cubOvenWerks, I suppose you know the best answer to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2166382 ?07:38
zequencecub: Since the menu is custom, each application needs to be put there separately08:01
zequenceI think ardour3 was supposed to be fixed by that time, but who knows which ardour3 he has installed08:01
zequencethis is the problem with customizing things too mucgh08:02
cubyeah, but is it possible for an user themselves to easily move things around in the menus?08:02
zequenceand the reason why I'd rather be basing our work on freedesktop categories, and working on them upstream08:02
zequencenot easily08:02
zequenceThere's a dir in /etc/xdg08:03
zequenceI forget. Not on studio right now08:03
zequenceit's possible to create one in the home folder too08:03
cubI'll check. Found some documentation on xfce08:04
zequencejust look for ubuntustudio08:05
zequencelet me fire up a VM08:05
cubbut you wrote that ardor3 might already been in there, so we can prepare menu items for applications that are not included in the distro?08:06
cubhttp://wiki.xfce.org/howto/customize-menu should do the trick perhaps?08:06
zequencecub: You'll see what I mean once you see the file08:07
zequencecub: ^08:08
cubcould you edit that yourself of will it be overwritten by the system?08:09
zequenceI was attempting to run virtual machines on my server a week ago or so, after I got my new processor. But, the machine chokes. Just freezes :/08:09
zequencecub: It's part of ubuntustudio-default-settings08:09
zequenceyou can edit it, no problem08:09
zequencethe /etc dir is for configuration files08:10
zequencethey don't get overwritten by the system at any point08:10
zequenceonly if you purge/install packages08:10
zequencea dir that does have variable files is /var08:10
zequencecub: What we could do is edit the source, and do SRUs (stable release update)08:11
zequencebut, I think they'll need to purge and reinstall. I still know too little about Debian packaging, but that would be my best guess08:12
cubPerhaps a bit overkill at this point :D08:12
zequenceWhile I'm in Switzerland, I'll see about getting ardour3 included in 13.10. And if we do, we should backport it back to 13.04, 12.10 and 12.0408:13
zequencereaper is a well used program08:13
zequence12.04.3 is coming up08:14
zequencewe should make changes before then08:14
cubYeah I've used Reaper for 4-5 years now08:14
zequencethat would make a fresh install of 12.04.3 have this update08:14
cubuntil my Vaio and Jack started to work properly08:14
cubwhich means my "new" laptop is actually 5+ years old now..doh08:15
zequenceI'm hoping I meet some of the people in Debian Multimedia Team, and get some help on some specific problems08:16
cubcool. Are you part of that team now as feel?08:25
cubstupid autocorrect08:25
zequencecub: Yes, I have been for a few months now08:33
zequencehaven't really gotten started yet08:33
cubHave you heard anything about FalkTX plans to switch to Debian?08:34
zequenceI'm creating one package from scratch for future maintenance, and the idea is I'd help here and there, making sure Ubuntu Studio is well off from Debian imports, but also working for Debian08:34
zequenceDebian is my long term goal08:34
zequenceHe's been talking about it08:34
zequenceHe'll be facing new problems if he does08:34
zequencebut, I'm sure he'll solve them well for the kind of user base he needs08:35
zequenceHe'll want to Ubuntu-fy his version of Debian08:35
zequenceDebian comes with a completely free kernel08:35
zequenceall non-free drivers and firmware are taken out and put in a different repository08:35
zequencein the non-free repo08:36
zequenceso, if you have a laptop, you might notice a couple of things08:36
cubhave there been discussions before about Ubuntu Studio going Debian Studio instead?08:36
zequenceno wifi, and no 3d support on some ATI cards - even though the free drivers support it08:36
zequenceNo discussions like that08:36
zequenceI have been working at mapping out and documenting all that UBuntu Studio consists off, so that if this community of developers wanted to migrate, we would be able to without too much work08:37
zequenceI've also been looking at how Debian works. Building ISOs, and so on08:37
cubI was thinking when reinstalling my eee pc "why use something downstream when I could use the source directly" and installed Debian with Xfce instead of Xubuntu which I used before08:38
zequenceUbuntu Studio is the forefront in Linux multimedia, so it's an important gateway for new users08:38
zequenceThat's why I'm involved08:38
cubyeah that was my conclusion as well to get involved08:39
zequenceLater, when I step down, I'll keep maintaining linux-lowlatency, and help mentor new developers, but I'll be focusing more on Debian08:39
