jram0421hi i need a bug marked as triaged i am part of the ubuntu bug squad01:17
jram0421the link to the bug is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/115636201:17
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1156362 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Impossible d'installer « xubuntu-desktop »" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:17
jram0421Can someone mark the bug01:19
* TheLordOfTime looks01:21
TheLordOfTimejram0421:  why do you think it should be triaged?  *is curious*01:22
jram0421i have been able to recreate the bug01:23
TimeLord|PHONEBleh stupid Internet...01:25
TimeLord|PHONEjram0421: missed your response, my Internet failed and timed out.  :/01:26
TimeLord|PHONEokay then01:27
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u-k-i-tHmm... Sent two email to the 'ubuntu-bugsquad' list this morning and instantly got back with same subject line as I sent to list with and email from: JP@eukor.com / return address: mmp@eukor.com about the company - Email all images. Anybody?10:04
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hggdhu-k-i-t: huh?13:08
hggdhu-k-i-t: I see only 4 emails today-ish on the bugsquad ML; except for one, I know the nicks of the people involved.13:09
TheLordOfTimeu-k-i-t:  oh that piece of crap...15:09
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  i saw that a couple lweeks ago, i wanted to get in contact with an ML admin, the people behind the scenes15:09
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  i *think* there's a listener on the ML that autosubscribes you to them when you have a message sent on the ML15:09
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  any idea who's sysadmin for the mailing lists?15:10
TheLordOfTimebdmurray:  ^ same question if you know15:10
dnivraHello everyone! Could someone create the tasks required to backport Intel/AMD OpenCL support in Precise? Please see comments #24 to #31 in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/763457/ for more.15:11
ubot2`Launchpad bug 763457 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "please provide opencl-icd virtual package" [Medium,Confirmed]15:11
dnivraCurrently, python-pyopencl can't be used in Precise(on machines with no nVidia cards) since the Intel/AMD ICDs aren't available. Also, the installation will break few graphical components - KDE desktop effects do not work for me.15:14
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TheLordOfTimeu-k-i-t:  hggdh: ping18:06
TheLordOfTimeif you two are around18:06
TheLordOfTimeu-k-i-t:  hggdh:  this is a confirmed issue - the advertisements are send directly to responders on the mailing list, I've emailed into rt@ubuntu.com to get someone to take a look and see if they can find any offending addresses that are receiving messages from the list.18:10
TheLordOfTimeu-k-i-t:  hggdh:  I myself have gotten two such messages, but they all go to spam now.18:11
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  and the messages u-k-i-t is talking about never  show up in the mailing list, it's a direct send to the individual who sent the initial message and/or response.18:12
TheLordOfTimenot a CC to the bugsquad list18:12
TheLordOfTimeso hopefully someone on IS will take a peek18:18
TheLordOfTimeor whoever has ML godadmin18:18
hggdhTheLordOfTime: no, there is no auto subscription. We (the ML admins) have to approve any email from non-subswcribers18:22
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  that's not what i said18:22
hggdhu-k-i-t: please send me a one such email -- full, including headers18:22
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  what I SAID was the person is already listening on the ML18:22
hggdhu-k-i-t: hggdh2 at ubuntu dot com18:22
TheLordOfTimeand automatically sending everything back to the SENDER of the initial message18:22
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  i've got two old ones i can send you18:22
TheLordOfTimethey're in my spam folder18:23
hggdhTheLordOfTime: please do18:23
TheLordOfTimebut note ticket 22843 on rt, i emailed them because i'm concerned it's not just bugsquad's ML being affected18:23
hggdhthen I can check and, if necessary, kick the offending subscriber18:24
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  it may be from my trekweb.org account18:25
TheLordOfTimebecause i might've forgotten to set it to send from my @ubuntu.com18:25
TheLordOfTimesee the notice i sent you18:25
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  note those are two headers, but we have *no* information on who on the ML is actually the source18:25
