MACscrso is the gui actually functional in its current state?02:22
hatchMACscr: you bet!17:43
MACscrhatch: is the tool any good after its deployed?17:45
MACscri mean, can you really use it for anything17:46
MACscrmy biggest problem with trying to use it to deploy openstack is that i need some services to run on the same node17:46
MACscrand im not sure how far that LXC support is yet17:46
hatchI don't know the specifics of it but I know that there is some form of it in the current juju-core package17:47
hatchyou'd be best to ask in #juju about those details17:47
hatchor also #juju-dev17:48
hatchMACscr: the GUI has support for subordinates but I'm assuming that you are talking about full services17:52
rick_hMACscr: the gui doesn't yet have --to support. It's really new to core see http://www.jorgecastro.org/2013/07/31/deploying-wordpress-to-the-cloud-with-juju/19:44
hatchhey rick_h21:18

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