didrockshey Mirv!05:33
Mirvhey didrocks as well!05:41
didrocksMirv: how are you? seems like the sky is back to being blue here :)05:42
didrocksbut with 10°C less… what I won't complain at all :)05:42
Mirvhere's back to grey, but ok as well as slightly cooler makes it easier to be without a/c05:46
didrocksoh, you do have a/c at home?05:46
Mirvno, that''s why yesterday's hot and humid was a bit uncomfortable..05:48
Mirvnow seems good05:49
didrocksah ok ;)05:49
didrocksMirv: do you need me for the stack publications? The results sounds promising :)05:50
didrocksMirv: then, if we can publish what we can ASAP, it will help jibel and I experiencing with the 3h-dailies today05:50
didrocks(to put in prod starting Monday)05:50
Mirvsome acks for packaging changes, but yes seems quite good..05:52
Mirvjust a second05:52
didrockssure ;)05:53
Mirvdidrocks: multi-arch http://localhost:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/Settings/job/cu2d-settings-head-3.0publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts_0.2~+13.10.20130808.3-0ubuntu1.diff05:53
Mirv10.97.0.1, that is05:53
didrocksthanks ;)05:54
Mirvunity8 cross-building with - hmm are those ok? http://localhost:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/Unity8/job/cu2d-unity8-head-3.0publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_unity8_7.81.3+13.10.20130809-0ubuntu1.diff05:55
didrocksMirv: hum, it seems similar to the issue we saw yesterday, right?05:57
didrockslike the :any not working for installing Qt?05:57
Mirvyeah, that's why it made me doubt05:57
didrocksMirv: mind putting a note and check with Saviq later on? I would prefer we play the coward-side for that ;)05:57
Mirvhere's the MP https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/prepare-cross-build/+merge/17925005:57
Mirvyeah, I'll check with saviq and test installing from daily-build PPA05:58
didrocksMirv: thanks! do not hesitate to note that on the spreadsheet :)05:59
Mirvnoted in the sheet for now05:59
Mirvtelepathy-ofono has started depending on.. something on armhf
Mirvfunny that the changelog is empty06:00
Mirvit's about supporting audioflinger and speaker mode, https://code.launchpad.net/~tiagosh/telepathy-ofono/audioflinger-speakermode/+merge/17887306:00
Mirvdidrocks: any idea why the changelog doesn't mention the commit?06:01
didrocksMirv: I'm looking at the commit06:01
didrocksMirv: interesting, I'll put on "things to look at", there is no good reason06:02
didrocksMirv: on the packaging change, +106:02
didrocksnothing strike in my eyes why there is no commit message collected06:02
Mirvyes seems normal. next up, mir has ABI bump
didrocksMirv: hum, don't they miss a Replaces:06:04
didrockslibmirserver1 replaces libmirserver006:04
didrockswhich are common?06:04
didrocksRAOF: ahah, just in time! ^06:05
Mirvyes they are06:05
Mirvit'll fail to upgrade06:05
didrocksMirv: so RAOF proposes https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/fix-mir_connection_get_display_info/+merge/17931606:05
didrockswhich is great, but still needs Replaces: libmirserver0 ;)06:06
didrocksin libmirplatform06:06
RAOFquite tru.06:06
didrocksRAOF: just "quite"? :p06:06
didrocksRAOF: can you fix that? I'll approve06:06
didrocksMirv: let's wait for Mir then06:06
didrocksMirv: it will be relaunched as part of jibel and I experimentations :)06:06
Mirvyep, added this as a blocker to the spreadsheet06:07
RAOFdidrocks: Pused.06:07
didrocksMirv: thanks ;)06:07
Mirvdidrocks: then indicators stack has nothing otherwise but there are the three new packages indicator-network-prompt, libqtdbusmock and libqtdbustest which would need manual approval to get into NEW06:08
didrocksRAOF: approved06:08
Mirvdidrocks: were they preNEWed?06:08
didrocksMirv: yeah, they were, I just want to check one thing in indicator-network-prompt06:08
didrocksand pull as part of the whitelist06:08
didrocks(one sec)06:08
didrocksMirv: all 3 are still on the indicator stack? :/06:09
Mirvdidrocks: yes..06:10
didrocksargh, I asked robru to put indicator-network-prompt in the indicator stack and libqtdbusmock+libqtdbustest in the QA one.06:10
Saviqdidrocks, Mirv, is :any an incorrect syntax? I cross-built a package with that and installed on the device and it worked06:10
didrocksit seems they are in the config, it wasn't just deployed06:10
didrocksSaviq: all issues yesterday with Qt was due to the :any thing06:10
