CyberTailsJeff: Are you awake?00:22
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jedijfcyberanger: yo01:23
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JonathanDOne more day!09:38
JonathanD265 registrations.09:46
JonathanDrmg51: I think today I bribe them with breakfast.09:46
JonathanD"Today is the day: If you haven't registered yet, get to it. While we'll accept walkins, registering now is the only way to ensure you get yourself a bag, conference guide, and breakfast :)"09:47
JonathanDI hate twitter.09:51
rmg51stop using it :P10:23
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:03
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cyberangerjedijf: hey jedijf what's up?14:12
jedijfwere you cyber /tail/ yesterday and asked me a question that i now cannot remember?14:25
jedijfeither way; 42 is the answer14:26
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cyberangerjedijf: no, could't have been16:38
cyberangermoving to erie, 8hr drive turned into a 30 hour ordeal, wasn't online yesterday16:39
waltmanmoving *to* erie? :)16:39
cyberangerwaltman: you read it right, millcreek, harborcreek, the area at least16:40
cyberangerwaltman: take it your that area16:41
waltmancyberanger: No, it's more that the only Erieans I've ever met have been ex-pats.16:42
waltmaner, ex-Eriean.16:42
cyberangeryeah, that happens a bit, recession just sped that up for many16:43
waltmanIt seems cold and snowy and remote and exactly the type of place most people want to move from. :)16:43
jedijferstazi: should still be Erian16:43
waltmanBut I've never actually been to Erie, so for all I know it's a lovely place.16:44
cyberangerwaltman: yeah, but two out of three ain't bad, I can think of more remote places16:44
erstaziErie isn't remote, to be techical (:16:45
erstazicyberanger: if you come, then we should meet up for some coffee (:16:45
waltmanit's close to Buffalo and Cleveland!16:45
cyberangereh, it's changed in 11 years, not better, nor worse16:45
cyberangerand pittsburgh16:45
waltman"Erie: Only 2 hours from Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh!"16:45
erstaziThere are a lot of nice recreationals to be done as well16:45
cyberangeran hour for buffalo, same for cleveland (or at least the burbs)16:46
cyberangerpittsburgh is worse, 113 on avg16:46
waltmanI'm sure the lakefront must be really nice. Well, at least when it's not frozen. :)16:46
waltmanthere's a park along the lake, right?16:47
cyberangerpresque isle16:47
erstaziThere is a very nice state park on a peninsula16:47
waltmanthat little spit of land that Ridge made sure got onto the PA state quarter :)16:47
erstaziAnd Allegheny National Forest is only 1.5 hours away16:47
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erstazicyberanger: are you originally from Erie?16:48
cyberangererstazi: sorta been an 11 year exile, bayfront connector was wip, casino didn't exist16:48
erstazicyberanger: where did you live for those 11 years?16:48
cyberangerit's a list, bouncing around, chattanooga, tn tops the list16:49
erstaziThat is a nice place there. A business colleague decided to move there for retirement (or I should say retreading)16:50
cyberangerfollowed by fort richardson, ak and tullahoma, ta (arnold AFB)16:50
erstazicyberanger: were you in the Airforce? If so, what MOS?16:50
cyberangercivilian, army would compare me to a 25u or 25p, but honestly the R&D at arnold and my willingness to just get the job done, no MOS fits perfectly16:52
cyberangerarnold had more civ. personel than airmen16:53
cyberangernature of the place, engineering & development, world's largest wind tunnel16:54
cyberangerbut hey, it involved linux16:54
erstaziSounds fun. You delt with radio systems? That sounds fun16:55
erstaziI was 11B for 6 years. (Knock knock, nothing there) HAHA16:55
cyberangerwaltman: it's bigger on a 1:1 scale, dunno what scale the quaters used16:55
cyberangerrun into a number of those, by job itself I don't know how much I did (those MOS can be abused some)16:57
cyberangerin richardson I did microwave, KJ4JUY (till I get a local call)16:57
cyberangerand might pitch in on fixing something16:58
erstazi11B == Infantry. I was young and dumb but I should have went 25u or 25p as that sounds more interesting (of course, now!).16:58
cyberangerradio modems were involved in the jobs, mesh stuff, some old troposcatter still running since the 60's16:59
