Sarvattif only chrome worked with SNA, 4 releases of broken is nuts :)02:00
RAOFSarvatt: Huh. Works here :)02:01
SarvattRAOF: using chrome stable maybe?02:01
RAOFchrome beta02:01
Sarvattor chromium...02:01
RAOF(For versions of "works" which include "Occasional texture corruption", but that's not chrome-related)02:02
Sarvattmight just be ivybridge thats messed up, thats where i see people complaining02:02
Sarvattanswer is perpetually "upgrade your kernel" but even 3.11-rc4 is broken02:02
RAOFEntirely plausible. The gen7.5 backend works ok :)02:02
Sarvattoh! got your Clevo W740SU?02:02
RAOFIndeed I have02:03
SarvattRAOF: don't worry, GT3e will be broken soon when you upgrade to x-x-v-intel and mesa that fully accelerates it! :)02:03
Sarvattaka whenever broadwell support comes out..02:04
SarvattRAOF: how are you liking it?02:05
RAOFIt's pretty nice.02:05
RAOFI'll write up some thoughts about it on the interwebs at some point.02:05
Sarvattmaybe after gt3e is fully supported and much faster, hopefully by the time 13.10 releases..02:06
Sarvattif that stuff doesn't get pushed off to mesa 9.302:07
RAOFI've not tried any gaming on it yet, but unity is plenty snappy02:09
Sarvattkind of crazy ivybridge is already getting pushed off to ignore bug land, and sandybridge is getting more and more broken... :(02:12
Sarvatthttp://ubuntuone.com/7FkHrs1gOGXiei9XifM9jN is a fun one02:14
RAOFSarvatt: That's pretty cool :)02:17
Sarvattluckily it seems to be limited to my x1 carbon and not my wifes ivb ultrabook so i can deal with the aztec stitching patterns every 10 minutes... :)02:22
SarvattRAOF: oh you didn't do a mesa 9.2 checkout for xmir?02:23
RAOFI did, but not to land in the distro.02:24
RAOFTo make my upstream development simpler.02:24
Sarvattdang, we need a 9.2 checkout02:24
RAOFBefore FF, yes.02:24
Sarvattone from june probably wouldn't be appropriate anywway02:24
Sarvattit doesn't make much sense to do one until theres a rc anyway02:25
Sarvattthey don't seem to cherry-pick from master to 9.2 before then much02:25
Sarvattidr does a huge batch of cherry picks a few days before a release02:26
Sarvattand its dead inbetween branching and then02:27
Sarvattah wait it got a bunch of cherry picks a few days ago, my bad02:27
* Sarvatt needs to update edgers then, except xmir and arm64 changes screwed up all the hooks02:28
Sarvattxmir patches dont apply to intel anymore either but its probably trivial changes, i didnt look02:28
Sarvattyep it was, just fixed it02:44
Sarvattwas easier to just disable xmir and keep the 1.12 xserver requirement and update 4 releases with just one simple sed on the changelog though..02:46
Sarvatttjaalton, mlankhorst: if you guys go and update x-x-v-intel to 2.21.14 or newer before me http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~sarvatt/patches/xmir.patch is needed, just change the git headers to ickles version from the previous patch (or delete it entirely) first :)03:01
* Sarvatt isn't updating it because its been so busted on ivybridge and doesn't make sense yet.. 2.21.12 was "ok" compared to newer03:02
bjsniderSarvatt, works fine here. where are these bug reports you're talking about?03:30
Sarvattbjsnider: xorg-edgers?03:31
Sarvatt2.21.12 with the backports in saucy is fine03:31
bjsnideroh, i see03:31
bjsniderfine in raring too03:31
Sarvattyeah raring was the best time for SNA yet03:32
Sarvattwe got lucky that release actually worked03:32
Sarvattit went downhill from there03:32
bjsnideri see03:33
bjsniderthis inspires a lot of confidence in saucy03:33
* Sarvatt isn't using saucy yet.. just raring + edgers03:34
bjsnideri assume you're giving intel hell over this03:35
Sarvattand i know chromes been broken over a month there, 2.21.12 + backports in saucy right now should be ok, i tested that out for a few days03:35
Sarvattby there i mean edgers, the 2.21.12 in saucy is ok and i tested it before adding the backports to be sure the big SNA problems were fixed there03:38
Sarvatthyperair: btw the things i said you needed a 3.12 kernel for were fixed in the ddx and didn't actually need a newer kernel so its ok to readd edgers.. i'm about to add a drm-dkms package to edgers for people to just update drm drivers without updating the kernel too based on https://github.com/Sarvatt/drm-dkms03:41
Sarvatterr http://drvbp1.linux-foundation.org/~mcgrof/rel-html/backports/03:42
Sarvattthe old compat-wireless now does drm backports :)03:43
Sarvatt*unless you use chromium on ivybridge03:48
hyperairSarvatt: yeah i realized -- i didn't disable edgers. =p03:55
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