Saviqdidrocks, riht06:10
didrocksSaviq: I'm not an expert on that though, so maybe it works when something is multiarched06:11
didrocksI just want to have the infos to not reblock on this :)06:11
didrocksMirv: so pulled the withelist, +1 for now, I'll redeploy the stack and kill the job for next run06:11
didrocks(the last change in indicator-network-prompt is fine)06:12
Saviqdidrocks, can I help verifying that somehow?06:12
Mirvdidrocks: ok so this one time all through the indicators stack?06:12
didrocksMirv: yep ;)06:12
MirvSaviq: upgrade unity8 on desktop from current archive version to the daily-build PPA version06:12
didrocksyeah, that will help :)06:12
SaviqMirv, doing06:12
Mirvdidrocks: then one more thing that app stack now has the dependency on webapps and has stopped because the unity-webapps-qml problem hasn't still been sorted out06:14
didrocksMirv: yeah, pat told me yesterday to not block app and publish it06:15
didrocksMirv: he will come today with a solution (maybe webbrowser being part of the webapps stack and remove the dep between apps and webapps)06:15
didrockshe asked as well vrruiz to fix it06:15
didrocksso forcing the publication for apps is fine06:15
Mirvdidrocks: ok, so publishing apps. vrruiz has also progressed with the issue to a dbus problem.06:15
MirvSaviq: unity8 upgraded fine here06:16
didrocksMirv: ah great! :)06:16
Mirvdidrocks: the unity8's :any dependencies are in build dependencies however, while Qt had those as part of a binary package dependency06:19
didrocksoh oh06:19
didrocksyeah good point06:19
didrocksexcellent point even!06:19
didrocksmaybe it's some trick in the build deps06:19
didrocksand it makes sense for multiarching06:20
didrocksand… obviously, it built :)06:20
didrocksMirv: +1 then, I'll need to fetch some doc on that though :)06:20
didrocksSaviq: FYI ^06:20
Mirvyes, it built.. ok06:21
Mirvall done now, except for mir (pending fix), unity (not yet build, let's see how autopilot will do once again..) and webapps06:21
didrocksnice work Mirv ;) let's wait for a month like that, and I think we can start asking for upload rights to you (still few things like catching the replaces and so on ;))06:21
SaviqMirv, didrocks yeah, it doesn't really make sense for :any in runtime, does it...06:21
didrocksSaviq: exactly!06:21
didrocksmaybe on some -dev though06:22
didrocksif they are multiarch06:22
didrocksanyway, sorted out for that one :)06:22
Mirvdidrocks: hehe, yeah. the Replaces catching should happen more instictively indeed.06:23
didrocksMirv: no worry, this will come with time ;)06:23
SaviqMirv, didrocks yeah, upgraded fine on both maguro and manta06:23
didrocksdpm: hey!06:23
MirvSaviq: thanks for confirming06:24
didrocksdpm: how are you?06:24
dpmmorning didrocks, very well, thanks :) How are you today?06:34
didrocksdpm: I'm good thanks!06:34
didrocksdpm: so, I looked this morning at qreactor06:34
didrocksdpm: I noticed some things that needs to be changed in a followup upload: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5965135/06:34
dpmah, thanks, looking...06:35
didrocksdpm: I'm just unsure on python-qrencode dependency missing06:35
didrocksdpm: did you upload your version to a ppa? as debian/rules clean fails before creating the source package, I don't know if it's needed in the builder06:35
didrocks(but it should be in the build-deps anyway on the long term)06:35
dpmdidrocks, I built that same version of the package here: https://launchpad.net/~qreator-hackers/+archive/qreator-stable06:37
didrocksdpm: ok, I'm happy to NEW it then, just please fix those small issues on a followup upload :)06:39
didrocksdpm: I override manually the priority to optional until your next upload fix it as well06:39
dpmdidrocks, perfect, I've got a new release coming up, so I'll make sure I include them in the new upload06:39
didrocksqreactor source NEW, will binary NEW once built06:40
dpmdidrocks, is there any other step I need to follow to get qreator into the archive or will it now all happen automatically?06:44
didrocksdpm: I have to NEW the binary packages, I'll do it, so no more steps for you06:45
dpmexcellent, thanks!06:45
didrocksyw ;)06:47
didrocksdpm: built and NEWed, it's in proposed now06:52
jibelgood morning07:26
didrocksgood morning jibel!07:27
jibelmorning didrocks07:27
sil2100Is it normal that when doing a standard apt-get update and dist-upgrade today, apt wanted to remove ubuntu-desktop and unity ;) ?07:36
