Frank81what does he talk about00:00
Frank81Guest Lubuntu is only Ubuntu with a other Desktop Manager00:00
Frank81you can install your Ubuntu LTS version and install LXDE and you got Lubuntu00:01
Frank81as LTS version :D00:01
Guest74987yeah, and LXDE isn't as quickly updated as Ubuntu, meaning Lubuntu releases twice aren't really worth upgrading each time, let alone providing full support of releases twice a year which is crippled with it being only 9 months00:03
Frank81Lubuntu gives support?00:03
Frank81maybe give me the link00:03
Guest74987it pretends to :P00:03
Unit193Frank81: Security updates, etc.00:04
Guest74987but even still, why have a developer support 2 releases per year when developers are in short supply00:04
Frank81Guest my head does hurt00:05
Frank81i think we should stop that none sense00:05
Guest74987in comparison LXLE and Bodhi Linux, which are also based on Ubuntu just support LTS releases00:05
Unit193Quite, this is the technical support channel.  Anything we can help you with?00:05
Guest74987at the very least Lubuntu should really just have one release per year with a full 1 year support, it would be like Christmas Holidays, at the same time every year we will traditionally install the latest version of Lubuntu :P00:08
Guest74987plus the LTS, which would be every other year00:09
Guest74987so at any given time developers would be working on giving support for only 2 releases, maybe 3 depending on how long they decide to have the LTS supported until00:11
Guest749873 year LTS would be fine00:11
Unit193Guest74987: Do you have a support question?00:12
Guest74987i'm just trying to help productivity and efficiency of Lubuntu developers :P00:12
Unit1931. They will do what they see best.  2. You aren't talking to them in here.00:13
Waka_Flocka_Flamanyone know how to disable the broadband port02:13
Waka_Flocka_Flamanyone know how to disable the broadband port02:26
Waka_Flocka_Flamnot wireless02:26
ianorlindisconnect in network manager?02:26
Waka_Flocka_Flamnope, turn it off whold02:27
Waka_Flocka_Flam* whole02:27
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piolanyone here?/17:46
holsteinpiol: just ask, if you have a question.. this is not the "chat" channel17:56
piolholstein : Where can i normal chat??18:03
pioli mean talk linux?18:03
max__salut à tous19:37
* ianorlin does not understand what was said19:42
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