TherapyHave not tried different ports but I use one on the motherboard anyway; could try another one. Okay, I'll be right back, gonna run the memtest.00:00
s0u][ighthello, i'm using ubuntu 13.04, webcam works fine in apps like cheese, but google-chrome can't access it (webrtc examples and flash websites), is there a way to debug it?00:01
daftykinss0u][ight: i wonder if you need to right click on the flash player and go to settings to enable it to use your devices00:03
s0u][ightdaftykins: it's not a flash issue, it doesn't work on webrtc examples as well00:03
daftykinsi'm not even familiar with that00:04
daftykinsfair enough - that's my only idea out :)00:04
s0u][ightdaftykins: thanks anyway00:04
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daftykinss0u][ight: np :)00:05
DataNullynerdshack (aka lavabit), pop3/smtp email provider, was shutdown today by the NSA00:17
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GH0Hello, I seem to have run into an issue with two files not appearing in KDE's menu, however, when attempting to rescan and re-add these, I get the following errors.00:29
GH0kbuildsycoca4(17434) KConfigGroup::readXdgListEntry: List entry Keywords in "/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop" is not compliant with XDG standard (missing trailing semicolon).00:29
GH0kbuildsycoca4(17434) KConfigGroup::readXdgListEntry: List entry Categories in "/usr/share/applications/kde4/k4dirstat.desktop" is not compliant with XDG standard (missing trailing semicolon)00:29
GH0 However, I noticed that not all files in the folder have a trailing semicolon, so I was wondering if anyone could either paste their files listed in that folder, or if they could show me a way to replace those files through a reinstall or something? Purge and aptitude reinstall does not resolve the problem.00:29
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GH0To be clear, I am rescanning with this "kbuildsycoca4 -noincremental"00:30
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Therapyuhhh what was his name... Hi again, I was here about 30 mins ago requesting some help with ubuntu installation; i've tried to install both, 12.04 and 13.04 versions via usb device, it works fine on language selection screen and till next screen where it offers to install the system, try it out or run memory test. If I try to run it without installation or install it, in either case it starts doing some stuff (can't read, the text changes way too fast) for a f00:35
Therapyleaving me with a black screen as if it's turned on but not getting any signal from pc00:35
TherapyI was told to try again but via another usb port (didnt help) and to run memory test; it says everything is fine.00:36
TherapyAny idea what to do now?00:36
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daftykinsTherapy: o/00:48
daftykinssorry was in a game00:48
daftykinsTherapy: hrmm sounds like a graphics issue potentially, do you know what graphics card is in there?00:49
Therapydaftykins np. Well, if you're asking about graphic card in general, then Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT; if you're asking about something else I'm afraid I'll need to google that, lol.00:52
wushui am trying to install 13.04 desktop w FDE, but getting missing operating system when trying to boot. installed from usb, and checked off full disk encryption. does anyone know what i am doing wrong?00:53
elderxwushu: are you sure you are trying to boot from correct drive ?00:54
elderxwushu: do you have more than 1 hdd/ssd installed ?00:55
wushu100% sure as it is the only drive connected to the motherboard. removed the live ubuntu usb drive when booting up after installing.00:55
daftykinsTherapy: nah that'll be the one - hrmmph, were you getting this with both ubuntu versions you've tried?00:56
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failmasterwushu, are you sure nothing went wrong on the bootloader installation step?00:56
k0d3g3arhello world00:56
Therapydaftykins ye, exactly the same with both versions00:58
daftykins!nomodeset | Therapy00:59
ubottuTherapy: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:59
daftykinsTherapy: give that one a whirl ^00:59
wushufailmaster: i installed from the gui, and i do not think there were anywhere i could choose where to install the bootloader.00:59
Therapydaftykins; ubottu thanks, gonna try it out right now01:01
elderxwushu: multiple partitions or everything on one ?01:02
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perre`vl g'night01:03
perre`vlsomeone could help me out with some raid 1 questions ?01:03
wushugparted says there are three: /dev/sda1 (fat32), /dev/sda2 (ext2) and /dev/sda3 (crypt-luks)01:04
wushuelderx: i did not attempt to install with any additional or custom partitions01:04
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elderxwushu: i had once a problem when ubuntu installed grun on my usb stick and not on hdd01:05
powhatan-danI believe the first two would be your drives wushu01:10
powhatan-danNot sure what the third one is01:11
powhatan-danWhat is the available space on the three recognized?01:11
wushusda1 190MiB, sda2 244Mib, sda3 465GiB01:12
TherapyK SO LIEK, it worked out! Thanks for the help daftykins and... uh, the other guy.01:12
Therapynot gonna continiue now tho; sleep time. Thanks for the help and GN!01:12
powhatan-danSo sda3 is your main drive01:13
powhatan-danAre your drives SCSI?01:13
failmasteri would go to chroot and see where is it exactly01:14
powhatan-danYou are doing raid 1 correct?01:14
wushunot sure to be honest, but i am pretty sure sda1,2 and 3 are partitions on the same drive. not any raid involved01:14
chrs_has anyone got exfat filesystem support in chrubuntu arm?01:14
failmasterwushu, lvm?01:14
powhatan-danYes it appears that way01:15
wushuwhat is lvm?01:15
powhatan-danI wasn't sure if raid #1 is what you were trying to accomplish01:15
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powhatan-danAre you just looking to install?01:15
wushuyup with full disk encryption01:16
wushuplain and simple01:16
failmasterwushu, during setup over gui installer i suspect it could make u to use lvm somehow, in that case the process of mounting i described will include additional steps01:16
wushuonly got one drive connected to the motherboard and one usb drive with live ubuntu01:16
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto01:16
powhatan-danHe only has one drive so I'm pretty sure he's not trying raid #101:17
anotherjoeanyone know how to disable 3d effects from an ssh shell01:17
wushupowhatan-dan: correct01:17
failmasterpowhatan-dan, such setups howtos often include lvm due to the option of resizing encrypted partitions01:17
wushuso guys, what is lvm? raid simulation of some sort?01:18
failmasterso in order to cover all possible troubleshoot steps it would be good to know if it's true for this case01:18
powhatan-danLogical Volume Management01:18
wushuright, will look that up thx01:18
failmasteri would go through classy debian installer for setting up such configuration (alternate cd or server)01:19
failmasterand it's better to choose 12.04 against 13.0401:19
failmasterin that case01:19
powhatan-danI'm sorry for stepping in failmaster I wasnt sure if someone was helping him01:20
wushuthe thing is that this seems a bit odd to me as i am only trying to install the latest ubuntu desktop on a single hdd without any fancyness01:20
failmasterpowhatan-dan, it doesn't work like that, everybody is involved, come on, it's a party! :D01:20
wushuthe more the merrier i guess :D01:21
powhatan-danI would select sda3 and move forward with the install01:21
failmasterwushu, latest and stable are somewhat different on practice01:21
wushu13.04 should be stable, right?01:21
failmasterwushu, i would choose 12.04 alternate or server01:22
powhatan-danThat's what I use but it's a development version and doesn't have long term support01:22
powhatan-danCan't wait for a stable saucy salamander01:22
failmasteri've just met an issue on 13.04 during set up with key file authorization for /01:22
wushuyeah, the only reason i went for 13.04 was the gui support for FDE. i guess i will just go with 12.04 like you said failmaster01:23
failmasterso imho it's clear that 12.04 is preferable01:23
failmastergui implementation of luks setup appeared later, so according to my logical conclusions classy setup would be more stable01:24
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failmasterbesides that you won't forget about things because every step to set it up is described and understandable01:25
failmastere.g. the chance i will forget where is my bootloader is lower01:25
failmasterbut that's just me01:26
failmastermaybe it's all okay with gui too01:26
wushualright thanks for the help. will drop by here again if i cant get it to work. you guys are great!01:28
failmasterwushu, you're welcome01:28
powhatan-danTake care wushu01:29
Guest68418does Ubuntu Touch have "emergency" remote access to all users who use the OS, just like Google does with Android and Apply with iOS?01:31
wilee-nilee!touch | Guest6841801:32
ubottuGuest68418: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch01:32
failmasterGuest66719, define "emergency access"01:33
wilee-nileesupport and discussion in #ubuntu-touch01:33
goddardit will really help01:33
goddardcan some one help me with this issue http://askubuntu.com/questions/327249/2-amd-7950s-do-not-work-in-crossfire-mode?noredirect=1#comment420184_32724901:33
Guest68418meaning Ubuntu/Canonical can access your smartphone anytime they deem something as an "emergency"01:34
Guest68418for "security purposes"01:34
wilee-nileetake it to the correct channel01:34
larzconwellSo I'm trying to install Ubuntu on a uefi system, so I'm following along https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Installing_Ubuntu_in_EFI_mode, but I can't seem to get the liveusb to boot.01:36
wilee-nileelarzconwell, Best support is at the UF, here is a thread. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729501:37
larzconwellwilee-nilee: Okay I'll check it out thank you.01:38
toneswhich are better ubunutuforums or askubuntu?01:38
wilee-nileetones, There is no better that is an opinion, bit have their merits.01:38
toneswhich one do you post the most to?01:39
wilee-nileetones, Neither, however under 3 diffrent nicks I have about 12, 000 or so post at the UF, I retired my last account.01:40
toneswhy did you retire?01:40
wilee-nileethe UF has the most online users probably a faster response depending ion the issue01:40
wilee-nileetones, To much drama.01:40
wilee-nileein my opinion.01:40
tonesless drama here01:41
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pipolocoI have a directory set with w permission for the group, then I have a user in that group, but when I log with that user, I get permission denied when trying to create a subdirectory in that directory:01:44
pipolocorwxrwxr-x  2 www-data www-data 4096 Apr  3 21:29 themes01:45
pipolocoubuntu : www-data adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev netdev admin01:45
jribpipoloco: use pastebin, show series of commands that demonstrates what you just described01:45
pipolocoSo ubuntu user belongs to www-data, which has w permissions over the "themes" directory, yet I get permission denied when trying to create a subdirectory01:45
pipolocook , there you are: http://pastebin.com/RrxiHCgX01:47
jribpipoloco: ls -ld themes01:47
jesusemelendezmhi guys a quick question/..01:49
pipolocojrib: http://pastebin.com/9ustBYXp01:49
jribpipoloco: ls -ld themes01:50
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pipolocojrib: sorry :) there you are : drwxrwxr-x 2 www-data www-data 4096 Apr  3 21:29 themes/01:51
jribpipoloco: ls -ld / /var /var/www /var/www/drupal /var/www/drupal/sites /var/www/drupal/sites/all01:51
jesusemelendezmhi pepper_chico01:51
pepper_chicojesusemelendezm hi01:52
jribpepper_chico: output of « mount »01:52
pipolocojrib: http://pastebin.com/t6Ni2HTd01:52
jesusemelendezmchico? Spanish ?01:52
arooni-mobile__can someone help me getting DNS resolution fixed?  i'm seeing "/etc/network/interfaces:11: misplaced option"  on line: dns-nameservers   ubuntu 12.04 lts server01:53
pepper_chicojesusemelendezm, brazilian01:55
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:55
somsiparooni-mobile__: maybe best if you paste the whole thing. It could be in the wrong section01:55
pepper_chicowe have chicos too, but not exactly the same spanish chico, here chico is surname for francisco01:55
pipolocojrib: ???01:55
pepper_chicoops, not surname, nickname01:56
jribpepper_chico: output of « mount »01:56
jesusemelendezmgot it pepper01:56
jesusemelendezmwhat are you exploring today?01:56
joeb3_arooni-mobile, use to seperate lines.  One for each dns server01:56
joeb3_arooni-mobile, two01:57
pepper_chicothe internet =)01:57
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hdhzeroHi, people. Synaptic can generate a script to download packages on another machine. How can I do a similar operation from the command line (only using apt)?01:59
jribhdhzero: search man apt-get for "print-uri"02:00
hdhzerojrib: thanks =]02:00
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.02:01
Guest29650what is the alternate command of ls in win32?02:07
jpdsGuest29650: dir ?02:07
Guest29650i got a question02:10
Guest29650the "-a" option of ls command indicates02:10
Guest29650Select one:02:10
Guest29650a. List both the files in parent and current directory02:10
Guest29650b. List files contain binary code only02:10
Guest29650c. List audio files only02:10
Guest29650d. List i-node files only02:10
FloodBot1Guest29650: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:10
xmetali know this probably isn't the channel, but anyone here use amazon dvds before (blank media) ?02:10
jribGuest29650: do not do that here.02:10
Guest29650if u could just plz tell me the answer to this one02:11
Guest29650i wont ask anymore02:11
jribGuest29650: if you want some help with your homework, check the man page for ls.  Type « man ls », then read about -a.  You can search with /-a<enter>02:11
Guest29650i will02:11
Guest29650but could u just tell me d answer02:11
Guest29650i will research it all02:11
jribGuest29650: no02:11
Guest29650just need a answer quickly02:12
jribGuest29650: this isn't a homework help channel and it just hurts you to tell you the answer.  Do what I said and you will learn the answer onyour own!02:12
lkthomasso no body interested buying Ubuntu edge ?02:12
jrib!edge | lkthomas02:12
ubottulkthomas: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch02:12
Guest29650comeon man02:12
Guest29650i just need answer for 1 QUESTION02:12
Guest29650thats all im askin02:13
jribGuest29650: this channel is for ubuntu support, please stop02:13
lkthomasGuest29650: what question02:13
somsiplkthomas: it's a multi-choice homework question he can easily find himself02:13
lkthomaslike what02:13
lkthomas-a on ls ?02:14
lkthomasGuest29650: none of above :P02:14
lkthomasGuest29650: I am trying make your homework fail, just so you know it02:14
Guest29650somsip i have 20 questions here im doin 19 im just askin for 102:15
Guest29650its not so much to ask for02:15
lkthomasGuest29650: why don't you check ls source code ?02:15
somsip!ot | Guest2965002:16
ubottuGuest29650: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:16
lkthomasI could only found solaris ls source code:02:16
Guest68418that guest was just asking for help02:17
somsip!ot | Guest6841802:17
ubottuGuest68418: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:17
arooni-mobile__i just upgraded ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 server edition... but now my DNS resolution is FUbar'd.  here is my /etc/network/interfaces file:  https://gist.github.com/arooni/6190592 ... but i still see nothing in /etc/resolv.conf  and 'ping yahoo.com' results in an error02:17
Guest68418somsip stop being an asshole02:17
jribGuest68418: let's get back to support and please keep the language rated G02:17
somsipGuest68418: please keep your language polite and maybe check the !guidelines02:18
lkthomasGuest68418 said he don't care if he get kick02:18
joeb3_arooni-mobile, seperate the dns lines.  One for each server.02:18
somsiparooni-mobile__: not sure if whitespace make a different in interface files, but in mine dns-servers is indented under iface, and someone else suggested you try separate lnes.02:19
Guest68418lkthomas, what if he said he doesn't care if he gets shot? and you didn't give him the answer about the Ubuntu commands02:19
jrib!ot | Guest6841802:19
ubottuGuest68418: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:19
arooni-mobile__somsip, fixed it;  networking restart was complaining about a bad symlink'd file02:19
arooni-mobile__fixed that and that fixed it02:19
somsiparooni-mobile__: k. So trwo servers on one like is ok. Good to know02:20
roots47Hey all, I'm looking to destroy my windows 7 install and replace it with the latest version of ubuntu.  Is there some way to accomplish this without worrying about downloading and burning a disk?02:20
Snuffelzroots47: create a usb stick installer with the unetbootin tool. The partition editor in the installer will definitely wipe out windows 7 for you.02:21
Snuffelzroot47: be warned though it will wipe out all data on that usb flash drive02:22
espatulahi, i have a task in my office, they want me to install ubuntu or ubuntu server; we are storing images so we can access them through ftp and use tools to restore OS's02:27
daftykinsif you know/want to learn command line you could go the server route, or if you prefer graphical methods, go desktop02:27
espatulaso whats better just get ubuntu and install some filezilla or use ubuntu server and configure as it02:27
espatulai know some command line but never really use server editions02:28
Guest68418espatula, i'd use Ubuntu Desktop since it is images, it makes life easier when you want to actually see what the images are02:29
daftykinsespatula: hrmm, guess it depends how much time you want to put in then02:29
espatulaand sure as hell dont know how to configure it02:29
daftykinsGuest68418: i think he means ISOs02:29
espatulano, there operating systems02:29
espatulayup isos02:29
daftykinsespatula: well, after the server install 'tasksel' would run and ask what roles you want the system to fulfill, should be pretty easy02:30
espatulain the area i work i have enough spare time to learn02:30
espatulaso for time its good02:30
bo0t_versus_onedime a ver espatula02:31
Guest68418espatula, when do you need to get it done?02:31
bo0t_versus_onede donde eres bros02:32
espatulawell, at least the instalation tomorrow and the ftp service as well02:32
espatuladel defectuoso02:32
Guest68418well, for you it might be easier to use the Desktop first since you need it by tomorrow and just learn Ubuntu  Server commands in your spare time02:33
bo0t_versus_onees raro encontrar alguien de habla hispana02:33
Guest68418in the future just switch to server02:34
espatulaps hace tiempo no ando por aqui y casi siempre vengo con dudas jajajaja, estoy intentando convertir mi oficina a linux02:34
bo0t_versus_onesi yo igual02:34
bo0t_versus_onehe estado tratando de ver como ocultar el host por este medio02:34
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
espatulawell i think thats what i have to do02:38
roots47Which USB creator should I use to burn the ubuntu image to USB?02:43
daftykinswell i definitely hope there's no burning involved02:44
daftykinstry the universal usb installer @ pendrivelinux.com02:44
roots47daftykins: Lol, burning... sorry, it's been a long day02:44
daftykinsroots47: np :D02:46
daftykinsroots47: "no USB devices were harmed in the making of this Linux install" will need to go on this system02:46
roots47daftykins: what does "amd64" mean?02:48
roots47does this just mean 64 bit?02:49
powhatan-danamd is the manufacturer02:50
roots47Hmm it's saying to select my .iso file... but it doesn't seem to detect the file in the directory?02:50
powhatan-dando you have all files selected for file types?02:51
clj_newb_2345Is there a way to (1) install only ubuntu (i.e. no OSX installation) and (2) yet don't have a stupid 20-second wait on every bootup as the open firmware searches for  a blesed partition (this is for a macbook pro)02:52
SecretFirehow many litecoins per day with 72 GH s02:52
roots47powhatan-dan: Yes, it turns out I selected "Xubuntu 13.04" instead of "Ubuntu 13.04" whoops02:54
daftykinsclj_newb_2345: keeping OS X for firmware updates is wise02:55
clj_newb_2345daftykins why do I need firmware updates?02:55
daftykinsto fix things...02:55
powhatan-danyou still have time to change your mind02:55
clj_newb_2345err, how often is something broken in the firmware?02:56
clj_newb_2345I don't need any of the advanced features02:56
powhatan-danxubuntu 13.04 will have to be booted from USB02:57
powhatan-danregular ubuntu 13.04 will fit on a disc02:57
syn-ackThey should both be able to fit on a CD, muchless a DVD02:58
roots47Hey all.  Is there some way to hack around viewing, and sort of working with adobe photoshop PSDs in linux?  I currently pay for creative cloud on windows, but don't want to have to switch computers any time I need to do some basic work with the files.02:59
powhatan-dandual boot and still have widows/mac/photoshop03:00
powhatan-danor use gimp03:00
powhatan-danand inkscape03:00
roots47powhatan: Is it easy to go from straight linux, to windows 7 dual boot?03:00
roots47powhatan-dan: Do gimp and inkscape open psds?03:00
jribroots47: probably works ok in a vm03:01
powhatan-dannot too bad03:01
roots47jrib: Ok, I figured that was probably the only solution03:01
powhatan-danAre you using windows?03:01
jrib!appdb | roots4703:01
ubotturoots47: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:01
jribroots47: you can check status with wine too03:01
fnordlingHello - I am having fan control issues, prolly from GPU. Is proprietary AMD Catalyst driver worth installing?03:01
powhatan-danI ran ubuntu in vmware on my mac at work and it was pretty slow03:01
=== kyle_ is now known as Guest95632
roots47powhatan-dan: i have a very fast system03:01
roots47powhatan-dan: and really, the processing would be happening on the remote box03:02
daftykinsfnordling: if it won't spin up the fan and overheats, it's definitely worth a go03:02
roots47powhatan-dan: at the moment, yes03:02
roots47powhatan-dan: i'm switching to ubuntu03:02
roots47powhatan-dan: doing a full over-write for the time being03:02
powhatan-danI think you could use wubi03:02
powhatan-danwubi will allow you to run ubuntu like a program within windows03:03
fnordlingdaftykins: my problem is fan running too much now03:03
daftykinsoh dear tux, never recommend wubi D:03:03
daftykinsfnordling: oh yeah, should help that too03:03
powhatan-danI was trying to think a decent solution for him to keep his adobe suite03:04
powhatan-danI recommend dual boot personally03:04
fnordlingdaftykins: 'k thanks. give it a go then03:04
roots47I appreciate it, but I think I'll probably try the VM solution for graphics and see if that works fast enough03:04
roots47powhatan-dan: if that doesn't work, then dual boot might be the best solution03:04
powhatan-danAbsolutely that's a decent solution03:04
powhatan-danJust make sure you watch the performance03:05
powhatan-danNothing worse than lag when designing03:05
xmetalpersonally i rather dualboot then setup "Linux in WIndows" (that doesn't mean VMware)03:05
roots47powhatan-dan: that's the only thing I'm worried about... luckily I'm more involved with code than with actual designing03:05
roots47powhatan-dan: I basically just view the designs for dimensions, etc03:05
xmetalstill if i like the distro enough... dualboot is what i'd do03:05
powhatan-danCorrect i'm with xmetal all the way03:05
daftykinsroots47: i think virtualising Windows on top would be more appropriate for you, no painful rebooting that way03:05
powhatan-danIf your a code guy then you should be linux/ubuntu all the way03:05
powhatan-danas your primary system03:06
roots47daftykins: exactly03:06
roots47I'm at a point now where windows just seems to be slowing me down03:06
Guest95632linux ftw03:06
powhatan-danbtw geany is a nice program for an IDE03:06
roots47powhatan-dan: thanks, I'll check it out03:07
powhatan-danI was able to easily install notepad++ through wine which was also great for writing code03:07
daftykinsroots47: definitely get your Linux on there, then virtualbox it up :)03:07
powhatan-danLinux should be your primary setup03:08
ESphynxHey how about trying out the Ecere IDE and giving me some feedback? :)03:08
powhatan-danNo problem03:08
roots47powhatan-dan: Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing how much more productive I can be03:08
xmetalwith some exceptions, i use many of the same programs in both os's (no amtter what 'nix distro) .. Libree office, firefox, and thunderbird just to name 303:08
GhjnutIf I have an external hard drive with an NTFS partition, what permissions do I need to change so I can access it from a Win7 rig03:08
xmetaloops @ my spelling03:08
powhatan-dansudo apt-get ecere03:08
xmetalVLC is another03:08
ESphynxpowhatan-dan: sudo apt-get install ecere-sdk03:08
daftykinsGhjnut: you'll need your Windows user to have rights on it - but it should just handle it fine03:09
GhjnutFor some reason I'm getting permission issues when i plug it into the windows machine03:09
ESphynxpowhatan-dan: I'm working on a pre-release right now and there will be another iteration before the one that goes in Saucy Salamander hopefuilly :)03:09
powhatan-danCan't wait for a stable saucy salamander03:10
Ghjnutdaftykins: Is there a way I can get rid of permissions?03:11
powhatan-danESphynx: I like IDE's that highlights code in blocks or represents them in the lines to the left of the code03:11
daftykinsnot really no :(03:11
xmetallove when windows throws the "Administrator does not administrator permissons" errors03:11
GhjnutWell, a+rw for windows03:11
daftykinsGhjnut: they exist to drive us insane03:11
ESphynxpowhatan-dan: code in blocks?  like being able to highlight portions on the left side without portions of the right side?03:12
powhatan-danmore of a readability issue for me03:13
powhatan-danmakes it easier to read03:13
powhatan-danand quickly move blocks of code03:13
ESphynxpowhatan-dan: but what do you mean?03:13
powhatan-danview this image03:14
ESphynxthanks. an image is worth a thousand words :)03:14
powhatan-danyou see the - sign03:14
dr_willisgeany and some editors like vi and emacs have  folding features i recall to keep cide in discrete  blocks03:14
ESphynxpowhatan-dan: The collapse feature of blocks?03:14
punkmexichello how can i make transmission to download torrents from chrome?? when i click on magnet link it opens other chrome windows03:14
powhatan-danwhen moving things in php it makes it so easy03:14
maitakei tried sublime text lately.. loved it immediately and blew the 70 dollars on a registered copy :)03:15
dr_willislooks like folding to me  powhatan-dan03:15
powhatan-danlol nice03:15
powhatan-danyes it is03:15
ESphynxpowhatan-dan: we got that as feature request http://ecere.com/mantis/view.php?id=684  :P Submitted in February last year03:15
ESphynxunfortunately not high priority right now, but contributions are welcome :P03:15
ESphynxwhat's the other thing?  like a lines overview?03:15
ESphynxhow do you display on the left side as lines?03:16
GhjnutMaybe a better question to ask would be: If I want to transfer files from an ubuntu install to a windows 7 machine via an external, how should I format the partition?03:16
maitakesublime text <3 :http://i.imgur.com/Cf18pGN.png03:16
Ghjnutexternal hard drive*03:16
powhatan-dansorry stepped away for a minute esphynx03:17
dr_willisGhjnut:  ntfs or fat3203:17
powhatan-danI'm kind of blown away at how polished your IDE is03:17
ESphynxpowhatan-dan: which ide?03:17
maitakewhich one powhatan-dan ?03:17
ESphynxOhhh are you?03:18
ESphynxthanks :) hehe03:18
powhatan-danwasn't expecting that03:18
ESphynxI don't quite consider it polished yet, but I'm sure it will be when the community kickstarts :P03:18
maitakethis? http://www.ecere.com/wiki/images/0/01/IdeShotSept2011.png03:18
Ghjnutdr_willis: ntfs03:18
Ghjnutdr_willis: At least that's how I currently have it formatted03:18
ESphynxmaitake:   http://www.ecere.com/tmp/ideShotJuly2013%20Wide.png -- newer shot :P03:19
powhatan-danvery nice03:19
powhatan-danthe keyboard shortcuts to highlight work fine03:20
xmetalwow i  had too much coffee lol ...feel like i am vibrating in my chair03:20
powhatan-danthat's always my biggest concern lol03:20
maitakenot bad ESphynx03:20
daftykinsxmetal: oh sorry that was me03:20
ESphynxalso, http://ecere.com/gnosis/gnosis44.jpg  http://ecere.com/gnosis/gnosis42.jpg -- upcoming 2D/3D GIS toolkit based on the Ecere SDK :)03:20
ESphynxpowhatan-dan: oh well there ya go! lol There are also global settings options for difference preferenes... like caret past end of line03:21
powhatan-dannope those are fine03:21
ESphynxpowhatan-dan: and cool samples like a 3D chess game :)03:21
ESphynxoh yay a free caret lover \o/03:21
powhatan-danctrl + shift + down arrow03:21
powhatan-danworks perfect03:22
roots47So, the ISO I downloaded is apparently just Ubuntu 13.04, but I see there is also a "Gnome" version.  Does the desktop version come with any windows?03:22
xirreIf someone gets access to your SSH, what should you do? As precaution.03:22
roots47Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop*03:22
rjknight1deny port ssh03:22
ESphynxpowhatan-dan: Did you check out those gnosis shots? :)03:23
xirreHow would I do that under Ubuntu 13.04?03:23
xmetallike with mint, in ubuntu, you should be able to download ifferent desktops to suit your need (Gnome, kde, xfce, ..etc)03:24
daftykinsyou can03:25
xmetali usually pick one to download for the iso and then after i install it, i download the other DE's03:25
xmetalas long as i can switch (i can) ... i never really care which one i get for the "intial installer" (ISO)03:25
roots47xmetal: So Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop is fine?03:25
roots47xmetal: I wasn't sure if this came with a particular windows installed or something03:26
rjknight1@xirre use ufw03:26
xmetalnot sure what dE that uses .. I am getting the idea that it's "Unity" ... if you want gnome or KDE for example, you can download the packages for those two and install them and switch anytime you want :)03:26
xmetal(Disclaimer: I do not use Ubuntu, but it and the one I use "Linux Mint" are very similar)03:27
xmetalubuntu users may be able to help more03:27
xmetalthe "usual" ISOs for any distro are usually Live CD/DVDs03:27
xmetalwhich reminds me i need to backup a few isos :)03:27
dr_willisunity is the default desktop03:29
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity03:30
roots47xmetal: in your honest opinion, what do you like about mint over ubuntu? if anything?03:30
lolcatUnity is gardbadge meant to be used on touch screens03:30
roots47xmetal: One of the sys-admin guys at my old work used mint and liked it03:30
dr_willisits trivial to install extra desktops03:30
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt03:30
xmetali agree ..,. its a piece of cake to install them03:30
rhtrar_oh, i'm glad i'm not the only one who hates unity03:31
xmetalreally i cant comment on Ubuntu since last i used it, was version 10.10 ... unity turns me off, but the two are so similar i think i dont feel the need for both03:31
xmetal(ubuntu and Mint)03:31
xmetalthey both are good03:31
maitakeubuntu and xfce is a great pair03:32
roots47I'm pretty new to the linux world.  I am a developer, is there anything, in mint or ubuntu that would make my life easier as a developer? Or are the differences very subtle?03:32
maitakexubuntu or otherwise03:32
xmetalxfce is what i use on alot of distros03:32
dr_willisroots47:  developing what?03:32
maitakei modified my xfce install a LOT.. looks wicked sexy03:32
xmetalfor new users i recommend Mint or Ubuntu (just without unity)03:32
roots47dr_willis: Mostly javascript, we use git, and experimenting with other languages03:33
maitakeyeah mint is nice03:33
xmetali like the fact that with both distro's (especially with each version of either) i dont have to spend hours trying to configure it03:33
maitakeme too03:33
xmetal(hours = may be pushing it for a choice of words)03:33
dr_willisunity is fine. wife and grandkids can handle it. they dont have the preconceived  notions of how a desktop should be03:34
maitakebut then if you want to configure and tweak lots of things, the sky is the limit :)03:34
maitakeunlike windows03:34
xmetali just dont care for Unity (only my personal opinion) .. i like almost anything else03:34
xmetal(Xfce, lxde (i think i got that right), KDE, or Gnome03:34
steve228I have a question about the app launcher Docky, but went to their IRC channel and nobody would even respond... Is there anybody in here that has experience with docky?03:35
maitakeyeah it's fair.. unity does it's thing well but isn't for everyone03:35
dr_willisi am getting too used to android type desktops.. i try android things on the pc. ;-)  out of habbit03:35
maitakesteve228: I do03:35
maitakewhat you want to know?03:35