cyberangeryeah, lightweight, you didn't say EOD or MI17:00
cyberangercould've been worse17:00
erstaziMI as in mech infantry? That's 11B as well. 11M was merged into 11B.17:00
erstaziEOD is for those thrill seekers. HAHA.17:00
cyberangerno, (Army) Military Intelligence17:00
cyberangeryeah, forgot that merger17:01
cyberangeror those with no desire to live17:01
cyberangerknow some that had that mindset, did their job and just betted the next device would do it's job17:02
erstazicyberanger: did you find work up here in Erie? My business is a linux shop as well. Servers mostly17:03
cyberangeryeah, a downgrade for college sake, wal-mart, wouldn't mind doing some linux stuff still, just pulled some old strings for what could pay to learn17:05
cyberangerpell grant only goes so far17:05
cyberanger(don't get me wrong, walmart isn't all bad, just not built for retail myself, something about thinking too much)17:07
cyberangererstazi: if you need somebody a few hours or something, I can send a resume later (got it on the laptop, not the smartphone)17:09
cyberangererstazi: doing any embedded work, I hear ErieLUG died off, that suprised me17:10
cyberangerbbiab, phone17:11
erstazicyberanger: sadly, yes about ErieLUG. I was going to the meetings but I think everyone was in the same situation as me. Everyone got busy. But I wouldn't mind getting that started back up. Just got to get motivated people prepared to host at least monthly meetings.17:21
erstaziI think with colleges starting back up, we can get a good crew going but the problem will come with summer of lack of attendance17:22
cyberangerback, transmission is shot, greyhound and EMTA for a few days then back to PGH to get it, sounds like moving17:24
erstaziDang. I had to rebuild my 46RE transmission. It was fun but at the same time a very big pain.17:24
cyberangerphone call was just confirming it17:24
erstaziWhat do you drive?17:24
cyberangerkinda already expected it.....'88 ford f150017:25
cyberanger5.8L V8, auto, not as nice as the straight 6 with a stick for this abuse17:26
erstaziHonestly, check U-Pull sites. Very inexpensive route for getting a used transmission17:26
erstaziI drive a Dodge Ram 1500 with 5.9L v8. I feel your pain17:26
cyberangerwould it be worth rebuilding the lug (I remember win. NT 4.0 at PSU last time)17:28
erstaziYep. I think a large group could come from PSU-Behrend, Mercyhurst, and Gannon17:29
cyberangerthat's one of the funny things come to think of it, no lan parties but active lugs in TN, despite two are propped up by college students and quiet down over the summer17:29
erstaziEven Edinboro17:29
cyberangererie has an awesome lan party, or so I hear17:30
erstaziYeah, there is a crew that does that but I haven't been to LAN parties in over 13 years17:30
cyberangeryeah, have thin ties to Edinboro, PSU myself, but I'm not CompSci, just makes it harder, not impossible17:31
cyberangertill things settle down, best I can do is keep it in mind17:32
erstaziI think a nice brochure printed out could then be passed to all the CS classes to garner interest17:32
cyberangeryeah, and via some irc channels in PSU's case17:33
cyberangerI know edinboro it'd be just as easy17:34
cyberangerhard part is keeping topics going, one possibility is skip the topic formally, think lunch hang out and show and tell mixed together17:36
erstaziRight, kind of a meeting of the minds?17:36
cyberangerbetween that and an active mailing list, it starts to run itself, provided mailman stays running and a domain gets renewed17:37
cyberangeryeah, I've seen both done, seen both fail too, no magic formula sadly17:38
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CyberTailsIs Jeff active at the moment?20:26
jedijfam i jeff20:32
jedijf answer to jeff20:32
jedijfhooked on phonics20:32
jedijfCyberTails: am i jeff?20:32
CyberTailsYep, I was going to ask you if you needed anyone to bring any Equipment with them, like CD Burners for Installing Linux on?20:33
jedijfanyone is welcome to bring anything/everything20:33
jedijfwhatever we don't bring will be what was needed - murphy's always in the house20:33
CyberTailsOK, because I Might bring my External CD Burner with me to FOSSCon with help with the Installfest :)20:34
cyberangerI wish I could go, went to it three years ago at RIT21:03
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