Mirvsil2100: morning! maybe some PPA? I don't have such a problem with pure saucy (just retested)07:38
sil2100I wonder!07:43
sil2100Although by the looks of update I don't see any PPA being used, hm07:43
sil2100Mirv: how's it going this week anyway?07:46
Mirvsil2100: some hurdles, overcoming those, getting loads of new work, the usual :) currently fine except that there's a lot of stuff in todo lists07:47
Mirvie the important part, daily releases, is fine now again07:48
sil2100Good to know :)07:48
Mirvsil2100: I hope your week has been more relaxing, and will continue to be for three more days :)07:48
sil2100hm, I still see the SRU team didn't comment on the XIM SRU bug :<07:48
sil2100It was fun, although the temperatures here in Poland were a bit extreme07:49
sil2100It's hard to feel good when there's 39 degrees celsius in the shadows07:49
Mirvyeah it's been near 30 in Finland as well, although now today finally cooler07:52
Mirvyesterday was the worst, 26 + humidity near 10007:52
Mirvfelt quite tropical07:52
sil2100I guess it's much better now everywhere07:52
sil2100I mean, in Europe07:52
Mirvyeah, "everywhere" ;)07:52
Mirvin our small blob07:53
seb128hey sil2100 Mirv08:02
Mirvdidrocks: do you have time today at some point to check the qt3d from the spreadsheet?08:02
seb128good morning desktopers08:02
Mirvmorning seb12808:02
seb128sil2100, what bug is the XIM one?08:02
didrocksMirv: sure, I'll :)08:03
sil2100seb128: hi!08:03
seb128didrocks, lut08:03
sil2100seb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/104362708:03
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1043627 in nux (Ubuntu Raring) "[SRU] Add XIM Support to Nux" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:03
Mirvforwarding the e-mail from sil2100 to seb12808:03
sil2100seb128: we need the SRU guys to take a look and know if they agree to SRU it, as it's more like a 'feature'08:03
sil2100Mirv: thanks!08:04
didrockssalut seb128!08:04
seb128sil2100, Mirv: try pinging infinity or slangasek on IRC about it?08:05
seb128oh, you emailed them, and nobody replied?08:05
seb128I guess everyone is over busy :/08:05
sil2100This time no... I guess they're busy indeed08:05
Mirvlet's ping Monday when sil2100 is also back08:07
Mirv/kick sil2100 three more days08:07
seb128Mirv, do you have a qtsystems upload planned for soon?08:08
Mirvseb128: no plans that I know of. are you planning, or would it be in need of update?08:08
seb128Mirv, I'm going to do one if that's ok with you, adding "upower" to the CONFIG in debian/rules08:09
seb128Mirv, I figured out that we build without upower user, that's why getting battery informations is broken (I'm working on the battery system settings)08:09
Mirvseb128: that's perfectly ok, thanks08:09
seb128Mirv, yw ;-)08:09
sil2100Mirv, didrocks, seb128: see you on Monday!08:13
didrockssil2100: enjoy your week-end!08:13
didrocksfail :p08:13
seb128too slow (me as well, I was typing and just deleted it :p)08:13
seb128Mirv, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/qtsystems-opensource-src/5.0~git20130712-0ubuntu208:44
seb128Mirv, I commited to the packaging vcs as well08:45
seb128Mirv, I added a small patch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5965634/ ... can you upstream it for me (or I will do it next week, I need to look at the qt bug tracker/create an account but I've already quite some stuff on my plates for today)08:46
Mirvseb128: thanks. making a note that it should be upstreamed. not sure about today either, but I'm always happy to add more people to the Canonical group in Qt tracker anyway08:51
seb128Mirv, ok, let's talk about that monday if that works for you08:51
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cyphermoxfginther: agree, seems like the right thing; I'll file a merge13:26
tedgdidrocks, hey, so I have a dep on a package that is Universe but has it's MIR fix committed.13:37
tedgdidrocks, Now I'd like to land the branch so that it gets pulled into main.13:37
tedgdidrocks, How do I tell Jenkins that "I really want this, and it's okay"13:38
seb128fginther, ^13:38
didrockstedg: is it a build-dep or just a runtime dep?13:39
tedgdidrocks, build13:40
tedgSpecifically click-dev13:41
didrockstedg: ok, we just need to track that manually, but nothing should block13:41
