daftykinscat /proc/cpuinfo00:00
daftykinscat /proc/meminfo00:00
Adriannomspeaking of bad memory i tested the ram and that's fine00:00
daftykinssounds like you're using the nouveau graphics driver then?00:00
AdriannomAMD Phenom(tm) II X2 555 Processor, 8gb ram00:00
Adriannomwhich one is that?00:00
Adriannomchecking which one now00:01
daftykinsit's the open source nvidia one which'll be in use if you didn't install the nvidia proprietary00:01
daftykinsoh ok that's the official nvidia proprietary one then00:01
Adriannomit's nvidia proprietary00:01
daftykinswas that offered through additional-drivers?00:01
daftykinsif it showed any other versions, i'd be tempted to switch around and experiment00:02
Adriannominterestingly it seems like the problem occurs more frequently with sites like facebook, so i wonder if it's related to any kind of plugin00:02
Adriannomalso it seems to have trouble with fullscreen youtube sometimes00:02
Adriannomon one of my monitors... not the other00:02
Adriannomsorry, i should define trouble... i meant the video is quite choppy fullscreen00:03
Adriannomprobably unrelated i guess00:05
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Adriannomactually... maybe it's compiz...00:05
daftykinswell fullscreen would try and use accelerated video rendering/decoding00:06
daftykinsthat it certainly could be00:06
daftykinsif it leaves browser windows looking white and empty, that'd be a likely MO00:06
Adriannomdamn gnome fallback for not having an alt-tab :P00:06
Adriannomi'll remove compiz and see if that works, thanks for helping diag daftykins :)00:09
ali1234fnome fallback does have alt-tab00:48
ali1234it's compiz that doesn't - when you use it outside of unity, you bare a totally bare config with no plugins enabled00:49
ali1234also "failure to redraw windows" is a compiz bug too00:50
ali1234specifically one that affects the nvidia driver00:50
daftykinsis it not genuinely worth having the person not quit to keep commenting?00:50
daftykinsoops s/genuinely/generally/00:51
ali1234well he might come back00:52
diddledannagios/icinga is noisy when you're reconfiguring stuff00:53
diddledandon't say "use the downtime feature" because I'm setting it up with a new system without losing the old working system until I'm sure they're reporting the same statuses00:54
diddledanI guess I should have turned off the notifications until I know it's set up00:56
diddledanI only thought about that _after_ I had over 2000 emails in my gmail inbox00:57
ali1234at least with gmail it's easy to clean up01:59
diddledanwhy didn't I go to bed last night?!04:31
diddledangotta toddle off to work in a couple hours04:31
diddledanI guess I'll be on the tea, hardcore04:31
diddledansomething weird happened to saucy - needed me to manually install ubuntu-system-settings to clear out dependency issues04:39
diddledanok, now it seems to be removing every package I've got on the system04:42
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diddledanI think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and reinstall05:45
shaunolol @ hardcore tea05:46
diddledanyeah, coffe is for wimps05:46
diddledanthe good news is I think I got icinga running nicely05:48
shaunoso now it's just everything else that's broken ?05:49
diddledan28 critical services listed, 10 unknowns and 6 warnings05:49
shaunogotta catch 'em all ;)05:50
diddledanjust made a change which should eliminate the 10 unknowns05:51
diddledanergh, looks like it's just changing them to criticals05:52
diddledanok, nrpe hadn't restarted05:53
MooDoohello all and happy birthday davmor206:03
diddledanthis looks like a nice cabinet: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Customer-Service-Demo-Reception-Free-Standing-Computer-Solution-Kiosk-/130961146980?pt=UK_Computing_DesktopPCs&hash=item1e7de4846406:39
MartijnVdSdiddledan: shiny07:19
MartijnVdSdiddledan: keyboard seems worn07:20
diddledandamn, the company I work for has run out of IP Addresses in one of our datacentres - we really need to rebalance things08:00
MartijnVdSipv6 time :)08:00
diddledanI keep suggesting it08:01
MartijnVdSwell you won't be getting any more IPs from RIPE08:01
MartijnVdSunless you have an IPv6 transition plan (and even then you get a very small block)08:01
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diddledanwe need another /28 in each of the two datacentres we colocate in08:05
MartijnVdStime to start writing that transition plan then ;)08:06
shaunoassuming you're getting them from ripe, and not just buying more addresses from the provider08:07
MartijnVdSshauno: that provider should be reluctant as well08:07
diddledanI think we just lease off the datacentre which helps08:07
shaunoI'm kinda curious how transition goes at larger sites.  must be some quiet mayhem08:09
MartijnVdSshauno: We're dual-stack.08:09
MartijnVdS(everywhere except a few office machines)08:09
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shaunoI was more wondering whether they actually start to use it.  or if "the plan" is just so they can get more v4 assignments08:26
dwatkinsMartijnVdS is very silly and he knows it.08:28
