fatim getting an error while trying to flash ubuntu touch: "phablet-flash community --device i9100". phablet-flash: error: argument -d/--device: invalid choice: 'i9100' (choose from 'mako', 'maguro', 'manta', 'grouper')00:13
slangasekfat: what version of phablet-flash are you using? are you following some documentation that says to use that command?00:19
fatslangasek: how do i find out my version00:20
slangasekfat: 'apt-cache policy phablet-tools'00:20
fatslangasek: screenshot http://uploadnow.org/image/350041-Screenshot.png00:22
slangasekfat: so I can say with confidence that the above command will not work with that version of phablet-tools; and if it works with some other version, I don't know anything about it00:23
slangasekwere you following some documentation that said that command would work?00:23
fatslangasek: i read the line in the touch/devices page: "Device names in bold can be flashed by using phablet-flash community --device <vendor> (ie: i9100). "00:24
fatslangasek: should i update my phablet tools00:24
slangasekfat: you already have the current version.  The information on that page is apparently wrong00:26
fatslangasek: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices its the offical ubuntu page. and its on other xda threads http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=4442024700:27
slangasekyes, I know it's the official Ubuntu page; that doesn't mean the info there is correct or complete ;)00:27
sergiusensslangasek: fat it's preemptive, please refer to dholbach's blog00:28
slangasekI don't think it's a good idea to change the wiki in advance of the code00:29
slangasekbut ok, it's done00:29
slangasekfat: that means you want https://daniel.holba.ch/blog/2013/08/want-to-try-ubuntu-touch-on-your-phone-were-almost-there/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=want-to-try-ubuntu-touch-on-your-phone-were-almost-there00:29
sergiusensslangasek: I'm assuming it's preemptive though, I didn't edit the page00:30
sergiusensporters are editing those pages00:30
slangasekwell, dholbach did00:30
sergiusensoh, or himself, yeah00:30
fatsergiusens: do i execute: "bzr branch lp:~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_changecd flash_change./phablet-flash community --device i9100"00:30
sergiusensfat: yes, assuming you meant to add spaces there00:31
slangasekcarriage returns, rather...00:31
fatinstalling bzr now00:32
fatslangasek: bzr: ERROR: no such option: --device00:33
slangasekthose are three separate commands00:34
slangasekyou've run them together, they need to be run separately00:34
slangasekbzr branch lp:~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change00:34
slangasekcd flash_change00:34
slangasek./phablet-flash community --device i910000:34
detrouthi i was curious if anyone knew what  battery life of ubuntu touch on a nexus 7 is like?01:01
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fatslangasek: ok i finally finished, the terminal shows "INFO:phablet-flash:Once completed the device should reboot into Ubuntu". it boots into android01:15
slangaseksergiusens: ^^ any thoughts?01:16
fatslangasek: did i have to wipe data/  factory reset01:17
slangasekfat: I don't know; I only have experience on the nexus devices, not on the community ports01:18
NoizeWould this technology be put into the Ubuntu Edge?01:18
sergiusensfat: what device was this?01:21
fatsergiusensL i9100. samsung galaxy s 201:22
sergiusensslangasek: I'll take it from here... may be a million things :-)01:22
sergiusensfat: what recovery image do you have?01:22
fatrecovery image: ?01:22
sergiusensfat: are you using stock android?01:22
fatsergiusens: yes01:22
sergiusensfat: well first step is to make your device flashable with recovery images01:23
sergiusensfat: that is not automated for various reasons01:23
fatsergiusens: alright i guess01:23
fatsergiusens: how should i do this01:24
sergiusensfat: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_i910001:25
sergiusensfat: please read that carefully01:25
sergiusensfat: ogra_ may log back on in a few hours and give you some advise on that01:26
sergiusensfat: he has that device01:26
fatsergiusens: im downloading cynanogenmod  10.1 201301:27
slangaseksergiusens: surely phablet-flash should error out earlier if it's failing to flash?01:30
sergiusensslangasek: I'm not sure I can figure out what recovery image people have... let me see01:31
AskUbuntuCan't the ubuntu mobile be heavily modified? | http://askubuntu.com/q/33038801:31
slangaseksergiusens: ah; so you're just pushing the image to the disk and relying on the recovery image to do something sensible with it when rebooted, right01:31
sergiusensslangasek: yes... the recovery images are scriptable01:32
Guest68418does Ubuntu Touch have "emergency" remote access to all users who use the OS, just like Google does with Android and Apple with iOS?01:32
fatscreenshot http://uploadnow.org/image/350042-Screenshot.png01:33
sergiusensslangasek: same concept is used on the image upgrade system01:33
sergiusensfat: if that screenshot is from before flashing the recovery image, that's expected01:34
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sergiusensGuest68418: given that locking isn't implemented at all yet (exposed), it should be today... the implementation is work in progress01:35
Guest68418sergiusens, does Canonical plan to have remote access to all Ubuntu Touch devices for security purposes, which is common on other OSes?01:39
sergiusensGuest68418: I don't know01:41
sergiusensI'm not sure I understand the question01:42
sergiusensor is this about pushing security updates01:42
sergiusensif so, yes... devices will be updated01:42
ryukafalzUbuntu's desktop releases update through the package manager, which is (optionally) user-initiated.  I would be surprised if Ubuntu Touch is significantly different.01:48
Nickhow is that news?01:50
ryukafalzGuest68418: That sounds like they're installing malware on the phones to do that, rather than using a built-in backdoor.  And if they're doing it at the firmware level there's nothing the OS can do about it.01:50
Guest68418on Android, check out the permissions on Google Services01:51
ryukafalzIt has access to pretty much everything, which... sounds pretty much right, given what it does01:54
sergiusensryukafalz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ImageBasedUpgrades01:54
ryukafalzalso "some of these permissions are available to Google Services Framework because it runs in the same process as Google Contacts Sync, Google Bookmarks Sync, Google Play services, Google Account Manager and Network Location"01:55
ryukafalzsergiusens: Hmm, interesting01:55
ryukafalzI do like this -> "We don't intend this to become the only way to update Ubuntu machines, and the use of apt/dpkg will remain supported with most devices having some kind of switch to opt out of image based updates and re-enable apt."01:56
detroutGuest68418: I  the user-visible use case for remote app install power is to pick something from google play in your desktop browser and have it install on your device.02:00
ryukafalzYep, that sounds about right02:02
ryukafalzI would be very surprised if Canonical had the same power over Ubuntu Touch though02:03
Guest68418Google, Apple and Microsoft all have these remote access capabilities02:03
ryukafalzYes, but Ubuntu Touch is (at least partially) a community project - and Canonical isn't a web services company that will install proprietary apps on every device02:05
Guest68418Canonical already installs Zeitgeist and Geoclue on Ubuntu... and also pushing for cloud computing with Ubuntu One02:05
ryukafalzThe closest thing they have to that is Ubuntu One, and in that case the client is open source02:05
detrouthonestly, if you're truely paranoid, you shouldn't be carrying a mobile phone02:05
detroutyou can be tracked just based on the phones connectivity to the cell towers02:06
ryukafalzGeoclue: LGPL.  Zeitgeist: LGPL.02:06
Guest68418the license is not relevant02:06
ryukafalzHonestly I don't care if my own phone is tracking what I do so long as it doesn't upload that somewhere else02:06
ryukafalzit is very relevant, because it means you can see exactly what it does02:07
Guest68418does Ubuntu Touch have Zeitgeist installed?02:07
detroutassuming the compiler wasn't compromised02:07
ryukafalzdetrout: Ahh, yes, there's always that.  And assuming the chips they're running on aren't backdoored as well. ;)02:08
ryukafalzRe: Zeitgeist, I don't know, I don't yet have a device that will run it.  Soon!02:09
ryukafalzAnyway even if it is installed, can't you just... disable it?02:11
ryukafalzand Zeitgeist does have privacy controls as well02:11
lkthomasno one interested buying Edge02:13
lkthomasthat's sad02:13
detroutpersonally i'm torn between jolla & edge.02:14
ryukafalzJolla doesn't look like it's coming to the US anytime soon, which for me is a bit of a dealbreaker02:15
* ryukafalz is on a silly US CDMA network02:15
ryukafalzwishing Ubuntu Touch ran on my CDMA Galaxy Nexus as well heh02:16
detroutI'm using an australlian N9 on US T-mobile02:16
