dholbachgood morning06:49
dholbachdpm, can you please post something like this on the ubuntu-translators social media channels: "Daniel Holbach had a quick look at the statistics of the #Ubuntu #Development guide #translations: http://is.gd/nfYLuq"08:17
dholbachdpm, muchas gracias08:20
dpmdholbach, ok, posted on G+, FB and Twitter08:21
dholbachI hope folks will get go and review all those unreviewed strings :)08:22
popeydholbach: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1k0kl8/surprising_stats_daniel_holbachs_blog/08:34
dholbachthanks a bunch popey!08:35
popeydholbach: how much do you know about click packages?09:12
popeydholbach: specifically, can I have a dependancy on a package in the repo? or do I have to pull that in and statically compile it?09:12
dholbachpopey, you have to pull that in, there's no dependencies... you can just specify which version of the sdk you rely on09:38
dpmjcastro, jcastro_, marcoceppi, here's one app for the app showdown that is trying to implement trello support, very nice! http://sonrisesoftware.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/ubuntu-tasks/10:38
marcoceppidpm: awesome!11:53
dakerEid Mubarak everyone :)13:44
SergioMenesesdaker, \o13:45
* dholbach hugs daker14:05
smartboyhwdaker, what's Eid Mubarak BTW?14:06
coolbhavismartboyhw, today is eid the day when ramzan and roza ends14:07
coolbhavihappy eid daker14:07
dakersmartboyhw: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eid_al-Fitr14:07
smartboyhwcoolbhavi, still not understanding:P14:07
dakersmartboyhw: it's a religious holiday14:07
smartboyhwdaker, ah14:07
dakerthe first day of the tenth month of the Islamic calendar14:09
dakercoolbhavi: thank you!14:09
pleia2coolbhavi: you in town? :)14:09
coolbhaviyes pleia2 in NJ14:10
* daker hugs dholbach back14:10
smartboyhwpleia2, you woke up early today:P14:10
pleia2coolbhavi: hooray! welcome14:10
pleia2smartboyhw: I'm on east coast US today14:10
smartboyhwpleia2, ah14:10
coolbhavipleia2, thanks!14:10
smartboyhwThat means it's high time I call on balloons :P14:11
elfyI'm sure he's just waiting ;)14:12
smartboyhwelfy, heh, nice:)14:12
smartboyhwelfy, you experiencing slow typing in XMir? Me too:(14:12
elfyonly when I boot it14:13
elfymany are14:13
pleia2smartboyhw: there is a bug report, sec14:13
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1199450 in Mir "[xmir] Inputs slowing, last event of a stream of events greatly delayed" [Critical,In progress]14:13
pleia2known and being worked on14:13
smartboyhwHmm, I do wonder who sabdfl will nominate for this year's CC election:P14:18
smartboyhwI think the same names as before14:18
pleia2people self-nominate, then sabdfl selects 12 that will be on the ballot14:18
pleia2hopefully not the same :) new people are great!14:18
smartboyhwpleia2, I thought it's sabdfl who nominates...14:19
pleia2smartboyhw: from 2011: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news-team/2011-September/001390.html14:19
pleia2we'll do something similar this time too :)14:20
elfypleia2: due soon is it?14:20
pleia2elfy: we haven't even announced it for this year :)14:20
smartboyhwelfy, October:P14:20
smartboyhwThe expiry date at least14:20
* smartboyhw will nominate pleia2 or elfy :P14:20
pleia2but yeah, terms expire in mid october so we will probably start doing nominations call soon14:21
pleia2tend to give 2 weeks for voting14:21
elfyyou can expect an nomination from me ...14:22
smartboyhwpleia2, what was that that I wanted to nominate you but you refused? Xubuntu project lead?14:22
smartboyhwShould be...14:22
pleia2smartboyhw: hah, yeah14:22
pleia2smartboyhw: I started a new job this year that I love, but it is challenging and takes up tons of my time, I need to plan my volunteer work accordingly :)14:23
* elfy was wondering why pleia2 was chatting in #ubuntu-quality 14:23
elfyI see why now14:23
smartboyhwelfy, oh?14:24
elfyit's #u-c-t14:24
smartboyhwelfy, LOL14:24
pleia2I sometimes talk in #ubuntu-quality :)14:25
pleia2less so now that I do less iso testing14:25
smartboyhwpleia2, you should return to do more ISO testing14:25