didrocks(at least not daily releases, and I don't think the upstream merger should)13:41
tedgdidrocks, Yeah, it does.  It doesn't set up the sources to include universe, so it can't find the package.13:41
tedg(which is a sane default)13:42
didrockstedg: I think it's indeed fginther for that part :)13:42
didrockstedg: still, I can promote it, but before it's in distro, people tends to move it back to universe13:42
tedgdidrocks, Oh?  So it's a timing thing.  I thought that was all automatic13:43
didrockstedg: promoting to Main? absolutely not! :)13:43
seb128the usually way is that archive admin notice things on component mismatch13:43
didrockstedg: do you have the MIR bug #? I'll promote it once it's in distro :)13:43
seb128and go promote (or demote) them13:43
seb128that's why didrocks said it's going to be likely demoted13:44
seb128usually we go the other way around13:44
seb128things get promoted after something start depending on them13:44
fgintherseb128, didrocks, one moment13:44
seb128but that doesn't work well with the jenkins checks13:44
fginthertedg, I thought we fixed the universe issue. What MP is this?13:45
tedgYup, and to be clear, I think it is a good default.13:45
tedgfginther, No, we didn't.  But now click has had its MIR review.  So we need to drop adding universe, but yet still get it into archive so that it gets pulled into main.13:46
fginthertedg, do we need to land a merge proposal first to do that?13:49
fginthertedg, err do we need to *commit* a merge proposal first to do that?13:50
tedgfginther, Well, that's kinda what we were asking.  But, this is the first MR that needs it: https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/upstart-app-launch/click-hook/+merge/17652513:50
fginthertedg, ahh. this looks like click-dev is needed outside of the pbuilder chroot13:53
robrudidrocks, ping about row 4 of our little spreadsheet. have you made any progress on that topic? my work on lp:ubuntu-settings-components is mildly blocked by that, just wondering if I should apply the same (hacky) solution as from webbrowser-app or if I should wait for you on that.14:15
didrocksrobru: please follow the same hacky solution14:15
didrocksfor now14:15
didrocksrobru: did you get any news on the webapps AP issue?14:16
didrockswill be nice to push/get that fixed :)14:16
robrudidrocks, yeah, vrruiz sent out a detailed mail about it. want me to forward it to you? pat got it already.14:16
didrocksrobru: as long as you follow and it's getting fixed for Monday, I'm fine :)14:16
robrudidrocks, actually I dunno, vrruiz mentions lots of hard problems. dunno what his ETA is on fixing it. should we maybe temporarily disable that project so it stops breaking the stack?14:17
didrocksrobru: can you check with Pat? I would say yes14:18
didrocksrobru: if it's not getting fix, no need to run the tests and building that project14:18
* didrocks forces unity to publish14:33
robrudidrocks, EOD yet? you should review this hot mess I just made.16:05
didrocksrobru: urgh, noooo :/16:05
robrudidrocks, just kidding, it's not that bad ;-)16:05
didrocksrobru: ok, so some kind of pre-NEWING? :)16:06
robruthe funny thing is that I noticed the whole package was arch-indep, so I changed arch to "all", but QML insists on having it's files in an arch-specific dir, so i have one package that provides one symlink in /usr/lib, and another package that provides qml files under /usr/share16:06
robrudidrocks, no, not prenewing, need you to confirm that this packaging work is sane. I managed to get all lintian warnings gone ;-)16:07
didrocksrobru: no bootstrap commit, so we'll get tons of commits message collecting? (it's fine ;))16:07
didrocksah ok16:07
robrudidrocks, make sure you look at the diff of just the most recent commit, that's where the magic happens.16:08
didrocksrobru: shouldn't ubuntu-settings-components deps on the same version of ubuntu-settings-components-assets then?16:08
robruoh, yep.16:08
didrocksrobru: the qml are importing Ubuntu components16:09
robrudo you know what packages provide what I'm missing?16:09
didrocksso I think they should dep on qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin16:09
didrocksrobru: I was looking for it :p16:09
didrocksrobru: I think ubuntu-settings-components should follow that syntax as well ^16:10
didrocksso qtdeclarative5-…16:10
didrocks(as a package binary name)16:10
robrucan I leave the source name / changelog alone?16:10
