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snwhmpt, you're always on my google+ chat/talk/hangout/whatever list despite never me never seeing you use it. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7027392/mpt-gplus.png13:52
snwhat least I assume i circled the real mpt13:52
xnoxsnwh: g+ doesn't have notion of "online" or "offline"14:08
snwhxnox, but i've never spoken to mpt on g+ so i have no idea why he's near the top of my list either14:09
xnoxsnwh: oh, that's peculiar =)14:09
s1lenceThe battery settings for the phone seem a bit limiting.23:55
s1lencefor the auto-sleep there's a radio-type selector that gives me the option between 1-5 minutes.23:56
s1lencewouldn't it be better to use a spinner/slider?23:57
s1lencethat would scale better to the desktop as typical auto-sleep times are around 15-30 minutes.23:57
s1lencempt, ^23:58

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