tachyonsjust installed ubuntu-sdk03:26
tachyonsreally buggy03:26
tachyonscloses frequently03:26
NoskcajI'm running a hackfest for the program testdrive in 1 hour in #ubuntu-quality . Does anyone want to join?07:18
aquariusIs anyone around who knows about boost.python or C++ and fancies spending a couple of hours on an interesting little project?13:30
aquariusI'm no good at C++ :)13:30
nik90tachyons: What do you mean closes frequently?14:22
nik90tachyons: I have been running it for months now and I havent had a single crash.14:22
nik90first time hearing this issue14:22
tachyons <nik90> tachyons: What do you mean closes frequently? [19:52] <nik90> tachyons: I have been running it for months now and I havent had a single crash.15:11
tachyonsnik90 : sdk crashes when pressing some buttons15:11
tachyonssorry for the delay15:11
tachyonsI was away15:11
xqwztshi folks, quick question: when running an app in qml-scene how can I emulate a swipe action?16:28
xqwztseg: swiping up to reveal the toolbar16:28
bigbadbenHey all, I have some questions. There is a old app called blubphone that has not been updated in a while I want to start working on it I have experince programming just with languages like python and java (good thing the app is written in python) but I have never made a ubuntu app before is there anyone who can help me get a dev enviorment set up maybe and to start working on the app16:49
iBelieveAnyone here from the Calendar app team? I've got a question about a feature in it.17:16
GuidoPallemansi've posted a new app to http://www.reddit.com/r/ubuntuappshowdown/comments/1k3jbn/new_app_connect_4_reversi/17:38
GuidoPallemansill soon add some screenshots, but first i'll post to g+ too17:38
nik90GuidoPallemans: screenshots after g+ post. Like to see it17:39
GuidoPallemansscreenshots will be at g+ too17:39
GuidoPallemanswhere do i post at g+? ubuntu app developers?17:39
nik90GuidoPallemans: yes17:41
PaoloRotoloHi all!17:42
PaoloRotoloHey nik90 :)17:42
nik90PaoloRotolo: Hi :)17:44
GuidoPallemanswhere can I find a good example of standard menu tools (from the swipe-up menu) ?17:49
nik90GuidoPallemans: What do you mean by standard menu tools? Do you just mean regular toolbar buttons shown in the swipe-menu (toolbar)?17:50
PaoloRotolonik90, you've got mail :D17:50
nik90PaoloRotolo: Wow thnx a lot :-)17:51
GuidoPallemansnik90, i just need to put 1 button there17:51
GuidoPallemansindeed the toolbar17:51
PaoloRotolonik90, you're welcome :) Well, in 5 min. you'll have a new merge proposal xD17:51
nik90PaoloRotolo: regarding the icons or something else?17:52
nik90GuidoPallemans: let me grab you an example :)17:52
GuidoPallemansthe showcase doesn't really hava a good example, just a button that opens another menu, i need just a button17:52
PaoloRotolonik90, I've added the pencil icon on the timer17:53
PaoloRotolonik90, actually, you've to press Enter to add a new preset. Where should I add the save icon?17:53
nik90GuidoPallemans: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5970716/17:54
nik90GuidoPallemans: you can modify the onTriggered function to do what you want. It will act like a proper button17:54
nik90PaoloRotolo: The new icons will be part of a new timer preset design (small changes) which is in my personal branch.17:55
nik90PaoloRotolo: so you can add both the icons to the images folder as usual with the correct naming. I can then use it after your branch has been merged into trunk.17:56
nik90GuidoPallemans: glad to help17:56
PaoloRotolonik90, ok :)17:56
GuidoPallemansnik90: worked perfectly17:57
PaoloRotolonik90, here it is: https://code.launchpad.net/~paolorotolo/ubuntu-clock-app/edit-select/+merge/17957918:03
nik90PaoloRotolo: can you make the save icon slight thicker? Probably a thickness similar to the other icons. It seems a tad bit thiner18:06
PaoloRotolonik90, ok :)18:06
nik90GuidoPallemans: Is your game something similar to http://www.flasharcade.com/puzzle-games/connect-4-game.html ?18:08
nik90GuidoPallemans: If so, I have some cool ideas :D18:08
GuidoPallemanshave you clicked the g+ link? i cant seem to upload to imgur18:09
GuidoPallemansnik90 no, its just the standard connect 4 game with dropping coins18:12
nik90GuidoPallemans: yeah I get the idea now18:12
nik90GuidoPallemans: you should definitely animate the coins dropping down18:12
GuidoPallemansah, yes that's it :D18:12
nik90that would be insane18:12
PaoloRotolonik90, done18:13
GuidoPallemanshmm not easy with just the ubuntu-shapes18:13
GuidoPallemansmaybe as an extra18:13
nik90GuidoPallemans: UbuntuShape will have a x,y property to determine the placement.18:14
nik90GuidoPallemans: You can animate that in qml quite easily18:14
nik90GuidoPallemans: continue with your development. If I have time I will see if I can code that18:14
nik90PaoloRotolo: much better :)18:14
PaoloRotolonik90, thanks18:15
GuidoPallemansah yes, i see how :D18:15
nik90PaoloRotolo: btw I talked to the designers finally18:16