didrocksoh sure16:11
didrocksrobru: where is the symlink magic?16:11
didrocksin Cmake?16:11
* didrocks looks16:11
didrocksah indeed :)16:11
robrudidrocks, yes, in this case I was able to do it in Cmake, perhaps I should go back to webbrowser-app and see if I can push the symlink logic from debian/rules to cmake as well. I remember not being able to figure that out at the time and being unhappy with it.16:12
didrocksrobru: I wonder about the destdir thing though16:13
didrockslet me look :)16:13
didrocksah dh_links fixes it16:14
robrudidrocks, destdir was necessary, without it, it tries to make the symlink in the host system, and fails due to permissions. adding destdir makes the symlink appear inside the package instead.16:14
didrockssweetness of sweetness even :)16:14
didrocksrobru: looks perfect to me! (just change the binary package name + add the dep), everything is great, nice mess^W^W^W^Wwork16:15
didrocksyou want to push that as part of the same MP?16:15
robrudidrocks, ha, thanks. ok, will fix and push in a moment16:15
didrocksok ;)16:15
robrudidrocks, oh, can you top-approve it? I cant'16:20
didrocksrobru: I can't as well, I think they should fix the team so that ~ubuntu-unity can push to it (or we will have an issue when deploying the stack)16:21
robruwho should I ping about that?16:21
didrocksrobru: btw, you didn't deploy the qa move for the dbusqt* test/mock, I did it FYI16:21
didrocksrobru: someone in the Ubuntu Settings Components Team16:21
robrudidrocks, oh, I thought I did, I must have deployed it just before that change.16:21
didrocksrobru: let me look the last 2 commits ;)16:21
didrocksrobru: I see there are tests, are they ran during the build?16:22
robrudidrocks, for what? settings components? no... there is no build really, these are all qml files. they just get copied into place.16:22
didrocksrobru: can we get the tests either as AP tests or tests that we run during the build?16:23
didrocksrobru: not linked to that MP, but before we put under dailies :)16:23
robrudidrocks, oh wait, actually they do get run during the build ;-) I just didn't see them16:23
didrockshum, I think it will fail then if qt5declaractiveblablabla isn't a build-dep, won't it?16:23
tedgfginther, Okay, I'm confused.  click is definitely in main now, but I'm still getting build failures.16:23
robrudidrocks, well, I had that installed already, so it was fine. but it's added as a dep now, so should be good.16:24
didrocksrobru: not a build-dep, so not during the build?16:24
robrudidrocks, let me pbuilder it and we'll find out16:24
didrocksyep ;)16:24
tedgAlso if someone could do this MR then we'll get a daily tonight.  https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/cupstream2distro-config/click-in-main/+merge/17944416:24
didrockstedg: is it reviewed for NEWing already? is there any test? :)16:25
didrockstedg: sorry, but we are asked for 3 new components to land everyday, there is a ticketting system :p16:25
tedgdidrocks, ?  It was already there.  We just turned it off because click wasn't in main.16:25
fginthertedg, the dependency appears to be needed outside of the pbuilder chroot environment16:25
tedgdidrocks, It's not new in that regard16:26
didrockstedg: oh sure, if robru has the time to look at it and deploy (need to check the run is fine)16:26
tedgfginther, ?  Why would a package build-dep be needed out of the pbuilder chroot?16:26
didrockstedg: but if the upstream merger failed, I'm a little bit worried we'll push without the merge back branch merging16:26
tedgdidrocks, Sure, we're fixing that right now (tm)16:27
fginthertedg, I don't have a good explanation...16:27
tedgfginther, Hmm, perhaps the universe hook is messing something up?16:28
fginthertedg, it's not even getting that far16:28
fgintherthe pbuilder never starts16:28
fgintherwell, sort of16:28
didrockstedg: see, everything is against you, they don't want your code it seems :p16:28
fgintherthe gods must be crazy16:28
fgintherdidrocks, can you make sense of this? debhelper needs some click.pm:16:29
didrocks$ dlocate click.pm16:30
didrocksclick-dev: /usr/share/perl5/Debian/Debhelper/Sequence/click.pm16:30
robrudidrocks, having a pretty big derp moment over here, turns out I'm missing a lot of deps (didn't check in pbuilder previously)16:30
didrocksso you need to have click-dev installed where you run your debian/rules clean16:30
