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BluesKajHowdy folks10:52
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xjuniorGood morning, guys! I have libmirserver0 marked to be removed, but it's also messing up the installation of libmirserver1. apt-get install -f doesn't solve the issue and manually remove libmirserver0 doesn't work. Is there another way of solving it?14:04
ikoniaxjunior: is libmirserver1 listed as a dependency ?14:05
xjuniorikonia, I believe so. How can I be sure?14:06
ikoniacheck ?14:06
xjuniorthis worked for em14:07
xjunior dpkg --install --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/libmirserver1*.deb14:07
ikoniathat's not what I asked14:07
xjuniorexcuse me?14:10
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ironhalikI'm wondering - on what kernel version is 3.10.0-6 based?20:29
ironhalikthey usually are merged with upstream versions like 3.10.520:29
penguin42ironhalik: According to /usr/share/doc/linux-image-3.10.0-6-generic/changelog.Debian.gz I'd say it's v3.10.320:31
Ampelbeinironhalik: Confirming what penguin42 said, see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/linux/+changelog20:31
ironhalikthanks guys20:31
ironhalikI was kinda afraid of the whole Mir migration, but decided what the hell and installed saucy on my laptop :>20:33
ironhalikso far so good ;>20:33
Ampelbeinto be honest, unless mir works with the proprietary nvidia/amd drivers, it won't have a huge userbase.20:35
ironhalikyeah, I thought about it, too20:35
ironhalikbut considering its Ubuntu making the change, and with valve support20:36
* penguin42 hasn't tried Mir yet, I'm on KDE, I believe xmir should in principal work for that20:36
ironhaliktheres a good chance Mir will end up with better driver support than X20:36
penguin42I thought it actually used the X drivers?20:36
Daekdroompenguin42, nope, it uses Open GL ES20:37
Daekdroom(I think?)20:37
ironhalikfrom what I recall, it will need new drivers20:37
DaekdroomAlthough there's something about it being compatible with Adrnoid drivers.20:37
penguin42oh hmm, interesting - I'd definitely read something saying it was using X drivers20:38
DaekdroomXMir will.20:38
ironhalikhmm, wiki seems to think that too20:39
ironhalikfull driver support _should_ come with 14.1020:39
ironhalikconsidering how Xorg is universally hated by developers, driver devs may actually gladly support Mir20:40
penguin42Xorg isn't universally hated20:40
ironhalikseems to be :>20:40
ironhalikjust to clarify, I'm not a linix dev, but I've seen _lots_ of rants about X20:41
ironhalikmainlt from various devs20:42
* penguin42 has used it for a long time, and generally like it - but it does have some limitations which it'll be interesting to see how well things like Mir try and avoid20:43
Daekdroom"Tailored towards an EGL/GL(ES) world. " according to the specifications.20:48
yofelMir needs EGL drivers, same as wayland21:10

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