PaoloRotolonik90, good :D So?18:16
nik90PaoloRotolo: I asked your questions to them18:16
nik90Regarding swipe delete confirmation, it is planned to have that implemented in the sdk :)18:16
nik90So that should be implemented soon enough. We do not need to do anything on our side except wait for it to land in the sdk18:17
nik90Regarding the stopwatch laps delete, they were fine with the idea and asked to go ahead18:17
nik90its yours if you want it18:17
PaoloRotolonik90, ok :D18:22
nik90PaoloRotolo: merged18:23
PaoloRotolonik90,  what about the numeration of the laps?18:23
PaoloRotolonik90, ty :)18:23
PaoloRotolonik90, if you have 4 laps and you delete the second, you'll see "lap1,3,4"18:24
nik90PaoloRotolo: numeration of the laps is something you need to think about. For instance if there are 4 laps and if the user deletes the 4th lap, then the next lap number should be 4 and not 5.18:24
nik90PaoloRotolo: If you delete the second, I think we can leave it at 2,3,4 since it will be an indication that the 2nd lap was faulty18:25
nik90PaoloRotolo: But you need to detect if the most recent lap is being deleted or if it is somewhere in the middle and accordingly perform the correct action18:25
PaoloRotolonik90, yeah :D It's not easy...18:28
nik90PaoloRotolo: use a if loop. While deleting the lap, get the lap number and compare with the lap count. If it is equal to lap count then it is the most recent lap. In that case reduce the lap count by 1 and delete the lap. In the else case, just delete that lap.18:30
nik90PaoloRotolo: That's the basic logic. It is not that difficult. A nice challenge if you will :)18:30
PaoloRotolonik90, cool, thanks! I never programmed before, so I hope to fix that :D18:34
nik90PaoloRotolo: these logical thought process is what will get you to kick start your programming hobby :) Have fun. Any issues you have let me know.18:36
GuidoPallemansnik90: if you pull the latest changes, I think it is all finished18:41
GuidoPallemansah no, tied games are not implemented18:44
nik90GuidoPallemans: checking now18:46
nik90GuidoPallemans: nice! It could now use a more colorful background :D18:50
mihirWebbyIT: did you flash your nexus with touch ?18:51
GuidoPallemansnik90 is that the thememanager? I don't know how to use that, but ill check the apis18:56
GuidoPallemansI don't see how that all works, and I like the way it looks now, so I'm gonna keep it this way.19:01
bigbadbenOk so after a lot of digging I found the app I want to dev on is using gtk2.+ so I will need to migrate it to gtk3.+ is there a easy way to do this?19:05
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Cantidewhere can one find more tutorials than the currency converter? for example, I want to make an image rotate... should i look up QML tutorials in general, or are there Ubuntu Touch specific ways of doing this?20:11
iBelieveCantide, most stuff is just QML, you can find lots of docs at qt-project.org20:13
iBelieveCantide, Ubuntu Touch basically provides some UI widgets20:13
CantideiBelieve, thanks, that answered my question :)20:14
iBelieveCantide, the UI widgets provided by Ubuntu touch are documented at http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/qml/ui-toolkit/overview-ubuntu-sdk.html20:14
Cantideyes, I have that page open now20:14
Cantideand i was browsing through it and not finding everything i was looking for, hence my question20:14
Cantidethanks for the help :) I'm just starting out today..20:15
iBelieveCantide, you're welcome, have fun developing for Ubuntu Touch :)20:15
CantideI shall!20:15
CantideNow i just need some awesome ideas for apps that are within my capabilities >.<20:15
iBelieveCantide, if you get stuck or don't know how to do something, try taking a look at the code for the core apps (if they fit within your licensing)20:16
Cantidethe first two apps I will make will doubtfully win anything T-Tv but they will help me learn, so that's okay20:16
Cantidewhere can i have a look at that code?20:16
iBelieveCantide, if you want ideas, try taking a look here: http://www.reddit.com/r/ubuntuappshowdown/. Non-developers post ideas for devs to make20:17
Cantideyeah, i had a look there earlier :)20:17
Cantidei've been circling this app showdown all day, so i've uncovered most links etc. :)20:17
iBelieveCantide, if you know the name of the app you want, just use bzr branch lp:<app-name>. The app names are ubuntu-filemanager-app, ubuntu-clock-app, etc.20:18
_5m0k3Card Games for Ubuntu Touch.  Feedback welcome.  https://plus.google.com/u/0/110587021591787005452/posts/dJMQc9XdYey20:18
iBelieveCantide, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps has links to all the different core apps20:18
Cantidei think using the command from the terminal will be easier for me, thanks :)20:19
Cantidei'd really like some more tutorials on layout etc. :-S20:19
Cantideand basic program flow - where things should be20:19