ryukafalz(I mean, it does, but lack of radio support is meh)02:16
lkthomasI think before people pay money for a phone which doesn't exists before, get the software ready first02:17
lkthomasI have a doubt for the quality of software if it's not done yet02:17
detroutit would be nice to see shipped versions of either before handing over money02:18
detroutafter seeing the edge demo, it'd be nice to know what its battery life 'll be like.02:18
lkthomasdetrout: 1 hour ?02:18
lkthomasSilicon anode battery is new02:19
lkthomasthere should be a reason why other vendor didn't implement it02:19
detroutI was just going with only recently came out, they are targeting a mid-2014 release.02:20
lkthomastechnology itself isn't stable I think02:21
detroutthe current phones may have just been developed before the new technology was released.02:21
lkthomasBattery, if things go wrong it will blow your ass off02:21
lkthomasdetrout: all Li-ion battery technolody is patented by Sony02:21
detroutwonder if someone didn't want to play the licensing game then?02:22
lkthomasdeferred to 201502:23
lkthomasso you think it will be ready ?02:23
lkthomasif first phone ever build, and battery blow up, it will be game ovcer for ubuntu phone02:24
detroutit goes on to say amprius is shipping batteries02:24
Guest68418why would you prefer Ubuntu Touch over other alternatives02:25
lkthomasGuest68418: spec is strong02:25
lkthomasdetrout: long term usage haven't been tested yet02:26
lkthomascheck how many Li-ion battery blow up in last 10 years02:26
lkthomasespecially Dell laptop incident02:26
lkthomasit will be on fire by itself02:26
lkthomas128GB storage, do you really need that much ?02:27
detrouttheir goal is a hybrid phone/laptop02:27
detrout128 makes more sense in that case02:27
lkthomasdoes any word processing application could work with microsoft office on linux at all?02:28
lkthomasI am worry the format will offset02:28
detroutopen/libre office works almost as well as mac / windows MS office.02:28
lkthomasif so, desktop part wouldn't work02:28
lkthomasdetrout: really?02:29
detroutwell i'm being sneaky02:29
detroutthere are periodically issues sending files between different versions of word or different platforms of word02:29
detroutopen/libreoffice's compatibility is similar to the overall compatibility of word with different versions of itself.02:30
lkthomasso run Wine + Office 2012 ?02:31
powhatan-danJust an article I found02:31
detrouti doubt that'll work on the touch as its an arm cpu02:31
detroutunless some crazy person has ported wine to run windows phone binaries02:32
lkthomasso you want to run Wine on ARM platform ?!02:32
lkthomasyou are kind of out of mind :P02:32
detroutas i understand it there is a windows phone version of office02:32
lkthomasit's slow as crap on desktop already02:32
powhatan-danvery true02:33
lkthomasmy better bet would be running android emu with office for android running on edge02:33
detroutwhat I heard is the ms office android app kind of sucks and is mostly just a portal for office36502:33
lkthomasreally ? well that shit02:34
lkthomasUbuntu should learn from MIUI02:35
lkthomasMi before release their first phone, they build MIUI first02:35
lkthomasdoes that shitty microsoft ever make anything usable at all02:35
detroutnot any more02:36
lkthomastheir logic of "just work" doesn't fit the new era of expectation02:36
lkthomaswe, as linux guy, want perfect application and OS02:37
lkthomasin fact GUI application on linux still failing sometime02:37
powhatan-danWould it be spossible to install ubuntu touch and a htc droid eris02:45
powhatan-danOld phone02:45
AskUbuntuWhy force shutdown help Ubuntu recognize hp un2400 module instead of normal shutdown? | http://askubuntu.com/q/33041102:45
powhatan-danon a htc droid eris*02:45
powhatan-danIs it possible to install ubuntu touch on a htc droid eris?02:54
detroutpowhatan-dan: maybe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices will help?03:14
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asacjppiiroi1en: hi. installed ubuntu-sdk, started qtcreator, created simple touch app: running gives me error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5965295/06:47
asacon saucy that is06:48
dholbachgood morning06:52
asachi dholbach06:54
dholbachhi asac06:54
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dholbachI'm not quite sure... can somebody help make the auto-merger in https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change/+merge/177927 happy?08:30
diwicrsalveti, you're not up are you?08:40
diwicrsalveti, I think I'm onto something08:40
rsalvetidiwic: yes08:41
diwicrsalveti, I suspect that qmi_cci, in its call to get_property08:41
rsalvetiit gets the broadband value08:41
diwicrsalveti, does not reserve fully 92 bytes08:41
diwicfor the value08:41
seb128rsalveti, do you ever sleep?!08:42
rsalvetiseb128: I sleep in some weird timezones :-)08:42
diwicrsalveti, so strncpy in property_get_socket is overwriting stack memory08:42
rsalvetidiwic: hm, right08:42
rsalvetiI did see that it works with a previous version of libhybris08:42
diwicrsalveti, including a return address used later on08:43
Stskeepsdoesn't that small like what groleo spoke about earlier?08:43
Stskeepser, smell08:43
rsalveticould be, but I believe the version I tested didn't have that patch08:43
rsalvetiand was still crashing08:43
Stskeepsentirely possible my property_get was a tad broken too08:43
diwicrsalveti, ok. I'm going to change property_get_socket to not call strncpy with the full 92 bytes and see if that helps.08:44
rsalvetiactually the version I got had that patch in already, so it might indeed be the problem08:45
rsalvetidiwic: yup08:45
rsalvetidiwic: yup, you got it08:49
rsalveti-       strncpy(value, msg.value, sizeof(msg.value));08:49
rsalveti+       strncpy(value, msg.value, sizeof(value));08:49
rsalvetifixes it08:49
rsalvetiStskeeps: as suggested by groleo08:50
rsalvetilet me test it better and push a fix08:51
diwicsizeof(value) ?08:55
diwicrsalveti, isn't value a pointer, so sizeof(value) = 4 ?08:55
rsalvetiyeah, sorry, that was a quick diff, the real change I did on the device was checking the size of it properly08:56
diwicrsalveti, yeah, you need to do a strlen on msg.value08:57
rsalvetiyup, will change the code to verify value as well08:57
diwicqmi_cci seems to allocate about 32 bytes for the string, so it might be a typo, they wrote PROP_NAME_MAX instead of PROP_VALUE_MAX :-)08:59
rsalvetilet me flash latest08:59
rsalvetithere you go09:00
diwicrsalveti, let me know when you have it in a ppa and I'll download it and continue from there, no use in us duplicating that work09:06
rsalvetidiwic: sure, will push to the archive directly09:07
rsalvetidiwic: one thing we need to update at that ppa as well is the new telepathy-ofono09:07
rsalvetiwhich is the one now doing the audioflinger logic09:07
rsalvetiit was just pushed to the archive09:07
rsalvetiand afaik tiago added a build option to disable the audioflinger code path09:07
rsalvetiand a new ofono should land later today without that logic you had to remove for the ppa as well09:08
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Friday and happy Book Lovers' Day! :-D09:10
asacogra_: image going well?09:17
ogra_no .... as every day it will start at 10 UTC :P09:17
asacogra_: can we start it 3 hours earlier :)?09:17
ogra_but what doesnt run yet cant be bad either ;)09:18
asacrun it :)09:18
asachow can i run it?09:18
ogra_asac, only if daily-release moves 3h earlier09:18
asacwould love to just run it all the time on this other machine09:18
ogra_if i build now we might miss bits from it09:18
ogra_yeah, i would love that too :)09:19
ogra_just a constant loop of builds :)09:19
ogra_but i think even the calxeda builder is shared ... there are other images that build09:20
ogra_we cant steal all build power :)09:20
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asacogra_: did you push the 08 build?09:55
asacafter trying?09:55
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ogra_asac, yeah, its in your backlog :)10:04
dholbachI'm not quite sure... can somebody help make the auto-merger in https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change/+merge/177927 happy?10:06
dholbachogra_, good work on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ContainerArchitecture10:07
dholbachis this something which should be linked and mentioned in the porting guide10:07
ogra_dholbach, yeah, i'm still looking for a closing paragraph and wanted to add some stuff about maintaining the container10:07
ogra_but i think its already good enough10:08
dholbachogra_, any idea on what I could do regarding the merge proposal mentioned above?10:10
dholbachor anyone else could do?10:10
ogra_dholbach, well, seems like rsalveti needs to approve again10:12
dholbachrsalveti, yo yo!10:12
rsalvetidholbach: waiting someone from QA to approve it10:12
dholbachhum, he approved 5h ago10:12
dholbachahhh ok10:12
dholbachthat'd be plars?10:13
rsalvetidon't want to break any other qa logic that might be depending on it10:13
rsalvetidholbach: yeah, or doanac or gema :-)10:13
