greg-ghah, jacob applebaum quote on the SomaFM DEFCON station00:38
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, that makes me wonder if it's going away01:40
snap-lFrankly it's better for me than Groove Salad, and that's saying a lot01:41
greg-gsnap-l: !!!!02:02
greg-gWe had a lot of fun broadcasting from the DEF CON conference last week in02:02
greg-gLas Vegas. Our DEF CON channel is still running through the end of the02:02
greg-gmonth, and may become a full-time channel on SomaFM.02:02
brousch1snap-l: I just discovered Metalocalypse on Netflix02:23
brousch1How the hell did I miss this?02:39
snap-lbrousch: I haven't actually seen the cartoon (I lknow)13:08
snap-lbut the music is pretty top notch13:09
snap-lThey actually got some death metal musicians to work on it, like Gene "the machine" Hoglan13:09
brouschIt is awesome13:46
brouschI ordered all of the CDs13:46
snap-lLove remote meetings13:59
rick_hbusiness above the waste, party below?13:59
snap-lUm, yeah.14:00
rick_hoh...well just guessing ...14:00
snap-lthankfully I don't have to have the video camera at all. :)14:00
rick_hall party all the time!14:00
snap-lSkype is awesome14:00
snap-lOK, this is pretty awesome.15:50
snap-lEspecially if you have a habit of reusing Amazon boxes for shipping15:50
rick_hBlazeix: https://docs.google.com/a/mitechie.com/forms/d/17DguWRQgMdKtSjXYb8vJJKSY-WO92gHIsWd3FAfOhh0/viewform16:02
rick_hBlazeix: file your JS bug issue from CHC16:02
rick_hBlazeix: comes out of https://twitter.com/paul_irish/status/36585533502351769616:03
snap-lI think it's Voivod up righ tnow17:20
snap-lAnd now the stream is screwing up17:22
Blazeixrick_h: cool, thanks17:26
greg-gin other news: "oh world...." <frowny face>17:59
snap-lWhat happened now?18:00
greg-goh, you know, the usual18:00
greg-glots of little things that in their own space seem huge but are really just the continuation of stupidness previously18:01
snap-lNSA stuff?18:01
greg-gI guess that was one of them18:01
snap-lChrome Passwords?18:01
greg-galso, HarvardX18:01
greg-g(HarvardX is their quasi MOOC thingy)18:01
snap-lWhat's the problem with that?18:01
snap-lWhich was one of the more stupid things I've heard that sounded like an onion headline18:02
greg-gthey're "innovating" by going backwards to a model where they can sell (I'm guessing, wasn't explicit either way, but they did say they don't need to be "open" anymore) the smallest chunk of educational something that idiots are willing to pay for18:02
greg-gand by idiots, I mean other primary/secondary schools18:02
greg-goh good god18:03
snap-lHonestly if I were a school I'd be shitting myself18:03
greg-gso, guess what, kids need more than just "education" from schools18:03
greg-gthe things you can't get from a computer18:03
* greg-g rants18:03
snap-lYeah, I learned all sorts of things in my pre-school years18:03
snap-lshame, individuality, group mentality18:04
snap-lHow to tie my shoes18:04
snap-lMexican Jumping Beans18:04
greg-gMexican Jumping Beans!18:04
snap-lI'm sure there were more, but those are the highlights. :)18:04
snap-lOh, that and Fonzie wasn't just a muppet18:05
snap-lLong story there.18:05
greg-galso, wow, edweek splatters your browser with 19 cookies18:06
snap-lThis is surprising why?18:06
snap-lEducation is big business18:06
snap-lthere were 8 ads on that page18:06
greg-gwhat ads?18:07
snap-lAt least that's what adblock said.18:07
greg-gi'm using this now, which is awesome: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/self-destructing-cookies/18:07
greg-gjrwren might like it18:07
greg-gsince he's a noscript user, too18:07
brouschrick_h: You will be proud of me. I am chugging along very well with Pyramid and haven't asked you for help yet18:24
snap-lApparently there is a trend in restaurants to use this service called myguestaccount.com with loaylty cards18:29
snap-lAKA: more shit to carry around in my wallet18:30
brouschI haven't seen that18:30
snap-lNational Coney Island has one, and so does California Pizza Kitchen18:30
greg-g<tinfoilhat>And guess who the product is in that relationship!</tinfoilhat>18:31
greg-g(though, really, no tinfoil needed, 'tis true)18:31
snap-lJust another in the long line of trying to track customer loyalty18:31
snap-lgreg-g: Oh I'm fully aware of this18:31
greg-gs/loyalty/buying patterns they can sell to anyone and everyone willing to buy it/18:31
snap-lAnd if you want to know that I eat like shit on Sundays, please feel free18:32
snap-lAnyone else get an email from feedspot.info to betatest their service?21:49
snap-lWondering if I signed up with them earlier21:50
greg-gsnap-l: I got that, too23:47
greg-gvery badly formatted html, they had23:47

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