shaunoeg, for the typical multi-node web stack, you don't really need v4 on most machines.  pretty much just the haproxy/nginx frontends?  the application & db servers shouldn't really need it08:28
MartijnVdSdwatkins: On G+ you mean? :)08:30
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: yeah08:32
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:32
shaunoreminds me, the ubuntu installer doesn't seem to like it when you only give it a SLAAC address.  slaac+v4 works, dhcpv6+v4 works, and just dhcpv6 works.  but just slaac tells you autoconfiguration failed08:32
MartijnVdSshauno: that's a bug08:32
MartijnVdSshauno: have you filed it?08:33
shaunoI haven't.  I had enough things go wrong that day :/08:33
nigelbdavmor2: Happy Birthday!08:39
MartijnVdSJamesTait: today is davmor2 Day, apparently08:41
czajkowskidavmor2: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!08:42
bigcalmczajkowski: Is that cert post dated 2009?08:53
czajkowskiit's when I got my membership08:53
bigcalmOr is that a _very_ delayed tweet?08:53
czajkowskibut the certs are new08:54
bigcalmOh, okay :)08:54
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Friday and happy davmor2 day! :-D09:02
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MartijnVdSJamesTait: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfVsfOSbJY009:04
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, davmor2's birthday celebrations?09:05
MartijnVdSJamesTait: likely09:05
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, this is the new rick roll, isn't it?09:05
MartijnVdSJamesTait: it's friday! friday!09:05
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, the rebeccablackroll.09:06
* MartijnVdS plays with perlbrew a bit more09:10
shaunothat doesn't sound healthy09:12
MartijnVdSshauno: it lets me play with 5.18 on an Ubuntu box without replacing /usr/bin/perl09:13
MartijnVdShttp://perldoc.perl.org/perldelta.html :)09:13
shaunoah yes, I forgot you're One Of Them09:13
MartijnVdSshauno: nothing wrong with properly modern perl09:17
MartijnVdScharacters vs bytes could be a bit more Python3-ish09:17
arc__hi does anyone have any tips on how to make transmission faster09:43
arc__I have fiber optic on virgin media09:43
MartijnVdSarc__: by going to preferences, and checking if the port is open09:44
MartijnVdSand if it's not, figure out how to open it.09:45
directhexdon't virgin restrict torrent traffic?09:45
MartijnVdSoh they might09:45
MartijnVdS(another reason to come to .nl -- ISPs here aren't allowed to do that )09:46
diddledandirecthex: yeah, if not specifically they'll reduce overall service quality after the bdata usage peaks09:46
arc__I could normally do a 1.3gb in the morning it would take 30/60 mins09:48
lubotu3piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o09:48
arc__yes but linux iso ?09:49
arc__also lindows 709:50
MartijnVdSjust making sure :)09:50
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:50
arc__does anyone here have a linux VuDuo pvr box09:51
diddledanis that a badly typed video?09:52
diddledanor is there a product called vuduo?09:53
arc__Vu+ DUO09:53
diddledandon't know what that is09:54
arc__quote from box "A smart linux box"09:54
arc__you can watch tv on it09:54
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arc__Duo = 2 tuners09:56
diddledannot a bad little unit09:58
arc__can anyone kidnap me on my sisters wedding09:59
shaunois your family rich and gullible?10:00
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diddledanalthough paired with a normal pc and mythtv-backend & xbmc-pvr on raspberry pi you can build a rig using one of these units: http://www.tbsdtv.com/launch/moi-dvb-s2-streaming-box.html for ~£100 for the receiver, + ~35/pi +desktop pc10:00
arc__yes on the rich but no on the gullible side10:01
arc__diddledan: my bro got the box for £129.99 a bit over but still good10:02
arc__also you can steam it through the home network10:04
arc__radio silence10:09
arc__Indian wedding take 2 years prep10:11
arc__would you say it is peak time online at the moment10:12
popeypeak for what?10:14
Seeker`somewhere in the world, ye10:14
arc__everyone is online in the UK10:14
Seeker`most people are at work in the UK10:14
arc__ha summer hols for me10:15
popeyarc__: if you ask a question and nobody replies, it can mean nobody knows the answer, not that they're ignoring or awak10:15
popeyalthough both of those are possible10:15
diddledanI'm at work. at home. I didn't finish up with work in time to be able to get to work at a reasonable hour10:15
* popey is on holiday :D10:16
diddledanlucky get10:16
davmor2Morning all, thanks for the birthday wishes10:21
Seeker`davmor2: happy birthday10:22
diddledanI'm having issues with saucy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5965885/10:23
davmor2Apparently this year I get to sell our sensible family car and buy a 2 seater mgb gt or an e-type apparently :)10:23
AlanBelldiddledan: sounds like a "wait a bit" issue10:24
mgdmdavmor2: An E-Type? you made of cash? :)10:24
AlanBellmid-life crisis \o/10:24
davmor2mgdm: Hence the mgb gt was listed first10:24
diddledanAlanBell: yeah, I was hoping it would magically clear up - I crossed my fingers thinking maybe it's in the autobuilder already10:25
