Kilosmorning not_found and others06:03
* not_found is now awake *fuzzy*07:34
Kilosweird, thunder lightning and rain in mid winter on the highveld07:46
Kiloshi psyatw zeref 08:24
psyatwhi Kilos08:24
psyatwhi zeref08:24
Kiloshehe i nearly asked why you are at work on a holiday08:25
Kilosmorning superfly 08:33
superflyhi Kilos08:34
psyatwhi superfly09:23
psyatwoh, is today a holiday in za?09:23
Kilosso they say09:23
=== space is now known as Space
Kilostumbleweed, to make my ibid auto identify so its cloaked, where must i add the /msg nickserv identify "password" ?15:47
Kilosin ibid.ini?15:47
Kilosor superfly 15:48
Kiloshehe that looks funny15:48
superflyYes. In me. :-P15:48
Kilosi meant do you know man15:49
Kilosthe weed is very scarce15:49
superflyIn the initial file somewhere. The documentation has the details16:03
tumbleweedKilos: I'm at debconf16:34
Kilosah sorry tumbleweed 16:34
tumbleweedKilos: set nickserv_password on the source16:35
tumbleweedpreferably, set nickserv_mask too16:35
Kilosin the ibid.ini file?16:35
Kilosi did it wrong16:53
Kilosbot wouldnt boot16:53
MaazKilos: Huh?16:53
KilosMaaz, shup16:54
MaazKilos: What?16:54
KilosMaaz, shup16:54
MaazShup yourself oh noisy one16:54
Kiloshi psychicist 17:30
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:20

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