didrocksrobru: ahah, so not approving yet :)16:30
tedgdidrocks, So is clean being run too early?16:31
didrockstedg: if the code didn't change since my team, it's run on the machine, not in a chroot16:32
didrockstedg: to prepare the source package16:32
didrocksand then the source package is built on pbuilder16:32
tedgdidrocks, That sounds like a bad idea ;-)16:32
didrocksthat's the reason why for dailies, I'm preparing the source package in a chroot16:32
didrocksafter installing all build-deps by hand16:32
tedgHow do we add deps for clean?16:32
didrocksand so I don't have python, or any debhelper helper on the host16:33
fginthertedg, didrocks, upstream builds on a raring host16:33
didrockstedg: they need to install the build-dep on the host :/16:33
didrocks(hence some builds pass even missing the python deps)16:33
tedgSounds like we need a chroot chroot16:33
didrocksexactly! ;)16:33
fgintherdidrocks, get started on that :-)16:33
tedgfginther, Can you install click-dev on the builders?16:34
fginthertedg, it can be done, but might need to build a raring version to get the latest16:34
tedgfginther, Does that have to be in archive or can we just build one?16:35
fgintherwe can just build one16:35
tedgOkay, click is pretty simple.  I'm pretty sure it'll be fine on raring.16:36
fginthertedg, can you point me to the source branch?16:36
tedgfginther, Is that something you'll do?  Or do you need me to do something here?16:37
fgintherduh: https://launchpad.net/click16:37
tedgfginther, https://launchpad.net/click16:37
robrudidrocks, ok, luckily only two deps were missing. It's building in pbuilder now.16:37
didrocksrobru: and tests are ran?16:37
robrudidrocks, yeah16:37
fginthertedg, I'm going to try to push it to a ppa for building. if it all works we're in good shape16:37
robrudidrocks, please approve the MP now ;-)16:37
tedgfginther, Cool, apparently it doesn't build on Precise :-)  https://bugs.launchpad.net/click/+bug/120067016:38
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1200670 in click (Ubuntu) "The click project does not build on Precise" [Medium,Fix released]16:38
didrocksrobru: I wonder how the tests can pass without the ubuntu components16:38
didrocksrobru: can you get Cimi on that, to ensure the tests are effectively… testing? :p16:38
tedgOr didn't.16:38
robrudidrocks, not sure. I didn't look at the nature of the tests, it just says they're running.16:38
didrocksrobru: mind inverstigating? I'm approving that one anyway16:39
didrocksrobru: just can't top-approve, we'll need to get the team membership fixed16:39
robrudidrocks, is it urgent? I'm EODing soon16:39
didrocksrobru: on not as long as it's not daily-releasing :)16:39
didrocksso can wait on Monday16:39
didrocksbtw, have a nice trip robru!16:39
robrudidrocks, great, will check it out on monday then.16:39
didrockssafe flight back home :)16:39
robrudidrocks, thanks!16:39
fginthertedg, it's building, should have it in the next 30-60 minutes16:40
robrudidrocks, looks like cimi added unity team, but it's "pending", can you approve that?16:41
tedgfginther, Cool, thanks.  Going to grab lunch, hopefully about the same timeframe :-)16:41
robrudidrocks, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-settings-components-team/+members#active16:42
didrocksrobru: done16:42
robrudidrocks, oh, we don't have CI on this branch. should I just manually merge it?16:42
didrocksrobru: maybe wait for the CI to be setup?16:43
fgintherrobru, I can set that up quick16:43
didrocksthere is no urgency :)16:43
didrocksfginther: daily_release: False for now please16:43
robrudidrocks, I just want it to merge before it bitrots ;-)16:43
fgintherdidrocks, ack16:43
robrufginther, oh, great, thanks16:43
didrocksfginther: sdk stack16:43
robrufginther, we're talking about lp:ubuntu-settings-components, not sure how long you've been following our discussion ;-)16:44
fgintherrobru, yep16:44
fgintherrobru, done16:47
robrufginther, you rock16:47
* fginther goes to lunch16:48
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fginthertedg, it builds: https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/upstart-app-launch/click-hook/+merge/17652518:09
tedgfginther, \o/18:09
tedgfginther, Thank you!18:09
fginthertedg, no problem, glad it's working now18:09
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away

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