arc__davmor2: Get a mazda rx-810:25
arc__or a audi a310:25
AlanBelldiddledan: I am updating now, no issues10:25
diddledanAlanBell: I mistakenly tried installing wine1.4 and blindly agreed to the stupid proposal of removing half of my installed packages10:26
diddledanso I'm trying to recover by reinstalling ubuntu-desktop10:26
davmor2arc__: What man you come back when you have some taste in cars ;)  It's a mid-life crisis play I'm happy with my 407 estate thanks :)10:26
arc__davmor2: My family has a audi a4 estate10:27
diddledanmidlife crises require vintage cars10:27
diddledanor bikes10:27
mgdmI quite fancy a Jensen Interceptor, mostly based on the name10:27
mgdmalso they look quite cool10:27
diddledanif a bike then it needs to fire once every other lamppost. none of this modern japanese poo that sounds like a bumblebee10:28
mgdmthey also stopped making them 7 years before I was born10:28
arc__get a DeLorean DMC-1210:28
mgdmdiddledan: see, my problem with bikes like that is that they constantly sound like they're farting10:28
mgdmdiddledan: so it'sdifficult to take them seriously10:28
diddledanmgdm: you've not heard a proper british classic then10:29
mgdmdiddledan: probably not10:29
diddledantickover is something like 30 seconds between explosions10:29
diddledanI jest, but that's the idea10:29
davmor2mgdm, diddledan: If I had a choice it would be a BSA model 4 or an a7 bike, an E-type jaguar just cause it's the best looking car EVER!!!! or the poor mans E-type in the mgb gt or at a push a triumph stag10:31
davmor2oh or the mallard obviously thats a bit harder to park10:31
mgdmIt's almost a shame that Jaguar wouldn't lend the James Bond producers an E-Type, so they ended up with the Aston...10:32
mgdmI mean it's a nice car, but it's not an E-Type10:32
diddledanI'm not sure you can class it as "lend" when you get it back scorched and dented10:33
diddledanor outright crushed10:33
diddledanpnp4nagios makes some nice purdy graphs when combined with icinga10:35
davmor2diddledan: Yeah but look at the ridiculous level of astin sales after goldfinger  just think that could of been E-type then there would be more on the road for mid-life crisiseseseses10:35
diddledandavmor2: good point.10:35
mgdmyeah, you have to take the long view10:35
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davmor2diddledan, mgdm: there is this of course http://www.lyonheart.com/gallery/lyonheart-k-coupe.html10:37
shaunoand they'd be several times the price :/10:37
bubudiddledan: use graphite and something like descartes10:37
bubu_much_ prettier10:37
davmor2when you finish drooling10:37
davmor2a nice modern twist on the E-type10:38
mgdmOh, very nice10:39
davmor2mgdm: just don't look at the price it's scary10:40
arc__it looks like a nice car10:41
czajkowskiaquarius: where is good to stay in Birmingham ?11:04
czajkowskihotel wise11:04
aquariusI don't know much about hotels in Birmingham, because, er, I've only stayed there a couple of times -- if I'm in Birmingham, I come home :)11:05
MartijnVdSI only stayed in one, and it was OK11:05
aquariusbut I've stayed in the Premier Inn on Broad Street a couple of New Years Eves11:05
aquariusbasic, but cheap, and close to all the Saturday night nightlife :)11:06
mgdmI tend to find premier inns aren't objectionable11:06
aquariushaving said this, my priority there, since it was on my own dime, was: as cheap as possible, especially since I was landing into the place at about half two in the morning and leaving again at 8 :)11:06
davmor2czajkowski: the hilton and hyatt hotels are fairly good /me slopes off after recommending the two most expensive hotel in Birminghamshire11:09
czajkowskineed to be near http://hackference.co.uk/location11:09
davmor2czajkowski: type this "hotels near floodgate street birmingham" into google and pick one :)11:11
MartijnVdSczajkowski: have you tried looking at the map at booking.com? Their reviews tend to be accurate as well11:11
czajkowskiaye will do just said I'd ask in case anyone had any recommendations11:13
czajkowskidavmor2: I'm invading :)11:13
czajkowskidavmor2: were you down here this week11:13
czajkowskimet jpugh yesterday11:13
czajkowskihe looked very confused seeing me in canonical :)11:13
davmor2czajkowski: No it's part of the phone sprint season I think,  I can image :)11:14
mgdmczajkowski: how are you finding 10Gen?11:14
czajkowskimgdm: loving it :)11:15
czajkowskiwas out for dinner with the canonical girls last night so still friendly with everyone :)11:15
czajkowskibeing kept busy as well11:15
czajkowskihopig to get to more events to meet people11:15
czajkowskicurrent issue is reivewing all the proposals for sponsorship11:16
czajkowskiwhich is nice to read but so many11:16
czajkowskiand a lot assume if you sposor before you'll do again11:16
czajkowskiwich we do11:16
czajkowskibut nice to share it around11:16
aquariusczajkowski, I think the Old Crown does rooms, and that's a good pub and right near the venue11:16
czajkowskimeeting new types of developers and working closly with sales which is very new t me11:16
czajkowskiaquarius: excellent11:16