rsalveti<sergiusens> rsalveti: I also did https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/utah/phablet_flash_syntax/+merge/179318 and https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins/phablet-flash-new-syntax/+merge/17931710:13
rsalvetidholbach: ^10:14
dholbachI don't want to rush things, but it'd be AWESOME if it was landed today, so we could announce it at XDA DevCon with slightly easier instructions ;-)10:14
dholbachsergiusens, great work10:15
plarsrsalveti, dholbach: are you talking about https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change/+merge/177927 ? Both Andy and I marked it as approved10:16
dholbachoh yeah, that's right10:17
rsalvetiplars: sure, but wanted to make sure we're not breaking anything :-)10:17
rsalvetiif it's fine for you, I'll happrove it then10:17
dholbachyoohoo! champagne! :)10:17
plarsrsalveti: we'll make extra sure before actually upgrading it on our systems, but other than the minor comment I had that he said he would fix on the next revision I was good with it10:18
rsalvetidholbach: once merged you need to ping someone from didrocks's team to trigger the daily job for it10:18
rsalvetiso it can land in the archive10:18
rsalvetiplars: awesome10:18
dholbachdidrocks, gotcha10:19
dholbacherr, rsalveti: gotcha :)10:19
WebbyITHow can I try webbrowser app on pc? What are requirements?10:20
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cousteauAre there already specs of the Ubuntu Edge?  I'm interested in details such as battery lifetime10:28
ogra_how could there be if the final hardware is not defined10:28
ogra_the hardware will be chosen together with the founders that paid for the device ... within the frame that canonical has given and after reviewing bemchmarks for the different parts10:29
ogra_so you cant really predict such values ... but the aim is definitely to not be worse than any other current highend smartphone even with a lot higher performance10:31
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cousteauogra_, that's what I wanted to know, if the hardware was known or there were prototypes or something10:37
ogra_there are three prototypes .... but without any electronics10:37
cousteauanyway, is there any hint about the battery life?  i.e. is it expected to be longer/shorter/similar to other smartphones?10:38
cousteaue.g. if this is intended as an everyday phone it would probably have a similar batt lifetine10:38
ogra_well, people want to use it ... should be similar if not better than a current highend spartphone10:38
cousteauif it's intended as "I don't care the battery lasts 3 hours, I want POWER in my phone!" then probably shorter10:38
ogra_that wont be the case10:39
ogra_it should definitely last a day or more10:39
cousteauhowever there might be plans on "Let's make a damn long batt life! This is Linux and doesn't have <insert feature that kills batt life and Linux doesn't use>"10:39
ogra_battery life should be in the realm of any other smartphone ...10:40
cousteaue.g. I don't know if the Java virtual machine uses a lot of battery; maybe stuff like that could be avoided10:40
ogra_well, you cant avoid it in android ... the edge will be dual boot10:41
ogra_ubuntu touch doesnt ship any java by default currently10:41
cousteauI see10:41
cousteauthat's good10:41
cousteauit used HTML5-based applications, right?10:41
ogra_and Qt5/QML10:42
cousteaubut with a more open "Use whatever programming platform you want" policy10:42
cousteaukinda weird, since Ubuntu has always been more in the Gtk end10:42
ogra_thats changing currently10:42
ogra_the ubuntu touch interface is the base for the future desktop UI10:42
cousteauand will regular Ubuntu programs run there?10:43
asacogra_: the ubuntu touch interface is the base for the future of personal and mobile computing10:43
cousteauI don't kinda like the idea of a desktop UI being modeled after a touchscreen UI10:44
ogra_cousteau, the desktop wont change ...10:44
ogra_it will look and feel pretty much the same as today10:44
cousteauoh, so only the underlying API will10:44
ogra_just the implementation changes10:44
ogra_today it uses xorg and compiz and glue and duct tape ....10:45
ogra_soon it will be one proper stack based on Mir, Qt and QML on all UI form factors10:45
cousteauto be honest, I loved the old aspect; I haven't gotten used to Unity yet10:45
SuperMattanyone with experience putting touch on to the htc desire z?10:47
cousteauanother thing:  what about instant messaging programs?  I guess stuff like Empathy/Pidgin etc will be easy to install or even available by default, but are there plans to contact IM app developers to ask for an Ubuntu version?10:48
ogra_indeed there are10:49
SuperMatthuh, I *think* I've installed ubuntu to my htc desire z, but I just have a black screen right now10:53
cousteau...or will Canonical just wait until Google Talk takes over the world, and then use any XMPP client?10:53
SuperMattcould it be booting?10:53
SuperMattnothing happens when I hit the power button10:54
ogra_can you see it via adb ?10:55
SuperMatthow do I tell if I can see it?10:55
ogra_adb devices shoukd tell10:56
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SuperMattok, I'm back in to clockwork mod10:59
rsalvetixnox: check email, just exported the android tarball via phablet.u.c11:01
xnoxrsalveti: looking11:01
davmor2ogra_: glue and duck tape is that what they call nux nowadays ;)11:01
ogra_yeah :)11:01
xnoxrsalveti: cool. i have those rebased & i'll follow up.11:02
davmor2cousteau: google talk is dead, it's google hangouts now, and that doesn't use xmpp.  Plus they will possibly soon move over to the html5 video conf protocol that is being worked on in Firefox and Chrome.11:05
davmor2cousteau: as for im telepathy is built in so there is no reason why someone couldn't throw an app together11:06
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cousteauby just developing a telepathy plugin, right?11:07
xnoxdidrocks: i'd like to put android package under daily release. There are two parts to it: updating to latest android source code, and doing no change rebuild if (kernel,hybris,platform-api) change.11:07
cousteauI guess Google could do the same11:07
didrocksxnox: we need a bzr branch with packaging in split mode11:07
xnoxdidrocks: at the moment the new upstream android code is a tarball, but we can equally cron it to be available in a bzr branch.11:07
cousteau...or try to use the damn XMPP, I mean, there are already too many wheels to invent a new one!11:07
didrocksxnox: doing no change rebuild will need a manual trigger then (it's just pushing a button)11:07
ogra_didrocks, xnox, i'm not so sure thats a good idea11:08
didrocksxnox: yeah, please do that import ;)11:08
ogra_this package will get tons and tons of no change rebuilds11:08
ogra_since it pulls bianries from other packages during build11:08
dholbachdidrocks, do you think we can get a daily build done from lp:phablet-tools?11:09
ogra_i dont think daily-release is a good concept for such a package11:09
dholbachrsalveti, do we backport phablet-tools in a ppa every now and then?11:09
didrocksdholbach: I'll run one soon (testing the 3h-dailies)11:09
xnoxdidrocks: ok. I will make a branch. I guess it is no change rebuild that we will be after.11:09
didrocksdholbach: everything merged to trunk?11:09
* dholbach hugs didrocks11:09
* didrocks hugs dholbach back11:09
rsalvetidholbach: yes, sergiusens usually copies it to the ppa manually11:10
xnoxdidrocks: ogra_: i know that. hence it will be rate-limitted and/or on manual. But (a) it should be automated and (b) there should be multiple people who can pull the trigger.11:10
didrocksxnox: let's discuss that on Monday? quite busy with other moving parts and pings, I think a meeting with ogra, you will help to see exactly what is needed and what's the right strategy11:10
dholbachrsalveti, sweet - then I'll update the instructions on the wiki and in my blog11:10
cousteauactually, I don't see why would it be hard to make an IM service with support for MULTIPLE protocols11:10
xnoxdidrocks: ok. I'm at Debconf next week though =)11:10
xnoxdidrocks: but we can randevouz informally on irc to chat about it.11:10
didrocksyeah, let's do that :)11:11
ogra_didrocks, sounds good11:11
* xnox *rendezvous11:11
* xnox j'ai ne parle pas francais11:11
ogra_xnox, heh, you should have waited with your no change rebuild ... rsalveti just uploaded a new hybris11:21
xnoxogra_: in related things, how is the rootfs-ish-cdimage-ish branch[es] to use android package? do you need any changes in the package layout and by-products?11:21
xnoxogra_: *sigh*11:21
rsalvetino worries, this upload doesn't affect anything in the android side11:21
ogra_xnox, its in, the livefs builder already uses the imgs ... working on cdimage to switch from jenkins to the live builder ones today11:21
rsalvetijezz, this calxeda box is a beast11:23
xnoxogra_: awesome!11:24
xnoxogra_: for rebuilds i was thinking to do cunning tricks.11:25
ogra_heh, go ahead :)11:26
ogra_asac, 09 tests are running11:26
rsalvetidholbach: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change/+merge/177927 finally merged11:26