xmetaltrue .. i am just saying i dont like it ... some users love it and i say "use what you like"03:35
maitakeandroid is cool03:35
xmetalthats the thing i love about linux .. your not stuck with "one or the other"03:35
maitakexmetal: yeah haha. honestly i think the divide among gnome 3 users and non-users is worse.. lots of trash talk03:36
maitakesteve228: what's your question?03:36
xmetali never heard of lxde til a week ago and i have to say i really like it03:36
steve228I have the dock installed and tried to use the terminal helper, but it is not working03:37
maitakeoh :(03:37
maitakei never had much luck with the helpers either03:37
xmetal(i hope i have that right :P .. close enough)03:37
maitakenot sure why03:37
steve228I dragged my home folder to the dock and it is not adding a menu entry for opening a terminal03:37
steve228is there maybe a config file that I can tinker with03:38
maitakewell maybe i'm not who you need to ask after all :( i've toyed with docky a lot but never bothered to try and make the helpers work03:38
maitakesteve228: there's dconf-editor03:38
steve228what about nautilus scripts?03:38
steve228because that would be just as good03:38
maitakedocky options show up under Apps -> Docky03:38
maitakesteve228: oops, misled you..03:39
maitakenot dconf-editor, but gconf-editor :)03:39
maitakeshould see a lot of docky options when you expand 'apps'03:40
steve228and how do you get my name in front of your message? is that a command (sorry I haven't used IRC in a while)03:43
steve228yea i already had gconf up lol thanks though...03:43
steve228maitake: were you typing my name before writing your message, or is it a command (sorry haven't used IRC in a while)03:44
maitakesteve228: ah, that can depend03:45
maitakei'm using xchat to connect to IRC03:45
maitakeand it has auto-complete.. I type 'st' or 'ste' and hit tab and it completes to 'steve228'03:46
xmetaltab?... hmm hexchat doesn't seem to do that03:46
xmetal(xchat "fork")03:46
wiakirssi does that to03:46
maitakehexchat doesn't?03:46
xmetaloh wait03:46
maitakei can't imagine it doesn't03:47
maitakeoh okay03:47
wiakdo anyone have a good hdd to ssd clone tool?03:47
xmetalmaitake, (testing that feature)03:47
xmetalthere we go03:47
maitakei changed the ',' prefix to ':' in the options03:47
maitakexmetal: xmetal xmetal xmetal03:48
PepperoniPizzasup ubuntuers03:48
maitakejust ubuntuing, you know03:49
maitakemight ubuntu off and go to bed03:50
ubulostbeginner question: is the Domain the same things as the workgroup to an ubuntu server?03:51
dr_williswiak:  clonezilla03:54
rjknight1@ubulost: nope.. workgroup is for file sharing.. domain is like a hostname03:54
failmasteri have a problem switching luks passphrase authorization to key file for root fs on 13.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?03:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]03:54
failmasteri also have a problem using usb keyboard at the boot stage, but all necessary modules are loaded and keyboard detected in initramfs environment03:56
failmasterwithout any anomalies in dmesg03:56
failmasteri'm in desperate guys =)03:57
dr_willisyou mean at the grub menu? or where?03:57
failmasterthird day without any backup from community03:57
failmasterat the stage when luks wants my authorization on first reboot03:57
failmasterbut the main problem is about key file03:57
=== steve228_ is now known as steve228
dr_willisi dont know about luks. but i had usb keyboard issues once. bios setting for legacy usb  fixed it03:58
failmasteri had it too and it was bug and it was fixed and now it has another symptoms and not related to not included usbhid module03:59
Programmer_for some reason my touchpad keeps getting disabled. how do i prevent that?03:59
failmasterProgrammer_, dmesg says anything related to it's behavior?03:59
Programmer_what do you mean?03:59
Programmer_xinput set-prop 12 "Device Enabled" 1 fixes it, but that's only temparary04:00
failmasteri mean that such behavior if it caused by hardware or module problems will cause filling log files with new lines Programmer_ just type dmesg in console04:00
Programmer_what am i searching for? big file...04:01
failmasterProgrammer_, put it on pastebin.ubuntu.com and bring it here to troublshoot the problem04:02
dr_willisuse  tail -f  to monitor it.. see what it says when it happens04:02
Programmer_it only happens when i reboot04:02
failmasteroh gosh04:03
failmasterProgrammer_, lsusb and lspci please04:04
reazemNetbeans can only debug properly when I run it with sudo. Any ideas?04:08
failmasterProgrammer_, i can't see anything wrong related to touchpad that would directly point to the problem, is it that "Bus 003 Device 003: ID 0461:4d46 Primax Electronics, Ltd" thing?04:09
Programmer_huh? my touchpad is synaptics04:09
failmasterProgrammer_, ok, so it doesn't change the state after reboot, always turns itself off?04:10
Programmer_yea for some reason04:10
failmasterdoes it have hardware button?04:10
failmasterProgrammer_, for turning it on and off04:11
failmasterreazem, i'm not that much programmer but maybe debugging requires root privileges due to some kind of security-related things? (or it used to work without it?)04:14
reazemfailmaster, For more details, this is my error message: "GDB: Failed to set controlling terminal: Operation not permitted"04:15
failmasterreazem, here you go https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdb/+bug/46900504:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 469005 in gdb (Ubuntu) "GDB: Failed to set controlling terminal" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:16
failmasterkkep an eye on it04:17
failmasteri have a problem switching luks passphrase authorization to key file for root fs on 13.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?04:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]04:17
reazemfailmaster, Thats's your post? Yes this is how crypttab works. Put a passwork too if you're scared.04:20
failmasterreazem, what?04:21
failmasteri just found a bug related to gdm issue04:21
failmastermy problem is about switching to key file04:21
failmasterreazem, so the password authorization is not something i really need04:22
reazemfailmaster, I tought you were scared to reboot lol04:22
failmasterreazem, i already did, i just described the consequences04:22
failmasterof the issue04:23
reazemfailmaster, are you using the same keyfile or is that not your crypttab?04:23
failmasterbecause it is issue, since this scheme used to work on 12.04 and it still works for sdb1 drive presented on the system04:23
failmasterreazem, i don't see the reason to use another one in context of situation04:23
reazemfailmaster, did you manage to mount the drive manualy with the keyfile after?04:24
failmasterwhat is strange is that maybe i have a clue why is this happening, but no one tries to discuss the subject for three days, not into question branch on launchpad, not into this bug report04:25
failmasterreazem, yes under chroot environment04:25
reazemfailmaster, try usind uuid04:25
failmasterit is already using uuid04:26
reazemoh lol04:26
failmasteras it written on crypttab at first manner and due to what i see in grub.cfg04:26
reazemwhen you mounted manually, you used uuid?04:26
failmasterreazem, i tried both ways04:27
failmastermounts fine04:27
failmasterand i also checked if this uuid is the same one under initrd image contents04:27
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.04:28
reazemfailmaster, can we be sure /boot is mounted at that point?04:29
failmasterreazem, it works with /deb/sdb1 and used to work for all hdds in system on 12.0404:29
aleksey2013can anyone help?   TeamViewer 804:30
roots47Hey everyone... So I'm on one of the first steup screens for ubuntuits saying to make sure its plugged into a power source and that it's connected to the internet.   I tried wiring my laptop directly, but it didn't seem to recognize the internet, is this a problem?  Will I be able to obtain all the necessary drivers?04:30
failmasterso i assume it is mounted since sdb1 drive stopped asking for password with the only key slot 0 containing key file04:30
rjknight1use italc for teamviewer04:30
rjknight1or vncviewer04:30
aleksey2013need help to come to check the log and the problem of video on the band flashes04:31
failmasterreazem, why blkid under initramfs environment doesn't show anything but 2 luks-encrypted devices?04:31
reazemI don't know how things play out at boot.04:32
failmasterthere are 2 more usb devices and usb modules are present, while usb keyboard doesn't work, but if it was the reason, how comes that keyfile mounts sdb1 alone on this stage04:32
reazemdid you try switching the order?04:32
xmetali cant speak for drivers @ roots ... i dont usually install Mint/Ubuntu while on thne net and it goes fine04:33
failmasterwhy should i? there is nothing related to the order04:33
xmetalevery PC is different though .. yours "may need" extra drivers04:33
failmasteri keep asking myself why i'm still here, because there is no way you will hear a word on launchpad and most probably no one will help me here =))04:34
roots47xmetal: alrighty, I'll give it a try... hopefully I can get online tomorrow for work :P04:34
holsteinaleksey2013: teamview is an add-on 3rd party application.. you'll seek support with the package maintainer.. i just installed it today, and it worked fine04:34
failmasteri would switch to debian, but it has it's own issues04:34
failmasteraccording to my setup04:34
xmetalevery pc is different, though i have never needed (for the most part) to be online to get drivers except once04:35
aleksey2013TeamViewer 8 works04:35
xmetal(back with ubuntu 9.04 i needed to manaully get wifi drivers)04:35
aleksey2013Who will go through it to help04:35
xmetalbut that was a long time ago04:35
xmetalsupport has improved04:35
reazemfailmaster, I run debian and it's all encrypted :)04:35
failmasterreazem, wheezy?04:35
holsteinaleksey2013: maybe, and probably no one. state your issue and a volunteer will help if they can04:36
reazemfailmaster, recently upgraded to jessy.04:36
failmasterreazem, passphrase?04:36
reazemfailmaster, yeah I use a yubikey for my systems.04:36
reazemI don't really see a point in keyfiles.04:36
roots47xmetal: Can I more than likely at least find the drivers for my wireless card?04:36
failmasterreazem, does your usb keyboard works under initramfs? did u have issues with latest setup images? i did04:37
roots47xmetal: I can transfer them via some other means04:37
reazemfailmaster, so did I for the keyboard lol04:37
xmetallikely .. i found that more recent versions of Mint (ubuntu is going to be the same way i bet) have had better support for hardware and I have not had to manually install anything04:38
reazemfailmaster, that's actually the reason I used jessy. I wanted to reinstall my wheezy system and KB wouldn't work on latest wheezy image.04:38
failmasterreazem, try to take usb hdd and make cp netinst_or_dvd1.iso on it and get into expert install, did you meet the issue when it mounts wrong device as installation media?04:38
xmetali'd try the live dvd/cd and see if it detects your hardware, befure you install it04:38
xmetalbefore *04:38
xmetalyou can see if it see's your hardware before you install anything, that way04:39
failmasterreazem, i tired spending two days with those issues on wheezy this week04:39
reazemfailmaster, Yeah i have had this issue too.04:39
wilee-nileexmetal, Mint is based on ubuntu I doubt ubuntu will do anything they do, all the drivers are available in ubuntu you just have to work a little harder, that is mints point.04:39
reazemfailmaster, Has to do with the fact that we are using USB I think04:39
failmasterreazem, and there are no guarantess i won't get into same situation i'm in now with key files04:40
roots47So yeah, I'm in ubuntu now, but it doesn't seem to be recognizing my wireless? Any ideas?04:40
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:40
reazemfailmaster, Heh. Depending on the complexity of your setup trying can take as few as 30 minutes.04:40
reazemfailmaster, I can rebuild my whole system in 30mins script does it all.04:41
reazemfailmaster, actually. I might do that tomorrow for my desktop. I'04:41
reazemim pissed at unstable ubuntu raring lol04:41
failmasterreazem, yeah, because it became too easy to install linux on desktops which caused hordes of people who doesn't need anything special to change priorities in distrib maintaining process to this current point where you can't get nothing to work from start until you need nothing but raw xfce/unity/gnome/kde desktop04:41
roots47xmetal: Too late.  Is there any way to figure out which drivers I need to dowload?04:42
wilee-nileeroots47, You said " I tried wiring my laptop directly" Ethernet right?04:42
reazemfailmaster, You're on raring too?04:42
failmasterthat's why if i won't deal with my current issues on ubuntu i won't come here anymore and won't provide any of my free time to help people to use linux04:42
failmasterreazem, unfortunately in my case it doesn't change anything, 13.04 or even debian so_stable wheezy, i am04:43
reazemfailmaster, Just GTFO raring and get 12.10.04:43
xmetalwell a simple web search should do it ... if you have another OS installed, get the name of your wifi adapter and search for that "and ubuntu" and see if you get any results04:43
xmetal(in "device manager")04:43
xmetalfor example04:43
failmasterreazem, i'm talking about dealing with issues, getting rid of the whole instance is not a solution, it's an escape04:43
reazemfailmaster, it's not supposed to be stable software. if there is really a bug, you'll have to touch souce to fix it.04:44
failmasterreazem, i very appreciate those couple of guys who paid attention to my problems04:44
failmasterthank you dudes04:44
reazemgotta go, GL.04:45
failmasterhey guys, i have a problem switching luks passphrase authorization to key file for root fs on 13.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?04:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]04:47
=== rudolf is now known as Guest71459
jiltdilAny one has done solaris 11 system admin certification?04:48
albern123hey, I have a slave drive which I used for a windows system, ubuntu can't recognise any of its partitions because the drive was GPT partitioned. How do fix this?04:50
aleksey2013ask for help. you need to go to my PC and set it up to check and remove any extra bags ... video player band in the video is correct .. who can go write + + + +04:51
researcher123I have 13.04 installed on entire hard disk.How can I install Windows XP alongside?04:51
dr_willisresize the partitions. put a ntgs at the front04:52
wilee-nileealbern123, You planning on installing there, and if so how are you going to boot?04:52
dr_willisuse gparted. and learn how to restore grub04:52
researcher123dr_willis: how do i do this?04:52
xmetali'd download (great tool) "SuperGrub"04:52
dr_willis....  use gparted04:53
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:53
xmetal(or i think there is one on the same site "Recaulux" (i know the spelling is off)04:53
researcher123dr_willis: how to put ntgs at front?04:53
xmetalor your could just follow ubott's url04:53
holsteinaleksey2013: im not following the issue04:53
dr_willisresearcher123:  with gparted04:53
researcher123dr_willis: thanks.Im trying.But will it make dual boot possible then by default?04:54
dr_willisresize linux. shrink it.. put new partition at front04:54
dr_willisinstall windows.. fix grub04:54
* xmetal agree's with dr_willis04:55
dr_willisget that boot-repair live cd first. to make it easier04:55
researcher123dr_willis: ok.04:56
dr_willisgparted live cd is worth having also04:56
albern123wilee-nilee, no, i use the drive for data only, it was on my windows 8 pc but i moved it to my ubuntu pc04:56
researcher123dr_willis: where can I get gparted live cd?04:56
aleksey2013ubuntu 13.404:56
Dmisn't gparted an application you can download on a live cd?04:57
wilee-nileealbern123, So the drive is unallocated as of now, there can be gpt remnants even then that cause problems is this the case here?04:57
xmetali have to say i haven't used Retaux, though its suppose to do more thatn "Super Grub" i think04:57
=== virusuy is now known as tuviejaentanga
jiltdilsuppose i want to make sure that  software packages on   my system  are up to date or not without  installing any updates, then which command i have to  use      pkg list -u    or pkg info -r "*"  or pkg update –nv ‘*’   please help i am confused this is on solaris04:58
albern123wilee-nilee, no, i'm just trying to view the data on my ubuntu pc, i don't want to wipe it or anything, gparted says it is unallocated though04:59
dr_willisjiltdil:  solaris is not linux04:59
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jiltdildr_willis, yes, but i want to know this answer if  you may help :)04:59
wilee-nileealbern123, So whats the final goal here?05:00
dr_willisjiltdil: ask a solaris channel05:00
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:00
jiltdildr_willis,  there are very less people and no one is responding05:00
jiltdildr_willis, Thanks anyway :)05:01
albern123wilee-nilee, being able to mount the hdd as a secondary drive without losing the data that is on the drive05:01
xmetalis that English?05:01
aleksey2013transparent band on the video's kind of like mixing05:02
wilee-nileealbern123, Not sure to be honest, I would not want any gpt myself if not needed.05:02
aleksey2013asked for help from Russian banks were given for the question05:02
xmetali repeat my question05:03
* xmetal scratches head05:03
albern123wilee-nilee, is it possible to convert it to MBR and mount it without loosing data?05:03
dr_willisconvert gpt to mbr? not sure thats possible05:04
wilee-nileealbern123, Not sure the unallocated is a red flag to me, however maybe this is normal in this circumstance the way the HD is setup, just not an area I can really help in.05:05
researcher123My browser n applications open too slowly n often hang.Im on 13.04.The problem appearing since a fortnight.It was ok before05:05
albern123wilee-nilee, ok thanks then, i'll keep looking05:05
hyper_chhmmm, applying latest updates on 13.04 makes mysql server not working anymore05:05
johnny_flyresearcher try to install preload05:06
hyper_chmysql server problems:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5965042/05:07
researcher123johnny_fly: where do I get that05:07
johnny_flysynaptic orr console05:07
johnny_flyapt-get instal preload05:07
johnny_flywith sudo ofcourse05:08
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wilee-nileeand two l's in install05:09
albern123ok i installed gdisk and opened the drive with it, and a bunch of errors came up: Invalid main GPT header but vailid backup, regenerating main header from backup! Caution! After loading partitions, the CRC doesnt check out! One or more CRCs don't match you should repair the disk!05:11
albern123how do I repair the disk?05:11
xmetaloops .. Rescatux is what i was talking about before05:11
wilee-nileealbern123, Did this start with the HD running fine with windows?05:14
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albern123wilee-nilee, yes it did, the verify command in gdisk recommends that i load a backup partition table from the disk05:17
wilee-nileealbern123, Cool, just checking, sometimes key info is left out.05:18
johnny_fly_SRBalbern123 you change something on disk after ubuntu install?05:18
failmasterhey guys, i have a problem switching luks passphrase authorization to key file for root fs on 13.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?05:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]05:19
albern123johnny_fly_SRB, not that i know of, unplugged the drive for install, plugged back in afterwards05:20
aleksey2013who is with the video card  ?  nvidia 650 ti  help05:20
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johnny_fly_SRBalbern123 make fresh instal with plugged disk and that will fix your problem - but that is final solution05:22
albern123johnny_fly_SRB, what do you mean by final solution?05:25
wilee-nileejohnny_fly_SRB, So your saying that reinstalling ubuntu is going to make this secondary HD with a gpt setup showing as unallocated in gparted, magically appear?05:25
johnny_fly_SRByap i thing that05:25
wilee-nileehardly that is got to be wrong05:26
roots47Hey everyone.  I'm in a bit of a crunch.  I overrode my windows 7 install with ubuntu, and now my computer isn't recognizing internet, neither wired or wireless05:26
wilee-nileejohnny_fly_SRB, exsplain how that is going to work.05:26
johnny_fly_SRBits can be:(05:26
roots47Any ideas how I could solve this?05:26
wilee-nileeroots47, This all internal hardware?05:27
santhoshwhich version ubuntu u unstalled05:27
roots47wilee-nilee: yes, all internal05:27
roots47santhosh: 13.0405:27
johnny_fly_SRBWhen i have any big problem with my ubuntu i reinstall him and ubuntu fix all problem by himself05:27
santhoshjust reinstall it05:28
roots47johnny_fly_SRB: Ok I'll give that a try05:28
wilee-nileeroots47, Run lspci in the ubuntu terminal and identify the ethernet and wifi info, you will have to download some drivers it sounds like on another computer, if you just don't have a switch off.05:28
santhoshdid u get internet on windoes 705:28
roots47santhosh: yes05:28
santhoshjust check "lspci" it would detect your ports or not05:29
roots47wilee-nilee: BroadCom Corporation BCM43228 802.11a/b/g/n for my network and Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection05:30
wilee-nileejohnny_fly_SRB, YOU are just saying the same thing that is not helping in any way.05:30
santhoshi think it isd better to doownload the network drivers or reinstall05:30
wilee-nilee!broadcom | roots4705:30
ubotturoots47: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:30
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santhosh https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx            it is good05:31
roots47wilee-nilee: thanks, when it says go to system > administration... where can I find this menu?05:31
johnny_fly_SRBhelp too me ...05:31
johnny_fly_SRBI do not have problem with ubuntu05:32
santhoshwhat is the problem05:32
failmasterhey guys, i have a problem switching luks passphrase authorization to key file for root fs on 13.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?05:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]05:33
wilee-nileeroots47, This would be if you had internet access I believe to download them, however it is in the software center-edit-software sources last tab on the right.05:33
Beedso boring05:34
johnny_fly_SRBwilee-nilee how to make big letters in xchat?05:35
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roots47wilee-nilee: Ok, so I'm looking at where its saying to install bcmwl-kernel-source from the restricted folder of the media?05:39
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wilee-nileeroots47, Not an area I know much about never had to do this myself.05:40
roots47wilee-nilee: I see :P lucky05:41
sarthorany help to install bigbluebutton on ubuntu13.04 server, I found "howto", that is for ubuntu 9.04. not working on 13.04.05:41
wilee-nileeyeah, sounds like you are on the right track though.05:41
roots47wilee-nilee: do you know how to 'browse the media' assuming my media is a usb drive?05:41
holsteinsarthor: what does "bigbluebutton" do? maybe there is something more recent that can do the job05:41
Chris262noob in need of some setup help05:41
sarthorholstein, for video conferencing05:42
wilee-nileesarthor, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/BigBlueButton05:42
Chris262just installed a fresh copy of ubuntu server on an old box i picked up.  i am connected to my router with a cable.  but every time i try to ping out I get Network is Unreachable or unknown host05:43
sarthorwilee-nilee, I tried that but failed. some commands not working on 13.04 that is for 10.04.05:43
wilee-nileesarthor, NOt sure if that will do with a Google search I see refrences to 13.04 and bigbluebutton05:43
holsteinChris262: i had to set manual DNS on a home network.. can you ping the gateway?05:43
santhoshyour updating your os05:43
santhoshot just reinstall it05:43
Chris262fresh install of ubuntu on what was a windows xp machine05:44
wilee-nileesarthor, here is what I found maybe this will help. https://www.google.com/search?q=bigbluebutton+13.04&btnG=Search&hl=en&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&gbv=105:44
holsteinChris262: can you ping the gateway?05:44
roots47wilee-nilee: this guide doesn't seem to have any information on doing the install via USB media... only references cd apparently05:45
wilee-nileeroots47, the usb has the same files, not sure of any real answer though myself.05:46
Chris262how do i find the gateway?05:47
Chris262kinda backwards since i am on 2 different comps that are connected to 2 different routers05:47
gr33n7007hChris262, route -n05:47
Chris262getting for gateway and genmask of
Chris262for some reason my iface is set up vibro0?05:48
Chris262shouldn't that be eth0 or eht1?05:48
Chris262eith1* since I have 2 10/100 ports05:49
roots47Does anyone know how to navigate usb media on ubuntu?05:49
holsteinroots47: same as anything else, really05:49
gr33n7007hyeah should be05:49
Chris262how do i got about changing that then..05:49
Chris262go about*; damn i can't type tonight for shit05:50
sam__I have installed forefox from tarball and created a symbolic like at /usr/bin/firefox   .  Now, I can't find firefox icon in dash home. So, I lauched firefox from terminal ( WITHOUT sudo ) and locked to laucher. As it did not have an icon, I created an icons diectory at /usr/lib/firefox and added a firefox128.ico icon to it. Now, I can see the firefox icon in the laucher but It doesnt spawn the browser. The icon is still missing from d05:50
santhoshhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick    <roots47>05:50
sam__in ubuntu 12.0405:50
holsteinsam__: why? why not use the repo version of ff?05:50
gr33n7007hChris262, udev rules05:50
sam__holstein: I want the latest version so that I can run the firefox OS simulator.05:51
failmaster_failehey guys, i have a problem switching luks passphrase authorization to key file for root fs on 13.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?05:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]05:51
holsteinsam__: i ran the simulator with no issues on 12.0405:51
gr33n7007hChris262, Edit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules05:51
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sam__holstein: The problem is not with the simulator. I cant find firefox in the dash home. I have to lauch it from terminal. How can I fix it?05:52
Chris262gr33n7007h: it is giving me no write permission, unknown mime-type05:53
sam__And OS simulator is not available for firefox version < 20.005:53
Chris262gr33n7007h: i am the only user on the thing…05:53
holsteinsam__: i would fix it my removing that version, and using the repo one05:53
dshaphey all, i have an upstart script here: http://pastebin.com/cbqFcAv6 but when i run it, it says it "start: Job failed to start". the weird thing is that i can run that command in my shell and it works fine...any ideas?05:54
gr33n7007hChris262, sudo05:54
santhoshhttp://linuxg.net/install-mozilla-firefox-18-0-1-on-ubuntu-12-04-ubuntu-12-10-linux-mint-13-and-linux-mint-14/     follow this<sam__>05:54
sam__I really need to know how to do the other way. That can help me in my contibution to OSS too.05:54
roots47wilee-nilee: Guess what?05:54
failmasterfailedsam__, https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-next and i guess you have to find some references on how icons and menus in your DE being created after packages installation05:55
Chris262gr33n7007h: just did that and got "Warning: unknown mime-type for "/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules" --using "application/octet-stream"05:55
holsteinsam__: there can be PPA's and other unsupported ways to add FF that may be easier05:55
Chris262gr33n7007h: then: "Error: no "edit" mail cap rules found for the "application/octet-stream"05:55
roots47wilee-nilee: IT RECOGNIZES MY WIRELESS. Thank you man.  I can now participate in my daily work routine tomorrow.05:56
gr33n7007hChris262, Mmmmm...05:56
euxnekshowdy, a lot of my applications, when I'm running in unity, look like they are still using the window decorations from kde - for instance, the buttons, scrollbars, checkboxes, tabs, etc.05:56
euxneksI don't want this.05:56
failmasterfailedroot_, atheros chipset gets the better support for linux05:57
failmasterfailedroots47, atheros chipset gets the better support for linux05:57
Chris262that is what i say..05:57
roots47failmasterfailed: good to know05:57
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* Gavos coughs. "Is this the big kid's table?"05:58
sam__unfailedagain: thanx. But I dont want a one click installation by adding a new repo. Consider I am building from sources.05:59
GavosJiminy Christmas. This channel is SO. VERY. LARGE.05:59
holsteinsam__: the ppa would be the easiest.. both are not officially supported06:00
GavosWould you rather I just said hi?06:00
sam__holstein: *repeat* I am building from sources.06:00
kostkonsam__: the daily?06:01
holsteinsam__: correct.. the ppa *and* that are not officially supported.. remove the versions you have added.. update the verison from the official repos06:01
unfailedagainsam__, you're messing with creating menu/desktop entry/icon procedures, get closer to your current DE, this is for gnome https://developer.gnome.org/integration-guide/stable/desktop-files.html.en06:01
holsteinsam__: i ran that simulator in FF in 12.04, with the updated version in the repo06:02
kostkonsam__: which version do you really want06:02
iceliteWhy does xchat need updates ?06:02
unfailedagainhe wants to build it from sources dudes, what is it unclear lol06:02
sam__kostkon: any version > 20.006:02
sam__and I have the sources06:02
unfailedagainhe doesn't want ppa, he just wants to build it and have an icon06:02
kostkonsam__: the repos version is 23.........06:03
unfailedagainbut fails to create one06:03
unfailedagainoh god it's not a surprise i can't get support for myself06:03
holsteinunfailedagain: and the user may.. what is unclear is that the version built from source is not supported.. and the repo version supported the functionality the user seeks06:03
unfailedagainholstein, how comes that something built from source is not supported?06:03
johnny_fly_SRBima li koga?06:03
goddardcan some one look at this for me? http://askubuntu.com/questions/327249/2-amd-7950s-do-not-work-in-crossfire-mode06:04
unfailedagaingood luck with that statement because he wants and he does build it from source and it works06:04
holsteinunfailedagain: because, its the responsibility of the maintainer, at that point..06:04
unfailedagainand more, it is expected to work06:04
unfailedagainholstein, nothing stops anyone to build it from source, there are even cozy deb-srcs06:04
unfailedagainand that's good when someone does have such wish, good for whole community06:05
holsteinunfailedagain: and im not trying to stop anyone from anything06:05
dshapanyone know why an upstart script might fail if it's just executing one command and that command otherwise works fine?  http://pastebin.com/cbqFcAv606:05
unfailedagainno, until you start saying that " version built from source is not supported.."06:05
holsteinunfailedagain: the fact is.. its not in the repos, and not our responsibility.. we cant control all the variables.. its not OT to ask for help here06:05
unfailedagainholstein, are you maintainer?06:06
holsteinunfailedagain: do you hae a support question, friend?06:06
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holsteinunfailedagain: otherwise, we can argue elsewhere.. in teh OT channel for example06:06
unfailedagaini have one, holstein i have a problem switching luks passphrase authorization to key file for root fs on 13.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone06:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]06:06
goddardAnyone running AMD GPU in crossfire?06:06
goddardAMD 7950's are popular cards does anyone else have one?06:08
reisioif they're popular, someone else probably has06:08
reisioalso even if they're not popular06:08
reisiobig ole world06:08
sam__thanks guys. I think I got it. gotta restart.06:11
roots47Hmm, now that everything is up and running.  Any opinions on gnome 3 vs unity?06:11
unfailedagainboth sux?06:11
goddardgnome3 is better but unity still beats it because of how windows are maximized06:11
goddardit is really the best design in that regard06:11
goddardi think the only DE that can copy it is KDE06:12
holsteinroots47: try unity live. you can probably install gnome liv as well.. i use a desktop that doenst require 3d06:12
goddardholstein: why?06:13
goddardold system?06:13
holsteingoddard: i choose to.. i dont need 3d on the desktop06:13
goddardholstein: why not?06:13
holsteingoddard: i dont need it.. so i dont have it06:14
goddardits pretty nice and if you dont have an old system it works great06:14
iceroot_goddard: and you can do all tasks without 3d support, so why using 3d then?06:14