czajkowskishall sta you for a pint if you're about :)11:16
aquariusthe hackference chap was trying to convince me to drop by :)11:17
aquariusbut Niamh's here that weekend, so it's not likely.11:17
czajkowskiso no pints :(11:17
czajkowskiwanted to see some of these pubs you tweet about11:17
aquariusha! Those pubs are in Stourbridge, not Birmingham11:18
MartijnVdSaquarius: for when you don't want to be recognised? ;)11:18
aquariusif you're out for beers in Brum, then the Old Crown's not bad, which is near where hackference is; in the centre, I like the Wellington, the Post Office Vaults, the Brewdog place, the Old Joint Stock.11:18
czajkowskihotels that charge for wifi suck donkey balls11:23
MartijnVdSczajkowski: the cheaper the hotel, the free-er the wifi, in my experience11:23
davmor2czajkowski: you need to get a train to sandwell and Dudley and go to the pie factory :)11:25
shaunommmm pie11:30
diddledan'lo bob11:30
davmor2shauno: more import desperate dan cow pie11:30
shaunonot sure I'd want to see them making desperate dan pies11:35
diddledanI'm not volunteering to find out how they're made11:36
shaunoI think seeing them turn cows into circles would ruin the magic.  I'm quite happy to leave the wizard behind the curtain on that one11:37
davmor2shauno: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_PX1CUVJISc0/TIyqHVkO_II/AAAAAAAAFLU/Mg4OvW8b2jI/s400/Desperate+Dan+4lb+pie.jpg11:38
AlanBellprobably easier to start with a spherical cow11:39
bigcalmdavmor2: Looks better than the Pie Factory's version11:39
davmor2bigcalm: that is a shot in the pie factory of a pir factory DD cow pie :)11:40
bigcalmOh, have they changed the horns?11:40
davmor2bigcalm: no idea it's just he first image that appeared on a google search11:41
davmor2bigcalm: We'll have to go there again to compare the image, when you on honeymoon that'll be a good week to go I'm sure :D I'm only thinking of your diet ;)11:44
bigcalmdavmor2: 28th October ->11:45
davmor2bigcalm: not sure I can wait that long :D11:47
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mibofra_cellI guys :))13:05
mibofra_cellHow are you?13:05
mibofra_cell*P.S. Do you have new suggestions xD?13:05
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=== mibofra_smart is now known as mibofra_cell
MooDoomibofra_cell: can you be a little clearer in what you want?13:14
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:14
diddledanbah, lubotu3 sucks13:15
lubotu3MooDoo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:15
cocoa117what does the POSIX manual for the utilities for?13:16
mibofra_cellSorry xD yesterday someone has tried to help me with a long question I can't report (on smartphone) 'cos too long too right xD13:16
diddledanfriday ftw13:16
mibofra_cellAnyway did someone upgrade mysql today?13:16
MooDoothis is a global channel mibofra_cell upgrade Mysql where?  On my server?  On yours?13:17
mibofra_cellOn a server, everything can run mysql13:18
MooDooI think you need to be a little clearer, you just asked if someone upgraded mysql today...no i didn't did you?13:18
diddledanI installed two mysql servers today13:18
mibofra_cellI've upgrated to ver 13.04.2 of the package mysql-server-5.5 and I couldn't start mysql from init script alias upstart job, the error log /var/log/mysql/error.log says that mysqld has been tried to start by init script with too much arguments (one of the too much ones is start for the log). So I've donwgraded to ver 13.04.1 version all mysql packages13:23
mibofra_celldiddledan did you experienced something like this?13:24
diddledannope, I'm not sure what you mean by "start for the log"13:26
diddledanmysql is started with `service mysql start` or even more succinctly just `start mysql`13:27
shaunojust to clarify, 12.04 or 13.04?13:29
mibofra_cellI don't remember now the words the log used but anyway it notified me the arguments was extra; after the error was showen first in the output of apt-get I've tried manually to start mysql with both commands but with the same results13:31
mibofra_cell13.10 xD (upgraded from 13.04 months ago), mysql packages are only in the 13.04 repo no13:32
mibofra_cell**the moust recent ones13:32
diddledansomeone tell me why aether and miasma .ec2.bangdynamics.com aren't responding to ping but otherwise are fine - they're hosted on amazon ec2 and the security group lists the world as being able to ping them (I believe - paste coming)13:34
diddledanI hope that didn't screw everyone up too much13:35
diddledanit's only one line, hence why I pasted it here instead of paste.ubuntu.com13:35
diddledanno hacking, please13:36
dwatkinsnot all servers/firewalls allow ping.13:37
mibofra_cellLol someone notified my error in mailing list xD (Italian one)13:38
mibofra_cellIn this moment...13:38
mibofra_cell...I'm gonna help him xD13:38
diddledandwatkins: they were hapilly responding to ping until pretty much dead on 140013:48
dwatkinsdiddledan: yeah, I have no idea if Amazon change this sort of setting, but it does suggest a problem.13:50
shaunomibofra_cell: what's the exact version of the mysql package you have ?14:05