dholbachrsalveti, yep, pinged didrocks for a build already :-P11:26
rsalvetihaha, awesome11:27
dholbachrsalveti, and I updated the docs in a number of places already11:27
asacogra_: +111:27
dholbachbah, xda makes me wait 1-2 minutes in-between posts11:30
rsalvetidiwic: it's still giving:11:33
rsalvetiE/QMI_FW  (15717): QMUXD: WARNING qmi_qmux_if_pwr_up_init failed! rc=-311:33
rsalvetidiwic: but at least not crashing anymore :-)11:34
diwicrsalveti, okay, so one step further at least11:34
diwicrsalveti, are we sure that's a real failure or just something that does not matter?11:34
rsalvetidiwic: seems it's blocked, didn't even print the message to press something to exit11:35
rsalvetinew libhybris should be in main in a few minutes11:35
rsalvetialready in proposed11:35
rsalvetiand patch already upstream as well11:35
diwicrsalveti, thanks11:35
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=== jpetersen_ is now known as jpetersen
diwicrsalveti, will you be around for a few hours now or are you planning to get some sleep before the standup? :-)11:47
ogra_brazilians never sleep .... they only preteend to11:47
rsalvetidiwic: latest code also hangs when running from the android container, weird11:49
rsalvetilet me reboot it again11:49
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
rsalvetidiwic: will probably be up for a few more hours :-)11:49
rsalvetiI was supposed to have a quick nap yesterday, but had more than 5 hours before the usual time, so can't sleep now11:50
ogra_its all that starbucks coffee that kept you awake11:50
rsalvetihaha, yeah11:50
diwicrsalveti, it tries to do things with /dev/socket/qmux_radio11:50
diwicrsalveti, does that ring a bell?11:51
rsalvetidiwic: yeah, it talks with the modem via that socket afaik, could have permission errors somehow11:52
rsalvetibut I'm first trying your code from the android container11:52
rsalvetito see if it works there, your previous one was working fine though11:52
rsalvetifrom android http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966173/11:59
rsalvetiubuntu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966174/11:59
rsalvetiit's indeed blocked by qmuxd it seems11:59
rsalvetiafaik that was also the error that I had with gps11:59
diwicis qmuxd running inside the container?12:00
diwicit is12:01
diwiclet me guess, it's another proprietary daemon for which we have no source12:01
rsalvetiyeah :-)12:03
rsalvetilet me get strace from android12:03
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=== dednick is now known as dednick|lunch
rsalvetihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5966188/ strace from android12:05
diwicrsalveti, according to the strace, the audio HAL tries to make a socket /dev/socket/qmux_{radio|bluetooth|etc}_client_socket with permissions 0660.12:05
diwicrsalveti, can the qmuxd write to that from inside the container?12:05
rsalvetiI believe so12:06
rsalvetithe socket is shared12:06
rsalvetithere's a bind mount of /dev/socket which then android uses to create whatever socket it needs12:06
rsalvetithat's how ofono talks to rild as well12:06
diwicmain thread is stuck in pthread_cond_wait12:10
rsalvetiwhy it tries to connect to /var/run/nscd/socket?12:10
=== _salem is now known as salem_
rsalvetigetegid32()                             = 012:12
rsalvetigetgroups32(1, [0])                     = 112:12
evrsalveti: hi. If I'm not seeing the IMEI listed in list-modems, is that something you'd care about? I noticed your MP from a while back https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/phablet-extras/ofono-imei-revision/+merge/17122112:15
evpresumably I have that code, as this is ofono-scripts 1.12phablet1212:15
rickspencer3sounds like the new ARM builders are speeding things up a bit?12:15
evrickspencer3: that's what I've heard as well. infinity seemed quite happy with the new build times.12:16
ogra_rickspencer3, nah, only 4 times sfater ... not a bit ....12:16
ogra_.... A LOT !!!12:16
rsalvetiev: it works fine, but you need a sim card atm12:16
evrsalveti: hmm, why? The IMEI isn't tied to a SIM.12:17
rsalvetiev: I know, bug from our code12:17
evoh, right12:17
evI guess I can grab it from /dev/mmcblk0p19 for now12:17
evor just wait12:17
evis there a bug open for this?12:17
rsalvetidon't think we have one yet, we discussed it yesterday, and would need a few changes in ofono as we're not starting the modem if the sim card is not available (our current logic)12:18
rsalvetiev: feel free to open one against ofono12:18
* ev nods12:18
evwill do12:18
tmoenickemzanetti: ping12:18
SuperMatt*sigh* I'm still having no luck with installing on my htc desire z12:20
SuperMattit just rebooted in to android12:20
SuperMattmaybe I'm missing something12:20
SuperMattthe script is copying two files, device.zip and ubuntu.zip. Which one do I install?12:21
SuperMattI assume it's supposed to install automatically, but that's not happening12:22
evrsalveti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/121050212:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1210502 in ofono (Ubuntu) "Not possible to get the IMEI without a SIM" [Undecided,New]12:22
rsalvetidiwic: worked fine with my older hooks.c (from older hybris) \o/12:22
ogra_SuperMatt, first device, then ubuntu12:22
rsalvetidiwic: probably a wrong map in hooks, which is not needed12:22
SuperMattogra_: thanks12:22
diwicrsalveti, hmm, but mine hangs too12:23
diwicrsalveti, how old hooks.c ?12:23
rsalvetidiwic: right, the latest code hangs even when running in android12:23
rsalvetidiwic: before we rebased with upstream, but the list of extra mapped functions are not that big, will revert a few and try12:23
rsalvetidiwic: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966235/12:24
rsalvetithis is what I'm using to test12:24
rsalvetiworks fine at both ubuntu and android12:24
davmor2ogra_: back to waiting for awe then :(12:24
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
ogra_davmor2, for awe ? whets wrong ?12:24
rsalvetidiwic: I remember I had to remove one to get gps to work, which also used qmuxd12:24
rsalvetiso should hopefully have something in a few minutes12:25
davmor2ogra_: I'll give you a clue list-modems says I have one ifconfig say I don't12:25
diwicrsalveti, try this one too: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~diwic/pulseaudio/audio-mixer-touch/view/head:/test-voice-call/test-voice-call.c12:25
diwicrsalveti, when it works, audio's working in both directions, your version is only working in one direction12:26
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
ogra_davmor2, ifconfig is deprecated what does nmcli devices say :)12:26
davmor2ogra_: nmcli lists the gsm in a weird long number/context1 lots-of-numbers  connected never12:28
rsalvetidiwic: sure12:28
SuperMattogra_: I just get a black screen after installing device.zip and ubuntu.zip :(12:32
ogra_SuperMatt, is adb up ? can you connect ?12:32
SuperMattI have no idea what I'm doing wrong12:33
didrocksdholbach: rsalveti: you did ask before your branch was merged :(12:33
ogra_well, hard to tell without adb ...12:33
didrocksor is that sergio's branch?12:33
didrocksseems so from the scrollback12:33
didrocksso rev 150 in, manual publication because of packaging change in progress12:33
rsalvetididrocks: it was sergio's branch12:33
didrocksok ;)12:34
w-floSuperMatt, I guess you're using the images I created.. so.. make sure you wipe data before installing12:48
w-floSuperMatt, I should probably change the edify script so it checks if there's more than 700mb of free space before flashing12:49
sergiusensrsalveti: dholbach I don't copy manually anymore12:50
w-floif you're using the phablet-flash tool with "community" support, this should work: phablet-flash community --wipe -d vision12:51
rickspencer3ogra_, gema, am I reading it right, today is the ninth and the dashboard is looking reasonably good?12:51
rickspencer3for make and maguro?12:51
* ogra_ hasnt reloaded in a while ... one sec12:51
ogra_riboth regressed12:52
ogra_rickspencer3, both regressed12:52
rickspencer3ogra_, :/12:52
rickspencer3but it looks like the tests ran without intervention?12:52
ogra_that gives a better overview12:52
ogra_fail count has one more for maguro and 11 more for mako12:53
rickspencer391.3% and 86.8%12:53
rickspencer3ogra_, right, but it looks like the image built and the tests ran automatically12:54
ogra_they did, but i assume there are still races12:54
rickspencer3that seems like good progress :)12:54
rickspencer3ogra_, right, so now we need to make the tests not flaky12:54
ogra_thats what everybody tries since weeks :)12:54
sergiusensbzoltan: can you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins/phablet-flash-new-syntax/+merge/17931712:55
rickspencer3ogra_, well, it seems like getting the tests to run was a challenge for a while12:55
ogra_rickspencer3, for today we should just make sure that someone re-runs the failed ones to verify12:55
* rickspencer3 nods12:55
ogra_i think they still dont all run flawless12:55
rickspencer3and then if they pass on a rerun, it means the test is flaky and get them fixed12:55