goddardVisual pleasure06:15
iceroot_goddard: and if he likes to use something without 3d support (like i do too) why telling him to use 3d?06:15
dshaphey all - is this an appropriate place to ask questions about upstart scripts? im trying to figure out why mine is failing to start but not sure what to do next06:15
goddardiceroot_: i didn't i just wanted to know his reason haha06:15
iceroot_goddard: some users prefer visual highlights, others not06:15
goddardiceroot_: i know that but i wanted to know his reason06:15
unfailedagaindoes mutter requires 3d?06:15
goddardiceroot_: some people just say that because they have old hardware06:16
iceroot_goddard: i normally just something which is able to show and manage the windows from the programs, close them, move them, thats all06:16
holsteinunfailedagain: last i checked on it, it didnt.. but its been a while i had it running06:16
goddardothers like flat plan desktops06:16
goddardat some point the reason to optimize by removing 3d effects and what not becomes pointless if that is the reason06:17
iceroot_goddard: sure and it is good that there are different user which prefer different systems and the great hting is, you have the choice :)06:18
reisioif 3d effects help your brain interface with your UI better, making you more efficient, nice06:18
reisioIMO that is rarely the case :p06:18
holsteingoddard: i didnt "remove" them.. i just started with something that better suits my needs and preferences.. nothing wrong with whizzz-bang06:18
iceroot_goddard: 1. its depening on your graphic card, for example you need non-free software for specific cards to have good 3d support06:18
reisiounless your brain is quite shallow :)06:18
iceroot_goddard: but i guess this discussion is offtopic, it should be moved to #ubuntu-offtopic06:19
goddardiceroot_: do you have a good GPU?06:19
holsteingoddard: "good" is a matter of opinion.. but, please continue in #ubuntu-offtopic06:20
rjknight1anyone here successfully configured DNS server on ubuntu server? May i ask for your tutorial sites if you have one? thanks.06:20
ubottuTo set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/dns.html06:20
iceroot_goddard: i have the best gpu you can have, because the drivers are open-source06:20
iceroot_goddard: i dont care about 3d power, i need a system to work with, so i am fine with my intel card06:20
jemarkiceroot_: Intel?06:21
iceroot_goddard: and i dont need fancy effects when i move a window or something like that06:21
holsteinintel hardware is typically supported well by the kernel "out of the box", jemark06:21
iceroot_holstein: yes06:21
jemarkholstein: i know06:22
unfailedagainany kinds of effects don't help brain to be efficient, it's all about design, while effects bring esthetical joy06:22
rjknight1is the primary and secondary master of DNS server to installed on different pc?06:22
rjknight1*to be06:22
iceroot_rjknight1: normally yes, because it is a backup system06:22
goddardholstein: this is on topic06:22
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holsteinrjknight1: you'll usually see a few.. opendns has 2 addresses, and googleDNS06:22
goddardiceroot_: i am asking because i was wondering if you had AMD06:22
ubotturjknight: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server06:23
iceroot_goddard: no, i dont have an amd card at all06:23
goddardiceroot_: I like open source its just i cant play games with them06:23
iceroot_goddard: some systems with intel and one with optimus06:23
goddardiceroot_: intel GPU is best for open source right?06:23
iceroot_goddard: yes06:23
babinlonstonwant to install ip messenger for ubuntu 12.04 how to install it06:24
iceroot_goddard: you can use all features with open-source drivers. with nvidia/amd you cant use all features with free software06:24
cfhowlettgoddard, maybe not "best" but it's well supported06:24
jemarkiceroot_: I have an onboard HD3000 in this laptop :)06:24
iceroot_jemark: guess i have the same card, i dont care about the name. its working so i am fine06:24
rjknight1thanks... i'll read it again..06:24
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goddardcfhowlett: i guess i mean the drivers are the offical drivers06:25
Chris262trying to change my iface from virbr0 to eth0 or eth1, but when I use "sudo edit '/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persisent-net.rules" i get a unknown mime-type using "application/octet-stream"06:25
jemarkiceroot_: indeed06:25
Chris262anyway to get around this… i have not network access period06:25
cfhowlettgoddard, right06:25
Chris262gateway is
holsteingoddard: "best" is a matter of opinion, and can dependon use case and hardware06:25
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roots47Umm, hmm... for some reason when I'm trying to edit a file in vi, my arrow keys are producing random capital letters, I did a google search and see that it requires a :set nocompatible and recommended setting this in my vimconfig... I tried adding the line "set nocompatible" to the config in my /usr/share/vim folder to no avail. Any ideas?06:25
goddardI'm surprised with all the talk in Ubuntu about games we don't have more people that have tested hire end GPUs in multi-GPU setups06:26
iceroot_roots47: that is normal06:26
iceroot_roots47: vi does not support the arrow keys, you want to use vim instead06:26
iceroot_roots47: and you have to install vim, because its not installed by default. sudo apt-get install vim06:26
goddardroots47: or just use nano06:27
roots47Ah ok, i'm installing vim now06:27
cfhowlett!hardware|goddard, there are hardware testing teams in ubuntu06:28
ubottugoddard, there are hardware testing teams in ubuntu: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection06:28
rjknight1helo again. When logging in with the user account in ldap from ubuntu desktop client, is the user be a sudoer or not?06:29
unfailedagainhey guys, i have a problem switching luks passphrase authorization to key file for root fs on 13.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?06:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]06:29
iceroot_rjknight1: depending on your config06:29
brahmanaIs there a way for me to block out access to an entire domain from my machine06:31
OnkelTemHi all. In Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome 3 I can't maximize gnome-terminal window anymore  by Alt-F10. It just prints in terminal: "3~". Any ideas?06:31
goddardcfhowlett: the hardware testing process is a pain06:31
goddardcfhowlett: they need a new system06:31
cfhowlett!dns|brahmana, yes you can do that via DNS06:32
ubottubrahmana, yes you can do that via DNS: To set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/dns.html06:32
brahmanaEx : I want to block access to some.domain.com from my machine. Is /etc/hosts.deny the right place for this?06:32
cfhowlettbrahmana, /editing hosts would also work.  perhaps ask in #ubuntu-server   ?06:32
brahmanacfhowlett: What was your suggestion with DNS?06:33
rjknight1@iceroot how do we know if our config is that the user is a sudoer or not?06:33
brahmanacfhowlett: Btw, this is for my laptop, running Ubuntu desktop.06:33
cfhowlettbrahmana, I've never done the DNS route, but I have seen the /host editing method.06:33
iceroot_rjknight1: so you mean when you authenticate against slapd?06:33
brahmanacfhowlett: Ok, what is the host editing method?06:34
iceroot_rjknight1: and pam is using ldap as backend and not /etc/passwd / shadow06:34
cfhowlettbrahmana, I'm not a sys admin and have no experience running a server ...06:34
brahmanacfhowlett: Ok, cool. Np.06:35
rjknight1@iceroot I used this guide, http://www.unixmen.com/setup-samba-domain-controller-with-openldap-backend-in-ubuntu-13-04/ and it works. but how do we know that the user login to the ubuntu desktop is sudoer or not bae on the guide?06:39
iceroot_rjknight1: you will have to look on his groups06:40
iceroot_rjknight1: getent group06:40
rjknight1@iceroot_: Domain Admins:*:512:root Domain Users:*:513: Domain Guests:*:514: Domain Computers:*:515: Administrators:*:544: Account Operators:*:548: Print Operators:*:550: Backup Operators:*:551: Replicators:*:552:06:43
rjknight1@iceroot_ are those belong to sudoer?06:44
iceroot_rjknight1: no06:45
iceroot_rjknight1: dont have ubuntu here at the moment but the group should be "sudoers" or "admin"06:46
iceroot_rjknight1: the groups you will get are normally special domain-users06:46
manowar3Is there a Firefox plugin that saves the zoom % for each website?06:47
iceroot_manowar3: that is the default06:48
goddardya thats default for me06:48
manowar3iceroot_, hmm... too much zoom plugins for me then. I'll try that now thx06:48
rjknight1@iceroot_ okay the user that i created is not in the sudoer but how we can make some of our user be a sudoer?06:49
cfhowlettNotex, greetings06:49
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
basiclaseri have a really old machine that needs an OS, it has <128 ram. Any OS suggestions?06:52
iceroot_rjknight1: ad them to the group06:52
iceroot_basiclaser: lubuntu would be the only ubuntu system06:53
cfhowlettbashy, xubuntu and lubuntu are optimized for older/slower machines.06:53
reisiowell, their preinstalled apps are06:53
zaggynldoes anyone know what " start -q anacron || :" does?06:53
reisiozaggynl: is that in an upstart script or something?06:54
auronandacebasiclaser: anything below 512mb ram is going to crawl with any desktop version of ubuntu06:54
reisiozaggynl: it probably means start 'anacron' quietly, and if it fails do what comes after06:54
euxnekshowdy, the solution to my previous problem was to delete the gtk-3.0 dir under .config and also remove the oxygen-gtk theme in /usr/share/themes06:54
rjknight1@iceroot_ : a group like domain admin?06:54
rjknight1@iceroot_ or as a special user?06:54
toneswill older versions of ubuntu work quicker on older hardware?06:55
reisiotones: not particularly06:55
cfhowletttones, better off to try lubuntu and/or xubuntu ...06:56
auronandacetones: most likely yes, but they are unsupported06:56
euxneksI have another issue though, that's that unity is not starting properly on login. After login, if I can issue the command "unity --replace" (I happen to have synapse installed) it works fine.06:56
euxneksare there any logs where unity will put errors that happen?06:57
reisiomaybe your session isn't being saved06:58
euxnekswhat would cause that?06:58
reisioeuxneks: various things07:00
rjknight1@iceroot_ anyway thanks :) I will configure this out... till then.07:01
euxneksreisio, can you point me in a direction to try to find out a solution?07:01
basiclaser auronandace: ok thanks, what would you suggest in place of lubuntu?07:02
reisioeuxneks: if you made a new, extra user and logged in and it worked fine with that user, then that would suggest some simple corruption/misconfiguration of config files in your original user's ~/07:02
euxneksis there a command with apt-get which is similar to "yum provides" ?07:02
euxneksah, reisio, good idea07:02
reisioeuxneks: apt-file07:03
auronandacebasiclaser: on that machine you'd only get away with a non-gui ubuntu i would have thought (non-ubuntu suggestions can be found in ##linux)07:03
basiclaserauronandace: ok thanks. I can never seem to comment in linux, can't work out the registration. #IRCnoob07:04
euxneksreisio, thanks07:04
auronandace!register | basiclaser07:05
ubottubasiclaser: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode07:05
seekwillHello! With Ubuntu 13.04, I can connect my 3g wireless card and it "just works". What program does this magic?07:07
auronandaceseekwill: since you're talking about hardware then it would be a driver in the linux kernel07:09
greyhatpythonseekwill it's the Linux Kernel! not magic.07:09
seekwillSorry, I meant that connects with the 3g service. Is it "Network Manager"? Is there some plugin?07:11
seekwillI'm asking because I'm testing this modem on a Raspberry Pi (with only Debian)07:12
seekwillWondering if it's Ubuntu magic or not07:12
unfailedagainseednode, modemmanager?07:12
unfailedagainoops sorry07:12
unfailedagainseekwill, modemmanager?07:13
seekwillAh. I will look into that. That looks promising!07:13
=== wang__ is now known as wangzx
fetoegaIs there any distro of ubuntu that comes with nvidia 325 as default?07:26
somsip!info nvidia-current07:27
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.88-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 4 kB, installed size 34 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)07:27
somsipfetoega: you could try #ubuntu+1 for details on 13.1007:27
fetoegaSomeguy123: i do not think they have it by default either. I think it is an older version.07:28
somsip!info nvidia-current saucy07:28
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.88-0ubuntu7 (saucy), package size 4 kB, installed size 34 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)07:28
somsipfetoega: yep - looks the same07:28
fetoegawhen i install from edgers i get agpgart errors and a black screen.07:28
HypnotiXany web developer here ?07:28
somsipfetoega: PPAs can be troublesome which is why they are not officially supported.07:29
somsipHypnotiX: why?07:29
fetoegai know. But the drivers in the official repos does not support newer cards07:29
HypnotiXi have some problems with compass and yeoman07:29
somsipHypnotiX: neither or which seem to be ubuntu issues. This is ubuntu support channel07:29
HypnotiXwell it has to do with linux :)07:30
HypnotiXand im on ubuntu so i donno where else to ask07:30
HypnotiXi get the following error when i try to run a command07:30
HypnotiXError: EACCES, permission denied '/home/clslice/.config/configstore/update-notifier-yo.yml'07:30
HypnotiXYou don't have access to this file.07:30
somsipHypnotiX: no, really. It's off topic. Please find somewhere more appropraite07:31
somsipHypnotiX: #yeoman is live according tot he suport page07:31
HypnotiXyeah just not active :(07:32
mafsihi, can anyone help me with the hotspot i've created? i cant see it with any device, although is running.07:45
albern123hey does anyone know how to mount a drive which is GPT partitioned?07:45
dr_willisalbern123: same as any other drive albern12307:46
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:46
killerI have a script that i want to be run from terminal (as a terminal command) and make it available for all users(so not ~/.bashrc)07:46
=== unfailedagain is now known as srsly
=== srsly is now known as wtffailor
dr_williskiller:  put it in /bin  or /usr/bin07:47
albern123dr_willis, when I look at the drive in GParted there are two partitions, when i look at the drive in fdisk or disk utility it only shows one partition07:48
dr_willisfdisk is not set ti gandle gpt i think.07:48
dr_williswhar does    sudo blkid     show07:49
=== dan__ is now known as Guest27266
albern123/dev/sdb1: UUID="25a66b6f-1ad2-42ad-8134-21e8318eab8b" TYPE="ext4"07:49
albern123but the drive i want to mount is /dev/sda07:50
dr_willistry mounting sdb1 then07:50
dr_willissda should be shown on another line if its detected07:50
dr_willisdoes dmesg mention sda?07:50
dr_willisis this an external usb? or internal hd?07:51
killerdr_willis: i copied killer.sh to /bin but still not accessible as command07:51
albern123an internal hd07:52
dr_williskiller:  you made it executable?07:52
dr_willistry the full path to the script07:52
Lopeokay I thought I completely understood permissions but now I've hit a dead end. on my dev PC (where I need write access from PHP) /var/www/ has 770 permissions is owned by bob:www-data. Apache can pull up the index.php page, no problem. then I created a group called web-users and added www-data to the web-users group. Then I chgrp'd -R the /var/www/ dir to web-users and when I do that apache gets permission denied. any ideas?07:53
killerdr_willis: full path works but i don't want to put full path everytime07:54
dr_willis_log out and back in.  the  bash PATh cache is not rerfreshed yet07:55
dr_willis_or just open a new shell07:55
=== dr_willis_ is now known as Dr_Willis
Dr_Williswhere  exactly did you copy it to?07:56
albern123gparted says that ntfsprogs is missing07:58
Lopeokay just needed to restart apache207:58
ikoniaLope: every time you change a users groups, you need to restart the shell that user is running so it re-refresh it's status in a new shell07:59
erik_tecnicowhas up ?08:00
ikoniaerik_tecnico: worth checking the /topic of the channel you've just joined08:00
erik_tecnicoikonia i move me no you me move ?08:01
ikoniaerik_tecnico: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you've just said08:01
erik_tecnicoloock the simple lession08:02
erik_tecnicoopen the terminal08:03
erik_tecnicoand digit the command08:03
bazhang!br | erik_tecnico08:03
ubottuerik_tecnico: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.08:03
erik_tecnicotouch file.txt08:03
bazhangerik_tecnico, stop that08:03
erik_tecnicoand the create the file.txt on directory08:04
bazhangerik_tecnico, this is ubuntu support only, stop pasting commands here08:05
ikoniaerik_tecnico: do you have a problem you need help with ?08:05
erik_tecnicook this my lession08:05
ikoniaerik_tecnico: ahh ok, please continue08:05
bazhangerik_tecnico, dont continue with that08:05
ikoniaerik_tecnico: explain your problem please08:06
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
=== wtffailor is now known as rtfmdude
erik_tecnicoi need folder for paste my flashlib on mozill08:07
Dr_Willis!flash | erik_tecnico08:07
ubottuerik_tecnico: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash08:07
ikoniaerik_tecnico: you want to know where to put your flash library for mozilla ?08:07
erik_tecnicoyours are bad education08:09
Dr_Willisthats a weird way to say 'thank you'08:09
bartjehi all, I've got here a failed update of mysql, now it isn't working anymore of course.. don't know what went wrong here..08:10
ikoniabartje: define "failed update" and define "not working"08:11
pinqvinis there any ways to get sd-card reader to work in toshiba portege 150r?08:11
ikoniapinqvin: depends on if the hardware is supported08:11
Dr_Willissome build in card readers in some laptops can be picky and a problem08:12
bartjeikonia: not working is quite easy to define... not working.. and failed: error processing mysql-server (--configure) dependency problem - unconfigured08:12
bartjeI tried purging, reïnstalling..08:12
ikoniabartje ok well you want to give smart answers, I don't want to help08:12
rtfmdudeis it necessary to have a keyscript option in order to use luks authorization based on a key file?08:13
bartjeikonia: not working is not working, what's so difficult about hat definition?08:13
ikoniabartje: "not working" could mean anything, not starting, can't login, can't connect, dropping connection, etc, but you want to be smart with "not working" - bye08:13
ikoniabartje: in that case "fix it"08:13
pinqvinikonia: i found in the web that toshiba doesn't have drivers for linux08:13
pinqvinso is there some08:13
bartjebad day I guess08:13
ikoniabartje: not for me, I can fix it08:14
ikoniapinqvin: the SD card reader is probably not made by toshiba, so you need to find out who makes it, then we can look at that device's support in linux08:14
rtfmdudeis it necessary to have a keyscript option in order to use luks authorization based on a key file for drive with mount point on / (root fs)?08:14
pinqvinif it is not supported is there something which i would try?08:14
ikoniapinqvin: if it's not supported, no , it's a dead end08:15
ikoniapinqvin: if there is support/limited support we can work it through, but you need to know the make/model before we can work taht out08:15
Dr_Willisdetermins the card readers chipset pinqvin  how have you 'proven' its not supported?08:15
bartjenext error on attempt to reïnstall : E: internal Error, No file name for mysql-server-5.5:amd64 ..08:15
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EZRAKanyone knows about backtrack508:16
ikoniaEZRAK: the people in #backtrack-linux do, but it's EOL and offtopic here08:16
ActionParsnipEZRAK: ask in #backtrack-linux08:16
Dr_WillisEZRAK:  it has its own suipport channels08:16
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
pinqvinyea i'm not sure about support but i searched via google08:18
pinqvinso where i could search the model of the reader? google?08:18
Dr_Willispinqvin:  staert aith 'lspci' output08:19
Dr_Willisstart with..08:19
EZRAKno one is online08:19
pinqvini run out of battery soon ... so i don't know when my laptop shuts down08:20
ikoniaEZRAK: read the topic in their channel - it's dead08:20
Dr_WillisEZRAK:  thats not really our problem. its not ubuntu.  try the  backtrack web site for alternaivces08:20
Dr_Williswhy do you even think you need backtrack08:20
pinqvinhttp://pastebin.com/npwQHFNz here is output of the command08:23
pinqvinso the sd reader is:Toshiba America Info Systems SD TypA Controller (rev 03)08:25
Dr_Willisthat  would be my guess,, or one of the other devices that are   not the wifi, or other known devices. ;)08:26
pinqvinwhat you mean?08:26
Dr_Williseliminate the ones that  are obviously NOT  a card reader.,08:27
Dr_Willisthat leaves like 3 items08:27
pinqvinyea there is three in that lis which could be08:29
clj_newb_2345for ssds, shoudl I (1) nt create a sawp partitin or (2) smehow tell ubuntu to minimize the sawp use?08:44
wilee-nileeclj_newb_2345, Are you sure its being used?08:46
wilee-nileeclj_newb_2345, check this page. https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/ssd08:47
=== ABCD is now known as Guest50282
ActionParsnipclj_newb_2345: do you have a platter based storage?08:58
rtfmdudeis it necessary to have a keyscript option in order to use luks authorization based on a key file for drive with mount point on / (root fs)?08:59
Shadow}}How do I save a file that requires permission?09:01
Shadow}}Run mousepad in sudo from term?09:01
tgaryHi! Is "charge your phone via USB 3.0 while computer is off" works with linux? How can I activate it?09:01
eoshi everybody! anyone who knows how to detected the highest bit per sample I can get from my sound card on ubuntu?09:01
reisiotgary: not likely anything to do with software (Linux)09:02
Shadow}}Never mind, I got it.09:03
tgaryreisio: Does not need to turn off USB devices, to remain in a special power state? (Like for ethernet off is no power, but in higher power states it can listen for wake-on-lan packets.) ?09:03
edge731hello all!, i need to virtualize a raspberry soft-float debian on virtualbox09:04
eosI found a way of detecting the maximu sampling rate, and it worked, but do not seem to be able to detect the maximu bit depth09:04
edge731can somebody help me ?09:04
reisiotgary: huh?09:04
histoedge731: /j #virtualbox09:05
Dozyedge731: you want to virtualise raspbain with the pi's hardware on your pc?09:05
histoedge731: or vbox whatever their channel is09:05
reisioI don't think VirtualBox does ARM09:05
reisiokvm would09:05
edge731well, there is a .img file in raspberry.org dowloads that says it´s " soft-float ABI" for usage with virtualbox....09:06
tgaryreisio: I'm not a hardware expert, but think there is similar for USBs too: If you power off your computer, and USB keyboard will not wake up the computer, because there is no power for the HUBs. But when I suspend my machine, it can wake up for a key press on an USB keyboard.09:07
=== Orpheon_ is now known as Orpheon
edge731well im not whure wy i posted it here, sorry ! XD09:07
edge731im gonna look for virtualbox channel09:07
Dozyedge731: no problem ^_^09:07
histoedge731: there is alsoa  araspberry pi channel09:07
histo!alis | edge73109:08
ubottuedge731: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*09:08
tgaryreisio: Isn't there similar for this? Like in one switched off power state it does not charge, in another switched off power state it charges. ?09:08
Rapid2214Anyone else having issues with http://askubuntu.com/ ?09:08
reisiotgary: uh, maybe09:08
reisiotgary: but if nothing is plugged in it won't charge for sure09:08
DozyRapid2214: its not loading for me09:09
Rapid2214Thanks Dozy, coffee break it is!09:09
DozyRapid2214: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/askubuntu.com09:09
edge731thanks for the tips!, :D09:09
tgaryreisio: Yeah, but I checked, and when I plugged in the device (while the machine was powered off), my USB 3.0 did not charge the device.09:10
histotgary: shutdown with the device plugged in09:10
reisiotgary: and when it was turned on it did?09:10
lorganhey could anyone help me installing ubuntu from a bootable usb? After an attempt at installing it goes straight to win 7 (no grub or other bootloader shows up) and booting with the usb plugged in gives this: http://files.myfrogbag.com/oij151/HPIM1603.JPG09:12
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:12
Dr_Willissounds like grub installed to the usb. not the hd and got confused09:13
rtfmdudeis it necessary to have a keyscript option in order to use luks authorization based on a key file for drive with mount point on / (root fs)?09:14
tgaryhisto, reisio: When it was turned on, it charged. Now I tried histo's suggestion, but when the machine is turned off, the charging is stopped.09:15
lorganI also found this thead which seems to be a similar problem (http://askubuntu.com/questions/41930/kernel-panic-not-syncing-vfs-unable-to-mount-root-fs-on-unknown-block0-0) but the second command gives "special device /dev/sdax does not exist"09:15
Dr_Willislorgan:  you are not using   'sdax' are you?09:16
Dr_Willisits an example 'device'  use the proper one for your system09:16
lorgani just entered the command from the thread (sudo mount /dev/sdax /mnt) but i actually don't know what it's supposed to do..09:17
Dr_Willislorgan:  ithats an INCORRECT command09:17
DusyaHi people09:17
Dr_Willisas i said.. use your device. not 'sdax'09:17
Orpheonlorgan, he means use sda1 or sda2 etc...09:17
Dr_Willislorgan:  i suggest going and getting that boot-repair livce cd and use it to fix grub instead09:18
pinqvinboot repair is easy and fast way to repair grup09:18
Orpheonboot-repair the program?09:19
histotgary: it may only charge in suspend mode, where do you think linux or ubuntu has anything to do with when your machine is off?09:19
Orpheonhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair this herE09:19
g105bWhen I press any key on my keyboard or move the mouse, the screen flickers like crazy. All glitchy squares of colour. Just rebooted, no better. Doesn't do it on the login screen though.09:20
histo!nomodeset | g105b09:20
ubottug105b: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:20
Dr_Willisi had a laptop that had a usb 'power' port. it gave usb power even when totally  off. ;)09:23
Dr_Willisi could charge my  phone from it  ;) used it as a huge battery for my phone while away from powar.09:24
DusyaWho wants me?09:24
eoshi everybody! anyone who knows how to detected the highest bit per sample I can get from my sound card on ubuntu?09:24
eosI found a way of detecting the maximu sampling rate, and it worked, but do not seem to be able to detect the maximu bit depth09:24
Dusyaemail me09:24
histoDusya: do you have a ubuntu related question?09:24
Dr_WillisDusya:   this is a ubuntu support channel..09:24
Shadow}}Anyone here know how to set-up OpenVPN? I could really use some help with the *vars09:25
Dr_WillisShadow}}:  the 'digital ocean' vpn/vps site had some guides on that topic i recall09:25
tgaryhisto: I've tried suspend to ram, but the charge stopped. It is an OS issue, how the USB HUB is turned off. Like you suggested: when I turn off my computer, Ubuntu puts the USB HUB in "off-off" mode. When I suspend it to ram, it stops it in a higher power state, thus enabling device charging.09:26
Shadow}}Dr_Willis; I'm on a how-to now, but it says to edit these vars however, I do not know if i am to change the vars to whatever or as he shows in the example...09:26
histotgary: it is not an OS issue it's a hardware issue09:26
Dr_WillisShadow}}:  i imagine you change to  to be what you need.09:26
histo!openvpn | Shadow}}09:27
ubottuShadow}}: OpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!09:27
Shadow}}Dr_Willis; IE: export KEY_Country="US" <- These things, And the email exports, To setup these certificates, Am I to use what I fill in or what the example has provided?09:27
Dr_WillisCountry=US.. are you in the US?09:28
llutzShadow}}: make it to fit your environment09:28
Shadow}}I've been sitting here arguing with myself... about it all.09:28
Dr_Willisi imagone his examples are ... examples...09:28
Shadow}}What about the export KEY_EMAIL= ?09:29
llutzShadow}}: you can fill in whatever you want if it is for your private use only09:29
Shadow}}It is.09:29
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
tgaryhisto: The OS shuts down the HW! Read back: wake-on-lan is activated, when the ethernet card is not shut down completely (even when the computer is off); computer wakes up when a key is pressed on the USB keyboard while in suspend state, but these do not work, when the computer is completely turned off.09:29
Shadow}}But I do not have my own /domain email/, Is this required?09:29
llutzShadow}}: fill in "foo" in each field, foo@bar in email and you're done09:29
Shadow}}So I was right... Its all for show, Yes?09:30
llutzShadow}}: it is totally up to you what you fill in there. nobody cares09:30
llutz(on private usage)09:30
Shadow}}Define private usage please.09:30
llutzShadow}}: "just you"09:30
Dr_Willisare you doing this for a mega-corp? :)09:31
Shadow}}Ah, Then yeah.09:31
Dr_Willisor your grandma and you?09:31
Dr_Willis :)09:31
Shadow}}Of course not, If I was that corp would be bankrupt.09:31
llutzDr_Willis: then he needs a valid email adress, how else would granny know where to direct her complaints09:32
Shadow}}Cut me some slack, I gave up on VPNs years ago on Windows. This however seemed easier.09:32
Dr_Willisshe calle him up on that fancy new Tellular Phone09:32
Shadow}}=.= Lol, Thanks for the help.09:33
Dr_WillisI like the 'ads' for the new e-print printers.. give one to granny.. then you can print her mail straight to her... ;)  lovely way to use ink...09:33
babinlonstonNow i cant enable eth0 in ubuntu 10.04 its saying module not available how can i enable the module manually09:33
Dr_Willisbabinlonston:  sudo modprobe modulename09:34
Dr_Willisbabinlonston:  did you compile your own kernel or somthing?09:34
babinlonstonDr_Willis: i installed ubunut 10.04 in virtual machine after that im getting this error09:35
babinlonstonwhats the module name for network in ubuntu 10.0409:35
Dr_Willisbabinlonston:  vbox? or what?09:35
Dr_Willisbabinlonston:  theres no generic module for 'networkk' it depends on the network card09:36
Dr_Willisand vbox has options to use several differnt network cards in its settings09:36
Dr_Williswhyy are you using 10.04 anyway?09:36
babinlonstoninstalling kaltura video paltform in it09:36
babinlonstonKalutra supports only ubuntu 10.0409:36
Dr_Willissounds like somthing i would avoid. if they can only support a 4 yr old os..09:37
Dr_Willisbut check your vbox settings. it can emulate i think 3 differnt network cards.09:37
Dr_Willisbut the default settings have always worked for me09:38
babinlonstononly one network card is there09:38
Dr_Willisid double check the vbox manual also.09:39
Dr_Willisi recall for some old windows versions, one had to change the default NIC vbox emulated to use some chipset that was included with the old windows.09:40
=== Pauli is now known as |PuLi|
Shadow}}Pretty sure I messed it up. >->09:46
ubottudanielle: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:46
Shadow}}Will someone please help guide me through this how-to? -_-'09:46
Shadow}}I messed up at Client Certificates.09:47
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
babinlonstondr_willis: installed :) removed the adapter in hyper and added new Hardware and choosed legacy adapter , but it may little slower09:50
Shadow}}Anyone willing to guide me through this how-to on OpenVPN? I messed up at Client Certificates.09:51
john2xhow do I automatically stop the first process called with `proccess1 & process2` after process2 finishes?09:52
gmaghello, I am trying to install "apt-get install nfs-kernel-server" but it is taking a huge amount of time "reading package lists...". Any idea of what I might be missing?09:53
burlapHey! Ubuntu!!09:57
Shadow}}So...No one is willing to help me? Come on, I made it half way through. o-e09:58
Shadow}}Also I think this is the only spot I actually need help with...09:58
davidHi ther!10:00
Shadow}}Fine, I give up.10:01
mjaykHi david10:01
davidheey mjayk10:01
Antaris there an offline version for wubi10:03
Antarof wubi10:03
MonkeyDustAntar  ubi is a windows application thats included in the iso, what do you mean by "offline version"?10:04
Antarwhene luanch wubi it start downloading a verion of ubuntu10:05
Antarwhat if i have an iso10:05
pavelkovarHello all, I have quite problem with my ubuntu 13.04. I made fresh installation and then I spent a lot of time of config and installing apps for my work. My problem is that during my setup I played with user setting and now my only user (pavel) is not in sudo users10:06
pavelkovarIs there some option to put back my user to sudousers?10:06
pavelkovarinstall system again is not  an poption10:07