TheLordOfTimesince the responses NEVER hit the ML18:26
hggdhTheLordOfTime, u-k-i-t: I just sent an email to the ML about that.18:27
hggdhbut I still would like to see some such emails18:28
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  i sent two to you i think18:28
TheLordOfTimewith the headers (but i plain-text'd the content so you'll have to convert it to HTML to make it view, maybe)18:29
hggdhTheLordOfTime:all my emails are seen as pure text :-)18:30
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  you may also want to poke IS and give the results of your investigation to the ticket that got generated if you find the culprit so they can be removed on other ML.18:30
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  oh good :p18:30
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  NOTE that the email is all images18:30
TheLordOfTimevery very little text18:31
TheLordOfTimewhich adds to the spamminess factor18:31
hggdhTheLordOfTime: I also received one just now (as a consequence of my email?). I will look at it, and at yours and others, and try to find out a common source18:31
hggdh(the one I received was immediately tagged as spam)18:32
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  I'd say blacklist *@eukor.* but... i tend to overkill when I blacklist things on my spam18:32
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  yeah my spam filters did that too, i kept the offending messages around because reasons18:32
hggdhTheLordOfTime: could be. But the one I received has a different sender18:32
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  mind sharing headers with myself?18:32
* TheLordOfTime wants to see if there's *any* similarities18:33
penguin42always from JP@eukor.com?18:33
TheLordOfTimepenguin42:  on mine the two were from them18:33
TheLordOfTimebut idk if it's from multiple separate senders, i know the common denominator is the domain18:34
hggdhI have to get AFK for a while, but I will read the backlog18:34
penguin42hggdh: Just sent you mine18:34
TheLordOfTimehggdh:  that looks like a different spam, but if I"m getting that it's getting stuck in my blacklists and autopurged18:35
TheLordOfTimethe eukor stuff got through though18:35
* TheLordOfTime shrugs18:35
TheLordOfTimewell, off to play L4D2 on *cough*windows*cough*18:37
TheLordOfTimezombie killin time18:38
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hggdhpenguin42: thank you21:24
hggdhheh. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/haskell-cafe/Xki9VkFpAgo/Cps40CjURFsJ21:30
hggdhpenguin42, TheLordOfTime, u-k-i-t: I have the jp at eukor dot com as a member. I will remove him until I have sufficient proof this user has resolved this crappy spam protection issue21:41
hggdhalso, I have BCC-ed you on the email I sent the user21:48
hggdhheh. Bounced. Forwarded to mmp at eukor dot com, in the (vain) hope it will reach a person, not a stupid program21:52
TheLordOfTimehggdh, oh good, so this is handled.21:54
hggdhI will try to remember to check the subscription messages for users from eukor.com, and if they happen again, I will block the domain from subscribing.21:54
TheLordOfTimewell, kinda :P\21:54
u-k-i-thggdh: Thanks. Yes just got the bbc'ed email.21:55
hggdhthe forwarded email also bounced :-(21:55
TheLordOfTimei got it on my phone since i was zombie killing in L4D221:55
TheLordOfTimehggdh, IMO, blacklist the domain21:55
TheLordOfTimebut that's my opinion21:55
hggdhyea, thought about that, but it is a rather strict measure. I will try the nice approach first21:56
hggdhI believe people are not always bad, just dumb, stupid, and ignorant ;-)21:57
hggdhand then mean to me, just because I called them dumb, stupid, and ignorant. Go figure them.21:57
TheLordOfTimehggdh, and therein lies the flaw of humanity21:57
penguin42hggdh: I wonder if it's actually him or a spammer that just uses the last address sent to the list21:59
hggdhso goes humanity. The axiom of the conservation of inteligence (the world population increases, but the summ of inteligence is the same)21:59
hggdhpenguin42: I considered that also, but the email I sent was directed to the address on record.21:59
TheLordOfTimehggdh, you cc'd the sysadmins rigiht?22:01
TheLordOfTime(for the ML system)22:01
hggdhTheLordOfTime: I cc-ed the ML admins (for bugsquad only)22:01
TheLordOfTimehggdh, ah okay.22:02
hggdhnot the sysadmins22:02
* hggdh received an email from self, decides not to work on it22:02

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