shaunomibofra_cell: I think you're looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.5/+bug/1210383   seems you've grabbed a package from -proposed and got bitten14:06
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1210380 in mysql-5.5 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1210383 package mysql-server-5.5 5.5.32-0ubuntu0.12.04.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:07
mibofra_cellYes I think it's my bug14:16
mibofra_cellBut it's expanded after installation process too14:17
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shaunoyeah, that's mentioned too.   the package is a proposed update that failed verification.  it's not in the regular repos for a reason14:29
=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
diddledanso amazon came back online again15:21
diddledanno changes made by me from start to finish15:21
diddledanjust random icmp black hole15:21
daftykinskeeping you on your toes15:22
diddledanwent off at 1300Z and came back at 1445Z15:23
diddledanmakes a nice fat block of downtime appear in my graphs15:24
Azelphurhey folks, woke up this morning, and my mouse pointer is totally useless, can't click on anything, if I try and run anything that grabs the mouse like xwininfo, it says that it's unable to grab the pointer, so I guess something has grabbed my pointer, suggestions?15:27
daftykinsthat's not true Linux advice! ;)15:28
mgdmwell, restart lightdm then :P15:29
Azelphurwas hoping to avoid that, this happens semi regularly15:29
diddledanamiga + synergy screweyness?15:29
diddledanspeaking of synergy. I've just received an email from them15:30
Azelphurgah this is so frustrating, I have messages and I can't read them because of this bug :@15:42
mgdmalt-tab not helping?15:43
Azelphurnope, doesn't work, it appears to be blocked15:43
AzelphurI think it might have been skype that caused it, I killed skype and my functionality came back for a matter of seconds before locking again15:44
daftykinswon't reconnecting a peripheral force that kind of stuff into sorting itself out?15:44
Azelphurnope tried disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse, no dice.15:45
Azelphurthere's a key, XF86Ungrab that's supposed to force whatever it is to let go, but that doesn't work either.15:45
Azelphurwoo, I got it back15:48
Azelphurdropped to a tty after killing skype, came back, and it seems to have released15:48
Azelphurstupid skype.15:48
daftykinsyour setup always has funky quirks ^_^15:51
Azelphuryup :(15:51
daftykinsright, quick nip to the coffee shop 20 seconds from my front door \o/15:51
Azelphurhoping all the quirks will disappear when I go ATI and one big screen15:51
Azelphurdaftykins: that is, software wise15:51
daftykinsi thought ATI drivers seemed to be even further hellish15:51
Azelphurphysically 4 screens :)15:51
Azelphurnvidia purposefully bricks multimonitor support to try and sell quadro cards15:51
diddledanati eyefinity ftw15:56
diddledanalthough they need to hurry up and create a wayland/mir driver15:56
diddledanmy system runs far too hot on the opensource drivers15:56
Azelphuryea, the open drivers are noisey as all hell too15:57
daftykinsA comparison of coffee shops15:58
daftykins1) Costa - "no sorry you have to have a lid, health and safety"15:59
daftykins2) Woodies (a local one) - sure no problem15:59
brobostigon3) weatherspoons - are you a cheapo ?16:00
daftykinswould they really charge you less not to have one? :>16:00
brobostigonnot a chance.16:00
daftykinswe don't have them over here16:00
brobostigonwow, most places i have been in the uk, have had one.16:01
daftykinsGuernsey isn't the UK :)16:01
brobostigonah, that explains that then :)16:02
daftykinssome of our English vibe facts of late are growing though16:02
daftykinssuch as having two Costa coffee branches16:02
daftykinstwo big supermarkets are now Waitrose owned16:03
brobostigonor too many tesco's.16:03
daftykinsstill haven't got a tesco :)16:03
popeyi flew over guernsey yesterday16:03
daftykinsi used to like their sandwich selection at Uni time16:03
brobostigonwe have three now.16:03
daftykinspopey: ooh, did you get a nice view of our wee triangular home?16:03
popeyheh, didnt spot that16:04
daftykinsthere've been so many cruise ships in this summer16:04
daftykinshigh street gets full of aimless tourists in bouts ;)16:05
daftykinsall the French seem to like taking pics of the Victor Hugo's Boulangerie pastry/cake/etc shop16:05
popeywasnt a bad flight really16:06
popeygiven it's easyjet16:06
popeysurly staff as usual16:06
daftykinsshocks me how they make you wear a jacket even if you're carrying it16:07
daftykinssuper tight rules16:07
daftykinsi think that was them anyway, flew to Cork in Ireland once16:07
popeyi think they're inconsistent with the application of their rules16:07
daftykinsprobably mind-numbing to enforce16:08
daftykinsthere are still such minor issues coming up in #ubuntu all the time16:28
popeykeep forgetting to re-join #ubuntu16:37
daftykinsit's probably safer to avoid16:38
daftykinsdespite helping for years i still get ops on my ass for the slightest of transgressions16:38
daftykinsoh sorry, did that guy celebrate that i got his issue resolved after he'd slaved on it for 24hrs?16:39