Yurijlinux is fucking brain, use windows10:07
=== erry is now known as plush
ikoniapavelkovar: boot from recovery media (livecd) and add the user back into sudo group10:07
ikoniaYurij: that langauge is not welcome or acceptable10:07
ikoniaYurij: that topic is also not really appropriate, please stop.10:08
=== plush is now known as erry
Dozypavelkovar: http://askubuntu.com/questions/7477/how-can-i-add-a-new-user-as-sudoer-using-the-command-line10:08
Yurijlinux is f_ck_ng brain10:08
lvlephpavelkovar: maybe you could edit the sudoers from the live disk.10:08
AntarPlease help i have windows xp installed on my computer i want to install ubuntu with it i have a cd iso what can i do ?10:09
lvlephDozy: if the only user is not in sudoers then he won't be able to add a user to the sudoers.10:09
pavelkovarI dont have anyone now, I installed it from cd but in CDROM position is my second disk now10:09
ikonia!install | Antar10:09
ubottuAntar: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate10:09
ikoniapavelkovar: then unplug it and plug the cdrom back in10:10
ikoniapavelkovar: or make a bootable USB10:10
Antarubottu can you help specificly10:10
ubottuAntar: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:10
ikoniaAntar: what part of the info do you not understand ?10:11
Antarikonia i am working on xp10:11
ikoniaAntar: that wasn't my question10:11
lvlephpavelkovar: maybe make a live disk from a usb?10:11
Antari want to install my pre downloaded iso10:11
ikoniaAntar: have you read the link ubottu just gave you ?10:11
Mickycould someone help me for scheduling a sh script in ubuntu ?10:11
lvlephI am sure there is a better way to do this but this is what I thought of, pavelkovar10:12
lvlephMicky: look into to cron10:12
MickyI tried but seems that all is configured well but it doesn't work10:12
Antarok ikonia can i make wubi use my downloaded iso instead of downloading another ?10:13
Mickywith crontab -e I scheduled the follow:10:13
Micky22 0 * * * root /home/boxinformatica/Scrivania/backup.sh10:13
pavelkovarok, so probably I have to create live USB somehow, I expect some "secret command" to fix this :D10:13
ikoniaMicky: yes, it's in the list10:13
ikoniaMicky: why do you have the word "root" in there ?10:13
Dozypavelkovar: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:14
Mickybecause I need that it must be executed as root10:14
Dozythere you go10:14
MonkeyDustMicky  do you want to run a job as root? if yes, use     sudo crontab -e10:14
Antarikonia can you answer10:14
ikoniaMicky: where in the crontab documentation does it tell you to put the word "root" in your crontab ?10:14
ikoniaAntar: it's in the link ubottu gave you10:14
Dozypavelkovar: that will do the job. GL with your issue10:15
Mickyikonia in some examples I read that is also possible to do it10:15
MickyI will try with the MonkeyDust suggestion10:16
Antarikonia i read it i said that wubi trying to download new version during the installation10:16
ikoniaMicky: I'd be interested in seeing those examples10:16
Mickydoyou want the code of sh script ?10:16
MonkeyDustMicky  'root' is not a command, remove it from that line10:16
MickyI tried but nothing happen10:16
ikoniaMicky: I'd like to see the example that tells you to put root in there10:17
MickyI will try with sudo crontab -e10:17
MonkeyDustMicky  try     sh /home/boxinformatica/Scrivania/backup.sh10:17
Antarinfact this irc channel is not helpfull10:17
ikoniayou don't need "sh"10:17
ikoniathe backup.sh should have the appropiate shell set and enviornment variables10:17
Mickyikonia, http://askubuntu.com/questions/2368/how-do-i-set-up-a-cron-job topic #2010:17
Dozypavelkovar: if you have no access to the boot menu you should be able to do this via a live CD10:17
MonkeyDustAntar  maybe this helps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wubi10:17
ikoniaMicky: that's terrible, I'll flag that now10:18
DozyAntar. DO you want to Duel boot or do you want to run it ontop of windows?10:18
Dozyok you need to burn the ISO you downloaded from Ubuntu.com onto a Disk10:18
pavelkovarDozy: I am going to try it now thankas10:19
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Antari havent a lecture Dozy10:19
DozyAntar:  I normally use imgburn10:19
Dozywhat do you mean?10:19
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
AntarDozy lecture cd10:20
Antaris there a way within windows10:20
Dozyno you need to burn the iso onto a DIsk or onto a usb drive10:21
DozyWubi is running ubuntu as if it was a program. That means that it will just run slower10:21
babinlonstonHi Any one please suggest me a IP messenger for local area Chat10:22
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
Dozyan0nmat1r:  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows10:22
Dozywrong name sorry an0nmat1r10:22
Dozyohh antar left that chat10:23
Dozysorry babinlonston I have not looked into any10:24
Dozybabinlonston: would this help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83740910:24
dnivraHello everyone! I would like to know if https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pyopencl/+bug/763457 would be fixed for precise since it's still supported after all?10:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 763457 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "please provide opencl-icd virtual package" [Medium,Confirmed]10:26
sharpshooterhi friends i got a problem with mysql since last update it is showing ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)10:28
dnivrasharpshooter: Is mysql server running?10:29
dnivrarestart it and you should be fine I guess.10:29
sharpshooterdnivra, it shows Job failed to start10:30
sharpshooterdnivra, when i type the command  service mysql start10:30
dnivraAre any other errors displayed? If not, maybe you should check the logs.10:31
sharpshooterdnivra, how can i check the mysql logs ?10:31
pavelkovarHello, Thanks a lot I am root again on my machine10:31
dnivrasharpshooter: check /var/log/mysql* files.10:31
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
sharpshooterdnivra, in that there is two files when I opened that files with gedit it shows empty10:34
sharpshooterdnivra, how can take my mysql database backup with out login to mysql10:34
dnivraoh! probably the log location has been changed perhaps. Try /var/log/syslog perhaps. If not, you should probably find out where mysql error logs are stored.10:35
sharpshooterdnivra, ok checking...10:35
clj_newb_2345i installed ubuntu server -- now how do I get 3d acceleration? (I don't wnat to install ubuntu desktop since I don't want all the junk / unity / amazon crap)10:35
dnivrasharpshooter: try running "mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &"(as root if required: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/recover-mysql-root-password.html). you probably be able to login and then take a backup.10:36
reisioclj_newb_2345: ...what exactly do you mean to accelerate?10:36
clj_newb_2345I mean to have it use my graphics card for opengl calls10:37
reisiowhat's your graphics card?10:37
clj_newb_2345reisio: whatever that is in macbook pro 8,310:37
clj_newb_2345I believe it's ati10:37
sharpshooterdnivra, here is the log : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5965921/10:38
dnivrasharpshooter: I see you ran mysqld_safe. were you able to login?10:39
sarthorHi, Is there any channel for big blue button?10:39
reisiosarthor: what's that?10:39
sarthorreisio, video conferencing10:39
sharpshooterdnivra, no I didnt used that I guest it is the part of installation after the sudo apt-get upgrate10:40
dnivrasharpshooter: if you want to take a backup, try following that link earlier and see if you are able to login without password.10:42
dnivraif not, try running "dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server"10:42
sharpshooterdnivra, k10:42
sharpshooterdnivra, thanks to that link I just ran the command mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &10:45
sharpshooterdnivra, now it is working10:46
Marco_aurelioHi, can someone help me?10:46
dnivrasharpshooter: actually mysql server isn't running. This is something like safe mode that helps you take the backup of the data :).10:46
dnivraMarco_aurelio: probably you should just ask away and someone who knows will help out.10:47
sharpshooterdnivra, yeah cool option10:47
[OS]Cazazohi all10:47
Marco_aureliodnivra, I can not install adobe flash player from the terminal10:47
Marco_aureliosudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree10:48
[OS]CazazoI'm having a problem when I try to do an update and upgrade in the terminal, while trying  the updates I'm having the following error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5965954/10:49
dnivraMarco_aurelio: are you particular that you want to install using terminal. http://askubuntu.com/questions/11/how-do-i-install-adobe-flash-player might help if otherwise.10:49
Marco_aurelioFlashplugin-nonfree package is a virtual package provided by:10:49
Marco_aurelio   adobe-flashplugin-0precise1
Marco_aurelio   flashplugin-installer
Marco_aurelioYou should explicitly select one to install.10:49
FloodBot1Marco_aurelio: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:49
ActionParsnipMarco_aurelio: enable partner repo and install adobe-flashplugin10:49
ActionParsnipMarco_aurelio: remove those packages you listed :)10:49
ActionParsnipMarco_aurelio: or install chrome and have no issues :)10:50
dnivraWhat's the general policy of introducing new packages into LTS versions?10:50
dnivrapolicy on*10:51
Marco_aureliothanks :) dnivra ActionParsnip10:51
[OS]CazazoI need some help...10:52
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
ActionParsnip[OS]Cazazo: ask away10:52
[OS]CazazoI got error after do a sudo apt-get update and upgrade http://paste.ubuntu.com/5965954/10:52
ActionParsnip[OS]Cazazo: what is the output of:  cat /etc/iisue10:53
ActionParsnip[OS]Cazazo: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue10:53
ActionParsnip[OS]Cazazo: typo10:53
IncreaseAnyone familiar with reaver?10:55
ActionParsnip[OS]Cazazo: its a simple terminal command, same place you typed the first command you ran to generate the pastebin10:58
IncreaseIf anyone is familiar with reaver. I'm running wash to see if WPS is locked. It tell me NO then when I run reaver against it, it says Detected AP rate limiting. What am I doing wrong?10:59
MonkeyDustmsg ubottu find reaver11:00
MonkeyDust"brute force attack tool against Wifi Protected Setup"11:01
ActionParsnip!info reaver11:02
ubottureaver (source: reaver): brute force attack tool against Wifi Protected Setup PIN number. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4-2 (raring), package size 218 kB, installed size 584 kB11:02
BluesKajHiyas all11:03
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj11:04
BluesKajhey ActionParsnip , what's up today ?11:04
Increaseactionparsnip That doesn't help at all.. Lol11:04
MonkeyDustI wonder why reaver is in the repos, it does not look very legal to me11:04
llutzpentesting tools aren't illegal by design11:05
ActionParsnipIncrease: was just curious if it was in the repos etc. Wasn't meant to help....11:06
ActionParsnipllutz: is this the whole 'guns dont kill people' :D11:06
johnny_fly_SRBradi li neko u drugu :)11:10
BluesKaj!rs | johnny_fly_SRB11:10
ubottujohnny_fly_SRB: Molimo udjite u #ubuntu-rs za pomoc u vezi sa Ubuntuom na srpskom jeziku.11:10
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ShapeShifter499I see the option to "bind" network connections but I can't seem to bind a wired and a wireless connection why is that?11:17
jhelblingHello,How can i tunnel all data over ssh?11:18
bgyI'm giving a try to AWS and its Ubuntu AMI, and I'm trying to bootstrap my instance using CloudFormation, I naively tried cfn-init but it doesn't exist on Ubuntu, but I found a cloud-init package and its eponym command, but I'm not sure if it is the same thing, I want to run CloudFormation template on my newly Ubuntu created instance to test my template, any ideas?11:18
* jhelbling waiting for a answer11:19
babinlonstonfacing error in lan messenger http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966030/11:20
bgyjhelbling, check this http://superuser.com/questions/62303/how-can-i-tunnel-all-of-my-network-traffic-through-ssh11:22
Left_Turnhey how can i get into this directory: wget -P ~/.irssi11:22
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: do you mean download into the ~/.irssi folder?11:23
Left_Turni want to copy something there11:23
=== h is now known as Guest52085
Left_Turnyes but i dont know the download link ActionParsnip11:23
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: wget -O ~/irssi/filenametouse http://www.youmum.com/filetoget11:23
Left_Turnso i downloaded it into downloads11:23
Left_Turnoh thanks ActionParsnip11:23
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: if the file is in ~/Downloads then run:   cp ~/Downloads/file ~/irssi11:24
Left_Turnoh i see.. thanks ActionParsnip11:24
Left_Turnout of curiousity ActionParsnip ... i can use mv also?11:24
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: obv, if the folder you are saving to is outside $HOME then:  sudo wget -O /path/to/filename http://yada....11:24
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: sure, same command, just with mv11:25
Left_Turnim not quite sure where irssi folder is:(11:25
Left_Turnoh i see11:25
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: ~/.irssi11:25
Left_Turnah its in home11:25
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: /home/$USER/.irssi == $HOME/.irssi == ~/.irssi11:25
Dozy<3 irssi11:33
Dozybest irc client out there11:33
DevelsHi all, I'm following this post: http://superuser.com/questions/370953/how-to-not-allow-user-outside-of-home-directory-with-sftp in order to prevent users authenticating via sftp with vsftpd from going out of their home directories. The posts states to change the subsystem sftp setting to internal-sftp, but right now it's set to /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server11:33
DevelsWhat are the implications fo this?11:33
DevelsIf any.11:33
DevelsI'm having trouble really finding an answer11:33
DevelsI understand there is a difference in implementation in how the processes are handled, but is that is, I suppse?11:36
Develsis = it11:36
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Left_Turnhey which default program can i use to save a screenshot11:44
ikoniascrot ?11:45
Left_Turnoh ok let me try11:45
ActionParsnipDozy: I use it as well as pidgin :)11:46
Left_Turni have to install it? does ubuntu have any default program?11:46
ikoniaisn't there a screen shot icon ?11:46
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: hit your printscreen button on the keyboard...11:46
Left_Turnok thanks ActionParsnip  that did it11:48
Left_Turnsorry to be a pain guys.. where in my terminal settings can i set my background colour?11:48
ikoniaLeft_Turn: preferences11:49
Left_Turnah thanks ikonia11:49
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: Same printscreen works in Windows, or did you not use that>11:51
Left_Turnah yeah but in windows u have to open paint to save it.. i didnt know it did it automatically on ubuntu:(11:52
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: but you would have still pressed printscreen....which is confusing me11:52
Left_TurnActionParsnip: on windows nothing happens after you save it, like no prompt..11:53
Left_Turnprint it sorry11:53
ActionParsnipLeft_Turn: yes but you would have still pesssed the button to make the print screen, so I'm cnfused why you didnt just hit the same button in Ubutnu..11:53
Left_Turnno, i know how to prnt.. but i thought i needed to find a paint etc to be able to save it11:54
Left_Turni copy and paste a lot so i didnt think my clipboard needed it just yet:(11:54
dr_willis!info mtpaint11:55
ubottumtpaint (source: mtpaint): painting program to create pixel art and manipulate digital photos. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.40-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 692 kB, installed size 1880 kB11:55
dr_willisi wonder if the clipboard manager apps handle images.11:55
dr_willis!info glipper11:56
ubottuglipper (source: glipper): Clipboard manager for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4-3 (raring), package size 58 kB, installed size 528 kB11:56
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jeffrey3234when you type sudo su, it should ask you for the root password yeah?12:05
jeffrey3234not the current user password?12:05
nevynno the current user password12:05
pdroOlá !12:05
nevynsudo is prompting for a password12:05
pdroAlguém me ajuda aqui numa coisa .12:05
pdroEU tenho o ubuntu .12:06
nevynprior to executing su as root12:06
jeffrey3234i see12:06
nevynjeffrey3234: ^^12:06
nevynif you run su it'll prompt for root's password12:06
pdroNão consigo pôr a pen usb12:06
MonkeyDust!br | pdro12:06
ubottupdro: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.12:06
jeffrey3234ahh yeah it does12:07
=== Mace268_ is now known as Mace268
jeffrey3234one more issue12:08
jeffrey3234i ssh in as root, type "su jeffrey"12:08
jeffrey3234get back: Signature not found in user keyring12:08
jeffrey3234Perhaps try the interactive 'ecryptfs-mount-private'12:08
jeffrey3234also have a file in my home drive called "Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop"12:09
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cisshi, i'm running 12.04 server (upgraded from 10.04 server), and i've run into some dependency issues while installing samba that i am unable to resolve. apt output: http://pastebin.com/PHbAQ8wL, sources.list: http://pastebin.com/zdTbEJbq12:10
cisssamba had been installed before the dist-upgrade, but seems to have been removed in the process (i assume - it's been a while, i can't remember)12:11
MonkeyDustciss  tip: there's also the channel #ubuntu-server12:11
MonkeyDustjonas__  it works, you're in12:11
cissMonkeyDust: thanks, i'll head over there12:12
jonas__i see ip's12:12
=== dragon is now known as Guest73353
Mace268oops wrong chan12:21
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
JacksonIsaacMy grub menu image has been modified after I installed debian jessie on vbox12:23
JacksonIsaaccan anyone help me to restore my grub12:23
JacksonIsaachere's my grub.cfg file http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966222/12:25
=== crondd is now known as crond
yeatsJacksonIsaac: installing something in virtualbox will not affect anything on the host machine12:26
JacksonIsaacbut when I rebooted my host debian image was coming in grub menu12:27
JacksonIsaaccan you help me restore it to default please12:27
yeatsJacksonIsaac: that makes no sense - Debian is not listed in your grub.cfg12:28
JacksonIsaacbut some debian image is coming up instead of default ubuntu bg12:28
yeats!fixgrub | JacksonIsaac12:28
ubottuJacksonIsaac: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:28
JacksonIsaacwhat command should I run12:29
yeatsJacksonIsaac: read ubottu's links12:29
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Left_Turnhey is /urs and /home the same?12:30
PiciLeft_Turn: if you mean /usr/ and /home/  no.12:30
auronandaceLeft_Turn: no12:30
Left_Turnoh ok thanks12:30
JacksonIsaacGRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian`12:30
JacksonIsaacis this causing that image to come up?12:31
auronandace!fhs | Left_Turn12:31
ubottuLeft_Turn: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier12:31
Left_Turnthanks auronandace12:31
[OS]Cazazosorry guys... I had to go afk12:32
auronandaceJacksonIsaac: debian help in #debian12:32
JacksonIsaacthey told me to ask here12:32
[OS]CazazoActionParsnip: are you still around?12:32
JacksonIsaacI am using ubuntu 12.0412:32
JacksonIsaaconly the grub image is changed12:32
[OS]CazazoI'm having a problem... when I try to update and upgrade from CLI... I get an error http://paste.ubuntu.com/5965954/ I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 3212:34
=== ste is now known as Sammy8806
auronandace[OS]Cazazo: try: sudo apt-get install -f12:35
[OS]Cazazosame error12:36
[OS]Cazazoauronandace: got the same output!12:36
auronandace[OS]Cazazo: how about: sudo dpkg --configure -a12:37
[OS]CazazoI tried that already...12:37
[OS]Cazazoauronandace: didn't work...12:38
[OS]Cazazoauronandace: will try it again12:38
[OS]Cazazoauronandace: same error...12:39
auronandace[OS]Cazazo: try reinstalling those packages12:39
=== fooooo is now known as bitplane_1
Ampelbein[OS]Cazazo: "sudo apt-get clean" then try upgrading again.12:39
jhutchins[OS]Cazazo: I'd suggest rebooting with shutdown -Fr now12:40
JacksonIsaacthe images in the /usr/share/images/defaul-grub has been changed12:40
Ampelbein[OS]Cazazo: If that doesn't work, fsck your fileystem.12:40
jhutchins[OS]Cazazo: Your package database is corrupt.12:40
[OS]Cazazojhutchins: just typing reboot -Fr????12:41
[OS]CazazoAmpelbein: same error12:41
Ampelbein[OS]Cazazo: Yes, "sudo shutdown -Fr now"12:42
=== milessabin_ is now known as milessabin
[OS]CazazoAmpelbein: what that will do?12:42
Ampelbein[OS]Cazazo: Reboot and execute a file system check.12:42
Ampelbein[OS]Cazazo: Basically, the files on your hard disk are corrupt.12:43
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:43
Bauerhow do I add a new user from command line, that can login to X using ssh -x remotely?12:43
JacksonIsaachey guys I think I found the solution :)12:43
JacksonIsaacbtw thanks for the help :)12:43
BauerI get the error no .Xauthority file12:43
[OS]CazazoAmpelbein: every time I turn on the computer it goes through all sorts of checkins and ask to press F to fix something....12:44
Baueron 12.0412:44
[OS]CazazoAmpelbein: but I guess nothing is going right! I'll try your suggestion now... see you in a bit!12:44
Ampelbein[OS]Cazazo: See, that would have been a good information to pass along.12:44
auronandace[OS]Cazazo: how old is the harddrive?12:45
[OS]Cazazotwo years old..12:45
[OS]Cazazoif all that12:45
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: yes here12:46
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue12:47
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: sorry for before.. my daughter was having problems...12:47
[OS]Cazazols the ubuntu version 12.04 LTS12:47
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l12:48
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: OkropNick the packages named in your pastebin will need reinstalling and they will fix12:48
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: ^12:48
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: eg:    sudo apt-get --reinstall install gnome-shell-common12:48
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: will try that right now12:49
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: once you reinstall all the named ones, you will be ok12:49
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: thanks, looks like this did the trick!12:51
ubu_can any one help me get wifi radar work ? , i can use my wifi with the network program normaly12:52
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: should be good to try reboot and see if it doesn't go through checkings???12:52
ActionPa1snip!log > ubu_12:52
ubottuubu_, please see my private message12:52
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: sure why not12:52
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: ok, thank mate!12:52
nekocan any one tell me, where i can get skype for ubuntu? :-/ i have troubles,.. i am beginer12:56
jrib!skype | neko12:57
ubottuneko: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga12:57
ActionPa1snipneko: enable partner repo and install from there12:57
nekothanx for advices! i am going to try12:57
ubu_can any one help me to get wifi radar work pls12:58
=== ubu_ is now known as imad7
ActionPa1snipubottu: what wifi chip are you using?13:04
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:04
s0u][ighthello, i added something to the community pages, can anyone confirm i did it the good way/ on the correct page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UVC (the part titled "WebCam SCB-0385N, SC-0311139N and SC-03FFL11939N")13:04
ActionPa1snipimad7: what wifi chip are you using?13:04
gsommerIn Ubuntu Classic (Gnome fallback), my mouse pointer sensitivity is missing fro the gnome-control-center. What could be causing this ? (I only have general settings, like right/left mode, and double-click speed)13:05
=== Daulity_ is now known as Daulity
imad7 /ignore #ubuntu JOINS PARTS13:07
imad7 /ignore JOINS PARTS13:08
MattiasI installed mysql, messed something up so it wouldn't start, tried to remove and purge the install again, I also manually deleted /var/lib/mysql and /etc/mysql after the uninstall.. now it won't fully install mysql again? How can I get it to install all files again?13:08
imad7can any one help me to get wifi radar work pls13:08
ActionPa1snipimad7: which broadcom?13:13
ActionPa1snip!broadcom | imad713:13
ubottuimad7: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx13:13
ActionPa1snipimad7: sudo lshw -C network13:13
zykotick9Mattias: i'm unsure if apt-get allows the same option?  but you might want to try: aptitude -o DPkg::Options::='--force-confmiss' reinstall $packagename13:14
Mattiaszykotick9, I'll try that if the thing I'm trying now won't work :) thanks13:15
[OS]CazazoActionPalsnip: now I'm having a different error message: Reading package lists... Error! E: Read error - read (5: Input/output error) E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.13:15
=== knownasilya12 is now known as knownasilya
[OS]Cazazooh, man... this ubuntu is annoying me now...13:17
[OS]Cazazoany one could help me???13:18
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage13:18
powhatanI'm a newb but i will try to help13:19
rockcocoLOL I NEED SOME HELP13:19
powhatanWhat's your issue?13:19
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: chmod: missing operand after `./fixpackage' Try `chmod --help' for more information. sudo: ./fixpackage: command not found13:20
rockcocoI can't install a theme13:20
powhatanWhich theme?13:20
rockcocofor GNOME13:21
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:21
powhatanWhat version of Ubuntu are you useing?13:21
=== vincent is now known as Guest33444
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: chmod ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage chmod: missing operand after `./fixpackage' Try `chmod --help' for more information. sudo: ./fixpackage: command not found13:23
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: sorry, chmod +x ./fixpackage13:23
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: then:  sudo ./fixpackage13:23
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: chmod: cannot access `./fixpackage': No such file or directory13:24
ActionPa1snip[OS]Cazazo: did the file download ok?13:24
powhatanI posted a link to a video about themes rockoco13:25
powhatanspecifically 13.0413:25
wilee-nileerockcoco, A link to youtube is not enough details explain your problem the best you can.13:25
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: when I did the update before it reads the list gives the error message13:25
powhatanI thought it may be a good start13:27
wilee-nileerockcoco, To the channel so we all can look and see it.13:27
rockcocobut how...13:27
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: stops at 84% the reading package lists... then comes with the error messages13:27
wilee-nileerockcoco, How what?13:28
[OS]Cazazonow I have a pop up message box for report a problem detected13:28
rockcocohow go to the channel?13:28
[OS]CazazoActionPa1snip: it asks for my password... I do type it and it says the password is wrong...13:29
wilee-nileerockcoco, Your on the channel, explain the problem your having.13:29
jhutchins[OS]Cazazo: I believe the correct term for the current condition of your system is "hosed".  Did you do the fsck suggested earlier?13:29
rockcocogot it..13:29
utfans05jhutchins, ROFL13:30
wilee-nileejhutchins,  utfans05 That hardly helps13:30
[OS]Cazazoyes... checks for errors... I then ask to fix them.. didn't work13:30
[OS]CazazoI don't think is a disk error... but something in the system13:30
utfans05[OS]Cazazo, how many errors are on the disk?13:31
jhutchins[OS]Cazazo: You're entitled to your opinion, but if it's been triggering filesystem checks there's a reason.13:31
[OS]Cazazothat was after the last update...13:32
[OS]Cazazoevery thing was just right before it...13:32
laurisany has an idea why package dependency fails in this situation: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966414/ ?13:32
[OS]Cazazonow I have this damn problem13:32
=== blank is now known as tableclean
[OS]Cazazowhen trying to send the error reports, it says that could not determined what package is the problem13:33
utfans05lauris, try doing a sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, then try reinstalling.13:33
wiehancan one user be a part of more than one group?13:33
laurisutfans05, did that already13:33
[OS]CazazoI have dual boot in this machine and windows is working just fine!13:33
laurisdidn't help13:33
laurisalso how would upgrade help ??13:34
[OS]Cazazoif was the HD... I should have problems there as well13:34
yeatslauris: are you using PPAs or other non-standard repos?13:34
MonkeyDustwiehan  use     groups     to find out what groups you're part of13:34
laurisyes. zabby-proxy is from Zabbix's repo13:34
utfans05lauris, just to make sure you didnt have a package that needed upgrading so that it was compatible with the dependencies.13:34
lauristhere's no such package.13:35
[OS]CazazoI don't understand why it asks for my super user password and then says it's wrong...13:35
lauriswhen I install this libiodbc2 package manually13:35
[OS]Cazazothat's weird13:35
laurisit works fine with zabbix-proxy then13:35
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
laurisit only fails when I try to install it as a dependency of zabbix-proxy13:35
wiehanMonkeyDust, that's not the problem I have plexmediaserver running and it makes itself part of the group "plex", but all files and folders have ownership and permissions set up for the users.. I was wondering whether plex can be made part of two groups: users and plex13:36
[OS]CazazoOh I miss the old days of the 10.04 version... when ubuntu was good!13:36
[OS]Cazazook guys...13:36
[OS]CazazoI'm heading out!13:36
laurisit was never very good ;-)13:36
[OS]Cazazocya and thanks for the help!13:36
laurisbecause it relies on DEB packaging13:36
yeatslauris: you might need to take it up with the maintainers of that repo13:36
=== crondd is now known as crond
wiehanOnce again, can one user Safely be part of multiple groups?13:38
ActionPa1snipwiehan: you already are, so yes13:38
ActionPa1snipwiehan: run:   groups13:38
rockcocohow can I download some themes13:38
ActionPa1snipwiehan: look at how many you are in already....13:38
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dicaxdorcasgetfddd fuck everyone13:38
getfddddicaxdorcas, Fuck yeah!13:38
getfddddicaxdorcas, you're cool!13:38
getfdddcrondd, fuck you!13:39
BluesKaj!language |getfddd13:39
getfdddBluesKaj, fuck you!13:39
ubottugetfddd: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:39
getfdddubottu, fuck you!13:39
getfdddrockcoco, fuck you!13:39
ActionPa1snipwiehan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5966426/13:39
getfdddActionPa1snip, fuck you!13:39
FloodBot1getfddd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:39
getfdddFloodBot1, fuck you!13:39
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!13:39
ActionPa1snipgetfddd: bye13:39
getfdddActionPa1snip, fuck you!13:39
getfdddFloodBot3, fuck you!13:39
rockcocofuck u!13:39
getfdddrockcoco, fuck you!13:39
ForensicNerdHi all, anyone have a good resource for building a repo for your own source?13:39
getfdddForensicNerd, fuck you!13:39
MonkeyDusta bot13:39
getfdddMonkeyDust, fuck you!13:39
FloodBot1getfddd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:39
getfdddFloodBot1, fuck you!13:39
BluesKajcrazy person13:39
getfdddBluesKaj, fuck you!13:39
getfdddFloodBot1, fuck you!13:40
getfdddFloodBot2, fuck you!13:40
Picisorry, thought there was more than 1.13:41
MonkeyDustmorning in the US, the kids are awake13:41
BluesKajthought it was bot at first13:41
wiehanwhat just happened? That was vile..13:41
PiciI now return you to your regularly scheduled Ubuntu support.13:41
powhatanlol what the hell just happened13:42
PiciIt was spam. Lets move on.13:42
BluesKajjust ignore it , happens once in a while13:42
ForensicNerdHow does one make their code available for download via apt-get?13:42
RagingAvatarWell. That was pleasant.13:42
RagingAvatarI would assume you create an appropriate package and make it available on an apt server?13:43
rockcocoHow can I use iTunes on Ubuntu?13:43
BluesKajwell , 15 secs of fame on ubuntu :)13:43
zykotick9!ppa | ForensicNerd13:43
ubottuForensicNerd: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge13:43
RagingAvatar(I've never looked into.)13:43
Pici!newppa | ForensicNerd13:43
wilee-nileeForensicNerd, apt-get is directed at ubuntu repos, or a repo in the sources.list13:43