zequenceThere are some things I'd like to do on Ubuntu Studio before that happens though08:39
cubthat's how I started out, sure now I can make Debian do what I want but when I tried years ago I couldn't, but Ubuntu did.08:39
zequencebtw, I'm still in Sweden08:40
zequenceI was supposed to fly yesterday, but had gotten the date wrong08:40
zequenceNever happened to me before :P08:40
zequenceGoing senile08:40
cubbetter than the opposite, to find out the flight was actually yesterday and you wasn't on it. :D08:40
zequenceYeah, the frustration you get from that is hard to vent08:41
smartboyhwcub, we are happy that nobody tells us to switch to Debian, Kubuntu always get that:P09:40
smartboyhwzequence, :O you can even forget when you travel~!?09:41
cubHehe I did that once as well when in Tokyo. Got up at 4-5 in the morning, packed everything, ordered a taxi and went down to check out09:42
cub"But Mr Sjolund, aren't you staying until tomorrow?"09:42
cubLost in translation ...09:42
smartboyhwcub, lol09:45
smartboyhwcub, what's your full name? Jimmy Sjolund?09:45
cubJimmy Sjölund…the Swedish o with dots.09:46
cubWell, actually it origins from Finland. :P09:46
zequencecub: Really :P09:50
cubyeah, my grand father came over from Finland09:50
zequence1/4th is better than nothing ;)09:51
cub2/4 as my grand mother on my mother's side was born outside Sideby09:51
cubNone spoke Finnish though :/09:51
cubI tried to learn when I lived in Haparanda but dropped out09:52
zequenceit's a bit tedious, I can imagine09:52
zequenceall that bending you have to do09:52
cubthe teaching methods were so old "this is a pen" come on, teach me something useful!09:53
zequenceFinnish is probably not so useful anyway :)09:53
zequencebut it is quite different from other European languages, and with all strange languages I think you can learn a lot from it09:54
zequence..and <as> with..09:54
cubI was looking at moving to Helsinki for while within my last company09:55
cubbut it never panned out09:55
zequenceI lived there for a summer09:55
zequenceIt was ok, but Sweden is better. I suppose cause I'm used to it here09:55
cubI thought you were from Helsinki?09:56
zequenceI'm from Göteborg09:56
zequenceMy mom is from Helsinki though09:56
zequencemy dad from Kuopio09:56
zequencejust about to leave for a quick spin on my bike, then off to the airport - again09:57
cubhehe better luck this time09:57
zequencethanks :P09:57
smartboyhwSo many Finnish and Swedish!?!?!10:14
smartboyhwzequence, I'm taking my first SAT exam in November (this year). Any tips?:P10:45
zequencesmartboyhw: What's SAT?11:47
zequenceAh, we don't have those here11:48
zequenceWell, we have something similar11:48
zequenceI don't know what kind of tests you have, but the kind we have are hard to study for11:48
zequenceYou can't learn the entire dictionary by heart, and a lot has to do with how well you can intepret what you read - which is something you learn with experience over time11:49
zequencehard to rush it11:49
zequenceAgain, i don't know exactly what kind of tests you have11:49
zequencemath is the easiest to study, since the entire math before college is not that big11:50
zequenceyou just need to make sure you do your home work :)11:50
cubAnd never panic. If you don't understand a question, move on and get back to it later. 11:51
cubAnd if it's multiple choice and you can't figure out which one i s right, C is always a good answer. ;)11:52
cubIf you are uncertain when goin back and checking your answers, unless you are sure you got it wrong don't change it. The first thing you think is often the right choice.11:54
smartboyhwzequence, anyway I have decided to delay it till March next year:P12:17
smartboyhwcub, hey12:17
smartboyhwcub, you know, if you guessed it marks will be deducted for wrong answers.12:18
cuboh evil12:19
smartboyhwzequence, ha12:19
smartboyhwzequence, for us, Math is difficult. Do you have to study calculus before college?12:19
smartboyhwWe have to if you want to study Physics or computer or econ or that sort of thing12:20
zequencesmartboyhw: I'm sure you may be a bit ahead in HK12:28
smartboyhwzequence, yeah:P12:29
smartboyhwActually, calculus isn't compulsory12:29
smartboyhwBut for most college subjects it requires it12:29
zequencealright. time to sattle the horse and get going. bb tomorrow.12:52
cubzequence, the menu thing was much easier than we made it. :P Menu -> Settings -> Main Menu13:46
TheDrumsOvenWerks: So how'd it go dropping the -studio stuff on that installed ISO?  I hear updating didn't go well for someone else though.21:03

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