daftykinskinda horrifies me really16:39
daftykinswhat community? :)16:39
Azelphurhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/5lts9gf3q963p1i/timelapse2.mp4 updated my timelapse again, has sunrise now too :D16:41
MartijnVdSAzelphur: what's the "night light" at 00:1316:42
AzelphurMartijnVdS: that's a street, with street lamps, and cars.16:43
MartijnVdSAzelphur: no in the background16:43
MartijnVdSAzelphur: some sort of cloud outline?16:43
Azelphurhmm, I don't ese anything16:43
MartijnVdSAzelphur: around 0:11 it goes completely dark16:44
AzelphurMartijnVdS: oh hey, you can see the reflection of my room16:44
MartijnVdSthen around 0:13 the backgrouind lights up16:44
popeybah, so many people joining twitter now wwith @popey* names, I keep getting hilighted incorrectly16:44
MartijnVdSthen at 0:15 it goes away16:44
Azelphurthat's my sofa16:44
popeythe same problem aquarius has16:44
popeybut his is more pronounced16:44
MartijnVdSmore.. "Aqute"16:44
aquariusyes indeed it is more pronounced.16:44
Azelphurwill have to do something about the reflection16:45
Azelphurpopey: did you see my popeycam? :P16:45
Azelphurhttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/Azelphur :)16:45
Azelphurwebcam pointing out the window in my front room16:46
popeydoesnt work here16:46
popeyblack box16:46
Azelphurflash player?16:46
aquariuspopey, you back from hols?16:46
popeyflew back yesterday16:47
aquariuscrap, innit. I am too :)16:47
Azelphurpopey: black box, probably just needs a refresh, flash player breaks for me like that sometimes too16:47
popeytried that16:47
popeyyt works16:48
Azelphurpopey: you can look at the time lapse video instead from the webcam, https://www.dropbox.com/s/5lts9gf3q963p1i/timelapse2.mp4:P16:49
Azelphurhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/5lts9gf3q963p1i/timelapse2.mp4 oops.16:49
popeyyeah, looks good16:50
popeyshame it's out of focus16:50
popeyseems focussed on the window16:50
Azelphuryea, dunno how I could fix that16:50
popeyor its a crap camera ☻16:50
popeyput it closer to the window16:50
popeylike attached16:50
Azelphurcan't, it has that ring around the bottom http://pressbox.co.uk/images/logos/346102_edimax-wireless-802.11n-dual-mode-pan-tilt-internet-camera-with-1.3m-pixels-lens-ic-7000ptn-l.jpg16:51
Azelphurso it's always like an inch away from the window16:51
Azelphurunless I propped it up at an angle somehow16:51
* Azelphur shall try that16:51
MartijnVdSdoes it run custom firmwaR?E16:51
AzelphurMartijnVdS: nope, stock16:51
popeyput it outside ☻16:51
popeyhow did you stream to ustream from it?16:52
Azelphurhaha, it's not waterproof16:52
Azelphurpopey: ffmpeg rtsp :)16:52
popeycan i see the command line?16:52
popeyi would love to do that16:52
Azelphur./ffmpeg -r 7 -i "http://admin:1234@" -filter:v "scale=640:480,crop=640:360:60:0" -f flv "${RTMP_URL}/${KEY} flashver=FME/2.5\20(compatible;\20FMSc\201.0)"16:53
Azelphurit was really tricky getting the framerate right, because mjpg has no framerate info16:53
AzelphurI basically hard coded 7, which is a tad faster than real time, the stream stops to catch up occasionally.16:53
Azelphurnope, getting it pressed up against the glass didn't do much16:56
Azelphurbut then, it is at an angle16:56
popeyoh, stream is working now17:01
popeyto be fair it's a cheap camera and it's a long way from the subject17:01
popeynice view though17:01
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daftykinsAzelphur: is it the same place as the bad landlord or did you move?17:03
Azelphurdaftykins: he evicted me :)17:03
daftykinsthat's quite harsh17:03
daftykinsdue to anything legit?17:04
Azelphurdue to me complaining about him being a fraudster.17:04
daftykinsi guess that'll do it17:04
Azelphurhe also filed a false police report against me17:04
Azelphurthat company is pretty nuts.17:04
MartijnVdSwhat did he accuse you of?17:04
daftykinsdoes indeed sound like grade-A nutcase-ery17:04
AzelphurMartijnVdS: he called the police and told them that I was apparently going to smash the place up before I left17:04
Azelphurso I had the police on my doorstep one morning to give me a lecture.17:05
MartijnVdSAzelphur: ugh..17:05
Azelphuryea, was pretty ridiculous17:06
AzelphurI think I have the recording of the police turning up somewhere, will dig it out17:06
daftykinshrmm are you allowed to do that 0o17:06
Azelphurdaftykins: are you allowed to record in your own home? absolutely17:06
Azelphurespecially when you tell em clear as day you're recording17:06
MartijnVdSthey record the streets anyway17:07
daftykinsall the main bits except mine ¬_¬17:07
daftykinsso i get fun crimes and people relieving themselves of a weekend17:07
daftykinswhich commences... now!17:07
MartijnVdS\o/ weekend17:08
Azelphurhttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3832397/misc/2013/Mar/Scanned%20Document.jpg that's when he evicted me :p17:08
Azelphurhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/3d5w6vxjca9m6fy/Rec_2013-04-16-%2811-11-08%29.3gp there we go, that's the coppers turning up17:09
daftykinsugh i have audio only, codec issues17:11
Azelphurdaftykins: that's because it's audio only17:11