ubottuForensicNerd: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.13:43
bkfitzI'm currently running proftpd on 10.04, but I'm concerned about passwords being passed in clear text... has anyone set up sftp for proftpd and/or have any recommendations for me?13:43
ForensicNerdThanks everyone!13:43
RagingAvatarrockcoco: What are you trying to do? Literally you want to run iTunes or is there some functionality you're looking for?13:43
wilee-nileebkfitz, This a server only?13:44
bkfitzwilnee-nilee: yea13:44
wilee-nileebkfitz, Cool, just making sure.13:44
bkfitzwilee-nilee: apache, php, mysql, postgres, etc13:44
bkfitzwant to give a dev ability to ftp code into wwwroot13:45
=== DenBeiren is now known as zz_DenBeiren
rockcocoI need a software...Can Ubuntu run iTunes?13:45
wilee-nileebkfitz, There is #ubuntu-server as well. for the record.13:45
ikoniarockcoco: no13:45
RagingAvatarrockcoco: No, it can't. What are you trying to achieve?13:45
bkfitzwilee-nilee: this is ubuntu server13:45
bkfitzoh.. sorry13:46
=== Taylr0x is now known as JDT{Away}
MonkeyDustrockcoco  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/itunes13:47
powhatanrythym box used to support some older apple devices13:47
powhatanto retrieve images13:47
chrs_any channel for chrubuntu talk?13:47
chrs_#chrubuntu is almost empty13:48
ikoniachrs_: it's nothing to do with #ubuntu, ask #freenode how to search for channels13:48
rockcocohow about iPhone?13:48
powhatanYou can also use ubuntu 1 to sync images from your iphone13:48
powhatanGet the ubuntu 1 iphone app13:48
powhatanSign up for an Ubuntu 1 account13:48
powhatan5GB of storage13:48
wilee-nilee!enter > powhatan13:48
ubottupowhatan, please see my private message13:48
powhatan500MB for every recommendation you give13:49
ActionPa1snipif itunes would port to ubuntu it would be amazing and apple would actually profit13:49
roots47_Hey all, I'm attempting to figure out some unity hot keys to make my every day life easier... and came across the "ctrl + alt + num pad" for window positioning... but I can't seem to find a way to make a window split the screen vertically similar to how ctrl alt 8 does this horizontally? (I would have expected ctrl+alt+4 and ctrl+alt+6, respectively)13:49
wilee-nileeActionPa1snip, Heaven forbid the biggest bank account in the west.13:49
rockcoconot gone happen...13:49
powhatansorry wilee-nilee13:50
ActionPa1snipI dont use apple products but annoyed users are a different thing13:50
bkfitzwilee-nilee: no answers in #ubuntu-server13:51
BluesKajnever understood the itunes appeal13:51
nenyawilee-nilee? what does that even mean?13:52
wilee-nileebkfitz, It happens patience is the key word, that question might get better answers on the ubuntu forums and on research on the web13:52
=== lborda is now known as lborda_afk
nenyawilee-nilee? what does that even mean?13:53
nenyawilee-nilee? what does that even mean?13:53
wilee-nileenenya, do you have a support isue?13:53
nenyawilee-nilee? what does that even mean?13:53
FloodBot1nenya: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:53
roots47_Hey all, I'm attempting to figure out some unity hot keys to make my every day life easier... and came across the "ctrl + alt + num pad" for window positioning... but I can't seem to find a way to make a window split the screen vertically similar to how ctrl alt 8 does this horizontally? (I would have expected ctrl+alt+4 and ctrl+alt+6, respectively)13:54
nenyaIs there a way to run ubuntu 13.04 without unity?13:55
wilee-nileenenya, Yes use another desktop13:55
ikonianenya: yes, use any desktop you want13:55
ikonianenya: you can even install ubuntu without unity, using kubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu so you don't have to change anything out of the box13:55
nenyaBut, the thing is, 12.04 is unity too! but i want to use 13.04 without unity13:56
ikonianenya: re-read what I said13:56
ikonianenya: what desktop do you want to use if you don't want unity ?13:57
rockcocouninstall it.13:57
nenyaOne closest to ubuntu 13.04 without unity13:57
ikonianenya: what desktop do you want to use if you don't want to use unity13:58
rockcocoGNOME 3 make it looks like a cellphone...13:58
nenyaKubuntu is kinda annoying, xubuntu is a annoying rat, lubuntu is way to simple for what i'm using... so is xubuntu\13:59
Moeubottu is a  bot!13:59
ubottuMoe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:59
ikonianenya: so what desktop do you WANT to use13:59
nenyaGnome VER 214:00
ikoniaMoe: stop it14:00
curatrixxtree gold14:00
ikoniaMoe: it's an authorized bot14:00
nenyais a drone?14:00
dinomuffinwhat functionality are you looking for in gnome that xfce or kde couldn't do?14:00
ikonianenya: there is a desktop called "mate" which is a fork of the dead gnome 2 project, it's totally unsupported though14:00
nenyaMicrosoft word 201014:01
ikonianenya: please don't make random comments14:01
ikonianenya: we are engaging your to help you - if you don't want help or want to help others please don't make comments.14:01
Shadowandlightim trying to figure out how to do a migration from a home unbuntu server to a VPS one as painlessly as possible..... http://askubuntu.com/questions/330285/migration-to-remote-installation14:01
BluesKajopenbox window manager , might be to your taste , nenya14:01
OerHeksnenya cinnamon is in the repo's too14:01
nenyaIs that linux mint?14:02
arche_jeffIn vi, if I want to replace ('08-08-2013' with ('08-07-2013'  how do I do that? I tried s/('08-08-2013'/('08-07-2013' but it munges the replacement. I tried s/\(... but it says the \( is unmatched14:02
rockcocomacbuntu is a good choice14:03
ikoniarockcoco: macbuntu doesn't exist14:03
ikoniarockcoco: stop making random comments such as gnome 3 makes it look like a phone and use macubuntu14:03
jkoudyson raring - I copied over my private ssh key from my old install. When I ssh it prompts me for the private key password, and that works. I used to have the private key password cached in the keychain every session so I would only have to type it in once after login, but now I have to type it in each and every time I ssh. How do I get it in my gnome keyring?14:04
roots47_Hey all, I'm attempting to figure out some unity hot keys to make my every day life easier... and came across the "ctrl + alt + num pad" for window positioning... but I can't seem to find a way to make a window split the screen vertically similar to how ctrl alt 8 does this horizontally? (I would have expected ctrl+alt+4 and ctrl+alt+6, respectively)14:10
auronandaceroots47_: hold down the super key, that should show you some shortcuts14:12
rockcocoeveryone,how can I add some icons to the desktop?14:14
Moeubottu IS A DRONE!!!14:18
ubottuMoe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:18
PiciMoe: Do you actually have an Ubuntu question or are you just randomly saying things?14:18
Moeubottu You are a drone everyone run!14:18
ubottuMoe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:18
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ninjaaahi, who provides sup here?14:28
ikonianinjaaa: the whole channel14:28
thubtumbing /j #ubuntu-nl14:29
ninjaaaTell me plz how to instl skype @ xubuntu through terminal, skype doesn't execute from skype website14:30
ninjaaaif possible14:30
ikonia!skype | ninjaaa14:30
ubottuninjaaa: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga14:30
raubI put 13.04 in my laptop. one thing I found interesting is that it would connect to the wireless network I configured in network manager in my account. The kicker is that it connected while I am at the login screen, not in my account.14:36
ActionPa1snipraub: tried unloading then reloading the wifi module?14:39
ActionPa1snipraub: or any switch / shortcut to enable / disable wifi?14:39
raubActionPa1snip: not in my account, the only one in laptop. I did notice that because I rebooted it and it just reported the wireless network connection in the login screen14:45
ActionPa1snipraub: try the unload reload14:47
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thecodethinkerI have a bluetooth mouse that goes to sleep automatically after a few mins to save battery but when I wake it up it doesn't reconnect to the computer. I have to turn it on discoverable for ubuntu to connect to it. On windows it just reconnects.... is there a way to get ubuntu to do that?14:58
wushui am having some trouble with the nvidia drivers for a gtx 670 on a fresh install of 12.04. would someone be able to help me out with this?15:02
ActionPa1snipwushu: do yo uhave a switchable GPU (ivy/sandybridge Intel CPU)15:03
rhumbothi all, i was wondering if there is a program to bring back 3 finger window movement?15:03
=== tomtiger11 is now known as Guest85581
ActionPa1snipwushu: sudo lshw -C display15:04
wushuActionPa1snip: my cpu is an i7 3820 3.6 ghz15:04
ActionPa1snipwushu: cool, no Intel GPU stinking the place up15:05
ActionPa1snipwushu: what is the issue15:05
wushuActionPa1snip: PCI (sysfs) - lshw output15:05
ActionPa1snipwushu: your pci bus is slow, wait a bit15:05
wushuActionPa1snip: ok15:06
thecodethinkerI have a bluetooth mouse that goes to sleep automatically after a few mins to save battery but when I wake it up it doesn't reconnect to the computer. I have to turn it on discoverable for ubuntu to connect to it. On windows it just reconnects.... is there a way to get ubuntu to do that?15:06
wushu  *-display15:06
wushu       description: VGA compatible controller15:06
wushu       product: NVIDIA Corporation15:06
wushu       vendor: NVIDIA Corporation15:06
wushu       physical id: 015:06
FloodBot1wushu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:06
wushu       bus info: pci@0000:01:00.015:06
angsI installed ubuntu on widows 8 via usb pendrive. I created swap partition and ext4 partition. I disabled secure and fast boot from the bios. but grub2 does not appear on the boot, it only boots from windows 8. Is there any one who managed to install ubuntu 13.04 on windows 8?15:08
ActionPa1snipwushu: use http://pastie.org   or similar to host the text15:08
wushuActionPa1snip: the problem is things seem a bit choppy, like when dragging windows around its not smooth at all15:08
wushuActionPa1snip: will use that next time sry15:09
ActionPa1snipwushu: it will give us the detail we need15:09
ActionPa1snipwushu: we didnt see the text, the bot cut it off15:09
ActionPa1snipwushu: as it should15:09
wushuah ok 2 sec15:09
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wilee-nileeangs, Here is a thread on many uefi issues for you to peruse. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729515:11
ActionPa1snipwushu: could try:  sudo nvidia-xconfig      then reboot to test15:13
=== Guest85581 is now known as tomtiger11
wushuActionPa1snip: thx will try15:13
thecodethinkerIs there a way to auto reconnect a mouse that turns itself after so much time? In windows as soon as I right click it comes back on a reconnects.15:14
ikoniathecodethinker: sounds like that maybe a propritary driver function15:14
ikoniathecodethinker: does the mouse actually power back on with a right click, or just re-connect15:14
thecodethinkerikonia: it goes into a kind of sleep mode i think. the power light is completly off and when I click it turns on15:15
ikoniathecodethinker: ok, so that functionality should not change with your OS, the thing that may change is the reconnect if thats a driver function15:15
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
ikoniathecodethinker: right clicking should power it back on, as thats nothing to do with the OS15:16
thecodethinkerikonia: I know... it still does that.15:16
thecodethinkerikonia: it's the auto reconnecting.... I need to se the mouse to discoverable15:16
ikoniathecodethinker: that sounds like it's going to be a function of the driver,15:17
thecodethinkereven if I switch the connection setting to on it won't work unless it's discoverable15:17
thecodethinkerikonia: that might be it... it's a razer orochi15:17
thecodethinkerikonia: I don't recall installing the driver in windows though....15:18
thecodethinkerikonia: I've only had this box for a week.....15:18
Puma1337i'm having an issue right now on a server where the load is 52 but looking at htop i can't see anything that would be causing it to behave that way.  any pointers?15:18
thecodethinkerikonia: is there something like wine that would work for drivers like the razer one?15:18
ikoniaPuma1337: what does top show ?15:19
ikoniathecodethinker: nah15:19
thecodethinkerikonia: I remember there being one for wireless drivers...15:19
thecodethinkerikonia: :'(15:19
Puma1337ikonia, http://i.imgur.com/LmlMfhr.png15:20
ikoniaPuma1337: I asked for top output, but look at the load on your mysql and apache processes !15:20
ikoniaPuma1337: they are very busy15:20
wibrtdoes anyone know of program to create a live cd based upon the OS that is running (and thus? from that OS)15:21
Sazpaimon_How can I make an ubuntu server have the same isntalled packages as another ubuntu server?15:21
ikoniaPuma1337: unless this machine is huge, it's going to be very very busy15:21
Puma1337ikonia, where are you seeing that? it shows only 3% usage for apache15:21
djiefoHow can i have permission to add games in /usr/shared/games?15:21
Sazpaimon_that is, without doing an OS clone15:21
ikoniaPuma1337: you have no ram left15:22
djiefoI mean games that already installed... I just want to move it15:22
ikoniaPuma1337: look at the top line !15:22
ActionPa1snipdjiefo: gksudo nautilus      and you can put files where you wish15:22
wibrtikonia: quick way, look for get and set-selections of apt-get15:22
ikoniavila: what ?15:22
Dozywibrt: you are talking about turning the ubuntu your using into a live CD? so same app's and everything?15:22
djiefoActionPa1snip,  thx :)15:22
Puma1337ikonia, i know that but based on the processes i don't see what is taking the memory do you?15:22
ikoniaPuma1337: apache and mysqld are killing your machine15:22
wibrtyes Dozy15:22
MonkeyDustwibrt  there used to be remastersys, not sure if it's still being maintained15:23
Dozyok the issue you will run into is that the linux kernel won't support over 4G15:23
Puma1337ikonia, any way to figure out why?15:23
Dozyand Remastersys is your only option15:23
angswhen I download ubuntu 13.04, the file name is ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso .does amd represents the processor? Is there a special iso file for intel i7 as well?15:23
ikoniaPuma1337: checking the logs ?15:23
ActionPa1snipwibrt: you can make your own ubuntu based distro using a chroot and can even run updates etc15:23
Dozyneeds to be an os of less than 4G's15:23
daftykinsangs: no it works for both, amd64 means all 64-bit15:23
ActionPa1snipangs: amd64 will run on intel 64bit too15:23
Puma1337ikonia, trying but waiting for apache to restart15:24
ActionPa1snipangs: the name just stuck as amd were first to widespread 64bit desktop cpu15:24
ikoniaPuma1337: do not restart it until you have an idea of the problem15:24
ActionPa1snipangs: t just stuck15:24
ikoniaPuma1337: you may have been exploited and your starting the exploit again15:24
angsok I see, thanks15:24
wibrti know, i was just wondering if there was quick way (remastersys doenst seem to be in the repo at first sight)15:24
Puma1337ikonia, it has already restarted i sent the commands a while ago -- the server is now functional again15:25
Dozywhen I looked into it Remastersys was the only option I could find.15:25
ActionPa1snipwibrt: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DerivativeDistroHowto15:26
ikoniaPuma1337: that dosn't change what I've suggested15:26
Puma1337ikonia, which logs do you suggest i look at?15:26
ActionPa1snipwibrt: http://alllinuxstuff.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/five-tools-to-build-your-own-ubuntu.html15:26
dnivraHello! I was wondering if the fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pyopencl/+bug/763457 will be backported to the latest LTS release?15:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 763457 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "please provide opencl-icd virtual package" [Medium,Confirmed]15:26
ikoniaPuma1337: come on ???15:26
ikoniaPuma1337: you're running this server, do you not have any clue how you've set it up /15:26
Puma1337ikonia, i know how i've set it up i'm looking at the apache error and mysql logs but i'm not sure what is causing this to happen15:27
ActionPa1snipdnivra: is there not a PPA?15:27
ikoniaPuma1337: look at the load, it wasn't "errors" it was "access"15:27
ikoniaPuma1337: hence why I'm suggesting you shut it down quickly as you may have been compromised15:27
Puma1337ikonia, i do see this in the apache error log when the issue started this morning [Fri Aug 09 11:04:17 2013] [error] server reached MaxClients setting, consider raising the MaxClients setting15:28
ikoniaPuma1337: come in !!!!! "max clients" = "too many people accessing" = exactly what I've just said "access" not "errors" you may have been compromised/attacked15:28
=== medberry_ is now known as med_
wiehanwhat should the default permission for /home be and then for /home/user respectively, answer may be expressed as octal values ie 755 etc15:30
dnivraActionPa1snip: There are 3 - one supports Python 3(I'd like Python 2 since I'm not sure of numpy status in python 3; checking now), the other is for natty and the third has an nvidia package which I'm suspecting will cause issues again.15:30
ikoniawiehan: you can actually set it to what you want however the norm is owner full control, read/execute for group and everyone else15:30
BluesKajis there such a thing as "Updating svn" , I haven't used it in yrs , so i don't recall it's structure and usage15:30
ikoniawiehan: then individual home directs owner full control, no acceess for group/world15:31
ikoniaBluesKaj: there is, svn up15:31
Puma1337ikonia, you think it was a dos?15:31
ikoniaPuma1337: lets see, I've got no information to go on.....15:31
ikoniaPuma1337: but I'm advising you to stop the service until you know what it was15:31
BluesKajikonia, thanks15:31
ActionPa1snipdnivra: then I suggest you erport a bug or post on an eisting bug stating that the issue affects you too15:32
=== Mi-- is now known as Mi`
ikoniaPuma1337: I suggest you analyise the logs and you should be able to work out if it was an attack or compromised service15:33
dnivraActionPa1snip: Alright will do. Let's hope it does get backported. Thank you!15:34
Azamatdoes anybody know how to get a less graphics intensive interface for ubuntu?15:34
Azamatmy virtual box or hyper-v lag badly due to graphic processing15:35
daftykinsAzamat: beyond using LXDE/xfce ?15:35
Azamati dont know what that is15:35
=== marcoceppi is now known as marcoceppi|away
Puma1337ikonia, ok thanks15:35
Azamati just got ubuntu yesterday bro15:35
daftykinsAzamat: they're alternative desktop environments to ubuntu's default15:35
daftykinsAzamat: consider reading up on how to install them, or just download ISOs to install xubuntu / lubuntu instead15:36
wiehanhow do I remove a user from a group through the cli15:36
llutzwiehan: sudo deluser username group15:36
wiehanty llutz that doesn't rm the user right?15:37
llutzwiehan: no (man deluser)15:37
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=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
=== willow is now known as hi
don-geforcegt630hello good evening. I need help with my fresh ubuntu 13.04 installation15:40
=== hi is now known as Guest5271
Puma1337ikonia, i'm looking through the apache and mysql logs.  are there any others you suggest i look through?15:40
Dozywhats the issue don-geforcegt630?15:40
don-geforcegt630i changed my resolution to 1360x768 but now it appears bigger than monitor15:41
don-geforcegt630the entire unity bar is offscreen left15:41
rtfmdudeis it necessary to have a keyscript option in order to use luks authorization based on a key file for drive with mount point on / (root fs)?15:41
nullsignim proud of my new 404 error page... http://www.nullsign.com/40415:41
don-geforcegt630im using nvidia drivers 310 because the noveou wouldnt let me use 1360 resolution15:42
Dozydon-geforcegt630:  can you access the display manager?15:42
Dozywhats the maximum resolution your display will take?15:42
=== epearson is now known as pagefault
Dozyor is that what you picked?15:42
don-geforcegt630max display is 1360x76815:43
don-geforcegt630but thats with the nvidia drivers15:43
DozyHave you got your Graphic Drivers installed?15:43
don-geforcegt630i used apt-get nvidia-current15:43
Dozyoh you set this via the drivers configuration?15:43
don-geforcegt630i tried setting via nvidia panel and via display settings15:44
don-geforcegt630both got me the same results15:44
Dozyhave you done a restart since you installed the drivers?15:44
don-geforcegt630multiple times, everytime i tried to do sometime, i always restart15:45
rhumbothi all, im still looking for a solution to be  able to use multitouch gestures (13.04) ?15:45
willowsSometimes random status messages like "Initializing video... Video Mode: 512 x 448..." will appear in terminal. Is there a way to make it so terminal (and particularly Vim) doesn't display these messages?15:45
Dozydon-geforcegt630:  what GPU?15:46
don-geforcegt630nVidia GEFORCE GT 63015:46
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
DozyI always liked the 63015:47
Dozyanyway I think I found someone with the same issue as you15:47
=== micromegas is now known as Guest88075
Dozythat is the same issue?15:47
BluesKajdon-geforcegt630, that gpu might run better with one of the experimental drivers15:47
daftykinsdon-geforcegt630: are you connected to a TV via HDMI?15:48
don-geforcegt630im connected to an AOC LED Monitor15:48
don-geforcegt630the link provided gives solution for tvs15:49
don-geforcegt630those options arent available in my nvidia settings15:49
daftykinsdon-geforcegt630: via what connection? most LCDs are 1366x768, not 1360 as you've said15:49
funchubuntu 12.04 13.04 dont have memorytest support on livecd?15:49
don-geforcegt630VGA connection15:49
BluesKajdaftykins, that shouldn't matter , i have an entry level 8400gs connected via DVI>HDMI to our plasma tv15:49
daftykinsugh analogue15:49
daftykinsBluesKaj: were it a TV using HDMI it'd be overscanning. so yeah, it would.15:50
don-geforcegt630u want me to try a DVI connection?15:50
daftykinsdigital is best, yes15:50
don-geforcegt630ok ive never tried DVI. i will try agian. BRB15:50
BluesKajdon-geforcegt630, absolutely if available15:50
goddardcan some one help me with this http://askubuntu.com/questions/327249/2-amd-7950s-do-not-work-in-crossfire-mode15:51
BluesKajmost tvs don't have dvi connections , but a dvi hdmi cable is probly needed here15:51
goddardanyone running AMD cards in crossfire?15:53
budmanghey guys no matter what, I cant get ubuntu to take the kernel Im giving it, I edited default= to the right number, then tried the name in quotes... nothing.15:53
nullsignare you with a cloud provider?15:53
nullsignor is this a local server?15:54
nullsignbudmang: ^15:54
nullsignsome cloud providers use hypervisors which set the kernel in the profile of the instance of the hypervisor, making it impossible to change after boot.15:55
nullsignah.. nevermind then15:55
nullsignboot/setup, typo15:55
budmangnullsign: i used the number and copy/pasted the quoted text15:56
boundedhello world15:57
prothonHey I have a question about bridge interfaces for QEMU/KVM VM's15:57
nullsignbudmang: did you remove all old kernels?15:57
nullsigninstall new one, reboot?15:57
nullsigni mean, it should jsut work.15:57
budmangim actually trying to use an older one.15:57
budmangcan I just remove the lines in the boot/grub.conf?15:57
budmangi ran that after etc..update-grub15:58
nullsigntry this..15:58
nullsigndpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge15:58
Roots47_Hey guys... any recommendations on how I could accommodate the use of my adobe creative cloud on Ubuntu?  I wouldn't be opposed to a virtual machine if that's an option, I'm just not sure where to start, or what possible solutions are out there.15:58
thiebaudeprothon, what is your question?15:58
nullsignshould remove all kerbels other than the one you are currently using15:58
nullsignstart from there15:58
=== Yamba| is now known as Yamba
nullsignthe feels.. the nostalgia... http://www.nullsign.com/40415:59
FloodBot1nullsign: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:59
Shashank_Hi, I installed ubuntu 13.04. The brightness keys of my laptop are not working. it is always set to maximum brightness.15:59
prothonMy question is after I set eth0 to manual and add in br0 using dhcp all routes break. I tried to add a default route to the gateway and it still wouldn't transverse to the WAN. THe funny thing is all VM guests are working just fine.15:59
nullsignprothon: opennebula?16:00
prothonnullsign: Am I using it? No. Just straight KVM/QEMU on my laptop. Trying to get a few test machines going.16:00
don-geforce630im back. switching to dvi does no change. still getting the offscreen resolution16:01
tubbohey i'm having a bit of an issue, trying to ssh in as the www-data user. i copied my ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file into /var/www/.ssh, but it still asks me for a passwd when ssh'ing in16:01
tubbousing the default www-data user that comes with stock ubuntu16:01
prothontubbo: cat /etc/passwd | grep www-data16:02
z0rani have alix board, now, my hdd sda and i can also see sdb, is that suppose to be my CFcard16:02
prothontubbo: At the end of that it would say /bin/something. What is that something?16:02
tubboprothon: /bin/sh16:02
tubboso yeah using the bourne shell16:02
prothonOk just wanted to make sure.16:02
tubbothis was working previously but i'm not sure what i did :)16:03
tubbore-cheffed the machine16:03
tubboand lost what i did :P16:03
prothonI'm in the same boot.16:03
don-geforce630how do i switch from nvidia 310 to 30416:03
auronandace!dash | tubbo16:04
ubottutubbo: /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash16:04
edinnyWhere can I put a script so that it will run LAST after boot?16:04
=== stoeptegel is now known as ducktool
don-geforce630guys i really need help with this resolution problem16:05
indigo_greyis enyone speack russian&16:06
Pici!ru | indigo_grey16:06
ubottuindigo_grey: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:06
indigo_greythey wont registration16:07
Pici!register | indigo_grey16:07
ubottuindigo_grey: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:07
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=== your_favorite_in is now known as indigo_grey
daftykinsdon-geforce630: i don't really understand what you say you're seeing16:09
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
don-geforce630when i change to 1360x768 resolution, the the entire unity bar and top goes offscreen to the left16:11
don-geforce630its like the resolution is bigger than the screen itself16:11
daftykinsdon-geforce630: what's the exact display make+model?16:11
don-geforce630AOC 156LM16:12
daftykinsthat doesn't seem to come up with anything in searches16:13
thiebaudedon-geforce630, big screen hd tv?16:14
daftykinsdon-geforce630: not the LM560 ?16:14
thiebaudeI had the same problem with my 32inch hd tv16:14
don-geforce630no. its a 15.6-inch lcd monitor16:15
thiebaudei got the laptop hooked uo to it16:15
goddardubuntu has to many graphics issues still16:15
thiebaudedon-geforce630, ahh ok16:15
thiebaudegoddard, i still cant install amd catalyst control centr on ubuntu 13.0416:15
rtfmdudeis it necessary to have a keyscript option in order to use luks authorization based on a key file for drive with mount point on / (root fs)?16:15
daftykinsdon-geforce630: http://us.aoc.com/support/documents/pdf/documents/92 ?16:16
daftykinsdon-geforce630: i can't find a result from the model # you gave me16:17
goddardthiebaude: thats easy16:17
goddardtry crossfire16:17
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
wiehanI can't get it the ?permissions right for a network share so that I can write to the folder.. It's an ubuntu 12.04 server. according to the ls -l it shows: drwxr-xr-x I logged in with the user's credentials, why isn't it working? Please assist16:18
goddardthiebaude: just download the drivers from the site16:18
goddardthiebaude: make them into a package first16:18
thiebaudegoddard, i have, tried everthing16:18
goddardthiebaude: i had no issues16:18
thiebaudeborhed it last night, think goodnesss for older kernels16:18
goddardthiebaude: what card?16:18
thiebaudeborked it16:18
daftykinswiehan: you're aware that with samba, you must create a samba password separate to the user's password?16:18
thiebauderadeon hd 425016:19
goddardthiebaude: oh we are using a different driver16:19
wiehandaftykins, I converted the unix user to samba via webmin - and I can login with that user and access the share, but not write to it?16:19
thiebaudegoddard, on ubuntu 12.04, it worked just right16:19
goddardthiebaude: the good thing is though you can just amdconfig16:20
daftykinsdon-geforce630: that's a bit different to the 156LM? :) ok so 1366x768 indeed. is that what you're trying to set in the nvidia settings?16:20
goddardthiebaude: i cant fix this crossfire thin at all16:20
thiebaudegoddard, im using the open source drivers16:21
don-geforce630yes. but everytime i do so, via nvidia settings or display settings, it always goes offscreen16:21
wiehanI can log into a network share, have set the permissions to 755, but I can't write to it. Is it because the server is treating the samba user as a guest or "other" with no write permissions? I really need to get this write16:21
thiebaudegoddard, you try the open source drivers?16:21
goddardthiebaude: those drivers work but crappy performance16:22
goddardscreen tearing even16:22
thiebaudegodd right now i dont have any problems16:22
rtfmdudeis it necessary to have a keyscript option in order to use luks authorization based on a key file for drive with mount point on / (root fs)?16:22
daftykinsdon-geforce630: with DVI too? i could understand with VGA but that's just weird.16:22
daftykinsdon-geforce630: can you take a picture at all?16:23
goddardthiebaude: then dont get another AMD card for crossfire haha16:23
don-geforce630ok wait16:23
thiebaudegoddard, i wish i had not got this, but was a birthday present16:25
thiebaudenvidia rocks on my desktop16:25
goddardthiebaude: does it work in SLI?16:25
indigo_greyкто нить говорит по русски??????????16:26
tekkhey guys, quick question... when using usb ethernet adaptors... you get eth0, eth1, eth2 etc16:26
goddardno kto Hntb16:26
tekkwhen i unplug one from my system... and remove all adaptors... the eth0 is still not removed16:26
don-geforce630basically the screenshot is perfect since the output's the problem. but from my view, it would look like this on the screen. http://i43.tinypic.com/er0jzk.jpg16:26
tekkhow can i "flush" this device cache16:26
daftykinsdon-geforce630: right but you're picking 136_0_ not 1366?16:27
don-geforce630there is no 1366 option16:27
thiebaudegoddard, the amd?16:27
indigo_greyтоесть все немцы?16:27
daftykinsdon-geforce630: i'd definitely try another driver version if you can then16:27
ikoniatekk: removed from where ?16:27
don-geforce630how do i switch from nvidia 310 to 304?16:27
goddardthiebaude: nah your Nvidia16:28
don-geforce630i just used apt-get nvidia-current16:28
daftykinsdon-geforce630: if you run the additional drivers program it should give you a choice16:28
thiebaudegoddard, yea, no problem at all, im using the proprietary drivers from nvidia16:28
nullsigndon: take knife, cut off 6mm of the gpu16:28
thiebaudeon the desktop that is16:28
goddardthiebaude: yeah i would buy nvidia had i know this was gonna be an issue16:28
tekksomewhere in the system (udev or somewhere i dunno) its maintaining a cache of previous ethernet nics16:29
thiebaudegoddard, its ok, just no hdmi sound on the big tv, throught the laptop and no default resolution16:29
daftykinsdon-geforce630: so i assume you're in 13.04, run system settings on the left, then click 'Software and updates' and move to the 'Additional Drivers' tab16:30
thiebaude1280 by 720 is my max with it hooke up to the tv hooked16:30
thiebaudehooked up16:31
Nlckdaftykins how do i change my host?16:34
wiehanI need help with samba shares, I have a network folder which I can access. Locally I've set up the folder to have permissions of 755. The folder supposedly has guest write access even, but I can't seem to write to the folder16:34
daftykinsNlck: the name of your computer?16:34
=== pedro_ is now known as Guest97402
don-geforce630_im back, tried switching to several nvidia drivers. no luck16:39
Guest74987hi friends16:39
daftykinsdon-geforce630_: still only getting offered 1360 and not 1366?16:40
daftykinsstill on VGA or DVI?16:40
goddarddo high resolution monitors work in ubuntu?16:40
daftykinsgoddard: define high-res16:40
don-geforce630_im on DVI16:41
sgargHi, I installed ubuntu 13.04. I am facing issues with screen brightness. I can't change brightness using the keyboard. Even the slider at brightness and lock doesn't work, The brightness is set to maximum.16:41
goddarddaftykins: higher then 108016:41
don-geforce630_i think the problem is that it cant detect my monitor properly16:41