Cantidebut i guess i will learn all that as i play around20:19
iBelieve_5m0k3, where would you like feedback? Here?20:20
_5m0k3iBelieve: here's perfect20:21
Cantide_5m0k3, I like the cards, they look professional! (i'm useless at photoshop ;) )20:22
Cantideoh, the cards, when face up, seem to have more rounded corners than when face down, if that is a concern. Really minor imho20:23
iBelieve_5m0k3, that app looks nice! In the game view, it probably would look nicer if you added spacing between the cards and buttons20:23
iBelieve_5m0k3, ** the app, not that app20:23
Cantideand maybe add a texture to the score area instead of gray - so that it matches the rest of the game20:24
_5m0k3Cantide: thanks for pointing that out!  The cards are done entirely in .qml (aside from 4 .png for the suits and an .svg for the back)20:24
Cantide_5m0k3, wow :) that's impressive :)20:25
_5m0k3iBelieve: great idea!  I'll do that20:25
iBelieve_5m0k3, also, have you considered how it will look on a phone (with a width of 50gu)?20:26
Cantidecould the cards be made to stack, accordion style, in the event that the width is restricted?20:28
_5m0k3That's on a 50x75 in landscape.  I'll have to work on the UI, because it doesn't scale to portrait very nicely (or lock it to landscape).  form follows function!20:28
_5m0k3That's a good idea Cantide.  I'm not sure how you'd play solitaire on a phone in portrait at all.  Thoughts about that?20:31
_5m0k3good idea for blackjack*20:31
Cantidewouldn't accordion work there, too? all you really need to see of a stack is the edge20:32
Cantideit would be really cramped though with the number of columns needed for solitaire :<20:33
iBelieveCantide, scrolling left to right?20:33
iBelieve_5m0k3, scrolling left to right?20:33
Cantidescrolling could work, but then you cant see all stacks at a glance, and each time you need to place a card you'd scroll?20:33
Cantideit might become tedious, just imho20:34
Cantidei suppose if it scrolled while you're dragging a card it might be less tedious :)20:34
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GuidoPallemansnik90: are you still planning to make that cool effect for my app?20:48
Cantideif i want to centre that label in the default template that loads, how do i do that? 'o'20:58
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iBelieveCantide, to position items, you'll use anchors: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qml-anchor-layout.html21:10
Cantidei tried anchors.centerIn: parent21:11
Cantidebut now the label is below the button o_O21:11
Cantide(although it is centered)21:11
CantideiBelieve ^21:12
iBelieveCantide, I'll try it myself. What project did you use - Simple or Tabbed?21:13
Cantidesimple i think21:13
Cantidethe first one on the list21:13
iBelieveCantide, all right, give me a sec21:14
Cantideyeah, simple21:14
iBelieveCantide, so... the HelloComponent and the Button are in a Column, which positions items automatically, though you can control the horizontal alignment21:16
Cantidehmm... i'll need to read up on columns :(21:16
iBelieveCantide, is that what you want, or do you want to center it both horizontally and vertically?21:16
iBelieveCantide, to center it horizontally, you can use anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter21:17
Cantidehold on..21:17
Cantidethis is what i want :)21:17
iBelieveCantide,  :)21:18
CantideiBelieve, thanks for your help with such trivial things (which are not so trivial to beginners)21:18
CantideI think learning how the layout works is probably the hardest as it seems unique to Ubuntu Touch21:19
iBelieveCantide, you're welcome, it's fun being able to share my knowledge with others21:19
xqwzts[gonna ask this again, channel was dead when i put it earlier]: when running an app in qml-scene how can I emulate a swipe action?21:19
xqwztseg: swiping up to reveal the toolbar21:19
iBelievexqwzts, just click and drag the mouse21:19
iBelievexqwzts, for the toolbar, just click and drag up from the bottom21:20
xqwztsoh damn, i was just swiping down->up21:22
xqwztsnot from the bottom21:22
xqwztsuhm dragging21:22
xqwztscheers iBelieve21:22
xqwztsfeel pretty stupid now :P21:23
Cantideoh... reaaal n00b question - how do i declare variables?21:39
Cantidewait, don't answer that - i should search before asking stupid things -.-21:41
Cantidethe code blocks on the qt-project website display empty blocks for me T-T21:42
Cantide"Invalid write to global property" ??????22:07
GuidoPallemansnik90: are you still planning to make that cool effect for my app?22:42
nik90GuidoPallemans: just got home. I will give it shot if I get some time.23:29
nik90However do not depend on me entirely for it23:30
jasonamyersOh as a total n00b moment, is there a site I don't see at the developer.ubuntu.com that talks about how to develop ubuntu desktop apps?23:32
jasonamyersthat site seems to be all about ubuntu touch23:33

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