MartijnVdSAzelphur: No it's a codec issue!17:12
Azelphurok then!17:12
AzelphurIf you get the video, let me know!17:12
daftykinsAzelphur: oooo17:12
MartijnVdSdaftykins: ^ those people should be able to help out17:12
MartijnVdSgetting the video out17:13
daftykinsi really don't get you.17:13
daftykinsyour odd style of humour just feels like great time wasting :(17:14
MartijnVdSwell, VXJunkies *is* time-wasting. I have to agree.17:14
MartijnVdSit's people making up ever more complex fake-tech stories about their fake hobby :)17:15
MartijnVdSso yeah.17:15
daftykinsAzelphur: would've hoped coppers would be able to tell you're not the type for wanton destruction from seeing you really eh :(17:16
daftykinsbut then i guess it takes all sorts17:16
Azelphuryea, I'm not exactly the wanton destruction type17:16
daftykinsmaybe once you get your AMD card... ;D17:17
Azelphursadly I never ended up going after my LL legally, with the banks trying to rob me and wotnot.17:17
AzelphurI get all the luck17:17
MartijnVdSdoes anyone have laptop battery tips? Mine seems to not want to charge >85%17:22
daftykinsis that even after a full discharge?17:23
MartijnVdSdaftykins: that's what I'm trying now17:24
MartijnVdSthe discharge part17:24
daftykinsis it old?17:24
MartijnVdS2-3 years or something17:25
MartijnVdSlet me check the charge cycle count17:25
MartijnVdShm, unavailable17:26
daftykinsthe rabbit hole deepens...17:27
MartijnVdSbut the windows tool claims battery performance is "good"17:28
MartijnVdSmaybe I should start saving up money for a haswell ultrabook or something17:28
daftykinstheir battery efficiency would be tempting alone17:29
MartijnVdSyeah, 8 hours I read somewhere?17:29
daftykins*shrug* :)17:31
daftykinsmy 13" Asus already pulls off 8-10hrs17:31
MartijnVdSdaftykins: much more than the 3-ish I get now17:31
daftykinswhenever i've put ubuntu on a laptop i've owned they've been utterly terrible for battery life17:32
MartijnVdS"i3 330M"17:32
daftykinsah pretty early then17:32
MartijnVdSdaftykins: it's been getting better over the years17:32
MartijnVdSdaftykins: 4.10 was HORRIBLE, 12.04 is only slightly worse than windows17:32
popeyits pretty comparable for me on 13.0417:35
popeyi dual boot windows and ubuntu on this laptop17:35
MartijnVdSpopey: I've upgraded it to saucy, but as I said, the battery is going wonky17:36
popeyoh yeah, on saucy now17:36
popeypondering installing xmir17:36
Azelphurxmir works now?17:38
popeyjust saw that earlier17:39
MartijnVdSDoes it support multi-monitor17:40
MartijnVdS- Multi-monitor mirror mode works, but screen resolution changes not well17:40
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1102760 in Mir "Multi-monitor support incomplete - can't show different images on each screen" [Critical,In progress]17:41
daftykinsearly days17:42
Azelphurbe interesting to see if it works on ubuntu touch17:43
popeyit will soon17:43
daftykinsi might boot a live distro on my desktop, i've not checked out the last 2 or 3 years of distros natively17:47
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Azelphurpeople riding horses about to go by on my live stream :D http://www.ustream.tv/channel/Azelphur18:13
Azelphurgotta be cool riding a horse on the beach today xD18:13
Azelphurheh, they went full gallop and shot off, got a picture though https://www.dropbox.com/s/rqio8jwvbt84gqf/2013-08-09%2019.13.23.jpg :P18:15
Azelphurfun fun18:15
daftykinsi prefer the foreground mode of transport18:18
daftykinswhich can be risky due to the output of the background mode often appearing on the road in front of the fore18:18
directhexi have a horse allergy18:25
MartijnVdSdirecthex: how often does that come up though?18:27
directhexon Azelphur's beach"18:28
MartijnVdSdirecthex: good point, but how often are you there? ;)18:28
popeycant remember the last time i went to that beack18:33
popeymaybe 10 years18:33
daftykinsyeah i'm not fond of horses, we were forced along to events as a kid when my mum had one18:47
daftykinswas not fond.18:47
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Guest30230hi, i have a quick question. the dell developers edition seems to list the killer wireless on the dell website. i thought it had an intel wireless that had issues? is this an update?19:47
daftykinsperhaps Dell are more qualified to answer?19:49
Guest30230yep and i will contact them tomorrow when their online :)  just thought someone here might know19:52
daftykinsthey look kinda nice those systems19:53
Guest30230i can only find reviews online with the intel wireless card listed in the spec. and people saying it had wireless issues.19:53
daftykinsalthough i'd wait until they make a haswell edition since imo laptops are primarily about battery life19:53
Guest30230so maybe its a nice update19:53
Guest30230is true and the  Schenker S413  should be in the uk in few weeks19:55
MartijnVdSmy battery is almost empty now 8-)19:57
MartijnVdS0.5Wh left, 2 minutes19:58
Guest30230no optimums  :P19:58
MartijnVdSGuest30230: optimus--19:59
MartijnVdSooh, laptop switched off19:59
daftykinsMartijnVdS: \o/20:00
daftykinsMartijnVdS: does the system BIOS have any of that battery conditioning lark?20:00
