended up not presenting at all. So he's already got one in the can for this year.00:09
BobJonkman1And since he's a Guelphasaurus, he'd probably be amenable to presenting there.  Pick his favourite date, and you're one up.  Get Andrew to present on Ubuntu Studio audio again too, and you're almost done.00:11
paul__Hey guys; anyone know of any vancouver/lower mainland, BC linux 'groups'? either groups working on projects, get togethers, hobbyists, etc?01:13
BobJonkman1Hi paul__ There's the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo at http://www.meetup.com/ubuntuvancouver01:27
BobJonkman1(Hi SergioMeneses!)01:34
SergioMenesesBobJonkman1, good evening!01:34
SergioMeneseshow's everything?01:34
BobJonkman1Things are what they are...01:34
BobJonkman1I'm hoping we'll do some local event planning for SoftwareFreedomDay01:35
SergioMenesesBobJonkman1, awesome!02:15
SergioMenesesBobJonkman1, where you live or Canada in general?02:15
BobJonkman1I'm in Elmira, just north of Waterloo, Ontario02:15
BobJonkman1Trying to stir up a little friendly SFD rivalry between Ubuntu-ca-kw and Ubuntu-ca-guelph; both chapters are about equidistant from me02:16
SergioMenesesI see02:19
SergioMenesesBobJonkman1, but there are more people helping you?02:20
BobJonkman1Yes, KWLUG and The Working Centre are the two major drivers for SFD in Kitchener-Waterloo.02:21
BobJonkman1KWLUG Conversation for SFD planning starts here: http://kwlug.org/pipermail/kwlug-disc_kwlug.org/2013-August/010799.html02:22
jesusemelendezmso where the ubuntu people from toronto are meeting?02:23
BobJonkman1Hi jesusemelendezm There isn't much Ubuntu activity in Toronto any more02:24
BobJonkman1The most active member is genii (sometimes genii-around) who organizes release parties02:25
BobJonkman1That is, genii organizes the Toronto release parties02:26
SergioMenesesjesusemelendezm, \o02:27
SergioMenesesBobJonkman1, but you can send them email02:27
BobJonkman1There's the Greater Toronto Linux User Group, who are Ubuntu-friendly, but not Ubuntu-specific02:27
SergioMenesesperhaps an invitation email or something, it could be people interesting02:28
BobJonkman1SergioMeneses: To whom should I send an e-mail?02:28
SergioMenesesubuntu-ca mailing list02:29
BobJonkman1Oh yes! Of course!02:29
SergioMenesesok guys I have to go out, see you tomorrow02:30
BobJonkman1jesusemelendezm: Are you on the Ubuntu-ca mailing list? http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ca02:30
BobJonkman1Bye SergioMeneses!02:30
BobJonkman1Join the mailing list, then ask if there are any other Toronto Ubuntu people.  Besides genii, there's aruna (who was online a little while ago).  There are others; many who don't come to IRC02:31
BobJonkman1Anyway, I have to go AFK.  Be back in a few hours02:32
jesusemelendezmthanks Bob02:48

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