rickspencer3sounds like there are 22 flaky tests, maybe :)12:56
ogra_no, not all the community app tests pass yet12:56
rickspencer3thanks ogra_ ... we're getting there12:56
rickspencer3ogra_, oh, I thought that was addressed12:56
dholbachdidrocks, it was merged when I asked?12:56
ogra_11 were broken yesterday ... i doubt that goes to 0 over night :)12:56
dholbachsergiusens, oh - I just wasn't sure if it was worth backporting12:56
didrocksdholbach: yeah, it's in distro already :)12:57
ogra_rickspencer3, but i'm not taking these into account for releasing atm (until they had 100% once)12:57
dholbachdidrocks, woohoo!12:57
ogra_gema, can someone re-run the failed tests ?12:58
Guest2581hey :D12:58
gemapsivaa: ^12:58
ogra_specifically unity8 on mako and camera on maguro i think12:59
sergiusensdholbach: it's sort of mandatory12:59
dholbachsergiusens, ok cool13:00
dholbachsergiusens, that'll simplify the documentation :)13:00
psivaagema: ogra_ that tests ran though in the prev run but rerunning now13:00
gemaogra_: meaning that they might have actual issues13:00
ogra_psivaa, right, thats whay i asked to re-run :)13:00
ogra_to verify that :)13:01
psivaaogra_: ack :), restarted the job. that's being blocked by some other job running on that device. will update once that's complete13:03
ogra_great, thanks13:03
Chocantoballoons: Pdf is ready, we can start creating tests for it13:05
sergiusensw-flo: care to give ogra_ your patch to the ubuntu install script you mention in the email?13:07
w-flosergiusens, ogra_  I've posted it to bug 1145984 a few weeks ago. it's probably outdated though, the current version is at https://github.com/w-flo/rootfs-modifier/tree/master/replacements13:09
ubot5bug 1145984 in touch-preview-images "ubuntu zip updater-script script should be smarter regarding the tar.gz copy" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114598413:09
w-floand as I mentioned, it fails to check if there's enough free space on /data which is a problem13:09
sergiusensw-flo: oh, rsalveti assigned to himself, will let him deal with it unless he changes the bug to be for me or ogra :-)13:10
rsalvetisergiusens: I can change anytime lol13:11
rsalvetifeel free to take it13:11
sergiusensrsalveti: taken13:12
dholbachogra_, are you happy with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ContainerArchitecture as it is right now?13:12
dholbachogra_, I was going to mention it in a couple of social media channels13:13
ogra_dholbach, yeah, as i  said above, i would like to add more stuff, but it is good enough for now13:13
ogra_go ahead13:13
dholbachrock on13:13
pmcgowansergiusens, hey how come phablete-flash with no args no longer gets the latest blessed?13:19
=== jhodapp|afk is now known as jhodapp
pmcgowansergiusens, there can still be a default no?13:19
psivaaogra_: unity8 on mako completed with not much of a change but camera tests on maguro reported all pass13:23
ogra_yeah, i expected that, we had the same issue yesterday13:23
ogra_Saviq, any idea whats wrong with unity8 on mako ? the test seems to completely fail13:24
sergiusenspmcgowan: did you see the email?13:28
pmcgowansergiusens, yes, that prompted my question13:28
sergiusenspmcgowan: not easily with positional arguments and blinding all others13:28
pmcgowansergiusens, really? no args cant default to the right thing?13:29
pmcgowansergiusens, ok no big deal, just struck me as odd13:29
sergiusenspmcgowan: well I can add that... but I don't like defaults13:30
sergiusenspmcgowan: given that it will change in two weeks13:30
pmcgowanaha the truth comes out13:30
sergiusenspmcgowan: ubuntu image based upgrades should be what we use then13:30
pmcgowanhmm, mostly yes13:30
sergiusenspmcgowan: and we had changing of the meanings of what the defaults were and had to send out an explanation every month now13:30
=== degville is now known as G-Morrison
MacSlowDoes anybody know what package I'm missing when I get "ERROR: Library 'libPVROGL.so' not found" while trying to run autopilot-tests on the device?13:46
MacSlowsounds like some OpenGL-part missing13:47
ogra_yeah, since there is no opengl on arm :)13:47
ogra_it sounds more fatal than it is, ignore it13:47
ogra_(you should see it doing all EGL bits just fine around that message in the logs)13:48
ogra_asac, so seems in todays image unity8 is broken on mako13:50
MacSlowogra_, ok... just wasn't sure if that's perhaps a cause for the errors I see in my ap-tests run on the device.13:51
MacSlowogra_, good to know I can ignore it13:51
rsalvetidiwic: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/libhybris/ubuntu/revision/5314:05
rsalvetidiwic: still getting a segfault when disconnecting though14:05
rsalvetiwill keep debugging14:05
diwicrsalveti, thanks14:11
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|afk
seb128jdstrand, hey, security question: are (confined) click apps going to be able to call dbus functions (I guess not)? specifically asking about getting the timezone through datetimed over dbus14:26
pmcgowanseb128, I think we should maybe do manual only until we can investigate timed and real NITZ support14:27
seb128pmcgowan, nitz/timed seems orthogonal, those are not going to work on a tablet or desktop14:27
jdstrandseb128: like files, access to dbus is default deny. some dbus calls will be available to all apps (eg, the hud), some will be in policy groups (eg online accounts)14:28
seb128pmcgowan, they only work if you have access to network (which supports it, which is not all isps iirc)14:28
pmcgowanseb128, we are focused on handset here no?14:28
pmcgowanand I think timed combines multiple elements, although I am not that familar14:28
seb128pmcgowan, that's a good point, I'm keeping the convergence in mind when we design solutions though14:28
pmcgowanrsalveti, may know more14:28
pmcgowansure, I know you have lots to do :)14:29
seb128pmcgowan, and we don't have timed in or close from being it from what I can see...14:29
jdstrandseb128: NITZ is not currently listed as a policy group. are all apps expected to have it, or just some?14:29
pmcgowanseb128, thats why I suggest punting for now14:29
seb128pmcgowan, the clock app needs that info14:29
seb128which is what makes me ask the question14:30
pmcgowanseb128, clock needs the info, but you are setting /configuringthe time and date14:30
pmcgowanclock should call some qt date function14:30
rsalvetitimed still needs investigation14:30
rsalvetiawe might be able to spend some time on it next week14:30
=== Namidairo`bnc is now known as Namidairo
pmcgowanrsalveti, I am voting to defer it until we have more time, but will leave it to you guys14:31
rsalvetiyeah, we need time to investigate timed :-)14:31
rsalvetiwe got some actions to at least review the code in there14:31
awersalveti, I'm in a meeting w/lool14:31
seb128pmcgowan, right, system settings is fine (we are not confined), I was asking to reply/comment on https://plus.google.com/u/0/115054251212417394181/posts14:32
rsalvetiawe: the airplane mode one?14:32
rsalvetiI wanted to join that one14:32
seb128pmcgowan, sorry, https://plus.google.com/u/0/115054251212417394181/posts/7iuHU2YP6ts14:32
rsalvetilool: awe: have link to hangout?14:33
loolrsalveti: join us!14:33
loolrsalveti: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/61771483d4dcf1393235e86e1cfe855c3242629b14:33
seb128pmcgowan, I don't see anything in http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtcore/qdatetime.html that gives you the current time, I guess you can do time-timeutc though to know if ofset and add location info to get the county though14:35
seb128pmcgowan, jdstrand: thanks, I'm going to reply with that14:35
pmcgowanseb128, its there14:36
seb128pmcgowan, well it doesn't tell you if you use Europe/Paris or Europe/Brussels14:36
seb128pmcgowan, but I guess they have location to get those infos14:36
pmcgowanseb128, let me look at what clock app is ding14:37
seb128dpm, nik90: ^ why do you need the timezone in clocks?14:37
ogra_world clocks ?14:38
seb128ogra_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Clock14:39
ogra_yeah, doesnt look like it lists other timezones14:39
pmcgowanseb128, looks like there is some work for 5.1 http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt-5-QTimeZone14:40
seb128pmcgowan, oh, that's nice14:41
pmcgowanseb128, I see they want to do like a world clock with multiple cities14:42
pmcgowanso they really need the offset data14:42
seb128pmcgowan, right14:42
pmcgowanseb128, so the app will need to do something special I think14:42
pmcgowanmaybe have its own db or get it from the internet14:42
seb128pmcgowan, yep, the initial question was "is it going to be able to do that under click restrictions"14:43
pmcgowanseb128, right, I'd guess not14:43
seb128but it's one of core apps14:43
seb128so maybe we can make it privileged14:43
pmcgowanseb128, I see the idea now, but seems simpler to just include the data with the app14:45
pmcgowanor use a webservice14:45
pmcgowanseb128, but your work will not help them14:46
ogra_relying on a webservice for a core app doesnt sound ideal14:46
