rostamHI I am trying to create custom usb installer for 12.04, I can not find any references to it  please help? thx01:32
xnoxrostam: one can dd the iso image to a usb stick, and use it.09:41
xnoxrostam: thus customizing installer for usb, is no different than customizing the iso itself.09:42
xnoxrostam: are you thinking desktop or server image?09:42
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rostamxnox: I would like to create automatic installation of the ubuntu server image using USB. If I dd iso to usb, where should I place the preseed.cfg so installer can detect it during boot? thx16:58
xnoxrostam: on saucy server.iso, in /boot/grub/grub.cfg the default preseed is from /cdrom/preseed/ubuntu-server.seed but you ofcourse can modify and use another file name.17:47
rostamxnox: Is there a webpage with complete/partial instruction please?18:06
xnoxrostam: no idea. try google customzing installer. there is server guide & wiki pages about it.18:07
xnoxrostam: note that burning installer on usb stick and using custom preseed is considered "install from usb" rather than custom image.18:08
xnoxrostam: there should be plenty of guides.18:08
rostamxnox: thanks, that helps me google better :)18:08
xnoxrostam: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/amd64/boot-usb-files.html18:09
xnoxbut that looks very dated though.18:10
rostamxnox: Thank you18:13
srwarrencjwatson, well what do you know, Grub ported to U-Boot API actually works on Tegra very easily...20:43
rostamHI is there a way that during installation of Ubuntu server a preseed file to be generated? This file could automate the subsequent installations.23:44

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