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=== iBasic is now known as BasicOSX
Wiz_KeeDhello everyone!11:11
Wiz_KeeDWho here is online?11:11
jelmerhi Wiz_KeeD11:48
Wiz_KeeDhello jelmer11:48
Wiz_KeeDI have a question for you...do you use a issue tracking system with bzr?11:48
Wiz_KeeDI'm looking for one and can't quite tell11:48
Wiz_KeeDa personal one, to use with clients11:50
smartboyhwWiz_KeeD, hmm, you might want a private subscription in LP then11:50
Wiz_KeeDcosts moneeyyyy11:51
Wiz_KeeDme no likey11:51
* Wiz_KeeD cheapskate11:51
Wiz_KeeDthis http://trac.edgewall.org/ and Redmine look interesting11:51

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