daftykinsdon-geforce630_: yeah seems like it16:41
don-geforce630_its showing "Unknown" in All Settings->Display16:41
don-geforce630_and CRT-0 on nvidia settings16:41
daftykinsdon-geforce630_: can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?16:41
Mace268can someone point me to where i change the samba workgroup name in 13.04?16:42
daftykinsit thinks it's a CRT? 0o16:42
Guest74987i'm deciding if i should switch a Windows computer to Ubuntu, but I heard people experience a lot of driver issues so i need to know if there is good support for Lexmark multifunction printers, a Radeon HD 3450 graphics card and an ATI TV Wonder PCI card. thanks16:42
daftykinsMace268: samba config, you're going to need to do some reading up instead of asking for answers to be handed to you i'm afraid.16:42
ikoniaMace268: in the smb.conf16:42
Guest74987sgarg, fix the brightness on your monitor16:42
goddardreading text and reading questions in IRC is so different16:43
Guest74987they usually have physical buttons16:43
Mace268thanks google was telling me to get system-config-samba and it errored on me.16:43
ikoniaMace268: thats a redhat tool16:43
daftykinsGuest74987: you'll need to look up the printer model for support, the graphics card won't be supported by AMD's proprietary fglrx driver, so you'll need to confirm support with the open source 'radeon' driver. as for the TV card - no idea16:43
daftykinsdon-geforce630_: you'll want to remove 'nomodeset' from your kernel boot parameter16:44
sgargI am using dell laptop. so can't do that.16:44
don-geforce630_if i do that, it'll send a out of bounds signal to my monitor and the screen will just die16:44
daftykinsdon-geforce630_: are you sure it doesn't cause problems for nouveau only - not the nvidia driver?16:45
foobArrrif I don't have a network connection, e.g. because the network cable is unplugged, Ubuntu waits about two minutes at boot saying "Waiting for network configuration" and "Waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration". 1) why does it do that? 2) how do I prevent that? (Ubuntu 12.04)16:46
don-geforce630_what do you mean? I havent been using the noveau drivers since it does go up 102416:46
ikoniafoobArrr: it's trying to get a dhcp address, that's what it's waiting for16:46
ikoniafoobArrr: disable networking, or change the dhcp time out16:46
daftykinsdon-geforce630_: what i mean is, people tend to add 'nomodeset' when the GUI doesn't work at all, so i'm wondering whether you added it after installing the nvidia driver or not16:47
daftykinsdon-geforce630_: it's definitely not reading the info from your screen.16:47
don-geforce630_i added it before the install16:47
don-geforce630_ill remove it and reboot16:47
sgargI am using dell laptop. so can't do that.16:48
holsteinsgarg: cant do what?16:48
holsteinGuest74987: you can try ubuntu live, and see how the hardware support is for you particular devices16:49
don-geforceok. removed nomodeset, no change16:50
ActionPa1snipdon-geforce: tried:  nouveau.blacklist=116:51
Guest74987holstein, can i install the drivers while using the live CD?16:51
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
daftykinsActionPa1snip: i find it weird don-geforce's setup is labelling his DVI attached display as a CRT still :S16:51
holsteinGuest74987: linux is not like windows.. most drivers are included in the kernel.. the kernel is "modular".. most things "just work" out of the box.. if not, some things can be installed LIVE, and some will be more challenging16:51
holsteinGuest74987: you should be able to get a good sense of how challenging it might be to migrate your particular hardware to linux without commercial support such as the support you have for windws16:52
don-geforceso u want me to revert back to nouveau drivers?16:52
rtfmdudei'm suffering lacking support in my situation, but now it got worse, i don't get it how can i format the question on askubuntu so it wouldn't be a nightmare with config contents listings lol16:53
holsteindon-geforce: i would try the open ones, the proprietary ones in the repo, and the ones from the site. i would try and refer to potentially helpful steam documentation... i would try teh 12.04 LTS version16:53
ikoniartfmdude: what do you mean a lack of support ?16:54
holsteinrtfmdude: what are the details of your situation?16:54
holsteinrtfmdude: if yu are asking "how tdo i ask my quesiton".. here or on askubuntu, use as much detail as possible16:54
rtfmdudei'm having problem switching passphrase luks authorization to key file based for rootfs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/1816:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]16:54
=== mac_ is now known as mac_1
ikoniartfmdude: are you n0pxn0p on launchpad ?16:55
rtfmdudeikonia, sometimes16:55
ikoniartfmdude: could you just answer clearly please.16:56
ikoniartfmdude: rather than stupid responses to clear questions16:56
ikoniartfmdude: are you n0pxn0p ?16:56
rtfmdudeikonia, yep16:56
ikoniartfmdude: right, so this is your actual question / details, not someone elses16:56
rtfmdudeikonia, exactly16:56
rtfmdudeikonia, i thought that filing a new bug report is a bad idea due to the fact some things are still unclear to me =)16:57
hrolfHow to block netcut ARP spoofing on linux?16:57
ikoniahrolf: saying anyone is pointless16:57
ikoniartfmdude: as I'm reading that, it's just skipping adding he key to the initramfs ?16:58
holsteinhrolf: i would try a security channel.. what are you doing to allow that to happen?16:58
ikoniartfmdude: is that your understanding of what's happening16:58
hrolfholstein: I'm on LAN someone is using arcai netcut and cutting off Internet browsing access16:58
rtfmdudeikonia, it pops-up the warning and it happens over cryptroot hook and i can't see what is the reason it doesn't work the same as it works for sdb device16:58
holsteinhrolf: someone? is this your home network?16:58
ikoniartfmdude: ah, I see what you mean, it's adding it for sdb, but ignoring the key for sda when it tries to add it16:59
hrolfholstein: Well the place where I'm we get Internet through LAN17:00
ikoniahrolf: is the place education/work/home/17:00
ikoniahrolf: what network is this ?17:00
hrolfikonia: home17:00
rtfmdudeikonia, exactly! i also tried to gather all moments which are unclear to me http://paste.ubuntu.com/5967000/17:00
ikoniahrolf: so you control it then17:00
ikoniahrolf: as in the network17:00
hrolfikonia: Nope I cannot17:00
ikoniahrolf: why not ?17:01
hrolfThat's the problem17:01
hrolfikonia: I'm just a user17:01
holsteinhrolf: i would alert the adminsitrator17:01
ikoniahrolf: if it's your home network, why can you not control it17:01
hrolfikonia: Network is not mine, I just got a connection to use Internet17:01
ikoniartfmdude: interesting, I'll need to have a prod around as I'm very rustry with luks (I don't use it personally as I find it a disaster)17:01
ikoniahrolf: then it's not a home network17:01
hrolfholstein: the admin is not capable enough to debug17:01
ikoniahrolf: what type of network is it ?17:01
hrolfikonia: It is LAN17:01
rtfmdudeikonia, thank you for attention17:02
ikoniahrolf: yes, but who controls it, is it a school an office etc17:02
ikoniartfmdude: looks a bit interesting, lets see what can be found,17:02
hrolfikonia: the one who gives Internet in my place17:02
holsteinhrolf: you will always have issues on an unsafe network like that.. if you are asking "how ca i be safe on an unsafe network?".. i would go to a safe network.. otherwise, try firewalls and other security measures17:02
ikoniahrolf: what is "your place" a school, an office,17:02
hrolfikonia: It is like he got one connection, and than installed a router and gives everyone otther17:02
hrolfikonia: for using on a low price17:02
hrolfikonia: Home17:03
ikoniahrolf: how many people are using this ?17:03
hrolfikonia: Around 15 to 20 (rough figure(17:03
ikoniaseems an odd "home" network with 15 - 20 people using his17:03
ikoniaI'd talk to the administrator to block the mac address of the device17:04
hrolfikonia: The admin is not capable enough17:04
ikoniahrolf: then he needs to get capable17:04
holsteinhrolf: then, i would seek another network.. you will always have issues there17:05
hrolfikonia: Not possible17:05
hrolfthat's the issue17:05
ikoniahrolf: is this one place, eg: a house ?17:05
hrolfikonia: Yes, my home.17:05
ikoniahrolf: so walk to the router, unplug each cable until you find the device spoofing17:05
ikoniahrolf: then follow that cable to the person17:05
ikoniahrolf: then kick them off the network / tell them not to do it17:06
hrolfikonia: Is there any tool which let's say tracks the packets and determines the spoofing device?17:06
ikoniahrolf: tcpdump17:07
ikoniahrolf: but you'll find what I've just suggested easier17:07
ikoniahrolf: walk to the switch, unplug cables one at a time17:07
ikoniahrolf: monitor it on your ubuntu desktop17:07
ikoniahrolf: then when you see the spoofing stop, follow the cable to the person doing it17:07
don-geforceok so i reverted back to X.org server - Nouveau drivers and now my max display resolution is 1024x768. Anyway to force it 1366x768?17:08
hrolfikonia: How do I tell if spoofing has been stopped?17:08
ikoniahrolf: how can you see someone is spoofing ?17:08
daftykinsdon-geforce: you could play with xrandr17:08
holsteindon-geforce: maybe not.. though, i have had good luck with custom xorg.conf files.. sometimes i try arandr, a GUI tool.. or i'll try a knoppix live CD and grab the xorg.conf from there17:08
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don-geforceholstein, seems a bit complicated for me. Im just trying out ubuntu for the first time17:09
hrolfikonia: My main machine internet stops, I start a WINDOWS VM, there I have netcut installed and I cut all the people in network and then my internet starts working in the VM17:09
Archguywho knows how to use libfvde here? http://ix.io/7a717:10
ikoniahrolf: that doesn't sound like someone is spoofing, that sounds like you are kicking everyone off the network17:10
holsteindon-geforce: sure.. keep in mind it would ideally be, just like in windows, the hardware manufacturer's responsibilty to support the OS you are choosing.. some devices can be quite tricky, or not work well at all17:10
ikoniahrolf: it could be something as simple as an IP address conflict, or a lack of IP addresses in the DHCP pool17:10
hrolfikonia: what netcut does it cuts off internet by ARP spoofing17:10
ikoniahrolf: so ?17:11
ikoniahrolf: you're arp spoofing, that doesn't mean anyone else is17:11
hrolfikonia: but when I cut off everyone else, then my internet starts working17:11
holsteindon-geforce: you can always just use something like xubuntu or lubuntu that doesnt require 3d, and even use the vesa driver.. or use linux in VM in windows.. or keep trying live CD's til something "works" and make a note of the kernel version (or ask the manufacturer for support, which wont go well)17:11
ikoniahrolf: yes, I understand that,17:11
ikoniahrolf: but that doesn't mean someone is spoofing17:11
don-geforceso basically its my monitor's fault17:11
hrolfikonia: What does that mean then?17:12
holsteindon-geforce: its no one or nothings "fault".. im proposing, based on past experience, and what you are stating, that its a graphics card driver support issue17:12
ikoniahrolf: you need to work with the network administrator,17:12
rtfmdudelol i still don't get it how should i format the question on askubuntu the way it wouldn't look like nightmare it shouldn't be that complicated, guys loool17:12
PhoenixzHello, I'm a webdev, and on my development computer, this morning, I got a mysql update. I applied it, and it failed, and now I am without mysql database server, and so I cannot work :( Checked mysql error log, got this beauty: ERROR: 1064  You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ALTER TABLE user ADD column Show_view_priv enum('N','Y') CHARACTER SET utf8 NOT ' at17:13
Phoenixzline 117:13
PhoenixzThat lead me to this page: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.1/+bug/776226  seems a very old bug that is back (see the last comment)17:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 776226 in mysql-5.1 (Ubuntu) "package mysql-server 5.1.54-1ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured" [Medium,Expired]17:13
PhoenixzAnybody who might know how I can fix this quickly? I'm at a complete stop and I don't really want to have to reinstall my computer from scratch17:14
holsteinPhoenixz: are you using a PPA? or a custom version?17:14
rtfmdudePhoenixz, why not mariadb?17:14
ikoniartfmdude: it's not been transitioned yet in ubuntu17:14
BlackHarvestIs there a way to configure ubuntu to use the dual finger scrolling like you would on windows or macos?17:14
daftykinsdon-geforce: arandr looks like a good idea, give it a try17:14
holsteinBlackHarvest: i click "use 2 finger scrolling" on hardware that supports that easily17:14
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don-geforcewill try arandr now17:15
Phoenixzrtfmdude: Mariadb is another product, I need mysql17:15
ikoniaPhoenixz: mariadb is mysql17:15
rtfmdudegot it17:15
holsteinPhoenixz: and, you are not using any outside sources?17:15
Phoenixzholstein: Not using PPA afaik, but I'll confirm17:15
holsteinif you think it was the update that broke it, you can roll it back and test17:16
ikoniathat won't fix it17:16
Phoenixzholstein: Only configured external software sources are for cassandra related product17:16
ikoniaif a table is in a flux state as it's not been altered correctly17:16
* holstein defers to ikonia on sql matter17:17
Phoenixzholstein: well, I had mysql before the update, no longer after the update failed so yeah :) How would I roll it back? I already tried purging and reinstalling, to no avail17:17
rtfmdudesrsly what the kind of hell is that, i don't really get support here, i can't just ask the question on askubuntu without formatiing nightmare, i can't get answers on launchpad, and i can't trust to hacked ubuntuforums in order to register there :D17:17
ikoniaPhoenixz: that won't help if your table has not been altered correctly as the datasource isn't deleted17:17
ikoniartfmdude: can you stop complaining about askubuntu17:18
holstein!volunteers | rtfmdude17:18
ubotturtfmdude: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:18
ikoniartfmdude: I'm trying to help you but I'm getting really annoyed with your constant complaining17:18
rtfmdudeikonia, i can't but it wouldn't change the facts :D17:18
Phoenixzikonia: okay, so what would be best step from here?17:18
ikoniartfmdude: good luck sorting your problem then, I've just lost interest17:18
rtfmdudelol just now or 3 days ago?17:18
rtfmdudedoubt u had it17:19
ikoniaPhoenixz: a good question, a good test would be to start mysql with the --skip-grant-tables option, see if it's the permissions table thats damaged (long shot)17:19
Phoenixzrtfmdude: way to treat volunteers that try to help you..17:19
gordonjcprtfmdude: did you actually have an Ubuntu support question?17:19
ikoniaPhoenixz: basically you need to work through what's corrupted/inconsisant and either fix it or recover it17:19
michelehi there. I'm trying to install ncdu. http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ncdu&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all - however, apt-get does not find it. http://pastie.org/8222288 . how come? thanks17:19
rtfmdudeno, im jsut another troll sorry dudes17:19
ikoniartfmdude: final warning - stop messing around in here17:20
Phoenixzikonia: I read somewhere that I'd need to purge mysql-common package, but half my system depends on that, I would end up with nothing left :)17:20
Phoenixzikonia: trying your suggestion, one sec17:20
BlackHarvestHmm, when I go into  my system settings and change the scroll speed for my touch pad, it doesn't save the changes.  Any idea why this might be?17:20
ikoniaPhoenixz: well, I think I have a "clean" solution for you, but it's going to require some effort and care,17:20
ikoniaPhoenixz: I suggest we go through it - plan it and execute it17:20
BlackHarvestcursor speed*17:20
ikoniaPhoenixz: (or do you want to try to fix the damage rather than recover)17:21
Phoenixzikonia: yay, I'm in! :)17:21
Phoenixzwell, I want my mysql DB to run smoothly again17:21
PhoenixzI guess I could run mysqlcheck now?17:22
ikoniaPhoenixz: what did you do to get in ?17:22
PhoenixzI did sudo mysqld --skip-grant-tables17:22
ikoniaok, so the grants table got screwed17:22
Phoenixzthen on another console mysql -p and I got in the mysql server17:22
Phoenixzyezzz :)17:22
ikoniathat's a bit of luck17:22
ikoniaok, so what you need to do is re-create the grants17:22
Phoenixzwell, that happy face is not really happy yet, but lets just say this is better than I've had in the last 2 hours..17:22
ikoniathat should be enough to then start it without the --skip-grants-table17:22
ikoniaPhoenixz: what you should do is quickly tabke mysql dumps of your personal databases17:23
ikoniaPhoenixz: eg: mysqldump on your databses to get backups we can use to import later if we need them17:23
Phoenixzokay... that would take a while, I have several gigs worth :) but good idea17:23
Phoenixzikonia: How would I recreate the grants?17:24
ikoniaPhoenixz: so depends if the tables actually screwed up, or just the data,17:24
ikoniaPhoenixz: the "grant" command is the obvious one17:24
Phoenixzikonia: I'd have to do that for all users17:24
ikoniaPhoenixz: I'll have to research the table structure I think it's going to be a combination in the of "user,db and host" tables in the mysql database17:24
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Phoenixzikonia: crazy idea maybe but.. what if..17:25
Phoenixza) move /var/lib/mysql out of the way17:25
Phoenixzb) reinstall mysql all the way, c)dump mysql DB to SQL file, d) move my old DB's back, d) start mysql with skip grants, then e) mysql  < myexportedmysql.sql file?17:26
don-geforce"xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default"17:26
don-geforceany idea how to fix this?17:26
ikoniaPhoenixz: I was going to suggest the back to front version of that17:26
ikoniaPhoenixz: backup your db's, re-install mysql, then import your dump files into a sane mysql instance17:27
ovidiu-florin I have a x86_64 kubuntu host and I want to install an x86_64 ubuntu server guest, but the installer complains that the CPU is not x86_64 and that it is i686. How can I resolve this?17:27
ikoniaovidiu-florin: what virtualization are you using ?17:28
ikoniaovidiu-florin: should work fine, you've set the guest to be x86_64 ?17:28
ikoniaovidiu-florin: ( I mean when you configured the virtual tin you set it to x86_64)17:28
ovidiu-florinhow do I set it to be x86_64?17:29
ikonia!virtualbox | ovidiu-florin17:29
ubottuovidiu-florin: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox17:29
keyboordI have ubuntu installed, but want to (temporarily) install win8 and then install ubuntu again after win8 is loaded, but I can't get my system to boot off the cdrom/dvd disc. Please advise.17:29
ovidiu-florinI know what it is17:29
ovidiu-florinbut I don't understand your question17:29
ikoniaovidiu-florin: if you read the link, it details how to use it17:30
Phoenixzikonia: okay, that will take a little :) Thanks for the help!17:30
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ikoniaPhoenixz: not a problem17:30
michelehi there. I'm trying to install ncdu. http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ncdu&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all - however, apt-get does not find it. http://pastie.org/pastes/8222288/text . how come? thanks17:34
daftykinsmichele: you could try changing your apt mirror, in system settings -> software and sources17:35
Picimichele: What does the output of  arch  say?17:35
daftykinsmichele: i have seen an issue where a user's chosen mirror was missing important packages17:35
Picidaftykins: thats the main archive.17:35
daftykinsPici: how do you mean? as in the link is pointing to the main one?17:36
Picidaftykins: that pastebin says "http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/"17:36
daftykinsPici: my bad, didn't even see that in the original post.17:37
michelePici: i38617:38
michelePici: i68617:38
micheledaftykins: how do i change mirror while not using X ?17:38
micheleit's a server17:39
daftykinsmichele: nevermind i think my approach was wrong, sorry.17:39
Picimichele: and what about: uname -a17:39
micheleLinux yankee 3.8.0-26-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 17 21:46:08 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux17:40
flipper88_flisn't i686 the newer name for the old i386 chips?17:40
Picimichele: does apt-cache showsrc ncdu   report anything>?17:41
michelePici: yes it shows the package source17:41
Picimichele: and apt-cache show ncdu   still shows nothing?17:42
myugetsuhow does a  person configure apache to sendmail from the localhost17:42
micheleN: Unable to locate package ncdu17:43
ActionPa1snip!info ncdu17:44
ubottuncdu (source: ncdu): ncurses disk usage viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9-1 (raring), package size 38 kB, installed size 106 kB17:44
ActionPa1snipmichele: do you have universe repo enabled?17:44
ActionPa1snipmyugetsu: I'd ask in the apache channel too17:44
micheleyes ActionPa1snip http://pastie.org/pastes/8222288/text17:44
ActionPa1snipmichele: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install ncdu17:45
micheleReading state information... Done17:45
micheleE: Unable to locate package ncdu17:45
ActionPa1snipflipper88_fl: i686 has a lot more funcionality than i38617:45
ActionPa1snipmichele: wget https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage17:46
flipper88_flThanks ActionPa1snip17:46
flipper88_flSo ActionPa1snip If i understand you're proir comment i686 is basicvly and enhanced veriant of its defunct cusin I386?17:48
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lynxycan I maximize a process (gui) if it is minimized and have no SysTray (Ubuntu 13.04)?17:49
flipper88_flI userally just run amd64 bit releases as most newer desk/lpatops have 64bit cup and over 8gb of ram17:50
wilee-nileelynxy, You have the left panel.17:50
lynxythe process is not there :(17:51
Phoenixzikonia: Ok, I dumped all tables, removed /var/lib/mysql completely, sudo apt-get purge mysql-server mysql-server-5.5, then sudo apt-get install mysql-server, and it fails again.. In the error log I see this error: ERROR: 1050  Table 'plugin' already exists17:51
wilee-nileelynxy, you remove it?17:51
lynxyit was ment to work with SysTray...17:51
PhoenixzThe /var/lib/mysql is gone, what more could there exist?17:51
flipper88_fldoes sshfs support tcp keep alives?17:51
lynxyI'm talking about Bitdefender Scanner for Unices17:52
lynxyif I minimize it I can't open it17:52
lynxyis there a terminal command?17:52
micheleActionPa1snip: now i manage to install it17:52
micheleActionPa1snip: so what was wrong?17:52
michelethank you very much17:53
ServerSageIs it possible to convert an existing RAID 0 mirror to an LVM mirror?17:53
wilee-nileelynxy, Is this the unity desktop and is it missing all the features?17:53
Phoenixzikonia: when I try apt-get again, I get the same error as before, so I guess this was the original error where it borked up when I updated.. Any idea where this "plugin" table is created that already exists?17:53
ServerSageOops, I meant RAID 1.  :)17:54
BertoHi - I have a file named -C= and cannot delete it.  What is this??17:54
Bertosrwxr-xr-x 1 root      root        0 Jul 23 18:05 -C=17:54
rtfmdudeflipper88_fl, i always thought it already has it performing some kind of operations in background, most probably i'm wrong17:54
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ServerSageBerto: Try using \ to escape the - in the name.17:55
lynxyThis is the Unity desktop and can't activate Systray Whitelist :(17:55
ServerSageBerto: rm \-C=17:55
irssi-mike!ubuntu one17:55
Phoenixzikonia: looks like the ubuntu package is broken.. it creates the /var/lib/mysql, creates mysql DB in there and then tries to create the "plugin" table twice in that DB... this is... *sigh*17:55
BertoServerSage, rm: invalid option -- 'C'17:55
lynxyThe other features are working fine, as far as I can see17:55
rtfmdudeflipper88_fl, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS#Keep_Alive !17:55
wilee-nileelynxy, http://www.webupd8.org/2013/05/how-to-get-systray-whitelist-back-in.html17:55
BertoServerSage, sudo rm -- -C   worked :)17:56
tubbohi all, i'm trying to connect as my www-data user remotely via ssh and passwordless key authentication17:56
tubboi've edited my authorized_keys file in /var/www/.ssh/authorized_keys to include my key but i still get prompted for a password17:56
tubboeven when switching the shell to /bin/bash17:56
BlackHarvestHey all, I'm having an issue where Ubuntu is not recognizing my touchpad in mouse settings... The touchpad is AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint, does anyone know where I can find a driver for this?17:56
ArchguyCan anyone help me with "Obtaining EncryptedRoot.plist.wipekey" from https://code.google.com/p/libfvde/wiki/Mounting ?17:57
rtfmdudehaving www-data login shell is insecure17:57
wilee-nileeBlackHarvest, What release?17:57
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: 13.0417:58
tubbortfmdude: i know, i like to live dangerously :P17:58
tubbortfmdude: this is a dev box that doesn't have actual internet access17:58
rtfmdudetubbo, lol, but no ideas realted to why it still asks for pwd17:59
tubbortfmdude: bah17:59
tubbothis problem is clearly impossible17:59
wilee-nileeBlackHarvest, This a upgrade to 13.04?17:59
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tubbounix sucks i want windows back ;)18:00
tubbowhere are my iconz!!118:00
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: no, this is a complete reinstall18:00
Lunar_Landerhello, I just checked software-center for skype but it isn't in there (Partner packets activated, ubuntu 12.04), what can I do?18:00
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: you were helping me out last night with my wireless (roots47).  Was having an issue signing in as roots47_ due to already being signed in.18:00
wilee-nileeBlackHarvest, Were you plugged into the net and ticked the update bix?18:00
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: ticked the update bix?18:01
wilee-nileebox in the install18:01
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: no sir, couldn't get internet during install unfortunately18:01
wilee-nileethere is a update box in the install gui's18:01
ArchguyCan someone please help me make sense of this: http://cl.ly/image/0s240h0t281M18:01
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: can I run those same updates now?18:02
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: (I already ran the ubuntu software updates)18:02
wilee-nileeBlackHarvest, I see hardly nothing on this on the net except a fresh install fixes it, however since you need a driver I suspect you need net access, and should tick the update box on the install, just a guess though.18:02
Guest74987Lunar_Lander, just go to the Skype website and download the linux version18:03
wilee-nileeBlackHarvest, Have you looked in additional drivers?18:03
Lunar_Landerok, thanks18:03
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: it only shows two devices, my graphics card, and that pesky broadcom chip18:04
Guest74987Lunar_Lander, http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-linux/18:04
wilee-nileeBlackHarvest, I see, well thats about all I can think of.18:04
Lunar_Landerthank you18:04
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: damn, thanks anyways18:05
bkfitzDoes anyone know how to restart a specific inetd service18:06
bkfitzi'm running proftpd under it18:06
gordonjcpbkfitz: you don't18:06
bkfitzgordonjcp, i guess now18:06
gordonjcpbkfitz: when you connect to inetd, it starts the service18:06
gordonjcpso effectively stopping all connections and reconnecting would bounce your service18:07
bkfitzgordonjcp, i'm used to init.d - don't know much about inetd18:07
bkfitzgordonjcp, so If I change a proftpd config, will it automatically 'take' the changes since the service is fired up upon connection?18:07
gordonjcpbkfitz: should do18:07
gordonjcpbkfitz: if at all possible, use sftp instead of ftp18:08
bkfitzgordonjcp, huh... doesn't seem to be, but i'll try18:08
gordonjcpbkfitz: maybe pkill proftpd18:08
bkfitzgordonjcp, :) yeah... the change i made was to only allow sftp18:08
gordonjcpbkfitz: ah, openssh just does that on its own...18:08
irssi-miketubbo: check your pm18:08
bkfitzgordonjcp, yeah but i need ssh to run on 22 and sftp on 2118:08
bkfitzgordonjcp, separately18:09
gordonjcpbut 21 is the ftp port, sftp works over port 2218:09
bkfitzgordonjcp,  you familiar with running sftp on proftpd18:09
gordonjcpbkfitz: no, I wouldn't touch an ftpd with a stolen ten foot pole18:10
bkfitzgordonjcp, i'm not happy about it either (i'm guessing your concerns are security based?)18:10
jaapioHi, I'm trying to setup back-in-time to backup my home directory and some other folders. But what about file permissions? does the backup user need access to all files it has to copy?18:10
bkfitzgordonjcp, already restricted 21 access to the only ip that i'm allowing using iptables18:10
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gordonjcpbkfitz: why? Just use port 22 like a normal person...18:11
bkfitzgordonjcp, so if you were me, how would you allow your developers to upload code changes18:11
Lunar_LanderGuest74987, that worked, only that the skype symbol isn't in the sidebar18:11
jaapiorunning back in time as root doesn't sound like an idea18:11
Lunar_Landerit is that generic application symbol18:11
gordonjcpbkfitz: what exactly are you trying to do?18:11
Lunar_Landerlike a box with books in it18:11
bkfitzgordonjcp, :) i wish i could... our internal lan disallows 22 out... only 2118:11
rtfmdudebkfitz, you could configure system users for them and sftp access18:11
bkfitzgordonjcp, exactly what i'm trying18:12
bkfitzrtfmdude, exactly what i'm trying (sorry gord)18:12
gordonjcpbkfitz: can you explain what your situation is?18:12
danielboston26what is the support like for HFS+?18:13
gordonjcpdanielboston26: it's okay18:13
bkfitzgordonjcp, Hosted lamp stack in the cloud for our webserver -> developers inside a huge lan I don't control  with 21 out open and 22 out closed (so I use my mifi to admin it) -> I want them to be able to upload code changes to my apache instance18:13
Guest74987Lunar_Lander, i'm not sure how to fix it, i don't use the unity interface, maybe you can right click on the icon and go to properties and change the icon to the correct one18:13
Lunar_Landerok, thanks :)18:14
danielboston26gordonjcp is it still currputing data?18:14
gordonjcpdanielboston26: not that I've noticed18:14
bkfitzgordonjcp, I guess I could configure openssh to run on 21 :)18:14
gordonjcpbkfitz: well, you need to explain to the admins for the LAN that you need them to fix it18:14
danielboston26gordonjcp been doing some research and appreantly the first implementation was currupting data on drives larger then 2tb18:15
rtfmdudebkfitz, look for tutorials/howtos like http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2012/03/chroot-sftp-setup/ no u most probably won't be able to switch sftp thing from openssh daemon on 21st port18:15
gordonjcpbkfitz: I'd get ssh going one way or another, then use something like Fabric to automate uploads18:15
danielboston26gordonjcp it said that both debian and ubuntu disabled write support for HFS+18:15
gordonjcpdanielboston26: okay18:15
bkfitzgordonjcp, whats wrong with sftp18:15
danielboston26gordonjcp do you know if thats still the case?18:15
gordonjcpdanielboston26: not a scooby18:16
gordonjcpbkfitz: well sftp works over ssh18:16
bkfitzrtfmdude, I thought you could run openssh on whatever port you want18:16
gordonjcpbkfitz: yes, you can, although your admins might get a bit sniffy18:16
rtfmdudebkfitz, yeah but you won't get sftp feature18:16
danielboston26gordonjcp what does that mean?18:16
gordonjcpbkfitz: hence why I'm saying you need to talk to them to unbreak the network18:16
bkfitzgordonjcp, right... so what's wrong with two ssh daemons... one for traditional ssh on 22 for traditional ssh and one on 21 for sftp18:16
gordonjcpbkfitz: it may be possible to configure it to listen on both ports18:17
bkfitzgordonjcp, openssh on 21 (traffic will look like sftp anyway)18:17
gordonjcpbkfitz: or just make it listen on some other port and use that - and make sure you specify the port18:17
bkfitzgordonjcp, only ports open to the outside are 80 and 2118:17
gordonjcpbkfitz: anyway you want to automate uploading and stuff as much as possible18:17
gordonjcpbkfitz: your network is broken, and you need to get the admins to fix it18:18
bkfitzgordonjcp :)18:18
gordonjcpbkfitz: or stop paying them for it18:18
bkfitzgordonjcp: policy to close 22 above me18:19
rtfmdudemaybe ftp with ssl could be an option?18:20
bkfitzgordonjcp, but irrelevant18:20
bkfitzrtfmdude, isn't that what sftp is?18:20
rtfmdudebkfitz, not exactly18:20
rtfmdudeftps/sftp u c?18:20
