Chris262linux/ubuntu noob here20:59
Chris262just installed a version of ubuntu server, then so i can play from time to time ubuntu-desktop GNOME as well.  How do I get the GNOME to not auto boot so as to not take up power/resources.  I just want to be able to execute a start command and then kill it while keeping the server up after I'm done21:00
Chris262I think it is startx to open it.  but when I just turned the system on, it auto booted.  how do I close it down now?21:00
BrianiacAnyone home? :)21:14
elacheche_anishey Brianiac21:14
BrianiacHi. I'm new to IRC.21:15
BrianiacHow would I request support?21:16
elacheche_anisChris262, try CTRL + ALT + F1 for TTY1 then CTRL + c BTW I think that it's not a good idea to install Xorg and GUI to Ubuntu Server edition21:16
elacheche_anisBrianiac, Welcome to the Ubuntu Beginners Team support channel || Please do not wait to ask, simply ask! || How to ask smart questions: http://bit.ly/d7z6T || Nobody around after 20 minutes? Try asking in #ubuntu || Want offtopic? Head over to #ubuntu-beginners-team21:17
BrianiacI have a XP Pro, Late 2006 system and loaded 12.x ubuntu desktop on it from am usb flash. I cannot "see" or eject my cd/dvd drive. Tried same with 13.x on DVD. Any ideas?21:18
elacheche_anisBrianiac, you just boot into WinXP and then pluged  in your USB to the PC?21:19
BrianiacBooted from power off to unbuntu.21:20
BrianiacUSB stick in the pC.21:20
elacheche_anisok, so you tryed ubuntu using a live session Brianiac21:21
BrianiacPut ubuntu on USB stick and rebooted. What is live session?21:21
rreedBrianiac, Live session is running it Ubuntu off of the USB without installing the OS to your system.21:23
elacheche_anisBrianiac, when you reboot, after that your pc poweroff and when it will be on again you need to BOOT using the USB stick.. You need to change the boot sequence from your BIOS or just hit a FKey and choose to boot onthe USB stick..21:23
BrianiacYep did that.21:23
BrianiacBoots fine into desktop21:23
elacheche_anisthat's the live session :)21:24
elacheche_anisyou mean ubuntu desktop!?21:24
Brianiacsorry about that!21:24
elacheche_anisWhat's the question :) :p :D21:24
BrianiacOnce i'm into the ubuntu desktop I cannot see or access my cd/dvd drive, nor eject it. Running off the USB stick.21:26
elacheche_anisRunning off the USB stick. → You mean restart the pc to boot into WinXP again?21:27
BrianiacI booted to ubuntu desktop from the USB stick directly.21:28
BrianiacVersion 12.x21:29
elacheche_anisOk.. Now you need to?? Sorry I'm not a not a native English user :) Forgive my bad English..21:30
BrianiacThe ubuntu desktop running off the usb drive does not see my CD/DVD drive.21:31
elacheche_anisDid you insert a CD/DVD into it?21:32
BrianiacNone. IT booted off the USB stick.21:32
BrianiacYou mesn did I try putting a cd/vdvd into the drive - well, no beacuse I could not eject it via the ubuntu od21:33
elacheche_anisTry this → CTRL + ALT + T → That'll open the Terminal, type this command line: eject21:34
BrianiacOK will try. How come the drive does not show up on the desktop?21:35
elacheche_anisBrianiac, click on the folder icon in the top left of your screen, you'll find your drive icon on the left of the next window that'll show up21:36
Brianiacyes, CD drive not listed.21:37
elacheche_anisSorry can't help too much with the Ubuntu user interface, it's called Unity, I don't use it..21:37
elacheche_anisBrianiac, Did the eject command worked?21:37
BrianiacWill try and report back, thanks! :)21:37
elacheche_anisyou can clit on the ubuntu logo in the left bar then search for Terminal if you don't want to use the CTRL + ALT + T shortcut21:38
BrianiacTake care.21:39
ikookmaarjust testing...23:06

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