seb128pmcgowan, indeed not, thanks for the infos14:46
seb128pmcgowan, I will watch the qt timezone stuff, that's still interesting work14:46
pmcgowanseb128, lots of promises14:47
seb128ogra_, right, especially if you want to use it e.g in the plane to know what time it will be when you land in SF14:47
rsalvetidiwic: so I guess the other crash is not related with hybris itself, for some reason when you run the test from ubuntu, it gets 2 device in it's own internal devlice list14:51
rsalvetibut the second one is not initialized properly, so when it tries to erase the device, it crashes14:51
diwicrsalveti, hum14:52
rsalvetiI'll push the updated libhybris as that improves the situation at least14:52
diwicrsalveti, what device list?14:52
rsalvetidiwic: http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_audio.git;a=blob;f=alsa_sound/AudioHardwareALSA.cpp;h=8b18f2ba1fa962cd1c316313114239362b951682;hb=refs/heads/phablet-saucy#l20514:52
rsalvetithis is where the crash is happening14:53
rsalvetiI just added a simple print while iterating the list14:53
rsalvetiand I can see that when started from android, it just iterate once14:53
rsalvetiand when started from ubuntu, it has an extra iteration14:53
diwicrsalveti, all right, thanks for the pointer - I'll debug this on Monday if you don't resolve it today14:54
rsalvetidiwic: I guess I'm mostly done for the day14:54
rsalvetidiwic: you can easily debug that if you have the android build system available14:54
diwicrsalveti, at least it is something we have source code for14:55
diwicrsalveti, sudo apt-get install android-build-system? :-)14:55
rsalvetinot yet, but let me get you the instructions for that :-)14:55
rsalvetidiwic: will send an email after our sync explaining how to set that up locally14:55
diwicrsalveti, much appreciated. Also, your explanation emails have always been very easy to understand and thorough, I appreciate that too14:56
rsalveticool, np14:57
diwicrsalveti, btw, a quick question; I corrected an URL in ubuntu-touch-pulseaudio-saucy meta/seedpackage, should that change go in some branch somewhere, or do we just track it in the package?14:57
rsalvetidiwic: what was the change?14:58
rsalvetithat's basically a fork of the official touch seeds/meta14:58
rsalvetiso if it's common, you can also fix the official one14:59
diwicrsalveti, it was the url to the pulseaudio ppa, so not in the official one14:59
rsalvetioh, right, then it's fine to track only there14:59
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
loolawe, cyphermox: Hmm I just realized that we need a GetState() function15:03
loollike IsCellularOn() in oFono or something like that15:03
awelool, we'll handle it!15:03
awethe current rfkill api may need some re-work15:04
=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
diwicChickenCutlass, the current recommended way to mute/unmute is "sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-utils" and then "pactl set-sink-mute 0 toggle". Check the sink index and the current mute status with "pactl list sinks".15:10
loolawe, cyphermox: Ok, updated gdoc15:10
ChickenCutlassdiwic, ok thanks15:10
dpmseb128, world clock -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Clock#Design (specifically, the direct link is http://design.canonical.com/2013/03/app-patterns-applied-clock-key-journeys/)15:12
ogra_dpm, to bad thats not actually listed on the wikipage :)15:13
awelool, cyphermox, you  guys OK with the blueprint name "ubuntu-touch-device-power"?15:14
awelool I'll list you as approver15:14
dpmogra_, it is -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Clock#Design15:14
cyphermoxawe: yes15:14
ogra_dpm, it doesnt say "world clock" anywhere there15:15
ogra_i see it on the subpage15:15
loolawe: hmm flight-mode or airplane-mode would have been more explicit, but I don't care much  ;-)15:15
ogra_dpm, i think it should be listed under functional reqs.15:15
ogra_or in an "additional functional reqs." section15:16
awelool, sure... although as we discussed, this actually allows individual device power control15:16
dpmogra_, "it's a wiki" :P15:16
awelool, I haven't created it yet, so can certainly use the name "ubuntu-touch-flight-mode"15:16
dpmjust kidding15:16
ogra_i would have added it, but it says explicitly not to :)15:16
dpmdamn :)15:17
jdstrandricmm: hey, what should I do to flash a mir-based image (as opposed to surface flinger)?15:20
ricmmjdstrand: s-jenkins:8080/job/ubuntu-touch-phablet-image-saucy-mir15:22
ricmmgrab the .zip from there, and flash that one instead of the rootfs from the default images15:22
RonnieI got a viewsonic viewpad and I want ubunto on it15:23
Ronniecould anyone help me?15:23
jdstrandricmm: ack, thanks :)15:24
Ronnieis it compaptible with it?15:25
ogra_Ronnie, see if it is on the devices aikipage15:27
ogra_!devices | Ronnie15:27
ubot5Ronnie: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:27
ogra_Ronnie, if it isnt, i fear you will have to port it yourself or find someone with the device who wants to do this15:27
ricmmjdstrand: I hvent tried today's image, hopefully it works15:32
=== rtg is now known as rtg-afk
ricmmunless some Mir landing broke ABI :)15:32
ricmmping me otherwise15:32
=== marcoceppi is now known as marcoceppi|away
plarsballoons: bug #121057115:52
ubot5bug 1210571 in Ubuntu RSS Feed Reader App "test_rssreader.TestMainWindow.test_add_remove_feed_and_topic failure on devices" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121057115:52
plarsballoons: I closed the yaml parsing one on rssreader, as it appears you fixed that already :)15:52
plarsSaviq: I was told you are looking at the unity test failures on mako? any ideas?15:55
Saviqplars, mterry is trying, I don't have a mako15:58
Saviqplars, but no, no ideas15:58
doanacsergiusens: bad news. I've discovered a bug in the latest phablet-flash15:59
doanacwhen using --ubuntu-bootstrap you lose the ability to pass "-s <android serial>"15:59
sergiusensdoanac: which one?15:59
sergiusensdoanac: oh, let me fix that16:00
doanacsorry, i only tested our traditional stuff yesterday16:00
sergiusensdoanac: np, https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/common_options_ubuntu_system/+merge/17949116:09
doanacsergiusens: i'll give it a quick test now16:09
doanacsergiusens: so "--wipe" isn't needed/supported for the --ubuntu-bootstrap option?16:11
sergiusensdoanac: feel free to HApprove once feeling good ... --wipe is the default16:11
doanacsergiusens: ah. okay16:12
sergiusensdoanac: there is no optional --wipe there :-)16:12
doanaccool. I'll patch utah for that then. thanks16:12
balloonsplars, yea, the rss reader stuff is a tough nut to crack as development is still very active16:17
plarsballoons: this one looks like it just hit some data it was having trouble converting to ascii, maybe just a different rss feed would help?16:21
iBelieveWhere can I find the meeting logs from yesterday's File Manager meeting? I don't see any meetings at all since August 2nd in http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-touch-meeting/2013/16:22
iBelievemhall119, do you know where I can find meeting logs from yesterday? ^^^16:28
balloonsiBelieve, how's the action dialog fixes for file manager coming along?16:38
iBelieveballoons, I think they're fixed. I just switched to developing on 13.10, so I need to install autopilot to check. I'll let you know in a minute16:40
balloonsiBelieve, excellent. I'm happy to approve / test  / and push16:41
doanacsergiusens: sorry. I should just test this end-to-end. but there's a new problem with --ubuntu-bootstrap:16:42
doanacERROR:phablet-flash:'module' object has no attribute 'ubuntu_recovery_script'16:42
pulu90Hello. Is here someone who has been able to install touch on Desire Z?16:45
pulu90I think I'm doing what it says here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/flipped_vision16:46
pulu90but my screen stays very blank after boot16:46
iBelieveballoons, the one test I just ran (copy file just passed), I'll run them all and let you know16:49
iBelieveballoons,  ** the one test I just ran (copy file) just passed, I'll run them all and let you know16:49
Saviqplars, asac, no input goes through to unity8 tests16:51
Saviqmterry is filing a bug16:51
Saviqfor autopilot16:51
Saviqit might also be somewhere lower in the stack16:52
plarsSaviq: just on mako though? It seems the tests passed on maguro16:52
Saviqplars, yeah16:53
mterrySaviq, plars: bug 121059616:54
ubot5bug 1210596 in Autopilot "Touch broken on nexus4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121059616:54
Chocantoballoons: We can start wrinting test for the pdf viewer16:54
balloonsiBelieve, :-) mp when your ready16:54
balloonsChocanto, sweet!16:54
Saviqmterry, thanks!16:55
mterrySaviq, thanks for walking me through debugging it.  Not used to the touch stack16:55
balloonsChocanto, so let's go look at the outstanding bugs for tests and docviewer quickly16:57
Chocantoballoons: We can do 3 tests16:58
iBelieveballoons, what does "mp" mean?16:58
balloonsiBelieve, merge proposal :-p16:58
balloonsChocanto, ok, so I want to see everything we can do to confirmed, and the rest to blocked to make it obvious16:58