bkfitzrtfmdude, doesn't it stand for ssh file transfer proto18:21
rtfmdudethe second thing - yes18:21
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=== sanvero|0FF is now known as sanvero
BlackHarvestSo I found this post http://linuxg.net/ubuntu-13-04-touchpad-option-does-not-exist-error-fix/ about getting my touchpad drivers installed, but I don't have a "psmouse" directory.  Is anyone familiar with configuring touchpads on ubuntu 13.04?18:22
TherzoHi, anyone here who can help with mountall / ZFS issues?18:23
priya-how do i customize ubuntu livecd18:29
Therzohope that helps18:30
danielboston26why would you want to?18:30
priya-sure, ty Therzo18:31
rtfmdudehttp://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?18:32
holsteinrtfmdude: in a larger sense, what is it you are trying to do?18:32
holsteinrtfmdude: at this point, you might want to entertain more attractive work arounds18:33
rtfmdudeholstein, fully encrypted luks instance with key file on /boot removable media18:33
rtfmdudeholstein, currently i see it as a bug, i might be wrong, that's why i'm asking18:33
MoPacHello - I'm looking for help with two issues relating to keyrings. (1) My system does not seem to respect my Enigmail preference to clear my PGP passphrase after X minutes. Once I enter it, it stays unlocked indefinitely, which is not what I want. (2) Almost every session, i unlock a certain keyring manually, which is how I want it. How do I set the auto-unlock at login box to unticked by default?18:33
holsteinrtfmdude: im not debating if its a bug or not.. just trying to address your specific need with a potential alternative.. what is it that you are trying to do?18:34
rtfmdudeholstein, fully encrypted luks instance with key file on /boot removable media <- that's what18:34
MonkeyDustMoPac  is this useful? old article... http://www.maketecheasier.com/auto-unlock-keyring-manager-in-ubuntu-intrepid/2009/03/1418:34
holsteinrtfmdude: for an installation on  the stick?18:35
rtfmdudeholstein, no, for decrypting it with key file18:35
=== emanuel is now known as Guest64369
holsteinrtfmdude: it? the installation?18:36
=== sanvero is now known as jigger
rtfmdudeholstein, the installed one instance of 13.0418:36
=== jigger is now known as sanvero
holsteinrtfmdude: installed "one" instance?18:36
MoPacMonkeyDust: Unfortunately not: the newer dialogue has this extra tick box on it, and if you leave it ticked when you enter the password, it adds that keyring password to your default login keyring, chained together. So I have to carefully untick it every time or else have the hassle of going back in the settings and deleting it from the default keyring18:37
MonkeyDustMoPac  this is is more recent http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/disable-unlock-login-keyring-ubuntu-13-04/18:37
rtfmdudeholstein, sorry, maybe my english is too frustrating, just read the whole question that's why i wrote it18:37
Richterhi, today i have a little problem... my ubuntu server automatic disconect the nfs. I reboot and its work again, some one have this problem too? how i can find this in my (giant) log?18:37
holsteinrtfmdude: i did, and im asking for clarification.. what is a "one" instance?18:37
rtfmdudeholstein, "installed instance" installed ONE u c?18:38
rtfmduderepeating purposes one18:38
holsteinrtfmdude: i realize you are having a challenging time with an issue, but this is a quite advanced scnario that normal destkop useage doesnt encounter much18:38
rtfmdudeit's not advanced18:38
rtfmdudedefine "normal desktop user"18:38
MoPacMonkeyDust: My problem is really the opposite of what's in those articles.  I have a separate keyring that I DON'T want to unlock on login.  Its password is much stronger than my default login password, and I need it to be different. But Ubuntu keeps trying to get me to add it to my default keyring, which defeats the whole purpose18:38
holsteinrtfmdude: i didnt offer that as a statement for debate.. it *is* advance.. not typical18:39
BlackHarvestLooks like my mouse issues could be due to multi-touch... any ideas on how to disable that feature?18:39
holsteinrtfmdude: that is why you *are* having a challenging time with it.. to recap.. you have an installation of 13.04? on usb? and you are trying to encrypt it?18:39
rtfmdudewhat is typical setup for linux distribution? the desktop with unity? i don't think so, linux is supposed to be more than that18:39
MoPacSo all I really want there is to be able to type in the password and press "enter" without accidentally wrecking my security every time because the wrong option is always checked by default18:40
rtfmdudeholstein, on 2 hard drives with /boot media on usb stick18:40
rtfmdudewhat is it unclear?18:40
holsteinrtfmdude: sure.. and "linux' can be what you like.. but you are not using a typical "out of the box" scenario" with ubuntu or any of the derivitives.. im not debating is a bug.. just ring to help get you an answer18:40
rtfmdudedefine typical, show me where i can read on wiki for example about typical setup18:41
holsteinrtfmdude: that statement its self is unclear for me.. you have one installation over 2 usb sticks?18:41
rtfmdudeholstein, i have installation on two hard drives HARD DAMN DRIVES18:41
holsteinrtfmdude: typical is default.. all files in one partition on one hard drive.. nothing special18:41
potatomanhi everyone, if someone could help me with a few general installation questions i'd really appreciate it18:41
rtfmdudeit's written in there18:41
rtfmduderead it carefully or just don't18:41
holsteinrtfmdude: just default. and im not debating thats hat you should do.. just that you are dealing with something outside the typical scope of this channel18:42
danny4wayI got some kind of weird notification from my computer. It says The update information is outdated.18:42
danny4wayIt's from the notification bar.18:42
holsteinrtfmdude: faie enough.. i'll wait for more cler details, or you can wait for another volunteer.. good luck!18:42
rtfmdudeholstein, where can i read about typical scope of this channel?18:42
rtfmdudemaybe there are some rights18:42
holsteinrtfmdude: this is not an "official" statement, friend.. you are welcome to ask the question.. i just realize you are getting frustrated by not finding help. and im trying to explaing why this volunteer has not been able to help18:43
danny4wayIs there any way to fix it?18:43
rtfmdudeholstein, did i say that i need an explanation?18:43
rtfmdudeabout why i can't find the support lol18:43
rtfmdudei clearly understand why there is none18:44
holsteindanny4way: nothing is "broken".. you can update the system.. you can open a terminal, and run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' or use the GUI that is popping up18:44
danny4wayOkay. Thanks. I will try.18:44
holsteinrtfmdude: i offered that, as a volunteer.. to try and assist you.. you are free to igrnore the explanation18:44
holsteinrtfmdude: just know that i still dont know the layout of your system..18:45
danny4wayI got an error18:45
rtfmdudeholstein, i came with a problem and you started explaining me why i'm not getting responses, thanks, but i think i'm not the only one who consider such "volunteers" ignorant in context of whole community18:45
holstein!volunteers | rtfmdude18:46
ubotturtfmdude: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines18:46
rtfmdudeholstein, my layout is written on the link i provided18:46
holsteinrtfmdude: i would try and refrain from cursing and refering to volunteers as "ignorant"18:46
rtfmdudeyou are18:46
rtfmdudebecause the layout is written in there http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization18:46
rtfmdudeand it was too hard for you to read it carefully18:46
holsteinrtfmdude: so, you would like a volunteer to read that link?18:47
rtfmdudeno, i provided it for myself only18:47
rtfmdudefor private usage18:47
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:47
holsteinrtfmdude: i assumed you provided it for askubuntu.. but i will look at it. thanks for your continued patience18:47
rtfmdudeholstein, now scroll back and look where i did it for the first time18:48
IdleOnertfmdude: drop the attitude please.18:48
rtfmdudeIdleOne, are you a lawyer?18:49
holsteinrtfmdude: i saw it back then, friend.. i just didnt know that was the only way to get the information.. thanks again.. and please try and be respectful18:49
rtfmdudei'm trying hard for a week almost18:49
alekseyStart the game and works fine   DmC_Devil_May_Cry18:50
rtfmdudesorry, i need support only once per 5 years18:50
alekseyгигтег 13.418:50
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IdleOneyou posted that to askubuntu and hour ago.18:50
rtfmdudei don't get responses anywhere18:50
rtfmdudeIdleOne, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 and the link to question from askubuntu question and 3 days here18:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,New]18:51
holsteinrtfmdude: support is voluntary both places, and as i said, this is not a typical "desktop" issue18:51
alekseyurl help you18:51
rtfmdudeIdleOne, sorry, please, but i was helping to dudes all my life dealing with simple stuff myself and here is what i get back asking for help once in a million years :D18:51
IdleOnertfmdude: I understand the frustration you are feeling but that does not mean it is ok to demand response from the nice people in here. So please just try to calm down and be patient18:51
rtfmdudejust excuse me, i'm really nervous and i'm in desperate18:51
rtfmdudeand u start talking about how is it nad to come here with non-typical setups18:52
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rtfmdudeafter what you ignore the questions itself and situation description i was writing18:52
rtfmdudeand u're saying i should drop the attitude18:52
rtfmdudeman, grow up please18:53
IdleOneI am.18:53
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!18:53
IdleOnealeksey: How can I help you?18:53
alekseyI have all the super18:54
alekseyall errors corrected himself18:54
alekseyi love ubuntu18:54
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Guest85387what is better xubuntu or lubuntu in your choise???18:55
OerHeksGuest85387 depends on your system, 256 mb/lubuntu 512 mb/xubuntu18:56
Guest85387other than that is same sys right?18:57
alekseyI ask that the council useful set of software18:57
OerHeksGuest85387 running lubuntu on a i7/4gb would be super-duper-lightweight.18:57
gordonjcpLubuntu on an i7 would be incredible18:58
Guest85387does it matter if a machine is that poverfull?18:58
gordonjcpyou'd be able to crash far faster than ever before18:58
OerHeksGuest85387 xubuntu and Lubuntu have its own set of programs, maybe worth installing them both side-by-side18:59
makaraHi. Sometimes in Nautilus (13.04) I can't see files in a folder "Film" on an external ext4 HDD. Renaming the folder has no effect, but when I rename is from command line, then the files are again visible in Nautilus. How come??19:01
patricknellumis there anybody that can help me with ubuntu terminal please19:01
makarapatricknellum, ask your q19:01
=== klaas_ is now known as klaas
DreamPCsHey guys, is there a --graceful-- way to shutdown via terminal?19:01
DreamPCsSomething that will wait for apps to exit before killing them?19:01
makaraDreamPCs, sudo reboot now19:02
IdleOnethat isn't graceful, DreamPCs have a read of ' man shutdwn ' there should be some switch you can use.19:02
TherzoHi, can anyone help with mountall not mounting ZFS volumes? I described my problem here:  https://groups.google.com/a/zfsonlinux.org/forum/#!topic/zfs-discuss/gi1AXgZgGHo19:02
thubtumbingSudo shutdown now19:03
patricknellumok. im using my android right now. my brother loaded an iso image of ubuntu  but its only a terminal. i want to learn it but im having difficulties. im trying to turn on my wireless and log onto my wifi but like i said my knowledge of terminal is extremely limited as of now. as for my android right now. it will not allow me to type numbers. so im limited to words and periods19:03
DreamPCsOk thanks guys19:04
makaraIdleOne, "When called with --force or when in runlevel 0 or 6, this tool  invokes the  reboot(2)  system call itself (with REBOOTCOMMAND argument passed) and directly reboots the system.  Otherwise  this  simply  invokes  the shutdown(8) tool with the appropriate arguments without passing REBOOT‐COMMAND argument."19:04
OerHeksmakara, on ext4 you might not have permission to read,"sudo chown -R makara:makara /dev/(device name)19:04
yeatsDreamPCs: 'sudo shutdown -h now' halts, 'sudo shutdown -r now' reboots19:04
IdleOnemakara: seems I need to read man shutdown again :)19:05
* yeats works with servers and uses it all the time19:05
makaraIdleOne, that was from reboot19:05
spikespiegelhey guys, hoping someone is informed in this area19:06
MoPacspikespiegel: !anyone19:07
MoPacaw, I forgot the command19:07
makaraOerHeks, where would I find it in /dev/ ? From /media/makara/Typhon is makara:makara.19:07
patricknellumas of right now im trying to use the iwconfig to log onto my wifi network. i have managed to turn the power on and when i scan through terminal i find my router. however it is encrypted. i just need to know how to log onto the network in order to download the desktop19:07
MoPacspikespiegel: What is your question?19:07
spikespiegelmy buddies and I are trying to create a folder that we can both access via the internet, we would like to be able to add/remove files to the folder19:07
MoPacspikespiegel: Do you have any particular security requirements?19:08
=== matthew is now known as Guest75191
spikespiegelMoPac, not too much, its going to be a mixture of ableton and music files for DJing19:08
MoPacspikespiegel: otherise, what Guest85387 said19:08
OerHeksmakara then you would have sufficient acces ( /dev/ was just the example)19:08
spikespiegeldropbox will work between mac,windows and linux?19:09
thunder-stormhello :) its possible to change the background colour of the libreoffice toolbar? actually is's white - i want to change it to grey, similar to my gtk-theme installed19:09
makaraOerHeks, sometimes the files just don't show up. But only in that large folder. I can see the folder, and the other folders are fine. Maybe just a bug19:09
makaraspikespiegel, yes19:09
spikespiegelmakara, sweet19:09
OerHeksmakara do you use that drive on different ubuntu machines?19:09
MoPacI'm looking to solve two keyring problems. (1) My PGP password is staying unlocked, even when I tell Enigmail that it should only be cached for X minutes. I aissume this is a keyring manager problem, but I don't know how to fix it. (2) I want the "unlock on login" box for keyrings to be unchecked by default19:09
MoPacspikespiegel: Yep, Dropbox is (insecure) magic19:10
spikespiegelMoPac, how easily will someone be able to come in and delete everything?19:10
MoPacspikespiegel: Not that easily; it's not open like Wikipedia19:10
makaraOerHeks, yes. I did something unusual though, I changed my user and computer name. But I've changed the ownership and groups of all files on the disk.19:10
OerHeksmakara with the -R recursive option?19:11
spikespiegelMoPac, should be fine than, lol doubt someone will be willing to go through the time to delete DJ sets19:11
MoPacspikespiegel: Dropbox doesn't keep your files encrypted and has had some vulnerabilities in the past, but the idea is that your files are private19:11
makaraOerHeks, -hR19:11
spikespiegelMoPac, it wont be too big of a deal, its basically so when i finish a file i can add it, he can download it do something to it and re upload it19:11
makaraspikespiegel, I wouldn't use dropbox to store stuff. I like to think of it as a glorified mailbox.19:12
spikespiegelis there something available that offers more than 2gb for free?19:12
makaraspikespiegel, dropbox.com does keep versions of your files though19:12
makaraspikespiegel, google drive, ubuntuone19:12
MoPacspikespiegel: Dropbox actually does more than that. It syncs versions of the files, so if he works on something that you added and just saves it, the file will just update to the new version19:12
OerHeksspikespiegel, ubuntu-one 5 gb, wuala 5 gb etc19:12
MoPacspikespiegel: (although as makara said, you can still retrieve old versions)19:13
spikespiegelcan windows/mac access ubuntuone?19:13
OerHeksspikespiegel, sure19:13
makarapatricknellum, use an ethernet cable. Wifi is tricky technology19:14
nullsignwifi gave me cancer, true story.19:15
OerHeksor 1 Tb free (flickr)19:15
OerHeksnullsign, hard to prove. and not really an ubuntu support issue, is it?19:16
nullsignOerHeks: sure it is, there is a kernel patch to cure cancer in ubuntu 12.0419:16
alekseyall use? compiz19:16
Orxata_I have a question: When I try to remove openjdk-7-jre with apt-get remove then it installs openjdk-6-jre and viceversa. How can I just remove openjdk-X?19:17
MoPacaleksey: Sorry, could you clarify your question?19:17
alekseyWho of you uses compiz19:17
MoPacOrxata_: maybe in synaptic packag manager, you could untick everything that contains "openjdk" ?19:18
MoPacaleksey: Compiz is a part of Ubuntu, so almost everyone here uses it.19:18
patricknellumi wish that i could use ethernet. unfortunately wireless is my only option. i know the code in terminal to log in just not with the pass key19:18
_joeywhat's a good screenshot application on linux?19:18
DJones!screenshot | _joey19:18
ubottu_joey: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.19:18
alekseyI hear that there is no more support ubuntu19:19
_joeyand where is the file of the screenshot is saved on the hdd?19:19
MoPacaleksey: This room could prove you wrong, depending on what your question is.19:19
Orxata_Ah, I'm gonna try, MoPac. Thank you19:19
felonwhats the command to list how many wireless cards are installed......i having problems19:20
sinkensabe_joey: shutter19:20
DJones_joey: It gives you the option of where you save it, the default is in pictures19:20
makarafelon, iw19:20
DJones_joey: So /home/username/Pictures19:20
_joeyprtscr does not take screenshots19:21
_joeymaybe in Gnome or KDE19:21
DJones_joey: Working in Ubuntu with Unity19:21
sinkensabe_joey: you might want to try Shutter if you havent already19:22
_joeysinkensabe: what's a syntax for shutter?19:22
felonty makara19:22
alekseyow to manage PC voice in ubuntu19:22
MoPacaleksey: Ubuntu is moving to a new window system called Mir. But compiz is still being supported at the moment.19:22
alekseyhow to manage PC voice in19:22
_joeyI have evince running pdf with a graphics of which I want to take a screenshot19:22
MoPacDoes shutter capture video as well?19:23
sinkensabe_joey: what do you mean? you searched for a good screenshot application? correct? Shutter allows you to select the area and have a number of tools for editing and such19:23
sinkensabeMoPac: dont think so19:23
makarapatricknellum, why don't you download the iso from your Android device and copy it across19:24
_joeysinkensabe: okay, you have no clue about things you are advising others19:24
patricknellumhow would i load it in the terminal. if i download it. when i type startx it tells me to use the get function and then it informs me that i need to download it. how would i use my android to load the file via terminal19:25
sinkensabe_joey: okey19:26
OerHeks_joey, just hit the printscreen button, as a screenshot app is already installed, save it and you will find the screenshot in your /home/ or ~/pictures/ folder19:26
Guest74987is t possible to install software from synaptic when using the live cd?19:27
patricknellumim in front of my laptop right now as well19:27
Orxata_MoPac, didn't work, it also installs openjdk-6 when I remove openjdk-719:27
OerHeksGuest74987, sure, install synaptic first19:27
OerHeksGuest74987, all installed software will be in memory, and deleted after reboot19:28
Guest74987OerHeks, i'm curious does it save it to the CD, HDD or ram?19:28
_joeyOerHeks: Ubuntu != Unity|Gnome|KDE19:28
makarapatricknellum, we chat private19:28
patricknellumhow do i log into private chat19:29
SN3Why is Netbeans so ugly in Ubuntu?19:29
andygraybealhow can i print http://www.example.com/file.pdf  from the shell?  can i do a 'lp' command?19:29
Guest74987what do you think is the best TV turner software for Ubuntu that is compatible with the most TV turners?19:30
MoPacOrxata_: When you look in Synaptic now, does it have openJDK6 marked as installed?19:31
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest70663
patricknellummakara how do i use private chat19:31
_joey2013 - linux does not have a decent screenshot application on desktop station19:32
_joeysays it all19:32
Orxata_Yes, MoPac19:32
Orxata_openjdk6 installed, openjdk7 not installed19:32
OerHeks_joey so you are not on ubuntu?19:33
Orxata_The problem is, I don't want to use OpenJDK anymore, I want to install the oracle jdk19:34
MoPacOrxata_: And I'm assuming that your goal is to have no version at all, right? or is there an earlier one you want19:34
DJones_joey: It might help if you said what desktop you were using19:34
makarapatricknellum, can you see where it says #ubuntu. Are there other channels?19:34
_joeyOerHeks: Ubuntu != Unity|Gnome|KDE19:35
tonesin ubuntu using chrome how do you make every mp3 file default open in VLC?19:35
MoPacyou should be able to mark openJDK-6 for complete removal, then if it installs 7, do the same thing for it19:35
_joeylinux base attracted many retards19:35
Orxata_MoPac, I want to use the oracle jdk. Maybe I could install it without having to remove the openJDK19:35
tonesabout: config is blank page19:35
GH0Hey could someone look at something for me? My phone was resting on my bed while I was watching TV in our living room, I went to grab my phone, checked the battery stat, and noticed a blank area which indicated it restarted. So I looked at the uptime and it is only an hour or so. SO I pulled the last_kmesg from /proc/ . I see a lot of things, but none of them quite make much sense to me. This is on Sprint's stock ROM with root and CWM. http://pastebin.com/xxhf19:36
MoPacOrxata_: I mean, I think you should be able to uninstall it if you want. Ubuntu wouldn't be forcing you to keep any package.19:36
GH0Xchat seems to have broken the line up.19:36
makarapatricknellum, what IRC client are you using?19:37
aberranthi all19:37
MoPacOrxata_: I think that if you can get both versions marked for complete removal, you should give that a try.19:37
aberrantwhere can I go to see the commits for the latest updates? I note that login(1) and passwd(1) were updated recently. I'd like to see the changes.19:37
felonin ubuntu are you still able to bridge wireless connections. cant seem to find it19:37
Orxata_I'm gonna try, MoPac19:37
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MoPacSo mark 6 for complete removal, then see if it installs 7 without your permission. If it does, mark 7 for removal too, and hopefully it will work.  If it tries putting 7 back on there, you can also force version19:38
DJonesGH0: I think you're in the wrong channel for that question, this is Ubuntu support19:38
Orxata_I can't mark 7 for removal, since it's not instaled19:38
jtreminioHi all. I am adding a PPA that has an updated Apache version. However, I don't want to install that Apache version, I want the one that's included by default. How do I install a specific version from a repo?19:38
GH0Oh... lol, whoops.19:38
GH0Thought I had clicked #sgs419:38
GH0My bad19:38
MoPacOrxata_: Right, just do it for 6, and if it puts 7 on there, then do it for  7, and hopefully it won't be able to put 6 back on19:39
DJonesGH0: Had to read it a couple of times though, was about to point you to #ubuntu-touch thinking you were running Ubuntu on a phone19:39
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MoPacOrxata_: Although it's also possible that that these programs are dependencies for others. It's possible that what's happening is that some version is getting installed because some other package needs a JDK. So if this doesn't work, you may need to try installing the oracle one first and then removing openjdk19:40
m_hello do u know how to install sensor temperature19:41
Orxata_So... MoPac.. can you help me install oracleJDK? I've already downloaded the source file and I've unpacked on /usr/java/ (which is a new dir)19:41
MoPacOrxata_: hopefully it has an install readme?19:42
MoPacI really know nothing about the particulars of that program19:43
Mace268might try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java19:44
Orxata_thanks to both of you19:44
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
Orxata_Oh! Very useful Mace268!19:45
zykotick9!sensors | m_19:49
ubottum_: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.19:49
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f00bar80while trying to install ubuntu 12.10 from USB i got E: Malformed line 5 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list ( absolute dist ) , line 5 is : deb cdrom:[ubuntu-server 12.10 _Quantal Quetzal_ release i386 (201210172)]/Grub recovery/ rating main rating multiverse rating universe , any idea what's wrong ?19:53
holsteinf00bar80: could be a bad download. or bad install media.. i would download 13.04 and try again19:53
f00bar80holstein, i'm installing from USB pen19:54
f00bar80holstein, i've tried two different iso19:54
holsteinf00bar80: sure.. the "usb media" could be bad.. or the download19:54
OerHeksmalformed line, do a md5sum19:54
holstein!md5 | f00bar8019:54
ubottuf00bar80: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:54
dontyouwishhello.  noob here....currently running 12.04 64 bit off dvd in drive.....how do i install directly to usb and still have the ability to save files without having to reinstall everytime19:55
holsteini use unetbootin, and i format before making the stick.. not the only way to make a bootable stick, but it works for me19:55
holsteindontyouwish: i just do an install to the USB stick as if its a drive.. the issue is going to be installing grub onto the stick instead of the main hard drive19:56
holsteini might do a minimal insatll, and manually install grub where i want.. then, add what i want to the installation19:56
dontyouwishi am very new to his OS.  i see in the install part it asks for file partitioning.  i have a 32 gig usb drive id like to install the OS onto and be able to build my own personl OS on it19:56
wiehanhow do I add a user to a group via terminal19:57
holsteindontyouwish: if you are "new", consider just running it live.. or live with persistence.. from a pendrive linux guide19:57
holsteindontyouwish: otherwise, its just like a typical install, using the USB as the destination drive, but you will break the bootloader current setup that way19:57
dontyouwishwell i dont want to later on re install everything all over again19:58
holsteinwiehan: sudo adduser 'yourusername' 'groupname'19:58
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
holsteindontyouwish: installations usually take about 8 minutes.. i think its a good idea to "plan for failure" and have data backed up19:59
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD19:59
holsteindontyouwish: ^^the mini iso asks about installing grub, and you can choose to not install it and set it up manually later.. of the USB stick19:59
holsteindontyouwish: what youare asking is "easiest" from the persistence method, arguably19:59
MoPacf00bar80: is "rating" there where it should be "raring" or "quantal" ?20:00
dontyouwishto holstein, i have used ubuntu on cd and usb drive in the try out mode for quite some time now20:00
dontyouwishnow i want to go the exra step20:00
DoverMoholstein, does the install not recognize a usb for boot destination?20:00
holsteindontyouwish: the extra step is, either install or use persistence20:00
holsteinDoverMo: yes20:01
dontyouwishok but when it comes to a fresh install with nothing on the usb drive, what do i format the first part to xfat, swap, ext3?20:01
MoPacI'm trying to solve two Keyrings problems. (1) My PGP password is being cached indefinitely even if I tell Enigmail to only store for X minutes. (2) When unlocking keyrings, I need the "unlock on login" box unchecked by default20:01
holsteindontyouwish: you let the installer do it "automatically"20:02
dontyouwishthe installer still asks me for install location and i send to usb and its asking about root directory and such20:02
f00bar80MoPac, the line above is as it shows in sources.list20:03
karen_Hi, I'm working on aan illustrated book with thebookpatch.com. They have templates to download and then you send your book PDF to them to print out. They said that Word and InDesign works with them. Does anyone know if LibreOffice is compatable and able to do the same with the Linux system?20:03
Orxata_[doctor_who@doctorwho-SMBIOS:/usr/lib/jvm]$java -version20:03
Orxata_java version "1.7.0_25"20:03
Orxata_Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_25-b15)20:03
Orxata_Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 23.25-b01, mixed mode)20:03
FloodBot1Orxata_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:03
holsteindontyouwish: you say "use the USB stick as the destination with automatic partitioning"20:03
Orxata_ups, sorry20:03
holsteindontyouwish: or, remove/unplug the internal hard drive, leaving only the USB. .and do a normal install20:03
DJoneskaren_: You should be able to save a libreoffice document at MS Word .doc or .docx without any issues20:04
dontyouwishhow to i let it auto partition, im on MBP20:04
holsteindontyouwish: what is "MBP"? mac book pro?20:04
holsteindontyouwish: you can also, take the stick to another machine.. then, refit or whatever you are using will see the installation from the USB20:05
holsteindontyouwish: if the question is "how to i partition a drive for installation?".. let the installer do it.. on MBP or not20:05
dontyouwishso you are saying i can use my windows machine and install it directly to the usb from dvd on that and just go from there20:05
holsteindontyouwish: if you want to manually partition, you can use a 1gb swap and the rest ext420:05
karen_So, when you do each page, you save it as MS Word.doc or .docx?  Not too smart with software here., sorry.20:05
dontyouwishi dont want to use refit either20:05
rod_use refit20:06
holsteindontyouwish: thats the way i have gotten USB to boot20:06
holsteindontyouwish: i think you will have to20:06
DoverMoholstein, couldn't one unmount the other partitions, use the installer, than setup grub in a chroot post install?20:06
MoPacf00bar80: I don't know for sure, but in that line you pasted above, where the word "rating" is, I would have thought that the word "raring" would be20:06
guntbertkaren_: I don't know about the templates but libreoffice can generate PDF without problems20:06
DJoneskaren_: Libreoffice will work in the same way as MS Word, pretty much whatever you do with word, you would do the same with Libreoffice20:06
holsteinDoverMo: one can do *any* more challenging things that you are welcome to talk the new user dontyouwish through20:06
MoPacf00bar80:  or "quantal", since that's the version you're installing20:06
holsteinwhat do i suggest? being cautious and reading the grub documents, dontyouwish .. and doing a live stick with persistence that will boot on any machine20:07
karen_o.k., so I save the pages as what again?20:07
DJoneskaren_: .doc or .docx (Thats the normal MS Word formats)20:07
karen_THANK YOU!20:08
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madzarxHello :))20:09
wadQuestion: when I do "iptables -L" there are some entries in here that I set up a while back. But I think I'm losing my mind... I don't remember how I set them up. Now I need to add another one, and I can't remember how. When this machine boots, where does it get its iptables config from?20:12
* wad looks around hopefully20:15
asd_so i have problem with installing chrominum on xubuntu, i downloaded it from google and then it opens it in software center but it wont install it just leaves this message : Software can't be installed or removed because the authentication service is not available. (org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed: ('system-bus-name', {'name':  ':1.69'}): org.debian.apt.install-file20:15
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flipper88_flasd_ after closing software center. in a terminal try an sudo apt-get -f install20:17
DoverMoGuest9975, chromium is avaliabe via universe and isn't needed from google repo20:17
Guest9975how do i go to universe?20:18
Guest9975and what is universe?20:18
flipper88_flGuest9975: Try midori as it is a light weight browser too20:18
zykotick9is "chromium" even available from google?  isn't that Chrome?20:18
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failmasterwad, you can just store the rules in the file like described here https://wiki.debian.org/iptables in case there is some stuff that adds rules automatically you can troubleshoot it via syslog for example20:21
Guest9975yea its avaliable from google20:21
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.20:22
flipper88_flFWI the screen shots on the link posted are five +9 years old gusty gibbion was released in 200720:24
wadfailmaster, thanks!20:31
wadfailmaster, that helped me a lot! It reminded me of where I had put the script I used to set it up. :)20:35
