asomethinghi all, wondering if anyone around could help make some sense of some debug info from trying to deploy a Django project from bzr using the python-django charm01:14
asomethingthe relation-joined hook fails when running: 'juju add-relation python-django postgresql:db'01:15
sarnoldasomething: just guessing, that -r in the relation-list command is given as the reason for the failing..01:17
sarnoldasomething: .. can you find documentation on the relation-list command that describes what -r is and why it's there?01:17
asomethingsarnold, let's see....01:18
sarnoldhrm, finally found some docs, https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/authors-charm-anatomy.html01:20
sarnold... and its shorter than it could be and doesn't describe command line arguments at all. :/01:20
asomethinghmm... 'juju debug-hooks'  doesn't exist for juju
asomethingguess I'll look at the  postgresql charm itself01:24
asomethingso it's something about the id of a related unit...  line 200-206 here: https://github.com/charms/postgresql/blob/master/hooks/charmhelpers/core/hookenv.py01:36
sarnoldbut the downside is I'm not seing an easy way to remove it and leave the rest of the code alone. ;/ if it is supported in a newer version of juju, that'd be the easier thing to do, I think.01:39
asomethingthe same set of commands will get a hello world django project running, I guess I'll just work through the postgresql charm to I see exactly where my Django code is interacting01:45
asomethingi was just hope that someone in here might have seen the same thing before01:45
asomethingthanks for the try sarnold01:45
sarnoldasomething: good luck :)01:46
sarnoldasomething: oh!01:46
sarnoldasomething: maybe you can roll back to a previous version of the postgresql charm?01:46
sarnoldmaybe there's an earlier version that would work with your version of juju?01:46
asomethingworth trying01:46
sarnoldmaybe not _fun_... but worth trying.01:46
MACscrSo do charms have to be deployed on their own instance or can you choose to install some of them on the same virtual machine or physical server?02:36
mattrae_MACscr: depends on which juju provider you use. there are juju providers for MAAS for bare metal installs, Openstack and ec202:37
mattrae_MACscr: right now if you want to deploy multiple charms to a single machine or vm, you can use jitsu02:38
MACscrmattrae_: interesting, i wasnt really 100% aware of juju providers02:39
mattrae_MACscr: in newer juju releases there deploying mulitple charms to a single node will put those charms in lxc containers, so the charms dont' conflict02:39
MACscrive only watched a few videos02:39
MACscrah, thats cool02:40
MACscrso is there a management interface for managing these instances after they are deployed?02:40
mattrae_MACscr: there is juju-gui, which is a charm that you can deploy as well02:41
MACscralso, is there a limit to what is compatible with what? Aka, i see that juju can deploy openstack and it can also deploy ceph. Can it deploy ceph as the storage backend for openstack?02:41
mattrae_MACscr: the juju gui is similar to what you see when you go to jujucharms.com02:42
mattrae_MACscr: it depends on the charms but the openstack charms and ceph charms are reviewed or written by ccanonical to make sure they work together02:42
mattrae_MACscr: here's an example deployment that includes openstack and ceph https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/OpenStackHA02:43
mattrae_MACscr: that page is describing a HA deployment, which the charms support. but you don't have to deploy that way02:44
MACscrLOL, 28 servers for HA? rofl02:44
mattrae_MACscr: yeah, basically every component has at least 2 nodes02:45
MACscrright, but not every component needs its own node02:45
mattrae_MACscr: so right now, i'd suggest putting each charm on its own vm or node02:45
MACscra lot of openstack components can go on the controller02:45
MACscrso should be able to do HA with actually just 602:46
mattrae_MACscr: particularly for the openstack charms until there is container separataion. some of the charms can edit the same config files and they can conflict if you use jitsu to deploy to the same node02:46
MACscrhmm, so is the LXC container thing theoretical or is there a version that currently supports it?02:47
mattrae_MACscr: yeah you could do it that way, i'd watch out though for the scenario i'm mentioning where different charms may edit the same config file02:47
mattrae_MACscr: i think its real, let me see if i can find the branch to use02:47
MACscrI have 10 physical servers right now, plus a management server (low power for just doing deployments/vpn,etc), and then a single storage node, though im adding a second one shortly02:48
mattrae_MACscr: looks like in juju-core 1.13.0, there is a 'local' provider that does the container stuff02:49
mattrae_if you add the ppa:juju/devel02:49
mattrae_you should be able to install juju-core02:49
MACscrthats pretty much a quick mockup of the idea im having02:50
MACscrcool, thanks for the idea02:51
mattrae_MACscr: sure np :)02:52
mattrae_MACscr: looks like enough machines. you could potentially use a machine as a hypervisor and enlist the vms in maas.. if you need more machines in maas02:53
mattrae_MACscr: heres how maas can control vms http://askubuntu.com/questions/292061/how-to-configure-maas-to-be-able-to-boot-virtual-machines02:55
MACscrmattrae_: wow, you are just full of great info. Thanks so much!02:56
mattrae_MACscr: for sure, np :)02:56
MACscri know there much be some huge gotcha thats going to rain on my parade that i havent seen yet =P02:58
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marcoceppi|awayjamespage: re simplestream data, you can spin your own imagemetadata to "overrule" whatever the actual data is. While I'm not 100% certain it'll work in all cases, I'm fairly confident you can have your own image-metadata which points to a different image than what simplestreams has20:42
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