josehey cjohnston, in qa-dashboard, can I use django variables on the version file?16:07
cjohnstonI don't understand what your wanting to do?16:08
joseset a variable to pick YYYY.MM.DD16:09
cjohnstonthat should go in release16:11
cjohnstonbasically.. find todays date in the format YYYY.MM.DD   if todays date == version error, else version == todays date16:12
joseI got confused when you said 'that should go in release'16:14
cjohnstonin release.py something like:16:19
cjohnstonfrom datetime import date16:19
cjohnstontoday = date.today16:19
cjohnstontoday = date.today()  <-- this one16:19
cjohnstontoday = today.strftime('%Y.%m.%d')16:20
cjohnstonif qa_dashboard.version == today:16:20
cjohnston    I need a version #!16:20
cjohnston    qa_dashboard.version = today16:20
joseoh, ok16:20
cjohnstonjose: I'm quite sure you could even extend it do append a, b, c, etc16:24
joseand what are a b and c supposed to be?16:25
cjohnstonso if we have one release, its 2013.08.0916:25
cjohnston2 2013.08.09a16:25
cjohnston3 2013.08.09b16:25
cjohnston4 2013.08.09c16:25
joseoh, got it16:25
josecjohnston: would something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966909/ work?16:32
josecjohnston: question, in summit, is there a variable to check if a meeting is scheduled?16:49
josesomething like meeting.scheduled16:49
josemhall119: ^16:52
mhall119jose: check if there's an agenda item for it, that means it's scheduled17:49
josewill do now17:50
josemhall119: hmm, not as far as I can see, there's only an item for approved meetings17:55
cjohnstonjose: letters shouldn't technically stop at 'd'18:08
joseI can make them end at z18:08
cjohnstonthat would be more appropriate.. and better if you didn't have to define each one18:09

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