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=== ZeroWai87 is now known as ZeroWaitState
arthur_I get this when I try installing Ubuntu20:45
arthur_What should I do?20:45
arthur_I'm installing it via CD20:45
FloodBot1arthur_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:45
* peroht notices all files in his samba-share has vanished20:47
TherzoCan anyone help with my mountall / ZFS issue? https://groups.google.com/a/zfsonlinux.org/forum/#!topic/zfs-discuss/gi1AXgZgGHo20:47
MoPacarthur_: what happens when you type "continue"20:48
MoPacarthur_: ah okay now I read more on that screen. So it looks like the loader isn't finding the right drive or the right partition on which Ubuntu has been installed. Firstly, is this screen something you're seeing after you installed Ubuntu, or before?20:49
iceliteAnyone from india/20:50
MoPacarthur_: Are you there?20:50
arthur_MoPac: when I type continue I get an error message on my monitor20:50
makaraicelite, why?20:50
MoPacarthur_: when you type, "ls" cdoes anything come up?20:51
iceliteasking jsut20:51
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=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
MoPacicelite: There is a channel #ubuntu-in20:53
icelitemakara:  reply20:53
daftykins|System|: trying to run a HL game server? hldsupdatetool is deprecated.20:53
allurejust installed a 29" fullhd monitor, but the fonts look terrible on it... how do I fix this?20:53
|System|daftykins Would you happen to know what I can use now to run some steam servers ?20:54
=== ward is now known as Guest32612
=== danie501 is now known as Danic
daftykins|System|: it's all documented in Steam's stuff, can't remember the name offhand but it's some acronym i think20:54
daftykins|System|: steamCMD20:55
|System|Ahh, Okay. Thank you very much. I shall lookup on it.20:55
allurejust installed a 29" fullhd monitor, but the fonts look terrible on it, really bad reading... how do I fix this?20:55
elderxallure: are you running it with native resolution ?20:56
allureelderx, 1080p20:57
allureokie dokie... it seems no one knows what to do with this crappy monitor =D20:58
redramp22OK, wtf is going on with ubuntu. i installed 13.10 and it has been a pain in the but. this is my first time using linux. i can run .exe without archive manager thinking there an zip file or somthing. also, cant get wobbley windows. whats up with that? just using unity20:58
|System|I got the same error again.20:58
|System|On the SteamCMD20:59
daftykins|System|: pastebin?20:59
daftykins|System|: you didn't chmod +x it21:00
DJonesredramp22: 13.10 probably isn't the best to start with, thats still in development, so you should expect things to broken.  However, as you've got it installed, can you join #ubuntu+1 and ask any questions there, thats the support channel for development versions21:00
redramp22well how would i change to somthing more stable, like 12.04?21:01
sinkensabecd ..21:01
sinkensabeops sry21:01
DJonesredramp22: You can't downgrade versions, you would need to download the iso, put it on a dvd/usb and do a fresh install21:01
redramp22alright thanks21:02
|System|Seems like it might be a issue with my bash.21:02
daftykins|System|: also you're breaking all kinds of safe practises by using root to do that.21:03
DJonesredramp22: 12.04 is a Long Term Support version with support and updates for 5 years, 13.04 is the latest release, but that is only supported for 9 months with updates (the expectation is that users will upgrade once 13.10 is officially released)21:03
|System|daftykins I don't mind it right this second. my server isnt publiclly accessable.21:04
tigrangis the only way to add a host via editing /etc/hosts, is there a command to temporarily add one via a script?21:04
frinott|System|: u need steampipe to use that21:07
DanicHi there! When browsing the file system in the explorer, can't I just enter a path anywhere and brwose to it? Is there no such thing?21:07
fellayaboyhey where can i find those variables that the linux system uses...such as $USER21:08
|System|fiinott is there a script which you know works and I can download and run on my server to test to see if it is my bash ?21:08
fellayaboywhere are those variables usually stored?21:08
crankharderanyone know how to specify in an upstart config what pid file it should be checking?  seems like this should be an obvious config param21:08
crankharderfellayaboy: env21:08
zykotick9Danic: try CTRL+L21:09
fellayaboywhere is env?21:09
Daniczykotick9: working :) thx21:09
fellayaboycrankharder where is env21:09
crankharderfellayaboy: type it in your terminal21:09
=== SexyBarmaid is now known as Lolz
fellayaboyawwessome thanks crankharder...where is the location of env too..the file?21:10
fellayaboyi see some files/scripts that say [ -z foo] ..what is -Z21:11
goddardanygot 7950s working in crossfire?21:14
goddardanyone got *21:14
=== asd is now known as Guest22775
sampson623Can someone help me with ... wubi...21:17
sampson623Or does anyone know where I can get help with Wubi21:18
Dr_Willissampson623:  just ask the question here and see21:19
Dr_Willisbut its best to move away from wubi.21:19
Ari-Yang!wubi > sampson62321:21
ubottusampson623, please see my private message21:21
sampson623Oh, I cant use Wubi with windows 8?21:21
Dr_Willissampson623:  No you can not.21:22
sampson623Shoot. Where is there a safe way to install ubuntu then (I've been told you can smoke your hard drive)21:22
Dr_WillisWubi is basically a dead project for many reasons21:22
angsis ubuntu's terminal tmux?21:22
Dr_Willissampson623:  it cant 'smoke' your hard drive.  it can  mess with windows installs. and there is/was a known bug with SAMSUNG laptops (some makes) that can cause the laptop to be bricked. but that was not ubuntus specific21:23
Dr_Willissampson623:  'safest' way to test out Ubuntu would be to run it in virtualbox21:23
sampson623I have an HP Laptop so the samsung bug wont affect me21:23
Dr_Willispersonally id go get a affordable SSD for the laptop. remove the windows HD.. lock it away.. install the ssd and put ubuntu on that. ;)21:24
sampson623Well how much of a risk is it really if I just partion my drive21:25
Dr_Willissampson623:  always have backups of your imporntant stuff.. and  for a windows box. Id be sure to know how to restore windows. Make a restoreDVD set with the windows tools.21:25
DoverMosampson623, the only reason your hard drive would fail is that if your hard drive was actually faulty at that point in time21:25
Dr_Willisand perhaps make a 'image backup' of windows - if you want to be extra safe21:25
=== jned is now known as tp43_
sampson623How do I make an image backup Dr_Willis21:26
Dr_Willisthe biggest 'risk' is you some how 'break' the os. and dont have an os that boots properly. you would then need to reinstall21:26
Dr_Willissampson623:  for windows.. ask in #windows21:26
Dr_WillisI never bother imageing windows. I just reinstall it.21:26
Dr_WillisI would imagine clonezilla can do it.21:26
sampson623This laptop is pretty much a reddit machine. I could just factory restore it if something gets wonky, right?21:27
Dr_WillisDo you know HOW to do that? do you have a 'dvd restore disk set' ?21:28
Dr_WillisDONT rely on the HD 'restore' partitions21:28
sampson623I'm sure this laptop is still under warranty21:29
Dr_Williswarrenty wont do much good if you delete your entire hard drive and need to reinstall windows to it.21:29
Dr_Willisand there should be a tool on the windows side to make a dvd-restore-disk-set21:29
Dr_Willisthats the first thing i do on any new windows machine i get/setup. make a DVD set.21:30
sampson623I can create a recovery drive. Would that be what I want?21:30
sampson623I'll just ask in Windows, thanks!21:31
bcowsI am trying to resize a partition with gparted, I booted from by ubuntu dvd by restarting and selecting the "try it" option, I then start gparted, I have a primary partition (the one i want to resize) an extended partition for swap, and the unallocated block in that order, when I try to resize the primary partition it won't let me use the unallocated space, any ideas ?21:32
irssi-mikebcows: no ideas tho i know when i did it it had to be logical not primary21:33
GEEGEEGEEWhich drivers should I use for a HD7000 series AMD graphics card, and what package(s) do i need to remove to stop the Amazon spyware?21:34
flipper88_flOn a master bottrecord scheme disk you're only allowed upto four primary partitions21:34
daftykinsGEEGEEGEE: latest non-beta for the first, google for the second21:34
irssi-mikebcows: meaning when you slice that new space choose logical instead of primary21:35
bcowshrmm irssi-mike it says the 2nd partition is status busy/mounted .... but I am booting from the ubuntu dvd...21:41
zykotick9bcows: try "sudo swapoff -a" from terminal21:41
=== dominus_ is now known as rikut
bcowsthanks zykotick9 that unmounted it21:50
angsdoes ubuntu's terminal allows you to make a search among texts are on the terminal?21:52
dgarstangIs there a user equivalent of /etc/profile.d ?21:53
bcowswhen I try to move the swap partition to the right into the unallocated space it won't let me move the partition only expand it into that space, the spinners on the "space preceding" are grayed out/disabled21:53
zykotick9bcows: if that swap is a Logical partition, it MUST be inside the Extended partition21:54
jribdgarstang: a directory structure for user config you mean?21:54
dgarstangjrib: I mean.... something like /etc/profile.d/foo ..... but on a per user basis, maybe in ~/.profile.d/foo21:54
jribdgarstang: there isn't but you can copy the stanza that enables /etc/profile.d from your /etc/profile and create one if you wish21:55
dgarstangjrib: yah just found it21:55
jribdgarstang: (there is ~/.profile)21:55
bcowszykotick9, sorry thats what I meant I am trying to move the extended partition that holds the swap partition... gparted will only let me expand it, not move it21:55
dgarstangjrib: kinda wanted seperate scripts.21:56
lorddeltaHey, I'm having an issue with an upstart job - mysql to be exact. Would this be the best place to report it, or is upstart mysql's responsibility?21:56
zykotick9bcows: sorry, i wouldn't know... good luck.21:56
lorddeltaI already found (both) bugs, so its just a matter of reporting it I suppose21:56
jribdgarstang: right, you would put the stanza to source ~/.profile.d (copy and modify what you see in /etc/profile) in your ~/.profile21:56
dgarstangjrib: yah.... thanks.21:56
cartusiain ubuntu unity what would be the equivalent for klipper in the GUI?21:58
MonkeyDustcartusia  glipper21:59
bcowsah figured it out zykotick9... you have to first expand it into the unallocated space, then in a second resizing shrink it to the right back to it's original size to move it to the right22:02
bcowsdocumented here if anyone runs into it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition/OperatingSystemsAndPartitions22:03
zykotick9bcows: glad you figured it out.  nice!22:03
=== Guest12552 is now known as McPeter
lorddeltawell the folks over at #mysql seem to think its ubuntu that handles upstart jobs. Proceeding to file a bug.22:06
Dr_WillisUpstart is a ubuntu feature lorddelta22:08
Dr_Willis!upstart | lorddelta22:08
ubottulorddelta: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/22:08
Dr_Willislorddelta:  what is the exact issue you are having?22:08
nightrider72hi all22:11
angsdoes ubuntu's terminal allows you to make a search among texts are on the terminal?22:11
nightrider72anyone has experience with using 802.1x with machine based authentication using EAP/TLS (computer certificates)?22:12
Dr_Willisangs:  that would be a feature of the terminal emulator you are using i imagine.22:12
Dr_Willisangs:  ive not noticed that feature in gnome-terminal., but konsole MIGHT have a feature like that22:12
zykotick9angs: are you familiar with grep?22:12
Dr_Willisangs:  you mean search the terminals  'output history buffer' correct?22:12
Dr_Willis'on the terminal'  is a little vague ;P22:13
zykotick9angs: grep won't directly help you with what your asking (i believe), but it's VERY handy to search in any terminal output you give it.22:13
nightrider72802.1x anyone?  ;)22:15
Dr_Willisnightrider72:  be a bit more specific in your question.22:15
DastweeperWould anyone be able to assist with a networking problem?22:15
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."22:15
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.22:15
DastweeperCan do:22:15
nightrider72ubuntu 12.04LTS22:15
wilee-nileeDastweeper, there is a #networking channel as well for the record.22:16
boohI have ubuntu on /dev/sda2.  I've just installed kubuntu on /dev/sda4.  How to boot on it?  I don't see any grub menu at boot... it always boot directly in ubuntu.22:16
nightrider72I'll go there thankyou22:16
DastweeperI'Thanks for that, wilee.22:16
rhtrarhi all, does anybody know if there is a way to access Google Hangouts  from other messaging programs, such as pidgin?22:16
wilee-nileeDastweeper, No problem it is actually ##networking22:16
kubblaibooh: Iirc you can try the ubuntu boot fix tool22:17
Dr_Willisbooh:  you do realize you can install just the Kubuntu/kde desktop on top of your Ubuntu install - then select what desktop to use at the login screen?22:17
Dr_Willisbooh:  if you boot to one of the ubuntus and rerun 'sudo update-grub' it Should find and show both installs ont eh grub menu at boot time22:18
Dr_Willisbooh:  these are 2 differnt ubuntu versions? or just kubuntu 13.04 and ubuntu 13.04?22:19
wilee-nileebooh, One of the linux installs will control the boot, you can choose which one if you want and reload the grub-bootloader to the mbr from the terminal in its deskstop, with sudo grub-install /dev/sdX   X ix the HD not a partition.22:20
boohubuntu 13.04 32bits and kubuntu 13.04 64 bits ;-)22:21
=== ferr is now known as asdasdasd
Dr_Willisi dont relly se emuch point in 2 seperate installs..  ive rarely ever had 64bit issues22:21
=== debsan__ is now known as debsan
DastweeperWell, I'll ask here anyways: How do you connect to an unsecured wireless network via terminal?22:22
angsDr_Willis, zykotick9, yes I meant search a text on the terminals  'output history buffer'22:22
boohOk I tried update-grub.. I reboot ;-)22:22
zykotick9angs: i'm unaware of any output history, the "history" command can easily be searched for command you've run.  best of luck.22:23
lonewulf85Hello I need some help installing a driver for the Lexmark x2670 in Ubuntu 12.04 x86_6422:23
rebbecajohnson20helo evrybodi22:24
rebbecajohnson20helo evrybody22:24
rebbecajohnson20Im rebbeca22:25
gr33n7007hDastweeper, sudo iwconfig <NIC> essid "nameofunsecurednetwork"22:25
lonewulf85rebbecajohnson20, what up.22:25
gr33n7007hDastweeper, sudo dhclient <NIC>22:25
DastweeperThnnks, gr33n, but I tried that. It looked like it worked, but it still can't ping anything.22:25
rebbecajohnson20I liek ubuntu im frim romanya22:26
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rebbecajohnson20I from romanya yu?22:27
rebbecajohnson20Whi yu ignore me22:27
DastweeperI checked a half dozen tutorials on it and found how to use iwconfig, edit the etc/network/interfaces file; nothing works.22:27
daftykinsrebbecajohnson20: this channel is more for Ubuntu support, not just chat22:27
historebbecajohnson20: do you have a question?22:27
rebbecajohnson20I liek to chat :-)22:27
histoDastweeper: can you paste your /etc/network/interfaces files please?22:28
DastweeperSure. Hold on.22:28
histo!paste | Dastweeper22:28
ubottuDastweeper: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:28
daftykinsrebbecajohnson20: you should join #ubuntu-offtopic for chat22:28
rebbecajohnson20Chan I find a romania gyrly chat?22:29
histoDastweeper: This page will help https://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/HowToUse#Command_Line22:29
histo!alis | rebbecajohnson2022:29
ubotturebbecajohnson20: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*22:29
histo!ro | rebbecajohnson2022:29
ubotturebbecajohnson20: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro22:29
rebbecajohnson20Ubottu vreau sa intalnesc fete ca mine :-)22:30
ubotturebbecajohnson20: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:30
KentDisplayWoesDoes anyone know that old joke about this awesome new storage technology that requires absolutely no power, runs any encoding and any language, and it 100% portable? It's called "BOOK"22:31
jrib!ot | KentDisplayWoes22:32
ubottuKentDisplayWoes: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:32
KentDisplayWoesSorry, thanks22:32
rebbecajohnson20Ies ubunyu is cuul :-)22:34
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rebbecajohnson20KentDisplayWoes : wat ys dat????????????????22:38
DastweeperGrrrrr. My problem computer isn't this one and all of my flashdrives aren't being recognized anymore. I'll be a moment.22:39
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lorddeltaSorry, what is the command to view which repository a package has come from?22:40
lorddeltaI'm trying to report this bug but ubuntu-bug tells me its not official ubuntu, and the page I found on launchpad isn't very helpful22:41
lorddeltaSo I need to know the soruce22:41
zykotick9lorddelta: check the address in "apt-cache policy foo"22:41
lorddeltazykotick9: thanks!22:41
LaraoxoHello :)22:44
LaraoxoHello hello anyone in this chat room????22:45
other-unused-thiis there a way to quickly disable multiple upstart jobs?22:45
kubblaiJust ask Laraoxo22:45
LaraoxoI don't know sorry!22:45
wilee-nileeLaraoxo, If you just want to chat there is #ubuntu-offtopic22:46
kubblaiI mean just ask you question :)22:46
other-unused-thido I need to "echo manual >> foo.override" for each one?22:46
lonewulf85Lexmark x2670 printer does not work in Ubuntu 12.04 x64 any ideas?22:48
other-unused-thigoogle "printer name + linux"?22:48
wilee-nileelonewulf85, You went into printer and looked if there was a driver?22:48
JesseCAnyone know how to restart a stuck service that uses Upstart?22:48
JesseCI know how to get the status, can't find crap on stopping and starting though22:49
jribJesseC: stop, start, restart... or use the "service" command22:49
lonewulf85wilee-nilee, Yes it could not find one, I googled it and found one but it is for i386 could that work? I have tried to install it but it does not work.22:49
JesseCjrib: none of those work22:49
daftykinsJesseC: kill the PID then start?22:50
kubblaiKill it with fire JesseC22:50
JesseCdaftykins: dunno how to start22:50
JesseCdaftykins: start name doesn't do anything22:50
JesseCstatus name tells me it's not running though22:50
lonewulf85JesseC, have you tried to enter the name of the service in terminal?22:50
wilee-nileelonewulf85, Yes i386 should, is my guess, you are using i386 apps already, multiarch makes this happen.22:50
rebbecajohnson20Hei ionewulf85 way yu left ubuntuofftopic????22:51
JesseClonewulf85: what do you mean? It's not a command22:51
lonewulf85wilee-nilee, Even though I have the 64bit os installed.22:51
wilee-nileelonewulf85, you are using i386 apps already, multiarch makes this happen.22:51
geri_mount -t ext4 /dev/sdb1 /mtn/target   mount: /dev/sdb1/already mounted or /mtn/target busy ... umount /dev/sdb1 umount: /dev/sdb1 not mounted ....whats the problem????22:52
lonewulf85JesseC, Okay my bad that has just worked for me with a stuck program and thought it might for you. My bad22:52
wilee-nileelonewulf85, firefox is i386 for example22:52
lonewulf85wilee-nilee, multiarch means multi architecture right I get it.22:52
geri_wilee-nilee: mount -t ext4 /dev/sdb1 /mtn/target   mount: /dev/sdb1/already mounted or /mtn/target busy ... umount /dev/sdb1 umount: /dev/sdb1 not mounted ....whats the problem????22:53
kubblaigeri_: Type sudo mount to check if its already mounted or if you have something mounted to that mount point22:53
geri_kubblai: im sudo22:53
geri_kubblai: its not mounted!22:53
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geri_kubblai: http://pastebin.com/3jgTBQvM22:55
wilee-nileegeri_, No idea, and generally you want a reply from your detailed description for help, some of us don't just answer when addressed, just a heads up it is about patience for free help, and conversing with someone who knows, not someone you project knowledge on.22:55
geri_wilee-nilee: its not mounted as u see here: http://pastebin.com/3jgTBQvM22:56
us0rhello all. I am curious as to if I can change the prompt in terminal to show whatever my present working directory is (ex. /home/user/) as the prompt instead of herp@derp:~$ , is this possible?22:59
kubblaigeri_: retread your paste in you'll see that sdb2 is your lvm and hopefully is already mounted as it contains everything23:00
geri_i want to mount sdb123:00
kubblaigeri_: Its lvm and already mounted23:01
JeremyCiWhy are you in this channel with this Prostitute Honey? She slept with half freenode members already. and I mean she is not fucking gorgeious either......LOL devlin don't think you're special she will hurt you the next week buddy. The whore just uses you. Join ##trustnoone for the conclusion.phmnkd23:01
JeremyCiWhy are you in this channel with this Prostitute Honey? She slept with half freenode members already. and I mean she is not fucking gorgeious either......LOL devlin don't think you're special she will hurt you the next week buddy. The whore just uses you. Join ##trustnoone for the conclusion.afmsmcisj23:01
wilee-nilee!ops | JeremyCi23:02
ubottuJeremyCi: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!23:02
geri_kubblai: umain the lvm?23:10
sykoI have a very silly, but a confusing question. How can I recover my Ubuntu files IF ecryptfs gets broken, or stops working, or if my kernel gets screwed up, or I can't boot. how can I fix/recover?23:10
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Guest74987i'm assuming a full install of Ubuntu would yield much better performance compared to a LiveCD?23:10
sykoGuest74987: That's something a win32-user would say.23:11
Guest74987syko, maybe try a liveCD23:11
sykoand we certainly, don't talk about Windows in #ubuntu, gentlemen!23:11
sykoliveCD has recovery mode, yes.23:11
daftykinssyko: sounds more like something anyone that understands computer hardware would say, to me23:11
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quadHelixHello savant,  I have been struggling with getting a 'file uploader' for cake to act how I want it to.  I am going to try to tackle your uploader this weekend.  Are there any cake 1.3 gotchas I should be aware of before I set off?23:18
quadHelixwrong chat room lol23:19
BaribalHi. I just tried to apt-get install wireshark, but alas "WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!", and I don't know anything about the authentification process. Can someone give me some pointers on why auth failed?23:19
ubuntunoobhow do i access my hard drives?23:20
Baribalubuntunoob, a bit of context please. What exactly do you want to do?23:20
=== ranko_ is now known as ranko
ubuntunoobBaribal: access D drive23:21
Guest74987is it possible to test graphics drivers on the liveCD, or you can't since you would have to restart?23:21
histoubuntunoob: is it showing in nautilus in the left frame?23:21
IsodoomI have big problem with installing Ubuntu, i get no boot options, try to fix with boot-fix and Windows cd but no menu. :(23:22
BlackHarvestHey all, just wondering... what directory should I install the java binary to?23:22
histoGuest74987: You probably could using modprobe etc... and restarting lightdm23:22
ubuntunoobI'm trying to find the ubuntu equivalent of "my computer"23:22
histoubuntunoob: that would be in nautilus on the left frame (the file browser)23:22
histoubuntunoob: does lsblk show it?23:22
histoBlackHarvest: what java binary?23:23
ubuntunoobwhat is lsblk23:23
PersonalProblemGuest74987, I beleive you have a problem with drivers  that use kernel modules23:23
PersonalProblembut I might be wrong23:23
histoubuntunoob: a command you run in terminal23:23
kubblaiIsodoom: Try booting an ubuntu lived and using the boot fix tool from the software centre23:24
Isodoomkubblai: try already, but didn't work23:24
PersonalProblemGuest74987, try loging out but not rebooting?23:24
ubuntunoobhisto: is it possible that it repartitioned both hard drives as one drive?23:24
Guest74987yeah, i guess i'll try that23:25
kubblaiIsodoom are you using uefi? And or secure boot?23:25
bigbadbenHey does anyone one know if there is still an app like blubphone out there that connects to a ubuntu or kubuntu desktop and relays messaged from your android phone?23:25
histoubuntunoob: that what partitioned both hard drives?23:26
ubuntunoobthe reformatting/installation23:26
PersonalProblemGuest74987, that worked for me on a PCLinuxOS live cd. Unity might be different23:26
Isodoomkubblai: Hmm no idee, but if it help i have an Acer Predator g361023:26
histoubuntunoob: it should have can you pastebin the output of lsblk23:26
histoubuntunoob: s/should/shouldn't/23:27
ubuntunoobi backed up a lot of things on D but i THINK i WIPED d23:27
kubblaiFirst thing then is to check bios for secure boot and just turn it off, then check your bios boot order, then do your boot fixing thingy Isodoom23:27
histoubuntunoob: well we won't know until you can show the output of lsblk23:27
ubuntunoobhow do i even get into terminal23:28
Isodoomkubblai: ok, will try it ^^23:28
histoubuntunoob: ctrl+alt+t or click the dash button and begin typing terminal23:28
IsodoomBut funny, on all other Computer I even can use Wubi to install Ubuntu.23:28
histoIsodoom: wubi doesn't work on uefi systems23:29
histo!wubi | Isodoom23:29
ubottuIsodoom: Wubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug23:29
cartusiaughh my stupid compiz is always breaking down, what do I do in such a case I downloaded Ubuntu 12.1023:29
histo!details | cartusia23:29
cartusiaright now I am managing without the GUI23:29
ubottucartusia: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."23:29
wilee-nileecartusia, Are you sure it is compiz and not a graphic driver, say a proprietary one?23:30
cartusiaI tried installing the AMD graphics driver23:30
cartusiaand then afterword it broke23:30
ubuntunoobhisto: http://pastebin.com/sHBy5HzZ23:30
cartusiaI have HD 7970 Radeon23:30
wilee-nileecartusia, From where?23:30
cartusiafrom the Settings23:30
histoubuntunoob: well there's only one disk showing up there are you sure you have two hard drives?23:31
cartusiacant recall what its called sorry >.<23:31
cartusiait was running on x/org23:31
cartusiais there anyway from the terminal I can't revert that process?23:31
cartusiahow do I open the settings from the terminal?23:31
BlackHarvesthisto: the jdk 1.723:31
histoBlackHarvest: any reason you aren't using the repos?23:32
BlackHarvesthisto: I just ended up at the guide on the oracle website... how do I use the repos?23:32
histoBlackHarvest: the software center23:32
wilee-nileecartusia, I see a number of threads at askubuntu.com on 7970 Radeon23:32
cartusiahow can I change my root pass :( when I dont know what it is.23:33
histo!root | cartusia23:33
ubottucartusia: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo23:33
BlackHarvesthisto: I only see OpenJDK... I need to install oracle's jdk23:33
ubuntunoobhisto: 300 GB?  my laptop had two hard drives, but maybe it's a formatting thing where it pretends 2 partitions are separate drives23:34
histoBlackHarvest: enable the partner software source in system settings > software sources23:34
histoubuntunoob: most likely. I'm not familiar with your hardware but it's rare for laptops to have more than one hard drive.23:34
ubuntunoobI had C and D23:34
BlackHarvesthisto: It doesn't look like I have a system settings -> software sources23:34
ubuntunoobi gues they were partitionsw23:34
histoubuntunoob: How important or how much value did the data on the other partition have to you?23:35
ubuntunoobi thought i was only reformatting C23:35
ubuntunoobi had a lot of stuff, man23:35
histoBlackHarvest: look in the software center at the top the files menu to enable other sources23:35
ubuntunooboh well23:35
BlackHarvesthisto: Oh, it's in the dropdown menu of the software center23:35
histo!partner | BlackHarvest23:35
ubottuBlackHarvest: Canonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »23:35
wilee-nileeBlackHarvest, webup8 has java7 and 8 info, so does the ubuntu java wiki on oracles load. http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html23:35
histoubuntunoob: well you maybe able to recover some of it. Depends on how it was partitioned etc.. and if it's worth your time for recovery.23:36
ubuntunoobhisto: how?23:38
ubottuWubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug23:38
MKCoincan someone recommend me a good process monitor? The default one doesn't work properly for me23:39
histo!testdisk | ubuntunoob23:39
histoubottu: the testdisk program can help recover lost partitions and filesystems23:39
ubottuhisto: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:39
histoubuntunoob: the testdisk program can help recover lost partitions and filesystems23:40
wilee-nileeMKCoin, I use a conky, for basic info top or htop work well, depends on what you actually want, can you tell us that.23:40
MKCoinbasically the same thing system monitor provides, quick lookup of which processes are running, the process tree, and memory, CPU, CPU time, i/o23:41
histoubuntunoob: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step23:41
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: thanks, this is helpful23:41
MKCoinThe default one has this strange bug for me all of a sudden where it sort of freezes between updates and the selector moves23:41
w_ais it posible to list the nameservers so the dhcp server has given out ?23:42
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wilee-nileeMKCoin, 2nd hit on goggle with "process monitor ubuntu" as the foo http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/11/5-system-monitoring-tools-for-ubuntu23:42
w_afrom terminal23:42
MKCoinalright thanks23:42
wilee-nileeno problem23:42
w_adid fnd it  /etc/resolv.conf23:44
wilee-nileeMKCoin, I just that is a bit of a older link so be aware of that.23:44
MKCoinah, see I am looking for System Monitor basically, just one that works properly for me, so I'll look for clones of it23:45
histoMKCoin: htop23:45
wilee-nileeMKCoin, Some pretty cool conkies that people set up.23:45
wilee-nilee+1 on htop as an all around use23:46
wilee-nileeBlackHarvest, Cool the java stuff can be confusing, I have no idea what it actually does, except I seem to need it, lol.23:47
BlackHarvestwilee-nilee: hehe23:47
wilee-nileelike many other things in life23:48
xmetalspeaking of java ... a cup sounds pretty good right about now23:49
cartusiaalright :) uninstalled the AMD and the Compiz is back again23:49
cartusiabut it looks like there is hardware acceleration23:50
arthur_When I try booting into Ubuntu I get out of range screen resolution errors23:50
arthur_I tried following these: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution23:50
arthur_but all the files it tells me to edit don't exist23:51
arthur_What do I do?23:51
PersonalProblemxmetal, /me passes xmetal a cup23:51
wilee-nileecartusia, Problem with graphic drivers is the manufacturers of the hardware are not making linux drivers by and large just a few, so many are forked and tweaked and reversed engineered to be used in linux and ubuntu.23:52
wilee-nileethe majority of linux  is server use, no gui23:53
xmetali do have to say my boot issue with the graphics in Mate 15 was fixed with a kernal upgrade .. .Cin (instaled with the Cin 15 packages) is slow loading though ... Cin 14 loads almost instantly on the same PC23:54
xmetaloh well :)23:54
xmetalwrong room sorry23:54
xmetalchannel hoping23:54
wilee-nileehe said mint get'em boys23:55
xmetalat least i didn't say i was on Vista :P23:55
arthur_can somebody help me with my screen resolution problem please? :(23:56
WakaFlockaFlameabout the cd/dvd config on http://en.kioskea.net/faq/2800-linux-extend-your-laptop-s-battery-life does it not ever scan for new disks23:56
WakaFlockaFlamei need some help on this23:56
histoarthur_: xorg.conf doesn't exist by default but you can create one23:56
wilee-nileearthur_, In that link the xrandr info is what you want, look closer there, good luck23:56
WakaFlockaFlamethe pref is CONTROL_HAL_POLLING=123:57
WakaFlockaFlameIn the file: /etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/hal-polling.conf23:57
arthur_.xprofile doesn't exist either23:57
Lopeis there any encrypted filesystem for backup purposes that you can mount on windows that also preserves UNIX file permissions? (can't use TAR)23:58
wilee-nileeWakaFlockaFlame, extending battery life is like chasing bigfoot23:58
Lopetruecrypt only mounts in windows if its NTFS. doesn't work with ext2fs23:58
WakaFlockaFlameyeah i know23:58
WakaFlockaFlamevery hard23:58
arthur_I linked to the wrong thing23:59
WakaFlockaFlamei know not many effects will be shown23:59
wilee-nileeWakaFlockaFlame, not gonna happen in any real measurable way, get a battery that has longer life.23:59
WakaFlockaFlamei just got a new battery23:59
WakaFlockaFlamein june23:59

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