iBelieveballoons, ah. Anyway, 3 tests failed with this error: State not found for class with name 'ActionSelectionPopover' and id '31'.16:59
Chocantoballoons: You have all tests here too : https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/initial-docviewer-development16:59
Chocantoballoons: ok :)16:59
balloonsChocanto, true true.. I guess we can't set the bugs to blocked :-)16:59
Chocantoballoons: Yes ^^'17:00
ChocantoI don't really know which status put17:00
=== rtg-afk is now known as rtg
iBelieveballoons, do you know why that is happening? Here is the traceback: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5967005/17:01
balloonsiBelieve, we JUST launched integration bits for action popovers into the sdk itself, which will be nice. That said, push your branch if you need help. The 'ActionSelectionPopover' code is in your emulators.py file17:02
balloonsiBelieve, ohh, that's different than I expected17:02
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOW
iBelieveballoons, I just got a bug email saying LP #1205205 was fixed in the Ubuntu UI tookit. Does that have anything to do with it?17:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 1205205 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Move the ActionSelectionPopover autopilot emulator from ubuntu-filemanager-app" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120520517:03
iBelieveballoons, the branch is lp:~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/sidebar, but it has a lot more than just the tests in it.17:03
balloonsiBelieve, k17:07
balloonsiBelieve, yes that's the bug.. but it shouldn't be causing issues, just something to note :-017:07
cleptoHello, i'm trying to create a popup when a button is clicked but i get an error QObject::connect: Cannot connect QQuickShaderEffectSource:: to ShapeItem_QML_41::onImagePropertiesChanged()17:18
iBelieveclepto, I get that too, on all popovers, no matter what. I think that is a problem in the SDK. Is it preventing you from doing anything?17:23
iBelieveballoons, so what should I do to fix the bug? I'm not familiar enough with the new way of doing autopilot tests17:23
cleptoiBelieve: it doesn't show my popup correctly but maybe its my fault, i'll check it17:24
balloonsiBelieve, looking17:25
iBelieveclepto, that's most likely it, since I've had trouble getting it to render correctly to. Are you using a column or something? Try anchoring the contents to the top, left, and right of the popover.17:25
nik90iBelieve: finally I found you. Did you ping me yesterday?17:26
iBelievenik90, yep17:26
iBelievenik90, about your blog. I can't directly contribute to it since I don't have my own email address and my parents already use the email address for blogging.17:26
balloonsiBelieve, ohh.. lookey there..17:26
iBelievenik90, would you be able to automatically pull in posts from a wordpress blog, since I have one? Or if you want, I could just email you posts.17:27
nik90iBelieve: ah. About importing the posts from wordpress, I can find out if blogger has that facility. Otherwise email would do as well.17:28
nik90iBelieve: let me find out and let you know.17:28
iBelievenik90, thanks, and nice blog. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you about it sooner, I've been very busy lately17:28
nik90iBelieve: no worries, I understand.17:29
nik90iBelieve: I checked out your ubuntu task app. Looking good17:29
iBelievenik90, thanks :) I saw your post on Google+. Looking forward to a review of it!17:30
nik90iBelieve: :)17:31
balloonsiBelieve, I think your autopilot is out of date17:31
balloonsiBelieve, try updating and try again. I get a different failure than you and the message your getting is from autopilot17:31
iBelieveballoons, can't be. Just installed it today from the PPA on 13.1017:31
iBelieveballoons, unless I'm not supposed to use the PPA on 13.10?17:32
balloonsiBelieve, then there's a bug :-) autopilot --version17:32
nik90iBelieve: on a quick search on google, I wasn't able to find any importer from wordpress. Can you just send it by email and I will post on your behalf.17:32
balloonslet's compare17:32
iBelieveballoons, 1.3.1+13.10.20130809.4bzr310saucy017:32
iBelievenik90, okay, I'll email the first post later today17:32
balloonsiBelieve, indeed I'm still on yesterday: 1.3.1+13.10.20130808bzr307saucy017:33
balloonslet me update and see if I hit the bug :-_)17:33
sergiusensdoanac: sorry, forgot to push share-> https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/uibu_script_fixes/+merge/17950417:33
nik90balloons: the branch you were waiting on has been merged into sdk. I will check if jenkins find any issues with it.17:33
balloonsiBelieve, updating.. just to confirm you were running ubuntu_filemanager_app.tests.test_filemanager.TestFolderListPage.test_cut_file?17:34
* balloons pauses update to confirm17:35
iBelieveballoons, yes, that is the test17:35
balloonsk, one sec I will run again and confirm . iBelieve my old traceback is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5967110/17:36
balloonsalthough looking at it now, that means I didn't get to your line, heh17:36
balloonsshoot.. conspiracy shot17:36
cleptodo we have any tutorial for ubuntu touch sdk and qml?17:37
balloonsiBelieve, so I helped the test out.. it's clicking the folder too fast on my box and not registering.. anyways, I got your error now17:37
balloonsiBelieve, so anyways we can workaround it.. the waitFor is intended to wait until the object is good.. we can do our own assert to do the same thing17:38
iBelieveballoons, that's interesting about clicking too fast... autopilot has issues clicking the Up button as well - I wonder if it is related?17:39
iBelieveballoons, I'll try an assertThat17:39
balloonsiBelieve, yea, assert that Eventuall(notequals(none)))17:39
balloonson the object.. it's the same.. although sorry in this case it's that the visible property goes to false.. so eventually(equals(false)))17:40
iBelieveballoons, same error17:41
balloonslol, can't be the same error17:41
iBelieveballoons, I think I realized what the problem is!17:42
iBelieveballoons, Because of changes in the SDK, I had to move the ActionSelectionPopover's into Components, so the instance is probably being deleted when it gets closed17:42
iBelieveballoons, that would explain why the state can't be found, because the popover instance got deleted17:43
balloonsahh.. it's simply checking for it to go away17:43
iBelieveballoons, so what test should I use instead?17:43
doanacsergiusens: thanks. will test shortly.17:45
balloonsiBelieve, self.assertThat(self.main_view.get_folder_actions_popover, Eventually(Equals(None)))17:46
cleptohow can i switch view (open a different qml file)?17:47
iBelieveballoons, just tried that, it works! thanks for all the help17:47
balloonsiBelieve, I'm concerned about timing in that testcase still17:47
balloonsneeds something between the cut and the open17:47
mhall119iBelieve: I dont think there were meetings yesterday17:48
balloonsiBelieve, I would add a check in the _do_action_on_file function.. the same check at the bottom.. Make sure that popup is closed17:49
balloonscan't do anything until it is17:49
balloonsit works for me after doing that17:49
iBelievemhall119, thanks for info. I was involved in my Showdown app, and totally forgot about the File Manager meeting17:53
iBelieveballoons, I'll do that. I just ran all the tests again, and one failed in the _do_action_on_file function, saying that the ActionSelectionPopover was None. Maybe I should add a test to wait for it to open?17:54
balloonsiBelieve, yes, I like asserting that I get all my objects. self.assertThat(self.main_view.get_folder_actions_popover, Eventually(NotEquals(None)))17:55
balloonsmaking it go away is weird, because normally we use visible, but it makes sense.. it goes away upon close17:55
iBelieveballoons, yeah, all the tests pass!18:02
balloonsiBelieve, :-)18:02
balloonstime to merge? <318:02
iBelieveballoons, as soon as I set up my user info for bzr, since I recently switched to 13.1018:03
mamenyakacan someone help me with flipping? I have eglInitialize(0x1) failed (EGL_BAD_ALLOC)18:09
iBelieveballoons, the branch is ready, if you want to review it (though it has a lot of other stuff other than autopilot tests) :https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/sidebar/+merge/17878318:44
iBelievemhall119, I've got 3 merge requests for File Manager, could you review them if you have time?18:45
iBelievemhall119, they are https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/advanced-options/+merge/175440, https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/sidebar/+merge/178783, and https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/fix1202819/+merge/17880418:47
balloonsiBelieve, kk, I'll look at ap tests in a moment18:48
mhall119iBelieve: I'm out of town at the XDA conference until next week, sorry18:53
mhall119iBelieve: are carlos and arto not reviewing your MPs?18:53
iBelievemhall119, no, they're not. Arto said in the last meeting that he doesn't have much time to follow development except for throwing emails back and forth19:00