elfywas in the middle of a pleasant cat nap and Patti Smith woke me up14:25
smartboyhwBut anyways, elfy is here:)14:25
pleia2smartboyhw: I should do many things :) alas, human14:25
smartboyhwpleia2, yeah14:25
smartboyhwpleia2, whose names was on 2011's CC election ballot?14:31
* smartboyhw hasn't even known Ubuntu by then so he doesn't know14:32
pleia2smartboyhw: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/w8/~andru/cgi-perl/civs/results.pl?id=E_234037fcede80bac14:32
smartboyhwpleia2, hmm I really can't recgonize some of the names:P14:33
pleia2Emmet and Amber stepped down, so Milo and Charles ended up replacing them on the council14:33
elfyonly one I don't recognise14:33
smartboyhwelfy, Joe Barker probably?14:34
smartboyhwelfy, who then?14:34
elfyknown Joe since 200814:34
pleia2Emmet is persia on irc (lots of people don't know his name)14:34
smartboyhwOh, it's joeb45414:34
pleia2Joe is big forums guy :)14:34
smartboyhwDidn't realize that:P14:34
smartboyhwProbably Scott Ritchie then:P14:34
elfymartin albisetti means nothing to me14:34
elfysmartboyhw: you go on guessing ;)14:34
smartboyhwWait, he's yokozar:P14:35
smartboyhwGot it14:35
smartboyhwelfy, hmm?14:35
pleia2elfy: Martin is beuno on irc, if you've seen him14:35
elfywhat's a nick got to do with anything14:35
smartboyhwelfy, LOL14:35
elfypleia2: not that I remember no14:35
smartboyhwpleia2, you should work on improving voting rates this time:P14:36
pleia2smartboyhw: that's not actually bad turnout14:36
smartboyhwpleia2, oh?14:36
* smartboyhw checks Kubuntu Council voting rate:P14:36
* elfy has only been around 6 years - plenty of time to know others14:36
smartboyhwAt least Kubuntu Council is 31/53....14:37
pleia2the best voter turn I've seen in a big open source project is about 40% (that was openstack)14:37
pleia2smartboyhw: yeah, kubuntu is not very big :)14:37
smartboyhwpleia2, yeah14:37
smartboyhwpleia2, better than Edubuntu Council LOL14:37
pleia2well, most of the project members there are on the council, very small team14:38
smartboyhwpleia2, yeah, and I think you Xubuntu people can make a council yourself;)14:38
pleia2that's why we don't14:38
smartboyhwpleia2, I think Xubuntu is bigger than Edubuntu14:39
pleia2it is, but having half your team members on a council seems a bit silly14:39
smartboyhw(sorry stgraber and others:P)14:39
elfypleia2: lol14:40
smartboyhwpleia2, how many Xubuntu Team members there are now?14:40
smartboyhwelfy, pleia2 hmm that's big14:40
smartboyhwEven bigger than us14:40
pleia2elfy: eh, well that number includes ubuntu core devs14:40
smartboyhwpleia2, eh14:40
pleia2really it's 1114:40
elfypleia2: I was being forestpiskie ...14:41
smartboyhwpleia2, oh alright:P14:41
elfyI know theres not 79 :)14:41
elfynot xxxx14:41
* smartboyhw chases elfy into the woods14:41
nigelbelfy: I remember those days.14:42
nigelbYou probably remember me getting on IRC for the first time ^.^14:42
elfyI do - and BT14:42
smartboyhwnigelb, hmm, we probably can search back the IRC logs for you:P14:42
elfynigelb: some would remember me turning up14:42
smartboyhwWhen did I first pop up on IRC?14:42
elfythat is a date indelibly etched on my mind :|14:43
nigelbI remember talking to paultag and being mesmerized about this python language.14:43
nigelbNow I get paid to write python code.14:44
nigelb</memory lane>14:44
* smartboyhw has no clue on when he started on IRC14:46
smartboyhwGot it, 25th July 201214:47
smartboyhwI am so young in Ubuntu world!14:48
nigelbThe time doesn't matter!14:48
nigelbIt's what you do!14:48
smartboyhwnigelb, :)14:49
smartboyhwWeird, that date is 2 days before my birthday :O14:49
smartboyhwballoons, stop hiding:P14:50
smartboyhwdholbach, private message?14:55
=== marcoceppi is now known as marcoceppi|away
dholbachall rightie my friends - time to kick off the weekend16:17
dholbachhave a good one everyone!16:17
dholbachhugs all around16:17
dpmsame here, have a nice weekend!16:17
jonohey mhall11918:54
jonoyou online?18:54
mhall119jono: yup18:57
jonomhall119, meet in lobby on floor 25 in 10?18:57

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