ggvaberihello. is possible to debug rmmod process?06:54
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xnoxI have tried to re-build a kernel with extra patches, but it failed with:10:38
xnoxII: Checking modules for generic...previous or current modules file missing!10:38
xnox   /«PKGBUILDDIR»/debian.master/abi/3.11.0-0.4/i386/generic.modules10:38
xnox   /«PKGBUILDDIR»/debian.master/abi/3.11.0-0.3/i386/generic.modules10:38
xnoxwhat piece of packaging magic did I miss? =)10:38
smbxnox, you probably added a new section in the changelog, which then reguires debian.master/abi/3.11.0-xxx to be adapted to be the previous version. Or, if you do not need a nice changelog, just change the version number of the current section11:24
smbwhich works around this11:24
xnoxsmb: i see. i've now pulled 1.4 kernel and I think kept the changelog as it was, so hopefully should work.11:26
xnoxsmb: but first time around after initial abi bump, you just copy across the debian/abi/*/ from each arch?11:27
xnoxit built \o/ now, I should do the config review ;-)11:27
smbxnox, That should work. For test kernels I usually go for the modify last version path. No, we pull in the last versions from the builds. But renaming most of the times would work11:28
xnoxsmb: ok. cause abi is fairlyish stable.11:28
smbno files found11:29
xnoxsmb: are you planning on pulling focus-follows-eyesight patches for dual-screen monitors? or that still breaks hangouts =)))))11:29
smbxnox, bumping abi and renaming the directory would always work as the checking is less strict.11:30
smbxnox, not the one doing any new features11:30
smbbut it would be an interesting feature, especially when I have to look to the ceiling for help11:31
xnoxsmb: just to let you know. I've pulled patches into ubuntu .11 kernel to support minnowboard, which builds fine, now i need to check that config is sane (cause it's 32-bit UEFI system), next week I will receive minnowboard and will try to boot it & make installer image for it.11:32
xnoxand if that works, i will make pull request =)11:33
xnoxconfig looks ok. so shelving until i get the hardware.11:38
smbxnox, I think you will need to talk to the upstream hand about that and I doubt it thinks 32bit EFI is something sensible11:38
xnoxsmb: i'm in touch with Intel folks =) and yeah 32bit EFI is madness but that's the reason I'm trying to play with this =)11:38
smbSuppose you don't have to be mad to do this but it helps. :-P11:39
xnoxminnow board is the cheapest way to bring up support for the new expensive "intel atom, 32-bit, uefi-only, touch/laptop convertibles"11:40
* henrix -> lunch11:44
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rtgjjohansen, I plan to install a 3.11 kernel on tangerine this morning.15:25
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jjohansenrtg-afk: ack15:38
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rtgjsalisbury, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1201092/comments/2620:27
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1201092 in linux (Ubuntu) "Cannot load kvm_amd module - (says disabled by bios)" [High,Confirmed]20:27
* rtg -> EOD20:46
s0u][ighthello, I have a kernel related question. There was a bug with kernels before 3.3 that would cause mac80211 drivers to give the wrong channel number to a monitor interface, but since 3.3 this should be fixed. However, on 13.04 i still get this error21:38
infinitys0u][ight: That would seem to imply it's not fixed in 3.3, then.  Unless it regressed.  How do you know it was fixed in 3.3?  Do you have a pointer to the relevant commit?22:12
s0u][ightinfinity, http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=compat-wireless22:13
s0u][ightit says about the patch for negative one that it is only required for versions prior to 3.322:14
infinitys0u][ight: That's for compat-wireless releases, not upstream kernel releases.  Furthermore, that bit of code (patches or unpatched) doesn't appear to exist in the kernel at all...22:17
s0u][ightinfinity, https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/913852/22:17
infinityLike I said, that bit of code doesn't appear to exist at all anymore.22:20
infinityI imagine it got factored into non-existence.22:21
infinityAre you sure you're seeing the same bug that patch was meant to fix?22:21
infinityIf so, please file a bug ("ubuntu-bug linux")22:21
s0u][ighti'm not sure if the bug is because of the same error, but yes i get the same symptoms as that one22:22
s0u][ightinfinity, this is what i get from the irc bot on #aircrack-ng:  fixed in Kernel or compat-wireless 3.3_rc1 or higher22:23
infinityRight, well.  It could have regressed when chan.c was refactored and largely rewritten.22:23
infinityCause it looks a lot different than it did in 3.322:24
infinitySo, please file a bug and explain the exact symptoms, and feel free to copy and paste our above IRC conversation.22:24
s0u][ightinfinity, to the bugtracker of ubuntu or kernel in general?22:24
infinityLike I said, run "ubuntu-bug linux"22:25
infinityAnd mention which wireless driver you use.  If those interfaces were rewritten, it might not be that they're still buggy, but that a driver was poorly ported to the new world order.22:25
s0u][ightinfinity, sounds ignorant but it's not only my driver (brcmsmac)22:26
infinitysforshee: If you're around, feel free to address the above. :P22:27
s0u][ightinfinity, if I would download and compile compat-wireless 3.3, try that driver and see if it was really fixed back then, is that alright?23:09
infinitys0u][ight: It could be a helpful data point, perhaps.23:15
s0u][ight:/ compile errors23:16
s0u][ightgonna try with a later version23:16
infinityWell, to be fair, I'm not sure I'd expect cw-3.3 to work with >> 3.3 kernels.23:20
infinitySince that's kinda not the point.23:20
infinityIt's meant to be a backport of the 3.3 stack to older kernels, not the inverse.23:20
s0u][ighti kinda assumed it would work, with the limitations of older drivers23:21

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