boikofginther: hi, is there a way for me to create an account on the jenkins that runs the ubuntu-calculator-app CI and autolanding?19:36
boikofginther: or how do I trigger a rebuild on a failed CI job?19:37
balloonsiBelieve, does this need to land? https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/advanced-options/+merge/17544019:53
cleptoMy app uses a database to store values but every time I run the app the database is empty (i think), is there any way to not lose the database/20:15
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
vladbotis there anybody out there?21:46
matzipanRobbyF: hi :P21:56
matzipanvladbot: is now21:56
RobbyF:-] hello21:56
vladbotI was just having some problems installing Ubuntu Touch and was looking for help21:56
RobbyFwhich device?21:57
vladbotSamsung Galaxy nexus 321:57
vladbotversion 4.321:57
RobbyFI have the same version, I can't get it to work.21:58
RobbyFI was going to try and build it, but i'm no dev.21:58
vladbotI was following the wiki instructions and got as far as step 421:58
vladbotit will not accept the command phablet-flash -b21:59
matzipanvladbot/robbyF: tried looking into the mailing list?21:59
matzipanmaybe someone already solved it?21:59
vladbotnot yet21:59
RobbyFI was on the wiki and XDA21:59
RobbyFnothing since a month before the flipped images21:59
vladbotI may try again in the morning22:00
matzipandid so many things change since then?22:00
vladboti don't think so22:00
vladboteverything was working fine until the last command to install Touch22:00
RobbyFwell android is on top of ubuntu now22:01
matzipanRobbyF: i know, but it should be bascially the same, shouldn't it?22:01
RobbyFlet's clarify things here., vladbot https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install step 4 on this page?22:02
vladbotthat is the wiki I used22:04
RobbyFthat won't work for the S322:04
RobbyFit will only for for the supported devices above step 122:05
RobbyFit needs to be ported.22:05
aaronbishopis it possible for someone to help me with touch installation?22:25
vladbothey Robby22:29
vladbotare you still there?22:29
aaronbishopvlad do you know how to install touch?22:30
aaronbishopi need help with just one step22:30
vladboti am just in the process of installing22:31
vladbotthe wiki is working fine until step 422:31
vladbotwhat step are you on?22:31
aaronbishopyeah i don't know where to type in phablet-flash -d22:31
aaronbishopthrough some adb command line?22:31
vladbotthat seems to be the wrong command22:31
aaronbishop"too few arguments"22:32
vladbotI am just going through my terminal to find the actual command22:32
aaronbishopi think what we need to do is navigate to the tools directory of the adb22:33
aaronbishopvia terminal22:33
vladbottry the following command:  phablet-flash cdimage-touch22:33
matzipanisn'tisnt' phablet-flash a separate tool?22:33
aaronbishopdon't really know.22:34
vladbotyes, but with the command it should detect your device, download the correct version of tourch and execute the install22:34
aaronbishopyou have to download touch?22:35
aaronbishopi thought it came preloaded22:35
vladboti thought so too, but it didn't work22:36
vladbotit seems you have to download it22:37
vladbothave you tried the command?22:37
aaronbishopthe flash command?22:37
aaronbishopi get "too few arguments"22:37
vladbotdid you try the one I gave you?22:38
aaronbishophow sure are you about it? because fucking up can brick the phone..22:38
wilee-nilee!language | aaronbishop22:38
ubot5aaronbishop: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:38
vladbotnot that sure22:39
aaronbishopfair enough..22:39
vladbotI don't mind bricking it22:39
vladbotYou can always restore22:39
aaronbishophey i tried it, it seems to be working.22:39
aaronbishopit asked if i was sure22:39
aaronbishopi said yes22:39
aaronbishopit says device not found..22:39
vladbotis your device connected in USB debug mode?22:40
aaronbishopits on the bootloader screen22:40
aaronbishopand yes when it was on android it was in debug mode22:40
vladbotadb devices command should show you if you have a device connected22:40
aaronbishopbut now its on the bootloader22:40
aaronbishopit showed no device22:41
vladbotyou have to start up the device not on the bootloader22:41
aaronbishopso on android?22:41
aaronbishopoh yes22:41
aaronbishopi read the touch/install wrong22:42
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
aaronbishopmust NOT be in bootloader screen22:42
aaronbishopi see..22:42
aaronbishopokay it shows22:42
vladbottry now22:42
aaronbishopoooo its doing things :D22:42
aaronbishopin fact, its 11% done doing things22:42
aaronbishopthanks for your help22:43
aaronbishophelp is good.22:43
vladbotgood luck and enjoy the phone22:43
aaronbishopwhat do you do?22:43
aaronbishopas in.. is it your job to help here or are you just on here?22:44
vladboti am an Enterprise Architect / geek22:47
aaronbishopwell as far as occupation im a Social Media Analyst.. but i'm an 18 year old college kid playing with his phone :D22:48
vladbotso in other words, you are also a geek22:49
aaronbishopif i asked you a couple questions about touch would you know?22:49
aaronbishopyes haha22:49
vladbotnot really.  I am installing it for the first time myself22:49
aaronbishopfor sure.22:49
aaronbishopit will automatically associate itself with the cell towers i normally use with tmobile, and my phone number though22:50
vladbotit should, although you may have to go and input APN settings manually22:50
aaronbishopno idea what APN is22:50
aaronbishopi tend to learn these things as i go22:50
vladbotIf you didn't note down the APN settings before you started you can find them online22:50
aaronbishopdo you know anything about getting LTE on nexus 4? I heard it's possible.22:51
vladbotAPN settings tell the phone which cell provider to use and how to connect22:51
aaronbishopsounds relevant to getting LTE22:51
vladbotI am afraid not22:51
aaronbishopfair enough22:51
aaronbishopany ease of use features built into Ubuntu that work will Touch?22:52
aaronbishopyou know; how mac works perfect with iphone and whatnot?22:52
aaronbishopwork with* touch22:52
vladbotwell as far as Linux goes Ubuntu is my favorite and it really works well22:53
vladbotTouch is a cut down version of the operating system for mobile22:53
aaronbishopsame here, i keep a dual boot but i find myself on ubuntu much more often22:53
vladbotI have all three main Operating Systems22:53
aaronbishopwhat're the other two?22:53
vladbotActually four, but if I had to pay for one I woul be running Ubuntu22:53
aaronbishopi just run Ubuntu and W722:54
vladbotI have Mac, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and Chrome22:54
aaronbishopAll on one system?22:54
vladbotno; on four differnt machines22:54
aaronbishopI was gonna say, apparently I can only have 5 partitions and ubuntu takes up two and windows one or do22:55
aaronbishopone or two*22:55
aaronbishopI wanted to put 3 or 4 on one system :p22:55
vladbotyou could run all of them as virtual machines22:56
vladbotthat way you could have all four in one22:56
aaronbishopso the process finished, but i got a couple errors22:56
aaronbishop"WARNING:phablet-flash:The device needs to have a clockwork mod recovery image (or one that supports extendedcommands) in place for the provisioning to work"22:56
aaronbishopINFO:phablet-flash:Restarting device... wait error: device not found ERROR:phablet-flash:Command 'adb reboot recovery' returned non-zero exit status 122:57
aaronbishopany ideas?22:57
aaronbishopwait so the command you gave me22:59
aaronbishopit just downloaded it onto my computer?22:59
aaronbishopdidn't put it on the device?22:59
vladbotwhat device do you have?23:01
aaronbishopnexus 423:01
vladbotI have the older version.  I am now trying the manual installation as per the Wiki instructions23:02
aaronbishopill try it too haha23:06
aaronbishophow do i tell what cdimage is for my hardware23:07
aaronbishopit gives the example of nexus 7.23:07
aaronbishopbut .23:07
aaronbishop saucy-preinstalled-system-armel+mako.img   maybe?23:09
aaronbishopthe name of mine is mako i think23:09
aaronbishopnvm i think i figured out which one23:11
aaronbishopany luck vladbot?23:18
vladbotyes that is correct23:20
vladbotNo luck.  Had to do another factory reset23:20
vladbotI am supposed to be on vacation and it is 02:20 in the morning here23:21
vladbotI might just go to sleep and continue tomorrow after the beach23:21
aaronbishopIt wants me to copy files while it's in recovery mode, yet when it's in recovery adb cannot contact it.23:21
vladbotsimilar problem here23:26
vladbotyou have to copy the files before it is in recovery mode23:26
vladbotI think that is a mistake with the instructions23:26
aaronbishopI did that..23:33
aaronbishopthis sucks.23:33
aaronbishopI'm going to get 13.1023:33
vladbothere is a good video to watch ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnS19EPnezo23:35
vladboti discovered that the command is actually phablet-flash -b -l23:36

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