micahgochosi: re: 4.11 settings, if we're not taking 4.12 for the LTS, I'd rather not, if we are, I don't mind as much01:18
micahgthat's why a clear roadmap would help01:18
micahgochosi: but as mr_pouit is much more connected to upstream, I'll leave him to the decision and I'll be happy to push it if he agrees01:19
pleia2Unit193: in case you didn't see, I gave you superpowers on the calendar too so you can update it04:32
pleia2(both knome and I are traveling this weekend)04:32
Unit193I got the hint, figured it'd be the same time too.  I'll be out as well.04:32
ochosiwhy is jono the only one for whom xmir and xubuntu work flawlessly06:43
Unit193I have no idea, was thinking that, and wondering if he's looking as critically.06:44
elfyI'm not cynical06:44
Unit193Or, all his bugs were ironed out early, and he's using one of the few 100% working computers. :P06:44
NoskcajUnit193, i read the irc logs and realised why you sent me the magnet link. I'll test in Vbox a bit, but i don't have time to get real hardware going till next week.06:45
Unit193Then it's pointless to test.06:45
ochosimaybe he has never used xubuntu before and thinks it's supposed to be as bad as it is with xmir?06:46
elfyochosi: lol06:47
Unit193Made me laugh, that's bad...06:49
Unit193Also I was right to say it was GridCube. :P06:50
NoskcajUnit193, I still think some bugs will show up in a VM. maybe even some VM only ones06:51
Unit193Noskcaj: For xorg, but we're trying to test XMir with this setup, otherwise it's almost a daily.  You're free to try, but it just won't be Mir.06:52
NoskcajUnit193, even if i use the iso from you it will be normal Xorg?06:52
* Noskcaj assumes he looks stupid for some reason now06:53
Unit193Yes, as explained in the email and online. :P06:53
Unit193(The xorg, your appearance isn't explained online that I've seen.)06:53
NoskcajOn another topic. what's the status on getting settings 4.11 into 13.10? I've just fixed thunar 1.6.3 so it can be debian synced too, so hopefully that can go in.06:54
cubGood morning Unit193, I got the same problem with new 64bit xmir iso. I just won't boot. Weird since I've used the same procedure and equipment as I do for all other installations...07:29
Unit193I'd take it people interested saw http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com/msg05871.html already?  Couple interesting links within.17:54
ochosiUnit193: wow, seems there are quite some roadblocks ahead...17:59
Unit193http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com/msg05872.html and exactly what I had thought a while ago. :P18:01
ochosihehe, yeah18:04
elfythey've got until the 21st - I'll check then 18:06
skellatUnit193: Multi-monitor was the ultimate blocker for mr_pouit so let us hope for some miracles in the 13 days ahead18:37
Unit193But, that's not the only blocker on my list, so just that wouldn't do it.18:38
skellatOh, I know.18:39
skellatThose are still some major hurdles to be cleared.18:39
ochosiyup, also the lack of proprietary driver support is bugging me18:52
Unit193ochosi: The lack of working properly bugs me...18:53
Unit193Ouch, we're pulling in more of systemd than we did even in raring.22:39
Unit193libpam-systemd, libsystemd-daemon0, libsystemd-journal0, libsystemd-login0, systemd-services, and systemd-shim.22:39
lderani see22:43
skellatUnit193: Why are we pulling in that much of systemd?  What dependencies are triggering it?23:54
Unit193I don't know, haven't been able to look yet.23:54
GridCubeUnit193, im zsyncking the iso, its diferent from the 0.8.8 mir we tested the other day. correct?23:55
Unit193GridCube: A little, couple things fixed.  This isn't the main one in repos yet, that didn't have many interesting fixes.  Biggest ones you'll notice are TTYs work.23:56
GridCubewell 23:57

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