MartijnVdSdaftykins: no20:00
daftykinsi don't put much stock in them anyway in fairness20:00
MartijnVdSdaftykins: it just turns on the screen and runs an infinite loop to use up CPU power20:00
MartijnVdSdaftykins: afaicty20:00
daftykinshaha just booted my ancient sony ultra-portable20:01
daftykins1.2GHz intel core solo, 1GB RAM, XP20:01
MartijnVdSaww :)20:01
daftykinssomeone suggested it make more sense to fiddle with than acquiring a raspberry pi or some such ^_^20:02
daftykinscertainly makes sense not to spend when you have spares!20:02
MartijnVdSit's also faster 8-)20:02
daftykinsit's a shame it uses such a crazy hard disk type20:03
daftykinsthe zif PATA ones early iPods used20:03
daftykinsso it isn't practical to spend any money on20:03
MartijnVdSdoes it still work though?20:03
popeyGuest30230: the dell laptop doesnt have intel wireless20:04
daftykinsjust horrifically slow20:04
popeyGuest30230: and dell are replacing customer wireless cards for those that fail20:04
Guest30230ok :) thanks20:04
popeyGuest30230: they're lovely machines, especially the new generation ones with 1080p screen20:05
MartijnVdSWoo, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cantripgames/story-war-the-storytelling-party-game will be shipping soon20:05
popeypunched my address in today20:05
MartijnVdSyeah, just got the mail20:05
daftykinshi, welcome20:07
ClujoreI want to download this ubuntu-uk screencast: https://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/5008235/screencasts20:07
Clujorethere is not any seeder!20:07
Guest30230the specs here http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/04/it-just-works-dell-xps-13-developer-edition-linux-ultrabook-review/ and the spec on the dell site are not the same http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/xps-13-linux/pd#overrides=20:08
popeyGuest30230: they change their specs now and then20:08
popeyand that 2013/04 is old20:08
popeyClujore: whats the description? I can't load that page20:09
daftykinspopey: A few screencasts detailing how we edit and mix the Ubuntu UK Podcast using free software.20:09
Guest30230nice soemone should review the new specs20:09
popeyGuest30230: someone from the ubuntu uk podcast will soon20:10
popeythanks daftykins20:10
popeyClujore: i have those videos...20:10
daftykinsmy pleasure20:10
MartijnVdShttp://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2008/07/22/mixing-a-podcast-in-ardour/ ?20:10
MartijnVdShttp://screencasts.ubuntu.com/Mixing_A_Podcast_In_Ardour_-_Part_1 ?20:10
popeythere you go20:10
popeythe screencasts.ubuntu.com should work20:10
Clujorepopey: it's a torrent file! As I know, UK government has blocked piratebay services. you should try with VPN. however, this is the descrption: A few screencasts detailing how we edit and mix the Ubuntu UK Podcast using free software20:11
popeyyes, my isp blocks it20:11
MartijnVdSClujore: You don't need the torrent, you can use the screencasts.ubuntu.com link20:11
Clujorelet me check that page20:11
popeythere's a download link on the page for a theora video20:12
Clujorepopey: found, thanks20:13
ClujoreMartijnVdS: popey, what abut their trainig quality?20:15
popeythey're good, but (oh my) 5 years old!20:15
MartijnVdSpopey: time for some new ones20:16
daftykinssomewhat ironic to pursue illegal channels for open things20:16
popeyillegal channels?20:16
MartijnVdSthe pirate bays20:16
ClujoreMartijnVdS: haha, I'm out of UK realm!20:17
daftykinswhat a blast from the past this feels, operating XP20:17
MartijnVdSdaftykins: rename the machine 'TARDIS'20:18
daftykinsnah, 'cause then i might look like a Whovian20:18
daftykinsand i wouldn't want that :(20:18
daftykinshmm on second thought, i shall nuke XP to use the fastest part of the already dire disk20:19
daftykinsooh i should crystaldiskmark it for comedy value20:20
MartijnVdSalso, 3dmark20:20
daftykinswhat browser did i have on here last...20:20
daftykinsfirefox sorry20:20
MartijnVdScould've been chrome ;)20:21
daftykinsdidn't use it back then20:21
daftykinsoop fan's kicking in20:21
daftykins24MB/sec read and write sequential20:23
daftykinspretty shabby20:24
daftykinsi like the way XP has gone senile on this system20:38
daftykinsit's giving a 'connected to a wireless network' icon for the disconnected wired interface20:38
popeyit does the opposite too20:39
popeytelling you the wire is disconnected from a wireless connection20:39
daftykinsnever seen it at all :)20:39
daftykinsso glad i don't have to deal with XP anymore20:40
daftykinsi wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft end up giving it a stay of execution come April20:41
daftykinsbut i hope they don't20:41
DJonesOoh, perfect time to change tv chanels, ITV4 Apocolypse Now & Ride of The Valkeries20:56
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Azelphurwow, I just spent ages writing out a 5 page document23:37
Azelphurhit save, and openoffice just crashes.23:37
Azelphuroh wait, it was abiword.23:38
Azelphurwow, and it's totally mangled the ODT23:43
Azelphurremind me to never use abiword, ever.23:43
Azelphurthat's a fair few hours down the drain.23:44

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