ScottKPlease update kopete from bzr before uploading.01:51
smartboyhwHow's kalzium yofel ?07:54
shadeslayerseems to have built?07:57
smartboyhwshadeslayer, oh really?07:59
smartboyhwHmm, it's good for release I think:P08:00
* smartboyhw calls for testers08:12
smartboyhw!testers | If you are a Kubuntu ninja, please test 4.11.0 in ninjas ppa saucy08:13
ubottuIf you are a Kubuntu ninja, please test 4.11.0 in ninjas ppa saucy: Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56 for information.08:13
yofelkopete updated09:01
smartboyhwyofel, weird. I have KDE with XMir here and it feels quicK:O09:42
yofelwell, they did improve it. And on a fast enough machine you never really noticed the speed difference09:43
yofelit's mostly rendering glitches09:43
smartboyhwEven the typing is quick:O09:43
debfxit's quick because you don't notice the 10% overhead? ;)09:44
smartboyhwdebfx, ?09:44
debfxthat's what the -devel mail says09:45
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1200755] Vlc: Vlc re-opens 28 px down from closing geometry @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1200755 (by Doug McMahon)11:35
ScottKsmartboyhw: I made some changes for kopete in bzr, please make sure the package gets updated.14:29
smartboyhwScottK, alright14:29
ScottKxnox: If qbittorrent on your list of stuff to fix due to your boost transition.14:32
kubotuScottK meant: "xnox: Is qbittorrent on your list of stuff to fix due to your boost transition."14:32
smartboyhwScottK, done.14:33
ScottKThanks.  Hopefully that'll clear the powerpc FTBFS.14:34
smartboyhwScottK, how do you that powerpc has FTBFS14:34
smartboyhwFrom 4.10.97?14:34
* yofel had already updated kopete, but oh well..14:35
ScottKsmartboyhw: Yes.  From 4.10.0714:46
smartboyhwScottK, sure (it's .97 not .07 lol)14:47
kubotuScottK meant: "smartboyhw: Yes.  From 4.10.97"14:47
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xnoxScottK: ping me about broken stuff and I'll look into it. Otherwise i was going to wait next full archive rebuild.17:41
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yofelallee: ok, checked again, you were right about the kipi crash. For some reason ksnapshot is linked against the wrong libkipi version o.O21:26
yofelgreat, ksnapshot has an unversioned build-dep on libkipi-dev21:27
yofelno wonder this happened21:28

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